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[You can't prove a negative]

That is a phrase commonly used by many people, even agnostics and especially atheists. First point, if that were true then there is something fundamentally wrong with you and your logic. Why? Because atheists spend an tremendous amount of time and effort desperately trying to prove God doesn't exist.

Secondly, I can show you where that statement goes south. I read a good example recently. If existent is a positive, then nonexistent is a negative. So, you and I can probably easily prove we aren't nonexistent.

Remember, nonexistent is a negative. So, with little effort, we just proved a negative. Of course, getting into a discussion or debate over the existence of nonexistence of God would not be that simple, proving your statement is wrong negates any possible use of it during the debate.

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If science is empiricism, then science cannot affirm numbers. And if science cannot affirm the existence numbers, then what is science?

History is often far simpler. Science came from the Christian Renaissance, ala the works of good crafted Science. And science surely was not based on Empiricism in the 1600s.

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However, due to the fall, there are a lot of things that were unnatural that has become natural. I can think of no better example than that of eating meat. We were created as vegetarians. Eating meat was a direct consequense of the fall. Now, eating meat has become so natural to humans, that we even have developed nutritional needs that are best fulfilled by eating meat. Eating meat is an unnatural thing that has become natural.

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[Mum wants to know how to assuage her kids doubts about the veracity of the Noah's Ark story in light of the existence of dinosaurs]

Tell him that the dinosaurs were taken on the Ark like all the other animals. Noah probably took young/baby ones. :-) Plus, the average size of dinosaurs was roughly that of a sheep. They weren't all huge!

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Ever since the lie of evolution was brought into the picture, many believe we evolved from animals. That lie makes us no better than animals. The way some people act, I could almost believe that about them.

Looking at animal behavior and trying to prove by that behavior that homosexuality is normal is quite a stretch. Just another feeble attempt by homosexuals to justify their perverted behavior. To use that example as proof is saying that they are as dumb as animals with no ability to think or reason for themselves. Animals live and act by instinct alone and just have a natural desire to procreate and can't always tell whether the one they're trying to mate with is male or female.

Humans know the difference and sometimes choose to be with their own gender instead of the way God intended--one male with one female.

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["Gay activist Ring leader of Paedophile ring in Scotland"]

In terms of the pedophile situation because homosexuality is a psychological issue , emotional issue as well as a spiritual issue it is not unusual that you are going to find a high number of gay persons who are pedophiles or struggle with pedophilia and other sexual issues. How many pedophiles are not gay? How many are gay?

Sanitarium you may think you know it all but you have no idea.

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Why is it every time sodomites get with Christians in a debate the text books
come down from the shelves. Then they get the power to marry so they can
adopt children and abuse them behind closed doors. Isn't that how people
say it now a days "I Don't Care What They Do Behind Closed doors"... :naughty

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the Illuminati calls us sheep and they laugh at us knowing that we will not fight. So these evil people who are in office and are breaking our constitution peace by peace and our bill of rights, should at least all the Christians take up a fight not with arms, but go to Washington by the thousands and protest our right to freedom; not doing so will be a sin and we will get what we deserve an evil empire rule by a dictator who will be cruel and ruthless.

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Is my dog Satanic?

I haven't posted in a while, and I know this is going to sound crazy, but...

I've had my dog for about a year now, and she has destroyed two books several months apart. Both of them happen to be Bibles. I have dozens of other books my dog could have decided to destroy, but she only chose the Bibles. Is this just a coincidence, or could there be some kind of demonic influence?

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"Utilizing embryos to prevent enormous amounts of actual human suffering is not sick by any stretch of the imagination. If you deem the weighing of a few hundred cells against a sick human being to be a coin flip, your ability to reason enough to reduce actual suffering is seriously damaged."

Not surprised an evolutionist would find this good and moral.

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I'm not sure if the bible teaches an ever existence burning hell (as opposed to being burned and annihilated). Those who teach that have some valid points. However, it's times like this that I sometimes disobey the bible in favor of a pagan belief in an eternal hell. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see the enemies of God and these autocratic types writhe in pain forever.

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[in response to a news story about a Wiccan winning the lottery]

To be honest, it annoys me when people who are teaching the tenets of evil and wickedness, win the lottery, and absolutely prosper, while people of faith who are working their fingers to the bone in many cases, are grovelling and trying to rub two nickels together.

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Vegetarianism is not what a Christian needs to do.

Jesus said anything can be eaten, if you thank God for it, before hand.

Of course, if you eat meat, there can't be uncooked blood in it.

9: Wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them, which from among the Gentiles are turned to God:
20: But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.

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The likes of 'Harry Potter' and books by Stehphen King are little more than demonic influence disguised as 'entertainment'.

Not only have we been bombarded with the devil's 'successful advertising campaign' in the past through vices such as 'sports', 'hobbies', and 'leisure' of ALL sorts. But even reading has been deverted into pleasure. Do you 'reacon' that Paul would have been impressed or would have encouraged the 'reading for pleasure' the likes of stories of 'children that are WITCHES'? The HERO of the story being one that PRACTICES 'witchcraft'? Hmmmm...............

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[Are you suggesting that sports, hobbies, reading and other leisure activities are Satanic?]

I'm not only suggesting or implying, I am outright stating that sports and other such things as hobbies etc........ are a 'waste' of TIME and effort so far as God is concerned. And the EXTENT to which some 'participate in such' PLAINLY shows outright WORSHIP

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[You also need room to store their food, water, environments, living space for Noah and his wife and sons, rooms and space for things that keep the boat structurally sound, etc etc. He also needs to keep careful track of each and every pair of species AND provide a specific type of food unique to them. How is he preserving all this food and meat, anyway? The refrigerator hasn't been invented yet.]

They lived with the animals, not too strange..my dogs sleeps on my bed each night, lol
if the animals hibernate then food supply would be short on purpose.

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A prediction:

Regardless of the science "Facts" found to favor God's Genesis model for origins -- there will STILL be Christians posting here whining and complaining about those facts AS IF anything in nature that is found to be in harmony with the Word of Nature's Creator is in fact "a bad thing" for a certain group of Christians who have bought into what we now know today as "distinctively atheist darwinianism" and somewhat atheist cosmology.

in Christ,


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Nevertheless, the theory of evolution proves how bizarre, far-fetched and ridiculous one has to be to deny God. Let's forget for a moment the obvious fact that apes can no more breed human descendants than humans can breed zebras as descendants. All anyone has to understand is the simple birds and bees to know why. But for those who don't, let's engage in fantasy and see what had to have happened for this impossible, crazy theory to have taken place;

1) Each ape had to find another creature which with to breed to create offspring that looks more like a human than an ape. The odds of that are incalculable.
2) Then these exact same offspring had to migrate all over the world because according to science fiction writers, homo-sapiens also existed in North America
3) The next step in this impossible chain is that each homo sapiens in North America had to find a mate identical to the mates of other homo-sapiens in Africa to breed descendants who could speak! That make the odds even more incalculable since no two animals and humans look and act alike. So the exact same so-called "mutations" had to have happened in thousands of homosapiens which makes the odds unfathomable as to be impossible.
4) There are no accounts by any ancient cultures of any of these creatures ever existing yet they are supposed to be our ancestors. :o
5) The so-called common ancestor from which these creatures supposedly came is still as imaginary as the minds who invented them. That makes the common ancestor as imaginary as the Flying spaghetti monster.

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Then you haven't been around evolutionists for as long as I have. Since they claim that humans are apes, they have to find some way of differentiating between humans and apes. So they call humans "human" apes and apes in the jungle "non-human apes." lol

They also do that because they know that apes can't breed human descendants. So their stock reply to why they can is ; "humans are apes" which I hear them do in every forum on which I debate evolution. They also claim that humans can breed little apes (which are human babies)Now you're contradicting that (which evolutionists always do since their theory is from the subjective imagination). So since evolutionists themselves are confused about what humans are because they make up their own reality, then of course, they'll forget their first statement that humans are apes. :lol:

And round and round in circles evolutionists go; contradicting every statement they make until they eventually contradict their own theory which they always end up doing...then deny that, of course. So they have no proof of evolution since they have no clue who the common ancestor was. So they really don't know where humans came from. ;-) But since evolution is the antithesis of the truth, evolutionists can't be honest about the fact that they don't know where humans came from. So each evolutionist makes up his own answer to that question and the circle of lies continues.

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Even scientists know there's a God
by Heidi on Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:59 pm

Since according to scientists, energy can never be created or destroyed, then that means it has always existed and always will. So they know there's a God because they know that an eternal force exists. They just don't call energy God even though they acknowledge that it's a powerful unseen force whose power is limitless and infinite. So they have just defined God yet they deny Him at the same time. Incessant contradictions. Yours in Christ,

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In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us that the stars will fall from the sky. I highly doubt that only the planets will stay up there. So I see stars and planets as synonymous. And since no scientist has ever visited a star, they can't prove they're different from planets. I acknowledge that my belief is only a theory. But I'll stick with it since scientists haven't shown their infallibility the way Jesus has.

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I've read reports showing the false beliefs of science. "IF" evolution existed we'd still be hairy like apes. For evolution to choose us and not apes is way off. To say well one got to evolutionize and the other stayed hairy. Evolutionist will tell you that the hair stayed on ur head for the sun rays to get blocked. Last time I checked hair was to keep you warm in the winter, not to block sun rays. In that case how come through the generations people getting skin cancer haven't developed into hairy beasts. Exactly, thank you because evolution does not exist. It's a made up theory. You claim evidence, evidence of what? Have you seen it with your own eye's or are you believing a lie? I'm telling you right now, if it goes against Gods word then it is wrong. By accepting Evolution you take away Adam and Eve. You know how so many animal fossils have turned to bone so fast is because they were not only preserved in mudd from the Flood, but they were also compressed with water. Water increases the process of bones turning into rocks. And yet still fossils found today have bone inside of them. Now do you think a bone inside of a rock could last millions of years? Probably not. I'm not flaming you, just stating that it's mis guided information for people to accept a way to go against God. God stressed no tolerance what so ever of other religions, and yes science is a religion.

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Kids will be kids. You put ideas into their heads through this so-called "education" [gay and lesbian awarness] and they will experiment without regard to consequences. Schools are starting to "teach" sexual behaviors before many children even reach puberty. Kids at an early age of 10 are very impressionable and haven't honed the skills necessary to make responsible decisions.

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{Quote:"Religious zealots have been halting the progression of science for centuries"}

And we will continue to do so for the good of mankind.

Today religious zealots are called the Religous Right. Well when your right your right and we are righteous! I love being called religous right. And what you liberals call the dark ages is actually the time of enlightenment.,

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How many of you agree that science needs to be reined in, and that out of control science is one of the greatest dangers to mankind short of Satan himself? YES

Should there be limits to what scientists can study? YES

Should all research be subjected to some kind of ethics board approval? YES

Should be some kind of review of any proposed research for ethical purposes, and should that board include people who are not themselves scientists? YES

Is the whole idea of discovery for the sake of discovery is flawed? YES

Are there limits to what mankind should be allowed to know? YES

Is the much touted liberal idea of being open minded a recipie for destruction? YES

Does being too open minded cause people to think too much and question too much? YES

Is it dangerous to think too much, and question too much? YES

Is it dangerous to know too much? YES

Does knowledge ultimately reduce peoples fear of God? YES

Is it better to be closed minded - secure in the knowledge that God has told you everything that you need to know? YES

We really need to put the breaks on science. Scientists should only be allowed to study what needs to be studied as decided by the people. Scientists should stop telling people what to believe.

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(This post speaks for itself)

[Obsession with death?! How about obsession with life! A life well lived and to its fullest in order to help serve your fellow man. Would you consider it an improvement if all those people whose lives were saved by vaccinations had died rather than thrive and provide for a better world?]

and yet again...the unyielding unending Pagan seduction of death.

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Quath and anyone else' you cannot prove evolution. Evolution does not have a mind. Evolution cannot say' well I think I will make a monkey today' or a fish. Evolution can't do this' even over a length of time. Evolution does not have a mind. If a person can't look around and see God everywhere and in all things' something is wrong with that person.

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[Evolutionists today are not sexists, because science shows that sexism is not rational. Many creationists are sexists, because they retain a conservative that women are inferior.]

Silly me. Of course Darwin’s prejudices would not enter into theories about survival of the fittest and superiority of one species, sex and race over another. So now all evolutionists are not sexists or many are not sexists? Exactly or approximately how many creationists are sexists?
Is it sexist to understand there are differences between males and females both physically and emotionally so that each has a unique function in life? The Bible refers to the woman as the weaker vessel, not the inferior vessel. (Just as a piece of bone china is weaker than a clay pot, and should be treated with more care and consideration.) More responsibility is placed on the man’s shoulders as head of household and the woman is especially adapted for her role, as much as a man is built for his. Not many men have adapted to birthing and breastfeeding babies. ::Wide-eyed smiley:: Do you have any stats on that?

[Darwin's theory said:

1. More are born than can survive to reproduce
2. All organisms vary slightly
3. Those variations that improve chances of survival tend to increase in a population
4. These accumulate and account for the variety of life we see.]

If that was all that Darwin’s theory was, it would not have bothered anyone.
1. God adapted his creatures to survive in the world that was subjected to death and decay.

2. God likes variety. He is creative. Maybe that’s why we call him the Creator.

3. Good adaptations were created by an amazing, intelligent being. Romans 8 says the creation was made subject to vanity… a system of self preservation to preserve it until the fallen world was destroyed and all was ready for the coming new world.

4. Variations accumulate as God intended. (see #3)

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In reality we should be amazed that God can create and did create so many life forms with similiarities. To believe we came from an A sexual single celled organism to a organism with reproductive organs for mating is in it's self stupid. Then carring that idea to a fish and plant and later to a creature on land that grew legs. Fish in the sea today still don't have legs as far as we can remember, and last time I check they didn't want to walk on land. But the fairy tale sounds fun to believe. Have a pet fish? Go ahead and throw it out of its fish bow and tell it to walk and breath. Evolution will grab ahold of it right and for survival it will walk. lol Dummiest theories of the world today lay in science. Science can have all the angles it wants to lie. Yes I said lie because the only way out of a lie is the truth. And no self pride loving scientist is going to back down. They'll simple create more oopsie to back old oopsie. Its just that simple.

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[Around and around we go...]

That passage also does not contradict any other scripture. And those who claim it does, have an incorrect interpretation. So instead of looking for scripture to disagree with other scripture, look for scripture to agree with other scripture and your interpretation will be correct.

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[From a thread titled: Christianity Is The Only Logical Religion]

I accept Christianity as the only logical religion because I utilized logical and analytical thinking to ascertain that Christianity is the only logical religion and that the doctrines of the Deity Of Christ, the Holy Trinity and the other historical Christian doctrines that Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Mainline Protestant Churches and Fundamentalist Protestant Churches all believe in are totally logical to believe in.

Heidi #fundie christianforums.net

(Heidi in a formal debate with The Barbarian.)

"Nice evasion. Once again, when you can answer why goats don't breed elephants, only then will you know why monkeys can't breed humans. So I can see why you have evaded that question. Therefore, I have won the debate because I have made a point that you can't refute."

(Another highlight, or lowlight depending on your view, from Heidi.)

"And since scientists have excluded the possibility of a flood, they have overlooked what millions of gallons of water can do to skulls and bones. They can absolutely deform, crush, and distort human skulls so that someone with a vivid imagination can claim that the skull is a half-man half beast, an alien or some other fictitious creature they have made up in their imaginations. And since science is not supposed to exclude variables, but instead, include them, then the theory of evolution is not science but science fiction.

That's what happens when people don't look at all the variables but only at what they want to see. It's called tunnel vision and comes from presuppositions. That is not evidence, but instead, fantasies that come only from vivid imaginations. And considering that their fantasies contradict how humans and animals mate and breed, then evolution has nothing to do with reality and belongs only in the imagination where it has always been."

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...I will tell you what is better. It would be better to have saved the gunman earlier and to have had no one die. Death is nothing if you have eternal life, and life is nothing if you're already dead. But when a person starts killing people... Load the handguns with rubber bullets. Just don't shoot him in the eye. Or, just have faith and tell the gun to stop working. Not trying to be funny at all, I am completely serious.

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"Fear not, “Oh straight “(?) society" suggests once again a phobia the gay agenda has been imposing to make themselves appear as the victims. But I wonder who really are the victims in this case when I see what the gay agenda has done to parent's rights concerning their children's education and the trend to keeping the parents isolated from what the kids are taught. And once again the victimization of the institution of marriage.

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I'm never embarassed to be an American.

If it wasn't for my country, and the strong Christians in it,
most of the world would be quite bad off.

God bless America.
Land that I love!
I love America because it was founded on Christianity.
It's not now, thanks to the perverts and communist/liberal/democrats
who do nothing but try their hardest to tear down the most beautiful
country on the earth!
Don't ever be ashamed to be an American.

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[From a certain point of view, sure. Unfortunately, this thread is meaningless since it assumes God exists in the first place.]

You are at a Christian forum, are you not? What you will see here demonstrated, is faith. Just like some of science, and it's theories require faith. How? Has anyone seen the oort cloud yet? Believing in what you cannot see, is having faith that it is there.

Science even has god did it type excuses for what they cannot explain.

1) Natural selection.
2) Given enough time, anything can happen.
3) Odds don't count, because science no longer counts it.
4) If we can see it, it did happen. Assuming that evolution has become an absolute.

So there is a lot of faith and assumptions from the other side as well.

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Are you fighting the good fight to STOP those perverts from overrunning the schools where our children attended and now their children attend?
Are you for the gay movement to come in and take over your neighborhood, like they have done in parts of San Francisco and other neighborhood across the world with their vile gay pride parades and vulgar display of perversions in public, many times right in front of our innocent children?
Have you ever had to deal with a gay hedonistic exhibitionist?
What about those who are not gay but bring vulgarity by way of advertisements on huge billboards in your neighborhood?
Do you want your children to have to walk past some foul sexually explicit advertisement on their way to school everyday?

And you dare tell me to put my man pants on and I would feel better? For your information, I am NOT a man. I am a woman, a grown woman/grandmother, who is very concerned about what vulgarity the secular general public is allowing to be displayed in public view for everyone to see. How appalling is that to fight the good fight against the wicked? If they are not brought to the conviction of their sin by speaking out, it convicts, then how are we being used by not participating in the battle against the wicked whiles of the devil? To just go preach mushy type gospel is not what Jesus was all about! My God is not a God to just sit idle without using his servants to speak out against the wicked deeds of others. Nor does he not use his people to speak out against the wicked. He used Moses to speak out plenty! He used many many people to speak out to the wicked about their evil deeds. Don't tell me Michael Savage is in the wrong. He is not! There are plenty of scritpures in the bible that speak out against evil and call it for what it truly is. vile vulgar fornicators whores. there are plenty enough times in the bible where the sinner is called exactly what they are by name.

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Al Gore is not promoting cleaner air and correcting global warming for the interest of preserving the world.

WMD warfare is more of an immediate threat than pollutions from factories. Why isn't he fighting a cause to eliminate nukes? All anyone has to do is push a button and we are all gonners. How many countries have the capacity to blow up this planet? Think abou that! But what is Gore doing? He's promoting to get huge profits from his own stock! Fact is, Global warming is the least of our threats or worries.