insert-cheesy-name-here #homophobia

Oi, I don’t care about those rights in western countries anymore since they have all the rights they could get in court.

Well, if you tell me that we should support LGBTQ rights in other countries were those folks get still killed, well, you have me. But not more than that.

The Bible is clear about stuff like that, about sin in general, you shouldn’t advocate pride in sin. Especially, since the rainbow was a promise to Noah for peace and not to kill all humanity again.

What you find about the gay pride flage is… well, in my opinion you wouldn’t find kind words here.

I may be respcful in real life to ppl but I call out sh*t when I see it. Especially if you put Gods standards on it. The only reason why I annoy you right now IS because you put a cross on it. (Original post was a rainbow background with a cross before it, for everyone who hasn’t seen the original post)

You can support whatever you like but as a Christian you select in what God thinks is right and not. That’s the whole point of Christianity.



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