Bob Barclay #fundie

The problem lies in the fact that evolutionists believe they can make dead bones talk. When I read there religious jargon about the fossil record I just have to shake my head and say where is the science. An example of their religious explanation can be seen in their intermediate dud the fish-o-pod Tiktaalik. They describe the bones of the fossil while intermingaling their religious jargon and any story they want to tell just rolls out of the mouths. Since there is no way to verify or test these stories we are told it is evolutionary gospel truth. Building the story into something that it is not.

It is by far the most intolerant religion on the face of the earth today. If given control of the governments their religious intolerance rises to a deadly attack against any who dare speak against it. Examples in the twentieth century are vivid reminders of what the religion of evolution is capable of. Under the leadership of Stalin and Chairman Mao atheistic evolution was responsible for about 100 million deaths of those who did not agree with them. This is not including all the atheistic evolutionists governments this is just two of them.



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