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In a thread regarding astrophysics, distance and star light

Here is a question you.

So a light year = the distance light travels in a year.

You mentioned the figure 11 million light years away.

So my question is how are we observing this light 11 million light years away now?

I'm not 11 million years old, i'm 20.


Later on he goes on to say...

If it takes 11 million years to travel to earth, how can i see it now? I'm only 20.

If it takes 11 million years to travel to earth then the viewer would need to be 11 million years old.


And it continues with...

I don't believe light travels at all, i've looked at various models and worked on many but none of it works. The basics of visual perception is often overlooked. When we look at something what is actually going on? The emission theory states that the light emits (not a travelling speed) from our own eyes not from the object we look at. The intromission theory states the opposite.

The emission theory is the most common sense, so i don't believe there is any speed of light. The 'Starlight Problem' has never been a problem for me and the YEC model. The earliest Church Fathers (2nd-4th century AD) who believed in emmision theory also had no problem with starlight and a young universe.

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God doesn't "Kill" Anyone.. He merely shortens their lives, which is his right as Man's Creator..
Got lives OUTSIDE of the Time Space Matter continuum, So the future and the past are all the
same to him.. That is why his Son said "You must be born again" And worship God "In spirit and
in Truth"... You see, as far as God is concerned,, Atheists and God haters ARE ALREADY DEAD....
They are merely walking, talking, breathing CORPSES  Completely Dead to the Spirit. Which is all
that is important in God's view.. He is not impressed with bones, organs, skin, and tissue... All that
he cares about is Man's Heart and having a meaningful relationship with him.. He forces Nobody
to seek him....

Enoch 2021 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

This is a Picture of the Chicago Skyline taken from Grand Mere State Park in Stevensville across Lake Michigan 60 Miles Away ....


If we are on a "Ball", with a circumference of 25,000 miles ---

Spherical geometry proves the following elevation loss in all directions from a fixed point observer on a sphere with a 25,000 mile circumference:

1 mile - 8 inches
2 miles - 32 inches
3 miles - 6 feet
4 miles - 10 feet
5 miles - 16 feet
6 miles - 24 feet
7 miles - 32 feet
8 miles - 42 feet
9 miles - 54 feet
10 miles - 66 feet
20 miles - 266 feet
30 miles - 600 feet
40 miles - 1066 feet
50 miles - 1666 feet
60 miles - 2400 feet
70 miles - 3266 feet
80 miles - 4266 feet
90 miles - 5400 feet
100 miles - 6666 feet

That means Chicago should be 2400 Feet BELOW the Horizon (Technically, the Sears Tower is 1454 Feet so...it should still be out of sight by 1,000 feet). Errrr, can somebody please tell me What in The World is going on here ?? :think:

Is this a Mirage? :blink:

And btw, I have another 2,000 examples with most FURTHER than 60 Miles!

So if the Earth is 'spinning' @ 465 meters/second from West to East (1,000 miles an hour) and you're taking a flight from San Diego to New York @ 500 miles per hour, how do you reach your destination before the destination comes screaming up @ 500 miles per hour from your "6" , pray tell??

So if the Earth is 'spinning' @ 465 meters/second from West to East (~ 1,000 miles an hour) --- if I wanted to travel from New York to San Diego 2425 Miles, why shouldn't I just get in a Helicopter/Hot Air Balloon and "Hover" for 2.4 Hours ?? :gotcha:

If your premise (rotflol hysterically, btw) that the atmosphere is also 'spinning' @ the same speed as the Earth: then, please elucidate the mechanism by which the atmosphere is attached to the Earth; I will Accept VELCRO!! :laugh_point:

In your explanation, please Identify the Exact Location where this Atmosphere --- traveling @ 465 meters/second, KISSES the Vacuum of Space !!! Show the Fire Works !!!!!

So if the Earth is 'spinning' @ 465 meters/second from West to East and I shoot a Cannon Ball straight up in the air here in Missoura and it takes 15 seconds to land ---- it should land 7,000 meters (4 Miles) to the West ??


Next, can you show Pigs Flying.....?

Can anyone post One Fairytale Picture of The Earth from 'Space' that's not a Composite (aka: Computer Generated Photoshop Fiasco?? And then, let's take a look @ the various "Pictures" for a Compare and Contrast!!!

Get ready to face Cognitive Dissonance in a BIG WAY!! I promise an utterly Awesome Realization... on the other side. thumbsup.gif

Many years ago, I thought I ferreted out the lions share of THE LIES... then @ the request of friends, I dropped it.

I didn't realize how far it went. More importantly, I didn't take GOD @ HIS WORD!!! That ends here and now.


Calypsis4 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Hitting the nail on the head. Not only is ToE not the best explanation it is the absolute worst.How can they possibly explain that nature somehow KNEW how to put together the vastly complex DNA by chance, and how nature KNEW that so many living organisms would need a brain, eyes, lungs, hands, feet, and blood...among so many other things necessary for life as if the human genome had a brain to figure all of that out. Absurdum ad nauseum. In this regard even the ET/space alien theory makes more sense than neo-Darwinism. Your challenge is a very good one but as I have likewise challenged them repeatedly for about 3 yrs, to let them show us a single example an organism that changed/transformed step-by-step, stage-by-stage into a classifiably different family and let them give us the genetic formula that establishes such a change. But they have not done that nor will they ever. That's because evolution has never occurred on this planet.

Calypsis4 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com


The issue of levitation....does not pertain to just what 'illusionists' like Copperfield, Criss Angel, etc. do. There are those in the 3rd world countries that have been doing legitimate acts of levitation for milleniums. It's part of how they make converts to their religion.

Here's a couple more examples:

How does one think that witchdoctors and shamans get a following in the tribe(s) to begin with? Answer: Because their magic works and the people fear them. Voodoo actually works and a lot of people are very fearful of incurring the wrath of the witchdoctor/shamans who can and do exercise totalitarian dictatorship over the whole tribe including the chiefs.

Here is another one, from the Orient.

During the coming tribulation, the last seven years of the world, atheism and agnosticim will become extinct for the whole would will be filled with supernatural occurrences...so much so that to deny the existence of the supernatural will bring instant rejection and ridicule.

Calypsis4 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

So live in denial. The fact is that Criss Angel made a blood pact with the devil in order to gain the power to do such things. It's in his own autobiography & when I can locate that quote in my files I will bring it out. As far as O'Neal and what happened to him: he was hypnotized before going over the house. You missed that. But he saw the recording.Furthermore, you did not explain in the slightest as to how Criss Angel managed to pull this off in any physical or illusionary matter. That's because you can't. It was supernatural and we have personally seen it before more than once. I counseled a seriously demonized woman who levitated all of her body off the floor(at a 35 degree angle) except the tips of her toes after being knocked out cold by a force we could not see. Don't even try to tell me such things don't exist. The woman was only two feet in front of me when this happened to her and I have witnesses that saw it with me. These things exist in line with what the Bible says about the supernatural and it is all related to what God told us in His Word.

Calypsis4 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Below is Criss Angel who levitates former NBA basketball star Shaquille O'Neal over his house in front of a few dozen fans.

If there was a helicopter lifting him it would have been seen and heard by all including the camera recording. If it was a crane it likewise would have been easily seen by all. The truth is that Criss Angel is using demonic power and I can prove that he made a pact with the devil in order to do some of his most outstanding 'tricks'. More later.

mike the wiz #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

NNJamerson, in another thread you have ALLUDED that I am an ignoramus and you are the informed one saying, it "appears you don't even know what an insect is". The word "insect" in fact can and is used for a spider, as a colloquialism, by most people.

. If it is true that I/we as creationists, am worthy of derision, then since I myself invented these following questions that pertain to evolution theory, it would be quite silly for you to then believe that if I know all of the answers but you don't, that I am the uninformed ignoramus. And so I made the thread for evolutionists so I can link them to it when they play those cards.

(Reductio Ad Absurdum = if I was an ignoramus I WOULD know the answers)

Absurd, I would obviously not know them nor be able to invent the questions therefore I am not an ignoramus. (modus tollens)

Similarly we can also say that if you are superior to me in knowledge, you would certainly know the answers since I do know them.

1. Could the evolutionist now explain to me why the more heterozygous alleles in one gene-pool would be better in regard to sickled blood cells, as opposed to the more homozygous allele frequencies in another gene pool, in relation to a certain disease?

2. Could the evolutionist explain the difference between the cursorial theory and the arboreal theory in regards to the different way to achieve morphological flaps/rudimentary wings, for gliding. Clue: Crocodilomorphs. Please explain the two conjectural ways to achieve flight.

3. Could the evolutionist explain to me the difference between a retrogressive feature and a homoplastic feature?

5. Could the evolutionist explain to me what a monophyletic group is as opposed to a polyphyletic one?

6. Could the evolutionist give me another name for differential reproduction.

8. Could the evolutionist explain the difference between homological structures and morphological function in them, by giving an example.

9. Could the evolutionist please explain what the term is for a change in the use of features for a function such as protofeathers initially being used for insulation but then used for flight. --------.

10. Could the evolutionist tell me the term used for the reintroduction of information into a gene pool? ---- ----.

11. Could the evolutionist tell me the difference between an acquired characteristic, and a shared, derived characteristic by explaining in full, the difference.

?12. The seahorse is the only real v------- fish.

13. What is the term that can be used in place of this term; "stasis" = n--------- ---------.

14. What homoplasy do oil birds and whales share?

15. Apes are, a------, as they dwell in trees. Humans are -------, because we sleep at night.

16. The law of ------------- means that the tertiary cannot outdate the cambrian, according to the long-age paradigm.

17. A fossil is starting to p------------ if it is starting to lose it's actual boney remains.

18. What is another name for conjectural excuses that are invoked posteriori in order to explain why facts don't fit with a theory; A ----- ----------.

19. Karl Popper shown that a good way to predict what a theory would evidence is by using the form of a ----- -o--- by placing confirmation evidence in the place of the c---------.

20. What is the type of reasoning for confirmation evidence in the form of a tally or statistics, ---------.


1. The opposite of a contradiction by definition is a ---------.

2. What is the name of this fallacy; "you are either with me or against me".

3. What is the name of this logical error that depends on coincidence; "X before Y therefore X caused Y" --- --- ---------

4. What is the latin name for this fallacy; "Professor X said it is true therefore it must be, and here is all of the work he has done on the subject...."

5. Give an example of a a false No-true scotsman fallacy, that has not actually been committed.

(I think I will just keep this thread to show to evolutionists that enjoy making it seem like creationists are totally ignorant.)

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[No, I asked if you would prefer your son/daughter to be executed than be homosexual. Would you?]

I would only want my son executed if he chose to be a homo in a society with an effective capital deterrent already in place. That way at least scores of other kids would be saved. But you refuse to grant the point, there is no evidence you will ever accept that homosexuality is a destructive, deadly, evil lifestyle.

Fred Williams #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

I've been wanting to chime in on this. For starters, though I can't speak for TeeJay I doubt he "wants to execute homosexuals". Instead, he wants it to be a capital offense, there's a big difference. As a capital offense, you would have very few homosexuals to execute, as is shown in countries that have this law. Anyone with any shred of compassion would not want their son or daughter to grow up and decide (yes *decide*, as twin studies have proven) to be a homosexual since their life expectancy will dramatically shrink. In the case of men their life expectancy rivals that of a heroin addict. The homosexual murder rate, suicide rate, sexual disease rate, and drug use rate is dramatically higher than the normal population. The problem is, atheists and unfortunately many Christians fall into the role of Job's friends and question the logic of God, often times without really taking the time to understand the big picture. Instead, they think of the friend or family member they know who is a homosexual and couldn't fathom having the guy or gal executed. But wouldn't it be better if they weren't a homosexual in the first place? Why would anyone want to wish such a depressing and short-lived life on someone? I support homosexuality as a capital offense because God is smarter than I am and He knows it will save tons of lives and make people happier, not "gayer". It would keep the Sandusky's of the world away from kids who themselves (as studies show) because of the encounter become more susceptible to that lifestyle later in life. I, and I suspect TeeJay, supports it because we love the person enough to compel them to live a good, long life, instead of showing them "luv" while we walk them right over the cliff.

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You could put a healthy living frog in a blender and blend it up then take the compound and wait and wait and wait but no life will spontaneously arise from it even though it started as a living entity. Even though you began with all of the components of life you would not observe life spontaneously arising from this mixture. Why? Because life only comes from life.

Fred Williams #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Evolutionists will try to lead you into endless debate, and they will more often than not succeed! They will always, almost without exception, get the last word. They will be relentless. This is all part of getting you to waste your time, which the spiritual enemy just loves to see you do (the evolutionist person does not necessarily “love” that they waste your time, many are probably unaware of the demonic influence on them).

usafjay1976 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Did the ozone layer evolve so it could protect humans? Did the sun put itself where it needed to be so we wouldn’t fry (or freeze)? I’m very interested in this force you speak of and its role in the theory of evolution.

You assume evolution is true because these are words from men. So is the Bible.

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

[But I agree with you about television. It is predominately pro evolution]

It is, however no single theory is ever put forward. Evolutionists are at war with themselves more than with creationists, for example i recently watched about 5 minutes of an evolution doctumentary about the origins of man, the clip showed one scientist arguing with another (quite strongly and harshly) over the Out Of Africa hypothesis Vs. the Multi-regional hypothesis. Both scientists were evolutionists but were calling each other ''wrong''.

The theory of evolution just seems to be in a great mess, evolutionists themselves can't even agree.

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

If you believe that light travels that means you start at the assumption of the intromission theory.

Starting at assumptions is not scientific.

And saying Einsteins theories are empirical is ignorant.

A theory = something not proven scientifically.

Definition of theory:

An assumption based on information or knowledge; a conjecture.

If that's what you think science is, then no wonder you believe in evolution.

MamaElephant #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

I am very interested in alternative medicine. It has in fact saved my life. But we need to use caution because some of these practices are connected to false worship and demonism. Tapping into other realms and allowing entities in is not something that a Christian wishes to do. Christian Mystics used to practice this? Christian Mystic should not even be a phrase. For more biblical information please see the tracts about Halloween posted on this board.

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Those are standard and have to be put up legally. From what i know about [sungazing], there are no actual health risks, i have a brother who is into alternitive medicine etc and he's been into sungazing for a while. You don't do it for long, the idea is that you only do it for a few minutes (or even seconds) each day. The idea is that it replaces food and drink and is a source of energy.

Moonlight is the opposite - it is destructive. Hence why their is folklore about lunar effect if you look at it. The word lunacy comes from ancient times when the moon was thought to cause mental problems.

[Unless you think our eyes damage themselves through their own emissions, this shows vision comes from light entering the eye, not vice versa.]

There are many other lights, however there is no evidence actually that light travels.

[In any case, emission theory and sungazing don't seem to have anything to do with the speed of light being infinite, which I think was your original claim? We have measured the speed of light and its not infinite, so I'm not sure where you're going with this.]

The speed of light is a theory based on the theory of relativity, which attempts to connect space and time.

The theory of relativity though is just a theory. Theories are not fact. Anything with theory in it's name is not proven most notebly: the theory of evolution.

I could invent a theory now i.e the theory that the sky is yellow, so the ''Yellow Sky Theory''. Obviously this doesn't make it a fact, it's just theoretical.

Most evolutionists though have a hard time understanding what is fact and what is theory or assumption, speculation etc. They can't distinguish between the two, and so they think evolution and any other science theory which has a considerable amount of support is a fact when it isn't.

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Regarding some scientific evidence against the speed of light, from what i remember when i studied science a while back i was told that light can not travel through a vaccum (as sound cant). Therefore i have no idea why people believe starlight travels through space. Astronomers knew this for many years which is why they were searching for some kind of aether.

scott #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

No creation myth should be taught. Only the true 6 day Creation none myth of the Bible should be taught.

Anyways all this whining and complaining about what should and shouldn't be taught is complete Nonesense. I learned more about Christianity in College than I ever did in Public Schools. Nobody had any problem whatsoever when we had discussions about Creation or Christianity. Quite frankly it doesn't matter if it is taught. The only people getting upset about it are the Die-hard Atheist/ Evolutionist.

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Many early Christians practiced sungazing. It's a form of breatharianism or inedia (extreme fasting), where you fully abstain from eating or drinking. There are many Christians who believe Adam and Eve were originally breathatarians and sungazers (there was no meat before the fall).

Ratan Manek achieved no eating or drinking for 211 days via sungazing. Nicholas of Flue, the patron saint of Switzerland achieved fasting for 19 years. There are other accounts of where people have survived for very long periods without eating or drinking because of sungazing. Sungazing is not only apart of eastern teaching, but is something everyone was originally doing. How it was done however became lost like most other ancient knowledge. If you look up the accounts of Christian mystics who lived for tens of years without eating or drinking. How did they do it? They did it through the sun.

Mike Summers #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Evo scientists contend that life began 3.8 billion years ago possibly around vents in the bottom of earth's oceans. According to this theory, life began when the first replicating molecules and cells appeared in or aroud these vents. Accordingly, this process is not now going on. It was an anomoly--a one time event?

If the previous conclusion is true, curent cells in all life forms (including humans) must contain unscathed copies of this original genetic material--a copy of a copy duplicated for 3.8 billion years (that's what constitutes life) . Incredible.

The human begins with one cell. At maturity the human body consists of 100 trillion cells. Moreover, the 100 trillion cells are replaced totally every ten years--with some cells living longer than others. When someone is 50 years old there have been over 500 trillion copies of their orginal one cell.

One theory of the cause of death says that copying errors occurring in cells eventually (genetic entropy) causes death.

3.8 billion years of genetic entropy would most assuredly have doomed life by now!

That leads to the conclusion that life on earth hasn't been here that long.

Ron #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

I think it is important to note that there is absolutely nothing that being gay adds to society. Homosexuality and lesbianism has absolutely no positive affect on any society in which you find such activity.

You may attempt to say; “but there are many homosexuals and lesbians that have added greatly to society in the areas of art, science, and humanitarian pursuits (etc…) and I'd agree, BUT this isn’t BECAUSE they were homosexuals or lesbians, rather because they were PEOPLE.

In fact, the act that gives homosexuals and lesbians their title doesn’t even add to society; rather, it stunts society. The sexual proclivities that drive homosexuals and lesbians, does not, and cannot ever, result in procreation. In fact, in order for the homosexuals and lesbians to procreate, they must act (hypocritically) against that which they call their “nature”. But, biologically, their sexual proclivities act anathema to biological nature.

Another thing to ponder, is this: I will be called a “bigot” for making the above statements (which begs further questions because the definition for "bigot" relates to race not sexual prefrence), or I will be labeled “intolerant” for making the above statements (which begs further questions such as "isn't the hetreophobe being "intolerant" of my opinions?). But when one comes to the crux of the matter, all I have done is stated facts….

disruptor #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

HIV does not, in fact, exist. The so-called human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, is only an "externalization", to absolve the AIDS patient of responsibility for his/her disease.

Anyone doubting this should consider that HIV has never even been isolated. This simple and amazing fact in itself should make everyone suspicious about the entire AIDS industry.

When someone "tests positive" for HIV, they actually test positive for reverse transcriptase enzyme activity which is assumed to indicate the presence of HIV in the patient. There is in fact a total lack of evidence for the existence of HIV.

At the time, everyone was in a mad rush to find the "cause" of AIDS. Those who came up with something first would be assured of endless research funds, fame etc. The h*mosexual lobby seized on the first announcement to claim a viral cause, since then it would no longer be their own fault. It's always easier to blame a "virus" than one's own misbehavior.

goldliger #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Logical proof of evidence for God and creation. (And a universe full of it.)

Question to atheist # 1: If the statement is true, "God created the genetic code and DNA to create life", would the genetic code and DNA be evidence for God? ...If your answer is "no", how and why would it NOT be valid evidence of God (while noting that if God created the genetic code, nothing else did)?

(Hint: The answer to the above is "yes", because the genetic code and DNA as potential evidence for anything else would be 100% falsified, when we have objective proof that God is/was its author.)

Question to atheist # 2: Do you have 100% objective proof that God *didn't* create the genetic code and DNA to create life? If "yes", please provide your proof with zero speculative language.

(Hint: No such proof exists.)

Question to atheist # 3: Aside from the genetic code and DNA, can you name a SINGLE code (that meets the following definition), that was NOT designed by an intelligent being?

...Definition of CODE for our purposes above: Sequential, *meaningful* information is encoded (DNA) and decoded (RNA). Such as English. Binary code. Morse code. Etc.

Note that ALL evidence, either for "naturalism" or "creationism" is in a POTENTIAL state, until the objective proof is in, as to which "suspect" is responsible.

...This is why it's logically impossible to claim that we do NOT have a mountain of evidence for God and creation; this is why ALL OF CREATION is evidence for God.

Further, unless you can provide another example of a code that was NOT created by an intelligent being under the definition provided, we have 100% inference that the genetic code and DNA was created by an intelligent being. And 0% inference that it was a result of naturalistic, mindless, Godless causation.

Note that this is in NO WAY begging the question, or a circular argument, because we're assuming based on logic that *both* naturalism and creationism are theoretical possibilities. And that all of creation is evidence (in a required "potential" state), until the objective proof is in.

Thanks for reading.

ikester7579 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

So here is a problem for you. Which came first, the chicken or the egg. Now considering that the egg needs to be kept warm. And the parents have to take car of it. You know that the chicken has to be first. Which poses a huge problem for evolution. Because if the first chicken was born without an egg. Then why did reproduction using eggs start? Because survival of the fittest doe not apply because eggs can be eaten by other animals. And natural selection does not make sense about eggs. Through what process were eggs determined the better way? And why would egg reproduction start anyway?

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

(in response to the U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey which demonstrates Atheists/Agnostics correctly answered more religious questions than those of religious belief)

Because most Atheists are closet-Christians and most evolutionists closet-creationists. The only reason they pretend/say they are Atheists is fear (i.e of being mocked or ridiculed). Most scientists actually embrace creation or intelligent design ideas but are too scared to speak out in fear of losing their jobs.

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

[After being informed that the red squirrel dying out and being replaced by the grey squirrel due to disease is a form of natural selection.]

The red squirrel is dying because the grey is spreading a disease. This is what happens when things mix. This has nothing to do with 'natural selection'.

The Bible says God created everything within a specific boundary and designated it an area. The greys are not native and have broken out of their indigeous habitat and are killing off the red squirrels.

I don't think you understand the term 'natural selection'.


"[D]isease is an environmental factor. It is a form of natural selection in the same way that predation is: those who are affected do not pass on their genes, while those who avoid it (because of a behavioural, physiological, or geographical reason) do."

Only evolutionists believe disease is an environmental factor. The root of disease in the Bible is sin or faulty thinking or doing. Again this is the case where we have polar opposite beliefs on an issue.

Critical Science Failure

Anyone else think Super Sport had a kid?

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Gravity is a theory, not a proven fact.

The effects of gravity can be explained by other theories. An example would be the acceleration theory which asserts the earth is actually moving 'upward' at a constant rate of 1g (9.8m/sec^2). This produces the same effect as "gravity".

See there are different theories for the same phenomena - and none are facts, they are just theories.

Cassiterides #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

A scientist in 1899 claimed the diameter is only 32 miles, some of his points made are very interesting.

''The sun is always somewhere between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, a distance admitted to be less than 3,000 miles; how then can the sun if it be so many thousand miles in diameter, squeece itself into a space of about 3,000 miles only...can a camel ride on a mouse, or a whale rush down the throat of a herring?

What is the diameter of the sun?

32 miles. If the navigator neglects to apply the sun's semi-diameter to his observation at sea, he is 16 nautical miles (nearly) in calculating the position his ship is in. A minute of arc on the sextant represents a nautical mile, and if the semi-diameter be 16 miles, the diameter is of course 32 miles. And as measured by the sextant, the sun's diameter is 32 minutes of arc, that is 32 nautical miles in diameter. If ever dispoof is attempted, it will be a literary curiosity, well worth framing.''

[later in the same thread]

I asked how you know the distance to the sun. You are claiming it's not an estimate but that you know the precise figure. So have you traveled to the sun and back? My point was to clarify the distinction between fact and estimates (guesses).
I'm open minded and read different theories. Unless you go up into space yourself there is no way of proving the exact size of the sun or location of celestial objects. It appears you base all your faith in what NASA etc tell you without ever questioning anything. I thought atheists were meant to be 'skeptics'?

ikester7579 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Also, the Bible says that the rain and water from underground continued for 40 days and nights. Now imagine sediments continually being added to the water for 40 days and nights.

1) You have the sediments continually making layers for this time period.
2) And you have hydrologic sorting of the animals when they died.

In case you are not sure what hydrologic sorting is. Ponder this question. If you drop a mouse and a elephant in the ocean, which would reach the bottom first? You would normally think the elephant would because of it's weight, right? But there are several factors that determine the out come.

1) Weight.
2) Bouncy.
3) Size. More water has to move around a big animal, which would slow up the process of getting to the bottom.
4) If said animal floats, how long until it starts to sink after death?

The other factor to hydrolic sorting, and how the sediments worked for the flood. Is that bottom dwellers would end up covered first along with any life that happened to be down there when this happened. And because they would not have been dead yet. A lot of the fossil record would have shown this.

jason777 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

"Leonardo Di Vinci found marine growth layers on top of Mt. Everest.By knowing the clams live for ~25 years he was able to figure out that there was ~2500 years of marine growth up there.

The question is,if the earth is only 6,000-7,000 years old and there was a global flood around 4,300 years ago,then why is it that we find ~2,500 years of marine growth layers and not millions of years of growth layers?

We predict that Mt. Everest was under the ocean for ~2,500 before the flood and rose up afterwards.Why do the numbers match so perfectly?"

scott #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

If God didn't Flood the earth, we wouldn't have fossils (which require water and lots of sediment to even be created in the first place), and the formations we see today. We also wouldn't have nice safe public roads for the fear of running into a dinosaur. We also wouldn't have nice paint jobs on our cars or nice roofs on our houses because of all the pteradactyle poop.

Adam Nagy #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

(on the finding of a supposed "pre-flood relic")

As many would say that evolution has a consilience of data (which I think is bunk). I would say that this is overwhelmingly applicable to creation.

Obviously, we can't be certain which articles are pre-flood and which are post flood but I would say that the more unusual finds and the more peculiar the location, whether it's burried in in coal or undisturbed under many layers of sediment it's likely that we have found a preflood artifact. Look up 'Oop Art' if you want to see the extensive nature of oddly placed items.

You get all kinds of weird theories like aliens, and what not, but that old dusty Bible is stark verboten.

scott #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

It never hurts to pray, actually that could be the best thing you can do. I think the problem with h*m*sexuals thinking that they can't be saved, is because they are too succeptible to that sin.

Also, I think many might be too ashamed to admit that they were h*mosexual even if they did repent; therefore, they would rather live in sin, than be ashamed for what they have committed.

Converting from homo to hetero can have lasting social consequences, and I believe this is the main reason so many choose not to change.

scott #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Jason, that is patently false, and can be easily be shown as so. Every g*y person that I've met has chosen to be g*y. Heck, I could go out and choose a g*y partner right now, but that would be really wrong too.

I also have a friend I use to work with that was Lesbian, and the being born with the g*y gene idea was most certainly not true, because she had children. Some people just like sinning more than other people.

I like cars, I'm addicted modifying them... I mean does this mean I have a car gene... ooohhh I like animals, does this mean I have to go out and have an intimate relationship with them???

As far as the truth is concerned, being g*y IS a choice, and you nor any g*y man or woman can convince society that it's not choice, but seeing as how there is no acutal proof of a g*y gene, then it is also by choice that you choose to believe that there is a g*y gene.

Al650 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

I strongly suggest that all Atheists leave this site. Why? It is clear that they are not here to inform or educate. Their only purpose is to intimidate by name calling, appeals to emotion and insistence. As self-appointed defenders of all science, they persist daily to indoctrinate. To repeat the same tired phrases that are used and reused all over the internet. This is not a search or defense of scientific facts but a campaign of attempted indoctrination.

Atheists: Is any current scientific research affected by the beliefs of Creationists? If your theory is incontrovertibly correct, why assail Creationists? What do you have to be concerned about? For you, evolution is a fact and no one can say different.

God bless,

lwj2op2 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

[Quote: "Yeah but there are hate sites of everything. I could find atheist hate sites, g*y hate sites, racism, ect...

Your posts seem to imply that you think Christians are being persecuted - and they certaintly are in some countries. But not in mine (America). Christians make up a whopping, correct me if I am wrong, 76.5% of Americans.

I don't really think the Dawkins link is a Christian hate message. His answer is pretty logical. I think it is unfair to categorize it so."]

OK, there are hate sites of everything. So that makes it OK to have hate sights of Christians?

Not being persecuted in America?! I live in America and see the persecution first hand. I believe the world was created less than 10,000 years ago in seven days. Even though there is NO science to support anything else, I am deemed an idiot. I believe it is wrong to murder unborn children, and am deemed an idiot.

I have had children attending school for about 20 years. Our Christian views are not allowed in school while ALL & ANY others are not only allowed, but also taught in school. Christianity is being systematically removed from the American society that Christianity built. We are not running from lynch mobs yet, but that will come. Do you think the murderers of Christians in the Sudan just started lopping off heads one day? No, they had to spend the time to set the stage. Did Hitler wake up one day and begin killing Jews? No, it took years of preparation. The American stage is set and the preparations are made. And we, Christians, know much worse is coming, even expect it. Prophecy cannot be denied.


Scott #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

What is valid about the Big Bang??? I see nothing valid to it. Where is the evidence??? The Big Bang would be a little bit more convincing if it actually had more than just evidence based on how light enters the telescope, but fortunately it doesn't have anymore evidence than this.

Al650 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

More nonsense. The media in this country is very liberal and very Leftist. It is clearly anti-God and pro immorality. I would not want to be in charge of America's cultural exchange program with other countries. What would I send them? Television programs like Brothers and Sisters or Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives? The latest Jennifer Anniston fornication movie?

The evolution worldview encourages people to deny God's authority in their lives. We must accept evolution, not because of science but so we can deny God. Just read the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

God bless,

Fred Williams #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

["What motivates the administrators of these universities, as well as grant providers, to work so adamantly against anyone seeking to teach ID or Creationism? Why do they persecute these people (like the ones who were featured on "Expelled") with such venom? What motivates them to act so viciously?"]

OK, you asked. Because evolution is their dearly-held religion that allows them to believe they are not accountable to a higher authority. They hate the idea of the God of the Bible, and they are greatly angered by anyone who would defend the Bible and attack their religion. All one needs to know as proof that their worldview drives their belief is that 99.9% of them will be socially liberal and pro-abortion (I’ve still never ever met an activist evolutionist who isn’t socially liberal, after 12 years of debating origins). They can’t win with evidence, so they suppress (censor) any balanced discussion of the evidence. It makes them mad that others want to expose their religion as a big sham built on a science-depraved myth less tenable than Alice in Wonderland. There’s your answer.

Supersport #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

And the fact remains that ToE, and more specifically natural selection, was a theory dreamed up to get around miracles and/or mystical things like minds and intelligence. So natural selection is the only adaptive mechansim that could (theoretically) cause populational change in a materialistic (aka mindless/non-intelligent) way. Any other mecahnism, as far as I've been able to reason, invokes scientifically unexplainable and mystical mechanisms, as they require signals and self-organizational processes within the body which have no known physical cause or origin.

ikester7579 #conspiracy evolutionfairytale.com

Aids, and Hiv maybe something thought up to cover up a much bigger problem.

Example: The drug-medical industry has become the largest money making industry in the world. Now when you control that much money making, what will you do to cover up mistakes that can cost millions, or even billions of dollars? You will pay people to come up with ideas to cover up those mistakes.

So what do I believe happened? How many drugs on the market right now cause a desease? Several correct? Like some can give you several types of liver diseases. Heart disease. I heard there is even some out there that can give you TB.

So what if they came out with a drug that gave several people hiv, and aids? Problem was, they could not stop it. And it was something that could be passed from one person to another.

So the delima is this:
1) You tell the public what happened, and no one will ever trust the medical community again.
2) You come up with a feasible excuse, and everyone looks the other way.

So many drugs affect our immune system, who is to say they did not came out with one that totally destroys it? And by accident. After all, what does aids stand for?

scott #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Atheist are trying to create a black hole.... well seeing if these stargate nerds actually THINK they can do this, simply through their pride they will create something from a horror movie and all die doing it, and anyone in the immediate area including innocent kittens who dont believe in evolution anyways.

This black hole machine... how atheistically typical...

Atheist always try to look, and sound intelligent, but the whole world will see when they lacklusterly get up in the morning, hop into their toyota yaris, go to walmart, get their oil changed, get a bite to eat and drive on over to the black hole machine.

They finally turn the machine on and say: " Hey Bob, weve done it, WE have single handedly disproven God"..... ahahahahahahaha huuuuuulllllkkkk cruuuunnnch...... as he is sucked into the black hole, then the lab mice try to get away but are sucked in also... along with anyone in the immediate area (including there beloved toyota yaris')..... and hilariously open the gates of hell....

Therefore single handedly proving that these atheist had no common sense whatsoever.... but hay, this is just a possibility.

How many times will an atheist continue to say that he absolutely positively KNOWs that the universe is billions of years old, and that God obviously doesnt exist, because people who believe in God are just a little below the cambrian layers if you know what i mean.

ikester7579 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

It is claimed by all those who believe in old earth and old universe. That all matter, liquid, and gas was compressed into an impossible area the size of a dot (period) on this page. What scientific law works here to allow this? Maybe it poof the compression god.

1) This theory has not been observed.
2) It cannot be repeated, even on a small scale.
3) Science cannot even compress a glass of water into a dot.

But some how, some way, it happened. But then again that would require some faith would it not?

The excuse? The universe is expanding so this proves the big bang theory. Really?

1) When a balloon expands, does that mean a bang happened?
2) When your stomach expands from eating to much, did the food go bang?
3) When you wallet expands from cashing your check, did your check go bang?

And about that spin that is also claimed.

1) Does a balloon have to spin in order to expand as air is being forced into it?
2) Does the food in your stomach spin in order for you gut to expand after you eat it?
3) Does you check spin when cashed so that your wallet can expand?

So where is the evidence of the compression, spin and bang?

ikester7579 #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

Side note: I have one suggestion on word usage. Illumination is what Satan does. Bringing into the light is what God does. Hence why the illuminati is called what it is. Studying black magic and witchcraft, I came to figure this out.

Note: I studied this so I knew as a Christain what I was up against when I met someone who believed this.

Bob Barclay #fundie evolutionfairytale.com

The problem lies in the fact that evolutionists believe they can make dead bones talk. When I read there religious jargon about the fossil record I just have to shake my head and say where is the science. An example of their religious explanation can be seen in their intermediate dud the fish-o-pod Tiktaalik. They describe the bones of the fossil while intermingaling their religious jargon and any story they want to tell just rolls out of the mouths. Since there is no way to verify or test these stories we are told it is evolutionary gospel truth. Building the story into something that it is not.

It is by far the most intolerant religion on the face of the earth today. If given control of the governments their religious intolerance rises to a deadly attack against any who dare speak against it. Examples in the twentieth century are vivid reminders of what the religion of evolution is capable of. Under the leadership of Stalin and Chairman Mao atheistic evolution was responsible for about 100 million deaths of those who did not agree with them. This is not including all the atheistic evolutionists governments this is just two of them.