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The schools are Marxist indoctrination centers and the Media is their reinforcement. These [Occupy Wall Street] mobs are products of books that deconstruct everything good about America and teach them that lies are “truth”: heather has two mommies;homosexual acts are “good”; capitalism is “evil”; feel good, do it; the idea of God is stupid and irrational; Che is a hero; all white men are rapists and oppressors; “colored” people are saints and good.

After years of lies, they can’t think. The ex-KGB in the 70’s said that they have inserted “cognitive dissonance” into the textbooks and after years of listening to the nonsense, it is virtually impossible for them to reason and use logic. That is why Michael Savage has said that leftists are mentally ill....he is right—these people are ignorant and have no foundation of logic and truth—they are irrational. Not only that, their immaturity level is that of a 5 year old.

They have been plied with “self esteem” and overprotectiveness for decades and removed from reality, and, therefore, made into useless crybabies. The men are de-masculinated and the women are taught to hate men and their own nature, bodies and children—so they can kill them. Lenin devised this plan for “useful idiots” and to destroy the natural family. He put in “daycares” and destroyed marriage contracts so the kids would be his alone.....just like mothers now have been conditioned to give up their children for indoctrination centers—forced into “work” that never includes raising and nurturing their own offspring who become easily emotionally manipulated and controlled and led into Marxist ideology. The US adopted Marxist-Leninism in the 50’s. Even established Stalin’s ‘Separation of Church and State’ then.

Mother and Fathers transmit knowledge and morality—and if they are not around 24/7 the institutions do it. They do not even raise their “children” anymore—they have allow the state to do it.

John Stuart Mill stated well over a hundred years ago....if you allow government schools to educate your will make slaves of them. They have no care except for power.

We need government OUT of education and to burn all textbooks...otherwise, we will get more stupid fools like those on wall street and at this museum.



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