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I even refuse to use the word "gay" unless it is to describe a happy and carefree personality. The word "sodomite' is both more accurate and descriptive. Most sodomites are not happy and carefree. They are miserable and think society should be reshaped to conform to their deviancy and the misery it brings. No thanks.

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[Talking about a gay US politician and his husband]

[madprof98] Frank Bruni is the voice of emasculation in America. His conclusion about Chasten, for whom he clearly has a bigtime crush: "I look at Chasten — who, with Pete, landed on the cover of Time magazine — and see at once how far gay people have come and how far women still have to go."

Of course, any halfway normal man would find this repulsive. But I wonder: Regardless of how Pete does in 2020, will America's WOMEN buy this BS propaganda campaign and turn even more pro-gay than they are right now? They very well might.

[ETL] NY Slimes: “Pete and Chasten Buttigieg Are a Traditional Wonder”

A “traditional wonder” in their twisted and demented universe.

[bramps] Happy Anusversary.

[LostInBayport] The left knows they can’t win on policy in a healthy economy.

So their best hope is to get the voters motivated to be part of a “moment” for which they can pat themselves on the back.

First black president was one. He was an unqualified dolt, but his winning gave so many airheaded moderates the feelz. First female president was to be another, but thankfully she was so unlikable that she lost.

So now they are trying first (openly) gay president.

[Kickass Conservative] Good thing Hitler wasn’t Gay. The Left would be twisting themselves into a pretzel every time they compared him to POTUS Trump.

[doorgunner69] To New Yorkers, I suppose a couple of faggots living together is quite normal. They were more "accepted" when they were in the closet and not revolting us with constant crowing about their perversion. We knew they awere around, but it was easier to not dwell on what they do to each other.

Just an exclamation point on how out of touch easterners and Calif coastal types are.

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Up to 2003 we had laws that criminalized homosexual behavior. SCOTUS struck down the last laws against it. IIRC, one could be jailed for homosexuality. We used to ban homosexuals from the military and highly classified jobs.

At one time homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Now that all of those prohibitions have been removed we are daily bombarded with homosexuality and now transgenderism. Pedophilia is next.

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[Discussing whether Kamala Harris is eligible to be President. Some bits of it might qualify as RSTDT as well].

[Aria] Needless to say if this was Donald Trump’s ancestry he’d be ineligible but since it’s a rat..of color...of female parts...then nevermind.

That Obama thing was such a fiasco...they used a word “birther” to defend him...just like they use “racist” to try and stop every one who disagrees.

I say let’s start using “Christianphobe” at them...or “whiteophobe” or something. Why should we continue to let them use words to get away with the worst?

[CivilWarBrewing] Here we go again..
The female version of Odunga.

[Electric Graffiti] “No, she is not going to be ruled a British citizen. She was born in California and the law of the land long before she was born was that she is a citizen.”

There is no law making children born to legal or illegal foreign nationals U.S. citizens at birth.

[FlingWingFlyer] Another friggin’ African pretending to be born in the U.S.

[drypowder] as of 2008 that law no longer applies. The DC establishment knew the Obozo wasn't legally eligible to be president put they allowed him into the WH anyway. Research this; The DNC changed the Obozo's submitted presidential eligibility form by rewording a couple of questions that addressed his eligibility. Essentially the form did not declare his legal eligibility. To the county's detriment, the form was accepted by the Federal Election Commission without question. Deep State strikes again!

[Electric Graffiti] “She was born in the continental U.S. and this went through in the 1800’s after the founders died.”

The 14th was for newly freed stateless slaves. That’s it. It had nothing to do with children born to foreign nationals.

So not only is Kamala NOT a natural born Citizen, she’s not even a citizen under law. She’s a CINO. A court created citzen[Wong] A citizen in name only.

[DoodleDawg] Her announcement guarantees months of birther threads. Let the fun begin.

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I used to actually care about these people, the gays in the West, and wished they would stop killing themselves with unprotected sodomy. It seemed so inane. Now, I no longer give a hoot. To hell with them. They deserve everything they get. I just hope they live long enough to pass it to their buds. Same with those who get it from needles. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Is that harsh?

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I've been wondering for quite a while about the practical and legal difficulties surrounding the concept of compiling a carefully curated, distributed list of leftist vermin and then officially notifying them via registered mail and other legally recognized methods that they're persona non grata on the grounds of my private property and my own company and on the grounds of a fair number of other participating private property owners, sole proprietorships, and corporations. Obviously, notorious leftist vermin such as Morris Dees, Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Louis Farrakhan, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and hundreds of others would be high on that list.

The notice would make it crystal clear that they're considered deeply immoral persons of extraordinarily bad faith and that they're subject to immediate arrest and prosecution for trespassing and other charges should they knowingly step foot on posted properties such as restaurants, manufacturing firms, and numerous other venues. In the face of the incessant, mewling hatred shown by leftist vermin for decent Americans, such a stern measure against leftist terror seems almost inevitable. Still, one doesn't doubt that viciously fighting back in this manner would raise holy hell amongst the general public, regulatory agencies, judges, and legislators. I'm inviting thoughts on this long-overdue idea. -_-

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So long as you're a Catholic of the: abortion-loving, adulterous, fornicator, LGBT variety (take your pick) - democrats will love and welcome you. Otherwise, in their mind, you have no place in government. I fault RC bishops around the world for not excommunicating every Catholic (politician or otherwise) who supports or condones godlessness. IMHO, people like Cardinal Dolan and his colleagues prefer rubbing shoulders and being in the limelight with the likes of the Baldwins, Pelosis and Bidens of this world - than rebuke and excommunicate them.

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“Tolerance” is not about acceptance. Conservatives accept homosexuals and the sinful life they lead - inasmuch as the vast majority do not call for their extermination. The Bible tells us people will go to hell. “Tolerance,” as used by the militant homosexual lobby, really means “approval.” Which they will never get from me.

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Not really. Most of us (and most conservatives through history) haven’t given a damn what a person does in the privacy of their own home. It’s only after they started telling us all they needed special privileges and became missionaries for homosexuality that we objected.

“Homosexual” and “missionary” may be oxymoronic however.

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Communists and Muslims slaughtering each other, however, is a big help for BOTH Communism and Islam.

A complete solution it is not, but only because in the end some of one or the other will be left and of course there will still be work to do.

But that is the only reason.

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The Pope is more concerned with life on earth now and temporary than the soon judgement at the 2nd coming and the ETERNAL life that follows. He’s no different than the Godless LEFT.

He’s full of advice and little gospel. Like most of Christianity today. 8 were saved in Noah’s day. Probably a good example of the % of those that will be saved these days upon the return of Christ. Because they had no love for truth.

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Vile homosexuals have permeated the Catholic Church and will never willingly or gracefully release their perverted grip. It is their goal to change church teaching and doctrine to be consistent with hedonistic practices that are now common in western societies.

The Protestants ought to be amused. That priest burning the gay flag is akin to Luthier posting his 95 objections. Cupich and Pope “who am I to judge Francis will do nothing to purge the cancerous homosexuals from the Church.

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I agree 100%. I knew a guy a few years back who recovered from the gay lifestyle. He had a bad relationship with his father, and his form of rebellion was experimenting with homosexuality in his early teens. Long story short, through therapy he recovered. That was 30+ years ago. He’s a happily married man now with 4 grown kids. Through his church he counsels gay men trying to leave the lifestyle and has seen about 80% success rate. He told me that nearly everyone of them had majorly screwed up childhoods.

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That's a nice sentiment, but it doesn't work in the real world. Liberalism means you have to be as unhappy as they are. And are you really "tolerant" if you and your children are not participating in their "diversity" programs?

And they always want someone else to either pay for the perversion, or pay to fix it.

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There is nothing that the mavens of perversion and promiscuity will not try to pervert. In fact, the more innocent something may be perceived to be the more greedily will the perverts seek to corrupt it. Simply, defiled people live to defile whatever has somehow escaped them to this point, or to make it worse.

They do that as fans and not just a makers of popular entertainments. I see the fruits of these fruits all the time on Pinterest. At some point in the past, for example, I clicked on a Voltron pin — because Volton was kind of a cool cartoon back in the day — and now I’m at the point that I feel I have to click that I do not want to see this or that pin, every last one no matter what it’s like, and more than that I report many of them as offensive as well as saying I don’t want to see anything posted by certain people because of rampant homosexual content ... and still Pinterest keeps suggesting them for me.

Same thing to a lesser degree has happened with pins of other cartoons I may have clicked on a pin at some point because it was funny, or cute, or just a trip down memory lane. Here is wisdom: while the Left want the censor folks on the Right for the sin of just disagreeing with them when it comes to pushing their crap I don’t see much leeway, at least on Pinterest, of you opting out.

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(They're referring to a 9 year old who killed themselves after homophobic bullying)

Correct. As sad as this suicide is, the very fact, the very idea that the school is going to use this suicide to indoctrinate other children into believing that homosexuality is not a sick perverted disease, is just as tragic.

If I were a teacher at that school I would be trying to show, trying to teach that little Jamal needed help, encouragement and treatment to get over this sickness, this illness. I would want to impress on the other children that being gay is not normal. It’s a perversion. Do not be like Jamal.

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something I saw on the british national healthcare system told people undergoing hormonal treatment to change sex that they may experience a shift in desires to the same sex as their birth sex (opposite of the sex hormones they are taking), and “don’t be concerned by this change”.

So could a number of so-called same sex desire afflicted persons find normalcy if they simply took a boost of sex hormones for their birth sex?

At the end of it all, sex positive agenda proponents don’t care why you desire to have sex with someone (science, lust, societal, etc.) they simply seek to end all moral judgments regarding sexual pairings of any kind regardless of sex, age, relation, marital status (single or adultery), number, or species of partner(s).

Kate Millett wanted to encourage homosexual experimentation (as did the Weather Underground who felt that same sex swinging in their group smashed the patriarchy and smashed monogamy). If it is genetic, how could one be compelled to “experiment”? Why is it so wrong to encourage self identified homosexuals to experiment with heterosexual encounters? Why is advocacy only permitted to encourage homosexuality (California is outlawing so called ‘conversion therapy’).

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It is the honest truth. Been in sales/marketing for a couple of decades. India/Indians are simply not territories/leads.

They’ll steal it from you first, then look at you dumb-eyed and slightly pissed you are calling them on it. Happened so often to us in the software biz.

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Leftism is not a viable, sustainable way to live.

Despite the extensive damage done to society by the left, it is only by resistance and imposition of residual conservatism that has allowed us a semblance of a society. The left should thank conservatism for their continued existence.

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These black-robe fascists don’t run the military; the president does.

I’d prefer that Trump arrest this judge for treason and make him stand before a military tribunal on those charges. Barring that, ignore that judge.

(I can’t wait for FR’s hand-wringers and weenies to show up and tell us that ignoring an out-of-control judge would upset the propaganda media, and we can’t do that.)

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This push to make transgenders acceptable as the gender they identify with is only as good as the people who will accept it. I personally never would. I can see right past all the fake hair, boobs, and mannerisms. All I see is a man dressing up as woman and it looks ridiculous to my eye. The women trying to be a man, well, many of them already are in most ways that count.

All I see is a mental health case in need of treatment but I do have empathy for them. Nature screwed up and made them this way by accident through no fault of their own. That really has to suck to be them. The constant mind-body tug-of-war must be pure hell.

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It becomes a concern when some mentally deranged, filthy disease-ridden queer starts making demands ... whether they want it to be a concern or not. It’s never a case of “Organization X” jumping up and saying “what we really need is to start recruiting lunatic perverts!!!”. It’s always a case of lunatic perverts demanding to be admitted to “Organization X” against the better judgment of its members.

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Even though born here, RATs are NOT Americans. They’re socialist/globalist filth that are hellbent on destroying our country.

Of course, they want the illegal vote....they can’t win without it. The whole damn lot of em should be hanging from light posts.

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Joe McCarthy was right!

For all the hoopla surrounding him and the House Un-American activities committee, NOBODY ever disproved any of McCarthy's allegation. Yes, he was right. What Bella Dodd said was born out in a book AA-1025, by Marie Carre. She was a nurse who cared for a car accident in a hospital. He died, and she found a diary among his effects - the contents of which became the essence of the book. AA= Anti Apostle...1025 was his number.

There were 1025 false priestly vocations before him, and more to come after. He would never know all of them> some would be "sleepers"; some would have generalized functions. Some were intended to become prelates, others as parish priests. Their job was to infiltrate, get ordained, and start an agenda (this was in the 1930's) which would culminate in a great council (Vatican II), where the mass would be changed radically in its essence and structure; the practice of daily mass and devotions would be done away.

Every abuse seen in the last 40 years is delineated in the plans this "priest" was to implement. The goal was that the "council" was to happen in the 60s. The groundwork had been laid many years ago for the destruction of the faith.

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Sooooo. . .this means you can abort homosexual babies. . .after all, people abort babies all the time so why not?

Don't want a girl? Abort. Don't want a boy? Abort? Don't want a homosexual? Abort.

Imagine the left twisting themselves into a Gordian knot over this subject. . .the left and their holy sacrament of abortion on demand (no restrictions), and the left also arguing abortion on demand (no restrictions unless the baby will be homosexual). Get the popcorn. . .

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Christianity doesn’t condone homosexuality, but instead, Scripture penalizes homosexuality with capital punishment. Murder is just as evil.

If murder had been legalized in the same fashion as homosexuality, as just being a different culture and perspective on the rights of murderers to exercise their intense desire to slaughter their fellow man, these stories wouldn’t be as sensational. One can argue that many Mafioso are really good people, they just enforce their laws differently than the police. Just look at how many charities Al Capone helped out.

Still doesn’t make him a legitimate good guy. Same with homosexuals. Not to mention, there are a large number of homosexuals seeking to use their adopted children in heinous activity.

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Every preschooler represents another live birth and, therefore, a cosmic failure to Planned Parenthood.

Having failed to snuff the life, the puppeteers at PP MUST find a way to make that failure as miserable as possible for life, if possible. Creatures who belong to PP and denizens that support them are all dead inside. To justify their zombie-like existence, they MUST make any and every potential vessel of happiness just as dead as they are.

Susquehanna Patriot #fundie freerepublic.com

Why is Abortion Parenthood involved in children’s education? Who gave them the right to be there?

Why don’t they try out this gender nullification crap on illegal immigrants from the Latino culture where their language is highly constructed in gender. That will put an end to illegal immigration faster than a wall.

Logic, common sense, reality .... none of these are relevant to these people. Hence it is ineffective to have a good faith debate with them as that only gives legitimacy to their insanity, as if it this were a difference in policy. In other countries, they would be put in a mental institution for the rest of their lives.

tbw2 #racist freerepublic.com

I remember Christopher Hitchens describing North Korea as the most religious place he’d ever been. People invested insane levels of religious devotion to the Great Leader and observance of ritual because the punishment could be death or the death camps for 3 generations of your family. Liberals have learned to harness religious devotion and call for their “believers” to treat their political dogma as sacred, hate the unbelievers, hunt out infidels and disbelievers even in their ranks.

They’re even bringing back shaming, shunning and public humiliations more akin to 1700s Puritanism than modern Christianity. Thou shalt not question transgender dogma or whatever else the high priests proclaim today, and we’ll send a lynch mob to kill the blasphemer if you dissent. They’re harnessing powerful human emotions, but they’re undermining the ability to have rational debates in public because they don’t WANT those debates to occur and undermine their side.

Hate speech laws are the new blasphemy laws, since one side says they’re love, so anyone else must be silenced at haters. They’ve even appropriated Islam’s logic that criticism of the faith is equal to a physical attack on all the believers. That’s how Islam justifies executing atheists and those who question Islam or any aspect of the society. You hear it on a more basic level when someone responds to criticism with “You’re attacking me, you’re invalidating me, you’re erasing my existence.” Their sacred selves are too good to ever be told they’re wrong, hate facts that contradict their narrative are attacking them, if you persist in disagreeing with them, you don’t disagree - you want them dead and gone.

The liberal merger of political ideology and faith is understandable when you realize they elevated the State to the level of God two generations ago. And as they embedded their world view via “education” at all levels and silenced all contrary views from the public sphere, the next generations became more religiously invested in the political ideology because that IS their supposed source of purpose, moral direction and all that is good in the world. Because it is a literal matter of faith for them, it isn’t something that’s going to be corrected in a few years of Trump. We’re in a culture war that has taken generations to get here and will take generations to solve.

YogicCowboy #sexist freerepublic.com

I would have refused to believe young women who called themselves Christians who wanted to marry a spiritually-minded man. As an ordained minister, I have witnessed time after time how Church Girls choose the Bad Boys over the Good Guys. I was a Good Guy. I was never a Bad Boy. I have never been drunk. I have never used drugs. I have never fornicated. I was told numerous times by such a Christian woman that I was the most honorable man that she had ever known - yet such a woman rarely would date me even once, much less twice.

Such did not find me boring; such loved to spend time with me. But such did not want me as a romantic interest. Most of the women I sought to court married males who merely attended church and went through the motions in order to capture a nice wife; several of those trophies are now divorced - once, sometimes twice. Some of them became abused spouses by these counterfeit Christians. Meanwhile, I remain an adult virgin, since my profession of faith denies me fornication as an outlet.

I live in a culture that mocks virginity, especially in a male. (My virility was mocked - both behind my back, and to my face - by some of the above pew warmers, when they realized that I was actually chaste.) I came across a self-published book years ago:

“How Women Choose Men: Why Nice Guys Finish Last”. It is neither vulgar nor derogatory: It is simply honest. His thesis is simple: Do not listen to what women say; watch what women do. Women consistently marry what are in the vernacular called assholes. (This includes some of the ordained men I have known.) They do so because they equate such men with dominance and confidence; they do so because they equate such men with animal virility; they do so because they equate such men with a challenge that requires to be reformed; they do so because they equate Christian virtue with a lack of ambition.

I think in particular that they see a real Christian man as both no challenge and too much of a challenge: A real Christian man does not need to be reformed and redeemed by a woman’s carnal love; yet a real Christian man will challenge a woman to live up to her highest Christian commitment. That is a lose/lose proposition to a fallen female. In short, they do so because they are sinful. Women are every bit as sinful and corrupt as men. Every bit. I assume I will be denounced for my admitted - at times - bitterness. So be it. As I said, I am being candid.

keats5 #fundie freerepublic.com

I’ve been talking with my husband about this, asking what would it look like to see our society get back to normal. Would it have to be a grassroots effort? Would it involve a spiritual revival?

We saw a speaker at our church last week, who was herself once a self-proclaimed lesbian. She has since renounced that lifestyle after she accepted Christ and no longer identifies as anything but a Christian. She made an interesting statement. She said the LGBT community is so focused on acceptance because they are well aware that they stand on shaky ground. Most of its gains resulted from top-down (legislative) wins and that is the worst way to bring about lasting social change.

Again, I’m just trying to envision how this will ever turn around. The only example I can think of is the repeal of prohibition.

StolarStorm #fundie freerepublic.com

I don't particularly care if Gays want to be in a pretend marriage. Lots of sinners out there. But what I don't like is having it thrown in people's faces non stop. No one goes around saying "look at me, look at me, I'm hetero."

If Fox is heading towards the Gender Identity politics route, time to start looking for investors for a new network. We could make it a streaming service so we wouldn't have to worry about getting through the left's stranglehold on the cable and media.

ThunderSleeps #conspiracy freerepublic.com

Could Now Face An Official Charge...Yeah, and Simians could achieve flight out of my backside.

It is obvious to me that for a variety of reasons the Clintons are truly untouchable. Chalk it up to them having dirt on too many people; or their apparent willingness (and ability) to make people have unfortunate "accidents"; or simply so much power and influence they can buy off who-ever they need to. Whatever it is, I predict we will never see a Clinton standing as a defendant in a court room, let alone behind bars or stood up against a wall...

greene66 #fundie freerepublic.com

Truthfully, I do believe America is indeed in a death-spiral. Economically, culturally, and morally decaying. When I see so much of America embracing deviant crap like homo-marriage, I view it a symbol that America has given itself over to evil, and its days are numbered.

MUDDOG #fundie freerepublic.com

A lot of Italians are sick of the immigrant invasion, which Pope Francis supports.

If these Italians came to power, it’d be the easiest thing in the world to take Vatican City, depose Francis and put Benedict (or another) on the throne of St. Peter.

I know it’s extreme, but things are getting extreme.

marshmallow #conspiracy freerepublic.com

I'm in agreement that the "queering" of the Church is coordinated but disagree with Fr. Z's thesis that this is the work of out-of-control underlings who are running this stuff by a preoccupied and too-busy-to-notice Pope.

I believe that Francis has deliberately let these folks off the leash and given them the green light to push the sodomite agenda. In his usual way, he stays somewhat aloof in order to maintain plausible deniability, but his frequent rants about "rigid" Catholics are an effort to clear the field for the sodomites. He's running interference for them.

Rurudyne #fundie freerepublic.com

I would put it to you that most people aren’t really good disciples. So when a Muslim doesn’t emulate Mohammad that is in fact a good thing. A very good thing. But that doesn’t change the fact that Islam itself is what can make a terrorist of any Muslim with little warning. Moreover, Islam creates the conditions for “moderates” to be the tall grass the others hide in. In addition to that, even the very definitions used by Muslims of common terms may not be used colloquially, and this is in fact something the OIC has put the world on legal notice of.

When ANY Muslim official says that they oppose terrorism or are for human rights as a matter of OIC treaty they mean something very different than what you or I mean. Finally, because the OIC officially speaks for the whole umma (sometimes spelled ummah) this same principal must be assumed to apply to ANY Muslim simply because we cannot know who is or isn’t applying taqiyya.

Because the OIC represents all Muslim nations at the head of state level, it is an authority over Shiite and Sunni alike. Per Sharia includes Muslims living in non-Muslim lands. So a Muslim that actually opposed terrorism as the colloquial meaning set it forth, who actually supports the ability of nations to have their own laws, is in fact in opposition to Islam.

A_Former_Democrat #fundie freerepublic.com

(He's referring to gay people)

Politics is all about their perverted lifestyle, nothing else matters. Not the economy war/peace, health, morals, reputation, taxes, nothing. Whatever goes along with that one narrow issue, they’re for it. Muslims hating and killing homos, ignore it, they’re still “Down for The Cause”

Just as long as they can parade without restriction or morals, and spread disease and dysfunction, whatever political buttboyz that go along with it, no matter how wrong or hypocritical.

mrsmel #conspiracy freerepublic.com

I especially note the verses about sodomites receiving the “due penalty” for their abominations. I note that it was after Stonewall that hiv/aids became an epidemic. I just looked up the year in which "patient zero" was identified. It was post-Stonewall. The sodomite lobby is now claiming that he wasn't "patient zero" for the US/Canada, that that was a useful lie, used to shunt blame onto the Reagan administration and the public for supposedly not caring that it was, at that time (and in truth, mostly ever since) a "gay disease".

The sodomite lobby is now calling for the "right" for high-risk people to give blood. I really do believe that this is their attempt to once again try to "share the misery" (why is this such a common goal of the left, in any issue?), because thanks to certain measures, hiv/aids remains mostly confined to individuals who choose to live high-risk lifestyles, particularly sodomites and intravenous drug users.