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So Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology book changed Darwin's mind from creation to evolution. Charles Lyell was a known atheist who hated the creation story, and hated God. His book has these overtones written all through it. If Darwin would not have taken this book along on that voyage, he may never have come up with the idea of evolution. [...]

This is a perfect example of what has to happen to someone to believe in evolution. It takes you to lose your faith, if your a Christian. Even back from it's very beginning, where Darwin had to give up his own faith just to ponder the idea, and then write his book on it. And if you have never been a Christian, evolution requires you to take a stance against a God and His creation. Even though it is claimed that creation is not science, but a mere religion. So was fighting a mere religion taught in science 101? Or is the truth about science, and it's pet theory evolution, finally coming to light as a religion?


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