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I am quoted several times on the fstdt forums and have given some rebuttals.
One of my rebuttals did shut them up in this specific thread:
Seems they couldn't criticize the truth.

It's one thing speaking out towards one of the "christian majority" in the U.S., but a mistake is made when one tries to rebut a christian from the Netherlands.
Not only is this specimen a former atheist, but he's also part of a very small minority of fundamentalist christians in the now atheistic Netherlands, who do face a mild form of discrimination from spiteful ex-christian atheist youth.

Anyway, these people say they're openminded, but in reality they are closeminded and will never consider our point of view, all the while while condemning us for being closedminded even though we do understand their view.
As an ex-atheist i'm ashamed for the extreme stance they take, the perpetual antagonism they take towards us, as if they're angry that mommy and daddy took them to church each sunday and now see a need to pay it back.
I never had this, as i was never forced to go to church and just believed that there was no God.
Then the Holy Spirit worked on my heart and opened it for Jesus, because i was actually open to other possibilities, as i asked for evidence and God Himself gave it to me, by changing my heart miraculously and using many different people to bring me to Jesus.
God be praised.



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