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[Part of a discussion about whether Hitler was a Catholic, or an incarnation of the god Wotan]

Regardless of the religion into which Hitler was baptised into He certainly was not a catholic or a xtian by any means.

Hitler had to grow into His role gradually. He did not suddenly become possessed by the Wotan archetype:this occurred later.


Until my racial and spiritual awakening in the late 1980s I considered nyself as a xtian and was very active in several churches.Gradually I realised that not only was there no logical and schientific basis to xtianity but I understood it to be inimical to an Aryan and racial Weltanschauung.
After being approached by Woden`s Folk about 11 years ago and sunsequently being professed into Wodenism I am now a very different person than the man I used to be and I thank Woden`s Folk and our Folk Warder Wulf, whom I was apprenticed to for finally opening my eyes. If it were not for him I would not be here posting on these blogs today.
If Hitler was so opposed to Himmler`s beliefs then why would he allow the creation of an Aryan-heathen-Germanic state within a state with the SS and the formation of the Ahnenerbe? Why would He allow prayers to be said to Himself in churches, for the cross to be replaced by the swastika and the bible by Mein Kampf-all these things happened! My half sister was baptised by the SS under the swastika in a heathen ceremony. If Hitler was such a staunch catholic why would he have permitted this?



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