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Hypnotism is used every day without people's realisation. Marketing and advertising are classic examples of its application. Repetitive television commercials are particularly effective as repetition is a key element in hypnotism. It is quite likely that those television channels with the least advertising subscribers will be the most effective channels as the same commercials are repeated frequently, usually at 15 minutes intervals. When I was young supermarket music was literally that-muzak. Indeed the subject of muzak is deserving of a study in its own right. It is a tool that used to be used to induce a light hypnotic trance in shoppers to make them more receptive to suggestion-the suggestion being to buy more products!

These days instead of employing muzak which in my opinion is not at all unpleasant to the ears modern pop music is used and much of this is of the vulgar variety. Instead of inducing a trance I find the whole ear splitting experience an annoyance, so much so that I attempt to get my shopping done very quickly! It is possible that modern day supermarket managers fail to understand the purpose of background music, thinking instead that their customers should be 'entertained'. What a pity then that they do not take into account the fact that a quarter of the population is over 55 and do not need what is left of their hearing to be bombarded by ear splitting noise! So clearly they have not grasped the concept of true supermarket muzak. Modern pop music does not have the same intended effects.

The above mentioned are examples of how the techniques of inducing a light hypnotic trance are used in the fields of commerce but it is used to most startling effect in the world of politics. It is difficult to know when these techniques were first employed by politicians but one can say with certainty that THE most effective political hypnotiser in the modern era was Adolf Hitler. It is said that his presence had a mesmerising effect on both people he encountered on a one to one basis and also on the massed crowds of supporters. There are many historical accounts of down hearted generals being revived by spending just a short time in Hitler's company. I would suspect that Hitler knew that he had this gift. His talents in this field cannot be disputed.

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[This one could also belong in RSTDT, due to the anti-Islamic/Jewish parts.]

During some recent meditations the following anagram was revealed to me: Walhalla-Allahlaw[the law of Allah]. When one considers this in relation to the anagram Ragnarok-Korangar[Gar or spear of the Koran] I believe that this is not mere coincidence but something that the Gods wish to reveal to us so that we may prepare ourselves for the holy war which has begun for the life and fate of the Aryan peoples.

The latter anagram is not my discovery but that of someone much wiser than myself. The very fact that we are now living in a time of constant warfare between two semitic powers-the zionist `West` in the form of the Tel Aviv-Washington/New York/London axis and the semitic religion of Islam whose fanatical adherents will not rest until Allah dominates the earth demonstrates that we are witnessing new geopolitical power shifts. Islam means "submission to `God`". In this sense a desert tribal god called Allah, the same deity which spurred the Israelites on to butchery and genocide in their conquest of the land of Canaan-if you believe the myth of course.

Judaism was also responsible for another semitic religion-Christianity, a religion of the slave and the Underman which like Islam had the intention of enslaving Aryan peoples and destroying their indigenous belief systems. Up until the 1990s the semitic power axis consisted of global capitalism on the one hand and mainly Soviet Marxism on the other, both of which are semitic and anti-Aryan ideologies. This axis failed so we are now experiencing something new in this war between Judaism/Christianity against Islam. Whichever side is winning the Aryan can only[apparently] lose.

The conflict between the two sides is only apparent as the real target of both is the Aryan race. Unfortunately the Woden archetype proved too weak to save us from this physical and spiritual onslaught 1,500 years ago although He did manifest Himself through the German Avatar in the 1920s-1940s. Few at the time saw Hitler in this light. The founder of Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung saw clearly that Wotan had awakened from His sleep and desperately tried to save the Germanic folk in their time of greatest need. In the exoteric realm Yahweh appears to have won that battle but in effect by exposing the hidden agenda of the enemy He[the Avatar] succeeded in winning the esoteric war which in fact is really not yet over and will be continued when the new Aryan Germanic God form emerges. This time He will not fail and Ragnarok will see not only the destruction of the current order but the emergence of a new world, a new pantheon of Gods and a reborn Aryan race-the only race which will be given to inhabit the earth. The ancient Aryan scriptures make it abundantly clear: "I gave the earth to the Aryan;"[Rig Veda 4.26.2]. These are the words of the Thunder God Indra, cognate with our very own Thunor/Thor/Donar. This time man-Aryan man will walk in harmony with the Gods and develop technologies and spiritual disciplines that will enable our race to continue to express its exploratory spirit into outer space and beyond into other dimensions.

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[Comment on a neo-Nazi blog analysing a British legend of a white dragon defeating a red dragon]

In trying to consider other esoteric aspects to this... if red represents the material, and white the spiritual, then not only does that indicate the spiritual struggle which the Heathens have long been engaged in, but the white dragon being upon a red field shows spiritual focus in a material realm.

Obviously we know red is representative of Communism too, which many have pointed out is the socio-political arm of Judeo-Christianity.

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[Part of a discussion about whether Hitler was a Catholic, or an incarnation of the god Wotan]

Regardless of the religion into which Hitler was baptised into He certainly was not a catholic or a xtian by any means.

Hitler had to grow into His role gradually. He did not suddenly become possessed by the Wotan archetype:this occurred later.


Until my racial and spiritual awakening in the late 1980s I considered nyself as a xtian and was very active in several churches.Gradually I realised that not only was there no logical and schientific basis to xtianity but I understood it to be inimical to an Aryan and racial Weltanschauung.
After being approached by Woden`s Folk about 11 years ago and sunsequently being professed into Wodenism I am now a very different person than the man I used to be and I thank Woden`s Folk and our Folk Warder Wulf, whom I was apprenticed to for finally opening my eyes. If it were not for him I would not be here posting on these blogs today.
If Hitler was so opposed to Himmler`s beliefs then why would he allow the creation of an Aryan-heathen-Germanic state within a state with the SS and the formation of the Ahnenerbe? Why would He allow prayers to be said to Himself in churches, for the cross to be replaced by the swastika and the bible by Mein Kampf-all these things happened! My half sister was baptised by the SS under the swastika in a heathen ceremony. If Hitler was such a staunch catholic why would he have permitted this?

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In cahoots with the media, which along with major companies, banks and parliaments are owned by the tribeless ruling elite a stereotype is put forward of the ideal man or woman. The ideal man in their eyes is metrosexual, effeminate[buys plenty of cosmetics and skin moisturisers] university-indoctrinated[it helps to make the masses indebted to the banks and brainwashed into `thinking` the same thing], race-mixing[in order that a single raceless non-Aryan mass may emerge in the future], cosmopolitan, Americanised, humanistic and with leanings towards bumming other men.
The ideal woman is a lager lout, a tart, a `career woman`, disrespectful and incontinent towards their husbands and if they are Aryan have a strong desire to churn out mongrel babies because this is the ultimate proof that they are "not a racist".

I could not give a toss about the Elizabethan or girly romantic poets, these blogs are concerned with Solar, Polar and virile Aryan spirituality, not getting inebriated and writing bad poety because you can`t get a girlfriend.
On the contrary emotionalism is the more recent of the two ways of being and this is linked to the increasing degeneracy of the modern world. Nordic man is hard, he is tough and sees no need to indulge in emotional behaviour-this is for women and weak ones at that. If you care to read the Icelandic sagas Germanic men and women takes great pride in their hardness and lack of emotion-this is why they have survived for so long in a degenerate and hostile world.

If you wish to read Aryan and manly poetry try the Elder or Poetic Edda and the Volsunga Saga.
Southern Europeans do a lot of weeping "without shame" just as Homer`s contemporaries no doubt did a lot of bumming too-all signs of degeneracy in the Kali Yuga, followers of a lunar, cthonic and feminine spirituality.
With regards to homosexuality being "known among the Germans and Celts too" that is true and this unnatural practice was punished by death. As far as the "ancient world" is concerned you are confusing the mongrelised south of Europe with the Aryan north-an entirely different world!