AmericanInfidel #fundie

the left has become so angry, intolerant and vicious. Since they own 98% of all consumed media, they will destroy your life at the drop of a hat; They will label you a racist, bigot, "gunnut" or "islamophobe"(no such thing). I grew up in marin county, a bastion of liberalism and "progressives". I voted for obama the 2nd time...(my mom was campaigning for him), i was just a kid at 19. I am ashamed to say I Knew nothing of politics, I was a low information voter. AFTER TRAYVON EVERYTHING CHANGED, I was horrified and confused by the chokehold that the administration had on the media and didn't understand how they could be spinning such divisive rhetoric 24/7. Then I woke up, Progressives had a nasty agenda that involved social engineering with a "rules for radicals" style approach. They wanted race riots, race-hatred and unrest which they could use to their advantage. Thousands of young people are waking up and they aren't happy.



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