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(Women are repsonsible when they make the decisions to bring WANTED children in the world when they know that they can and will take proper care of them.)

I wear condoms, and try to make sure my partner is on the pill. If somebody gets pregnant then I realize I will have a childt o take care of. And if she aborts my baby I will kill the bitch.

(You're a pig. This just shows that the life of WOMEN mean nothing to you - all the more reason why if you ever did anything like this (godforbid) I wish you life in prison, and endless ass rape. Maybe when you're forced to be somebody's "bitch" you'll have a bit more respect for the sex discrimination women face from assholes like you)

Don't wanna get pregnant...don't fuck. It is that simple, that is how life goes. Don't place the bet if you can't pay the debt. Fuck them. They will not be the first people broke from making a bad choice. Why can't I tell a woman, I cant afford a child with my drinking habit..just kill that little fucker so we can party. That is what you are saying.



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