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(don't just single out homosexuals...sinners come in all shapes and sizes....how do you tell someone not to be a way they have been since birth?)

it is not since birth that is a liberal lie the gay and lesbian community choose to be that way.

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And here I was, thinking that compelling people to avoid torture and secure eternal bliss was a good thing. What the heck was I thinking? As for your claim that me saying homosexuality and killing babies are sin, that’s not out of hate. If you think it is, then you’ve read nothing I’ve said. Those are facts, and have nothing to do with hate. Sin is sin, and must be repented of. Sexual immorality and killing babies are sins in the eyes of God, even if they aren’t in yours. The Lord is the judge, so it doesn’t matter if you agree those things are sin or not. And do you think that perhaps if I preach against sin it’s because I hope for people to get saved, that it’s out of love, not hate, that I do so? Em, if I hated people as you think, I wouldn’t be here compelling people to get right with the Lord. I’d sit back in my recliner and say "Who cares. Let them all go to hell". I don’t exactly spend time on here for fun. Believe me, there are other things I’d rather be doing. But I’d also rather not see souls reject the Lord and end up in hell. Sounds to me more like love than hate, hon.

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[this guy is a 'christian deist' LOL!]

You like playing the bullshit love card, haha. You’re so predictable ^.^. Okay so people of the same sex who LOVE each other. Yeah so Dad loves his son sooo much he wants to have anal sex with him. They get married and it’s super cool because of your awesome morals. Wow liek, this means that if a dog rears its butt up to me and starts showing his penis that since he’s horney he wants sex so I let my wife and my dog have it out and they both get off every time and the dog keeps coming back. It’s consensual and there’s a relationship there as well. Seriously, are you really going to try and make such a ridiculous argument that something as intangible as "LOVE" is all you’ve got? Come on. Set aside some of your estrogen to make way for some reason.

Pedophilia would require a minor to be involved. Father and son doesn’t mean they have to be minors. Dad is 65 and Son is 35. They’re definitely old enough to CONSENT. Watcha gonna do now Mrs Relativity? Deny them because you don’t like it? C’mon, it’s all about LOOOOVE. lmao

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Peace God! It was and is taught that the devil are unoriginal white men and women. Will I murder the devil? If thats what is necessary for me and my people to obtain freedom, justice and equality; then yes I will. No mystery god will bring us the 12 jewels. We must be willing to do what is necessary to make them our reality. As our brother Malcolm X said "by any means necessary". That’s about the safest answer i can give without getting myself in trouble. I wise soldier don’t and won’t speak on war tactics in a public forum. Haven’t you read the Art of War by Sun- Tzu? Peace!

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The other day an atheist told me that he doesn't believe in God just like I don't believe in Zeus.

Zeus was a dude who lived on a mountain and threw lightning bolts at people. That is ridiculous. The Greeks must have been drinking way too much wine when they came up with that. The bible actually makes sense. There is evidence to back it up.

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ok, so they say it is healthier to have sex with a condom. you know what is healtheir, waiting until your married to have sex so you dont need condoms. im tired of hearing people say guys using condoms for their partners is respectfull, its not, the respectfull thing is to wait until you married. its of my personal opinion that condoms should be outlawed and sex before marriage should be a criminal offense.

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This just proves the stupidity of man. God doesn't work like us, he is not some cosmic robot where as long as you do this he does that. It's just like the idiot scientists to try and put God in a box and test him.

Shame on you Eric for not knowing your old testament law. "Thou shall not put the Lord thy God to the test"

I know people get healed through prayer, in fact a woman in my church was healed of a lump in her breast last week. She was scheduled for Surgery on Tuesday and my churched prayed with her on Sunday. Monday morning she woke up and the lump was gone. She called the doctor and told him it was gone, he told her there was no way it was gone and had her come in. She went in - he examined her and did another scan and it was completely gone. Surgery cancelled.

Tell that woman prayer doesn't work, tell her she's insane and felt a lump she never had. Tell her the doctor must have mis-diagnosed.

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I'm NOT A CHRISTIAN!!! I'm a member of the Karaite faith of Judaism and yes, love my neighbor, but not to love their sins, yet all shall be given a chance to repent, thus showing the Lord's mercy for mankind. Hell, if it were up to me, i'd just kill them asap, but i shall give them a chance to turn away from these disgusting acts. If they refuse to, then let them die....

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(On Feminism)
This bullshit ass movement that in my opinion is headed by some lesbians is really some caucasian shit that the original woman bought into and that help further destroy black male and female relations because these women bought into the idea that they can do what men do. Know your goddamn role in the universe.

You aint no goddess woman so get that out your head and know ur role. Man is the is the dominate force of nature; understand your natural place in nature. You came from man so dont buy in that bullshit. Its a man world so get over it.

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Wow. So acceptance has nothing to do with petophiles and murderers. Whos the ignorant one? Is the increase just a coincidence like global warming. You give one group acceptance, another will want it. Its like dominos. As long as theres a group to want rights, they will fight for it. Unless you stop the dominos early, you might fail to stop the latter ones. Are murderers going to be accepted. Doubtful. But pedophiles are seeing the acceptance of gays. There are groups of pedophiles who use gay rights as an arguement. There are also beastiality freaks who do also. They all use the same argument. Its "love. Theres nothing wrong with it. They are people too" Right now you think its not going to happen. Theres nothing to worry about. Thats what they thought about gays less then 500 years ago. They existed but they would never have the kind of rights a heterosexual would have... and today?

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Acceptance. Acceptance. Lets all except. Theres nothing wrong with you. Theres no reason to try to change. Do whatever you want. Your gay... go ahead and have sex at disney land. You a gangster... shoot yourself a white boy. Your a pedophile... remember to ask the parent before you date their 5 yr old girl.

Im sorry im so old fashion and am so against change, but if this is what America is all about, ive never felt so unpatriotic.

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Bigotry and hatred would, for the most part, be extinct in just a few short generations IF we outlawed religion. Unfortunately this filthy disease has managed to worm its way into the general population and even to the heights of government.

Take arms brothers and sisters.
Unite in our struggle against these criminal retards.
Burn a church, kill a priest, slay the faithful til the streets are swept clean.
For until we exterminate these scumbags and filthmerchants our children, our freedom and our way of life will ALWAYS be at risk!

This young man is just one example of an ever increasing trend towards fundementalism.
He will be hung up on a hook and have his skin removed with toothpicks if I am ever elected grand chieftan of all things commonsense.

These times of 'my imaginary friend has a bigger dick than your imaginary friend' will NEVER end if we stand by and do nothing.

Let us rejoice in the death of religion. Let us warm ourselves by the firelight of churches, SINagogues and mosques. Shout out in joy as to drown out the cries of pain from the religious right.

Fight fire with fire. Destroying fundementalism will take fundementalism of a more extreme nature. Kill the unborn of the religious right and live in a happier healthier tomorrow.

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(Self-described Catholic fascist Kohl dreams wistfully of being persecuted, as the early Christians were)

[I wish John Paul II was still alive, that way when you showed up and started spouting this nonsense he could have smacked you with his ring hand.]

that hurts my feelings, you dont think Benedict would smack me then?

I agree i am staying in the country currently to suffer under the secularism and reletivism i would like nothing more then to be persecuted like the early Christians.

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I'm for separation of church and state, and arrogant atheists reeking of hubris piss me off. BUT YOU AS$%HOLES need to be impaled through the anus or vagina and out the mouth for your absolutely baffling and ridiculous bull$*%&. Reincarnate into unbearable eternal purgatory on planets worse than this you unbelievable slime sub-human devils. I would personally love to gouge out your eyeballs with a pencil and kick you down a hill.

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The only solution we have to stop gays from recruiting other people is to cut off the source. They need to be taken to specialized containment centers where they will be forced to become straight and accept Jesus as thier savior and to repent from their disgusting, wicket, hatful, devilish ways. Those that refuse to go can either be forced, or banished from society in other specialized communities where they have no connetion to the outside world at all. Most would die of AIDS anyway. Anyone who refused any of the answers to make them better would have to be killed or banished.

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(In response to a gay person saying his love for his boyfriend was beautiful)

Its so beautiful yet you cannot produce children, thus pointless, and not beautiful. Go on and live your life genetic mistake, us normal people will live ours and the rights that we have and that you mistakes do not.

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Look up Margaret Thatcher, she was a big pro-choicer, and consquently very fucking rasict. The abortion clinics she had opened up were in lower income neighborhoods that were mostly populated by black people. But hey, that could've just been a conincedence... It just goes to show you that abortion stems from hatred.

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I know i am exceedingly late in getting to this topic. but i believe i can move a mountain. God doesnt just do stuff the way you see it. you can tell a physical mountain to be moved and while your telling the mountian to be moved some high up business people are discussing how they can break down the exact mountian u just told God u want to be moved. I cant tell u how many times I have said to the sky on a day where there were no clouds in the sky "please give me some shade" and all of a sudden clouds come out of no where and it starts raining. or how many times i have told God on snowy days "God please let this snow storm skip over maryland and we barely saw snow that year.I even asked God this winter to allow it to be a little warmer than normal and if u all live in maryland u will remember how warm it was until december 27th. so to say that Jesus lied is a lie. because i have experienced it for myself, and i know for myself that it is real, and it is possible.

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News flash..........
If your aunts a drug addict, shes not a practicing christian. You are not happier than religious people who truly believe and practice what they believe in. There are 2 different types of religious people, believers and the devout or practicing religious people. You're comparing you to a drug addict thats believes in the christian faith, of course you're more happier than a drug addict.
The fact that you said you are perfectly fine proves my point. No one is perfectly fine no matter what they believe in, everyone has issues. Atheist lie to themselves so good they should be pimps.

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Athiest are unhappy people. They kill themselves all the time. They deny the shit, but deep inside they know its true. Any person that has the balls to say they flat out don't believe in God is not only unhappy but stupid too. God is something that cannot be disproven(religion is, but not God) or entirely proven. Thats why its called belief. If everybody could see God there would be no athiest. In my opinion atheism is just another pointless shithead religion. They're worse than religious freaks. I'll give you an example...
Write a post mentioning how science proves God and watch all the athiest jump on the topic like flies on shit.

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what DOES the God of Abraham have to do with anything? God has a Son now and the Jewish ways are no longer needed. it's called Christianity. Just b/c they cut pee pees back in king herod's day doesn't mean they still have to do that today. it's called, um, progress. Christianity has made lots of progress as well as the Jewish religion.

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But how do you justify right and wrong in atheism?

(Right and wrong? Well thats easy. We feel pain and suffering. We consider these to be bad. We feel a sense of connectivity to others. We internalize their pain. By extension of this we can see that their suffering is wrong. In this way we discover the basis of morality. This is all the result of our biological condition. Our social nature. Literally speaking we are impelled towards goodness because we internalize what happens to others. We learn to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves due to our human nature.)

So is rape wrong in atheism?

just wondering

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People that dont have sex before marriage and stay faithfull I bet get an std about one in every one million people. I am confidant this very very rarely happens. Its people like (no offence) you that try to tinker with the rules that get this stuff while trying to follow them.

Divorce happens more rampant because we think the grass could be greener on the other side of the fence and we are very spoiled, ungodly people now, more than 30 years ago. Not a fact but that is why.

Children are unhappy because of several reasons. Dumb drunk people hooking up and having unwanted children. They end up not getting loved and are therefore unhappy. Parents cheating, and destroying the family because of lack of love once again. If you take love out of sex it just destroys people. You will see if you and your boyfriend continue on your path.

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The End of the World as We Know It

What with abortion as the birth control of choice and the low birth rates for white or european women, our world population is taking an incredible turn. In the near future, france, germany, and england will see the largest percentage of their population will be middle-eastern, asian, and carribean.

The U.S. is currently going through a browning as our hispanic population swells and our caucasian population shrinks.

The last bastions for the caucasion race is canada and scandinavia, but even those locations are not immune.

This will change many features of our current social constructs, particularly the economic, religious, and political.

Hang on, things are about to get really different.

What do you think about the pending changes this difference in growth rates will bring about?

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The Bible does endorse slavery, but it is a different slavery that we know. The slavery the Bible endorses is debt based. If Bob is in debt to Steve, Bob works as Steve's servant until the debt is paid off or until seven years has passed. In this form of slavery, you are not property, you are not born into slavery, you are not physically abused, and you are given shelter and food. It is radically different than the slavery that the Americas experienced. As far as stoning disobedient children, there is no actual record of it ever being enforced. It seems to be more of a law to make children not want to disobey out of fear, but was never actually meant to be enforced. The Bible never says to hate homosexuals. It only says it is wrong, but please show me the Bible verse that says to hate them. The Bible seems to say the exact opposite of that.

Also in atheism, what kind of moral justification do you have to be able to call anyone bad? There is none. So an atheist couldn't even objectively say that God is evil because there really is no objective evil in atheism.

I would say that the Bible is inspired by God without flaw. Evidence of this would be that fact that there is fulfillment of prophecy from the Bible.

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(Atheism is not a religion. Science is not a religion. I thought that evolutionists believed we evolved from monkies, not fish?)



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It's not rocket science but here it goes: the penis was made for the vagina and the vagina made for the penis and that's how you were conceived.

You know that feeling in your gut when you hear about beastility -- that it is wrong and sick? You have that feeling because in your heart of hearts you know it is wrong. Many have the same thoughts and feelings about homosexuality until they reach a certain age where they are brainwashed by society to think it is okay.

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You've heard the fairy-tale nonsense of evolution. Now find out how the universe and everything herein was created. The Bible reveals that God created the universe in an orderly manner, in contrast to the "Big Bang" theory. There is no such nonsense taught in the Scriptures, unless of course you believe that God spoke...and then "BANG!" it happened! God created all things (John 1:1-3, 14; Colossians 1:16). If you are reading this, I ask you to at least give serious consideration to the Biblical account of creation. Science today proves that there is an order to creation, that life doesn't just happen. It is God's power that keeps planets from crashing into each other and maintains the universe. It is God's power that makes life grow. Scientists cannot explain life. They are baffled. God is the only logical answer! You are about to read the Biblical account of creation. All Scripture is taken from the preserved 1661 King james Bible.

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If there is nothing wrong with homosexual sex, is there anything wrong with bestiality? But animals can't consent you say (neither do they consent to being butchered so you can have your hamburger, but oh well) What if an animal such as a dog engaged in behavior that indicated consent? For instance, I have a friend who's dog tries to hump her everytime she is on her period by thrusting around her crotch and legs. I kid you not. So would it be wrong if they made doggie love?

What does homosexuality and bestiality have anything to do each other? You see, many find homosexuality as "unnatural" and immoral for reasons such as there is absolutely no procreative value and their certain body parts are not biologically compatible. What are your reasons for thinking it would be wrong for my friend to make doggie love with her consenting dog, assuming you do think it is wrong?

Amber #fundie forum.myspace.com

Evolutionists say that YOU used to be a fish. Do you really believe that? Sounds like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale to me. It takes more faith to believe an amoeba is my daddy, than to believe that God created me. Where are all those elusive transitional forms, such as lizards with feathers? There should be MILLIONS of them, but NOT ONE has been found. The "missing link" will NEVER be found because it does NOT exist! Evolution is NOT observable, testable, or repeatable. Evolution is NOT science! Evolution is a faith, a belief, a RELIGION; the religion of atheism and humanism!

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(why would an 'all powerful being' have issue with something as contrite as who someone has sex with.
not that i would know the mind of this being, but anyone who can create worlds probably isnt too worried about trivial matters.)

Unless humans and their relationships with Him and each other are the most important thing in existence.

As for your post above this one, am I to assume that you have no objection to consensual sex between siblings or parents/adult children? Just curious.


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(What's happening in my bedroom shouldn't be anyones concern other than my own.
You can have your God that threatens with hell fire...I will have my merciful, loving God.)

I'm sorry; I must dissent on this one. Being born with a genetic predisposition is not a sin, but choosing to follow is. Choosing to live as homosexual, a murderer, thief, adulterer, and choosing to live in pride, lust, and hate are all sins (along with a huge list of other sins as well). However, Christ has the power to resist all sin and did so, along with being willing to sacrifice Himself and shed His blood on the cross to forgive us of our sins. How can a loving God not show us mercy if we are not willing to change? How can a truly loving God allow to continue walking in sin. Yes, you are right that it is none of our business (with the exception that no one is being hurt and that we are not being forced to say it's right), but it is God's business.

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(I have never understood how loving someone is a sin JUST because they are the same sex as you... Why would "god" put homosexuals on this planet if he was just planning on sending them to hell anyways?)

How do you mean?

Love, like homosex waiting in prisons for the next bus load of newbie "recruits?"

Do you mean Eros, like short-lived sexual relationships?''

Or, like "married" homosexs who experience 10-16 unprotected sexual encounters annually? (pun intented)

James-Michael #fundie forum.myspace.com

(God didn't create thieves, according to the scripture; they created themselves. That's not true with Homosexuality.)

Sure it is. Homosexual orientation or desire is not a sin. Never has been. It's the acting upon that desire that brings forth sin--just as desire for something isn't a sin, but when you act on that and steal something, that is sin.

Likewise, alcoholics are born with a genetic predisposition to abuse alcohol. Yet, we don't encourage them to just go with their desires when it comes to drinking, do we--even if it's what makes them happy?

It's not the temptation to non-marital sex that is the sin, according to Scripture. It is the mental and then physical assent to that temptation which leads to sin.

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porn is sin... what happens between a man and a woman is to be between them only , and that is to be behind closed doors, not on film....

do what you want, abuse you're bodies but when you're screaming in the fire of hell dont say I didint warn you to stop... seek help now while you got a chance to change...

Walt #fundie forum.myspace.com

(Why is homosexuality a "sin"?
I have never understood how loving someone is a sin JUST because they are the same sex as you... Why would "god" put homosexuals on this planet if he was just planning on sending them to hell anyways?)

Homosexuality a sin of abomination (at least in many religions anyway). Love and lust, there is a difference. Love is unconditional, lust is . . . well covetousness. Just because there are homosexuals doesn't mean God put them there. God didn't 'put' sin in this world, but merely allowed sin's existance so we could see the consequences of sin--pain, suffering, death, sickness, etc. God wasn't planning on sending anyone to hell. However, there is a point where people become unrepentant and must go to hell, and where that particular line is drawn is determined by God.

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(Women are repsonsible when they make the decisions to bring WANTED children in the world when they know that they can and will take proper care of them.)

I wear condoms, and try to make sure my partner is on the pill. If somebody gets pregnant then I realize I will have a childt o take care of. And if she aborts my baby I will kill the bitch.

(You're a pig. This just shows that the life of WOMEN mean nothing to you - all the more reason why if you ever did anything like this (godforbid) I wish you life in prison, and endless ass rape. Maybe when you're forced to be somebody's "bitch" you'll have a bit more respect for the sex discrimination women face from assholes like you)

Don't wanna get pregnant...don't fuck. It is that simple, that is how life goes. Don't place the bet if you can't pay the debt. Fuck them. They will not be the first people broke from making a bad choice. Why can't I tell a woman, I cant afford a child with my drinking habit..just kill that little fucker so we can party. That is what you are saying.