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Woden's Folk is 18 years old on April 23rd 2016 and over this time we have struggled against all odds to revive the Ancient Religion of our Folk, and to prepare the way for the Coming of The Man to Come - The Avenging God. The last two years have not been good, either on a personal level or at times with our Folkish Movement. We had setbacks in the spring of 2014, and this year I have had so many personal problems that, though they have not deterred me, have set us back somewhat. But this is the strength of the Aryan Warrior who takes such setbacks and falls, and then gets up again without moaning and groaning, or for that matter blaming anyone else.

The tide is turning and I feel now a great Wind of Change coming here in England - we have been knocked about, deprived of our identity, lost our culture and tradition, and the Forces of Evil have set out to destroy our Gene-Pool forever. The Great Flood has engulfed our lands, a flood not of the waters but of outlanders who have imported violence, crime and Global Terrorism, have been allowed into England and are still being allowed into England - even with the knowledge that these people will spread mayhem and terror. The blame lies in the hands of the 'White Traitors' and the Hidden Hand that controls them.

When we started the English Resistance through a Torchlight Rite at Avebury and Wayland's Smithy we started the long struggle to take back our Ancient Sites of Albion - the White Island - from the so-called 'pagans', 'wiccans' and 'new-agers' who seemed to consider these sites belonged to them, and them alone. This was not a one-off and we shall resume this during 2016 - indeed, we shall reclaim these English Sites for Folkish Wodenism.

The Flame of Freedom was lit in 2013 with these rites and the Spirit of Revolt activities of the previous years. These ancient sites are of vital importance for our struggle, since they lie on the system of Holy-Lines (Ley-Lines) around the land, and thus command great power. This is why our enemies have taken control of the Summer Sunwend at Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury, as well as incursions into Wayland's Smithy, Rollright Stones and other important Holy Sites around England.

We shall leave the political struggle on the streets of England to those brave young men and women who have taken up that struggle against overwhelming odds - ours is a religious struggle. But as you take back the streets of England, so shall we take back these Ancient and Holy Sites around rural England.

Over the years we have had so many mystical and strange events at Wayland's Smithy that this place has obviously been 'awakened' by the years of use through Odinism and Folkish Wodenism.

This land is sacred to us, not some 'Holy Land' in the Middle-East; our Ancestors worshipped the Gods at these places, places built by the Giants of ancient times - the Hyperborean Heroes. Their blood and their spirit still flows through the veins of those who feel the Call of the Blood through the Blood Memory. This is Albion - The White Island - The Isles of the Elven-Folk.



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