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Baton Rouge Shooting of Cops is a Drill and a Hoax

On Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, LA, it is claimed there was a shooting. Yet, there was no shooting of any kind. This is a mere drill and surely also a hoax. The purpose is to gain sympathy for the Baton Rouge police department after the shooting death in this city of Alton Sterling.

Sterling had been immobilized by police at the time of his shooting and posed no obvious threat. Thus, in all likelihood that fatal shooting could have easily been prevented. The videos of the shooting reveal a bizarre element, which is the screaming of a police officer about the fact that Sterling had a gun, or so the officer claimed, after which he was immediately shot to death.

Now, then, since this has become a rallying point against police excesses, then, this explains the need for such a shooting hoax and scam.

This was drill. All the powerful government agencies were there in order to perpetrate it.

These men are acting, which becomes clearly evident from any basic review of the data at-hand.

Too, then, there are the armored cops. In such a spontaneous event how could such individuals arrive on the scene so suddenly in such gear? Also, notice the militarily dressed SWAT member in the background. For all such agencies to be on scene with such a vast multiplicity of vehicles, all so close to the police headquarters, would be impossible in a real-life scenario.



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