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[Regarding: 'Should a man listen to a women concerning the gospel']

NO ,you see Women easily are defiled by stupidity(satan),in other words,they want they need they must have it the way they want and they want it now,Eve was deceived,jezebel also given in to stupidity.

Look around at these women who are preaching the gospel of satan,purple dresses,purple candles,purple books,satan is purple.

You see if a women does Love our Father and also LORD JESUS,they would learn the Gospel from a Man and listen in silence and subjection also ridding them selves of things Ugly and Vile, in other words things of a purple nature,since the whore of revelations is arrayed in purple and scarlet,get a clue before listening to one of these women,clearly they are seekers of power,yet not even happy with equal status in the work force which I am fine with,because giving them less time to meddle into things pertaining to teaching the Gospel,I have spent a great deal of time reading articles written by Men and Women here on Gather,my conclusion being that Men on here should not be reading the articles written by Women pertaing to the Gospel,the Men on Gather ought to be reading the Gospel themselves in order to discover the Truth.




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