Kent Hovind #fundie

Evolution is a religion that people believe in. Nobody's ever seen a frog produce a non-frog or a cow produce a non-cow. You can believe it if you want (and you obviously do), but I don't think you understand what evolution really teaches. I show every night for the last 60-some nights, right from the textbooks, there was a big bang where nothing exploded and then earth cooled down, developed a hard rocky crust, and it turned into soup from the rain, and the soup came alive. That is all part of the evolution theory.

Now in the last 10 years when you guys' feet have been held to the fire, you've tried to narrow evolution down to variations within different animals. There's a whole lot more to it than that. I give six definitions and you're gonna show it in a minute, and my six divisions of that slippery word "evolution" are correct. I think you don't know anything about evolution. I think you believe a lot of things. You have a great faith; it's an admirable faith. But you don't know anything about evolution.



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