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The astonishing result of the fourth and final [cricket] Test Match between England and Pakistan came after an extraordinary prayer from the leader of a prominent Christian group that God would 'judge' the Pakistan team for their attempt to promote Islam during the Test series.

During the first Test Match, much was made of the communal Islamic faith of the Pakistan team, their five-times-a-day prayer sessions and how Yousuf Mohammed's conversion from Christianity to Islam had helped his batting. The National Director of Christian Voice, prayed that God would judge the Pakistan team for their promotion of Islam in this Christian nation. Incredibly, Pakistan lost the second Test by an innings and promptly lost the Third as well. But what would happen in the final Test? Before it started, Stephen Green penned a short piece for the Christian Voice newsletter. The final paragraph concluded:

'What will happen at the Oval? Will Pakistan be further humbled, or will they pick up a crumb of comfort in a win? We could even sense some of God's heart for our nation in the result. How much mercy is He extending to us? What is He saying about the prospects of the very real threat of Islam? Am I looking for too much in a cricket match? Perhaps, but I know what I shall be praying for.'

[As it was, Pakistan forfeited the match... See rest of post]



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