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I got no prollem with queers in the service, so long as nobody gets charged with hate crimes when they beat the shit out of one who wouldn't take no for an answer. I had that happen to me several times and know of others who had it happen to them -- the queer just wouldn't back off.

Camille Paglia makes it clear that queers (men) and lizzies (women) aren't the same. Queerness always and everywhere is about sex, and in quantities beyond the imagination of most straight men. It isn't unusual for a queer to have over a thousand sexual partners over a period of a year or two, and two or three a night, night in and night out.

Lizzieness is seldom about sex, but rather about emotional comfort.

The two -- queerness and lizzieness -- are about as antipodal as it's possible to be. Each takes a fundamental aspect of humanity -- sex on the one hand, emotional comfort on the other -- to an extreme that is not normal.



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