Defining What Is Wrong With Politics

Because we can't make a strawman that is a better example than Doc

Gonzo67 #fundie freeconservatives.com

I still fail to see the point. What do you want to know? I already told you what my stand is. And yes, it's ALL retaliation based, because they have ALREADY ATTACKED. Muslims have been behind the BULK of terrorist attacks. I don't give a shit what you want to call them. Fanatics, Moderates, Militants, they're MUSLIMS. Period.

Innocent people have been under attack by that CULT for CENTURIES now. My position is KILL THEM!

What part are you having a hard time grasping?

You asking how? Well shit, lets see... we can invite them over, bake them some fuking cookies, read them some nursery rhymes out of a Mother Goose book...

WHAT do you not understand about KILL THEM?

Is there a POINT you are trying to make with this retarded thread? You just looking for another chance to show everyone how "enlightened" you are? Your attempt to "talk down" to the "uncivilized" among us?

Well kiddo... I AM UNCIVILIZED. When it comes to muslims, I SUPPORT A SCORCHED EARTH POLICY. I believe in fighting the enemy EXACTLY how he has decided to fight us. I say we hide behind rocks, and when one walks by, we jump out, yell surprise, and bash his fuking skull in like he was a baby seal! I support the deployment of nukes to the Middle East. NOT on flat bed truck, but under their own power. ONE WAY FLIGHTS! I propose anything over there within 10 feet of a Koran or Mosque be made to GLOW IN THE DARK!

Now, if THAT hasn't answered your question, then talk to someone else. I'm done with your idiotic attempt to try to stir up shit, just so you can show-case your supposed "peaceful superiority and enlightenment".

Kathy30 #fundie freeconservatives.com

I am NOT of the mind that better 100 guilty should go free than one innocent be put to death. For one thing, the innocent might well be innocent of the specific crime charged yet be very guilty of numerous crimes not charged. The detainees at Gitmo are NOT innocent people. The grave injustice is to condemn other innocent people to death because of a misguided attempt to release an insane maladjusted jihadist based on some erroneous perception that because they might MIGHT not have committed a specific crime they are wholly innocent.

BarkleUSA #fundie freeconservatives.com

Why are we even discussing Shariah Law here in the good old USA?

We don't believe in humping goats, praying to false Moon Gods, strapping bombs on our children to kill Jews, wearing diapers on our heads, covering our wives in sheets, crashing airliners into office buildings or stoning to death our 10 year old daughter because she was raped. So why on earth would we want Shariah Law here?

This isn't making any sense whatsoever... or am I just being intolerant of Obama's transformation of America?

Naturalized-Texan #fundie freeconservatives.com

[Re. the pro-union protests in Wisconsin.]

The protests in Egypt were ostensibly pro-democracy protests, but we don't know yet how it will all turn out in the end.

The protests in Wisconsin are clearly ANTI-democracy protests against the duly elected governor and legislature doing exactly what they were elected to do. In other words, those protesters have taken up the mantle of deposed Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak. We all know how this protest will turn out - the forces of democracy will win in the end.

BarkleUSA #fundie freeconservatives.com

[On the Egyptian uprising.]

I wish I could share your optimism. I wish I could imagine the Muslim Brotherhood singing "We are the world" along with Michael Obama and Willie Nelson and The Gores lending their spiritual support. I wish I could believe in young idealistic Egyptian students imagining secular,progressive freedom from religion, free speech on their twitter accounts, their right to bear arms, truth, justice, their Facebook right to assemble, and The Egyptian Way.

Unfortunately, I am too old to be that ignorant.

Wake up. Wake up you pompous ignorant ass! What we are witnessing IS the Coming Insurrection, The culmination of leftist, Marxist and Islamic Radicals to destroy Capitalism.

That you chose to view this in any other context is testiment to your utter ignorance of Obamas and the leftist blueprint for global transformation.

Wake up and smell the ashes of slaughtered Jews... or not. Your choice.

I have witnessed the last "democratic uprising" in Iran and now have little patience for ignoramuses.

The Disproportionate Retribution Award

buckeyepete #fundie freeconservatives.com

[Re. persecution of Christians in Iraq.]

Sometimes, you gotta fight fire with fire.

The Christians they are killing are peace loving.

I'd like to send a message to those Mussie fanatics, that in the future, for every Christian that is killed, then we will kill five of their so called 'moderate' muzzies here.

For every Christian Church that is invaded and Christians killed, five of their Mosque will be burnt to the ground, with all the liberal's moderate muzzies inside.

No, I'm not stooping to their level, I'm educating them. They don't know how barbaric it is, because it has never happened to them before.

DesertFox #fundie freeconservatives.com

Ho hum.

The media discredits anything the Right does. So what if they want a CC in place of a Jew? Isn't that their right? Of course it is! And I for one am sick of Christian Conservative being a dirty pair of words. I want them emblazoned on a 100x100' flag and flown from the top of the capitol in every state, every territory, and every other US jurisdiction (such as DC). We need to make it plain that Christianity's principles made this country great -- not Izzie principles, not Jewish principles, not Hindu or Buddha or Taoist or animist or Kung Fu beliefs.

Then, after 20 years or so, when everybody "gets it," then we can quit worrying about it, take them banners down and go back to being -- a Christian nation that lets others be so long as they're law abiding and not out to wreck our Christian nation. That is the principle that needs to be appended to the Constitution -- that this is a Christian nation based on Christian principles, and no one will be allowed to try to take the nation down by using its own rules against Christianity, in places public or private.

Free speech is free speech, but you don't get to use it to impugn Christ. All religions are equal, but Christianity is more equal than any other. Judaism is next more equal. After that they're all the same. You don't like it, phuqq you.

The overriding point here is that we were great when we didn't question Christianity or push the laws or customs to the very outermost limit. Then along came the ACLU, doing just that. The only way I can see to forestall such death-by-a-thousand-cuts is to make it unmistakably clear that Christianity and Judaism are the sources of our greatness, and we won't allow pissants to tear us down.

Lubbock #racist freeconservatives.com

If the elite Powers That Be in the Republican party try cramming a Romney or a Huckster or a Newt down out throats, they are insuring another 0bastard term, and a revolt that could end up in several public lynchings, starting with Michael Steele --it would be a terrible thing at this point in our history to start lynching black men again, but if Steele doesn't get on board with conservatism, doesn't stop his RINO shit, I'll help pick the oak tree.

Apollo5600 #fundie freeconservatives.com

I don't believe a child should be exposed to a couple of people suffering a mental disorder. Rabid Homosexuality is a disorder of nature, a product of a diseased mind. It's a sin that should be fought against, not normalized and imprinted into a child's mind as "okay". (Mind you, I don't speak of individuals who possess this temptation who are actively fighting against it). It's a corruption of the mental processes. Then again, most liberal straight people are suffering from various disorders themselves.

DesertFox #fundie freeconservatives.com

[On teacher-led school prayer.]

"if your kids were in Muslim majority area, would you say that it would be OK for teachers to lead children in prayers to Allah?"

Nope. But this isn't a Muslim country. It's a Christian country.

"I think leaving it up to the children and parents individually makes more sense than trying to get a whole group to agree that didn't come there for purposes of prayer."

I once thought that way, but that was before liberals made it unmistakably clear that they intend to bury Christianity. No consideration for it, no treating it on the same footing with any other religion, no civility toward Christians. They have declared war on Christians and Christianity and I, for one, am for fighting back and stomping the bastards into the ground. That would mean prayers to Jesus in the schools, the Ten Commandments over the entrance of any and every public building, crosses on public grounds at Christmastime, and so on, with the intent of making it perfectly clear who runs America.

I think it should be up to the teacher. Christian prayer only. Anybody wants to whine, they can shove it up their atheist communist Muslim Other ass. But the pledge should be mandatory in every classroom at the beginning of the school day. Time we started teaching kids to love America again, and all that made her great.

Insight into the Fundie Mind

Doctor Doom's hiring criteria

DoctorDoom #fundie freeconservatives.com

What amazes me is that the queers (they use the term) have the chutzpah to claim that they are being persecuted while this sick, degenerate culture caters to them in every possible way. It has reached the point that announcing publicly that one is a homosexual is a certain path to success.

"I'm sorry, sir, but based on your resume, you don't have the qualifications for that position."
"Did I tell you that I suck on penises?"
"No, you didn't. Well, now, let's just shred that resume and look over the great career opportunities that are open for you in the Obama administration."

A society that caters to perversion is doomed.

DoctorDoom #conspiracy freeconservatives.com

Let's suppose that the Kenyan-born usiurper leaves office on 20 Jan 2013. A day later is is revealed that he is not a natural-born US citizen. Want a constitutional crisis? There's one that could destroy the country. The United States went for four years without a president. Absolutely nothing that he did as POTUS would be valid. No bill that he signed would be law. No EO that he issued would be valid. No treaty that he signed would be in effect. No expenditures that he authorized would be legal. There would be a four-year vacuum of power.

This isn't a fugging game. It's a critical issue that must be addressed ASAP. That c**ksucker could end it in a matter of minutes, but he absolutely refuses, and has spent millions to prevent the answer from being given.

America has a need to know, RIGHT NOW. We're paying that arrogant, lying son of a bitch, and he's flipping the bird at us. Answer the f**king question, Obasshole!

Kathy30 #fundie freeconservatives.com

This kind of blows the whole "I was born this way" argument out of the water. Mehlman wasn't "born that way'. He had no genetic disposition towards being gay. The best he can say is that he enjoys gay sex. He was introduced to gay sex by someone else. He liked it. This is what you can expect from normalizing homosexuality. Only not quite normalizing. See, everyone is supposed to now be happy for him. He found himself. He showed courage by coming out of the closet. He should be respected for his decision. His wife will show her own homophobia and bigotry by summarily dumping him and not understanding. She won't show the sufficient amount of understanding. She will leave him and be castigated for taking her share of the marital assets. She will be treated just like Jim McGreevey's wife was treated.

Read my lips. There is no difference between Ken Mehlman and Tiger Woods. Engaging in perverted sex does not mean that the individual is absolved of his infidelity, or lying. They are the same lying SOBs who used their wives and families to hide a secret sin and provide a veneer of normalcy. Having Ken Melhman now advocate for same sex marriage has the same import and meaning as Tiger Woods advocating for polygamy.

Ken Mehlman is a disgrace to the republican party, to his family, to the nation and he should be forced into anonymity with the most alacrity as could be mustered.

Kathy30 #racist freeconservatives.com

MLK OPPOSED states rights because he was a dyed in the wool centralized totalitarian government communist.

His Dream speech was directed to whites ONLY. Today judging black people by the content of their character is KKK Jim Crow style racism. If MLK was alive today, the whoremaster would be out there opposing Glenn Beck just like Al Sharpton.

federalisthoosier #racist freeconservatives.com

Unless we stop the bastardization of our citizenry via anchor babies, we will sink into the abyss of a new dark age. These anchor babies are citizens in name only. Will the idiots stand and clap for anchor babies until one of them blows up America?

I lived on the border in Texas. The place was swarming with "Arabs". Any soul on earth could cross that border and drop an anchor baby. Our treasonous politicians risk the destruction of our nation just to troll for votes.

Treating invaders and enemies as citizens is beyond political schizophrenia. It is national herry-kerry!

Kathy30 #fundie freeconservatives.com

[regarding the women's suffrage amendment]

From the women I have seen vote and the reasons they give for doing so, it is a shame that they ever got the right.

Very seldom do women make rational decisions based upon background or articulated position. Mostly they make their decisions the same way they choose a spouse. He's cute, he dresses nicely, he has nice hair, a nice voice, or simply he's black.

Wyatt Junker #fundie freeconservatives.com

As a voter in Norcal I have been invalidated at the ballot box for over 20 years by the Mormon-like immigration of faggots into San Fran and the fencehoppers breeding in South Central like hampsters in a PVC plant.

According to the feds, my vote doesn't count. I do it anyway out of symbolism in this retro-kitsch act we call 'voting'.

DoctorDoom #fundie freeconservatives.com

Until a gaggle of obnoxious heathen scumbags wiped their asses with the Constitution and rammed their contemptible perversion of the First Amendment down America's collective throat, a cross was legal on PUBLIC land. It still IS legal on public land, although you sniveling God-haters still have the upper hand for now.

Kathy30 #racist freeconservatives.com

[Re. Laura Schlessinger saying "nigger" repeatedly on her radio show.]

When blacks use racial slurs against one another, they do it with a smirk, a sneer and an air of superiority. It's something they can do and you can't. It's their inside joke. Breaking the rules and getting away with it. Yet they can be absolutely HORRIFIED when Laura Schlessinger uses a slur. It's the worst thing they ever heard. They will be marked for generations.

Creating and maintaining racial slurs is the best thing to ever happen to black people. Without it there wouldn't be a weapon to use. Now of course, they have progressed, with the assistance of white liberals, to use any criticism whatsoever. Did you say the mongrel president was incompetent? Racism. Did you criticize any black person for anything at all? Racism. Now they got Laura Schlessinger, who can hardly hurt their feelings. She's sort of like getting hit with a down pillow.

The left has been after her for decades. Her unpolitically correct views on sex, marriage and family made her a target 20 years ago. Now they have the big guns, racism. Piffft.

Gonzo67 #racist freeconservatives.com

[Re. the children of illegal immigrants.]

There is a solution.

Throw the "technically legal" brat in an orphanage, and kick the "Illegal" mommy and daddy out of the country. When these border jumping cockroaches start losing 1 or 2 of their 15 children, they'll think twice about squatting down to squeeze out a puppy here.

The_Elucidator #fundie freeconservatives.com

[But this whole mosque thingie]

would say that whoever builds this POS, needs to make sure plenty of bacon grease finds its way into the morter of the building. Then after millions have been spent...let them know during the ribbon cutting ceremony that the foundation and walls have been built with the fat of pork... Would love to see the expression on the faces of these spawns of satan!!!

Kathy30 #conspiracy freeconservatives.com

SNOBama is not looking to start a race war. That's too small for his thinking which is the thinking of William Ayers and his harridan wife. SNOBama is looking to start a CLASS war on the level of the Russian or Cuban revolution. Group think. Keep in mind how much the left hates this country, the gangs of anarchists, wacko enviornmentalists, muslims, others who see the chance to have the last act for the utopia they want to create. Race war is minor thinking. There are much bigger sharks circling in the tank. He will wait until the entire nation is embroiled.

SNOBama is laying the foundation for class warfare right now. The entire administration is. Get the rich, the rich are unfair, stop the rich, take the profits from those businesses, everyone is cheating the poor. WHO is rich? Obviously it isn't only millionaires. It's everyone who gets dividend check from investments, has a business, lives in a nice house, drives a decent late model car. We had a Vietnamese CONGRESSMAN asking for an executive to commit suicide. How long before executions? SNOBama is on the television every day promoting his ideas of class warfare. The spearhead and foundation might be a race war, but he had much more in mind than that.

MrSanity #fundie freeconservatives.com

I took my kids out for ice cream (and no, I wasn't harassed by the border patrol), and two lesbians were making out next to the front door of the establishment. I was disgusted, but didn't say anything about it. I'm kind of ashamed of myself for not saying anything to the restaurant owner. It was all for public show. "Deal with our lesbianism wherever you walk" type of thing.

I don't care what they do behind closed doors, assuming no children are involved. But it's my business when I can't leave the house or turn on the TV without seeing that garbage.

DesertFox #fundie freeconservatives.com

[On the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."]

There are things that are best just not talked about, much less openly celebrated. Queerness is one such thing. It is not normal and everyone knows it, but political correctness forces us all to pretend it's fundamentally no different from normal sexuality. It is different, and to deny that in official policy is to deny reality, which has its worst consequences in military settings. It encourages falsification and lying, which seriously undermine morale.

Most seriously of all, it tells the normal soldier that what makes him uncomfortable doesn't matter. IOW: HE doesn't matter. Queers comprise about 2% of the population, and they're more important than the 98%. Talk about favoritism, and it sets up a divisive dynamic. Normal men are equipped biologically to feel revulsion toward queers. Fighting against biology has you fighting against yourself, and that's the last thing you want or need in combat.

Some queers aren't a problem. They're the ones who lived with DADT. The problems will be those who want to push things. And they will.

Wolf Counsel #fundie freeconservatives.com

[On the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."]

Wait for the military wannabes of the faggot persuasion to boldly whine about sexual harassment, and Obama's toadies scurry like rats on speed to punish the evil harassers. Don't believe me? Welcome to the U.S. Social Forces, and say bye-bye to the strongest, toughest Military force there ever was.

All farking faggots must farking hang!

DoctorDoom #fundie freeconservatives.com

[House approves repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."]

When did the US military, the most powerful fighting force on Earth and in history. become a f**king social engineering experiment for liberal degenerates? When did the US start kissing the oft-penetrated asses of faggots by acceding to every one of their demands?

Screw the liberals. If the fags want to bugger each other's asses, let them do it away from our military. There's no room for perverts.

And BTW, this is blatant, shameless discrimination against the practitioners of all the other paraphilias. The military must now allow open exhibitionists, sadomasochists, frotteurists, coprophiliacs, apotemnophiliacs, biastophiliacs, klismaphiliacs, and on and on. The fixation wth catering only to faggots is bigoted and must cease.

Wyatt Junker #conspiracy freeconservatives.com

[Re. President Obama]

This queer talking 138 lb. sonofabitch came out of nowhere like a pedophile handing out hope-n-change candy bars out of the back of his van at a grammar school. 143 grueling days logged in the senate. Half the time required to be trained as a janitor in a porn theater. Prior to that, a creepy Harvard guest speaker of unglued, rambling nonsense. I've heard it. As insightful and interesting as the excitement found in a Pier One saleswoman's voice on wicker furniture. Black liberation theology combined with law(read; force) to steal from one group of people to buy votes from another. A Manchurian bullshit artist fronted by Soros and an assortment of other eastern european globalists and currency traders.

To date, we don't know where this queer talking son of a female canine was born, but we do know he was the son of a runny nose coke whore whom his absent daddy knocked up one night after she got off the pole after doing a series of vertical pinwheels. Then, he was sold into slavery to granola-eating Berkley lifers. We've heard the tales of open sex parties and the beat poets who dribbled LSD infected prose into PA systems in his living room while he rocked back and forth in the corner of the kitchen as he rotated his fists into his eyeballs.

His childhood was like being raised by the symbionese liberation army, kidnapped in the mold of Patty Hearst. The artificial fathers, the stand-ins, the proxies, the kid was like a hot potato, a badge they could use as a prop, 'see, he's a black baby' etc. etc. Meanwhile, they dipped their lightly toasted pita bread into the Trader Joe's tapenade and washed it down with a Pinot Noir.

See how that works? You get yourself a multicultural one and you get whitey bonafides in the college town. Whether its Princess Di or Bradgelina. Same thing at the Dunham house. It was like a state run kennel.

What a better way to transform America than to use a swarthy prop as a dashboard president? That's the ultimate in lefty world. Skin tone proof of your own virtues. Its like validating a parking ticket at a restaurant.

Obama was never qualified or vetted. He was MADE, like Pacino in a Francis Ford Coppola flick. Constructed. Glued. Stitched. Sown. Together. Manufactured. A synthetic. The product of politically cynical lab work. A university kid who got university money(no one knows where) to attend university life and take deconstructionist classes and sit inside insulated walls inside university classrooms, far away from real life and eat the cardboard of fake and faraway universes, worlds of make believe, where you take from some people and give to others. The black liberation cults helped to foster such a sense of redistributionist themes. Themes of reparation and societal breakdown and wedge strategy. How to induce the fruit of anarchy and despoil the middle class. Slavery for slavery. Time to turn it all around and make them finally pay.

So where is such a person born? Hawaii doesn't know. Neither does Chicago. Or Connecticut. There are some who say Indonesia. They have put statues there saying so. There are some who say Pakistan. Kenya. Outer space. He will never tell us. We will never know.

BuckeyeMike #fundie freeconservatives.com

"I think it's time for someone to turn Mecca into a sand dune."

Hell, then our present alleged president and the rest of the Liberals in the U.S. would DEMAND that Ground Zero be the Muzzf**ker's new Mecca!

In fact, I'd bet that the alleged president, Congress and all the rest of the libs would demand that, since we'd be the guilty bastards that smoked Mecca....WE would have to pay to transport ALL the sand monkeys over here to the New Mecca for their anal....uhhh annual Hadj...or whatever the hell they call it!

Phil O'Sophical #fundie freeconservatives.com

[Re. a mosque being built near Ground Zero]

That big 'ol, glaring and super-conspicuous mosque will be the newest collective symbol to remind Americans that they should feel guilt for being so mean to minorities. It'll be like going to confession for all of America. Whenever they pass by it, they will be compelled to render a respectful Muslin salute; bow; and beg for forgiveness.

Whenever assertive minorities get into the faces of guilt-laden Americans, Americans respect them even more. Respect is a euphemism for fear.

It may be recalled that in the wake of 9/11, guilty Americans expressed an immediate outpouring of love and support for the entire Muslim world. Some angry conservatives predicted a Muslim backlash. Other than a few petty, juvenile acts of vandalism and keyboard patriotism, there was no backlash whatsoever. Americans even elected a Muslim president!

Wow! The Stockholm Syndrome in all its 13-story glaring glory.

O Allah! It is written. HA-HA-HA-HA

Kathy30 #fundie freeconservatives.com

[Re. a mosque being built near Ground Zero.]

I hope that the spirits of the dead at that site haunt that mosque from the day ground is broken for the cursed mosque. Let not a single day or night pass that islam is not punished for what they did. The people that were murdered shall be ghostly holy warriors. It shall be known as the Cursed Mosque.

Gonzo67 #psycho #fundie #dunning-kruger freeconservatives.com

I'm not a Military General. I don't HAVE to formulate a battle plan and a presidential policy to enact a "kill them all" method. I don't give a shit if it CAN or CANT be done. My BELIEF STAYS THE SAME. Kill them ALL. Every last one of them. Maybe each person in America can be responsible for killing 10 muslims. When you killed your 10, go have a seat in California and wait till everyone else finishes. Once everyone is in California, we'll look around. Any muslims left? Yep... Ok, Start round two.

I don't give a shit HOW, just do it.

Tazeeyore #racist freeconservatives.com

I witnessed hispanics up close and personal while working a job in California year before last. They filled every washateria within miles of my hotel. They were between 13 and 15, female, short, fat, hairy, and smelled like corn chips. Everyone of them had two to four little hispanics hanging on them. That is what a hispanic looks like to me.

Wolf Counsel #fundie freeconservatives.com

Believe it or not, I don't wage war against non-combatants. In other words, if you are a Muslim, and you keep your crap to yourself and don't get involved in the running of the country, and you don't associate with me, and I don't see you picking on innocent people, and you wish to die a natural death and got to Hell to get screwed every day by 72 virgin male camels and watch Allah hump goats and Pedohammed day in and day out, I won't touch you with even a pea shooter.

Lubbock #fundie freeconservatives.com

I'll tell you exactly how I would put an end to Muslim Terror --and I wouldn't have to kill them all:

I would use conventiontional weapons --Bunker Busters would probably be a good choice, and I would bomb the hell out of Medina.

When the dust settled, I would point my finger at the Muslim Street, and I would say, "Now, you murderous bastards. Muslim Terror ends today. Right here and right now. You set off one more terrorist attack anywhere in this world. ANYWHERE. Any continent, and city. You kill just ONE more innocent in the name of Allah --just one, and I hit Mecca with a nuke. If you murderous bastards want to have a place to Haj to, if you want to save Mecca, then the killing stops here and now."

Apollo5600 #racist freeconservatives.com

If I want to call Obama a lawn jocky, magical negro, fried chicken eating marxist SOB, then I dang well am going to do so! As for Racism, one of my best friends is a Black WOMAN (That's TWO protected groups in one!) Oh, and I'm HISPANIC (That's three for me, what the hell do you got huh!?) Shove the racist c*** up your whiney ass, no one's buying it here.

Doctor Doom #racist freeconservatives.com

"Whites who voted for McCain were declaimed as racists. 95% of blacks voted for the Magic Negro. Who are the racists?

Obamination and his ass-kissing lackeys have undone everything that Americans have accomplished since the Revolution. I for one will rejoice when that communist son of a bitch leaves (or is removed from) office. Let it be soon. The country won't survive another year of the Kenyan-born, moon-god-worshipping, goat-raping bastard's hopey-changey bullshit.

Wyatt Junker #fundie freeconservatives.com

Let's be plain. Lefties are evil. They stand for evil. Relish evil. They are liars. Takers. Blamers. Whiners. They are against all freedoms. They rejoice with what is most base in human nature. They kill the innocent and save the vile. They abort new life and want to free murderers. To the left, good is bad and bad is good. Everything they stand for is exactly upside down from the way it should be.

DesertFox #fundie freeconservatives.com

I've thought about this issue for 30 years, and now it seems to me that not even biology class has any need to talk about human sex.

First of all, the human sense of privacy is bound up with sex. This is glaringly obvious in school bathrooms, where boys are so sensitive about their equipment that they go to inordinate lengths to prevent anybody from "peeking." I also saw this in Latin American men during my years in the region.

Pubertal girls are at their most sensitive about their bodies right at the time schools most want to teach them sex ed. Making the discussion clinical does rob it somewhat of privacy, but at the risk of damaging some girl's sense of sexual activity as private. We don't want the subject robbed of its privacy.

Second, it is not necessary to discuss human sex in discussing sexual reproduction. Talk about dogs or cows and let the kids make the connection themselves. They are as hot at school age as we were and will have no problem connecting the dots.

Third, nobody needs to be told that pregnancy results from unprotected sex. It's the oldest "secret" in the history of man. Pretending that boys and girls need "training" in how to don a condom or give a blow job or choke a chicken or use the asshole as a vagina is the most asinine (and profane) notion I ever heard of. Teens know all about condoms, they know how to put them on, they know how to check them for leaks, etc.

The push for sex ed in schools is all about queers and perverts wanting to get an early start on their victims. It's way past time confused conservatives quit enabling those deviates, expecially on OUR buck.

[Emphasis mine.]

Nutrider99 #racist freeconservatives.com

It doesn't matter where he was born. A birth certificate will record that his father was NOT an American, but a Kenyan; that his parents were NOT legally married (couldn't be because his father was already married and the US does not recognize polygamy); that his father's ethnicity is Arabic, not Negro; and that his father's religion is Muslim. It would further reveal that he held dual citizenship is verified by factcheck.org:
He held both U.S. and Kenyan citizenship as a child, but lost his Kenyan citizenship automatically on his 23rd birthday.

Dual citizenship and native born citizenship are not the same as natural born citizenship. The media knows this. At this point, however, they will stop at nothing to keep the facts concealed, because it demonstrates their complicity.