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. It's no different than leaving your car running and the door wide open when you run in to a store to buy something and then having your car stolen. It's no different than walking down the streets of a bad part of town flapping about a huge stack of cash in both hands and then getting mugged. etc.

Does this excuse having your car stolen or you being mugged? Nope. Do you deserve so much as an ounce of sympathy for having your car stolen or being mugged? Nope.

Same thing applies to women who go around dressing and acting slutty. If they end up getting raped, it's not going to be a surprise to anyone, and they are partially to blame. Does that mean the rape is any less serious or should be any less punished? Nope. Does she deserve much sympathy for setting herself up to be victimized by anyone outside her immediate circle? Nope.
You're not free to do anything you want, and being a fucking cocktease to everyone you meet is just as bad as leaving your car running when you go into a store or flash your cash in a dark alley in the bad part of town.



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