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First of all, I just wanted to say (slightly off-topic) that I LOVE this site. I am more than thrilled to finally have found some place where women are not sufficiently brainwashed to repeat the skewed misguided slogans, such as the great and fantastic enjoyment of giving blow jobs, putting out in "no-strings attached" relationships and "loving porn."

One doesn't have to be a rocket (or any kind of) scientist to figure that these acts obviously serve male interests. Even as a teenager 15 years ago, reading teen magazines, I was already asking myself in disbelief - "who the fuck is buying into this? Why would anyone with any self-respect, sense of self-preservation or basic logic be willingly eating this crap up." Not only that, but actually associating these acts against self interest with "freedom" or "forward thinking." Madness!

Thankully at least there are sites such as feminist current where people can still see the light, unlike the author of that misguided Teen Vouge article. So blow jobs, sexting and putting out for nothing at 13 years old - not enough now. Now the media are brainwashing young girls to willingly offer up their asshole for male satisfaction. It's implied that it is yet another step towards being a modern, liberated and *fun* woman. I call BS!

Why don't they teach these girls that to be truly liberated is to realistically think in terms of self interest.

Why is it that we never read articles encouraging men to be useful members of society being framed as some type of liberation, freedom and ultimate satisfaction. I would love to see some articles in Playboy such as "Guide to Childcare" - "Hello prostate owners, you don't have to read it, it's totally okay if you don't want to! But many *cooler than you* prostate owners are now into night waking and changing diapers. It can be uncomfortable at first but *many* find it a great source of enjoyment."

Even that attempt at irony is not comparable, because anything that we want men to do is actually good for them in the long run, whereas men just want to satisfy their shallow, selfish desires at the cost of everyone else.



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