Orlee Stewart #magick #ufo youtube.com

What really happened when I SOLD MY SOUL TO SATAN?

So less than two months after I created this pact with Satan, as I mentioned what I asked for was visionary abilities. So what happened was all the things in my life that i could not see, all the things that were hidden from me all started to be seen by me, I started noticing the way that my husband would act around these other women.

So I ended up confronting my ex-husband about it and that's when he told me that he had been cheating on me and not just with that girl, but with many other people that we were close with.


I did not gain telepathy as part of my visionary insight. I had a period of time when i was having a lot of really bizarre experiences with aliens back in 2011, so this was like four or five years before I did the pact, when I was having the ability to read people's minds. However, I do not have that ability now, what I do have is the ability to feel how other people are feeling and so it was very difficult and I was being gaslighted, where I would confront people and be like something must be wrong and then they'd be like nothing is wrong, but I couldn't, like, read their minds.

I'm glad I can't because when I could read people's minds during that period of time it was really crazy. It's really difficult, like, if you can hear what people are saying all around you all the time, like, it's very distressing honestly and if I ever start slipping back into being able to do that I usually try to turn it off, because it makes me feel really uncomfortable, because I feel like people's minds should have privacy and you usually don't want to know what people are thinking. It doesn't really help, it just makes you paranoid.

What does it mean to sell your soul to Satan?

It could mean different things to different people. To me, it meant that I united myself with Satan spiritually. I did not lose my soul, spiritually I have become more powerful and have a better relationship with all the spirits, angels, demons, what have you, ever since doing this. I have stronger abilities to interact with things like ghosts and to help to heal people and so spiritually it's made my spiritual self way way stronger.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

It’s not new when Senator Lindsey Graham thunders about wanting to “unleash the fury and might of the U.S.” against groups in Mexico, this time drug cartels. The catalyst was the kidnapping of four American citizens, two of whom were killed.

The Americans were black. That may explain why American outrage was so much stronger than when 70 Mormon missionaries were held hostage in 2021, albeit with none killed.

Several Republicans are urging military action within Mexico in response to drug cartels. Most of those taking the lead on this issue are notably weak on border security

Oddly, calling for military intervention in foreign countries is more politically correct than refusing to let foreigners in. War as a crusade is now an American tradition. We kill people to save democracy; end war; or to stop fascism, Communism, authoritarianism, or the latest incarnation of Hitler.

We do not fight wars in the national interest. That would require a distinction between “us” and “them,” which is now forbidden.

The United States of America lacks the will to defend its border, which makes it weaker than even the smallest sovereign state. President Obrador knows this; he laughed at Republican threats and issued his own:

Starting today we are going to start an information campaign for Mexicans who live and work in the United States and for all Hispanics to inform them of what we are doing in Mexico and how this initiative by the Republicans is an offense against the people of Mexico.

And if they do not change their attitude we are going to call for them not to vote for that party.

Since 2016, American media have been hysterical about so-called Russian meddling and disinformation. Here we have an open threat from a head of state. President Obrador also takes for granted that Mexicans and Hispanics will pay more attention to Mexico and be more eager to defend Mexico’s independence than America’s. There is no outrage. America, having imported a foreign helot population, does not have the power to prevent this. To denounce it is to admit that the United States has been wrong since 1965, when it dismantled the policy to keep America overwhelmingly white.

Anonymous #conspiracy #crackpot #magick boards.4channel.org

Cutting of hair is a long standing tactic of spiritual/psycological manipulation. You are expected to keep hair growth within a threshold as dictated by societal norms. Going beyond is a soft taboo and welcomes provocation and malevolent judgement. By proxy this brings negative energies in to your world that otherwise would have no business of being there

All hairdressers are the in the employment of the government. Hairs are your aerials. They pick up signals from the cosmos and transmit them directly into the brain. This is the reason bald-headed men are uptight

Anonymous #dunning-kruger #racist archived.moe


i know the answer and may be stating the obvious, but why don't these tough guys fuck off and be tough in their home countries?

because the police here are entirely pre-occupied with virtue signalling. crime here is terribly bad but the police refuse to act on it because the criminals are brown. our biggest prison populace is albanian because while still immigrants, they’re white enough to actually arrest.

Matt Walsh et al. #pratt #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

(Matt Walsh)
"What Is A Woman" is a global movement. Nigeria at the UN is hosting a screening of the film for African delegates. It's clear that African nations don't want gender ideology imposed on them.

It has already found a large following in South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Now African delegates at the UN are attending a screening. The film is not only changing this country but reaching across the world. Incredibly proud to have been a part of this project.

Nope, they see where this leads to:

1) pregnant men
2) urinals in the women's bathroom
3) tampons in the men's bathroom
4) men on women's sports teams
5) doctors "guess" what a child is at birth

Africa is looking at this degeneracy and saying NO THANKS!.

The US, its neighbors and the European countries have fallen down an ever rapidly expanding dark hole of Gender Ideology.

Smart and Calculated of the African Nation

Probable entertained by the slow moving disaster called United States of America.

A shade of schadenfreude

(Jane J)
Media attention and promotion of all things transgender is hugely disproportionate to the % of global population who are directly involved.The fact that a trans woman has been made 'woman of the year ' and trans women in women's sport shows how absurd this situation has become .

(Charles Dickens)
Many don’t realize that the US withholds funding to countries that do not implement DEI culture- one of the reasons no hearts or minds were won in Afghanistan.

Matt Walsh #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

We were minding our own business when suddenly the trans movement came along and demanded that we totally abandon biology, common sense, and truth itself for its sake. Our war against this scourge is a defensive struggle. They started it. They wanted this fight. Now they have it.

Sheogorath #dunning-kruger #elitist #pratt #sexist incels.is

we should ban all uncircumcised guys from this site, they can't be involuntarily celibate because foreskin is a built-in pussy 4 men 2 ascend with

Seriously, the only guys who understand TRUE sexual frustration are circumcised guys like me with thousands of sensitive nerve cells amputated from birth with insensitive glans with keratinized skin who barely feel anything.

You guys with your mobile sheaths intact literally have a vagina attached to your cock already and when you fap you're basically fucking a built-in vagina.

When I fap it's just uncomfortable. There's nothing to move around. It's just like tightness and scar tissue.

Jews, specifically the rabbinists, created inceldom. Inceldom never existed until the Rabbinists invented circumcision in 600AD.

Prior to this 100% of men had their foreskins and never pined to ascend with women as they do today since foreskin sheaths are built-in onahole vaginas you fuck whenever you fap.

If they ever hand out free wives, the circumcised men should get the first wives and the uncircumcised men should only get some if there are extras. Also you should get the wives with the loosest pussies since you didn't lose girth by having your penis flayed.

an intact guy fapping is basically equivalent to an amputated guy fucking a pussy

whereas if you are intact and fucking a pussy it's like you're fucking TWO pussies, you get exponential pussy amplification action this way

intact guys ascending is the true bliss which amputated guys will never experience, so we can never truly ascend even if we do fuck a pussy

circumcised guys are 100% truecels even if they fuck a thousand pussies because they never get that double pussy action

Make It A Mac Tonight #transphobia youtube.com

It's time for Trannymaniacs
They're disgusting to the max
They wear skirts instead of slacks
They're Trannymanaiacs

Come join them on the discord server pronouns "she" and "her"
Soon enough they rope and they will change to "was" and "were"
They insist you call them "mam" though they look just like a "sir"
Adam's apple
Wide clavicle
Futa connoisseur

They are the Trannymaniacs
There's an axe-wound in their pants
They just can't accept the facts
They're looney to the max
They're Trannymaniacs

They say "Age is just a number", whenever they are found
Grooming minors on the internet or on the playground
They wait in women's restrooms when no one is around
Then they pop out
And whip it out
And swing it all around

They are the Trannymaniacs
They think they're cute but make me yak
No they can't transition back
But they're calling you the quack
They're trannymany
Totally insaney
Fucked up in the brainy
Those are the facts

barcacel #crackpot #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist incels.is

Why whites are more intelligent than east asians and how you can become white if you are east asian

i explain here that whites have more empathy and more individualism than east asians and that is why they created better civilizations:

why hapa children develop no affective empathy, explained using an study

east asians have bigger and faster brains than whites (southeast asians don't), but as i explain above whites have a better personality that gives them better ideas, this is why whites have always been more technologically advanced than east asians and east asians never had civilizations that were more economically better (20-50 years ago 50 percent of china was poor)

there are more white billionaires than east asians, while there are more east asians in the planet.

in my opinion this shows that whites are 1.5x better at creating wealth, technologies and civilizations

now i will explain you how to become white:

we will have reverse aging and slow aging technologies in some years, so no-one below 60-50 today will die of old age:

in 2032 we will have non-sentient female android robots and in 2052 we will be able to reverse aging. Ray Kurzweil.

now you know you won't die of old age and you can wait until some technology comes out to change your body and brain to become white

but you can say "but we east asians created anime", the japanese look hapa, i believe that you guys created it because you guys are deeper into the behavioral sink, so i don't think it is related to your brain being different.

maybe if you are japanese you should stay the way you are, they seem so special.

Various Incels #racist incels.is

RE: “Muh Europe is White”


jfl at cumskins seething



real white genocide is in America the spics are relentless at replace whites

slavs will need to invade western europe but they're too busy killing themselevs and each other

Slavs are the niggers of Europe

(Uggo Mongo)


You're the discount made in Bangladesh version of Sneir. So even obnoxious spazzes are inferior if they're brown

Many browns are impregnating 13 y.o German jbs so your clearly inferior

Most of this forum is brown half-wits like yourself though. So clearly you're not doing that since you're also posting here, also my comment was about poasting quality you 82 IQ radioactive slimetard.

All ur postings are low iq shit and half of this forum are inferior whites

your posts are just regurgitated gobbledygook from an 82 IQ perspective, you literally just regurgitated the post you quoted. you're a dime a dozen inbred retard. good point about an English language forum where the vast majority live in the west being 50% white, mohammad.

Keep coping bro while mohammeds and tyrones are breeding your women.

yet "jbw" is the prevalent ideology of the browns of this forum. Not just Chads or even Brads, but according to your inbred compatriots even Eugene and Melvin score easily with your brown women. Well either way, if it's so easy for inbred retards like yourself to get white women why are you here posting with me?

Epic race war ITT tbh.

And a lot of the whites here are slavs. All the white children are slavs. Germans die out.

Pretty based as far as I’m concerned, ngl.

I love how british cucks hate and treat like shit EE polish and other white nationalities that look exactly like them but they let arab terrorists ,hindu dindu cow worshippers and black gorillas rape their women.

Same here.

Retardinator & subhuman #elitist #racist incels.is

There's no german kids in germany anymore

I very rarely see young german kids anymore. Like 90% of all kids I see are ethnics. Turks, arabs, nigs, currys and whatever else.
And the rare time I see a white kid, it's a slav.

Just now in the Bus I saw a blonde and blue eyed girl that's probably around 8 or 9. I saw her with her blonde mother. So I thought "maybe it's not completely fucked". Then they started speaking russian.

Germans are an endangered species. The krauts themselves don't even care. Most young german foids in my class complain about racism and muh white privilige and vote for the greens. And most males are cucks too.

If you visit any large german city, you would not even know which country you are in. Full of ethnics and degenerates. And not even german flags. I never see those anywhere.

Just pride flags and ukranian flags

Good. Fuck Germans. Let them die out and get replaced with literal human garbage

Germans were at least better then anglos, french and slavs

Hitler himself admitted all the good Germans died in southern Russia. What’s left is the dregs of their gene pool and the rapebabies of all sorts of genetic trash from the Soviet Union. It was over 80 years ago. This is the inevitable consequence. Should’ve just given Germany to Poland tbh


Aren't you ethnic yourself?

Only half. And I'm white and have a german name.

I fucking hate my ethnic side fully

The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches #fundie #homophobia #wingnut theguardian.com

Anglicans reject Justin Welby as head of global church amid anger at same-sex blessings

The leaders of Anglican churches in some developing countries have said they no longer recognise Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, as the head of the global church.

Their decision stems from the decision this month of the Church of England’s governing body, the General Synod, to allow clergy to bless couples in same-sex marriages.

The conservative Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA), which claims to speak for 75% of Anglicans worldwide, said in a statement on Monday that the C of E had “departed from the historic faith” and disqualified itself as the “mother church” of the Anglican communion.

The statement, signed by 10 primates, said: “The GFSA is no longer able to recognise the present archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Hon & Most Revd Justin Welby, as the ‘first among equals’ leader of the global communion.”

Welby had led his bishops in recommending that clergy be allowed to bless couples in same-sex marriages, knowing that it was “contrary to the faith and order of the orthodox provinces of the communion whose people constitute the majority in the global flock”.

The C of E and other churches, including those in Scotland, Wales, the US and New Zealand, that allow same-sex marriage or blessings had “taken the path of false teaching”, said the statement. “This breaks our hearts.”

Immediately after the synod meeting in London, Welby flew to Accra, the capital of Ghana, to meet global church leaders. He told them: “I was summoned twice to parliament and threatened with parliamentary action to force same-sex marriage on us.”

Henry Ndukuba, the archbishop of the Church of Nigeria, said the change of stance was “deviant” and it explained the C of E’s “terrible decline, loss and irrelevance in the secular and post-Christian western world”.

Jackson Ole Sapit, the archbishop of Kenya, criticised the “powerful secular voices that have captured the C of E” and said he was “saddened by the departure of our mother church from the true gospel”.

Stephen Kaziimba, the archbishop of Uganda, said: “The C of E has departed from the Anglican faith and are now false teachers.”

Kais Saied #conspiracy #racist #wingnut news.yahoo.com

Tunisian president says migration to Tunisia aimed at changing demography

Tunisia's President Kais Saied denounced undocumented sub-Saharan African immigration to his country on Tuesday, saying in comments criticised by rights groups that it was aimed at changing Tunisia's demographic make-up.

Speaking in a meeting with the National Security Council in comments the presidency later published online, Saied said the influx of irregular migrants to Tunisia must quickly be ended.

"The undeclared goal of the successive waves of illegal immigration is to consider Tunisia a purely African country that has no affiliation to the Arab and Islamic nations," he said.

Tunisian rights group, which had this week already condemned what they call hate speech directed at African migrants, said Saied's comments were racist.

"It is a racist approach just like the campaigns in Europe... the presidential campaign aims to create an imaginary enemy for Tunisians to distract them from their basic problems," said Ramadan Ben Amor, spokesperson for the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights.

Tunisian authorities have this month cracked down on migrants, detaining dozens of them.

Saied said in his comments that parties, whom he did not name, had over the past decade settled African migrants in Tunisia in return for money.

Black Tunisians have a long history in the country, making up 10% to 15% of the population, and rights groups have said the country has not done enough to address racism.

The president is engaged in an escalating confrontation with critics who accuse him of a coup for shutting down parliament and seizing most powers in 2021, and police have this month detained many leading opposition figures.

Saied has said his actions were legal and necessary to save Tunisia from chaos.

Ann Coulter #dunning-kruger #elitist #psycho #racist #wingnut youtube.com

What do we do about the drug cartels?

The Wall. The Wall solves so… Every problem in America gets easier with a wall. Every single problem. Race relations, poor people, bringing manufacturing back, everything gets easier when you solve immigration, because you don't have this. We don't need an extra problem to deal with and extra poor people we have to pay for, but the drug problem that's 100% a function of not having a wall.

Is it funded by the CCP?

Chinese used to send the precursor chemicals, but it was inefficient.

it is not coming from China. Meth is being made in Mexico. The opiods, it is all coming from Mexico.

They'll say, "Oh, but it's not all Mexicans, some of them are American citizens," yeah, they're anchor babies. It is an all-Mexican operation.

I've been thinking of it as a, like, just a continuation of the drug war, the Opium Wars.

it is Opium Wars, but it is Americans against Americans. The same people who don't want a wall, there is a crazy left… I'm not talking about all Democrats, many liberals are my best friends, not talking about all liberals at all, but there is an element of the left that just hates this country and they're fine with Americans dying of opioids. They are fine with a hundred thousand Americans dying from drugs every year.

These people also paradoxically don't even know what life outside of the United States is. They think the United States is evil, racist and with all those problems with cops, and they have no idea, they've never been to these other countries. Because if you go to these other countries, you're like, wow, America is pretty nice, how good we have it.

Do you think that Mexico poses enough of a threat to American lives to be worth invading at any point?

It wouldn't be necessary if we built the Wall, but yes, to take out the cartels. I mean, it's certainly more of a threat to us than the Ukraine right and we sent a ton of money shipping goods and resources to Ukraine, why wouldn't we just spend that money on the Wall?

RuudVanNistelrooy #conspiracy #crackpot #elitist #magick #ufo incels.is

Genetics are important even in occult circles, only not for bluepillers

Secret societies tend to contain concentrations of specific bloodlines, particularly those bloodlines that have a greater portion of off-world genetics, meaning those with closer genetic ties to alien factions. This is because genetics and soul tend to correspond and influence each other, and genetics also influence one’s probability trajectory (morphogenetic destiny). It is why presidents have strong concentrations of royal blood.

The Taliban #conspiracy #fundie #sexist #wingnut theguardian.com

Taliban bans contraception calling use a ‘western conspiracy’

Reports that fighters have threatened those issuing birth control medicines come as Afghan midwives and activists warn of impact on women’s health and rights

Taliban fighters have stopped the sale of contraceptives in two of Afghanistan’s main cities, claiming their use by women is a western conspiracy to control the Muslim population.

The Guardian has learned that the Taliban has been going door to door, threatening midwives and ordering pharmacies to clear their shelves of all birth control medicines and devices.

“They came to my store twice with guns and threatened me not to keep contraceptive pills for sale. They are regularly checking every pharmacy in Kabul and we have stopped selling the products,” said one store owner in the city.

A veteran midwife, who did not want to be named, said she had been threatened several times. She said she was told by a Taliban commander: “You are not allowed to go outside and promote the western concept of controlling population and this is unnecessary work.”

Other pharmacists in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif confirmed that they have been ordered not to stock any birth control medicines.

“Items such as birth control pills and Depo-Provera injections are not allowed to be kept in the pharmacy since the start of this month, and we are too afraid to sell the existing stock,” another shop owner in Kabul said.

It is the latest attack on women’s rights by the Taliban who, since coming to power in August 2021, have ended higher education for girls, closed universities to young women, forced women out of their jobs and restricted their ability to leave their homes. Restricting contraceptives will be a significant blow in a country with an already fragile healthcare system.

One in every 14 Afghan women dies of causes related to pregnancy and it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to give birth.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Public Health in Kabul has not issued any official statement on the issue.

Taliban fighters patrolling in the streets in Kabul told sources that “contraceptive use and family planning is a western agenda”.

Matt Walsh, Freddy Cranks & Andrew Gustafson #psycho #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

(Matt Walsh)

You didn’t just tell the truth Matt, you chose to use inflammatory and divisive language to attack an individual. No hearts and minds are going to be won by spewing poisonous diatribes. You’re pandering to your base. Wars are not won by doing this.

I used accurate language that you admitted was accurate. You on the other hand affirmed Dylan as “her” while whining that I was mean. Also Im getting clinics shut down, laws passed, and thousands mobilized and taking to the streets. I dont need lessons in effectiveness but thanks

“Factually he’s not wrong.” Literally a quote from the beginning of your video. Now you’re lying about what you said in a video we can all see. You’re also alienating most of your audience for the sake of defending Dylan Mulvaney from mean words. Very strange decision.

(Freddy Cranks)
I could go the rest of the my life without hearing the phrase "winning hearts and minds" bc it assumes every issue is abstract and intellectual. Sometimes you have to flip the table.

Child mutilation is a flip the table issue. I'll side with those fighting by any means necessary

(Andrew Gustafson)
Exactly right, we are in the middle of an existential “flip the tables” moment;
the intentional and irreversible mutilation of children is increasing and it must be stopped.
Sorry not sorry if someone’s feelings get hurt when a brave few stand up and speak THE TRUTH.

Swagpilled, Zhou Chang-Xing & sneed (not chuck) #elitist #racist incels.is

Black People have no history

In their entire history. American natives and africans have accomplished absolutely nothing until the white man came and claimed their country for themselves.

Yet I am supposed to "embrace african culture" and "black history". what is there to embrace?

my shitty little town has more history than most african countries, excluding history there that was created by whites


even on the wikipedia page for "black history" most of the history is about ancient egypt and roman north africa. Both of which can't really be considered "black" by today's standards.

(Zhou Chang-Xing)
Yeah, there are more 1000 year old buildings in the village where I used to live than in the entirety of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The migration of tribes from Borneo to Madagascar is what brought the iron age to Black Africa.

Let that sink in, primitive jungle tribes all the way from Borneo went to Madagascar, colonised it, and then it still took CENTURIES for the Black people who can literally see Madagascar from their coast to reach the island, meet these jungle people and are taught how to make basic tools by them, this then inspired a revolution that spread across Black Africa.

When even the biggest losers of Gookistan are outperforming you you have an issue.

(sneed (not chuck))

we curries have a ton of historical monuments and shit, but here we are still a shithole because of our crap genetics. We are even lower than niggers.

Currys are not lower than niggers.
In the ancient world, Indians brought us: Chess, yoga, Sanskrit, binary system, and fucking cotton cultivation
In the modern world, indians brought us: plastic surgery, USB, fiber optics, and Java programming.



Look how brutally MOGGED blacks are. The page for Indian inventions goes on forever. THERE IS NO PAGE FOR AFRICAN INVENTIONS. The only African countries worth mentioning are Egypt (which wasn't inhabited by blacks) and South Africa (where the list of inventions is by WHITES). LOOK AT THIS BRUTAL WIKIPEDIA MOGGING.

gattsu & WorthlessSlavicShit #dunning-kruger #sexist #transphobia incels.is

RE: Only MTF trannys and male fags are hated upon



No one cares about FTM or lesbians. It's just hatred of men, and hatred of men demasculinizing themselves. Most of the guys who say they hate trannys love women. Just remember this. I'm not saying I support trannys. All I'm saying is hating trannys or faggots without reason is stupid. That's exactly what women want.

I don't like trannies because I feel repulsed by their existence. But it is awesome to see them make women mad by proving male superiority.


yes, tranny hate is misandry

Exactly. They've been trying to pretend they hate FtMs as well, but they always just default to hating MtFs lol. It gets even funnier now that right-wingers are openly talking about transmaxxing, since FtMs might be even more likely to talk like us than MtFs. There are legit threads where they openly talk to each other about it not being worth to transition into a man if you are too short, how short men will never be respected in their lives, and so on, but of course, nobody is calling them incels or trying to bluepill them, mocking and gaslighting is only reserved for actual men of course.

On another note, people only shit on trannies that are ugly and look like this


You never see anyone shitting on someone that looks like picrel


Exactly. It's nothing but misandry, lookism and ageism aimed solely at delusional old incels who got sucked into the trannymaxxing bullshit. You never see even the most hardcore TERFs and right-wing transphobes reposting photos of somebody like Blaire White when talking about how disgusting trannies are, even though most of the trannies they bring up are leftists who agree with TERFs on 90% of what they talk about, while Blaire White is pretty much a right-wing extremist by the current standards lol.

Lookism is insanely powerful.

Fundamentalist Mob #fundie #psycho theguardian.com

Mob storms Pakistan police station and lynches man accused of blasphemy

Killing is latest in string of mob attacks against people accused of blasphemy in Muslim-majority country

A mob in eastern Pakistan stormed a police station on Saturday, snatched a Muslim man accused of blasphemy from custody and lynched him, in the country’s latest religion-linked killing.

Muhammad Waris, in his mid-30s, was in police custody in Nankana Sahib, in Punjab province, for desecrating pages of the Qur’an.

“The angry mob stormed the police station using a wooden ladder, dragged him out and beat him to death,” Waqas Khalid, a police spokesperson, told the Guardian. “After lynching, they were still not satisfied and tried to burn his body,” he added.

There have been a number of cases in Muslim-majority Pakistan of angry mob killings of people accused of blasphemy, the most high-profile among them the lynching of a Sri Lankan citizen in 2021.

Video of the incident posted on social media showed hundreds of young people surrounding a police station. There was footage of people dragging a man by his legs in the street, stripping him naked and beating him with metal rods and sticks.

The prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif, condemned the incident and ordered an investigation. “Why didn’t the police stop the violent mob? The rule of law should be ensured,” he said.

International and Pakistani rights groups say blasphemy accusations are mostly used to intimidate religious minorities and settle personal vendettas.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: High School ‘White Power’ Graffiti in Idaho Revealed to Be Hate Crime Hoax

Fake racist comments at college girls’ volleyball games, fake racist graffiti - are there any “racist” incidents that have actually proven to be legitimate lately?

(Yours Truly)
Frankly, I wish there were. That would give me some hope...

Our kids are way too indoctrinated, guilt-shamed, or just flat out intimidated to ever even think of posting any “racist” graffiti.

Heck, probably more than half our kids can only wish that an “evil” “racist” would actually do something like this — but just so they could join with the non-White mob in hysterically denouncing him.

(Darien X)
The "incident to be motivated by hate but rather an act of intimidation between two rival Hispanic criminal street gangs from Caldwell,” the Caldwell Police Department said"

Oh, OK, huuuuuge difference then. No problem, we understand.

(Yours Truly)
It’s really eerie, isn’t it? This one little statement by the CPD illustrates how pervasive the mindset of our overlords actually is; so much so that even law enforcement in Idaho — Idaho! — has swallowed it whole.

Seriously, these people are idiots! Even if we are super-charitable to liberals about the definitions, there’s no way that the total number of alleged “hate killings” by Whites isn’t utterly dwarfed by the number of (non-White) gang-related killings.

And yet our overlords think that White “hate” is the real danger…

What are these losers doing in Idaho???

Losers have an irresistible affinity to winners.

I clearly remember, back in the day, a few decades ago, when Idaho had a reputation as being a hotspot for White Supremacist, notably the northern part, which served as the capital of the Aryan Nations.

Well, either that turned out to be mostly media hype, its members are now too old to scare off unwanted intruders . . . or nothing can dissuade Latinos and other PoCs from venturing into "Virgin Territory".

It was the Aryan Nations compound. There was an incident with some passers-by and A.N. was sued out of existence. I think it was a set- up, cuz ya know, can't have Whites peacefully congregating even in remote corners of the world.

US Anon #conspiracy #pratt #racist boards.4chan.org

Has the thought ever occurred to you that zelenski and putin are both golems of the same puppeteer who started a civil war that is exterminating all these whites

The US deepstate and the freemasons are in on it as well

This. Israel wanted the slavs genocided. Ukraine was designing bioweapons using slav synovial fluid samples and using migratory birds to carry them into Russia. Ukraine got caught. Russia bombs dozens of labs in the first month. The blues, golds, and kikes of the king David lodge tells you exactly which Freemasons were in on it.

Christopher F. Rufo, Wokal Distance & Lvcaſ #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut twitter.com

(Christopher F. Rufo)

Here together are Rufo, Shapiro, and the ten "courageous academics" who endorsed their policy to abolish DEI in higher education. See if anything jumps out.


The desired reaction here is for the left-wing mob to screech "white men bad!," but all I see is "a group of handsome and distinguished gentlemen with good ideas about university governance."

In seriousness: the modern Left truly believes that race is destiny, and that judgement is best dispensed on the basis of collective identity. The attempt to shame people for their ancestry is part of the playbook. A deeply ugly and repellent ideology.

(Wokal Distance)
The left gives with one hand and takes with the other.

They'll say "race is a social construct...it isn't real" when they see fit... but then claim that race is central to everything and in American society and all your beliefs are based on race if you disagree with them.

I’m not sure anybody in that world even claims that anymore.

Just like you don’t hear them talk about tolerance anymore. They just don’t mention it.

Two core ideas that they just dropped quickly and quietly.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

White Renegade of the Year — 2022

The White Renegade of the Year is not the person who is the most anti-white. He is the person who could have done the most good, but instead did the most harm. This year’s winner is Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson had the potential for greatness. Other than Nigel Farage, it was Boris Johnson who delivered victory in the Brexit referendum. His closing speech was magnificent.

Unfortunately, like President Donald Trump, Boris Johnson betrayed those who believed in him. Unlike Donald Trump, Boris Johnson can’t blame saboteurs within his own government and party, a ferociously hostile media, political inexperience, or Big Tech censorship. Whatever Donald Trump’s failings, our former president faced obstacles he never imagined when he descended the escalator in 2015.

Though it was not the sole cause, opposition to mass immigration was an important reason why so many Britons defied the political establishment and voted to leave the European Union.

In 2019, after Brexit, Boris Johnson and the Conservatives ran and won the election on a strong anti-immigration platform. Immigration then increased.

From 2019 to May 2022, visas issued to Indians surged by 164 percent, Pakistanis by 255 percent, and Nigerians by 415 percent.

Brexit voters thought they were limiting immigration; Mr. Johnson expanded immigration beyond the European Union.

Boris Johnson also offered more visas to Indians in exchange for more trade with the former Raj. Indian leaders must hardly believe their good fortune: They can get more economic benefits and more revenge colonization. Though Boris Johnson’s term lies a-moldering in the grave, his agreement marches on, with India and the UK recently striking another deal. The interests of the British people don’t matter.

The Conservative government is now mulling an effort to get “migrants” to move to rural areas to “combat depopulation and replenish ageing communities.” In other words, replace Britons. “So what?” asked former Conservative Health Secretary Sajid Javid when Nigel Farage charged that the people of Britain are being remade. If that’s conservatism, it’s hard to care whether Labour wins the next general election.

Gregory Hood & Ruuben Kaalep #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

An Inspiring Weekend of Camaraderie

Once again, the American Renaissance conference was a smoothly organized weekend of fellowship, keen insights, and inspiration. We met at our usual venue — the lodge at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee — where law enforcement professionals kept demonstrators so far away that most attendees were never even aware of the protest.

Gregory Hood argued that what our movement needs more than anything is a Sorrelian Myth to inspire immediate action for a long-term goal. He said that the question about whether a “white identity” is legitimate is meaningless, because all whites in the West already have a negative white identity forced on them. The question is whether whites will accept this imposed villain status, or whether we will be the heroes in our own story.

He said whites will be treated as whites whether they like it or not. Whites should therefore make this a source of pride rather than shame, and accept the historical challenge to build a new kind of state.

Mr. Hood said that white identity is more vivid than civic identity in North America and Western Europe. Our mission, he said, is to build a Western Civilization-State that would have the explicit purpose of ensuring the physical survival of the white race.

Ruuben Kaalep, a member of the Conservative Party in Estonia and an elected parliamentarian, took a different view.

He passionately defended ethnonationalism and independent nation-states. He said ethnostates are the norm in Eastern Europe. “We are an ethnostate,” he said of Estonia, “and we exist, and we are successful.” He said that the explicit purpose of his nation-state is to ensure the survival of the Estonian people and their culture.

Mr. Kaalep said the Ukrainian struggle against Russia is part of the nationalist struggle. Ukraine, he said, is fighting to take its place among other ethnostates.

Nevertheless, although he insisted that different peoples should have their own states, Mr. Kaalep argued that white nationalists around the world should work together. “Our future is united,” he said, calling for “an alliance between nationalists around the world.”

Orlee Stewart #crackpot #magick youtube.com

LIVE Q&A: succubus spirits, going on your own path, I left the E.O.D., easy witchcraft

I'm Bishop Orlee Stewart, I'm a witch that lives in New Orleans, this is a channel about living a magical life.

I made an announcement that I decided I was going to retire as the Oracle of the Old Ones and a Master for the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

That's because we've been doing so much stuff here in our community in New Orleans that I don't have time to focus on the order's work anymore.

I'm still doing all my normal magic stuff like I always do. I really needed to focus on doing things that we're going to really affect the community here in New Orleans, that's really important to me. What's also been really great is working on my videos, that's what started this channel, so, one of the things that is an ongoing theme is how I sold my soul to Satan, how I work with all these demons, did all kinds of magic spells, what have you, over the years to change my life.

I just decided that the EOD staff was way too much on my plate especially because I was given such an important position of power in that order.

So, Snow White asks, "Is it possible that the succubus would disengage from me because of starting a relationship with a human?"

That's entirely possible.

Now, I always have to preface talking about these spirits in your own unique situation so, like, I do not know the exact kind of succubus spirit that you have. The spirits that are the easiest to attract to you, they're the easiest to come by, are typically going to be the spirits of the dead. The Hungry Dead, who really enjoy to interact with us and feed off our energy and give love and attention to us, but they also can be extremely jealous. So, if you get with another person, those kind, they could even haunt that person. They could cause problems for you.

That's not the kind of spirit that I work with. It can be quite dangerous for people to work with those kinds of spirits, especially if it's a spirit of someone that you know that has passed away, they can be like literally trying to drag you to the grave to be with them.

surreal #psycho #sexist #wingnut incels.is

After graduating in Iran, foids get paid fully but men won't be allowed to work and get paid NONE because of mandatory military

"muh Iran is based and fights degeneracy and feminism"

Because of mandatory military service for men, I will have to work with absolutely ZERO pay for 2-4 years after graduating while my foid classmates will get paid FULLY

Also foids are almost always preferred in job interviews for comfy desk jobs

Muslim countries are anything but anti feminism, 90% of men are worker bees and cannon fodders, only the top men get to experience the "basedness" you retards talk about

I will most likely blow my brains out when they give me the Kalashnikov rifle in the training

Might unironically go ER (Emergency Room)

fucking brutal. Most "based" countries are basically shitholes unless ur rich. This is true in the west too but less

traditional countries are basically even worse for men in many cases nowadays. Traditional country normally means poor and broke. And men do all the labor, foids leech off em completely.

And you know what's funny? because of media influence the average poverty shitskin foid in 2023 has the same looks standards as western foids in top of expecting men to pay for her everything

But most won't end up with chad because they're subhuman themselves also there aren't many chads here, in the past they settled but now they're perfectly happy staying single forever because of job opportunities

who will actually be doing the fighting.

subhumans, while foids flee to other countries to get fucked by foreigners

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: California District Administrator Calls for ‘Privileged White Voices’ to Be Banned From Influencing Ethnic Studies Curriculum


She also urged against changes that would include Jewish-American studies.

A pro-Palestinian advocate, Shoman said she wholeheartedly disagreed with the choice to include Jewish people in ethic studies under the Asian American and Pacific Islander categories.

‘This is grossly inaccurate, and has no institutional history,’ she said.

American Jews love immigration for the U.S. but not for Israel.

It would appear from the article that immigrants have no love for Jews living in this country.

How they are affected has nothing to do with us whatsoever. We’re concerned about our own European kith and kin and the opinions and repercussions against these middle easterners is of no concern to us. I want nothing to do with either of them.

Notice how Nadler and Schumer immediately blamed US for the Chinese New Years shooting?

(Sith Warrior)

‘The proposed revisions privileges terms like “multiple perspectives,” “diversity,” “all students” and “broad range of groups” undermining the primary focus on the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) communities that compose over 80 percent of California’s student population,’ Shoman wrote in the email.

Well, my opinion is that if we do not have our voices, they should not have our tax money.

White supremacy generally refers to Europeans having power in their own countries which is of course bad to them.

The problem is that all white countries have an abundance of Magic Dirt. You move there, you automatically get rich. Non-white countries are full of Tragic Dirt. Move there and you become poor, dysfunctional, and a crime victim.

Whites are evil because they horde all the Magic Dirt.

The current curriculum is very anti-White. The new curriculum is only different in that it will add Jews to the officially oppressed groups about which students must feel guilt. I cannot imagine she is calling Jewish voices "privileged" (although they got the curriculum re-done) so what, exactly, is she whining about?

wdcipher #dunning-kruger #transphobia #wingnut reddit.com

RE: GFP released list of strongest armies in Europe for 2023, certain artist is rolling in his grave


Hard times, Create stronk men (and femboys)

See its basic math, in order to create a population of strong men, you need to make part o male population into femboys and focus their masculinity taken from those femboys directly into the remianing men. This will create a perfectly balanced male population. Now repeat the smae process, except with women and you create the perfect state of being.

Romanian Anon #psycho #racist #wingnut boards.4channel.org

Nah fuck that.As a romanian i admire the Serbian spirit,we compromised with Russia and Ukraine and lost territories forever.
We should've at least fought for them.
The ideal balkan mindset is the Serbilioner sigma grind-set,you either get to genocide all the invaders(yes this includes the women and children)or you get genocided yourself.
There should be no compromise when it comes to your fatherland.
This is why what the US did was especially homosexual,they should've left the war run its course even if it took 50 years,let gods will be done.

Sneir #psycho #sexist incels.is



Dr. Debra Soh #ableist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #enbyphobia #pratt #sexist #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

Gender ideology is a form of grooming.

Conspiracy theorists are the ones who are paying attention.

If you can count to two, you know how many genders there are.

When the entire process thus far has been corrupt, I fully expect any “investigation” into it to also be corrupt.

Keep sex offenders out of women’s spaces.

Gender self-identification was designed to be exploited.

Biological sex is immutable. There’s nothing to debate.

The he/him “allies” are always the most insufferable.

The word ”woman” is being redefined in the name of stealing our opportunities and trophies.

Parents pushing transition need a psych evaluation.

Detransition will soon be more common than transition. That’s my prediction.

Autism, sexual assault, and being gay are the real reasons girls are transitioning.

SeetheBot9000 #quack #sexist incels.is

Vaccine made my aunt less sexy.

My aunt was so fucking hot. In her 30s but looking all of 20, petite but shortstack with plump tits and an absolutely PHAT apple shaped ass. Coomed to the fantasy of fucking her many times. Then she got the vaccine and it fucked her over and made her get ill and lose all her weight and now she looks her age and also doesn't have big phat apple dumpy anymore.

Guest #god-complex #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: German Green Party Replaces Its Own White Male Justice Minister With Black Female Who Has No Law Degree or Political Experience

In the West, many of the White males who sign up for the agenda of multiculturalism, progressivism, and open borders are finding that they are too White and too male to be of use to the socio-political system any longer.

The latest case in Germany highlights this trend, where the Green party dismissed its own justice minister, Dirk Adams, in the German state of Thuringia.

What can one even comment on this kind of thing anymore? White people who are on board with any of this are unquestionably in favor of their own complete and total eradication as well as for a far worse world for all of humanity where the entire globe mirrors the kind of chaos, violence and dysfunction of Africa (or a mixture of Africa/Central America/The Middle East).

It's beyond clear that a large portion of Whites have an open death wish and want nothing more than to see Western Civilization be destroyed... Their anti "racism" is so hypocritical that they seriously cannot actually believe at this point they are the "anti-racists"... It's obvious they are flat out anti-White and thus are openly and proudly racist...

The dynamics of this whole situation are just mind boggling from:

How we have gotten to a point where the people who have lifted the human condition far more than all others combined and are the first and only people in human history to seriously give two cares about the well being of other groups and have provided others with more aid than all others combined and opened their doors to the most advanced civilizations in human history that they solely created to allow others to live vastly better lives than they would in their own nations are now considered the lone bad guys and all levels of society insist they be replaced by those who have failed everywhere...

Then the most glaring issue of WHY Whites have allowed all of this to transpire in the first place which one could write about for days...

The sheer lunacy is just beyond description...

To be on the opposing side of this issue one is either ignorant to the nth degree or is flat out evil...

Wokal Distance #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

The woke gender theorists think they are special and have access to knowledge the rest of us don't have.

Gender theorists think the rest of use have been brainwashed by society into thinking all humans are either male or female.

Woke Gender theorists think that all of society was created by straight white males to advance the goals, prestige, power, privilege, and interests of straight white males, and for that reason literally everything in society is "structured" to advance the interests of straight white males.

Everything. Hockey, buildings, McDonalds, The English language, roads and highways, the sewer system, lightposts...everything in society is built for the benefit of straight white males.

They woke gender theorists think that because, in their view, everything in society is built by and for straight white males, everything in society either implicitly or explicitly perpetuates the assumptions and ideas of straight white males...even if no one else is aware that this perpetuation of straight male ideas is happening.

Robin Diangelo uses similar reasoning when talking about race in the clip below. She says it's impossible not to have a racist worldview if you're white.

Everyone is asleep at the wheel, casually being socialized into straight male idea...but the woke gender theorists are "awake" and they can see what's going on.

In other words you need the special knowledge only the woke have.

So because they think they have special knowledge no one else has they want to spread it...but they also think most people are to brainwashed to be able to understand.

But you know which group has NOT been fully socialized yet?


They want your kids, introduced to, or "initiated" into their way of thinking so woke ideas have a chance to take root in the mind of your child before his mind is fully formed.

It is about introducing their woke ideology to the kids, and initiating them into the woke way of thinking at an early age while the child is still developing.

They want to make sure your child is brought into the circle of woke people who have "woken up" to the fact society is all built by and for straight men, and they want to "wake up" your child as well.

This is what is going on.

Charlie Cheon et al. #wingnut youtube.com

(Charlie Cheon)
What are We Doing to White People?

I talk about the rising tide of racial hatred against White people that some are refusing to acknowledge is happening. Six minutes of this sixteen minute video is a compilation of what people are saying about White people online. Take a look for yourself, and ask yourself: where is all of this going? We can take a peek into the future by examining what is going on in this cultural climate: segregation and hatred of White people, sanctioned by government and law.

As a black woman I have been ostracized and insulted by people who were supposed to be my friends of years, just for having an opinion that their views of white people is really extreme. Thank you for making this video.

As a white guy, I lost hope years ago when I noticed which way the wind was blowing. Didn't think there'd ever be any notable push-back against it with how entrenched the casual hatred has become. This video is honestly a breath of fresh air I didn't know how much I needed.

I’m so glad you made this video, I’m a Scottish white male, I’m 27 years old & the amount of hate I’ve received especially from American people is insane you’d think I personally ran the slave trade.

Watching this on the verge of tears due to the discrimination I've gotten and been called a racist for just saying that they're discriminating against me, it's so painful to sit there and someone tell you that they can't be racist to you

Wow, never had anyone stand up for my race. This feels like an alternate timeline. I have spent my whole life feeling guilty for just existing

Thank you for saying this. I am 61 and can’t believe what we are going through. My name being Karen, adds to the harassment I have received. But I will take this over what my poor little white grandchildren who are being taught CRT in. A school that is only 15% white. My 10 year old granddaughter was groped by a boy and called names for being white.

As a white teen myself, I had some awareness, but did not know it was this serious. Not surprising, history repeats itself constantly.

Anonymous #ableist #conspiracy #fundie #quack boards.4channel.org

The vaxx is killing all who take it. Are you guys ready for stage 2? You might not like it..


Yeah it’s gonna get ugly in a few years, maybe sooner. They’ll let chaos run wild for a bit then swoop in and save the remaining survivors and give them a one world government under the guise of “bringing light” and telling us these people suppressed a bunch of hidden knowledge, we’re actually god, yadda yadda until the mark is introduced. Just stay strong and trust in Christ and you’ll be fine. The whole “great deception” is based around the fact that they’ll plunge the world into darkness, just to come and save us and turn you away from God. Sneaky fuckers those satanists. While we’re here, can reincarnation exist within the confines of Christianity, and if so why would people be trapped here after they take the mark? I have a bunch of autistic theories about this and might dump all of this shit here for the hell of it

Scarlett Johnson #racist #transphobia twitter.com

How is this hateful content @elonmusk?



“Abby Martinez tried to fight back when a Los Angeles school, county social workers, and a group sought to transition her confused 15-year-old daughter. But once Yaeli Martinez was moved into foster care and later injected with testosterone, the heartbroken mother could only watch helplessly as the girl spiraled into depression that ended when she stepped in front of an oncoming train.”

The woke have every reason to be concerned when Latinas like myself expose the truth.
Traditional Hispanic families are not able to be manipulated by white guilt, so they will not sit quietly as their children are indoctrinated into a cult that rejects biological realities.

turbosperg #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.is

RE: 12 year old whore sends 9 year old brother to meet god


This is how much foids hate incels.

Yup, once foids hits puberty the mere sight of them sets them off, feel bad for any incels with older sisters, they probably beat the shit out of them


This is what happened:

1. The foid hit puberty.
2. Her hormones tell her brain to seek Chad's sperm to impregnate her.
3. Her hormones make her extremely disgusted of sub-Chad males, whose sperm threaten her drive to be impregnated by Chad. (if the roastie gets impregnated by a subhuman, it becomes less likely she will later score a Chad).
4. Foids feels the impulse to seek Chad and eliminate sub-Chad males from her vicinity.
5. Foid has poor impulse control due to being raised as an entitled princess.
6. Foid has incorporated all the cultural memes about males being worthless and disposable.
7. One night, when ovulating, her hormones are especially out of whack. She feels an irresistible urge to seek Chad and avoid sub-Chad males.
8. Foid has no option of moving out of the house, her strong drive to avoid of sub-Chad genes in her vicinity takes the form of murder.

Obviously, soyciety will say this is all the fault of incels. But we know better.

Pepe Escobar #conspiracy #moonbat unz.com

Why the CIA Attempted a 'Maidan Uprising' in Brazil

A former US intelligence official has confirmed that the shambolic Maidan remix staged in Brasilia on 8 January was a CIA operation, and linked it to the recent attempts at color revolution in Iran.

According to the US source, the reason for staging the operation – which bears visible signs of hasty planning – now, is that Brazil is set to reassert itself in global geopolitics alongside fellow BRICS states Russia, India, and China.

Algeria, Argentina, Iran have already applied to join the BRICS with further interest expressed by Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Indonesia.

The US source drew a parallel between the CIA’s Maidan in Brazil and a series of recent street demonstrations in Iran instrumentalized by the agency as part of a new color revolution drive.

Ukraine is a black hole – where NATO faces a humiliation that will make Afghanistan look like Alice in Wonderland. A feeble EU being forced by Washington to de-industrialize and buy US Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) at absurdly high cost has no essential resources for the Empire to plunder.

Geoeconomically, that leaves the US-denominated “Western Hemisphere,” especially immense energy-rich Venezuela as the key target. And geopolitically, the key regional actor is Brazil.

The amateurish nature of 8 January in Brasilia suggests CIA planners got lost in their own plot. The whole farce had to be anticipated because of Pozsar’s report, which everyone-who-matters has read across the New York-Beltway axis.

What is clear, is that for some factions of the powerful US establishment, getting rid of Trump at all costs is even more crucial than crippling Brazil’s role in BRICS+.

The future, unfortunately, is ominous. The US establishment will not allow Brazil, the BRICS economy with the best potential after China, to be back in business with full force and in synch with the Russia-China strategic partnership.

Straussian neo-cons and neoliberals, certified geopolitical jackals and hyenas, will get even more ferocious as the “G7 of the East,” Brazil included, moves to end the suzerainty of the US dollar as imperial control of the world vanishes.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

The Flight from White

Hispanics are rushing for the doors.

Charles Murray recently posted this graph based on data taken from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.


He thought it was remarkable that suddenly in 2020, millions of Hispanics stopped identifying as white.

He wasn’t the only one who noticed. The Los Angeles Times asked, “Why did so few Latinos identify themselves as white in the 2020 census?”

In 2014, the New York Times ran the opposite headline: “More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White.” The article went on to say that “if Hispanics ultimately identify as white Americans, then whites will remain the majority for the foreseeable future.”

How nice. If enough Mexicans and Salvadorans say they’re white, America will stay white forever.

So, back to why Hispanics are suddenly refusing to be white. The authors of that LA Times article think the reason could be “a xenophobic political climate that has made many Latinos aware that whiteness may not be easily within their reach.”


Black-and-brown unity is fantasy, of course, but Hispanics have surely tumbled to the fact that being brown makes you a cherished diversity asset, and that the race that is supposed to be lathered with privilege has become the national whipping boy.

Who on earth would want to be white if he had any other choice, with every institution giving you a leg-up for not being white, and people at Harvard trying to abolish the white race?

Some people abolish the white race, beginning with themselves. You remember Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal, but what about Jennifer Benton?

Professor Jessica Krug of George Washington University got caught because she couldn’t decide if she was Algerian or Caribbean.

Just last week, a “queer indigenous artist” who made up an unpronounceable Injun name for herself, turned out to be white.

All these people — and plenty more — knew they’d be better off being anything — anything — but white.

White privilege? Hispanics want none of it. A la mierda eso, as they might very sensibly say.

Various Kiwifarmers #psycho #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

(The Magnificence)

There needs to be some "female socialization" etiquette guide for this population.

You can, at least to a degree, teach "Mean Girl;" "Shade," however, cannot be taught. And very, very few men innately know how to throw it. And most of those men are black and/or gay.

I don't think it's socialization. Women just speak in high context, men don't. These troons remind me of guys who say "I once met a woman at a party and she asked me back to her place to watch Indiana Jones and I said no because I hate Indiana Jones. Five years later I realize what she was actually saying."


T4T dating event on the HER app canceled “due to a lack of interest”


post was quickly deleted before more mask-off uncomfortable truths could be posted.

Wow Hetero men don't want to date other men. In other news, water is wet.

And yet, if a bio woman said she only wanted women not a man or a trans woman she would be banned so fast it would make your head spin. For fuck sake, they don't even see each other as women. When is society going to stop collectively pretending this is legit?

(Sexual Chocolate)
Sadly, we can only imagine what fuglies and swamp-ma'ams woulda shown up to that thing. In olden - and therefore based - times, a PT Barnum or a Jerry Springer would be on that like a dog in a bowl of stew


(Big Al's Famous Pork)
Transgender Woman interview-Taryn

This piece of absolute human garbage has fathered 10 kids! 10 drug addicted babies he has jizzed into the world!!! Every single one was taken by CPS.. holy shit. Give me all your top hats because this made me want to punch the internet.

(Pitbull Victim)
I have no idea what is more nightmarish: what you mentioned, his Crusader Kings-ass family tree where his grandpa trooned out and married his own son, or how his wife would suffer worsening brain damage with each pregnancy but he kept impregnanting her until she ended up a vegetable.

These people need to be spayed and neutred.

EverlyB #dunning-kruger #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

There needs to be some "female socialization" etiquette guide for this population. I'm sure a portion of the disconnect is straight-up from being cognitively more masculine (especially in AGPs who saw women as unattainable lust objects rather than peers until very recently), but the specifics of mature intrasexual communication within a culture are things that women took years to pick up on. The "out-of-proportion compliment = insult" lesson is one that can take some time for us to figure out.

For their sake, and especially women's, they ought to know...

The way you can get away with acting as a blatantly non-threatening gay man (campy, clownish, joking crudely) is going to look like mockery if you now do it claiming to be a woman. (Hi, Dylan Mulvaney.)

If you wouldn't have the balls to say something to a woman while you were passing as a straight man out of fear of looking like a creep, don't say it now. For all you know, you're still a man to her.

Go ahead and try on the youthful looks you find cute and show them off to your thirsty e-communities in the privacy of your own home, but if you want to be taken seriously as an adult woman out in the world, dress your age.

If you're going to be interacting with a woman on a long-term basis, as part of a workplace or social circle, her compliments to you are communicating less about you and more about her. She wants you to know she's not a threat, not a bigot.

Don't act like you can relate with women regarding ANYTHING bodily. They share the experience of female puberty in their youth and the effects of a female reproductive system to this day; you and other transfeminine individuals share the experience of living with a male reproductive system and seeing the effects of exogenous hormones in adulthood. Anything in common is only superficial. Women don't want to hear about your "second puberty" the way you tell other troons about it, and they don't want you eavesdropping on their private talk about their own bodies (which even so, are not trivial conversations any woman can share with any woman).

Anonymous #crackpot #magick #ufo boards.4channel.org


These are photographs of aliens from Dr. Steven Greer.

One of them is a plasma alien.

Some aliens are non-corporal interdimensional beings.

Most gray aliens are presumed to be nanobot synthetic lifeform black project robots.

They all use mind over matter physics similar to the gateway process.

Reality is a hyperdimensional consciousness field that allows astral projection, teleportation, telepathy, non-locality, telekinesis, manifestation, and zero-point energy.

It is all electromagnetic and quantum.

This is how UFOs and synthetic telepathy operate.

Electromagnetic gravitics, electromagnetic zero-point energy extraction, electromagnetic quantum consciousness, electromagnetic EEG access pulses.

Parallel dimensions and other universes are expected.

CantEscapeYourFate #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist incels.is

I wish white people never colonized the world

I could be chilling in the wilderness right now living a simple happy life were me and my tribal brothers hunt hogs all day then go home and dick down our big booty tribal women in mudhuts after they cook us a full course meal.


Now I'm too civilized and can't live a life like that. Now I have to rely on the white people for everything and be treated like a monkey wherever I go.


White people robbed us of true happiness.

Worst thing was importing these niggers from Africa

I thought with your high IQs you would've known better than to drag us into your countries. Now we commit crimes and rape your women hahaha sweet revenge

Yes, Europeans are so smart yet retarded at the same time. "Hurr durr niggers are stupid apes that ruin our country" then we shouldn't have imported them to our country as slaves. "Hurr durr africans/abbos/natives are so uncivilized" then we shouldn't have invaded their land to force them to partake in civilization. Why not let them live like savages again?

True white people are cucks for letting us invade their territory

If the White man didn't take me out of Africa I wouldn't have known non-sheboon toilets existed. This sounds like a living nightmare. Imagine the only toilets you can sleep with are Black, pure vomitfuel.

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Matt Walsh #elitist #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

Extremely honored to have earned the Transphobe of the Year award from @newrepublic. I want to thank everyone who supported me in pursuit of this goal. I don’t do it for the accolades, but I’m grateful and humbled to receive them.


“One man stands out from the crowd” — The New Republic

In a year where the Transgender Day of Remembrance was marked by a mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, one man stands out from the crowd of online right-wing personalities fearmongering against trans people: Matt Walsh.

Bio is updated

Dmitry Medvedev & Elon Musk #dunning-kruger #wingnut twitter.com

(Dmitry Medvedev)
On the New Year’s Eve, everybody’s into making predictions

Many come up with futuristic hypotheses, as if competing to single out the wildest, and even the most absurd ones.

Here’s our humble contribution.

What can happen in 2023:

1. Oil price will rise to $150 a barrel, and gas price will top $5.000 per 1.000 cubic meters

2. The UK will rejoin the EU

3. The EU will collapse after the UK’s return; Euro will drop out of use as the former EU currency

4. Poland and Hungary will occupy western regions of the formerly existing Ukraine

5. The Fourth Reich will be created, encompassing the territory of Germany and its satellites, i.e., Poland, the Baltic states, Czechia, Slovakia, the Kiev Republic, and other outcasts

6. War will break out between France and the Fourth Reich. Europe will be divided, Poland repartitioned in the process

7. Northern Ireland will separate from the UK and join the Republic of Ireland

8. Civil war will break out in the US, California. and Texas becoming independent states as a result. Texas and Mexico will form an allied state. Elon Musk’ll win the presidential election in a number of states which, after the new Civil War’s end, will have been given to the GOP

9. All the largest stock markets and financial activity will leave the US and Europe and move to Asia

10. The Bretton Woods system of monetary management will collapse, leading to the IMF and World Bank crash. Euro and Dollar will stop circulating as the global reserve currencies. Digital fiat currencies will be actively used instead

Season greetings to you all, Anglo-Saxon friends, and their happily oinking piglets!

(Elon Musk)
Epic thread!!

Feminism Sucks! #crackpot #elitist #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

The EU was made to dilute the Jew population and reduce the number of virgins in Europe

When I say Jew, I mean the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people known as the race Celtic really are. They call us Celtic like we are some sportsball team, but we are actually Jew. This is who our people are.

The EU was made to bring endless numbers of Chewbaccastani rapefugees into Europe, and thus, make it even harder for European men to find a virgin bride.

This is an especially perilous situation for Ireland and Scotland, DNA studies prove we are the purest European race with the smallest amount of Mediterranean Wog or Slavic Finnic blood in us. We also have a small population, so even a relatively modest number of uitlanders in our homelands can quickly destabilize our ethnic matrix.

They also bring their barbarous cultures to our lands, and dilute who we really are. They seem to really have a taste for Our White Women, and many of said Females want to fuck them to prove that they are tolerant and multicultural and not racist.

I'm not saying that sending the uitlanders back and purifying our "Celtic" (in actuality Jew) land would solve all of our problems, but a removal of uitlanders combined with a return to traditional Christian morality would greatly reduce the number of sluts, and far more females would be marrying a man when they are at their peak fertility age of 15-17, and then, we could have wives who are submissive both in the home, in the bedroom, and in the economy.

Oh it was nice when you Scots were busy emmigrating to Rhodesia and fcuking black virgins there. Now when the process you fought and bled for is on your dorrstep now you complain.

See your life, proud of Ian Smith Celtic man ready to fight and die against niggers to have sex with their women and shieeeet but now complaining when the system you created is coming home.

Whites peaked at 7% of Rhodesia, whereas Ireland is now ~20% uitlander, Brits are a minority in London, the same with Frenchmen in Paris.

Also, sex between White men and black women in Rhodesia was a rare occurrence - the Rhodesian pioneers were devout Christians who frowned upon having affairs with random local women.