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Q: Are you a Christian Order or Religious Organization?

A: We are NOT Christian and our Entire Society is also Not Christian. We are a Pagan Fraternal Order and do not believe in organized forms of Worship, such as the Abrahamic Faiths do. In our view, Christianity is an aberration of Spirit. A foreign influence that has encapsulated Europeans in general, but our focus on its destruction lay more on the effects it has brought people of Germany and Baltic Nations. We encourage our Volk to return to their Pagan roots in accordance with Nature’s Demand, away from Manmade Belief systems which have unnatural philosophies and with fake morals and fake hearts which teach philosophies which can only be innate in an individual, but never learned. Return to our Pagan Spirituality is the natural course of Evolution and Renaissance of our Volk.

Q: Does the PSA Promote Odin [WOTAN] or other Norse Religions?

A: Our Society does not Promote Odin Worship, Asatru, or any of these Norse Religions.

Norse Belief systems are at odds with our Practices and Beliefs, because they promote Equality with Women, and sometimes, the Women having a higher status over the Man.

Q: Are you Atheists?

A: No, we are not Atheists, as we do believe in God. However the God-Force and Concept of God in general that we believe in is completely different than Abrahamic Religions, as well as the Buddhists and any Manmade Religion.

Q: Can Atheists join your Organization?

A: Atheists are not welcome into our Society. We view Atheists to also be a religious cult in and of itself, and that they have a worldly agenda of their own, especially in their aim to promote World Communism. Our Society does not promote religious dogma to our Members.

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The Fem’nist Burden: A Satire in the Style of “The White Man’s Burden”

Take up the fem’nist burden!

Assemble women white!

SJWs gather!

Come all ye full of spite

To whine and moan and grumble

About how nothing’s right;

To preach non-stop on justice,

While that’s just what you fight!

Take up the fem’nist burden!

Impose your creed by force!

Decorum’s deconstructed:

Go on, be rude and coarse!

All reason’s patriarchal:

Forget debate—denounce!

Dwell not on means or scruples,

For it’s the goal that counts!

Take up the fem’nist burden—

To spread the faith world-wide

And leave no people helpless,

Though they should run and hide!

Usurp their identity

And colonize anew!

Their culture needs some changing—

A couple wars should do!

Take up the fem’nist burden

And put our minds at ease,

Lest anyone among you

Cis-gendered men appease

By judging based on merit,

Against express decrees

That only race and gender

Ought good employers please!

Take up the fem’nist burden

To rid the world of art,

Replacing every beauty

With some new, stinking fart

Of high-pitched propaganda

To teach us how to act:

Submit to every woman,

Ignore all trace of fact!

Take up the fem’nist burden:

In chastity remain!

Go sacrifice the fam’ly

And parity obtain!

A child needs not a mother—

The help will more than do!

Or better: turn the tables!

Make men the mothers too!

Take up the fem’nist burden!

No loft’yer mountain climb,

No truth or right make sacred,

Before our creed sublime.

Rewrite the books of hist’ry,

All science reconstruct,

To suit our plans for others—

The facts & rights be f****ed!

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We know for facts that: 1. Most people who were listed on the death certificates as dying from COVID actually passed away from co-morbidities and/or other causes. 2. We also know most people who were listed as having died from COVID were actually killed by the unsound treatments they received. Therefore, they were actually 'euthanized'.

Thinking organized 'euthanizing' began here in America well over a century ago, at about the same time certain 'immigrant doctors' began arriving from eastern europe after the civil war here in America. Now, look at the deaths and other issues being caused by the so-called COVID 'vaccines'.

82 was the average age of a "Covid" death in Britain, and I'm sure it was pretty similar in the United States. It was mainly people already living on borrowed time and Covid was just a modest ailment which finally did them in.

I read where the authorities in North America and Europe followed the same corrupt WHO guidelines. Many elderly people for sure and the vast majority had co-morbidities that were the primary killer.

PCR tests have always been completely unreliable. Many people killed in traffic deaths: COVID. Murdered by gunfire: COVID. Fell off of building during a construction accident: COVID and so forth. Completely insane here in North America.

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Q: Are you Freemasons or do you have Freemasons among your Membership?

A: No, and Absolutely Not! Freemasons are not only expressly prohibited from Membership and any Involvement with our Society, but they remain as our most grave world enemies and rivals, but also they are the enemy of Mankind. Even a former Freemason will never be tolerated among our ranks. Anyone who is found to join Freemasonry or any Christian or any other unauthorized society which is against the interest of our Society, will be considered as having committed “treason” and is subject to punishment.

Q: Are Women Welcome to be a Supporter or Member of your Organization?

A: Yes they are. The only conditions you have is that as a Woman in our organization, you will not be permitted to be in occupancy in ranks of Leadership or Political Decisions, or anything pertaining to Militaristic Affairs.

Q: Do you believe in Evolution of Humanity?

A: We do not believe in the Evolutionary Theories, they are all false and are easily debunked.

Q: Prussians were always fervently religious, what causes you to break with the Prussian Tradition of Protestant/Lutheran creed?

A: We recognize all forms of Christianity to be antithetical to our Real Heritage and the proper development of our people. Abrahamic religions belong to the Hebrews. If you are not of Hebrew Origins, believing in their religious paths makes you spiritually a Hebrew. Modern Germans must decide whether they are a Hebrew or a German, and to follow their native religion. Today, the people who are descendants of Prussians are not aware of the Prussian Spirit and how it makes us different from other Germans and world’s people, so they are not aware of the significance.

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Re: So called "comedy" show, 'A Little Late with Lilly Singh', trashes white people

She hates whites. No one should ever donate to any cause she is a part of. Her attitude sucks. No wonder the Chinese can't stand these people.

Thanks for sharing these links, LoveTheWhites. The reasons her show failed are twofold: 1) Women simply can't cut it as comediennes. They just aren't funny. Never have been; and, 2) Immigrant and coloured women are even less funny than their White counterparts. I'm glad her show failed. Looks good on her anti-White azz.

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After many years I took my revenge on one of my bully

This guy tormented me back in high school. He worked as a barman in a fancy big bar in my native city (over 1+million citizens) and he bragged about it on his Instagram and said he met so many girls thanks to his job. I wanted to get back at him from the hell he caused me during high school so I devised a plan. You can write reviews on that bar and in the last 3 years I created more than 20 gmail accounts and slowly started to review random places with them to appear like legit accounts. I made 70% of the fake accounts female. After at least 5-6 months since I started the accounts and each account had already more than 20 reviews I posted a review about the bar. Of course not all at the same....each every month or two. I'm doing this since almost 3 years. I rated the bar with one star with each account and in all of them I made clear the reason was a bigot, misogynist, sexually aggressive and rude barman describing in detail the barman I was referring to. As I said I made most of these comment as a female so to compound the damage.

After all this time I finally won, the guy got fired last week. Getting revenge is a very sweet feeling, especially after all this time passed (more than 10 years). He probably doesn't even remember me anymore, but that bastard forgot that it's never too late to fight back, especially now thanks to Internet. I feel so happy now, it's like a huge burden exited my body. Of course if he get another job I'll keep writing bad reviews about him in that bar too, but I doubt he get another one....words spread and nobody want a barman accused by multiple females (ie my fake accounts) of being a dangerous sexual predator.

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I noticed the other teacher post here and figured it was only right I contribute! After discovering blogs like yours I started wearing lower cut tops on Video calls to please the whiter children in my class. whenever I had an opportunity to call them one-on-one I would shower them in compliments bordering on the edge of what a Teacher should be saying to her students. I want to be a good mommy figure for my white boys ♥️♥️

Conversely, the niggers in my class have become such a fucking EYESORE, at least the one chink is able to be quiet and finish work without bothering me, but the monkeys keep giving me reason to discipline them and it's so dangerous! I nearly slipped up and called one uppity in the middle of a class and I've never felt so good.

(88 forever)
on the one hand, i think we need more teachers like this, on the other hand, i think there are more and more every day...

Asian teacher here, hopping on the teacher confessions bandwagon. The amount of restraint I need to exercise to stop myself from fucking my white students before they graduate is insane. I love dressing sexy for them and feeling their eyes on me in class. It turns me on so much when I overhear them talking about wanting to fuck my little asian ass. I've let so many of them get away with groping me. I can't wait for the school year to be over so I can help them "celebrate" their graduation!

(88 forever)
those boys have been in online class, quarantine and lockdown for a long time, i expect this year's graduates to have a lot of pent-up libido for you!

Noodlewhore #psycho looksmax.org

OP is a pathetic bitch for holding a grudge for years and using slander and reputation destruction to get revenge like a woman. He is to blame for not standing up for himself & punching the guy when it mattered.

Bullshit, those are the weapons that high IQ people use. In my company you advance by damaging the reputation of your colleagues and creating alliances with the senior managers. What you said is impossible, it wasn't just a guy, you would have had to punch 50 extremely low inhibition thugs most of whom carried brass knuckles JFL try do that in real life. You either go ER with an assault rifle or you take your revenge using your brain.

What the fuck kinda highschool you go to that's run by thugs jfl?

Went to high school in Italy, the bullies were a lot and they had very extensive networks of friends (other thugs from other schools) who wouldn't have thought twice about smashing your head if you dared to say anything to one of their friend. Those weren't mellow "gonna be ivy leaguer", they were thugs from troubles families. You couldn't punch them in the face without ending up beaten up.

But that doesn't mean they are untouchable. You can still destroy them through other means. I made one of them broke up with his sweetheart from high school JFL, they were together for 7 years...probably would have ended up married but I made her believe he cheated on her with multiple girls. All thanks to my fake IG's accounts I created.

I'm not stopping here. Will keep ruining their life on every occasion I have, they are too dumb to hit back and after all those years they don't have the big networks of friends they had in high school. I also have plenty of money now. Over for them.

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RE: Watch: Israel's Iron Dome destroys Palestinian rocket barrage

Keep arming both sides until they kill every last man, woman and child, joo and muzzie both.

Never had any interest in the semitic squabble, never will.

Those who defend muzzies have no sense of history. There was a time when they were a far greater threat to us than the jews are today, long before there was an Israel or a USA for that matter.

Some of us will never forget. We know the atrocities islam has committed in the name of their "prophet" (Piss Be Upon Him).

these were Turks and Moors not Palestinians! Are you autistic or just a Hollywood-nazi? Should a swedish paganist hate polish christians because his ancestors were slaughtered by christians?

The people living in Palestine today are NOT THE ORIGINAL INHABITANTS OF THE AREA. They are the mongrelized descendants of turk and arab INVADERS with traces of the ancestral peoples of the Levant.

They have no more claim to the land than the jews. A squatter squabble of no interest to WHITES.

Quit worrying about people who have no concern for us, aside from what they can steal from this country.

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HK TVB promoting WMAF

Before I get nuked for "posting native Asian" content, this shit is global; lots of Asian Americans watch TVB too.

TVB is the prime TV channel of Hong Kong and produces lots of shows for local consumption, however, it also produces lots of content, like "marrying to the world" which mainly showcases XMAF.

many pro-beijingers are just as west-worshipping as pro-democracy joshua wongers

Lol, TVB is a mouthpiece for the CCP. Real Hong Kongers don't even watch TVB anymore.

doesn't matter if they're ccp mouthpiece, they're cucked that's what matters

It’s an epidemic, and if you think it’s due to “White worshipping” or “self hate” you’re living in resentment. Is the [x]-race of males engaging in self hate when they see our women as trophies and conquests? I did a full breakdown of this phenomenon and the mods refused it to be posted, because it would bring “disharmony”.

The longer we ignore the genetic, psychological causes for this that manifests “solely” in one part of our sex - Asian men do not behave this way - you will stumble through life in rage and ignorance.


Didn't Jackie Chan have the same retarded mindset promoting XMAF. People will try to do deny it but there is rampant colonized white worship all over east asia in tv, fashion, etc

Yes, he said that to spread chinese culture around the world he would encourage foreigners to marry chinese women. He’s never had a problem getting AFs, so he’s clueless of WMAF dynamics. Same with these local media producers (I don’t think it’s white worship in that they think WMAF is good per se, they just don’t see the harm in it, and think it’s an interesting novelty)

disciple4life #dunning-kruger #racist stormfront.org

Idea on how to stop race mixing in part

1. Create a website celebrating every race. Detail their unique traits and history. Use science , like Klassen did in his book Nature’s Eternal Religion, to show sub-species do not mix.

2. Create a dating website for each race. Also create Twitter and Facebook accounts for each site.

3. Create 100 Twitter account that agree with and promote the above websites.

4. Create a listing on each site to hire people to make videos. Use these actors to make videos pushing for race separation in breeding.

5. The dating websites will link to the website on the science of racial separation.

6. The owner’s name must be hidden.

“Why hide your name”

Well if they see a white guy, especially a white nationalist, owning all these sites they’ll figure out the motivations.

I don’t have the money to do this. The sites would need a professional web designer.

There are ppl here who do.

Whoever owns the sites will profit in off of them.

I could write then content about the uniqueness of each race. Also the history.

Winterheart #racist #sexist stormfront.org

RE: Olivia Rodrigo reveals details about the letter Taylor Swift sent regarding debut of her single Drivers License

Taylor Swift endorses more white genocide. The lyrics and video of Driver's License are about a young woman heartbroken because the negro she loves is dating a young blonde woman.

Does this song endorse White Genocide? The song seems to view the negroid dating that blonde girl as a bad thing. The idea seems to be that negroes should be loyal to negresses like this Olivia Rodrigo creature. White people would never be allowed to make such a song about our own, of course. I didn't listen to it. I just read the summary. Am I missing something?

Taylor Swift is a whore and a traitor but this doesn't seem to be an example.

Thanks for posting. Those are good points.

If a blonde woman is around a negro that's an abomination.

That wouldn't happen in a moral, segregated society.

You're right. In a decent society, the situation wouldn't even arise.

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RE: 11-Year-Old, 17-Year-Old Arrested in Attack, Robbery of Older Asian Man in San Leandro


Sources tell ABC7 News anchor Dion Lim, the 11-year-old boy has an extensive criminal history.

There is no point in trying to rehabilitate someone like that. He should be sentenced to decades of hard labor until he is too old to be dangerous.

(Goton Telander)
That is inhumane.

He should be installed into a non public viewable zoo until he dies of natural causes.

Removing him from the gene pool in a humane manner should be the number one priority.

(Nathan Bedford Forrest)
An 11 year old black kid is still very dangerous. I remember hearing about a little black kid who was a hitman.

They start puberty at 8. They're a different species.

Usual story:

How do black people get so screwed up in such a short period of time?

11 years old? I believed in Santa Claus until I was 9 years old.

Feral pigs get screwed up in a year. You have to think of blacks like that.

Someday a white cop will be forced to use deadly force on that 11 year old and the cop's life will be ruined for doing so.

I only hope this kid receives irreversible "street justice" before that happens.

Just so everyone will know, California closed their juvenile prisons. Their dirty secret however is hiding actual statistics of juvenile crime in public and in school and shielding it from the local press.

It happened in California. I don't feel bad anymore. Looks like they're reaping what they sowed. Pretty soon all these liberals who don't see blacks as a threat will be extinct. Natural selection is such a beautiful thing.

Pavel #conspiracy #racist amren.com

Europe is lost already. Africa will have 4 billion people by 2060, the invasion is NEVER going to stop. The Mediterranean is not the Atlantic or Pacific, blacks will not stay put in Africa because it is a *hithole now at 1,3 billion people. Imagine what it will look like with 4 billion.

Europe is not lost. European population is about 600 million, excluding Russia. US population is about 335 million.

Europe is about 95% white. The US is already less than 60% white.

As population replacement happens exponentially, not linearly, the US will become majority non-white before ones who are in their 30-s today may reach their retirement.

Europe is getting serious, very serious, about resisting population replacement. Read about the open letter of retired French military to Macron, published just days ago. Read about the letter of active duty military who are courageous enough to support it. Think about tens of thousands of French military and police who are afraid to speak up protecting their jobs but who think the same and, when time comes, will actively support patriotic French generals.

At least 1/3 of Europe, in the East (excluding Russia), is lily white. The great replacement does not affect them at all. The western part, north and south have been experiencing invasion for decades, because of their traitorous ruling elites.

But it's about to change. Europe will survive and cleanse. We did it twice, speaking from European perspective not that long ago, at Tours and Vienna. We will do it again.

African threat is real, imminent. But it will only help unite European patriots and help us better prepare for the liberation from globalist elites.

Bruce Cameron #crackpot #psycho #racist amren.com

Hans already messed up, when he allowed "greeks" and "italians" to enter during the 1950s.

Greeks and Italians are at least Europeans. Arabs and Negroes are not.

I do not agree with that at all. I do not consider those below the Alps to be Europeans. Celto-Germanic nations are not suited for people with mongrelised genome and dark uneuropean looks. Racial purity and eugenics are our ultimate goals and we can't compromise on that by allowing ethnic groups that failed the very same test of the time in the past to live among our own. Btw South Italy and Greece tend to have North African level IQ and inbreeding issues. There is no such thing as "way too much non-European admixture" since none is acceptable. If you have non-European ancestors - that means that you have no Racial Soul and at least five-eight generations of your "bloodline" were degenerate race traitors that mixed with visibly non-European creatures.

Not talking about Arabs and Negroes. talking about Greeks and Italians.

I know what you are talking about. Living, working and even visiting Northwest Europe is not your birthright, if you are not of our Blood. And for those who wish to bed down with non-Europeans we can always apply good ol expulsion to some shithole like Brazil.

You can keep Germany since your people are too cucked to help themselves.

Not only we will keep entire Northwest Europe to ourselves, but we will also reclaim our settler colonies like AUS/NZ and eventually Canada. Who said that Celto-Germanic race of conquerors should ask whether we belong somewhere or not? "Stop sowing the seeds of disunity" laughable garbage. we don't need mixed bloods and economic migrants. look for work somewhere else

M&S #racist #wingnut amren.com

White liberals who faced a sudden influx of highly educated white conservatives with mean IQs of 103 and twice the college degrees, coming out of Europe, would suddenly feel very 'oppressed'.

Trump should have pushed his 'not sending their best' truth as an excuse to return to pro-white immigration which would put white democrats into high competition with Europeans who had them aced for technical qualifications and were willing to have kids.

This is about cowing the enemy by making it clear that if they turn race traitor, we will simply replace them with high function whites who are considerably less long-term stupid about being pro-white as a function of maintaining demographic dominance.

Despite the evidence of Burn Loot Murder's 'summer of pillage/plunder' 2020, white liberals refuse to acknowledge that undermining whites to is going to end, very badly, for them as they are hunted down as the dominant population fraction falls away from their control. But a president who changed immigration back to white preferential sourcing could so disrupt their own controls as the new group demanded power for themselves and gave loyalty and fertility to get it.

And even if it is now impossible, it would not be in a SEPARATED AND SECESSIONIST country where states brought in as many immigrants as they needed, provided they were all white. The massive difference in economic power from that would make any residual state run by POCs incredibly obvious for the racial sinkhole it was. Which would end forever any questions over 'white supremacy' under a Heck Yeah!, banner.

We are fighting this war entirely wrongly. We need to make the opinion inarguable as a function of example: white states do better because whites in fact ARE SUPERIOR.

The British Government #psycho #wingnut independent.co.uk

Immigrants to be stripped of right to challenge deportation using judicial review

Government accused of ‘grave injustice because the Home Office regularly gets decisions wrong’

Immigrants and refugees will be stripped of the right to challenge deportation orders in the High Court, under a new crackdown to speed up “removals”.

A Judicial Review Bill will overturn a Supreme Court ruling – nearly a decade ago – which allows tribunal decisions to be put forward before the court.

The government admits it does not know the success rate, the Queen’s Speech stating: “We are investigating how many of these cases result in a successful outcome for the claimant.”

It has briefed Tory-friendly papers that the crackdown is to stamp out “hopeless claims that have already been adjudicated by tribunal judges which frustrate removals at the last minute”.

But the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) attacked “a grave injustice, not least because the Home Office regularly gets decisions wrong”.

“People seeking protection in the UK deserve to have their voices heard, and their claims calmy and fairly assessed,” said Minnie Rahman, the organisation’s campaigns director:

“These plans will deny refugees rights and status and leave many more people in limbo as government’s asylum return deals with third countries appear completely mythical.”

Nazek Ramadan, director of Migrant Voice, said: “The government’s plans mean that a significant number of those who would have won their claim in the High Court could be deported.

“The government is taking legal rights away from people who need protection - with individuals deported to countries where they are at risk of harm or persecution. What does this say about us as a country?”

Son of the 1st Revolution #crackpot #racist amren.com

A few years back, I was going through "interview" (interrogation) training. Our instructor was a retired State Trooper famed for being able to pry confessions out of murderers. He said was that what a person is thinking about on a day to day basis eventually comes out of their mouth.

It made me remember a different course. One of the black students was going on and on about how he could never own a gun. He said that if he owned a gun, he would never get angry. He would just waste the person disagreeing with him. Knowing what I know now, he was inadvertently saying that despite his protests, he was in fact hunting around for a gun.

If you take that philosophy and look at the differences in race, we are different from childhood up. Too many liberals focus on the circumstances. They neglect to take into account that we are actually thinking differently all the time.

If you look at black music, especially rap, it focuses on sex and violence. The themes are knocking up as many hoes as possible while dropping bodies from the rival gang. That's what they're thinking about all the time. Sure white guys are thinking a lot about sex, and violence too, but whites and Asians seem to not let emotions get the better of them. Blacks thrive on jealousy and settling scores whether real or imagined.

IQ certainly plays a role, but even intelligent blacks seem to have an inordinate desire for revenge and an inability to let a small slight go. The same is true to a lesser degree with Hispanics. If you look at the gang/cartel problems throughout Mexico and Central America, it's hard to blame it solely on economics. Some of that poverty and misery is caused by what the populace is secretly thinking on a day to day basis.

Rambetter #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

Why Mexicans are so severely mentally retarded.

Have you ever wondered why Mexican pupils lag behind in subjects where language barriers cannot be used as an excuse? Why 30% of inmates are illegal immigrants? Living in Mexico for the past 2.5 years I have been studying the pathetically retarded creature known to us as the Mexican.

The answer has to do with how the Mexican brain works. Mexicans hold in high esteem their ability to take advantage of others. Mexicans are parasites and they’re proud of it.

In Mexico, the first thing needed when building an expensive home or a business is a wall around the property. Would it not be better if people just stopped stealing? Mexicans are too stupidly retarded to understand this.

For every theft, society loses more than the robber gains. Mexicans are too idiotically self-centered to care about that. On the contrary, retarded Mexicans have told me that they need to steal because Mexico is such a poor country. What these retards fail to realize is that their poverty is caused by theft and not the other way around.

Mexicans spend a significant percentage of their brain cycles thinking of ways to take advantage of others or thinking of ways to defend against such practices. In Northern Europe, the atmosphere allows an individual to think creatively.

It is no wonder then that no noteworthy inventions have come from Mexico. All of the technology in Mexico today has been invented and mostly imported from elsewhere.

The Mexican has no values because it cannot think beyond taking advantage of others. To the Jew, the Mexican is the perfect slave. This is precisely why the Jew is allowing the Mexican scum to enter the USA.

And unfortunately Mexicans are too stupid to understand these theories.

DengistK & Colonizadounion #moonbat #racist twitter.com

If you're white you're part of a global colonizer class, it really isn't that complicated.

I think it depends. In Europe it's more nuanced, there are Saami, Romani, Karelians, Komi, Gagauz, and depending on context some groups are white and some aren't. However, if they're white outside of Europe that is always the case without much nuance.

Actual white colonizers and their descendants usually belong to the upper class.

They still have a degree of white privilege that stems from colonialism.

Image has become an issue in the virtual world more than in reality. The whole concept of privilege in skin color is racist. Most "white power" people are powerless and real power is economic, China owns the 4 largest banks in the world and thats not because of skin color.

Even the richest man in China is a victim of US imperial aggression that benefits the poorest whites.


It depends on your definition of whites . Southern and Eastern Europeans are not considered as whites just 50 years ago.

Also it's mostly western European countries engaging in imperialism

Italy has been colonizing for centuries...

Russian empire has colonizing for centuries

Just face up to it global colonialism has Been the fact of europe for more than 50 years and are still doing so now

In this case japan is part of the coloniser class

nope Japan, just like Saudi Arabia or Colombia, Neocolonial governments sacrifice the poor and working class colonized masses of their own nation for the european cracker colonizers benefit

BH Times #dunning-kruger #moonbat #racist twitter.com

What’s occurring in Palestine is not a struggle of Islam vs Judaism.

It’s settlers vs Indigenous people.

It’s kkkolonizer vs the colonized.

The pilgrims all used the excuse of religious persecution in europe to dispossess Indigenous peoples of our land and resources, and colonize the americas. The same is playing out in Palestine.

Yt jews are using a settler colonial myth that they are indigenous to lands of which they are indeed foreign. This is used to advance the genocide and land dispossession of Palestinians. The same has played out in the americas.

Both the united snakkkes and isntreal were founded as settler colonial outposts, created through the ethnic cleansing of Native people. This colonization continues today through racist policies, state violence, mass incarceration, forced displacement, and cultural erasure.

From racial profiling to police and military brutality, to corporate profiteering off of mass incarceration of youth, the systems that oppress the Palestinian people and Colonized communities in the united snakes are rooted in colonialism & yt power.

Our struggles are linked to the same structure of colonialism dispossessing, oppressing, and genociding us in the united snakes and worldwide.

It’s because of this common struggle we have always had solidarity with the Indigenous people of Palestine. Chants like “from Ferguson to Palestine, end racism now” and “from Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go” are not slogans; they are shared realities.

While isntreal continues to displace Palestinians and build illegal, Jewish-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land, gentrification in the US continues to push Colonized peoples out of our communities in order to “develop” areas for the affluent.

BH Times #mammon #moonbat #racist twitter.com

When will yt people on stolen indigenous land stop pretending they’re “communists”? If y’all were communists, you’d be back in europe, not on stolen land doing the work of the devil day in and day out

At Black Hammer, we are ANTI-COLONIAL communists, with the emphasis being on anticolonial first and foremost. We are a colonized and dispossessed peoples and all snow cockroaches are to blame.

Just because you call yourself a communist while propagating against our nations from your mom’s basement doesn’t make you on our side. Ever since krackkkas have put pen to paper, all they’ve been doing is propagating against our nations.

This includes China, DPRK, Vietnam, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. all to justify further colonization of our lands. Yt leftists be calling themselves “anti-imperialists” yet be the first ones regurgitating imperialist propaganda against China & other nations

This is why we’re anti-colonial first and foremost. We understand there exists a colonial structure over us, of which there is a propaganda machine that works against us. And yt people, even ku klux kkkommunists, will regurgitate and spread this propaganda to get us killed.

If you truly want to end genocide and capitalism, which is born from colonialism and maintained at the expense of us, the Colonized, join our reparations corps

comite espartaco #conspiracy #moonbat #racist independent.co.uk

It's funny how Barnier is proposing suspending immigration from outside the EU and allowing immigration from within the EU to continue, while Boris's plan is the reverse.

That is because these 'anti-immigration' policies are being implemented by the same people that implemented the 'immigration' policies. In reality the oligarchies will not renounce to the free importation of labour, as they have found in it a magic silver bullet to dominate and destroy their working classes. The truth is that we are defenceless, at the mercy of these victorious elites. That was the importance of having a PROPER socialist Labour Party, but most people has surrendered. They will hit us from inside the EU or from outside it. As they find fit.

Junkhead #psycho #racist amren.com

A Dunkin’ Donuts store manager has been charged with manslaughter after he fatally punched a 77-year-old customer who he said repeatedly called him a racial slur.

The elderly man must have been White because we all know blacks don't mind being called the N-word by another black.

Here we have a black man with a job, manager no less, and yet he still acts like a ghetto thug from simple name calling. That's why I don't believe in the myth of the "good black." There is no such thing.

Whenever I hear some White liberal try to say some blacks are good I have to ask them who they think supports and endorses the bad blacks. Who do you think sends money to Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other race grifters? It's not the drug dealing gangster blacks. It's not the blacks in prison. It's not the ghetto queen with her ten children. It's the "good blacks" with jobs who send money to black organizations and other race hustlers.

Blacks always take the side of other blacks regardless of the crime or situation. Look at the recent knifing incident where the cop killed a black to save a black. The "good blacks" still wanted the cop charged with murder.

There is no such thing as a good black. It's a myth. Every black has the attitude that name calling justifies violence. That's not how evolved civilized people think.

Ilana Mercer #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

Conservatives Won’t Say It: The Problem Is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness’

Institutionalized, systemic anti-whiteness, yoked to white hot hatred of whites:

That is the creed that is fast becoming entrenched across state and civil society in the U.S.

The Critical Race project now pervades private and political life.

A further twist of the screw was delivered by Kamala Harris, who insists on yammering about white America’s historic racism.

Whites are being singled out for intimidation.

Too many conservatives euphemize our anti-white culture.

They will typically deflect from any anti-white outrage du jour by dubbing it identity politics: “Boohoo. Democrats are dividing us via identity politics.” This is an obfuscation.

Blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics. Hispanics are not being sicced on Asians, and Amerindians aren’t being urged to attack the groups just mentioned. Rather, they’re all piling on honky. The multicultural multitudes are gunning for whites and their putative privilege.

In South Africa, inciters of black-on-white violence are known to rile the crowds with this anti-white chant. Is Marxism driving illiterates to slaughter whites in ways that beggar belief?

American “analysts” have coated the sustained ethnocidal attacks ongoing against white South Africans with this more respectable intellectual patina.

The ANC's problem is not communism; it’s white-hot hatred of whites.

Crippled by self-serving fear, conservatives have accepted the Left’s terms of debate. To warn of systemic hatred against browns and blacks is racially virtuous; but to fear the same for whites is incorrigibly racist.

For fear of being dubbed racists, media conservatives look the other way, refusing to acknowledge anti-white hue of American society.

Missy #crackpot #racist amren.com

84 percent unemployment. We're about to witness the thresh hold of how many whites are needed to keep a nation functional. It seems to me South Africa has already collapsed as a nation (because blacks are 90% of the population and have destroyed 90% of the infrastructure), but the small remaining areas where whites live are still functional.

Stop being part of the problem and become the solution. Begin mustering in White rural enclaves and arm yourselves. Let the precious PoCs consume themselves for a bit and then see who is still standing at the end.

The cities will break down, and we're already seeing this in the US. The Boers in Orania had to create all of their own infrastructure from scratch. They are legally able to keep blacks out. We should create our own legal ethnic states, one for each European ethnic group, or one for the distinct white American (who is a mix of all Europeans). It may start small like Orania, but will one day probably grow enormous as the only legal place where you can keep the 3rd world out of your nation.

Only reason I do not recommend creating a White Area officially in the US is because once one is made it will be under attack and legally there is no way to defend such a place.

I agree, but Orania has been shielded from the anti-whites due to preservation of a distinct ethnic group. So it would be crucial for this US Orania to have legal definition as preservation of unique human culture, religion, with it's own people and language, just like the Indian tribes. I agree that otherwise and if not defined correctly, it will be attacked by the entire anti-white US military.

Chris1889 #pratt #wingnut theguardian.com

There is an obvious contradiction between holding a progressive immigration policy and championing workers rights, better pay and better public services. If socially democratic politicians truly want to improve the lives of working class people then they should want to restrict corporate demand for more cheap labour.

The left appear confused on this and have done for 20 years and this explains much of there decline in popularity especially amongst the working classes in recent years.

D.B. Cooper & Pavel #racist #wingnut amren.com

(D.B. Cooper)
When people suggest returning the Americas to the natives, I tell them that has already happened in some places. However, Nigerians, the Congolese, Mexicans, Haitians, Hindus, and other "independent" third world types can be seen on overcrowded rickety boats, heading to any country willing to take them in.

Is that what we can expect from Native Americans? I'm already picturing Kayaks full of Indians trying to cross the Atlantic, following the white people to Europe.

As an European, I say this to my American white brothers and sisters:

Agree with ones who want to return America to immigrants, now called "natives" or "first nations", who came to the continent before whites. Agree, but on one condition: all current population of the US needs to get out, nobody but "first nations" shall remain. When it happens, ask them "first nations" who they want to see back, and only those who they want to see back shall return.

Something tells me that if it happens, the US will be whiter than the Czech Republic.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

Elon Musk, SNL, and the Purpose of Life

Why do they hate Elon Musk? The head of Tesla and SpaceX should be a progressive hero. He's even an immigrant. He’s the most successful African-American in the world. It’s especially impressive because he doesn’t get affirmative action.

Elon Musk wants to make humanity a multi-planetary species. Bernie Sanders wants higher taxes. We must choose: greatness or equality.

White America could do great things if it were not saddled with this moral and demographic albatross. By 2100, half the world’s population will be black due to misguided foreign aid that disgusts even many Africans. Policy-makers almost never talk about this except for Bill Gates, who thinks that turning Africans into Asians is only a matter of finding the right “formula.”

There’s nothing moral about piling up dependents while the Western Civilization that sustain them declines. As resources shrink and the black population grows, the result will be war, famine, and mass death. It will be even worse if the environmentalists are right about “climate change.” Reducing African population growth might deprive progressives of the pleasure of ending Western Civilization, but it would mean a better future for actual Africans.

Of course, by actual Africans, I exclude Elon Musk, but I wonder if living in South Africa shaped his thinking.

Sadly, no one talks about these major issues, but you can glimpse them through these tiny battles in the culture wars. The fact that an eccentric billionaire with multiplanetary aspirations is “dangerous” to our petty tyrants makes him interesting. I’m sure he’s no white advocate, but at least he understands that there has to be some form of escape from a system that chokes off accomplishment.

Nayenezgani #crackpot #moonbat #psycho #sexist saidit.net

I'm extremely pro-micropenis because of bestiality. We can't convince scrotes to abstain from raping children and animals, but we can lessen the damage by actively spreading chemicals that cause scrotes to have micropenises, e.g. phthalates. If all animal rapists and child rapists had micropenises, at least it would not be so physically traumatic for their victims. Pick-mes can cry about not finding any dominant HVM with a big schlong but I don't care. (Cry all you f@cking want, your tears mean d!ck to me.)

If we really want to escape the vice of male oppression, we have a few options:

Miraculously find a way to propagate the species without scrotes, and somehow manage to delete scrotes or let the existing ones live out their lives in humane captivity.

Planet-wide murder-suicide, because inter-sex oppression exists among thousands of species. Basically no one contemplates this besides efilists or pro-mortalists.

Deleting the human species. Involuntary infertility of the masses would be the most humane, and would not rely on volition. People will try to find ways to solve this, so it would be even better if most smart people died off first.

Lower the sex ratio. There is no endgame to this, and the human species will continue regardless. I am just hoping our lives would be slightly less influenced by scrotes. We know that late fatherhood is correlated with a higher likelihood of daughters, and in general this is can also be caused by heavy exposure to dioxins.

When it comes to the Western lifestyle, my family was too poor to afford meat or indulge in excessive power consumption so I learnt to live without those things. It made me happier and healthier than I would have been if I was some pampered middle-class kid.

Pavel #racist #wingnut amren.com

After Putin's annexation of Crimea and his ignition of war in eastern part of Ukraine resulted in more than million Ukrainian civilian refugees fleeing Russian occupied territories, I was thinking what would it be if somebody rented vessels and sail that million of good hardworking Ukrainians to the rich soils of South Africa? Nobody could have said that they're not genuine refugees. They were, and they are. It would have been fun to see how leftist globalist media would have presented a million of white refugees arriving in South Africa...

Alexander Iulianus #fundie #racist twitter.com

Solar atheists of Mark Brahmin out themselves guilty of racial self-hatred in this thread.

They deliberately misread the ancients to de-racialise them alike to progressive revisionists, they endorse Christianity's botched reading of Plato, and entrust modern academia with truth.

>Bruhmin solar atheist gets outed for racial self-hatred
>he blocks me

One of Typhon's many faces has been revealed.

Bruhmin, the prophet of solar atheism who corrupts the good cult of Apollo with evil denial of the Gods, demeaning our ancestors as backward dullards, happily argued with me inanely over soul—but once I noted their work rests upon racial self-hatred, he and his ilk blocked me.

Cowards flee when discovered of their evil. Despise these workers of evil. Prescribe them homo sacer- none but the Gods could intervene to save these wretched deceivers from any doom that would rightly fall upon them.

tallowcandle #sexist saidit.net

None of those 'giving birth is superpower' types would say no to never having period again, or to sidestepping pregnancy. But I still wouldn't want to be male, they are crazy evil fucks and strength and lack of pain are wasted on them.

Human reproduction is such a fucking torture of females the fact that our species survived to this point is the proof male violence has always been a critical factor for humans, and that it is biological. Truly liberated females would just fucking not.

If we lived in not a clown world, a bulk of scientific resources would go towards freeing females from our biological drawbacks, not to moids trying to play with them. Genetic modification to improve strength, intelligence and impulse control, longevity, etc. But none of that will fucking happen, of course. We don't have to have bloody periods, in fact, it's an 'evolutionary spandrel' to make up for the fact that human fetus sucks out so much mother's blood through chorionic villi we had to have an epithelium so thick to shield ourselves it can't be fully reabsorbed when shed. But nothing bad happens if it's not happening. The reason birth control has empty end of months pills is that males can't imagine our existence without suffering and would not approve birth control otherwise.

Alexander Iulianus #crackpot #fundie #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

The biggest issue I find with young women, is inability to seperate feeling from truth, feeling from right and wrong. They think religious and patriarchal authorities are bad because they feel uncomfortable about what they are told

The issue stems from the manner the case is made known to women.

Read religious writing speaking of women in the 18th and 19th centuries, women are praised as being "more moral", "more modest", "more godly". Women are instructed into becoming these things, but because men convinced themselves that they had these tendencies as intrinsic, their manner of instruction has been entirely masculine and ignorant to the feminine psyche. Women were instructed as if they were men, hence it was quite crude and imposing and dealt with "harsh truths". It worked because there was no alternative.

But once there was a competitor, it took women by storm as it was curated towards exploiting their psyche and built itself upon knowing how they think. There are outliers of women who stuck to the old doctrines, of course. But the vast bulk of women found themselves quickly converted as women are not drawn by innate tendency towards morality or modesty, and are instead drawn entirely by their instinct for self-security and preservation of the female sex.

Feminism suggested that there was a mortal threat, that of patriarchy, to their very being, indeed to all women. By indicating certain attitudes as being the source of this threat, they quickly bought into despising it. Now they continue to be bought by these same existential threats and it is very hard to win them back upon little but the insistence that patriarchy cares. They have been convinced it doesn't, so something entirely novel is required.

Atilla942 #pratt #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

The far left is becoming a dictatorship. Silencing free speech and banning people for merely disagreeing with the status quo is exactly what the Soviet Union or other communist dictatorships did and still does in countries like Cuba and China. The far left is destroying the West for what it really takes pride in, personal liberty and freedom of speech.

I've noticed something with these woke/far left/feminist individuals, they really think they are the only righteous side and anyone who disagrees with them must be silenced and driven underground. There is no wonder why the far right finds it so easy to recruit young men. You can't fix a society by silencing young men through the threats of censorship and state sponsored discrimination.

PlainSimpleTailor #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Gay men discussing "getting over" their transphobia to sleep with Transmen

Weird, because it doesn't sound like men at all to question their own sexual preferences. If the Law of the Penis states that another dick must be present, then so be it. If the Law of the Penis states that there must be a receiving end for one's desire to inflinct violence, then so be it. Questioning the things men need to get off is the biggest taboo, especially in woke culture. Maybe these "gay men" were trans themselves? I usually only see women obsessing and self-flagellating over their "transphobia" (because they are the ones who are being targeted by accusations of transphobia 99% of the time).

gay males, especially younger ones are the hyper focus for some of this stuff and being painted as evil. I think you're confusing heterosexual men with homosexuals. One sort of killed and murdered the other for fun for over 2000 years and begrudgingly resents the other for being slowly recognized as human. Your analysis might be a little off.

I truly didn't know gay men were targeted for "transphobia" that much. I stand corrected in my assumption that women are targeted "99% of the time". It's obviously not as clear-cut. However, pressuring women into accepting dicks inside their bodies seems more rapey than women trying to convince gay men of pussy. It's the same homophobia, but one group actually has physical power over the other and regularly threatens the other with sexual violence / sees sex as a punishment for dissenting women ("choke on my girld*ck" and such). Still doesn't make it okay that gay men are told to "overcome their pussyphobia" and such nonsense and I apologize for trivializing the way gay men are targeted.

BH Times #moonbat #psycho #racist twitter.com

Now we talking about Lakeith Standfield bending down to backlash calling him "anti-semitic" "how much backbending do these colonizer jews need us to do for them?

Antisemitism is just a tool to keep yt jews from getting principled criticism and understanding their material reality to the world. No one sticking them in ovens anymore.

We talking about what's going on in Palestine!! Down with the huhuite jews!!

Yt jews will be criticized, Palestine belongs to Palestinians -- and nothing will be compromised for that!!

#Palestinian health officials in the #Gaza Strip said 20 people, including nine children, have been killed in recent bombings by the parasites that have invaded their land.


isntreal forces say they’re targeting “a Hamas military operative,” but this is just an excuse for these bloodsucking parasites to kill more and more Palestinians whenever they want and take their land.

We stand in full unity with the Palestinian masses as they resist & fight against this settler-kkkololonial terrorism in their lands. If you’re Palestinian, or Colonized person, looking to smash yt power join http://blackhammer.org/join today!

littleowl12 & ramani #moonbat #sexist ovarit.com

Woke people who think they live in a matriarchy

I’m still mad about that stupid “Cooking with Trans Women of Color,” mostly about the Colombian dish that stated families ate it under “matriarchal leadership.” In other words Mom telling everyone that dinner is ready. Every culture in the world has mothers that tell you to sit down and eat your damn spaghetti. This is a common pattern I see with woke people. They claim most other cultures are matriarchal. They claim their own are, or their families are. If Colombia were a matriarchy it wouldn’t have a high femicide rate. Or rape. It's such a great way for men to absolve themselves of any responsibility to try to do better. They'll take this one sliver of benefit of colonization- they can blame someone else for their own misogyny.

You’re right. My tribal group actually did afford legal rights to women, BUT, that did not mean they had actual power, or even much agency in their lives. “Woke” people just make up histories of nations and cultures of which they really know nothing, even if they have ancestral connections to them. I’ve seen this in my own cultural group. It’s bizarre and ridiculous. They create some mythological “monster” - Colonialism, for example - before which they theorize everything was wonderful and equal between the different groups of people, and of course there were no binary sex categories and distinctions, etc., etc.

Sometimes I honestly wonder whether it’s because a lot of these people live too much online, and this has distorted their sense of what real life is, especially for women in poor countries in the global south. I’ve lived in both kinds of societies, and the sheer cluelessness of “woke” people is unbelievable.

Alecto #moonbat #sexist ovarit.com

Here's the thing--if they can say matriarchy exists in places that aren't colonized by white people, then they can deduce misogyny is just a side effect of white supremacy. It isn't men who are the problem around the globe--it's white people.

⬆️ why i don't bother with black nationalism and allying with black men on the issue of race. ill take my chances with women tyvm ⬆️ there are black men who say these exact sentences over and over ⬆️ like bruh what is stopping you from treating women like human beings today? what does colonialism have to do with you?

This is a perfect point. What racist made you hit your girlfriend?

I rather liked your idea of female nationalism. Men will take any excuse to avoid confronting their own supremacy. It's why so much of male 'feminism' is somehow all about ensuring male sexual access to women.

This is why so many of my black sisters are divesting from black men. They want racial unity to fight white supremacy but that’s not possible when they keep treating women like sex objects.

It infuriates me to see women accused of bigotry for calling out sexism in minority communities, even if they're a member of those communities themselves. They're shamed into staying silent because you want to present a united front against the oppressor, don't you? It's very abusive to the women in those communities.

I’ve also seen it argued that people from traditionally oppressed groups don’t have to bother with any other social justice, environmental or other ethical issues. Somehow that argument never applies to women though.

Well obviously not, because women are the fucking helpmeets of the entire goddamn world.

throwawayneedpriv #racist #sexist reddit.com

As a south asian male, south asian male x white female and east asian male x white female will never be as popular as the white male x asian female.

The biological attraction to east and south asian males isn't strong.

White women are the tallest females on average. Most asian males are like 5'5'- 5'9. White guys easily push 6 foot. Normally white women and asian males are the same height or even shorter than them, women want a partner taller than them .

East Asian males lack dimorphism compared to other guys. Sexual dimorphism is needed in order for attraction to be there. Also women like guys biologically darker than them, east asian guys are too light skinned for white women.

South asian males have too much dimorphism, + lack of pretty boy features.not to mention only negative stereotypes, so white women won't choose us

Most white women will never choose asian males as their second choice if they're not with a white guy they're more likely to choose black males especially west africans ( tall, athletic, lots of muscle, strong jaws).

Just stop counting these numbers cuz it's not gonna happen it's a waste of time , wmaf has biological attraction to it ( white males are tall, darker than east asian females but not to dark, Strong sexual dimorphism plus light coloured eyes ) thus it will always be way more popular than amwf which lacks biological attraction, at the end of the at the simplest level we are animals and we operate on our biologically.

Not saying it amwf cant happen I'm just saying it's unlikely cuz biological attraction isn't there from the white female perspective in most cases. So it would be better for you not to bother and pay attention to white females unless they're showing considerable signs they like you.

PlainSimpleTailor #transphobia ovarit.com

Yeah I've heard the "HRT makes the penis small, soft and flaccid" tidbit that's supposed to make it sound less threatening to have sex with a TiM. Like, wow, that sounds like something any woman would love. What a sales pitch. Ugh.

That moment when these men already know that women don't want them and therefore try to verbally minimize the turn-offs. They're merely asking for an exception to be made for them personally, while admitting that generally, lesbians don't want men (and most straight and bi women wouldn't want a TiM either). That's rape culture. They know women's boundaries would exclude them but they're trying to lower them anyways, instead of doing what a truly non-threatening person would do, which is backing off. It reminds me of this old joke: "My girlfriend says a small penis is not a problem in a relationship... I'd still prefer it if she didn't have one."

And viagra fixes all that in less than an hour.

For supposedly hating their male bodies so much and feeling intense dysphoria over their genitals, they sure love to make use of those genitals to have "traditional" hetero sex. Having sex "as a man" / in the typical man's role should give them endless dysphoria by their own logic. But of course, dysphoria is a flexible enough concept to exclude one's preferred method of achieving orgasm. How convenient.

Various TERFs #moonbat #sexist ovarit.com

(Probably) Unpopular Opinion: Men Should Not Be Allowed to Use/Possess Guns

99% of men’s gun use is not in self-defense, and they use them to commit homicides and mass murders frequently. When women use guns, it is most often in self defense. How many women mass shooters are there, compared to men? How many gun homicides are caused by men, compared to women? Men have unchecked rage & refuse to control themselves. Most sociopaths (people with antisocial personality disorder, of which the criteria are violence, and complete lack of empathy, guilt or remorse) and psychopaths are men.

i absolutely agree. Men have dominated women because they evolve to be physically stronger. We can erase that difference if we only allow women to control weapons. All Kind of weapons on earth. No scrote allowed in the vicinity of anything explosive or dangerous. "Billy, don't play with swords and guns, that's what girls do. Here is your toy sweeper!" That would be wonderful 🙂

I’m all for this. Just look at statistics. It’s for the best. We are essentially relegated to mothering the entire world because most men don’t grow up emotionally, sometimes ever.

It also evens the playing field so that their strength and our relative weakness cannot be weaponized

Here are some hard numbers for anyone who wants to see the breakdown:

Since 1982, an astonishing 118 mass shootings have been carried out in the United States by male shooters. In contrast, only three mass shootings have been carried out by women

Interestingly, there was recently a school shooting in Idaho from a girl. She shot three people before a teacher disarmed her, and no one died

Nathan Bedford Forrest & Siegfried #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mexico Apologizes to Indigenous Maya for Centuries of Abuse

(Nathan Bedford Forrest)
“For centuries, these people have suffered exploitation and abuse,” Mexican Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero said

Really, like all the people who were oppressed, exploited, abused, murdered, raped, had their homes burnt to the ground and their fields destroyed by these Indians to other surrounding Indian tribes. We never did a fraction of what they did but somehow we are the ones who have to apologize.

Because WE ARE WHITE. What do you need in the way of explanation?

did the aztecs apologize for cutting the hearts out of their neighboring tribes for hundreds of years?

Nope, never have and never will.

Wokism has even wormed its way into the minds of the Mexican government. When are the Mexican elites going to apologize to the whites in the United States for their contributing to the destruction of the United States, by sending their unwanted masses across the border? It will never come because white culture and society is the only one that isn't to be valued, it's there for the other races to take advantage of and exploit.

lord_of_memezz #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

Here is the thing, Men age like wine and women like milk... This third wave of feminism will wreck these 20-30 something women that they will be blinded to the fact that when they start hitting the wall men will not want them. The men that are hitting their 30-40 time frame and have at least a decent career will have the creme of the crop of young attractive women that will be born past the retarded 3rd wave of feminism and are ready to be wife material. Just wait it out guys, focus on yourself, get educated, make money... younger women are starting to wisen up that we men are not taking their shit and are leaving them to their cats.

TRUTH. I still hope the best for the “retarted 3rd wave” and the off chance that they will wise up. Hate is just not a good look. You can be totally babeilicious but if you have hate in you system I can see the disease and I’m running!


UnconventionalXY #crackpot #sexist reddit.com

Walking away from society and ghosting it is the only good solution left available for men to do. The USA is borked and has been for a long time so, that is bad enough without everything else.

But then you get tarred and feathered with "Incel" or "MGTOW".

I think MGTOW is a reasonable response, but I would like all men to consider what is really stopping them from having consensual recreational sex with fellow men. Men are not only more sexually compatible with other men (same biology) but anything men do together is intrinsically masculine. It's only entrenched homophobia that is preventing men from being more open minded and creating more options for themselves. It's not about love but pleasure.

The only power women have over men is access to sex and providing other options defuses that power. The ill-considered tactics of driving men away will come back to bite them in future.

Complex Nightmare #conspiracy #transphobia twitter.com

#superstraight is what happens when you first viciously gang up against lesbians, then try the same with gays, but meet your final boss in straight dudes who absolutely won’t play the fuck along with your abusive guilt tripping BS and have enough support to throw it back at you.

#superstraight is what happens when society enables malicious people to infiltrate movements, and lets them start to bully with impunity and recruit ever more people for that bullying, because they wield such power that nobody dares to stop them. it’s a tale about spinelessness.

#superstraight is what happens when people stop respecting other people’s sexual orientation and try to pile guilt and shame on them for it. it’s rape culture to shame someone for not being sexually attracted to something/someone. the bullying is attempted forceful conversion.

#superstraight as a reaction was entirely preventable and unnecessary. but it would have taken enough people to stand up against mob rule. #superstraight will not be the last strong reaction if people keep acting like this. stop the insanity and dare to dissent a bit.

refuse #psycho #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Antifa Is Removing People From Cars At Gunpoint In Portland

The powers that be really are pushing for a race war, you can feel it. Question is, when will the people reach their boiling point. Television shows, and gimmicks will only last for so long as a deterrent...

It be fine if they were pushing a race war on both sides, but they are not. They are just giving Blacks and other minoritysthe righr to commit violent crimes while under police protection and supervision.

If a White person fights back, there is a white cop supervising ready to arrest the white guy defending himself.

How has Portland not fallen yet? I know the national guard has been called there, but even before Trump lost the election, I dont understand why he didn't invade

I think the middle class and upper middle class there have more money then people in other states.

They seems to tolerate vandalism on their homes and cars better than people on the east coast.

Various Femcels #crackpot #sexist saidit.net

RE: We are screwed according to wikipedia untrained men are stronger than female athletes

Biology fucked women in so many ways, it's insane how many women worship nature. Women are physically weaker, suffer from menstruation, have to endure painful and humiliating rape with males, feel like crap during pregnancy, tear from the vagina to the anus during childbirth (perineal tears affect about 80% of women!), die in childbirth, more prone to all diseases (except for contagious ones -- your average woman loves to brag about it so much!) and live so long, they don't even remember their own bloody name while shitting in an adult diaper. But hey, being a woman is so worth it!!!

Exactly something that boggles my mind. Most of the 'go back to nature and lets slave like primitive' types are women. Conservatives and nature worshipping radical feminists both vouch for the same thing- trap women within the confines of biology. The only difference is that the latter group has deluded themselves into believing tearing from vagina to anus or from vagina to clit makes women powerful. Its like saying torture victims are goddesses.

It must be denial, cope etc some psychological tactic women use to avoid pain, you have to be insane to worship biology when you are literally screwed by this in almost every way. Maybe that's why most women are also more emotional, empathetic than men because truth about biology and male nature is so painful that you have to be some kind of bubbly emotional bimbo living in denial and disregard facts and logic to live happy.