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RE: ‘Eastern European discrimination awareness’ part 6.

What’s the point of this? Some people are dicks but that’s nothing new.

To bring awareness to problems in Europe that are worth solving?

Then why title it "east european bla"? Are you aware that we all have to deal with bias? That is in fact how our brains work, thinking in boxes. Not easy to overcome.

A lot of people commenting thanked me for posting this. Also, there were people saying they got PTSD, depression, low confidence due to all the discrimination they have experienced. The problem is very real.

And now what? You want a east-block history and awareness month in all schools over the world? People walking with candles and forming human chains? "Hand in hand for eastern lands"? Benefit concerts?

When will people learn to grow the fuck up. React in the very situation. Actually step up for yourselves. If you do that, i promise you won’t have to deal with ptsd

Local man baffles doctors, invents incredible new method to remove mental trauma by "Just toughening up bro"

Everyone says this until they get the shit beaten out of them once and their minds change. I’ve had my moment. I hope you are protected enough by those around you that you’ll never be in that position. The world simply isn’t that black and white.

I just don’t deal with shit people. If somebody calls me slurs because of resentments against my country of origin then i know that this person is trash. But when i see an option that they are just stupid, then i try to educate them (like a grown up). This is all im saying.

Listen, the only appropriate reaction is “oh yeah, that should not be happening in a europe we’re trying to build”. I would really like you to be stepping up when getting consistently literally zero callbacks after applying to over 700 entry level positions after obtaining a master’s degree unless it’s a cleaning or construction work.

Were i live this doesn’t applies.

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These people live better than us

Doubt it.

Imagine having an infected, feces covered hole (implanted by Mengele-esque Frankenstein doctors) between your legs because you fell for a Psy-Op/meme.

Imagine waking up every day to the smell of that Fournier gangrene while having to injure yourself in order to prevent that wound from healing.

Imagine doing it to get a girl as a transbian and then only matching with other mentally unstable men in dresses.

Imagine knowing that all of that is now irreversible and that you have to spend your life now as a perpetual/castrated freak simply because you were groomed on Discord as a child.

There are some things worse than inceldom and trannies are that thing.

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(Chad Wuotan)
I had believed in the idea of diversity. I saw ethnocentricity as the evil that hindered us from living in a multicultural utopia. That to simply “not judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” was all that was needed for racism to disappear and everyone to live in harmony. I learned that this principle sounds nice in theory, but in practicality, it is impossible. Moreover, that wasn’t really what people wanted.

Each of the ethnic student unions called only for increased ethnic pride and solidarity. All of my non-white friends actively embraced their heritage and took pride in their skin color. To embrace racial identity for them was heroic and encouraged. For whites, it was racist and deplorable. Preaching the value of racial diversity to others while pursuing ethnocentrism for themselves was hypocritical at best.

(Grace And Panic)
There’s that phrase again, “judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin.” To me, this sounds like an admission from MLK the black community is full of bad characters with the exception of a few. The author here also said it was ok for his nonwhite friends to embrace their culture and skin color but not whites. That about sums up that futile statement about “the content of character.”

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
People often misinterpret MLK. He wanted his kids judged by the content of their character. He never said to judge white people by the contents of their character.

(Vox Nihili)
Most whites embrace the concept of judging others as individuals. The problem is other races don't want that anymore, if they ever really did. They support their own regardless of poor behavior, and they dislike whites as a group.

(Jack McGriff)
Content of character was NEVER taken seriously, and that's why it was never mentioned again or cultivated within the negroid race.

It is all about skin color. 100%.

Skin color is your uniform, like it or not.

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Evolution Goes into Reverse

In the West, up until the 19th century, rich, powerful men had a lot of children. The top guys probably had good qualities, so when they had a lot of children, the population was improved.

This began to change in the 1870s. Western countries set up welfare programs so that poor people could have children and not starve.

When people with above average traits have fewer children than people with below average traits, evolution goes into reverse.

And it’s definitely happening. This recent paper from Britain is called “Human Capital Mediates Natural Selection in Contemporary Humans.” That’s a fancy way of saying evolution is affected by the traits of people who have children.

The paper used a sample of 400,000+ white people in Britain, and compared the number of children they had to the traits they had — good and bad — as shown by their polygenic scores.


The next generation will have more of the traits to the right of the dotted line, and fewer of those to the left.

The traits most rapidly spreading in the next generation are ADHD, smoking, extraversion, high BMI, and large waist circumference.

To the left are the traits that are being bred out, and at the bottom, being bred out most rapidly, are three measures of intelligence.

The authors of the study are blunt: Consistently over time, polygenic scores associated with lower earnings, education, and health are selected for, and higher earnings, education and better health are selected against.


If this keeps up, Westerners will degenerate to the point that society collapses, there is no more welfare, and evolution will resume its normal direction. Ordinary folks know that the children of most people on welfare are going to be a drag on society. If they had a chance, I bet a lot would vote to give all welfare recipients implantable contraceptives.

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RE: Jason Whitlock Attacks Obama, Tells Tucker Carlson Former President ‘Rejects the White Side of His Family’


BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock made a baffling comment about former President Barack Obama on Fox News Thursday night.

I saw that last night. It was only "baffling" to Josh Feldman of Mediaite.

A bi-racial man with a white mom, who demonizes the white race, has serious Oedipal issues. Freud would have been salivating at the prospect of analyzing him.

If there is so much white privilege why does bi-racial Obama identify as black?

Maybe because “white” Obama could not have gotten into Harvard. Undergrad or law school.

He certainly would not have been President if he was considered white.

(A. Ryan)
This is nothing new as there are plenty of examples of mulattoes rejecting their white side. This is probably for the best because black genetic traits are dominant, and they wouldn't pass as white in society. If any person is to blame, it is Barack's mother for being a mudshark.

Barry's race-hustling career was 100% based on affirmative action, so it's logical he'd self identify as a Negro

Actually all American blacks should thank the slavers who brought their ancestors here. But, they won’t.


I’ve often noticed this attitude seems pretty common among mulattoes for some reason. Talk about ungrateful.

Halle Berry is a good example of this. She said her award was for all of "the nameless, faceless, women of color. Her white mother who raised her solely by herself, was sitting in front of her in the first row of of the auditorium. Her black father was never in the picture.

(Occidentale Lumen)
The half-breeds are among the worst. Obama is archetypal.

As a symptom of our plight, there is now no status to be gained for a mixed-race person to claim or even acknowledge the White side. We have become moral pariahs in our own land.

Which is why we need a new one. All our own.

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I have beaten my crush's boyfriend.

I have beaten the shit out of my crush's boyfriend. Have I done it right or wrong. He makes me jealous. He was a friend of mine. But as time went by he became my rival. He is a kind of person who is a disgrace to humanity. He have betrayed all my friends just for one girl and when I was beating him none of my classmates came to stop it. He is that so called alpha male who wears his mother's panties.

My height 5'10 he is 5'7 when I asked her why she loves him she said he can play the guitar pretty well. I even wanted to beat my crush. And if he gives a police case I will thus time drag him out of his house and beat him there. I am so frustrated I hate myself, I hate everything.

She likely deserved that more than him.

I know. Man but I don't this I deserve her as he is dumb and dull. She cannot even take proper decision.

How did you dare to beat that poor short guy? What's wrong with you?

This what is awaits all manlets who beat the odds and ascend. A raging ESL tallcel ethnicel will beat you within an inch of your life.

I am subhuman so I dont care about humans

Transcended Trucel #racist #sexist incels.is

If your ethnic, don't read your history!

Seriously don't! I started reading about curry history especially the history past the 1500s and it is humiliating as fuck. Don't read that shit. It will damage your mental health. Don't learn your ancestral history. Literally the last 500 years of ethnic history is low IQ shitskin infighting and getting mogged and humiliated by whites. It is extremely humiliating. The more I read, the more enraged and disgusted I become.

Only ethnics who have done well or at least can be proud to some degree are East Asians(China/Japan/Korea). Every other nonwhite has horrible humiliating history. Their nations are complete shitholes, and the more you read about their history, the sadder and more disappointed you become.

Here are some examples of how far curries fell:

The Mughal Empire had a thriving industrial manufacturing economy, with India producing about 25% of the world's industrial output up until 1750, making it the most important manufacturing center in international trade.

Guess what it is today? 3.5%. Brutally humiliated. Just FUCKING lol. 1/7 the world population yet <1/15 the wealth.

Another ethnic nation for some more diversity that has fallen hard is Brazil.

In the 1850s, Brazil was a wealthy nation who could compete with eurocucks.

Brazilian economic growth, especially after 1850, compared "very well" with that of with the United States and the European countries, according to the historian Boris Fausto. Brazil in the last year of the monarchy was a “prosperous and [internationally] respected” country, according to historian Oliveira Lima.

But in the end brazil is 50% nigger mutts and still became a shithole.

Ethnic history is beyond humiliating and enraging. Reading this shit is not good for my mental health. Don't read this shit! Knowing less = more when it comes to ethnic history especially for the last 500 years. I fucking regret reading up on this. It is so despair inducing beyond words can express.

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This monster thinks it's okay to walk around with a raging boner in a women's shelter. The shelters response to criticism? Guess. This was all a public spectacle, by the way.

Wow fuck that shelter. They care more about the feelings of men than the safety of women.

They really do. It's terrifying how the feelings of men are valued higher than the safety of women all across our society. And now we can't even escape it in the spaces we've painstakingly carved out for ourselves.

Sadly, they need to toe the line. Canada, but British Columbia especially (here and here), is very woke regarding trains. There's one (yes, one) rape shelter in Vancouver, BC that won't take men in.

As a result, they've had their windows vandalized and a dead rat nailed to their door, and a local politician* was doing everything in his power to try and take away funding that the place needs to survive the last I heard.

* To nobody's surprise, he supported local snart Yaniv, who epitomizes mental illness.

ALL US shelters are going co ed. There are almost no shelters for women and kids any longer. I stopped volunteering at one because I am not about to use pronouns or talk to men in female space where women have been raped.

One of the most aggravating parts of these situations is that they often go above and beyond to protect transgender people over women. In Canada (2021 data )the portion of the population that identifies as transgender is just 0.24%. Assuming an equal split between genders only half would identify as women. So in this case the rights of women (~51%) are being trampled for the rights of ~0.12% of the population.

If a biological woman (for lack of a better term) had made the same comments and behaved similarly they likely would have kicked her out. This Tyler person doesn’t seem to even be attempting to present as a woman. People like that are hurting those who are truly suffering.

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Yet another example of them claiming they’re better than actual women…


What’s with these people and trying to convince themselves that they are prettier than bio females? Do they secretly know that they look terrible at the back of their minds and then do this to delude themselves into thinking otherwise?


It’s cope

Totally. My uncle is now my aunt and she straight up looks like me in a dress. She sounds like if I was trying to mock a woman's voice. She buys expensive clothes, expensive makeup, expensive haircuts. Still just me in a dress though. There's no fixing being too tall with broad shoulders and a man-face.

There's no way she can't see it. She's choosing to ignore it to cope.

I'm guessing that they are trying to get out in front of the inevitable fact that men won't want to date them because of how they look. They are preparing people to say that trans women are just as beautiful as real women, even though trans women often look like lazy drag queens. Very few of the self-promoters on Twitter, Tik Tok, or Youtube are actually "passing", as they would say. They know they still look like men and they are trying pre-emptively shame people into never actually admitting it.

Same self serving bollocks as the "body positive fat acceptance" movement.

They deep down can't stand themselves so they create a fantasy for themselves and lash out at anyone who calls it out.

Their delusional enough to think their a sex they are not in reality, they have a section of society telling them and feeding their mental illness - why is it shocking they think they are pretty or better than actual women? You do not fix mental illness by feeding that mental illness - transgenderism is a political tool, nothing more.

Every time you call a trans person their preferred pro-nouns you are feeding a mental illness, you are making them worse.

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A former African slave is telling Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory advocates that they need to go back to school to understand what is happening in Africa today and to learn that the United States offers them unique opportunities that they are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Bol Gai Deng is a former slave and South Sudan presidential candidate.

“I believe Black Lives Matter does not understand what is going on in Africa, they don’t know what is going on around the world,” Deng explained.

The people who write the big checks for blm know exactly what’s going on over there and profit just as much from it as they do the stupidity of American blacks.

(Robert Kelly)
If white men disappeared from the face of the Earth, slavery would make a roaring comeback. Women's rights would be next on the chopping block.

(Curse of Ham)
Ironically it is suffrage and allowing Blacks to be our equals that has detsroyed us.

Whites ended slavery not invented it, as simple as that.

That is a great succinct answer to anyone on the anti White band wagon.


I hear that a lot of African blacks have a lot of contempt for American blacks. Is that true?

They consider them lazy.

Same in the Caribbean and West Indies. There was even a public service TV commercial: don't hate American blacks, don't call them lazy, it's racist, etc. I saw it on local television there.

They consider them to be a bunch of whiners and that they've wasted opportunities given to them, etc. The standard of living Americans blacks enjoy is light years ahead of what nearly any African has.

(Ivbin band)
The standard of living American blacks have today is higher than the standard of living that I experienced growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. Even the most poverty-ridden black "family" has food on the table (unless the money is spent on drugs, vice and alcohol) and air conditioning. Every black should thank God every day that his/her ancestors were brought here.

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China's Communist Party Formally Embraces Assimilationist Approach to Ethnic Minorities

Quiet changes to education policy, personnel in minority regions follow Xi's call for forging of a 'collective consciousness'

Communist China is ditching minority appeasement to create a unified national culture. Some provinces aim to abolish Reservation/Affirmative Action by 2026

Meanwhile here in Viśvaguru, we’re obsessed w caste-bank politics & welfare schemes that hurt poor general castes

Indian Communists would decry this exact same move as “fashizm” if it were done in India, btw. That’s why I do not take these jokers seriously.

Bruh you shill for China lol

No. I want to enact policies similar to China in India. I have no interest in wanting us to become Chinese puppets. I support balancing in both SCO/BRICS and the Quad. How is that shilling?

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Blacks have impacted our society in negative ways. Systemic racism is the current alibi for black failure when there is no evidence of racial discrimination. Whites and Orientals are discriminated against with affirmative action policies.

Blacks are not innocent victims of irrational white hostility. By every objective, measurable criteria blacks tend to be significantly less intelligent than whites. Blacks have an illegitimacy rate that is over twice the white rate, and a murder rate that is nearly eight times the white rate.

Those who blame these facts about the Negro race on white racism cannot explain why black rates of crime and illegitimacy have risen since 1964, when the Civil Rights Act was signed, and when the War on Poverty was declared. They cannot explain why black academic performance has improved very little, despite expensive government spending programs like Head Start and No Child Left Behind.

Speaking of white racism, no one should be surprised that a race that is accurately associated with low intelligence, crime, and sexual irresponsibility arouses feelings of hostility. I have known many Orientals and Hispanics. I have never known one who liked blacks. For economic reasons immigrants often need to live in or near black neighborhoods. They do not like what they see. They do not feel guilty about it.

Intellectual standards are reduced for blacks in order to achieve a student body or a work force that "looks like America."

The average black IQ in the United States is 85. For whites the average is 100. It is not possible to achieve anything close to equity without lowering standards for blacks. Because affirmative does not increase the number of opportunities, lowering standards for blacks means raising them for whites, and for Orientals, whose average IQ is 106.

I have worked with blacks who owed their presence to affirmative action. Their inferiority was noticed and resented by white co workers.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Enjoy Columbus Day While You Can

Columbus used to be a hero because he brought white people and Western Civilization to the New Word, but now that makes him a great villain.

I have a better name for the holiday, which preserves the tradition of giving credit to a single man, in this case, an “indigenous person” named Opechancanough. He became chief of the Jamestown colony’s Indian neighbors when his older brother, Powhatan, died. Under Powhatan, whose favorite daughter had married an Englishman, there was peace.

Opechancanough was different. In 1622, he hatched a plot to exterminate every white man, woman, and child. The main population at Jamestown got wind of the plot, but even so, Opechancanough’s men managed to kill about 400 whites, or one-third of the colonists. The Indians had special consideration for George Thorpe, who had tried harder than any other colonial leader to be kind to Indians. In the words of a contemporary, they “did so many barbarous despights and foule scornes after to his dead corpse, as are unbefitting to be heard by any civill eare.”

The slaughter began a year-long war with the Indians, but Opechancanough sued for peace. Amazingly, in 1644, he ordered an identical sneak attack, and managed to kill between 400 and 500 English. This time, the colonists went on to kill so many Indians, including him, that two years later, the Virginia General Assembly noted with satisfaction that the natives were “so routed and dispersed that they are no longer a nation, and we now suffer only from robbery by a few starved outlaws.”

Opechancanough was a patriot and freedom fighter, a defender of his people against the rapacious white man. Rather than celebrating a tame abstraction — indigenous people — let us celebrate a hero who, not just once but twice, tried to save his tribe, his land, and his way of live by exterminating the hated white man. And Opechancanough is exactly the kind of alien, unpronounceable name that best stands for the America of the future.

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Following the destruction of the German Democratic Republic by NATO, there has been a resurgence of Nazism in Greater Germany. A two-state solution remains the only option to keep the world peaceful and safe from German aggression. We must support the GDR’s right to exist.

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Conspiracy theorists lack critical thinking skills: New study

I guess when you lack some real, valid arguments for your case, resorting to dumb-shaming or other fallacies of relevance that are elaboratedly clad into a sciency sounding article, is the best you can come up with:

The more people believe in conspiracy theories, the worse they perform on critical thinking tests, a new study has confirmed.

This doesn’t mean that conspiracy theorists are necessarily lacking intelligence, but rather that they lack the skills to objectively analyse and evaluate a situation.

The good news is that people can be taught these skills, and to an extent be brought in from the dark side – but of course it’s complicated.

For example, there’s a persistent conspiracy theory that shady figures in the US government were complicit in events of 9/11 – where airliners were flown into the World Trade Centre towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania – and the attacks weren’t simply the work of Islamic terrorists.

Well, that blaming shady figures in the Islamic world for having people fly into the WTC and even managing to destroy building 7 without having a plane flying into it, is as my critical thinking skills tell me, a conspiracy theory, too.

Linking this to the scamdemic is of course unintentionally comical, too. You got no evidence of virus, no evidence that the proposed virus causes disease, but still you insist that there is some new virus making the rounds causing people to get sick... Your proof? "There are sick people and uncle doctor said, it's Covid"... Question begging any one... By affirming proposed consequences.

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(In reaction to the Malaysian government trying to extradite a Malay transwoman from Thailand for breaching Islamic dressing rules.)

(Jack Django)
It's not strange at all that traditionalism is on the rise in the rest of the world. Anyone on the outside that looks at the west for more than five minutes wants no part of what we're doing.

(privacy first)
Malaysia attempting to change a person's pronouns to was/were. Progressive.

(Dave N)
Can we just go back to calling the ones that pass Ladyboys, and the ones that don't (99.9%) Men.

You give them an inch they will take a mile. In Canada they already can brainwash and medicate kids without leting the parents know. If I had to choose between the two I choose the Malaysian way.

(who is John Galt)
The east, and tribal cultures have seen what has happened in the west. They are seeing what we are doing to little children. They ain't having it.

(Milk Shake)
Welll .... the Aliens or Robots will start to enslave humans .... or Owrld War 3 will turns us all to ash .... these can't come soon enough. Humans are clearly trash.

(Geoff Owen)
Ahh the lefties are now in a bind, if they kick off about this they're islamaphobic, if they say nothing then they're violent transphobes as silence is violence.
Ohhhhh pass the popcorn.

Lefties are going to love living in an Islamic country.

(Midori Sato)
While I'm not going to say that a person can't be a trans man and willingly get pregnant, I will say they're doing a terrible job at being men.

(Delta Sly)
Trans people can be hot,
Mostly, if there under 35.
As soon as your age shows, its like wearing ball skin on your face.

(Aniquin Stark)
Muslims are allowed to have entire religious governments but Christians can't even talk about religion in schools...

(Jason Reborn)
Asian men make the most convincing women. It is disturbing how hard it is to tell that isn't a woman. Soon you will need to see a birth certificate and baby pictures to be sure it's not a man

Asian trans > American trans

jeeperspeepersyo #crackpot #sexist #transphobia reddit.com

How can I learn to accept that society is penis obsessed, that even straight men talk about, draw & appreciate large penises more than they do vaginas, that oral sex is not common on women due to vaginas being unappreciated & that penises are fetishized a lot, so straight men like women with penises

How do most women accept these things and not feel inadequate, insecure or sexually of less value? How do they still feel attracted to men and have sexual desire?

I read about people saying those things on Reddit for example a lot and I have been told them by people on my Facebook friend's list a lot. Men and women and even more women. Even liberal men.

The focus and fetish for men who are into trans women is their penis, the focus and fetish for men who are into women with vaginas is the boobs and butts, not the vagina.

I have also been told by feminists that women have to beg for oral sex especially in certain cultures and with young men and that it's also because society sees vaginas are gross, unclean, fishy, taboo. While penises are not so. And that gay men are more openly negatively insulting & disgusted by vaginas than lesbians are by penises. Because penises are more normalised, default and sexualised.

Is it normal to be sad that society is penis obsessed and that straight men are even penis obsessed, and that vaginas come after penises, boobs and butts?

Sriram #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut twitter.com

These Are Real Civilizational States: China, Russia, Japan, Korea (One) and Singapore.

Countries that have Potential to become Civilizational States: Egypt, India, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.

Countries with no Potential to become Civilizational States: All Western Countries.

Isn't Russia part of the West ? White, European origin, Christian.

I don't want to get into Genetics but Slavs aren't/weren't considered White by many (ex: Nazi Germany). Stalin didn't consider himself as a White Person but rather an Arab. Russia is better considered as Euro-Asian Hybrid IMO.

Not Greece?

Greece recently had a Huge Debt Crisis which went for 8 Years and is having a Falling Population, so I don't consider it one.

Things in Mind when considering Civi-States
1. Competence of Governance
2. Keeping Marginalized Communities at Bay.
3. Economy
4. Education
5. Portrayal of Country to Foreigners
6. Promotion of History and Culture.
7. Respect for Ancestors
8. Mix of Traditionalism and Modernity

China - a civilizational state? CCP has done everything in its power to erase its history and heritage before 1949.

Not at all, China is promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine on the World Stage, India is not even promoting Ayurveda. Xi proudly claimed in front of Trump that China has 5,000 Years History. They still respect their Emperors, Have Banned Christian Missionaries and Confucianism is making a Comeback.

Why are Brazil and Mexico on the list? Bolivia is a country whose current ruling party seems to like its Pagan past. Mexico and Brazil? Not so sure.

Brazil & Mexico have growing Economies as well as Competent Leadership (AMLO in Mexico is Left-Wing and Nationalist while Bolsonaro is literally plotting a Coup Next Year).

Jonathan Gullis #wingnut theguardian.com

Tory MP says using term ‘white privilege’ should be reported as extremism

Jonathan Gullis also urges ‘sacking’ of teachers who criticise Conservative party in classroom

A Conservative MP has said anyone using the term “white privilege” should be reported to the government’s counter-terror programme, and that teachers who criticise the Conservative party should be sacked.

Jonathan Gullis told a fringe meeting during the party’s conference in Manchester last week that anyone using the phrase should be referred to the government’s Prevent programme, which is used to track potential terrorists.

He told activists: “The term white privilege is an extremist term, it should be reported to Prevent, because it is an extremist ideology. It’s racist to actually suggest everyone who’s white somehow is riddled with privilege.”

Gullis, who is a former member of the parliamentary education select committee, added: “I hope [using the term] will be reported, I hope that will be looked into, and any teacher who’s perpetuated it in the classroom ultimately should face a disciplinary hearing at the very least.”

The Prevent programme was set up in 2006 to stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism, and to clamp down on radicalisation.

During the same event, the 31-year-old MP said that teachers should be “sacked” if they criticise the Conservatives.

“The other way we can stop the cancel culture is by actually saying to the woke left lecturers and the woke left teachers – who seem to be becoming more and more apparent – is that ultimately, what’s going to happen if you are going to push your ideology in the classroom there are going to be consequences for you,” he said.

“For some reason, if a Labour party member wants to stand up in front of the classroom and say how bad and evil the Tories are, then the headteacher has to take some kind of sympathetic view to that.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, we need to start sacking people who are pushing their political ideology.”

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RE: ‘Big Brother’ Star Tiffany Mitchell Says It’s Not Her Job to Explain to Fans Why Her All-Black Alliance Wasn’t Racist

You just can't win with Negroes in these matters. You are a de facto racist just for being white but blacks can openly practice racism all they want because with them, it isn't really racism.


“It is unfortunate that they don’t see the bigger picture. Unity is welcomed in all other communities and cultures when people come together except for in the African-American culture.”

Negro Logic.™

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me. Blacks coming together is all we hear about nowadays. Now whites coming together? RACIST! WHITE SUPREMACIST! CANCEL THEM! KILL THEM!

For those scratching their heads wondering what the background to this story is, check out Big Bruthah’s Group Evolutionary Strategy, by Travis LeBlanc, over at Counter-Currents.

"Big Brother announced their cast for Season 23. There are 16 housemates, and six of them are black. Guess what happened next? If you guessed that the six black contestants formed an alliance in order to vote off all the non-black contestants so as to guarantee that a black person would win the season, then you guessed correctly."

Basically our enemies have the correct response to being called ‘racist’ and we don’t.

‘Who cares’? And ‘not my problem’ are the response whites should have used back in the ‘50s and ‘60s when we were being called racist.

If someone calls me ‘racist’ they have declared themselves to be my enemy therefore what they think is irrelevant. We also see someone even denying the existence of ‘reverse racism’ when in fact if is ‘racism’ itself that doesn’t exist. The concept of ‘racism’ is just a scam to get white people to share their civilization with non-whites. The failure to recognize this scam/attack against will lead to our downfall.

Making laws to prove we aren’t ‘racist’ should have never been an option.

ScornedStoic #dunning-kruger #pedo #pratt #sexist incels.is

If teenage girls are not responsible for their actions because they are young, then I am not responsible for any failure to date in my teens either.

Overwhelming hypocrisy.

When teenage girls are complete sluts and treat you like shit for asking her out, make fun of you, and fawn over your bullies;

You aren't allowed to hate women for this, they were young and their brains were still developing.


You were awkward as a teenager, and couldn't get dates despite trying over and over again? (Volcel users who haven't asked out, gtfo this site.)

Well that's clearly no one's fault but your own, you have no right to be mad at anyone but yourself, if you hold onto even the slightest resentment or anger from that time you are a creepy incel who deserves his fate because after all, the fact that you were young and inexperienced is irrelevant. Oh, and don't even think about trying to date teenage girls now that you actually have experience and know what you're doing, or we'll fucking lynch you. You chose to be incel in your teens so you deserve your fate.

But don't you dare even think of judging girls for their past, you loser virgin, they were children and had no idea what they are doing. They bear no culpability, but being an incel is a choice.

It's fascinating how women ended up with all the rights but barely the responsibilites of men, at least on a social level.

Greta Thunberg or the former Parkland bullies should be taken seriously despite their age, but if you criticize them you attack children. They only want the best of both worlds, the respect for adults, but the lenience for children.

Absolutely, agreed. If they're going to act like adults and put themselves in the public sphere, they deserve to be treated like adults i.e. no pulling punches.

Various Commenters #elitist #racist #sexist twitter.com

As much as I want to believe cities are dysgenic a visit to a rural PA grocery store is a reminder that everywhere is in its own way

Why is everyone so fucking ugly

(Your Humble)
People like to make it out like an agrarian versus industrial thing, but any post paleo diet is going to be dysgenic

(Yung Boomer)
Don’t tell #trad macho redneck rural twitter I said this: Republicans from blue states ought to colonize flyover country with pretty art hoe gfs.

Pennsylvania doesn’t have great looking people.

(Weimerica's Revenge)
America is a genetic toilet where all of the worlds pure bloodlines come to be flushed down the pipes together. Guess who was the one to coin the term "melting pot"

(Besta Posta M.D.)
It’s a class thing. Go to a ritzy area and everyone is beautiful. I used to go see my dad for two weeks every summer in his beach town. I remember the first year I got back and my mother took me to wal mart for weekly shopping and I was like, what the f@ck

(Lord Lightyear)
Part of the premise of cities being dysgenic is that they soak up all (most) of the good genes from rural areas and churn out low birthrates. Cities absorb the high iq and are iq shredders. They absorb the beautiful women and turn madonnas into whores (wives/mothers into sluts).

Darren J. Beattie #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

China bans any video game with
* Any non-gender conforming character
* Any gay relationship
* Effeminate men
* Any game where you have to make moral choices between good/bad

"If regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised.”

China is serious about its culture war.

Serious countries don't whine about racism, sexism, etc.

The entire purpose of the American regime is to coddle the fragile feelings of women and minorities

That's why America is a laughing stock on the world stage

This is relevant to all of the low-IQ whining about Chinese influence on American box office

If Chinese tastes governed our entertainment industry, we'd be healthier and better off

If China keeps this up, the Globalist American Empire will declare war

A big part of American ruling class' hatred of Russia is that Russia is a major power that rejects the woke ideology at the core of American regime

Now that Xi's China is rejecting America's woke poison in key respects, interesting to see how this plays into cold war 2.0

Used to be conventional wisdom that Russian rejection of wokeness more threatening because Russia is plausibly European and therefore a model for Western nations

China's rejection wokeness could very well have an opposite net effect, in the sense that it could be used to dupe conservatives into partially defending wokeness out of anti-China "patriotism"

This would be the foreign policy equivalent of Dems are the real racists

Similarly, Cold War 2.0 against CCP can be used to dupe conservatives into rallying to defense of mil industrial complex that has essentially declared them domestic terrorists

Insane, yes. But I think you can always count on conservatives to be duped. It's what they live for!

Alarming_Draw #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

So it turns out the new Bond film, partly written by a man hating feminist, is basically a nearly three hour long film of apologising for being male...


Bond gets softened up to appeal to female viewers. So Bond becomes A DAD (ffs!). To a GIRL, of course. As if it would have been to a boy.....

And they kill the nasty chauvisnist sexist bond in the end, while lots of the film focuses on the MOTHER telling a story about him to the daughter and a FEMALE version of Bond.

Well done feminists. You killed off the male, just as you always intended.

As for the social media surrounding the film-remember this-the film is literally being touted as 'the last hope to draw audiences back to the cinema after the virus, to save the companies that make films'. So did you THINK they werent going to try flooding the web with fake positive reviews, or to pay people to monitor social media to counter negative reviews?

KeithWoods #dunning-kruger #racist #transphobia twitter.com

Taiwan is worth fighting for, if Taiwan falls to China it’s over for the United States.

Lazy isolationist rhetoric (words I use all the time) doesn’t change the real world impact of Chinese dominance in the region. If you’re not a China hawk you can’t be America first, you’re just China first.

Real populism is sacrificing young white men to protect the independence of an island in the Western Pacific and maintain the global dominance of the empire that wants to turn your children trans and replace you with mexicans

Extra-Samsaric #fundie #psycho #sexist incels.is

Men shouldn't care whether their foid "loves" them or not

In the Bible, it is instructed for men to 'love' their wives- but nowhere does it say that foids should 'love' their husbands, only that they obey their husbands.

Men shouldn't care about "love" from their foids- only that their foids obey, respect, and are loyal to them. "Love" can be an added bonus, but it is non-essential.

i dont agree. coz if a foid loves you, she'd, like you mentioned, "obey, respect, and are loyal". so i do think it's important especially in modern day when foids can very easily ruin your life with false accusations if they are hostile to you. in the past, it's not as important, as social pressure forces the foid to obey you and be loyal, so its ok to not give a fuck about whether a foid loves you, if she misbehaves, you could just beat her up nowadays you go to jail even if she hits you and you defend yourself

Well, ideally of course, women wouldn't have all this power.

Ahmad Greenman #dunning-kruger #moonbat twitter.com


China and the UK are competitors bruv

China should not forge a close trade or economic ties with The UK. Its a malign country.

China approach to the UK right now is a disaster in making. It will be damaging to them.

Taliban is mutilating centuries-old Afghan culture & imposing outdated Arabian culture on Afghan women.

The west and especially the USA blessed Saudi Arabia to spread Wahhabism in the Islamic world to counter socialism which led to erasure of many women rights and increased violence against women.

What political system do Russians prefer?

- Western-styled democracy 16%
- Current system 18%
- Soviet system 49%.

This Levada poll shows Putin fatigue more than anything else.

Russians are unlucky to have Gorbachev while the Chinese were Lucky to have Deng Xiaoping, Two leaders different outcomes.


Made an Excel sheet about GDP (PPP), comparing Russia and China together vs the USA from 1992-2026. Things are changing .

Ukraine’s chief censor wants urges Kiev to scrap usage of the Cyrillic alphabet, to distance itself from Moscow, and embrace English, instead of Russian, saying that it's the "language of the civilized."

Eastern European reactionaries are on such a profound bootlicking streak that they will practically colonise themselves.

This reminds me of Georgia changing its time zone to distance itself from Moscow.

The rise of eastern Europe is a forgotten economic success story



Lol Eastern Europe has improved but stop hyping it. It will never compete with Western Europe and East Asia.

CornusKousa #pratt #wingnut forum.literotica.com

RE: More Dems fear Trump supporters and unvaccinated than Taliban

There won't be any civil war.

There already is.

You can keep living in denial of the observable and demonstrable reality going on around you.

But it's not going away Peck. The civil war started in earnest in 2018.

There are not enough of them and they are not qualified to mount one, nor do they command the resources, nor is there sufficient support on the ground for such a thing. No red-state governor is going to announce secession.

Welcome to not 1861 anymore peck.

When are you going to figure out it's 2021 and NOBODY lines up in big fields so they can gun each other down anymore???

Uh I'm a democrat and I'm worried about the taliban, sure, but I'm also worried about similar zealots of the right wing in this country threatening to do the same thing the Taliban would to me in what they call a 2nd American civil war.

And just like with the Taliban and 2/3's the fuckin' planet that's only because control freaks in the US gov REFUSE to leave them the fuck alone and mind their own god damn bidniz.

The Taliban and for the last 3 years any US citizens who aren't ride or die Democrats woke to the evils of whiteness, western liberalism and capitalism, have the same fucking problem, a US federal government with a full blown case of Nosy Nancy and Kontrol Freak Karen psychosis gone full batshit SJW crazy.


I'm more worried about the zealots on the Left.

The idiots on the right isolate themselves instead of attempting to "convert/convict" everyone else...

^^ Ding ding ding ding......

Who are the absolutely deranged control freaks looking for and even trying to just create any authority they can to force their politics down the throat of a bunch of people who don't want it?

Not the right wing.

hunther & Woman15 #crackpot #moonbat #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: How many males have raped?

All men are rapist. The one who havent rape think about rape or are afraid of the consequences. 99% of men have rape because we live in a world where women are threaten that they must fullfill their duty to give themselves to their husband so they their mongoloids dont end up cheating or she's to be blamed. Plenty of cultures do not recognise marital rape because rape is the most effective mating strategy for moids. And unfortunately 99% of women are married to their rape apes

Most studies dont take about married moids or the culture surrounding the the threats that are taught to us if we dont end up pleasing the moids in marriage.

Another reason all men are rapists is the selective breeding of women and our cattle status.

If women have been selectively bred to be men's slaves (I don't know one person who doesn't atleast acknowledge generational trauma) and are under global male control how is consent real? Hell, I've even heard of conservative politicians who've acknowledged that we're all a product of male rapism because if we were to make abortion illegal whose to stay any of us would be here (male incestual rapism can potentially be found in everyone's family tree).

Recall the metoo movement; some women felt that if there was a power differential at work then whatever happens between the two parties can't be said to be consent free and clear.

this is a great point, and it really illustrates the flimsiness of the consent model. if the mere existence of a power dynamic can put consent into question, then consent is ALWAYS IN QUESTION. particularly in heterosex where it can easily turn life-threatening.

You fucking get it.

We will never be equal so we will never be free and we're always in a position of vulnerablity. How is fucking slaves, bred to be slaves, ever not rape? If the circumstances of coercion is always present due to the inherent power imbalance of the sexes and sex based oppression...

TheDarkWaters & villain_chromosome #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: Men are retarded

I mean, men are basically a support system for their broken chromosome, which is a parasitic program and dicks are a tool for its self-replication. Honestly, men's attempts at self-reflection and self-analysis will never not be funny to me. The fact that they are taken seriously at all is peak tragicomedy.

Based. The entire macro-behavior of males reflects the microscopic behavior of the Y chromosome. Once you start to see that, it's impossible to unsee.

Exactly, it's like Borg collective. A man as a system is effectively the Y-chromosome and its life support. He does what it prompts him to do. When he speaks - it speaks. Any woman who believes that a man is an individual with free will and not a program executing his imperative, is not looking close enough or is afraid to see it.


Damn this was haunting

explain, this sounds really intriguing

I could write a whole book about that, but surprisingly, the facts are easily available on Wikipedia. You can easily draw comparisons between the "behavior" of the Y chromosome and male behavior.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y_chromosome - read the Origins and Evolution section, the entire thing is gold, and then compare it to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_chromosome#Humans - it clearly shows that females are genetically superior

The Y chromosome only cares about itself and its own propagation, not the whole genome (unlike the X chromosome).

The female is concerned with creating life, while the male is concerned with perpetuating himself. Sperm are insignificant, abundant, and cheap. The egg just waits there like a queen, because it's valuable and expensive. Macroscopically, the male is frustrated with his insignificance and dependence on a female to reproduce, but he also venerates the female because of how much he needs her - hence the creation of the love-hate, idolizing-demonizing, madonna-whore dichotomies in which males view females.

Admin #dunning-kruger #pratt #quack #wingnut thecovidblog.com

Volodymyr Salo: 19-year-old Ukrainian student gets Pfizer mRNA injection behind his family’s back, dead seven hours later

Same song in Ukraine as everywhere else

Ukraine had a 1.7% “fully vaccinated” rate on July 1. The country had a seven-day average of 936 new COVID-19 case on that day. That’s the lowest seven-day average in the country since late July 2020. Ukraine is 12% fully-vaccinated today, with a seven-day average of 5,921 new COVID cases. That’s a 532% increase since July.

Yet somehow all the “vaccine” propaganda is still effective with the masses. Ukraine is still on an “adaptive lockdown” until at least October 1. Regional authorities have the power to tighten or loosen mask mandates, social distancing and other COVID measures based on the local situation. But gyms, movie theaters and large gatherings are essentially shut down across the country. Government employees and teachers face injection mandates in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile Scandinavia continues being the voice of reason in Europe. Sweden has been the target of propaganda by mainstream media because it neither locked down, nor issued mask mandates throughout the so-called pandemic. It’s seven-day average for COVID deaths has been near zero since June. Sweden experienced no real COVID-19 spikes throughout 2020. Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg is now referring to COVID-19 as a simple “respiratory illness.” The country is lifting virtually all COVID-19 restrictions starting today.

Italian actress Ludovica Bizzaglia said she was proud to coax young people into getting mRNA injections behind their parents back. Mr. Salo was a young adult. But his family tried protecting him from the propaganda. COVID continues destroying families in two ways – disagreement on “vaccines” and death/maiming by vaccine. We’ve reached the most critical stage yet in all this.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

Various TERFs #pratt #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

Why are schools allowing autogynephiles around children

MEN shouldn't teach young children. Especially not ones with public sexual fetishes.

Y’all already know how I feel about men 😭

I absolutely agree with the second one (obviously) but not with the first one. You know there are nice men and men in typical womens positions and viceversa is actually a good thing for gender abolition... I don't want a world where only women have relationships with children when I know there are respectable and normal men out there who would never be inappropiate with children.

He’s a nice man who would never do that to a child is what everyone says after it’s revealed that yes he would do that to a child

I mostly agree with this. But I think it's dangerous to have males teaching/supervising very little children who often need a teacher to help them in the toilet, to change a diaper, to bathe them after an accident, etc. The risk of abuse is just too high. And I think even most fathers would agree with this policy.

Once children are older, have the vocabulary to complain if they're abused, and don't need help in the toilet anymore; than male teachers are okay. But I'd be anxious if a man I didn't know was supervising my infant at a daycare.

Not worth the risk when we're talking about children's safety tbh

Yeah until we can impose actual consequences for ALL inappropriate behaviors (such as being weird, leering, and grooming; not just actually physically harming a child), men should not be allowed to teach.

Alan Gottlieb #dunning-kruger #wingnut tampafp.com

CCRKBA: FBI Report Says Armed Citizens Killed More Criminals Than Police

The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2020 indicates that armed private citizens killed more criminals during the commission of a felony than were killed by police, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says this data clearly underscores the continuing need for American gun ownership.

“We looked at Tables 14 and 15 in the FBI’s new report that apply to justifiable homicides by law enforcement and private citizens, respectively,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Last year, according to the data, armed citizens killed 343 criminals during the commission of a felony while police fatally shot 298 felons.

“If the FBI data published in their crime report for 2020 is accurate,” he continued, “it is ample evidence that the individual right to keep and bear arms for personal defense is as important today as it was when the Second Amendment was adopted as a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights.

“Every time we hear some politician, public official or gun control extremist call for citizen disarmament, we have to wonder which side they’re on. It certainly can’t be on the side of public safety," Gottlieb said.

“Gun prohibitionists who enjoy their own private security while promoting restrictive laws that take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens are world-class hypocrites,” he said. “The same people who want to disarm honest citizens are typically those who support policies that are soft on criminals. They haven’t simply lost perspective; they’ve abandoned common sense.”

“This data should send a message to criminals that their chances of recidivism are gradually shrinking,” said Gottlieb, who co-authored America Fights Back – Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age, and more recently, Good Guys with Guns. “The tide has clearly turned.”

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: FBI: Murders Up 4,901 in 2020, Black Share of Known Murder Offenders Reaches Record 56.5%

The black to non-black murderer ratio is higher than the male to female ratio.

(American Plague)

If you use the more expansive figure of 14.2% for black population, then the ratio of black known murder offenders to nonblack ones in 2020 was 8.4 to 1. (If you use the more restrictive 12.4%, you get a ratio of 9.8 to 1.)

Incredibly, even the lower (at least part-black) ratio of 8.4 to one is a little higher than the per capita male to female known murder offender ratio of 7.5 to 1.

We need to get these numbers up! While some whites may be lost, the majority are killing their own kind, which would be good in the long run.

(Gabby Mouse)

Imagine if blacks were approximately 50 percent of the population? I wonder what their share of the homicide rate would be? That's a scary thought.

And some people here are still against abortion. I'm against it for Whites except for rape and if the mother would die, but the blacks, browns, and yellows can have at it all they want.

(Jack McGriff)
Blacks can't handle living in a civilization as advanced as White countries. That's a fact. It's like the curse of a poor person winning the lottery because in addition to it being unearned and thus not respected, the person isn't grateful and doesn't have the mental faculties to handle the windfall, inevitably destroying their life.

(Ilya Muromets)
Exactly right. I always thought the White man's laws & civilization are the black man's burden. They all need to go back to the law of the jungle, which they're accustomed to.

The law of survival of the fittest, which lies heavily on mental creativity, favored the White European. But he blew it allowing the negriods & Asians to share in his medical, mechanical, electronic, & other scientific marvels.

All because of the greed of the White leaders.

GluePrittCel #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist incels.is

Our pain of us blackcels is greater than yours.

Most whitecels for not say the 90% are volcels in disguise. Not far different from their femoid counterparts. They cry that femoids don't want them but they will never date black women. Even worse, they will never date a single mom of their own race. Meanwhile we blackcels have gotten the worst cards of the genetic lottery. Non-harmonous features, not enough height and others bald.

Even our Chad version, the Tyrone, is equal to a low tier white normie for not say an incel tier white guy. This could explain why Tyrone gets only white fat foids in the Anglosphere.

Empiric proves are clear:


Then stormcels will shit on us due to the demographic change in their country despite that was possible to due white volceldom and cuckness. Despite demographic change in America is mainly due to mexicans while demographic change in Europe is due to Asians(arabs, indians, pakistanies etc)

Even the SJW warriors,that were supposed to be anti-racist players, will never understand our pain:


BBC is a merely lie.


And BBC is useless if you don't have the enough face, height or hair in your head for consentment.

Vyncennt & Reuben H #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Swedish Minister: Authorities Failed to Tackle Crime Because They ‘Didn’t Want to Be Seen as Racist’


Swedish Interior Minister Mikael Damberg has admitted that some of the country’s burgeoning gang-related problems were not properly tackled before due to the authorities’ fear of being seen as racist.

“Before, there was an anxiety to describe some problems, they did not want to be seen as racist and so on”, Damberg told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

It's almost as if 3rd world ferals, who have created 3rd world cultures in all of their 3rd world countries since the dawn of recorded history, might recreate those very same 3rd world cultures regardless of which piece of dirt they're squatting on...


(Reuben H)
So they're finally admitting to the cancer they've imported into their midst, and their proposed solution? Spread the cancer around (integration) and extort higher taxes from Native Swedes (to pay for an increased police presence).

I somewhat understand the need for de-segregation. After all, it must be inconvenient for those migrants to have to travel to other neighborhoods to find Native Swedish women and girls to rape. It's a violation of their human rights, and the government owes it to them to place victims closer to these poor men.

Not only that, but each time a migrant is forced to travel in order to rape a Native Swede, there's a carbon cost; it contributes to Climate Change. It's far more environmentally responsible to have the victims and perpetrators in close proximity.

Gregcyber #crackpot #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Western Washington University creates segregated housing specifically for black students

Black and African American people and culture that rape the White Race?

What do you call a African America Race?

The the sexual urge to rape white slaves.
As the African Americans call them self's "the decedents of slaves".

The segregation laws of the past.

They called them Jim Crow Laws in the USA. As in jin

But in History, there are tails of a Upper Egyptian Queen, A God of Egypt.

She made a law that forbids African Males to Mate with the Slaves. Or African females to mate with slaves. That is why Asians are marked.

In time they forgot the past, greed, sex, lust and the rights to rape the white females, as riot's to join whites in everything they do.

I had thoughts of the Crow Law before this movie.
I thought the law was, as a Crow is a Black Female of Egypt.
But if you understand Ancient Egypt and the Brid Hieroglyph's. Some hieroglyphs have a meaning of Female, as a female has eggs.

For me to better explain this idea, I show you a move clip where a Male was chosen by a queen of Egypt for mating.


The Crow's law may only be in foreign lands, as the move talks about Dis-location of the Egypt Tomb.

Males of Africa, in Law, are not to breed or marry slave women.
Breeding Slaves and Africans is only to be done by the Alchemist with the Pharos approval.

Why Do you think the Laws in the US punish Africans more then whites at a point in time?
But now, maybe they passed a law that will accept mixed races, the new slaves.

Unknown 4channer #elitist #sexist external-preview.redd.it


(Under two photos of a woman taken in 2012 and 2020 respectively. The photo file is named "ageing.jpg")

>send this picture to guy on Tinder, telling him that it could never happen to me, and as a trans girl I'll always be petite and cute and thin because no kids to fuck up my body

>he says he thinks she's pretty

What the fuck is men's problem? It could be a fucking obese single mother of four with a blowed out diseased pussy and they'll be like: is that a heckin' CIS woman? With a VAGINA!!!??? I gotta get me one of those!

Ahmad Greenman #dunning-kruger #moonbat #pratt twitter.com

Had NATO not expanded beyond Germany’s borders, or had NATO admitted Russia into its ranks, or had NATO not breached the NATO-Russia Founding Act by permanently stationing its forces on the Russian border, there would not be the tension there is today between the West and Russia.

True but how without tension we can justify NATO budget, or arms sales to Central and Eastern Europe?? Tension are necessary to justify American military presence in Eurasia.

Taiwan's trade & investment tour of Slovakia, CzechRepublic & Lithuania is a go! NDC Minister Kung will lead a 65-strong group to the EU countries next month, aiming to grow tie-ups & jointly create interconnected, resilient supply chains for the democratic world.

Guangdong province has a larger GDP than Taiwan but sure you will replace mainland China with supply chains.

You can’t replace Taiwan with the PRC but Eastern European reactionaries don’t understand basic economics.

The mayor of Prague announces a Taiwanese business delegation is set to land the Czech capital next month

I am reactionary scumbag. Could fit as well.

Reactionaries in Central and Eastern Europe are angry at Serbia for its partnership with China. Good Job by Serbia.

Breaking: The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for the invitation of @AhmadMassoud01

European can not influence the western Balkans properly but sure they are going to influence Afghanistan.

I am pro China/Russia Eurasianist. But Australia made the right decision to snub France and accept USA offer . If you want to buy submarines you either buy them from Russia or the USA , The best 2 countries in the field without competition.

China tops the 6G patent filings list with 40.3%, followed by the US with 35.2%. Japan ranked third with 9.9%, followed by Europe with 8.9% and South Korea with 4.2%

European think they can compete with China or the USA on tech lol.

SDarbey #crackpot #pratt #transphobia #wingnut reddit.com

Trans, a byproduct of civilizational collapse, discussion.

Okay, so I don't identify as trans or part of any of the demographics that are associated. But I recently read that the confusion surrounding gender in the current world could be a sign of cultural collapse. Which is defined on Google as so: Societal collapse (also known as civilizational collapse) is the fall of a complex human society characterized by the loss of cultural identity and of socioeconomic complexity, the downfall of government, and the rise of violence.

I'm not against any who are part of the LGBT community, to each their own. But to me, this kinda makes sense. Because most of our civilization seems to be confused, and don't know who or what they are or what they want, so they fill in the blanks left by their emotions in attempt to fit somewhere while they spread hate on anyone who doesn't subscribe to the views and opinions of that community with "peaceful protests".

Please don't assume I'm hating on anyone, this isn't my opinion, it's all observation (I don't use mind numbing social medias or watch the news either so I'm out of the global loop), so again, to each their own. I couldn't give two shits honestly, I don't care who you are or what you do as long as you're not hating or hurting anyone, I just wanna know what people think about this.

IncelCream #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Why the Soviet Union is needed

Soviet basically offered different version of society because of this America didn't want it's citizens to become pro-Soviet hence all the Anti propaganda.
This meant USA didn't promote degenerate culture until end of Soviets, it's why housing was more affordable before 1990s and why there wasn't anti white media, if Soviets was still about, America and west would be different because western men would support Soviet en masse, they would give secrets ect and vote differently. This is also why dating was easier back then

This is why I think China will win, as American becomes less white and more anti white it will cause friction with Europe which will slowly become more pro Russian/Chinese

Without Europe America soft power is limited

Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So

Look at these Hungary Censored a question about China

Serbian have Chinese Police

Chinese police officers join Serbian colleagues on the beat in Belgrade

Breakingviews - China Inc will recycle used white guys

Will you betray America for what they did to us men?

Anarcho-Heathen #fundie #moonbat reddit.com

*Do Pagans eat meat?*

I don’t. As Porphyry, blessed by the Gods, argued, the consumption and sacrifice of meat is immoral. The mystery of Elusis maintained three laws for worshippers: honor your parents/ancestors, offer to the gods from the fruits of the earth, and harm no animals.

These three laws come from Porphyry who quotes Athenian law makers. His claim was that the ancient laws of Athens were only preserved in Elusis and had been abandoned in other places.

*Should we apply or consider the roman mythos when talking about Greek mythology?*

Yes - the Gods inspire the mythological works of the poets and that didn’t stop because the poets spoke a different language (this applies to any modern language too, as the gods are obviously immortal and still present in our world today).

The gods are immortal beings who are present for all people and transcend changing cultural stereotypes.

Envita #conspiracy #homophobia #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

American females tried forcing their black man shagging ideals on the world.
Thank God it didn't work.
American females tried forcing their LGBT agenda on the world.
Thank God it failed yet again.
American females are now trying to force anal sex on infants too.
Hopefully that fails as well.
The Muslims are the good people in comparison
The american females are the demons, the communists, the socialists and vampires of all those around them.

manbro7 #dunning-kruger #pratt #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: If we were living in a male-dominated world (with links)

If men wanted to oppress women they'd be sent to wars as cannon fodder and make up %99 of the casualties to save the lives of the more precious male sex from such brutality and death.

The entire world would revolve around a "Men and children first" narrative. Humanitarian aids would constantly and only discriminate against women.

Men would create a movement to erase the female sex through eugenics (#theFutureisFemale) regularly call for a gendercide of women and call for it's action (#KillAllMen) and wouldn't be punished in the slightest for spreading those ideas. Men would openly associate with these ideas publicly knowing they won't be punished in the slightest.

Despite things like #KillallWomen, only sexism to men would be banned and punished, misogyny would be mocked, refused and denied to even exist by the men's rights movement.

Men's rights would victim-blame female suicide victims with toxic femininity and be obsessed with slut-shaming women and female virgins. Men's right would create loads of sexist terms like "womanspread, womansplain, bagsplain" to attack women for decades, including incessant sexist generalizations for decades. If any women objected to their insane sexism, they'd be attacked with fragile femininity and fragile egos. Oh yeah, and every single sexism the female gender faces would be gaslighted and victim-blamed onto women by calling it all "toxic femininity"

Be a man, and you're already experiencing every single thing written here and by OP. Yikes.

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China-Russia-Iran Eurasiosphere GDP PPP is 32.67 trillion

Anglosphere GDP PPP is 29.48 Trillion

Eurasian supremacy.

What sort of support has Macron received from EU partners over AUKUS? Deafening silence in Germany.

Remember when Denmark spied on Germany for the USA? nothing Happen.

Remember when China was the first to Help Serbia with Vaccines?

Remember when Germany crushed Greece with Austerity?

European solidarity is a Myth.

"Washington is building a NATO-like alliance in the [Indo-Pacific] region, with AUKUS at the core, and the US-Japan and US-South Korea alliances surrounding it, and the Quad at the outermost level, because India, not an US ally, can't be trusted by the US."—PRC scholar Li Haidong

Stupid statement Australia, Japan, South Korea are US vassals since the cold war , USA is not building or gaining NEW allies its the same group of Asian countries during the cold war. Secondly the India part is right. India will never accept USA full dominance.

The French have thrown their toys out of the pram and withdrawn their Ambassadors from the USA and Australia.

French tech was way out of date and EU States do not suit the 21st century.

The Anglosphere is back and they hate it!

We need a Eurasian sphere now!

One of Chinese policy makers objectives in this decade is the creation of a Eurasian sphere this will be a huge boost for China.

Italy will not send any kind of military asset to the pacific in support of the USA

Italy needs China for trade. USA is getting pathetic , China will dominate the western pacific regardless of these stupid moves, I wonder at what stage the USA will invite Romania, Bulgaria , Albania to stop feeling insecure?????

Waiting for Luxembourg to shows its boats in Asia.


If a war breaks out India will be obliterated by Pakistan and China.

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Dear Menslib- we've been trying to tell you.

I'd like to offer some words for r/menslib. It's in reference to your recent AMA with Chuck Derry from the Duluth Model Organization.. You guys were surprised at what you heard, and how bad it was....but we weren't. We knew this was going to happen, because we've been trying to warn you about political feminism and things like the Duluth Model for years. The groups and figures at the top of the hierarchy of feminism are backwards and sexist and disingenuous. The Duluth Model isn't some 'fringe idea', it's the single most influential social model on police MO for domestic violence in the US.

You guys seem to be on the cusp of realizing that your view on the modern day feminist movement isn't quite how the real world works.

We told you this. We told you this is what feminist literature actually says if you bother to read it. We told their buzzwords such as


"patriarchal structures"

"systemic oppression"

"to those with privilege, equality feels like oppression"

"Inherent misogyny"

It's flat-earth tier. In fact it's worse, because it's actual harmful. This is what we told you, the more political feminist organizations actively support, perpetrate, and lobby for the legalization of domestic violence against men, and automatic exemption for prison for violent female criminals.

I'm going to be honest and blunt- subs like ML are part of the problem of the following comment:

I grew up in a household where my mother was emotionally/verbal abusive to my father (as well as the kids) and it distinctly felt like Chuck discounted that and viewed it as less serious, as it was female-led and received.

Because Chuck follows feminist theory. Not because he is patriarchal, not because he believes in "hetero-normative" beliefs, IT IS BECAUSE HE IS A FEMINIST.

You guys need to wake up and accept how bad things really are.

You have been lied too. What you believe about the MRM is a lie.

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RE: High school classroom decorated with 'f*** the police' poster and other left-wing symbols

It's California. There's little the GOP can do politically there to effect school policy, but parents can. We see their power manifesting itself all over the nation

I understand, but what about red states?? Red policy???

Hell, only in a few red states was CRT "banned" ......as if woke lunatics in the school system just stopped and said "oh well guess that's it!" .

Weak sauce.

There is no fight back, that's why the left is keeps getting it's way.


spoilerPolitics in 2050:

Why yes I'm for mandatory estrogen in the water supply

Why yes heroin is a human right

Why yes I'm for mandatory abortions

Why of course yes I'm for mandatory anal penetration for all males

That's right, I'm a conservative

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My thoughts on the call for a sex strike in Texas to protest the new abortion law.

1. It shows that women believe that the ONLY Power they have or more accurately the most powerful thing they 'possess' is the power of sex, which is something that feminists have been supposedly fighting for decades. Yet, it is their first GO-TO thing to make social change.

2. They believe men have such power that if they aren't getting sex they will just change that law as though MEN have any real power, 'yes, let's hold back sex and all those men will get the law changed at the next patriarchy meeting'


Also you do realize that women themselves largely voted for this. But apparently it’s only men’s fault.

men overwhelming support abortion. pro-lifers are overwhelming women. yet every time women disagree it's somehow "mUh pAtRiArChY" to blame...

Women are the biggest supporters of anti-abortion laws. The reason is because women benefit by forcing other women to have less sex. If women are having less sex then it could encourage men to have long-term relationships and go back to getting married.

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RE: The Moral Panic About Eugenics Poses a Threat to Abortion Rights

"If eugenics truly is a slippery slope, then the Left should join the Right in enforcing bans on abortion."

(Macedonian American)
This is one of those topics that the left absolutely refuses to acknowledge. Literally their only rebuttal is always some form of calling you racist. If Black people didn't get abortions, they would be about 25% of the population right now. And White people would already be the minority. Because of this I have always been wondering what the real DNC plan is for Black and Hispanic people. They know demographics are destiny. They know they would have basically solidified their power for decades to come if they didn't' allow abortions. Or are they just that morally bankrupt that allowing the murder of children is worth the wait of total control?

DNC doesn't want blacks anymore then anyone else does really, they want Hispanics. Oh they will use blacks as they have been for years since Feminism gave the black voting block so much power the last 5 decades but the ultimate goal is Hispanics, socialism and a bit less aggressiveness then blacks bring with them. Watch as the next few years they switch their priorities to Hispanics as they take over key areas.