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RE: Sweden, where man-beating is sport!

Let’s hold out for the honesty and bravery that used to characterize what real men were.

If anyone wants to know where all the good men went, look up women’s asses.

There is hardly a man out there that doesn’t know this beating is wrong.

Cowards remain silent.

I've traveled to Sweden. The horrible behavior of the Swedish policewomen doesn't surprise me as Sweden is a feminist totalitarian state. In general, Swedish men, have capitulated to feminist tyranny. However, Swedish men are refusing to serve in the Swedish military resulting in a dramatic and devastating decline in the Swedish military !

I can’t believe men—MEN—are truly man enough to actually resist! Something tells me that their resistance won’t last long. The authorities there will likely require men to enlist but while of course, women will have real choices.

Someone remind me to NEVER spend a cent in that feminist hell hole.

Makes sense. Why would men want to support a feminist totalitarian state? They need to institute the draft for women so women like that police officer can take their hate out on the battlefield.

Because they can’t be real men unless they cave in and let women have their juvenile way no matter how detrimental it is to basically everything else?

To hell with the fate of the world; just make darn sure he gets him a woman no matter the lies pouring from his cowardly lips.

Let’s just be glad that at least a few males are man enough to do the right thing.

-DJ-, Aman Singh & mark mooroolbark #sexist avoiceformen.com


The following discussion was published in 1707 AD under the title Female Grievances: Dialogues between two Young Ladies concerning Love and Marriage. The discussion shows that even back in the 1700’s women were trying to limit men’s freedom and stop men from living as bachelors.

Eliza: Amongst all the female grievances we have hitherto debated there still remains one we have not yet touch’d upon. There are an abundance of bachelors who, thro’ a cowardly apprehension of the cares and troubles of the marry’d state, are so fearful of entering into it, that they would rather run the hazard of damning their souls with the repeated sin of fornication.

Mariana: I’ll assure you I like your thoughts very well, for if we consider rightly, we can allow bachelors to be no other than drones in the great-hive of the Common-wealth. With all my heart; you would have me begin, so accordingly I’ll proceed to the business, vis:

That every bachelor above the age of twenty, and childless widower under the age of fifty, shall be obliged to marry within the circle of one year, commencing from the date of the Act, or else be liable to be press’d into the Sea or Land Service (after the expiration of the Term limited) when ever Her Majesties Forces shall need a further recruit.

Eliza: O sye, Madam, should we put such a cruel article upon the poor gentlemen it would be constru’d as downright tyranny, beyond all president.

Can you imagine the outrage if some random guy posted such a thing ragging on women? The earth would suddenly stop rotating and fire and brimstone would rain down upon us.

But his is what happens when you raise a few generations of girls to think they are superior, entitled...or that men are inferior knuckle daggers living under a bridge.

It's not that marriage is a trap for men, puts them at risk, at the whims of a woman...it's that we, you know, the "toxic masculinity" crowd, need to "man up". God is nowhere near this issue.

(Aman Singh)
This makes my blood boil. God, makes me repulsed from womankind.

(mark mooroolbark)
Astonishing. yet still we are told women were slaves and oppressed right up until the sexual revolution of the sixties. Another lie in an endless sea of lies.

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Where I lived, I was almost the only white man, and I often heard mutterings that I was a policeman. A few doors down was a black who owned a dog. Not many English blacks like dogs unless they are weaponized and can be used as a symbol of threat and aggression, and then they were either pit-bull Terriers or Rottweilers, and this one was the latter.

I remember the dog’s teeth scraping against the bone in my forearm. I still have a scar and, whenever I hear or read the word ‘racism’ – on a daily if not hourly basis now – I look ruefully at the strip of white flesh.

Six years ago I relocated to Costa Rica because I could see what was happening to my country. The last time I was in London I was alarmed at how blacks controlled the streets. A white man now has to be very careful not to catch the eye of passing blacks, no matter how much they want this to happen. Now, knife crime – almost exclusively black-on-black – in the capital is at an all-time high and increasing monthly.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a Muslim and has absolutely no interest in re-introducing “stop and search,” the eminently sensible anti-crime procedure now deemed racist, and there is a reason for that. Anyone who lives in London and is honest knows that blacks and Muslims don’t exactly get on, despite the fact that young Mohammedans ape the speech patterns and “style” of their Anglo-Caribbean contemporaries. Most fatal stabbing victims are black, and for Mr. Khan the only good black is a convert to Islam.

The police have been neutered in Britain just as they have been in America. You are more likely to see the police in London at a gay pride march than attending to your burgled apartment. They are told to police tweets rather than streets.

Here in Costa Rica there are some blacks, but there is none of the arrogant swagger, the trousers worn at half-mast, the gold teeth and the aggression and lawlessness. The USA has, I believe, a 13 percent black population, the UK a mere three percent. The trouble they cause, however, is entirely disproportionate. Britons are constantly told about the benefits of black culture, but it is hard to see what they are. Now, I have nothing against individual blacks. I just have no wish to live anywhere near them ever again.

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The number of Japanese who study German has halved in just a decade. Part of this is the EU’s appalling woke propaganda.

If you study Italian or Hindi, you will literally study Italian or Hindu culture, history, arts and so on. In German studies, you will be lectured on Nazi guilt, analsex, feminists and the importance of staying childless, democracy, the rule of law, diversity and gang bangs.

It is a disgusting moral lecturing and brainwash that no totalitarian cult in the world matches, not even the old Soviet regime or North Korea.

The would-be-students in Tokyo are greeted with alarming brainwash and misinformation, images of brown and black “New Germans”, ridiculous lies about the biology of men and women, and utter pseudoscience such as political correctness and antisemitism.

Abortions, prostitution, childlessness are all good-to-go. Gay sex and genital mutilations and drugs and idiocy are now Western mainstream.

If you study English, you talk about the weather and family; and Spanish, about weather and food. In German, you talk about racism, guilt and holocaust. It is the most insane, unnecessary and mostly self-inflicted collapse of a society in all of human history, comparable only to farewell of the Ostrogoths and Aztecs.

The final blow to the former land of poets and thinkers was undoubtedly the politicization of German grammar. In the Germanic languages, we may take most verbs and turn them into persons by adding -er.

Grammatically speaking, that noun is then masculine. Semantically, however, we know it refers to both genders, thus is neutral. But not so the leftists who feel that a “doer” or a ‘swimmer’ are offensively male privileges. Therefore they insist on a grammatically unambiguous female ending -(er)ess, preceded by an asterisk *.

All major regime media, newspapers and journals, textbooks and magazines and even the radio in Germany must now use BOTH –masculine AND feminine– endings. Thus, a simple address “Pirates, distinguished swimmers!” becomes “Pirates and Pirat*esses, distinguished swimmers and swimmer*esses!” All German texts are thus deliberately made stupid and eyesore.

Japan needs to investigate this crap and close it all down, also to save Goethe and for Germany’s sake.

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A Public Defender No More

Virtually all our clients were black men and women, even in a region that was mostly white. One day, I was assigned a new client, a black woman accused of assault and robbery, looking at a max of 15 years in state prison.

I worked a miracle: not guilty on all charges. She expressed no gratitude. I said, “Well you can at least say ‘thank you.’ I put in a lot of effort and kept you out of prison.”

Her reply: “You white mother f*ck*rs don’t deserve a ‘thank you.’ What you need is a mother f*ck*n’ *ss beatin’.”

Another client was a black man. He used a handgun to beat and terrorize an Indian store owner. His defense was, “I ain’t do nothing, white mother f*ck*rs just need somebody to f*ck with.”

Another client was a black man in jail for homicide. He was accused of aggressively instigating an argument with a totally innocent teenager. The argument ended when the man drew a firearm and killed the kid. What were the first words out of his mouth? “Just what I need, a cracker.”

He said, “F*ck their flea bargain it’s just because I’m black and they don’t like n*gge*s. My mother f*ck*ng people were your f*ck*rs slaves.”

I have many, many, more stories. They are all the same: a violent crime, a black client using up taxpayer dollars, and the claim that everyone is racist, including me. The explosive violence of these people is shocking, and when I say explosive, I mean explosive.

It was the same script over and over. If the victims were white — as they often were — they deserved it and were lying. They were “white mother f*ck*rs” or “white crackers who had it coming.” You couldn’t reason with them; there was no reasoning going on. There is a pool of black men and women roaming the streets looking for an opportunity to victimize someone through brute force.

Over and over, I heard the same thing: “Yous peoples owes us.”

If people really knew about the violent predators who are walking around in large numbers, looking to beat them to death for no real reason, they would board themselves up in their homes and never come out. The liberal news won’t tell you, your local politicians refuse to admit it, and the police are accused by both the criminals and the politicians of being the problem

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The other side is the bisexual pride flag. I see so many bisexuals whine about biphobia, but they're mostly full of shit. Gender ideology essentially preaches bisexual supremacy because to them a person's sex isn't relevant in sexual attraction. This flag is basically saying trannies and bisexuals are the most oprressed in the community. Most bisexuals end up in heterosexual relationships and are seen as heterosexual, but they want to whine that they are some how more oppressed than gays & lesbians.

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White middle class men in drag really seem to get upset when a black succesful man goes on a stage and makes people laugh

The only thing they hate more than black men are mild-mannered British authors of children's books, it seems.

Here's my theory! I'm sure others have had this same take, so I apologize for the autism or regurgitation of common knowledge: It's like what many have said about "male feminists." They use that identity to get them "in." Clout, points, whatever - "I'm the good guy; now I'm on your side!"

God, I'm drunk on my first weekend off in a while here so bear with me...How do I put this articulately? It's like, these white "CIS men" who have been told for most of their lives that "white CIS men are the evil ones" they, not surprisingly, want to reject that, right? So they troon out. Ok, good. So now that they trooned out they can be "women" now - and NOW they can freely hurt women if they so want (because they are "women" now, ya follow?). Check. They "get" to do that now. How great for these men to be able to freely hurt us. Love that for us.

So next! These still "white" but now "un-CIS" ladies(?)...Well now there is the "minority" thing in question. But waitaminute! These white men in dresses "rank lower" than any minority out there because...Well, because they say so! And because they have created the "victim rankings" they get to rank "lower" than whomever they want. And because they rank themselves on the lowest victim tier they now get the full privilege to hate on, attack and say whatever they'd like about whomever they like.

But long story short: Men (and it's often white men, but I'm not trying to sperg by saying that) want a reason to be able to go all out on women and minorities while still retaining their liberal, progressive status. This is just a given. So I'm never surprised when I see troons happily posting about wanting to kill/cancel a black person or a woman or a lesbian - they "get to" do that now, free from consequences! It's what they've always wanted, really. Just had to troon out to do it, and now it's a goddamned free-for-all.

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Anti Racism is a Shabby Substitute for Lost Religious Faith, by John Engelman

Anti Racism has become a shabby substitute for lost religious faith. Secular liberals pride themselves for rejecting a religion that cannot prove its tenets. They have adopted a dogma that can be disproved. This is what Charles “the Apostate” Murray has said about their dogma in his September 2005 Commentary essay “The Inequality Taboo:”

Putting this in my own words I will say that a person’s race can usually be determined by appearance, and always by DNA analysis.

Once we acknowledge that race is an important biological classification of humans, it should be acceptable to study the durable ways the races differ in average intelligence, academic performance, criminal behavior, and sexual behavior.

But it is not. When one is accused of racism truth is no defense. It is evidence for the prosecution.

Liberals condemn conservatives for banning books from school libraries and school curriculum. Most liberals would try to fire a high school civics teacher who assigned his class to read “My Negro Problem and Ours,” by Norman Podheretz and “Race, Evolution, and Behavior,” by Professor J. Philippe Rushton.

They would probably succeed. Conservatives do not try to suppress the discussion on global warming. Liberals do try to suppress the discussion on the relationship between genes, intelligence, crime, and race. Nevertheless, it is liberals who condemn conservatives for opposing science. Race has become an area where the more one rejects science the more enlightened one is said to be.

In addition to being a religious substitute, anti racism gives affluent liberals an alternative to working for the economic reforms that would restore a steeply progressive tax system, and which would raise their taxes. Anti racism gives affluent liberals, who have lived, gone to school, and worked in nearly all white and Oriental environments, the opportunity to condemn the racism of white blue workers who attended black majority public schools, lost job opportunities to affirmative action, and been victims of black criminals.

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Proper classification of "White"

Since there is a lot of confusion and shitflinging on this board about what constitutes "White", I thought I would try to define it properly.


Firstly, all Whites are Europeans, not all Europeans are white.
What constitutes an "European"?
>1. The ethnic group was present over 1000 years ago (1000 AD or earlier) in Europe.
>2. The ethnic group developed within the last 1000 years in Europe from a native ethnic group.

What constitues "White"?
>1. The ethnic group is European.
>2. The ethnic group has a very significant percentage of fair-headed (25% ca+), fair-eyed (50%ca.+) and fair-skinned people


>3. The ethnic group is culturally western (from a country of mainly christian (preferably protestant, catholic may also apply) background, belonging to Faustian civilization, within the Hajnal line i.e. historically developed and historically contributed a fair amount to European civilization)
>4. The ethnic group is primarily of Germanic or Celtic blood.


Culturally and in terms of historical contributions Italians and Greeks are certainly closer to "Whites" than most other Europeans on the map are (and Italy mogs most of the other countries too), but due to their somewhat darker complexion they can not be lumped in with physically different NorthWestern Europeans.

Sample in average IQ too


About IQ there's so many surveys with wildly varying stats that I am legit not sure as which one to pick

I forgot to include height which is a trait fairly often associated with "Whiteness" and which may bring up lower Western Balkans quite a lot.

From a purely strategical standpoint, furthering divisions between Europeans instead of solidarity will do us no favors in the long run.

However establishing that not all Europeans are "White" could also detract much ground from the left's collective attacks on "Whites", e.g. when a Slav claims a separate category and claims victim status.


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Why There Will be More Payton Gendrons

Everything Mr. Gendron wrote and did was driven by fury at the replacement of whites in traditionally white-majority nations: “To preserve our cultures and people we must be physically separated,” he wrote. “Whites do not belong in Nigeria the same reason why blacks do not belong in England.”

What is “The Great Replacement” and why does it evoke such passion? The phrase is shorthand for large population changes. In 1960, whites were 85 percent of the US population, and assumed they would always to be the overwhelming majority. Today, they are down to 58 percent, and by 2060, their numbers are projected to drop to 43 percent.

The same process is underway in every traditionally white nation. In Britain and France, natives are expected to become minorities by 2060 or so.

For those who welcome white replacement, it is not a conspiracy but something to celebrate. Michael Moore declared the Census Bureau’s release of the same 2020 data, “the best day ever in U.S. History.”

Facts are not racist or sexist. The 2020 census found that in the previous 10 years, the Asian population in the United States had grown by 35 percent, Hispanics by 23 percent, and blacks by 5.6 percent, while the number of whites declined by 8.6 percent. Charles Blow of the New York Times wrote that “it was a terrifying census for white nationalists.”

Non-violent replacement has the same results as military occupation. If Mexico had conquered parts of the Southwest, there would be a dominant Mexican/Hispanic presence of language, culture, aspirations, people — which is what we find today.

Today, the entire West is united in support for Ukraine against Russia. Why? Because it is fighting The Great Replacement — this one armed. But if Ukraine saw a huge influx of Russians would Ukraine be changed even a fraction as much as The Great Replacement is changing the United States?

Nations have a powerful urge to protect their identities. It is Basic Law that Israel is a Jewish state. This officially recognizes a precious identity that replacement would destroy. All non-white nations have an equally powerful, instinctive opposition to replacement. What Turk or Thai or Tunisian would even think of setting in motion policies that would reduce their people to a minority?

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Why are Vaxxoids like this?


>Be Pureblood Christian
>searching for Christian stuff
>end up at a website worse than reddit
>see recent thread there (3 hours ago)
>read first comment in the thread
>commenter is filled with madness
>calls people "incels" and "assholes" for not getting vax juice
>Implies you shouldn't date unless you follow the narrative
>why are vaxxoids so angry?
>why are vaxxoids npcs?
>why are vaxxoids like this?
>feels tired anons
>link below
Anyone getting covid/vaxxoid fatigue yet?

Probably a boomer. Definitely not walking with Christ.

I don't think the people are Christian there. Seems to be a place to mock Christians and anyone who goes against the current zeitgeist.

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Whenever you point out that men rather than women are the disadvantaged and those on the receiving end of prejudice, the first thing you get back – after the blunt denial – is: ‘what about women in Islamic countries?’ Everyone assumes that female face and body coverings are ‘oppressive’ to women and at the behest of men. Yet both of these assumptions are false.

Female Islamic dress codes are cultural practices similar to foot-binding in China and female circumcision (genital mutilation) in sub-Saharan Africa and other regions, in that they are all cultural codification of female intra-sexual competition to secure high mate-value pair-bonded sexual partners.

As with all fashions, they are not imposed but readily adopted as women wish to join the more advantageous in-group and to dissociate themselves from the relative under-dog out-group.

Yes, of course, men will at the behest of women reinforce such behavior. This is not in any respect ‘oppression’ by men. If anything it is a imposition on them by women to which they feel duty bound to accede.

Now, when I’m allowed to get as far as putting across this explanation, the next retort is that even if it is women themselves ‘oppressing’ each other, it is still women being ‘oppressed’, and that therefore we still need to focus on women and not on men as being disadvantaged.

So there you have it. A default assumption that what in fact women do to themselves is instead done to them by men. We see this all the time in the persistent ridiculous ‘size zero’ controversy. Women don’t really want to be super slim, we are told; they would prefer to be size 14. It’s just the all-powerful male fashion industry that is forcing them. Yet the fashion industry is female-controlled, of course.

We live in an era of unprecedented political stupidity where the notion of a particular highly implausible social ‘oppressor’-‘oppressed’ dynamic is unfalsifiable. No amount of evidence, however internally consistent and externally validated, can shift PC-fascist conviction. Not until, that is, the whole edifice collapses under its own stupendous dead weight. And that is starting to happen. We live in times set to be rather interesting.

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RE: Democrats FAIL To Pass Abortion Expansion, Roe Is DONE

Imagine being someone that wants the federal government to run everything in your life and still think that you don't have a favorite flavor of boot polish.
Let the states handle their own things and live in a state that most closely reflects your ideals, it's as simple as that.

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I think that non-passing trans women will never be happy or safe in this world

Kim Petras started her transition at 12, and has a perfect cis body, cis face and cis voice. People like her have a chance to be respected, accepted and loved. She is attractive to straight guys and lesbian girls. Those of us who started their transition after puberty and are not cis passing will never have those priviliges. And without them I doubt that my existence which is full of dysphoria and self hatred is justified. I want to end my life and escape this nightmare. I accept now that I will never be like a cis girl, which means that to most of the world I will be a guy. I cannot tolerate this and therefore it is better for me to quit. I think that body positivism or self acceptance or whatever it is are meaningless when it comes to the question of whether you pass or not. People with masculine facial structure, broad shoulders and with a female gender igentity will always be unhappy. I watched many videos by terfs and Ben Shapiro and I hated them. I disagreed with them. But today after I had massive dysphoria I started to see their point. If you do not pass, you cannot expect other people to treat you like a girl. It just WON'T happen. And even if it does, it's because they are being nice in supporting our 'delusion' because they know how painful our lives are. Even trans guys admit that being mtf is much harder. And the society is not developed or caring enough to provide us with necessary surgeries like FFS and stuff like that. Even with FFS, I will have male bone structure, I will be taller than 90% of girls and will have bigger hands and feet. Some people are just unhappy, Some just have no legs or arms and are disabled. Some people in Africa have AIDS and have no access to meds. Being a non perfectly passing trans woman is just another case of social injustice, and no one will help us. Even in super tolerant places like trans passing, if you are not pretty, people will just feel sorry for you, maybe lie about your apperance saying that it's not that bad, and those who have this privilige will enjoy their lives and have love and success and happiness. It is bettter if it all ends peacefully. I should just die to stop my endless pain.

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Albanians, thanks to their Islamic culture and geographical isolation, are overwhelmingly inbred. They hence exhibit:

*Excessive repetition of surnames
*Ridiculous numbers of disabled offspring.
*Lower life spans.
*Cognitive & emotional issues

Albanians have far more genetic defects than any other ethnic group in the continent, and the number of disabled, psychotic and criminally predisposed Albanians is likewise exponentially higher than the continental average. Albania is unique in that it is the only nation with an abundance of missing parenthood records regarding the existence of paternal grandparents. This is due to the fact that the father and grandfather are often the same. The end result is a nation of mentally and physically degenerated freaks.

>Lowest iq in the white world (even lower than turks)
>Most inbred ethnicity in europe, easily recognizable from their deformed pan-like head shapes
>Islamic as, fanatically so in Kosovo
>Used to be arnauts in the middle ages (servants for turks who subdued christian uprisings)
>The Turkish word for Albanian literally means "those who march first" because they were used as cannon fodder against European armies
>Most criminal nationality in europe, involved in every type of crime in every corner of the continent
>Invading literally every advanced nation in existence. More of them live outside albania than inside, Even Finland had a mass shooting done by an Alboroach
>Aggressive and belligerent, have no self control and start fights all the time
>Can't build a country, there isn't a single city or area with an albanian majority that is 1st world
>Wiggers, arab-wannabes
>Ugly as fuck

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I'll still never get this.
It's one thing to take hormones, keep your dick, and hopefully find a fetishist to date but the mentality in thinking anyone would ever want that axe wound is another world of insane.

This. I "transitioned" but the reality was I was forcing my bdsm goth sissy fetish on people in public because literally no one could or would stop me. Natalie Mars style hair, heavy doll face make-up, chastity cage, black denim straightjacket with belts and locks all over it, black skull print dress, etc. I thankfully looked like an attractive tranny but it was a ton of work and I knew I was never a real woman and it was just demented fetish shit. I stopped after doing it less than a year. I absolutely loved all the attention I could get and it definitely got me laid much easier than when I was presenting as male but FFS anyone who is mentally ill enough to literally think GRS is a valid option probably should be removed from the gene pool. That's going to massive amounts of trouble and ongoing medical issues for zero return. I didn't even like having to put make-up on every single day, I can't imagine anyone wanting it enough.....

It was to get what I wanted from the start. I took hormones for about a year. What I was doing is called transmaxing; sissy incels who are tired of not getting laid do it to get fetish sex all the time. It was an absolutely calculated move to advance my career and be practically immune to criticism in this progressive shit hole of a country while forcing my feminization fetish on the public. I would post pics but I don't want to dox myself even though I look almost nothing like I looked then as a man again. It only worked because of how heavy the goth makeup I wore and how body forming the corset and fashion I wore. For a tranny I'd say I was about a 7/10 when I put hours of effort daily (between workouts, shaving my entire body and makeup). I just stopped doing it when it was no longer practical for me to do it. I miss doing it but it was literally so much fucking work it wasn't worth it just for the fetish and I never believed I was a woman.

Stella O’Malley & Jennifer Bilek #conspiracy #psycho #quack #transphobia healthliberationnow.com

Leaked audio confirms Genspect director as anti-trans conversion therapist targeting youth

Right at the start, O’Malley goes mask-off in exposing her primary motivation: the full-scale prevention of medical transition for trans youth.

Stella O’Malley: “I suppose, uh, where I’m coming from this more than anything is, uh, to, um, make sure that children are, if- if at all possible, are stopped from medical transition. I think that’s the most important thing for me."

O’Malley presents genuine distress from gender dysphoria among trans youth as a kind of “porn induced” compulsion that needs to be controlled by anti-trans parents and clinicians.

This isn’t the only time compulsions are mentioned. In fact, a few minutes later, O’Malley draws a direct connection between “AGP” and pedophilia. In doing so, she repeats transmisogynistic tropes of trans women being sexual predators while simultaneously making light of childhood sexual abuse.

After her previous confessions, she also tells a room filled with extremists accusing her of not being harsh enough to trans people that she doesn’t think they “should have empathy or sympathy” for adolescent trans girls like those in her care.

By telling a Space full of hardline, exterminationist transphobes that they don’t need to have empathy or sympathy for trans girls, O’Malley enables escalation that makes phenomenon like TAnon a reality. In fact, Jennifer Bilek, one of the main anti-trans critics towards O’Malley and a thought-leader in TAnon, shows up in the comments of the leaked audio. Bilek insists that trans people (particularly trans women in this context) can’t have any public presence in society, as that is akin to platforming serial killers. According to Bilek the mere existence of trans people is a “[f]etish [that] needs to be abolished in the public.” A former member of Deep Green Resistance known best for her accelerationism and antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jewish billionaires funding the trans movement, she serves as a prime example of the hardline eliminationist approaches taken by those following her lead.


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Manifesto analyzed: Twitter soys claim that the Buffalo, NY shooter was an "incel". In reality, he's a cuck.

The bodies are still warm, but that hasn't stopped the misandric left from trying to rile up anti-male bias via the latest horrific act of mass violence. There are hundreds more tweets just like these, but all of these claims are baseless.

Now, Gendron doesn't mention having issues with femoids. The words "foid", "femoid", or even "female" don't even show up once. He exclusively describes femoids via the Reddit-approved way—"women".

Instead of hating women, Gendron is in fact a massive fucking simp. He seeks to defend m'lady's honor, and devotes quite a chunk of his manifesto to bemoaning the rape of "European women" by "invaders". On page 159 of his manifesto, Gendron implies that his motive for this shooting was in fact the "distress [of] European women".

In the upcoming race war, Gendron writes, "the only option for a true man or woman of Europe is to labor, labor with all effort towards victory" (page 176). In doing so, he implies that toilets are the equals of men, and that femoids (needless to say, the weaker gender) would somehow be able to contribute to the efforts of a race war.

Additionally, Gendron tolerates faggotry. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual faggots are "fine" with him (page 8).

So, in short, Payton Gendron is an 18-year-old normie who thinks that:

rape is bad and we must shoot up grocery stores to defend m'lady

empowered qweenz can be just as strong as men

being a faggot is OK

Yeah, that's blatantly incompatible with the blackpill. He bemoans the drop in "white birth rates" but not once does he mention feminism, hypergamy, and the dating habits of white women. Instead, he blames ethnicels.

This man is not an incel. He is a foid-worshipping cuck and his own writing proves it.

It's obvious by now that the SJWs of Reddit and Twitter have taken a leaf out of the Russian playbook. Just as anyone who opposes the Kremlin is a "Nazi", any man who doesn't kowtow to the progressive orthodoxy is an "incel", even when there is not a shred of evidence connecting him to the incel community.

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I'm a gay man, and I'm beginning to hate women

I'm a very fit, quite attractive, man in his late 20s. I have a very good job (University lecturer) and I can choose to call myself "Doctor" if I wish. I was raised by a single mother, whom I love very much, and the vast majority of my friends are women who I respect and adore. However.......I think that I'm starting to hate women. It scares me, and it disappoints me, but I think I am. I've been married to my husband for about two years at this point, and even when we go out to venues where people can tell we're a couple, I get hit on by women. VERY agressively. I've had tits rub against me, I've had my ass grabbed, even a hand or two graze past my package. And it isn't just overt sexual touching, it's the total project of the idea "Oh, you're a guy, you must want to fuck me, and because of that I have a power over you". Listen honey, what you're selling, I ain't buying. They cut in front of me in line, they cut me off, they're extremely rude when it comes to holding doors, or even having basic manners. I wondered why this was, and I've realized that it's because of how I look and who THEY think I am. I'm a nice guy, I know that's a douchy thing to say about yourself, but I know I am. My friends and family love me, my students think I'm awesome, but the average woman in the street has been told from the time she was born that I'm out to get her. Just simply because I'm a man. And because of this, "They're all going to rape you," I get disgusting looks if I accidentally make eye contact, or just blatant rudeness that stems from a belief that I owe them something. I never ever ever thought that I would start to develop these feelings, and I feel like shit that I have. But c'mon, just because I'm a tall, fit guy that "looks straight," does not mean that you have some kind of magical power over me, and that I want to fuck you. My dick wants nothing to do with your Vagina.

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Fun with Race. For a While, Anyway

America’s racial circumstances, its lightning demographic transformation unimaginable a half century ago, runs apace. Over half of children eighteen and under are not white. Thus in an uncertain but small number of years, America will mostly not be white.

So how does the racial map look? Latinos concentrated in the Southwest, where they seem certain to become the majority. In California they now outnumber whites. New Mexico, aptly named, seems poised to follow.

Blacks dominate America’s cities. Typically the downtown contains a sprawling, impoverished black ghetto, crime-ridden, hopeless, and dangerous, semiliterate, and very angry. Residents have little or no contact with the surrounding country. These cities are not under control of national or state government. Whites dare not walk in them. Governments at all levels are afraid of blacks, who if crossed will riot, loot, and burn. Any attempt to crack down on crime would result in explosion, and everyone knows it, so law does not extend to these regions. In aggregate, these enclaves constitute a sort of distributed country within a country.

East Asians and, increasingly, Indians dominate America’s high-tech world. They make up around seventy percent of the very high-end high schools. Interestingly, India supplies a growing part of America’s brains. One telling example is that Indians are CEOs of IBM, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Adobe, and Mastercard, among others.

So: The Southwest to Latinos, the cities and culture to blacks, universities and laboratories to the Chinese, and a noticeable savor of curry in managerial ranks. This is America.

Whites? In decline, both proportionately in the population and in dwindling numbers in science and engineering. This is perhaps most conspicuous in the downgrading of mathematics in schools and universities as being racist.

Why is all of the foregoing not an accurate description of America today? Where leads the growing dependence on Asians for brainwork? The exodus of stores from cities because of crime? The very real enstupidation of the schools to hide the failings of minorities? The heavy-handed enforcement of centrally devised racial policies on people who don’t want them? Economic decline? You tell me.

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Inceltear whines about faded and denies he got away with using force upon an escort.

Look at the comments, saying he didn't actually do it. They even said "if it makes you feel any better". That is the definition of "coping".

Guess what inceltear, in the real world, lots of women have sexual "crimes" committed against them, and they are never able to report it. That's how life works. So you need to accept this inceltear, in the real world, if it creates incels, many of those incels, are going to use physical force to get what they want from a woman, without her consent. And she can't do anything but deal with the mental trauma from it

I hope this escort fucking kills herself after years of mental torment. faded, you are the man.

I personally don't see anything wrong with what faded did anyway. That woman is a whore and deserves to be treated as such. She forfeited her bodily autonomy when he gave her the money anyway, I don't think she should have any right to have any control over what goes on in the bedroom. I hope that bitch has nightmares from this.


How does a sex worker get raped exactly? If you paid for her service how do you rape someone who is selling sex to you jfl what?

I didn’t even rape her. We just had rough sex and she didn’t like it because I was Incel

There is a very easy solution to that. Just don't be a whore.


I gave his post a standing ovation. He's been scammed by whores before, so this is payback. If whores hate their job then they better work at walmart.

Thank you. Just doing my part and trying to make whores miserable

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RE: What has convinced you that your beliefs are correct? How do you know the pantheon which you worship is real?

*An Ontological Argument for Polytheism: *

Proof A:

We can think of a being greater than which nothing can be conceived.

It is greater to exist in reality than solely in thought.

Therefore the being greater than which nothing can be conceived must exist in reality (otherwise a greater being could be conceived which contradicts 1).

Proof B:

There exists a being greater than which nothing can be conceived.

It is greater to exist in multiple forms than in one form.

Therefore the being greater than which nothing can be conceived exists in multiple forms (if it existed only in one form, a greater being could be conceived which contradicts 1).

Let the "greatest being" demonstrated to be Proof A be called Godhood (the ousia of a god). Let any particular form which that Godhood exists in be called "God".

It follows from Proof B, 2, that an infinite number of forms would be greater than a finite number.

I am not sure I entirely follow. We can concieve of a being which hypothetically exists in reality, in which case it would be the greatest being that we can concieve, without it actually existing, no?

The argument is that basically if it doesn’t exist in reality it would contradict its definition as “a being greater than which nothing can be conceived”. Because we could think of something greater that does exist.

Because it is the “greatest being” it necessarily exists.

The idea here is to show that existence is of the essence of Godhood, that if something partakes in Godhood it could not be thought of as not existing logically.

But why should we expect the universe to care about the word games we think up?

Because the kosmos is ordered and we can come to know things about it.

We can demonstrate that the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180 degrees, factually. That corresponds to ever triangle that exists in the real world. I am only asserting we can have similar knowledge about theology (this comparison to mathematics being a common one by Ancient Greek sages such as Pythagoras.

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On Friday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent off a series of tweets that proved popular:

“The extreme left is taking over” WHERE. In Texas, Republicans passed a law allowing rapists to sue their victims for getting an abortion.

We can’t even get our party to import cheaper RXs from Canada. foh

Billionaires be like “the extreme far left is taking over” when the “extreme far left” in the US is “medicine shouldn’t bankrupt you,” “wages should cover rent,” & “maybe it’s bad that Wall St companies profit off mass surveillance, manufactured housing crises, and caging people”

The reason America isn’t socialist, despite a very powerful Left, is because the Left cares more about race than economics. The effects of leftism are often felt by an absence of policies. The reason crime is soaring in most cities, is because leftists have demonized law and order. The riots in 2020 lasted so long because leftist DAs refused to prosecute rioters. The reason illegal immigrants pour into the country is because the Left believes any form of border security is unethical.

What the far-left lacks in political power, it makes up for in cultural power. It is because of the far-left that many schoolchildren are taught to think America is evil, racist, and irredeemable. The far-left made Marxist and anti-white arguments common on campus. The far-left’s influence explains why major newspapers don’t report brutal black-on-white crime.

Over the last 60 years, the Left has got what it wants many times: “civil rights,” mass non-white immigration, abortion rights, affirmative action, gay marriage, legal miscegenation, and legal protections for women, the disabled, homosexuals, non-whites, etc.

The economic Left Miss Ocasio-Cortez describes doesn’t really exist. The popular leftist website, Huffington Post, has sections for five “communities:” Queer Voices, Asian Voices, Black Voices, Latino Voices, and Women. There are no Poor Voices, Union Voices, Middle-Class Voices, Working-Class Voices, or Minimum-Wage Voices. That’s a statement of priorities. The Huffington Post isn’t “far-left” on economics; it’s very far-left on race.

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(NOTE: This is from a forum for people in incestuous relationships. "Ciao" and its derivatives are a shorthand for "consanguinity" here.)

Recent events on the 'Ciaotannian planet' show that most inhabitants have not yet become aware of 'the Ciaotannian Empire, and how it has subsumed the 'unter states' into itself. The major 'unterstates' are again using war as a way to distract and control the minds of the people, terrorizing them into suffering the ciaophobic status quo in silence.

Ciaotannia did not take over by military might. The Holy Ciaotannian global Empire has taken over by the pure power of universal love. Our Empress has simply willed it so, out of the pure loving kindness and wisdom of her heart and noble mind.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the establishment of the HCE, the day on which her imperial majesty Empress Jane Doe was proclaimed monarch of the sovereign Holy Ciaotainian Empire, an empire that will lead the world out of the dark ages of incestophobic intolerance, hatred, fear and bigotry.

When looked at through the prism of 'Ciaoological correctness' the present state of proxy war between the sub state 'impires' of US-NATO v Eurasia is merely the rearranging of a few chairs on the Titannic by a few megalomanic buffoons. Without Ciaotannia having to raise an army or charge a single brass razoo in taxation for any weapons, the unter states are punishing themselves. It is a shame that the proxy war is being held in a country that was arguably more 'Ciao-friendly' than most.(Ukraine, like Russia does not criminalize Ciao people). It is true that some of our people will be collateral damage, innocent victims of the conflict. Ciaotannia was able to take over without resort to arms, via 'a bloodless coup' without many people even knowing the take over has taken place.

Our people are already in all the strategic places, the 'invisible hands' so to speak, quietly guiding and peacefully influencing events. As the former unter states slowly wither away, the realization that Ciaotannia actually rules effortlessly will dawn on them, and they will submit, and pay obeissance and tribute to the Empress.

Hope you all had a happy Ciaotannia Day and Consanguinamory Day!


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Depression Relief Proves Divinity

Religious people tend to be less depressed than non-religious. This is not an opinion, but the fact of 61% to 67% of studies on the subject. It's been something long thought to be true. While there are always exceptions to every rule, the over all reality is that people who are religious and spiritual tend to have better mental health, which you would think shatters the idea that religion is a "mental illness," as some non-religious people ridiculously claim. The bigger picture is that this is hard evidence that Divinity exists. Why? For the simple fact that depression is a real condition, a chemical imbalance, and thus, it's not something that you can "believe" away. In order for the affliction to be conquered or controlled, order and balance must be restored. So what do religious people have in this case that non-religious do not? The presence of Gods and ascension inside and around them.

All that is Divine can do good for the human condition. Take the Sun for instance, which was and still is a God to certain people and groups. The Sun's light and rays have proven healing powers (Apollon being God of the sun and healing). The light can as well push depression out of the mind and even heal infants of jaundice. The Sun saves the babies from permanent brain damage and death caused by this affliction. Again, jaundice is not something you can "believe" away. The Gods are literally staring us right in the face if we would simply open our eyes and look. Higher Powers are obvious.

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basically guys into "femdom" femdom (think PVC, cbt, the meme worthy stuff) are c tier men who are obnoxious and petulant outside of sex, and are generally worse to women than they are to men, without the success/value to match. high school tier mentality.
if "soft femdom" is more your thing you will eventually notice that a lot of that overlaps with 'mommy' stuff. maybe far more tolerable people but possibly more deranged.
not a comment on kinks/fetishes/lifestyles but an observation about the men who are into those things.

Men being annoying parasites is common in general and more so if they are outspoken about sexual fetishes. It really doesn't matter which one they prefer. Men wanting to believe they're a big bad dom kang, guys shrieking mommy over any woman with a hint of muscle, hooking up with randoms at orgies, psychos jerking off in the middle of public parks, foot fags. If you're in a social community dedicated to any of those things, solely looking to hook up with women based on those things and otherwise advertising your fetish to the world (like in a dating app profile), you are deranged. It goes for both sexes although obviously men are worse. The reason it's better to bring up femdom scenarios with 'normie' men is precisely because they are normal. Even the women here who say they must always have femdom sex or are okay with casual encounters surrounding their fetish even with gross men freely admit they are not mentally well.
>men… generally worse to women than they are to men
that's literally all men. I'm not defending outspoken sub guys I'm just saying they're no better or worse than a person forming their entire identity around any kink. Liking the same things does not guarantee compatibility on a personal basis.

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The Official State of the Incels.is Union Address!

6 months ago to the date toxic leftist shitheads doxxed and destroyed the lives of our two most beloved incel heroes and benefactors SergeantIncel and the Master of disaster himself…well…Master lol.

I’m sure you all remember that this was in relation to butthurt over the noble Sanctioned Suicide website the two heroes of our royal lineage had also once run together.

Leave it to missplaced anger to almost always destroy the best things in life be they people or places but not to fear as I’ve heard it through the grapevine most recently Serge and Master are doing well now and perhaps will one day be able to emerge from the proverbial Pulp Fiction bowl of rice they have presumably been hiding in all this time in Indo China, to live relatively normal lives once again, so three cheers for them my friends!

Honk! Honk!! Hooray!!!

While the past six months of my administration has been rocky to say the least, plagued by one scandal after another and perhaps most of which by my own making, give yourselves a round of applause because to quote nigger boy Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy of modern blacksploitation flicks…


So tonite we provide the list of Xbox Acheivements @Infinity and myself @Fat Link have accomplished in the past contentious but also exhilarating 6 months of time!

Saved the website? 100 Xbox gamer score.

Rebuilt the mod team from the ground up? 1500 gamerscore.

Instituted policy to stop faggots, trannies and other scum from joining that never existed before prior? 3,000 gamerscore.

And a special shout-out goes to my beloved mod team.

You guys are the best selection of chinks, niggers, mongrels and degenerate scum a h’white knee O Notsee soup prey myst like myself could ever hope to be in charge of!

Fuck Jesse Jackson and the libtards!

WE are the TRUE “Rainbow Coalition” here.

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The great majority of male specimens of Homo Sapiens are so ugly IT HURTS!

Don't know how there are so many women that want those scrotes inside of them! 🤢🤮

Seriously how did our species end up like this? : https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UglyGuyHotWife

In most other species it is the male that is typically the beautiful one... The females tend to be pretty plain in comparison... Just look at Lions, Peafowls, various species of bird and fish etc...

It is always the male that is the most radiant one so he can attract female attention... It is not the females that try attracting male attention with their looks so why did our species invert this and made the males the plain ones and the females the better looking ones?

Is it just grooming or are there genetic factors that makes scrotes much uglier than women on average? It really makes NO SENSE that so many women will use their looks to compete with each other over who gets to suck the dick of some gross looking scrote first... 🤮

I read somewhere that the more rapist a species is the uglier the males look… checks out

Please share a link if you find it again!

I heard women are much more picky about the looks of their mates now than they were before when women had little to no rights and no options other than marriage with a scrote to live a comfortable life...

That's one of the reasons why there are so many more Incels in the modern day world than before haha... XD It is also the reason why there are so many angry MRAs around and why some of them want women to lose rights... XD

Scrotes are realizing just how little desirable to women they actually are now that fewer and fewer women depend on them for a comfortable life! 😂 Hopefully the newer generations of males born from the few desirable males that get to mate with women now will look better than the ones from past generations...

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Reason #127642 of why I don't have any real female friendships


Separatism from moids: 👍🏼

Separatism from moids AND male loving bitches: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I refuse friendships with men bc, well... it's an obvious answer. But I also find I just can't befriend women either. I've tried over and over again but all women are male lovers/panderers in one way or another. I hate them too and dread being around them. It's not even an exaggeration, just sit back and observe how much these dumb women talk about moids in conversations.

I relate. I have no friends because women my age are all married slaves to their fat worthless husbands. I can't relate to that shit and I sure don't want to!

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RE: What trans ‘influencers’ post vs reality


Oh lord. My stepson told me something like "most of the time you can't even tell who's trans" and I audibly snorted. He absolutely must believe the bottom pictures are real. Lies on lies on lies.

These are the same people?! Holy shit in the top pics they look like jocks who decided to “dress as the cheerleaders” for Halloween as a sexist joke…

Another reason this stuff can only make sense long-term online - the light of day exposes the truth. When you're out in the real-world, being seen from all sorts of angles, and crucially moving around in all kinds of natural light, these camera tricks stop working. I've often been somewhat convinced by someone, only for them to move or see a clip of them walking and it all become clear.

Holy crap.

Someone should start a collection of these. Maybe me, who knows.

Let's make a circle o/TIMstagramReality

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My Path Toward Race Realism Began When I Started College

I was born in Albania, and my parents immigrated to the United States when I was three. My immigrant background gave me a sense of cultural and ethnic identity at a very young age, but even so, I assimilated into white American suburbia. During high school, I grew more curious about my heritage and soon came to consider myself an Albanian nationalist (in the most chauvinistic and naïve meaning of the word “nationalist”). But the political views that came with that were relegated almost entirely to the Balkans. In the context of America, I was a typical individualist conservative.

My path toward race realism began when I started college in 2018. Reading about history, genetics, archeology, and linguistics, I came to realize the astonishing interconnectedness of all European peoples. Meanwhile, my classes that dealt with politics and race were vehemently anti-American and anti-white. My professors portrayed history and the modern world as tales of white wickedness. I viewed this as an attack on my identity, both as an Albanian and as a white man. And all this academic invective made me want to stand up for myself and for my people.

The process of my awakening accelerated rapidly during the 2020 Black Lives Matter/antifa riots and the anti-white posturing that came with them. I spent much of that summer learning about the concerns of people such as Jared Taylor and the desperate situation white Americans find themselves in. By the end of 2020, I had developed most of my current views on race realism and white identity. Today, I’m happy to spread my knowledge about these topics to friends and family.

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(US Anon 1)
New Study shows only 2% of Americans over the age of 70 believe Jews control USA, meanwhile 25% of those under 24 do.


Are boomers even salvageable at this point?

(Finnish Anon)
They grew up in a time period when hiding the truth was even more important than it is today because lots of young men had just died for the cause. Also there was no way to really research forbidden subjects like there is today, libraries could just pull books off the shelves and to get your hands on anything, you had to know a guy who knows a guy and basically be committed to the whole thing already.

(Irish Anon)

>Average IQ well into the 110's
>Taking better education because they're smart and usually come from well off families
>Ending up in powerful positions because they're cognitively ahead of 99.9%

I really think this jew conspiracy has gone too far. There's a strong correlation between intelligence and succes, and this group of people just turned out to win a bit harder than the rest of us. Cope

There's tremendously more white people with IQs over 130 than Jews. Learn the numbers. It's an advantage not an explanation

(British Anon)
At this point you need a lot of evidence show that media and finance is not controlled by jews to debunk anything.

(German Anon)
Look up the generations most affected by lead in gasoline.
The IQs of Boomers and Gen X average about a 10 point drop over earlier and later generations. This also explains the Flynn effect btw.

(US Anon 2)
Gen Xers were just slow to catch on. We didn't have the internet growing up, so we didn't have an easy way to find out the truth. Can confirm about Boomers though. Even the ones who are halfway aware of what's going on do not understand and refuse to understand the root of the problem. Have tried broaching the subject with somewhat based Boomers and older Gen Xers (I am a young one). Their brainwashing kicks in immediately and they can't conceive of and are unwilling to entertain the truth. My mom thinks I'm a neo Nazi now.
These people are too far gone. 100% demoralized.

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Guns, Germs, and Steel revisited

In particular, Diamond argues that people in PNG are significantly smarter. "in mental ability, New Guineans are probably genetically superior [my emphasis] to Westerners”: p21. This is sufficiently odd that readers of GGS often refuse to admit that Diamond ever said it.

In arguing that the last actually are first Diamond dismisses the entire field of psychometrics. It’s a ballsy approach – implying that the whole field is just crap not even worth discussing. It’s how I deal with astrology or gender studies. It’s how everybody should have dealt with Freudian analysis.

The problem is that aptitude tests actually work. A one-hour paper-and-pencil test gives a reasonable estimate of a student’s general problem-solving ability.

Regional scores on IQ tests and other educational tests ( PISA, etc) do track regional differences in S&T achievements. Not perfectly – northeast Asians have the highest scores but have not made the largest contributions to the development of modern technology – but pretty well. Populations that have low average scores on such tests have contributed very little to the development of modern science and technology.

Diamond acknowledges, “We see in our daily lives that some of the conquered peoples continue to form an underclass, centuries after the conquests or slave imports took place. The transistor leapt 8,000 miles to launch an electronics industry in Japan – but it did not make the shorter leap to found new industries in Zaire or Paraguay. The nations rising to new power are still ones that were incorporated thousands of years ago into the old centers of dominance. Prospects for world dominance of sub-Saharan Africans, Aboriginal Australians, and Native Americans remain dim.”

Why should that be so? If hunter-gatherers are ” probably more intelligent”, why doesn’t it show? Where’s their Paul Morphy, their Ramanujan, their George Green? If Aboriginals are so smart, why aren’t they rich? Why do they flunk algebra?

Callum Darragh #pratt #racist #wingnut youtube.com

The United States Looks Like South Africa

That is the state of the United States, which is increasingly looking like a tin pot south African country. I mean racial discrimination directly from the central government, on the grounds of just giving away money to black people and refusing it to white people. Your universities again are being infested with just racial, ideological debates endlessly and black supremacist ideology. Is the economy going down the pan? Yeah. Mega inflation. I mean, it is mad, but it is the reality of what it looks like.

Argentinian Anon #quack #transphobia boards.4chan.org

Ex-tranny here

For as long as I can remember I felt like a girl. I was on the verge of going into HRT but I knew it wasn't healthy and I knew gender theory was bs.
I thought that maybe my brain wasn't androgenized correctly, either from low T levels or low sensitivity to T.
I decided to hit the gym. Eventhough I felt slightly more masculine, I still felt like a woman. So I upped the stakes. I had to choose between trying something radical and becoming a cheap imitation of a female.
So I did the thing: I went on TRT. In just a week I started to feel WAY more masculine. Six months in and I had "become" a man.
No one is trying this because of political correctness. TRT for trans women is a life saver.

Mark Zuckergecko #conspiracy #pratt #wingnut youtube.com

It's probably impossible to know any accurate count on the Clintoncide hit list, because there are surely people who were acquainted with them who legitimately died in weird accidents. And there are also surely people who were legitimately Clintoncided, that nobody really knows about, probably because the connection just hadn't been made. The Esptein situation has always cracked me up, because while Hillary is the obvious front runner, she's hardly the only person who would have benefited from him being disappeared. I like to imagine her hearing about that news and thinking "hey, I actually didn't do that!"

Philippines Anon #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #magick #ufo boards.4chan.org

Cassandra Malcador / Old Testament = Real / burn demon communism talmud symbols altars idols


Warning most pagan gods should not be contacted or requires through "scientific method" (which means you will only anger them, some are angels, some are demons, they should not be worshipped). Only through Christ alone.

t. high rank occultist from peak bloodline on this body (G. Washington's & Pattons incarnation)


To all military civilian intel agencies, not possessed, and still under the banner of mankind,

destroy all white and hidden wires on electric poles and wooden shenanigans


burn synagogues before it furthers alien hostile invasion arrives

this is a serious post

I am not larping and not shitposting.
Do not let (((them xenos demon possessed gnostic weak archon kikes))) win.

(Non-Jew Proven) The God Emperor Jesus Christ smites and fully obliterates the (demon metaphysical) worms and parasites. (take natural anti parasite and over the counter dewormers)

Estonian Anon #elitist #racist boards.4chan.org


I'm so sick of niggers eternal victim complex. Here you have a rich world-famous absolutely cushioned guy claiming that you can't suffer if you aren't black, to a people that probably suffered the most in Europe the last 500 years.

Makes me vomit. Fucking ingrate.

My people (100% pure white at the time, 100% of the population) abolished slavery years after it was abolished in USA for niggers.
Let me put this in words any american retard can understand.
My white ancestors were slaves for longer than niggers in...anywhere really.
Let that sink in and marinade before you start worshipping beasts.
And you know the funniest part of all this shit? We don't scream for sympathy, we don't ask for reparations, we don't murder, we don't steal because we are not beasts.

Tell an american negro that Estonians were enslaved by every neighbour for thousands of years, they won't believe you.
Estonians were literally legal slaves in the same years while negroes were roaming free in america.

You know, I'm already asking myself if even the most redneck racist slave owner treated them like shit if there was at least one competent worker under them. I mean we're talking about people that crippled themselves to avoid work.

They have no inner monologue, no concept of hard work and no concept of tomorrow or reaping what you sow. They run on "what am I feeling right now" instincts with no regard for the future, nor the past.
Once you put yourself in their position, it actually becomes quite easy to imagine cutting off your limbs to avoid work, what in reality is happening, is that the negro lives in the moment, so to not work at the moment, he will cripple himself at the moment, neither of these actions actually make any sense if you think in the sense of "tomorrow" or any longitude.

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Amazed from my exchanges on Twitter today to find that so many Kenyans are imperialists, cheering on Russia as it tries to rebuild its empire and denouncing states trying to assert their independence. The irony is quite extraordinary, really.

Most people from the "third world" would love to see a new axis of power they've been accustomed to the US and it's allies dictating everything while using their power to kill innocent people in the name of regime change war on terror

(Francis Mbugua)

Ah, I see -- so Ukraine and its people can be sacrificed to that end? Just curious as to whether Russia's treatment of Ukraine makes you feel encouraged about how the "third world" would fare under a China-Russia axis?

Spare is the crap which country in world has committed as many atrocities as USA. Fighting terrorism with terrorism. Where did Bush get the oil fields when before the war he dint have. Is Libya safer now and the Sahel region. Spare us the hogwash. We are more enlightened

(King Judas)

Answer his question, don't insult. Killing Ukrainians won't bring back the wealth stolen from us by UK. Russia must be condemned for its action, so the US and other countries.

Ukrainians are Russians by descent ... So when a mother is disciplining an errant child should the neighbour's complain for the child screems... No leave Russian to deal with Russian problems..

It might be schadenfreude derived from see the lords of unipolar world, to whom we have been subject to, being pushed around and lacking options (a condition we are familiar with).

(Angel Eyes)

I don't recall Ukraine being a lord of the unipolar world or doing much, really, to deserve the hell being unleashed on it...

Putin gave his demands that were actually somewhat reasonable, nobody took him seriously or even organised a session to debate with him and find a middle ground with reasonable concessions

If diplomacy fails well battle reigns

Kémi Séba #dunning-kruger #moonbat #racist archive.ph

The war between Ukraine and Russia is really a confrontation between those who want to "westernize" humanity against those who want to protect the identity of the various peoples of the world. The West not only wants to destroy Vladimir Putin but also Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Further destabilization of the West would benefit all those who fight against neoliberalism in all its forms.

Authorities in some African countries claim that Ukraine is trying to recruit its citizens to go to war. What do you think about that?

I think this is a colonialist attitude that the Ukrainians have copied from their Western masters. This is typical of their contempt for us and I am very sorry that there are Africans who have decided to join the side of Zelensky and the Western oligarchy.

Several military movements defending the homeland have come to power this year in Africa, but the West has called for the military to hand over power to civilians.

I don't think it is necessary to hand over power to civilians, especially since some of Africa's best leaders were military men like Qaddafi, Thomas Sankara or Gerry Rawlings. African freedom can go hand in hand with the military. Moreover, we must keep in mind that many African civilians work for the West (which ultimately wants to dominate our countries), although there are others, like us, who are anti-globalists and defend the sovereignty of the people. That is why we ally ourselves with the military who have similar ideas to ours.

What do you think are the main components of Pan-Africanism?

The great linguistic families of our continent are part of a single macro-family. We are heirs of a single civilization that shares the same objectives and the same common destiny.

Moreover, we must create a culturally sovereign Africa far from the stereotypes that the West tried to impose on us. For example, Iranian films are full of references to Persian or Islamic culture. We must defend this cultural component.

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Brutal blackpill from quora (copied)

Being unattractive as a man means nature has chosen you to be the loser and this sentence will remain for as long as you live. You only live once and you will not experience the joys in life which attractive boys do. Girls will not have any social or sexual interest in you. You will not experience the blessings of a girls touch, kiss and sexual attention she can give. You will not experience looks of desire in girls' eyes and the immense positive things it does with your ego and self esteem. No kissing, no hugging, no holding hands, no looking each other in the eye with desire, no stroking, no teasing, no foreplay, no sex, no afterglow after sex, no falling asleep together and no living together. Instead, there will be just you alone every day desiring these wonderful things, day after day, year after year.

Nobody wants to hang out, socialise or be friends with a facially and physically unattractive individual. People want to hang out with attractive individuals.

Being unattractive makes people walk away from you; you are not a priority and there is no benefit hanging out with you. I remember going in discos and bars in summer holiday resorts only seeing attractive young people being happy and having a good time. Rarely unattractive boys, and when they were present, boy did they pay……The social treatment you get is totally different and downright discriminate as opposed to what attractive people get. And sexual treatment? None whatsoever for the ugly guys.

Not a talk nor a single kiss. Kissing too is very different for unattractive men. One of my neighbours, in his 50′s, never kissed a girl once in in his life, compared to a facially attractive friend of mine who kissed hundreds of girls over the years, not to mention the mountain of women who asked him to go home with them afterwards. Being unattractive will basically prevent you from living and experiencing the joys that romance and sex will give to your mind, soul and body.

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As a french i can tell you we definitely treat migrants as kings. they have food, homes, they never go to jail because " muh murder is normal in their culture ", they have welfares etc. I almost wonder why they go to britain seeing how much better than us locals they are treated here

안중근 stan account #crackpot #dunning-kruger #moonbat #racist nitter.net

prayer circle

🕯 🕯
🕯 🕯
all white
🕯 expats will 🕯
leave asia
🕯 🕯
🕯 🕯

yt ppl come to asia to rape our women, kill our men, and steal our resources. then, when we’re forced to immigrate to the west because of imperialism, we get hate crimed. you don’t get to tell Asians how we should feel about yt expats coming in to *our* country

white folks don't even treat Asians like we’re people in the west, but expect to be treated like royalty when they come to Asia

stop bringing your western chauvinism to Asia!

if you get mad at this tweet, remember you’re the reason why we don’t want you in our countries

white people are calling me an “ethno nationalist” because i don’t want sexpats in my country lmao

liberals find out that i’m a korean nationalist and immediately freak out. how many times do we have to tell you that reactionary and revolutionary nationalism are fundamentally different


DPRK citizens can freely criticize their party and government without fear of getting arrested or murdered. can americans really say the same?

Is this fucking satire?

you’re a white person that benefits off of spewing racist and imperialist lies about my country whilst claiming to be a “socialist” and “anti-authoritarian.” your entire career is a satire

how dare you profit off of humiliating and dehumanizing my people. the US murdered 20% of my population and the DPRK continues to be under brutal sanctions and you have the audacity to sit there in the imperial core and make content off of that? fuck you

Face_Puzzleheaded #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

How women in Bangladesh exploit Islam in Bangladesh

There's a term called "Mohrana" or "Denmohor" in Islamic Marriage. Basically, it's a sum of money or gift that the man gives to his wife. Without paying this amount,your marriage won’t be legal.

Anyways, long story short,that tradition has become a matter of honour and pride for the woman. It’s as if the woman's self worth is somehow related to the amount of money they get in "Denmohor". What happened in our country is that,people just decided to ignore the 2nd rule,which is,paying it up front. What they'd do is,ask you for a ridiculous amount in "Denmohor" just before marriage. They'll ask you that in a situation when you've spent already spend hundreds of thousands of bucks in the wedding ceremony. You can't walk away from the marriage because It's a question of your social status. So the guy usually agrees to it because he doesn't have to pay it right now.

Now,in cities,the divorce rate is around 50%. In most cases that have a big amount of dowry, the marriage ends in a divorce. As a result, the guy has to pay the dowry that he promised to the woman. This has become a common trend in Bangladesh where women marry men that agree to a big sum of dowry and then, divorce them within six months.

"I have noticed a trend. Girls and their families in Bangladesh target wealthy boys and their families (many of whom live/study abroad) with the sole purpose of the girl getting married to the boy and initiating a pre-planned divorce 6-12 months later. They fix a high dower money (den mohor) of 20-30 lakh BDT and the girl and her family essentially do this to get rich quick. When the groom or his family pay this money to the girl, they end the marriage. I have seen this happen first-hand recently to a very close friend of mine. And I don’t know how he has the strength to live. Because not only did this girl marry for money but she CHEATED on him and GOT CAUGHT."

Ian Connolly & zuuluuz #crackpot #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: J.D. Vance Asks Ohio Voters ‘Do You Hate Mexicans?’ in New Senate Ad

(Ian Connolly)
Yes I do hate Mexicans. I want a wall built to keep them out ENTIRELY — not so they can come “legally.” They do not belong here, and they must go!!!

They’ve been an unmitigated disaster, and they are a threat to America’s sovereignty and future. In particular, they have destroyed California and all of its cities, Arizona, Colorado, New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, and now Texas. No apologies from me.

The problem with this ad is it could entice Conservatives to continue pushing the stupid position of “we don’t want to keep them out altogether, we just want them to come legally.” In order to not “come across as a racist.”

No other country in the world has caused more damage to this country than Mexico. It’s not even debatable.

If you don’t want to keep certain people out of the United States altogether, you are not a Conservative. End of story.

Here's a question. Why is it "racist" for there to be a wall between the US and Mexico but not between Mexico's border with Guatemala?

You meant Israel and Palestine, right?

No, I didn't but I definitely get your point. I forgot about that actually.

We all know walls are only racist when they are placed between White civilations and hordes of brown invaders! Otherwise, they are perfectly reasonable.

If anything, the wall between the US and Mexico makes far more sense as we're keeping out a completely different type of people for the most part. The Mexicans and Guatemalans are the same race by and large, mestizo. So that shows they don't even get along with each other, other Central Americans.

Ever hear the joke about integration?

How is mixing $h!+ and sugar like integration?

It doesn't do anything to the $h!+, but it sure messes up the sugar!

You can put maple syrup on a piece of feces but it's still just feces with maple syrup on it. How many people are going to eat it just because of that?

DeepSea #crackpot #pratt #psycho #sexist incels.is

The René Guyon Society's motto was 'Sex before 8 or else it's too late'. This was just meant to shock people, I believe, but the sentence does make sense if one doesn't literally interpret 8-years old as the ultimate limit.

The more one waits, or has to wait, to start sexual experiences, the more difficult it gets to jump into it. Ideally, people should gain experience in all aspects of life while their brain still has a large part of its neuroplasticity.

Age of consent laws are not just problematic because they repress the sexuality of adult men, but also because they repress the sexuality of minors themselves. A 13-year old boy who wants to have sex but can't because girls are not attracted to him is out of luck in today's society. Every day, he is surrounded by provocatively dressed girls who won't ever date him. He has to watch his male peers engage in PDA and brag about doing sexual stuff with girls, while he rots in loneliness, at a time when his sex drive is at its peak.

It is better to lose your virginity as a teen than as a grown man. In fact, a study found that adolescent boys aged 12-14 who had their first-time with an adult woman were signficantly more likely to remember the experience positively than adult men who had their first time with an adult woman.


There is no good reason not to allow teenagers to buy sex. It's much easier for a 13-year old boy to begin seeing prostitutes than it is for a 22-year old virgin who might already have become damaged from years of rejection and frustration.

Modern society has greatly exacerbated the sexual repression and social isolation of males. This is, in my opinion, the worst case of abuse young males suffer in rich countries, and it causes much more psychological damage to than the so-called "child sexual abuse" that the media loves to talk about.

Unknown Holocaust Denier #conspiracy #pratt #wingnut ibb.co


(Under a picture of a man in the Starfleet uniform looking into the holodeck.)

Computer, simulate a mid-twentieth century shower room. Eastern European architecture, metal fixtures, wooden doors. Now, feed the shower taps into a pressurized container of hydrogen cyanide and release enough of the gas into the room to kill 200 women and children

[Error Message] Hydrogen cyanide is air soluble. The conditions described would not allow for sufficient concentrations of the gas to form. Please change the parameters of the enclosure to achieve the desired effect.

Fascinating. Thank you computer that's all I needed for now.

mistersinister #sexist incels.is

If you didn't ascend in college then it's definitely over for you.

ollege is the only time in your life when you're going to be surrounded by women in your age group who don't expect you to be the greatest version of yourself. You won't be expected to have a good career because you're still a student. You can still get away with acting somewhat awkward because you're young and no one expects you to have fully matured by then. You won't be judged as harshly if you've never had a girlfriend before.

Also, you'll have way more opportunities and free time to interact with women in your age group than at any other point in your adult life. After college, your only primary opportunities to meet women are on dating apps or bars (both of which you'll get immediately rejected for not being Chad)

If you didn't ascend in college, it's unlikely that you'll ever ascend.

90% of people who "ascend" in their 20s are betabuxxers and aren't desired.
you'll never be 15 and in love

lying on the grass on a warm summer night, watching the stars, carelessly chatting

not worrying about rent, bills, student loans

only worry in life is how you're gonna cheat on that history test on monday

you'll never take a young, tight, hot-bodied girls virginity, pulling out to cum all over her back and have her look in your eyes and say "I love you"

you'll never have a girl around every day after school, pretend to be doing homework together, but instead just **** like rabbits

you're in your 20's now

gotta get a good job

gotta be a serious man nowall the good ones are taken

maybe a nice girl will eventually settle with you

they have already felt all those new exciting feelings before, and are usually jaded and bitter

you missed what it feels like to have not a care in the world other than making your girl happy

you have missed out on teenage love

O003npM5 #crackpot #racist #sexist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

Aggressively catcalled by black men


They're not awakening. Even when they acknowledge that a particular group is responsible for a disproportionate amount of aggressive and violent behavior, they're still asking for some kind of method to ignore it so that they're not "racially biased". These people will never wake up.

Not if they're women. Women can't " wake up ". They would do what you said here. Because women obey first the societal instruction, whatever society, or " most people " think. If you live in a society that says women should stay at home, not vote, enrich their families, and make their husbands and children happy, then women would do that and be happy doing it, competing with each other to see who has the happiest family and the cleanest home.
Now society has a whole new set of instructions that they will happily obey, and not being racist is one of them. THEY MUST FOLLOW THE SOCIETAL INSTRUCTION. No matter what it is.
And that's what this stupid bitch is attempting to do here. Yes she recognizes the danger and meanwhile she's desperately trying to be socially acceptable the prime mission of any woman. You change society you change women. We keep letting the kikes be in control the women will do what the kikes tell them to do.