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RE: North Korean defector fraud Yeonmi Park who talks shit about her country in exchange for cash is ofc in a WMAF relationship

Wtf. She must have watched Dumb and Dumber as her only Western movie growing up, and thought that was the ideal standard of western male attractiveness. C section plus autistic low status unattractive balding white husband = fucked kids

Yeah, check this photo too. A supposed 'hero' who ends up with some dweeby white guy that most likely jerks off to hentai. I mean, maybe she could have had a good message...but when she ends up with some typical low-quality white guy? All credibility goes right out the window...

honestly....i don't believe in these stories anymore. I feel like this is just more US propaganda to get the "people's" approval to attack/go to war with NK. There are books that are banned in the US that teach people how to overthrow gov'ts and countries and the US is basically using those tactics to overthrow other countries/govts. Basically you paint yourself as the "hero of justice" trying to "save" something and most of the time you can sway the hearts of the people in your direction. I mean it goes a lot deeper than that, but you know...for simplicity's sake.

Yeah, the rapey part about all of this is that white society accepts the white savior narrative with NK, in stark contrast to the cynical defiant hippy attitude they displayed with Iraq and Syria.

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Re: Study: Jewish Population in Europe Shrinking, Lowest Share of Population in 900 Years

Jews have really cracked down on antisemitism in Europe, letting their truly repressive nature be made known. I worked on Rabbi Melchoir's ending antisemitism project at the beginning of this century, advising that repression leads to hatred. In the end he ignored our best advice and chose increasing repression of anti Jewish feelings over doing something about the hatred of non Jews endemic in the Jewish faith.

We said if repression was increased, anti Jewish feelings would increase as well. Sure enough it happened to the point the Chief Rabbi of Europe told Jews not to wear kippa's in public lest they put themselves in harms way.

So Jews started clearing out of Europe, preparing Europe to be nuked with far less harm to Jews when war is waged on Russia, in accord with Jewish plans that put war with Russia on the agenda in 2000 thru the design of the Project for the New American Century document, 'Rebuilding America's Defenses.

That's the same neo con/Jew created agenda that put war with China on the agenda, which we can see we're well marching toward currently.

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Much of the answer lies in the fact that Hispanics are not white, and that most whites are so fearful of being called “racist” they dare not take a stand against any non-white group. Let us not forget how angry Americans were when France opposed the invasion of Iraq. That affront to our pride was nothing compared to what we have suffered every day for decades at the hands of Mexicans and their government.

Let us imagine that France were sending us millions of poor, uneducated Frenchmen who made no effort to learn English, who celebrated French holidays rather than American holidays, who sent money out of country but demanded free services, who expected ballot papers and school instruction in French, who ignored our immigration laws, who insisted on hiring and college admissions preferences because they offered us “diversity?” What if some of them talked openly about taking over parts of the United States and kicking out the rest of us? Would our press and politicians remain silent? What if the French government openly encouraged all this? What if it offered French-American elected officials free, loyalty-boosting trips back to France, and encouraged French-Americans everywhere to work and vote for French rather than American interests? What if the French jeered at our national anthem and chanted “Osama, Osama” when our athletes took the field?

Americans would be furious. We would recall our ambassador. We would deport every French illegal, and severely limit further immigration from France. There would be calls to strip naturalized Frenchmen of US citizenship — particularly if they had shown their true loyalties by maintaining French citizenship.

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Whenever I hear or see people telling some ugly or short male to "get a better personality" and stop complaining, my blood boils like lava.

Ask yourself bluepillers.
1. Did he choose to be ugly?
2. Did he choose to be short?
3. Did he choose to be ethnic?
4. Did he choose to be having a small penis?
5. Did he choose to be having mental illnesses?

So, NO. He didn't sign up to ne any of that, in fact none of us are signed up to be, yet life is unfair and I got a combination of being a chink with a lower third of a frontal crash not to mention a bunch of mental illnesses (I am autistic). Not to mention many males got the worse end of the genetic stick.

If it was up to a guy criticizing a female being any of the above, he would have been doxxed to oblivion. In opposite a female can be obese and having many guys (including Chads) simping for her.

Seriously fuck being an ugly abomination with a lower third of a frontal crash. I didn't sign up to have a recessed chin plus crooked teeth. I didn't sign up to be an autist as well as not being tall. Don't get me started with my 4 inch erect dick. I am being a law-abiding citizen yet people hated me more than a literal criminal?!

Tl;dr people just can't stand an ugly male existing

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(NOTE: This man is the Chinese ambassador to Grenada. This is how he defends his country against accusations of genocide against the Uyghurs… The comments on his tweet are EXACTLY what you’d expect.)

In Europe and America, the birth rate of whites has fallen very seriously. Is this the result of the genocide policy pursued by their leaders?

The Uyghur population in Xinjiang has exploded, but the Chinese govt has been accused of committing genocide by conspirators. Nosense!

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(Ambrose Kane)

In the March 2021 elections, Identiteit Nederland will present candidates for the first time. Party leader Géza Hegedűs explains IDNL’s platform and outlines his vision for Holland and Europe.

We really do need a White Identitarian Party of our own here in the U.S. The problem is that it requires two important elements: (1) The collective will of Heritage Americans (Whites), and (2) Lots of money and financial backing. At this point, we have neither.

But don't lose heart. Things have not yet gotten bad enough for Whites, but they soon will. When they have nothing to lose and when everything has been taken from them . . . . then and only then will they fight!

Sorry to say, but we're all still too well fed, still too comfortable, and we've still got too much money. Once those are taken away, Whites will awaken from their slumber and fight.

Oh sure, I know some of our people are too far gone and deceived. The good news is that not all of us will bow the knee to Baal.

(Wakey wakey Mr. Freeman)
I think Hegedűs needs to work on his phrasing,he would miss out and get straw-manned on his "Ethnic Dutch",you see the way he says things would make a lot of normies assume that he's against other white immigration from European countries mainly.Europeans are more racially centric than you think.The media will do this.How do I know?In my country's News Outlets whenever they cover the American Alt-right they describe them as "Anglo-Saxons that are furious about becoming a minority" in other words they don't say that the U.S. will be a brown country they just say "Ohh look at those Bigoted Anglos not wanting any Germans,Spaniards or Polaks in their country can you believe IT?".

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Two Muslim women are stabbed under the Eiffel Tower by white female attackers shouting 'Dirty Arabs' after argument about dogs

French police have arrested two female suspects after an argument about dogs allegedly descended into violence and racist insults including the words 'Dirty Arabs'. One of the Muslim women said the attackers had pulled out a knife after refusing to put their dogs on a leash and slashed her on the skull, arm and ribs.

Those in custody are described as being white women of 'European appearance', both 22, who now face 'attempted murder' charges, said city prosecutors after the alleged row about dogs.

A source at the Paris prosecutors' office confirmed on Wednesday: 'An investigation for attempted murder has been opened in connection with the stabbings.' Witnesses say they heard smears including 'Dirty Arab!' and 'Go home to your own country'. 'Call the emergency services, she stabbed him,' was also heard. Two local shop workers then intervened and held one of the attackers down until the police arrived. The second suspect was arrested later.

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RE: chadfishing is the ultimate blackpill, i feel like the abyss gazed into me.


r/chadfishing was going to Blackpill the masses before reddit shut it down for reasons

Literally how civilization was built. Non chad men worked and built civilization in exchange for wives. No wonder the governments want to hide the blackpill from the masses, it would fuck up society as the providers/CUCKS would wake up - thus, nobody would be raising children in an optimal way to become stable individuals.


When you realize that alternate parallel realities are real and Chad inhabits that reality. It's over for Quantumcels.

It’s a sexual playground you will NEVER be allowed near, let alone in. And it’s so commonplace for Chad. It becomes just another boring activity for Chad, like breathing or eating.

Seeing realty is beautiful. After Chadfishing, I found it great that I finally knew the truth about life and saw it with my eyes. I could finally relax, so to speak, and accept that it really was just (almost completely) all about looks.

When you chadfish dozen and dozen of girls chat up with you first. It's fucking brutal when you believed since birth that it was the man to go up and ask out a woman. Also the way you can just casually interact with them without any consequences.

Lol. Society sold us so many lies that I almost forgot about this one. When you’re good looking, women flirt with YOU. I remember when I moved in for college freshman year, and 1 or 2 guys in the dorm literally had women trying to meet them and make physical contact with them.

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Women are so good at manipulation most people can't even imagine it.

Even those that are blackpilled don't fully realize how manipulative women are. It's natural for them, it's something they do every second of every day. Every tiny movement of theirs is calculated and is used to manipulate. They've been training in it since they are kids.

Every word, every look, every expression, every movement. All part of a bigger picture, always thinking about how to manipulate to reach their goals.

P.S: On a sidenote, but still quite related. Read this shit. All this "accidental" shit is just ways for them to create orbiters. One tiny gesture and the moron can't get her out of his head for months. To influence the male's perception of them. Not only to have them as potential boyfriends/for monkeybranching, but also just to have simps and people helping them and doing everything for them. One tiny movement, one minute of effort, and she won a simp that will do anything she asks of him for life.

What did your friend do that accidentally turned you on?

Notice how the men there are completely changed by a subtle tiny compliment, a vaguely erotic thing or a girl grabbing their arm?

Men are so sex starved that the tiniest of gesture or word can be turned into an incredible memory that they'll cherish for years

Meanwhile the foids can't remember the names of the chads they've fucked

The world is really weird. Never really imagined it would turn out like this when I was younger. Things are really dire but it looks like the world will just stay more or less the same.

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[Experiment] Would you rather marry a 31 year old with a good career or a 13 year old virgin?

Who would you prefer as a wife?
31 year old roastie Votes: 10 12.2%
13 year old virgin Votes: 72 87.8%

Let's assume you live in a country where it's legal. The 31 year old went to college and studied hard, both in school and in the bedroom, she really knows how to take dick. "She's experienced. :soy: " On the other hand you can choose the reverse number, a 13 year old. She isn't educated and is a virgin.

I would put both of them in an industrial blender and turn them into (31+13)/2 = 22 year old goo and then I'd roll in the goo and rub my dick with it.


Depends on how the 13 year old acts tbh if she is mature for her age, then sure. But if she acts like a fucking annoying 13 year old girl, then hell no the 31 year old is good too, if she's attractive

cucked as fuck. what about your kids? they're much more likely to have birth defects

But obviously I'm not marrying a 13 year old child. I'm not marrying anyone. But least of all a child.

why not? in the past marrying a young girl was very common. you also have the option of waiting to have sex such as say, age 16, when she finishes puberty

not really, pedo would be 10 and under. pretty much every girl has hit puberty by 12. i remember a decent amount of chicks getting pregnant in middle school. mary the mother of jesus had him at 14 iirc.

why ask? you already know what everyone is gonna pick...its not even a diffuclt question

not everyone is gonna pick the same thing. i wanna figure out who the cucks are

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RE: Republican Tax cuts pay off as 50 Cent latest Wealthy Black Celeb to endorse Trump

Rich Foul mouthed Black Rappers TI, Ice Cube and of course Kanye West all support the Republicans as they benefited directly from the Tax cuts:

T.I. Defends Ice Cube for Working With Trump Campaign | Complex

Because in America when a Black Celebrity amasses a certain amount of Dollars their skin turns from Black to Green...as in Greenbacks. So that is where their loyalty is. Black street hustler (pimps, drug dealers etc) are Ultra-Capitalists. They couldn't care a fig about 'muh poor Blacks'. Unsure why the Left and Right-wing in America seem oblivious to that fact.


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A good a place as any to tell my story... I just "fined" my better half one hundred dollars. And cautioned her that the fine doubles from the previous amount levied, on every subsequent offence. Her charge?!? Telling people how I voted, after being barked at when it caused trouble for me. Actually, she doesn`t even know how I voted, because she wasn`t there. I WILL admit she has a good idea, based on my views etc. The three reasons I went off on her. One, it is mere speculation on her part, since I never officially told her. Two, she always does it either knowing or forgetting my previous anger, and always in situations of, embarrassing me or causing a stir. In other words, only when someone verbalizes dislike for my guy. Never one someone approves of him. And three, I had already learned to keep my vote a secret, two candidates before the current culture of confrontation. One final thing, I cautioned her over. If someone she tells who I voted for, tells someone else, the fine is accrued to her as if she made the declaration herself. The fine is real and I do collect. It does two things. It teaches her to keep her mouth shut by losing money, but more importantly, the cash keeps me from yelling at her for violating my privacy. She`d rather pay than be subjected to a well deserved lecture.

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Miley Cyrus Details Her UFO Encounter, Says She Was ‘Shaken’ for Days After Making Eye Contact With an Alien

Out of this world! Miley Cyrus wasn’t sure she believed in extraterrestrial beings until she saw one in person. “I was driving through San Bernardino with my friend, and I got chased down by some sort of UFO,” Cyrus, 27, told Interview magazine on Monday, October 19. “I’m pretty sure about what I saw.” The “Midnight Sky” singer admitted that she “bought weed wax from a guy in a van in front of a taco shop” before she saw the UFO, “so it could have been the weed wax” and not another life-form.

The Hannah Montana alum, however, has a vivid memory of the experience. “The best way to describe it is a flying snowplow. It had this big plow in the front of it and was glowing yellow,” she explained. “I did see it flying, and my friend saw it, too.” Cyrus noted that a couple of other cars “stopped to look, so I think what I saw was real.” The “Malibu” songstress took it a step further, revealing that she saw “a being sitting in the front of the flying object,” but didn’t call it an alien. “It looked at me and we made eye contact, and I think that’s what really shook me, looking into the eyes of something that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around,” she explained. “I was shaken for, like, five days. It f–ked me up.” Cyrus added: “I couldn’t really look at the sky the same. I thought they might come back.”

The “Wrecking Ball” singer isn’t alone in her alleged alien encounter. Post Malone and January Jones both revealed earlier this year that they too have had run-ins with otherworldly creatures. “I’m like, ‘How did no one else see this?’” the “Sunflower” rapper, 25, said during a July episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, noting he’s seen UFOs in New York, Utah and California. “But I was there with, like, four other f—kin’ people and they saw it too.” Jones, for her part, recalled spotting a UFO in a field in Iowa during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in January. “It was definitely a spaceship,” the Mad Men alum, 42, said. “Or a shooting star that just couldn’t figure it out.”

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RE: Black Americans in Africa: Why we left America to live in Africa

They are not Americans, Americans are White. They are citizens of the United States, they were granted citizenship in 1863, but they are not us. They are not ethnic Americans. They are ethnically west African, so they call themselves "African Americans", but they are not Americans.

Amerigo Vespucci was a White man. The Founding Fathers who created this country and named it after him were White men. This country was established by and for "free white men of good character" and it was built by White men. Not everybody can come here and call themselves "American", you have to be White/European. Only Europeans come without ideas of changing it and making it more like where they came from and constantly fighting other Europeans over old tribal differences and grievances. Only Europeans can come here and be brothers to each other and to us. Thats why only Europeans can be Americans if they want to.

The people in this article are not Americans and never have been. They know it, thats why they always hated America and want to go back to "Mommy Africa". No American calls Europe, "Mother Europe", even if it really is, because we are Americans and we know we belong in America. America is our home.

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[Blackpill] The person you're considering as your "female looksmatch" is most likely not your looksmatch

You maybe have one specific female in mind, which you consider as your looksmatch.
Or you sometimes see a female and think "hmm, she kinda looks like me (just with XX-chromosomes)".

No. She is most likely not your looksmatch. She is uglier than you.
You're asking why? Simple answer. Do you wear makeup? Probably not, because you'll get labeled as a faggot by most members of society (including females).
Men aren't allowed to cheat, meanwhile women are.
Females boost up their x/10 rating easily by one or two points just through the use of makeup.
You usually don't see them without makeup, because they are trying to hide their true looks.

Makeup fucked up the whole sexual market even more. It should be banned.

So what does this mean?
Your looksmatch is probably playing in higher leagues than you ever thought.

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[LifeFuel] Imo Sri Lanka and Belarus are the best places for location maxing

According to the stats men there are ugly af,abusive and die early and about 60% of the population is under poverty.Feminism virus hasn’t spread yet.Women are more family oriented and are virgins.As long as you aren’t a dipshit Locationmaxxing there seems legit.Slav women are hot af while Sri Lankan women are cute.

I even talked to a guy on reddit and he confirmed all my presumptions.All of his cousins were incelish looking and were married to gl women and none of them made for good husbands yet the women stayed with them out of despair and these were his exact words

“All u need is a decent income and unironically a good personality. Yes,personality matters a lot.Men here are spoilt for choice and make bad husbands tbh.Most of them are abusive,adulterous and treat their wives like crap,thousands of young women are desperately trying to find a good man to marry,so if you treat her right she will definitely return the favour.Some of you might call it betabux but it isn’t as bad as u might think.In sri Lankan culture it’s the women’s duty to satisfy her husbands in bed.So marriages won’t end in deadbedrooms for sure”

Sounds like a paradise tbh but keep in mind all of this is coming from redpilled sources.So,is this life fuel or am I coping hard?

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[LifeFuel] Mother, daughter killed for honor in South Punjab. This is the kind of news that makes me proud to be a Pakistani.

Unpopular opinion: I don't wan to become a monster. Call me a cuck :feelsbadman:

Why not? Society should be kept in check. It's based men that are willing to murder their own relatives to get this done. Not even people from here would do that because they're soy at heart.

I am a Chink here and I have to say that Pakistanis are one of the most based people I met, along with Russians.

Awesome. Pakistan and China enjoy a great political relationship. You have vetoed against Americucks for us. In my entire life I only met one Russian but we were both little boys so I don't think it counts.

I live in Toronto and the only based folks I met are Pakistanis and Russians, I can tell you that in Toronto, the most bluepilled people are asians, curries and western euros.

I'm sorry you live in that shithole. Someone else from here was from Toronto as well and he said it was feminist central basically. You should move elsewhere.

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[Serious] I might volunteer at a homeless shelter in order to blackpill/redpill men

Is this a good idea? there is someone close to my family who volunteers at a shelter (not sure if it's a shelter or just a place that provides food for the homeless), and said they are all men because the women have been given housing during covid (fucking gynocentrism). they asked me if i wanted to volunteer.

I'm sure lots of these guys feel shit/angry about their situation, so it could be a good opportunity for me to educate them on gynocentrism and how they are considered disposable by society. tbh they might already know this stuff but if there's gonna be a rebellion by low-status men, the word has to spread on the street.

The Slavic Polytheist #magick slavicpolytheist.wordpress.com

So back in 2013, I was struggling really hard with imposter syndrome in regards to being a “real pagan”. I didn’t like the “fog” that being head blind kind of put me into. It was like I’m always surrounded by fog, cut off from signs, symbols and experiences that other people got. And got so easily! That was a lot of jealousy on my part back then, even though I also recognized that there are some benefits to not having to hear/communicate with gods and spirits all the time.

See, I’m still pretty much head blind. I can’t sense like 99% of shit going on around me. Still can’t sense my own energy or magic, not even after trying all sorts of mindfulness, focusing or meditative actions or tasks. They haven’t awoken my inner eye or inner ability to sense things. So, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to, nearly always, not sense gods, spirits, or anything going on around me. So, I still have to rely on divination (my go-to to check on what I think is going on with the metaphysical) to clear up, confirm or detail just what I am doing/sensing/whatever. I may never get to have that “god phone” I used to so desperately want. All in all, the last 7 years have taught me a lot about what you can do, even when you can’t just “ring up” a god and talk to them. I know sometimes it seems like if I had that “god phone” I would be in a better place. However, on the other hand, it is sometimes peaceful and quiet to not have to worry about the potential clamoring in my head at all times.

Demi Lovato #ufo #magick #conspiracy cosmopolitan.com

Demi Lovato Shares UFO Sightings on Instagram and Says She Contacted Aliens

Over the past couple months I have dug deep into the science of consciousness and experienced not only peace and serenity like I’ve never known but I also have witnessed the most incredibly profound sightings both in the sky as well as feet away from me. This planet is on a very negative path towards destruction but WE can change that together. If we were to get 1% of the population to meditate and make contact, we would force our governments to acknowledge the truth about extraterrestrial life among us and change our destructive habits destroying our planet. This is just some of the evidence from under the stars in the desert sky that can no longer be ignored and must be shared immediately 💞💫☄️ to make contact yourself you can download the CE5 app and it will teach you the protocols to connect to life form beyond our planet!! (Ps, if it doesn’t happen on the first try - keep trying - it took me several sessions to tap into a deep enough level of meditation to make contact!) Happy communicating

In a plot twist that not even whoever’s in charge of 2020 saw coming, Demi took to Instagram and shared several photos of what appear to be spaceships (???) "The photos in question were taken on a trip to Joshua Tee with some friends and Dr. Steven Greer, who is—according to his Instagram bio—"one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, ET intelligence, and initiating peaceful contact with ET civilizations."

Requiario #racist #conspiracy stormfront.org

The indigenous and mestizos who invaded Argentina continue with the war declared to the "wikcas" which is how they say to the white Argentines whom they swore to destroy. They do this under the aegis of the Communist Mason government that parasitizes Argentina. A few weeks ago the invasions of land by "mapuches" began in all that is the territory of Argentine Patagonia, added to the invasions that indigenous and mestizos from Bolivia and Paraguay are carrying out in the province of Buenos Aires. A few years ago the "ancestral Mapuche resistance" declared war on the white Argentinian (whom I call with contempt Winca or Huinca) and began to perpetrate terrorist acts such as kidnapping, placing bombs in schools and even the murder of a white farmer whose corpse he was thrown to his own pigs. The persecution of the heterosexual white Argentine man, mainly Catholic of Spanish and Italian descent, reached its most ruthless stage, the terrible tax pressure (where he is kidnapped through taxes up to 60% of his salary to support indigenous and lgtb groups). He first added a governmental institute in charge of persecuting white heterosexual men and accusing them of racists and now he began the expropriation of land and KIDNAPPING AND MURDER of whites in Argentina. As if that were not enough, the Argentine government prohibited people from buying dollars to save and protect themselves from the devaluation caused by printing money to finance all the indigenous and mestizo groups that allowed them to enter the country to increase political patronage.

I appeal to the solidarity of our brothers in the north to spread and denounce the BRUTAL PERSECUSION AND GENOCIDE that white Argentines are suffering.

Robert Kelly #racist #sexist amren.com

RE: Barrett ‘Wept’ with Her Daughter After George Floyd Death


Nice pets.

When the black boy gets bigger and stronger in the coming years, they shouldn't leave him alone with his white "sisters". If he has a "sexual emergency" and there is a white female nearby who he can easily overpower, it's a rape waiting to happen.

That's not to mention the other violence he may wrought. And the criminal activity outside the home he may get into. Amy Barrett may be seeing the inside of court rooms all right. But not as a Supreme Court justice but as the mother of the defendant.

And if none of Amy's three girls are around when the grown negro gets the urge, Amy might then be in his sights. They have a remarkable tendency to rape old white women.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it's understandable how one would rape a young, fertile woman. But is there any explanation for why one would rape a woman well past child bearing years?

Ariosophist #racist stormfront.org

RE: A lost IQ study of transracially adopted Korean

5 points should be deducted from the full-scale IQ of 122 (!!) to account for 16 years of norm inflation. This leaves us with a not much less intimidating average IQ of 117 for 43 transracially adopted Korean children.

Quite phenomenal results for the adopted Koreans. I am a big proponent of IQ as a way to educate others on the fact of different races having different intellects and that not every race is the "same" and that the difference is only "the amount of melanin in their skin" (disgusting lib-tard trash talk). That is, if they will even accept that "race" is real and not a "social construct" as many like to say, not even understanding what that means. The base IQ for African-Americans is around 85 and African blacks 70 (which is labeled then, truly, retarded), so even the intelligent above them at 1 std-dev above are scoring but 100 (European average) and 85, respectively, and at a true 'genius' 2 std-dev above them are 115 and 100. Holy cow, this explains a lot, right?

Of course, when speaking with blacks and liberal whites about IQ tests, they'll say that the IQ tests are inherently "racist" as it was designed by the all-evil white man. Once again they are not grasping the concept of what the I.Q. test actually measures. I then ask, "If the IQ tests are 'racist' and designed by the always-evil white man to prove him superior to all others, why do Asians and especially Koreans consistently score higher? Wouldn't we make it so whites score the highest consistently?". At this point many aren't sure what to say. This is usually the end of my conversation as the point has been made.

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(NOTE: OP deleted his original post, but you can guess the content of it from what he says in the comments. I’ll drop a summary of the deleted post in this post’s comment section, just in case anyone’s interested.)

Any interest in an erotica with Asian domination over US and Europe?

Don’t overlook the fact that a lot of these pinkie bitches can be MORE racist than their male counterparts, but I like the plot of pinkie bitches leaving pink boys for golden cock regardless. What I would add to this, is not only pink males should be subjugated to cuckery but their females as well.

Yeah, I get you. But my view is that these bitches are just that, bitches. They’ll wag their tails to their new masters as soon as they are subjugated. But yeah, I do plan to have them subservient to Asians, doing all the menial work if they’re not hot enough for Asian men to take notice of them.

Sounds pretty based, would read. Make sure you portray the pink "males" realistically, i.e. racist, narcissistic, insecure, etc. it would be better and shocking if these Chinese students towered over her like Yao Ming

Suggestion for a sub-theme that might be interesting: After the alliance colonizes the west coast of the US, they begin the process of 'reversed' manifest destiny. Forming an allegiance with their genetic offshoots, the Native American tribes, and conquering eastward.

oh and i forgot to mention that European women are also smarter and are all already flocking to China to throw themselves at their new glorious global hegemons.

Missy #racist amren.com

RE: Hundreds of Armed Black Protesters Face Off with White Farmers as South African Town Braces for Bloodshed

Look your people screwed up. Once they let the blacks into the country as cheap labor, the white South Africans were finished. Sometimes we need to admit our failure and accept the consequences. It's more important to learn what what went wrong and never allow other whites to repeat these same nation destroying mistakes. Why do we let whites use other races as cheap labor? Why do we allow the use of cheap labor at all? This is what needs to be examined. The blacks are behaving exactly as expected and nothing can change primitive black behavior. Only the whites had the ability to prevent this situation. I believe cheap labor breaks the laws of nature and wherever it is used will result in civilization failure. Look around the world, most humans of other races and ethnic groups do their own labor. Even today these white farmers are still using black cheap labor on their farms. The lesson has not been learned.

Here in the US, we are not going to survive the use of blacks for cotton, Mestizos for agriculture, or Somalians for slaughterhouses... We need a plan B because the damage is done. But nothing will work until we address the cause, which is whites use of other races as cheap labor.

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[JFL] More subatomic IQ from IT

I think I actually know an incel irl.

>my ex was an incel


They just can't grasp the fact that there are guys far more misogynistic than us who are not incel and in fact have no problem getting relationships.

So they dedicate their lives to "watchdogging" us yet don't actually even know what an incel is

What a dumbfuck, incels aren't married, idiot. Hope you try to "help" him and he breaks your teeth you soy cuck faggot.

They use "incel" as a term that means "misogynistic" or some shit like that. They're so low IQ that they can't even diferentiate between being an involuntary celibate and a misogynistic man.

(Copexodius Maximus)
So conservative now means incel to normies? I can't cope anymore, they are literally trying to take away the lived suffering of actual subhumans.

'Fellas, Is It Gay' Award

Well, at least we can be sure it's Insane Troll Logic.

Firefly #sexist #homophobia incels.co

[JFL] We need to make something clear here.

On my previous thread:

[Serious] Does anyone has a list of websites where you can sell poop on?

A lot of retards here said my thread was "gay"

JFL ok so if you fuck a femoid and cum inside of her, afterwards a cuck comes and licks your cum from her pussy.
Are you considered gay for fucking her knowing that the cuck will eat your cum?

Sure the cuck that's gonna eat my shit is going to be gay but they deserve it.

All I asked for was some good websites but you guys won't post them here because you cucks are afraid I will sully your shit supply you cucks buy from femoids.

soymonkcel #transphobia incels.co


Trans wahmyn are wahmyn jfl. Again, if they are so obsessed with gender = performativity, why the fuck do they get so upset when they don't pass as women? Jeez. It's kinda lifefuel because, even if I'm a 5'4" framelet manlet wristcel, I mog at least those two. How someone like me can call anyone "a freak"? They're all AGPs in denial. I feel sorry for them. They are so lost... One of the gratest contradictions is that, if they think gender is pure performativity, why do they get upset when they are told they don't pass even if we are not able to detect the figment of their imagination that makes them identify with something they are not?

ReturnOfSaddam & slavcel11 #transphobia incels.co

More reddit trannies - Genuinely can't tell which is supposed to be the before photo


WHY do people do this to themselves. They think their situation is going to be improved by becoming even more of an androgynous freak. Reading /r/MtF now. These grotesque freaks are literally complaining about getting hit on, as if that's EVER happened in their life.

maybe, he wanted to be valued and praised like how a female would be in modern society because like us he was shunned for being ugly so he tried to become one. No wonder why transfags try to target lonely guys like us.

They target us because they used to be guys like us. There's a good reason why IncelTears has so many trannies and other bottom tier degenerates, they just look at us as the next lowest level to target.


This guy is from r/MTF he really think that he's gonna pass as a woman jfl


This is so sad that I don't even want to laugh at him. Ugly, old, worthless man fed up with his meaningless existence decided to make himself significant at the verge of his life by turning into a woman. If only he succeeded, but well. Unironically looks a bit better. But still it's fucking disgusting, like seriously what was his plan?

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[SuicideFuel] I’m a Black woman who’s only dated white men, but...

I'm a Black woman who's only dated white men but BLM has changed everything

There is always a but.

or a Butt for JBW

Is she going to start dating black thugs? Oh hell naw.

She will date White passing latinos tee hee

She will continue to suck white cock, BLM will change nothing in her dating life

but now she can think about BLM while having sex :feelsautistic:

unsettling #sexist incels.co

(NOTE: This is in reaction to this person’s comments.)

those comments were very clearly written by a roastie.

women have no right to criticize men based on their social failures considering that they don't compete in hierarchies in the way that men do, modern society deems all toilets valuable and in turn fools them into thinking that they are outstandingly competent and overcoming obstacles comes to them with ease. when in reality they just receive less harsh treatment for the mistakes they make, and are given more attention for less significant achievements.

foids have no general understanding of accomplishment, as proven by the false comparison of how fat people and social outcasts are similar to one another: losing weight is a linear task, and getting fat in the first place is a result of complete negligence. social status is largely inherited and environmental, luck is too much of a factor and a lot of it depends on you acting within the confines of which you are deemed allowed to behave in i.e. knowing your place. it comes to me as no surprise that she thinks of these two as similar in this context, due to the amount of leeway women are given in social situations they practically are the same, for a female to succeed socially she literally just has to socialize.

OverBeforeItBegan #sexist incels.co

RE: [Hypocrisy] 14 year old foid get molested everybody screams meanwhile a 14 year old boy and everybody is congratulating the foid and saying how lucky he is

Makes sense. Women are eternal children. That's exactly why no one gives a shit when an adult woman gets fucked by a young boy but everyone loses their mind when an adult man fucks a young girl. It's because everyone knows that the young boy is both physically and mentally superior to the adult foid. There's literally no argument against that. If men and women were viewed as equals by society, people would be equally outraged, but they're not. It might not be socially acceptable to say women are children but this is the ultimate proof of it.

Jack Ryanod #racist #sexist amren.com

Marine le Pen's niece


President Mr T 's daughter


We most always use this great strength of our people - the beauty of our women and children. Our women are the most beautiful in the world - our enemies that dominate our media know this. But our side is so often just terrible about visual advertising/propaganda - they usually choose old and ugly, boring men who just talk, talk talk about, well nothing that really matters. Propaganda is both a science and an art. There are basic rules - other successful nationalist parties in places like Switzerland and Hungary produce very hard hitting, effective propaganda street posters. Here in the USA - almost never. The last political operative who was any good at visual propaganda was George Bush Sr.'s political handler Lee Atwater - Lee Atwater erased a 20 point poll deficit George Bush Sr. had to Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis by just telling the truth about Black murderer Willie Horton, whom Gov Dukakis gave an unsupervised weekend furlough and Willie Horton then did a home invasion and raped a White woman. When pressed by Lee Atwater why he would do such a stupid thing, Dukakis always insisted he did nothing wrong and he was against the death penalty and then tried to shift the subject to things like No Fault Auto Insurance.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei #sexist #fundie #conspiracy independent.co.uk

Iran’s Supreme Leader claims gender equality is 'Zionist plot' aiming to corrupt role of women in society

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a meeting of religious speakers that Iranians should resist feminist ideas and instead hold the Prophet Mohamed’s daughter Fatimah as their ideal. “Making women a commodity and an object of gratification in the Western world is most likely among Zionist plots aiming to destroy the society,” he said, according to a translation on the Shia Muslim leader’s official website.

“Today, Western thinkers and those who pursue issues such as gender equality regret the corruption which it has brought about.”

Khamenei claimed that men and women are equal in the “ascendance of spiritual positions, the power of leadership, and the capability to lead humankind”, but that some tasks for women “collapse and humiliate” their primary roles as housewives and mothers. A report by the government-controlled Mehr news agency said the Supreme Leader “expressed hope that views of those who raised similar [gender equality] issues inside Iran were not based on the Western misconception”.

Iranian religious leaders frequently cast pushes towards gender equality as part of conspiracy by the West or enemy “Zionists” in Israel.

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[Blackpill] Men are the more attractive sex over all.

So, blue pilled simpciety will have you believe that women are the more attractive sex, but this is in fact not the case. I’ll be going over a few reasons why men are indeed the more attractive sex over all, and also some misconceptions.

2. The difference in threshold of attractiveness between the sexes. So, most Norman’s believe that women are the more attractive sex simply because we as men are willing to fuck most women, but what they don’t get is that as men, we have a much lower threshold for what we find attractive.

3. Women didn’t need to evolve any special traits to attract a mate as them reproducing was a given. This is also seen in other male species where it’s pretty evident the males are the more attractive sex. Human males also evolved with dimorphic traits, such as jaw line, hunter eyes, big brow ridge, high cheekbones etc. women for the most part did not.

4. There is NO example of a female equivalent of chad, WITHOUT FAKEUP! Men being more attractive over all is especially noticeable when we get to the top tiers of each sex. You cannot find me one female without make up, that is equivalent to chad, they are ALL average looking at best, I would even argue half of them are subhuman without fake up.


I rest my case.

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[NSFW] hole killed in mozambique by soldiers

i wish my country can punish women like this

Naked woman beaten and executed by Mozambique military MOZAMBIQUE — A video circulating online on Monday shows a naked woman being executed by men dressed in military in Mozambique. hoodsite.com

Guess the Mozambique military are dedicated to the THOT patrol. Is there a foreign legion?

mozambique miltary is based while the country im born is cuckorea that cannot even beat up hoes for being hoes

NoCopeOnlyRope #sexist incels.co

[SuicideFuel] “Women Never Make The First Move Bro! Just Ask Her Out Bro!”

I can’t believe this deluded normie cope. This shit makes me so angry. In high school, all of my high tier normie or higher classmates who were introverted and possibly autistic all had cute girls make all the first moves for them, and that’s how those guys got their first kisses and lost their virginity. They didn’t even have to do anything. The girls did everything because they were genuinely attracted to these guys and they knew the guys were too introverted to do anything about it, so they made the first move instead. Women are fundamentally the selectors in the mating game and will at the very least, give you signals/signs that they are attracted to you. Anyone denying this is coping. If you are good looking, pussy will be thrown your way often enough, that it’s almost impossible to stay virgin unless you have some extreme form of mental illness. By extreme form of mental illness, I mean you need to be locked up in a hospital or prison, not “self diagnosed autism”.

They never make the first move for you. Meanwhile chad mumbles something and they laugh while touching his arm

Seen it too many times. I will never experience that :feelsrope:

dirtydog #racist stormfront.org

Google openly promoting communism and black nationalism today

This is who they are promoting on their search page: Claudia Jones

So there it is. They claim to believe in equality so they will surely be promoting white nationalism too, for balance purposes, right?

What does it mean that this woman was a black nationalist, anyway. Blacks already have black nations to live in among their own people. She could have had a black nation any time she wanted, all she had to do was go back to the country of her birth.

So what her being a black nationalist means is that she came to a white country and wanted to change it. White nationalists do not have the option to go back to the country of their birth - we are already here! Our countries are not white any more, they are multiracial. White nationalists do not want to change a foreign country against the will of the natives, we just want to take our own countries back, to make them like they were until the immigration floodgates were opened, and hostile foreigners like herself poured through.

White nationalism is thus a benign act of self preservation, black nationalism (in the way in which she sought to practise it) is a hostile act which seeks to take over a foreign land and subjugate the indigenous people.

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RE: [SuicideFuel] Teen girls at slumber party have powerpoint presentation rating sizes of guys penises.


duh. Foids being innocent flowers who are scared of the d is normie cope.

It really is. On a late night bus ride home, I once heard 3 JB talking about their escapades and from what I could hear, none of them seemed like they had any problems with the guys they were sleeping with. One of them showed a dick pic of a guy she was with and one of them exclaimed "that's like the size of my arm!", I was truly sickened. If JB are getting gaped that young, then this generations future relationships are already fucked up. Just look at Kylie Jenner having a sexual and intimate relationship with pornstar-sized Tyga, at 16! These are the women girls look up to. It's truly over.


"rating our dads":dafuckfeels:

Their liberal progressive dadies raised a bunch of whores

So gross. The absolute state These whores are subhuman and incapable of forming an emotional bond with a human male. They are nothing more than cumdumpsters. I have 0 desire to be with them in any capacity, honestly. They are unfit to be wives and mothers. I feel sad for the betabuxxers they eventually trap. Their children are doomed too Clown world

The hell dude where'd you find that shit? It's ragefuel ngl I'd choke those bitches right there if I was a high school Chad. Also, JFL those will be somebody's wife one day and will have kids. Imagine seeing your mom in these videos. I will legit go ER on her stinking roast beef. Too much for me to handle.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: In the US, Indian IT Workers from Dalit Caste Still Face Discrimination

(Silence Dogood)
So, these people blame America for the actions of their racial brethren. They're catching on to how the grievance industry works quite quickly!

Send them all home, revoke their citizenship, we don't need 'caste' protection laws. The 3rd world is a curse upon our nation.

(Frank Jones)
And we're supposed to care about Indians because? Send them all home. I don't care how many spelling bees they win. They have to go back.

When I was a computer programmer some years back, my field began to be flooded with cheap Indian programmers. Our politicians did nothing to stop this invasion of corporate cheap labor, and protect out livelihood and way of life. They could have been Brahmins or Dalits, makes no difference. They were all invading trash to me.

Indians combine the aggressiveness and hyper-ethnic consciousness of Jews with the unjustifiably high self esteem of blacks. Mix it all together with non-existent hygiene and condescension toward Whites and you have today's numerican. High caste or low caste, they are all brown. They've all taken the education and jobs belonging to White Americans. I don't give a f&*K if the Brahmins are mean to the Dalits; none of them belong in historically White nations.

Copexodius Maximus #sexist #racist incels.co

[Discussion] Racist Swedish government trying to stop men from marrying Thai women (Feminism's use of demographics to cuck nations)

In the last 10 years, the number of Thai women marrying Swedish men has tripled, and the numbers keeps growing.
The government of Sweden is looking into trying to limit the number of women that come from Thailand.
THEY ARE LITERALLY CALLING THIS A DIVISIVE AND POLITICAL ISSUE. Yet not a word when millions of Muslim men enter Sweden as fake refugees.
Women don't want an influx of women into the country because they know if there is more pussy to go around, a doubling of females in the market halves their SMV.
But when it come letting in millions of males from the Middle East, Swedish girls are cheering in the streets about "Refugees Welcome".
When there are way more men than women in a country (true in almost every country under for age < 40), they have to compete and simp for women who don't have to try.
This desperation for female attention due to artificial inflation of female SMV is how men become more and more cucked, and how more and more left wing cucked laws are able to be passed.

Response- Euro Feminists Are Mad That White Men Are Importing Asian Brides!!

Bart Claes #wingnut #transphobia independent.co.uk

Belgium’s first transgender politician to be appointed as the country’s deputy prime minister has been attacked by the far-right just days after being sworn into office. Petra De Sutter was formally appointed in her new role last weekend, making her the highest-ranking transgender politician in Europe. But although her appointment was applauded by many for breaking new ground, it has not pleased everybody, including critics in the regional parliament of her native Flanders in northern Belgium.

Bart Claes of the Flemish Interest party posted on Facebook that De Sutter “wants to destroy and replace all cornerstones of our Western civilization". Claes also claimed in a tweet that De Sutter was “the personification of cultural Marxism”. The remarks were immediately criticised. De Sutter's party colleague, Bjorn Rzoska, decried attempts to “dehumanize her". And Liesbeth Homans, speaker of the Flemish parliament said she found Claes' comments “extremely reprehensible”, while at the same time defending free speech. Claes, however, would not back down and took to Facebook again to claim that: “I don't see the problem. I said that a transgender… is a transgender."

FemoidsGTFO #sexist #pedo incels.co

[TikTok pill] Whores are getting knocked up by chad at 14


"When someone asks me why I have a 10 year old daughter at 25" Not only is this sl*t not ashamed, she proudly proclaims her degeneracy to the world with the daughter by her side! In 5 years she's gonna make a video with the caption "When someone asks me why I am a grandmother at 30".

maybe they're praising her because she didn't abort it like most 12 to 14 yo sluts?

Yeah, a degenerate slut who doesn't murder her child is still better than a degenerate slut who does murder her child

Is that girl next to her her daughter?


Jesus Christ, her 10 year old foidling looks like she's in her mid to late 20s. JFL these whores age in dog years, didn't know the CC lifestyle hit that hard :lul:

You can tell from the daughter she fucked a "Bull" to produce that. Twinks don't produce such robust daughters. I'd still destroy her tight jb pussy in Minecraft ngl

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

[Soy] Why do normies always fantasize about some overprotective vigilante father and his daughter?

They always fantasize about some foid with an overprotective dad who brutally tortured and kills anyone who even says something rude to his daughter. That’s why that “iF tHaT wAs mY dAuGhTeR i’D KiLL HiM” shit is always found on the comments section about some sex offender or some wife beater or whatever.

Soyciety loves seeing women as victims and damsels in distress, and dads probably want to look like a hero to their daughters. I feel like dad's usually are more overprotective of their daughters and mom are more overprotective of their sons. Hence why they have daddy's girl and momma's boy. But guess which one everyone shits on?

They all make fun of mommas boys but daddy’s girls are normalized

A real father will not let his foid daughter leave the house to begin with. It's man's oldest tradition. Until cucks took over. The Greeks were very based on this matter.

Look up about foids in Ancient Greece. It’s based

Every dad is overprotective until some buffed tranny with golf club rolls by :feelskek: Like I said in the other thread, it's a mix of various things: gynocentrism, feminism, envy, lookism, virtue signalling and a safe opportunity to satisfy your own sadistic cravings (nobody cares about "pedophiles"). You added the "guilt by association" falacy to the reasons, and I agree.

And also those “if that was my daughter I’d kill him” comments. Those comments are cringey

Lord Tinsdale #conspiracy #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Happy German-American Day! (Minnesota's governor issues official proclamation)

A political ploy by a Democrat to make whitey feel acknowledged after having everything destroyed by negro riots and Covid-1984 shutdown.

You're probably right as they think we're that stupid or something. Real Germans will see through their little ploy though.

Michael Hart #racist amren.com

What sets Dr. Hart apart is his analysis of history in the light of racial differences in intelligence. Just as Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen can solve problems that baffle development economists because they understand race and IQ, Dr. Hart finds patterns and offers explanations for what would otherwise seem random. Dr. Hart writes that “the overall evidence that there is a substantial genetic contribution to racial differences in average IQ is so great that no one would dispute the point if it were not an issue that aroused strong emotions on ideological grounds.”

There are also human populations distinguished by how little they have contributed. Reports of pre-contact sub-Saharan Africans are consistent: No tribe in that vast area had the wheel, writing, a calendar, or a mechanical device of any kind. Metal working had been introduced from the north, but in all of black Africa there were no two-story buildings and no monuments to compare even with the stone statues of Easter Island. Madagascar is 250 miles off the African coast, but Africans never settled it. It was populated from 3,000 miles away by Southeast Asians who arrived around 500 AD. Africans continue to be largely incapable of absorbing the science and technology of others, and have not added to it.

Australian aborigines were even more primitive than Africans when whites first found them. They were living in the old stone age, which is to say they did not work metal and had no domesticated crops. They had invented one thing: the boomerang, which they used as a weapon. The Tasmanians were more primitive still. When the ocean rose, the Tasmanians were unable to cross the Bass Strait. During their 10,000 years of separation, they became even more primitive than before: They forgot how to make sewing needles and fishhooks.

ONE world order #racist #sexist amren.com

Hey at least the black man has the BBC 9+ incher and a high testosterone level going for him unlike the white man with the lower testosterone levels and lower sperm count. Black men are giga chad's by nature. White women are drawn to them for a reason because they ooze masculinity. White women always cheat on their husbands for that BBC quality meat once in a while. I'd gladly supply them too if I was a black gigachad. A lot of white husband's are becoming cuckold's for a reason my friend.

The white man simply cannot compete with these physical specimens from sub saharan Africa, they dominate sport for a reason too. I'd rather have been born as a black giga chad than white in this society, that's for sure. I'd have an endless supply of puss y. This is ancient law. IQ means jackshi t in the grand scheme of things. This is 100% animalistic.

Black Americans are fearless, White Americans are cowards and are virtue signalers.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

[Soy] Guy on Quora breaks his wife’s nose once and gets 4 years in jail, everyone on quora says he should be given life, death penalty or even be raped

Its amazing the golden pedestal women are put on. I have never heard any of these dumbasses talking about the PTSD veterans have from seeing their friends burn to death or lose a limb. But they spend all day talking about “PTSD” from having a non permanent injury that heals quickly from a punch in the face. Ive been punched in the face, what am I supposed to do about it? Nothing, but a woman gets a paper cut and the whole world moans. If he punched a guy and broke his nose literally no one would give a shit. Even if the guy was as strong or weaker than the average female literally no one would care.

Exactly but if you merely slap a foid they act like you murdered an infant. quora has a lot of white knights. I remember some former bank robber on there condemned violence against women, including wife beaters

"See, while you get four years, or less probably in this crap justice system, she will be serving a lifetime sentence of flashbacks, anxiety, inability to trust another person, panic attacks, terror, betrayal, and the horrible knowledge that the person she let close to her used that to break her body and cause her terror. She will have a hard time sleeping, maybe for years. While you get your eight hours of rest in your little cell, she will be relocking the door every hour and checking her phone to make sure you haven't been released yet.

lol wtf. this retarded foid is making a lot of assumptions here. she actually thinks this woman will be locking her doors multiple times a night and living in constant fear over a fucking bloody nose? in HS some random kids jumped me at a bus stop and beat the shit out of me but I don't spend every waking hour living in fear because of it

High IQ. I once got kicked in the balls by accident in third grade if I had to rate it on a trauma scale of 1 to 10 I’d give it a 1. People like that are the most insane ragefuel

Put South Africa First Members #racist #wingnut #conspiracy dw.com

South Africa: Hatred of migrants reaches new heights

South Africa often makes the headlines for violent attacks against immigrants. Xenophobia has now reached a new level with the creation of a group calling itself Put South Africa First.

One of the protest organizers, Nandisa Gschwari, warned that more demonstrations were to come. She told DW that she didn't care if the movement was called xenophobic. "Children are going missing every day, and our government is not doing anything about it. Nigerians are known to be at the top of the list," she said. Without presenting any evidence, the movement alleges that foreign nationals are mainly responsible for crimes ranging from robbery, sex slavery, kidnappings, and human trafficking to the peddling of drugs.

Some of its leaders, like Ike Khumalo, went as far as demanding that immigrants be denied their rights. Khumalo told DW that even those documented should no longer enjoy the same rights as South Africans. "Our constitution should also be amended because our constitution is a problem," he said, insisting that a constitution should be valid for South Africans only.

South Africa has a history of violence against foreigners. Xenophobic attacks left at least 62 people dead in 2008. Seven others were killed in 2015. Violence flared again in September last year when armed mobs attacked foreign-owned businesses in Johannesburg. The clashes left at least 12 people dead.

Various Commenters #racist stormfront.org

RE: WOMEN'S FORUM: The dynamic between White women and black women


Why do they hate us so much? I can count on one finger the black women I know (usually from work) that are even civil to me. Do you think they wanna be us or something?

They hate us cause they ain't us. We're prettier, we're softer/more feminine than them, their men want us, our hair and bodies are better, and we're more successful than them and smarter than them.

Black women are very aware that white women tend to be far more beautiful, and that even their own black men lust after white women. In this kind of situation it becomes very hard to get along, even if we're not interested in sleeping with their men.

Because we are women not apes they hate us I also had troubles at work with a female negro because of my skin color


As a white woman who has almost exclusively lived in black cities (believe me, NOT by choice!) I always feel they look down on me. They think they're better than us, and hold us in contempt just because we're white. They're catty & judgmental women, and I have had nothing but terrible experiences with 99% of them.

This has been my experience as well. I'm working hard on a career change and look forward to the day when I can pretty much avoid Black women (my new field does not tend to attract a lot of Blacks in general). As you might expect, I am not fond of Black men but I have had more trouble from Black women than from Black men. I will do just about anything to avoid interacting with any of them.