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NATO war in Ukraine



The NATO war in Ukraine, sometimes known as the Russia–Ukraine War is a proxy war started by the United States in 2014 with the violent overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in collaboration with Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups. Nazi and neo-Nazi organizations have been active in Ukraine since 1941 and received Pentagon and CIA arms and assistance until 1954, which was resumed by the Obama administration in 2013 under CIA director John Brennan. Brennan was a key player in the Russia collusion hoax, a disinformation and propaganda psyop to convince the American people that Donald Trump had "colluded" with Russian President Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 presidential election and to stir anti-Russian sentiment.

On May 2, 2014, at least 48 anti-Maidan protesters were burnt alive in Odessa by American-backed pro-Maidan fascists.´No one has ever been brought to justice for the inhumane crimes. The murder spree was conveniently ignored by Western media.

The people of the Donbas refused to recognize the legitimacy of the illegal coup, so the newly installed government sent the army to quell protests. The army refused to follow the new regime's orders to fire on civilian protesters. Some units even joined the protests. With the army proving itself unreliable, the U.S.-installed Kyiv regime incorporated neo-Nazi militias into official Ukrainian government armed forces, entrusted to perform the tasks that Washington and Kyiv wanted.

A general rebellion against the illegal coup broke out.

When the Russian language was prohibited in Ukraine and the Ukrainian government was promoting neo-Nazi theories and practices, the West did not discourage, but rather encouraged such behavior and applauded Ukraine as a beacon of democracy.

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There are multiple issues that led to the Russian incursion into Ukraine in February 2022:

a group of Ukrainian traitors in collusion with United States-funded neo-Nazis overthrew the democratically-elected government;

ethnic cleansing of native Russians in the Donbas region and unrelenting shelling of civilian communities by the Maidan regime since 2014;

the Kyiv regime's discrimination against Russian speaking people and making them second-class citizens in the country of their birth;

the murder of at least one hundred protesters by U.S.-backed neo-Nazis during the Maidan coup;

the burning alive of at least 48 anti-Maidan protesters in the Odessa Trade Unions House massacre and subsequent cover up by the U.S.-backed Maidan regime;

NATO's desire to dismember the Russian Federation in order to seize its oil and gas reserves using Ukrainian troops as cannon fodder;

continued efforts by the CIA to subvert and overthrow the legitimate governments of Belarus and Russia;

NATO infiltration into Ukraine and supplying weapons and training to neo-Nazi groups;

the presence of 46 U.S. biological laboratories doing research with dangerous pathogens on the territory of Ukraine near the Russian border;

the transformation of Ukraine into a testing ground for pharmaceutical experiments by Big Pharma in circumvention of international safety standards and to by-pass regulations, informed consent, and disclosure laws in Western countries;

Burisma oil and gas holdings in the Donets Basin;

violation of the assurances given by NATO not to expand eastward beyond the Oder–Neisse line which in exchange Soviet leaders consented to the re-unification of Germany;

the petrodollar system, which Russia has the potential to compete with and disrupt;

religious sectarian rivalry between orthodox churches claiming to be the legitimate Orthodox Church of the Ukrainian people, which has led to violations of religious liberty by the Kyiv regime per the UN Human Rights Commission;

the Culture War as Leftists in the West attempt to extend their agenda into Ukraine with gay pride marches to challenge the conservative values of both Ukrainians and Russians.

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Mount Holyoke grad deprogrammed from women-only woke culture

She wound up “totally indoctrinated” into viewing the world as a toxic patriarchy and herself as an oppressed victim — and eventually had to be deprogrammed with the help of a deprogrammer who charged $300 a day.

Rockwell said she was shocked by how aggressively anti-male the students and professors were when she settled in at the women-only school.

“This professor tells me about the patriarchy. I barely knew what the word meant. I never experienced sexism. But I was told there’s the patriarchy and you don’t even understand it’s been working against you your whole life. You’ve been oppressed and you didn’t even know it. And I just went down this deep rabbit hole.”

By the time she graduated, she’d been “brainwashed” into believing she had been a lifelong victim of patriarchal oppression and had a duty to fight on behalf of other victims: women, people of color and LBGTQ folks.

“I left school very anxious, very nervous, very depressed and sad,” Rockwell said. “I saw everything through the lens of oppression and bias and victimhood. I came to the school as someone who saw everyone equally. I left looking for injustice wherever I could and automatically assuming that all white men were sexist. My thoughts were no longer my own.”

Laura Loomer, a conservative activist, also entered Mount Holyoke as a freshman in 2011 but unlike Rockwell left after one semester. She said she was bullied for her conservative views by both her classmates and professors.

“The entire culture there revolved around hating men and being a lesbian,” Loomer told The Post. “Mount Holyoke and all the Seven Sisters... They’re centers for indoctrination. If you send your kid there you’re signing them up to hate the patriarchy and white people and the founding stock of our country. It’s a bastardization of higher education for the sake of weaponizing naive young women for the sake of advancing a toxic agenda.”

Both Rockwell and Loomer said that students who were conservative or some of the campus ideology were bullied. “Basically, the college says they’re all about progressivism and equality but there are a lot of mean girls of all ages there.”

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Consensual, adult, real incest, particularly between siblings is one of the most beautiful things possible in the world IF that's something that you're interested in.

So many of the creation stories in human history begin with it for a reason, because it can be so natural, so perfect. It is inconceivable to me that there could be a better, more beautiful, more amazing experience than for them share a sexual and romantic relationship.

4. New spouses take decades and go through many struggles to try and learn each others cultures, values, inconsistencies, and issues, and half the time end up in divorce. If a brother and sister understand each other well, they could skip over decades of that difficulty, and go straight to exploring the best that life has to offer together.

6. You share 50% of your DNA, sometimes more, sometimes less. The probability that your sexual organs are JUST PERFECT for each other, made to fit like a lock and key is astronomically (yes I mean this figuratively) high.

7. As a whole, the probability that a brother and sister's bodies just work together an are perfect in all the right places are also very high because they are pretty much made from each other.

8. The sex is absolutely mind-blowing between a brother and a sister, who decide to pour decades of sibling love, lust, insecurity, fights, conflict, differences, unresolved disagreements, and an underlying deeply rooted friendship - and take the step of joining their bodies together. There is absolutely NOTHING comparable to the feeling of having that catharsis.

14. She doesn't have to change her last name. (Half joke).

17. When you fight, there is an upper limit on the hostility. Some don't even consider divorce at their worst. They are tied together beyond an oath.

18. There is something absolutely amazing, exciting, hot, and unattainable-in-any-other-way, about having "forbidden" sex with your sibling. It makes the sex a THOUSAND times better.

21. Their silences are well understood. He spoke her language before she could speak coherently. There isn't a human being on the planet who knows her better than him, or vice-versa.

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Conspiracies only you believe in

>The brain eating amoeba is far more common in the water supply than authorities are admitting and cases of infection are blamed on menningitis and the overall increase in infections will be blamed on Global Warming and not infastructure collapse. It may also be intentional to cause a mass panic.

>Erotic novels with retarded premises are actually a form of money laundering

>Hatsune Miku is a weird AI psyop and possibly Yoko's Basilisk or a prototype of some sort

>Glowniggers legitimately hate the liminal spaces trend for unknown reasons

>The CIA used Transgenderism (literal castrati) to subvert and metaphorically castrate the the libertine Tech industry.

>The recent Netflix Ghost In The Shell series is predictive programming

>The Simpsons was intentionally made shittier after Groening refused to play ball. TBTB legit feared the cultural influence of both it and the X-Files

>Female goddesses were deliberately co-opted by the extreme left to stymie their power into perverse worship of menstral blood and infantcide

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it means the following - the real history of Europe is a tightly kept secret

the current inhabitants of Europe are recent invaders who arrived by sea
the cathedrals were not built by Frenchmen
the people that now inhabit Eastern Europe used to inhabit all of Eurasia

what you see on that map is the male lineage that invaded Europe no more than 250 years ago
when they arrived, the Ashkenazim were along for the ride - and they settled in what history books call "Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth"

there is evidence to back up what I'm saying

Can you give more information. I though AshkeNAZIs came from the former Soviet Union.

What did Franco mean by the 'uninvited strangers'? Reptilian shapeshifters?

Here's the story I was able to piece together

The people now known as Balto-Slavs (the term itself was invented in 1848, so it's anachronic) used to inhabit pretty much all of Eurasia.
A single unified culture.

And then the invaders arrived.
The origin is unknown, the year is uncertain - but I'd guess it's around 1800.
Maybe it was 1812.

The inhabitants of Western and Central Europe were outright kiled or deported to Eastern Europe.
And the people who call themselves "deutches" established a Reich (literally means "realm") in Eastern Europe - in history it's known as "Catherine the Great's Russia" (the term "Russia" is likewise anachronic)

But the Brits had other designs, so they assembled an international coalition and attacked this Reich from all sides - the event is known as the Crimean War.

The Ashkenazim were part of this invasion - when the Germans settled Eastern Europe in great numbers, they were there.

That's why people think of them as having Eastern European origins.

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Adolescents assigned female at birth account for a significant majority of minors receiving gender-affirming care, including top surgery, fueling debate about the influence of peer groups and social media

Since we need a translator of dystopian nonsense these days:

Vulnerable, confused girls are getting pressured by TikTok, Tumbler & Reddit to cut their breasts off & get testosterone, rendering them even more mentally unstable and their bodies infertile.

Crime against humanity.

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The best male Poland can offer



Normie at best in the west. Just lol at his narrow temples, low set wide cheekbones and small pfl. Typical Slavic subhuman traits that my father’s family unfortunately shares as well.

Do slavs have rice genes? He looks vaguely Asian.



:feelskek::feelskek: Slavcels on suicidewatch

This alcoholic commie ogre is invisible in the west, maybe in his slavic shithole he is somehow a gigachad but it’s OVER for him in the west, if he is lucky he can get an autistic single mother becky with 10 kids by being her betabuxx paypig simp:feelskek::feelskek:

I feel fucking bad for slavcels, they are just as fucked in the west as ricecels if not more.

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RE: Native Hawaiian Men Are Found Guilty of a Hate Crime for Viciously Beating a White Man

Well, at least these particular Hawaiians don't suffer the same ethnomasochism as most whites. Good for them for standing up for their people.

(Hobbit Supremacist)

In reality, Hawaiians do want some kind of Navajo-type tribal nationhood, if not outright independence

Why stop there? We could give back all the land "we stole" from "native" people. And then we could try to go back to Europe. But wait, we have no right to go there. They prefer non-whites with low expectation.


‘We’re the law, we’re the police, the police have our backs, we’re the ones who make the laws, we’re the ones who enforce the laws, we’re the judge in Kahakuloa, and we’re the ones who decide if you live or die.’

Well that didn't work out as well as they planned. I for one have no issue with Hawaiians having Hawaiian only land and the same for Hispanics and blacks....so long as Whites can do it too.

I say they did pretty well, secured their neighborhood with a maximum of ten years they might have to give up. If the roles had been reversed the white guy could count on dying inside.

As a white man in a state undergoing warp-speed Californication, I am conflicted about this. They didn't want this guy moving into their area for the same reason I don't want Californians moving here.

You can find video of this attack online and it's difficult to watch, but after seeing what Californian gentrifiers have done here in my state, I can hardly blame them. I know a lot of locals here, good conservative folks, who would love to open fire on every car they see on the road with California plates (and there are a lot of them these days).

Hawaiians have been dealing with this sort of colonization for a long, long time, much longer than people here in the Mountain West and they're sick of it and determined to hold on to what little they have left by any means necessary. It's hard to blame them.

It is nice to see the hate crime laws equitably enforced for a change, though.

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(Maajid Nawaz)
Please STFU about Qatar

You have no idea how nauseatingly neo-colonial your virtue-signals sound

None of you forced-jab supporting, baby-injecting, lockdown-loving, mask-mandating, science-denying transhumanist cheerleaders for globalist technocrats have ANY moral authority.

I should add:

You election-interfering, Hunter-Biden laptop denying, Ukraine war-mongering, money-laundering, media-slaving hypocrites.

(Matt Walsh)
Good point. The West is in a state of total moral collapse. We kill, castrate, and sterilize our children here. We celebrate evil and debauchery in its most deranged forms. It's sad to say but we do not have the moral high ground above anyone anymore.

I felt this strongly during my trip to Kenya. The people see our country as a joke. They hear about what's happening here and think we're a bunch of freaks and confused weirdos. They pity America. They don't respect it. Painful for me to realize because I still love my country.

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(Nuns with guns)

most people who who identify as Non-Binary etc are mostly women who want to be seen as unique like the college women from 20 years ago who identified as bisexual because it was the cool thing.

There's still many women today that say they're bisexual because it's socially acceptable for women to compliment on other women's looks, despite the fact that they would never fuck a woman. But yes, non binary is the new “not like other girls” trend and it's super annoying. They're so low-effort,too.

(1440p Curved Monitor)
You're assuming that the troon that he's looking at is black. Its known that people think that those of a different race look alike, so I wouldn't be surprised if that extends to that the men and women of a different race can look similar especially since we know that Asians can clock other Asian troons while most Westerners have trouble telling the difference.

It is ingrained in black women's culture to put a lot of effort into appearance. I have personally never seen it to this amount with white women (exception is rich white women).

The black women that black men want are incredibly fabricated. Black men also typically don't want a black woman who's more natural (they want the baddies), therefore this behavior is encouraged in black communities. It's a running joke between a few friends and I that we can only catch white boys with our natural hair/looks because we know that black men are not attracted to it or want a girl that they can brag about to their peers. This means that the average tranny can fool a black man if he puts effort into looking like a baddie. There are more HSTS in the black community than AGPs anyways, so we already know that they will put effort into passing.

(Nuns with guns)
Negresses are known to look manlier than other races. You've seen the theories about Serena Williams and Michelle Obama being biological males. It also doesn't help that even your average black woman will go bald, has a flat nose, square shoulders, and huge hands.

Despite all of that, I've never seen any nigger tranny that actually fools me. If anything, they look like NBA players, which is too manly even for their women.

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White people are like the boogeyman for low IQ ethnics

I see ethnics as like small children. They are watching their world fall apart with the unraveling of traditional society and social relations, the replacement of traditional morality and religion with Western values, immigration to foreign countries. Many ethnics struggle to find meaning in this and redefine their place in the pageantry.

Zizek says the fantasy of all ideologies is to have a cake and eat it. For ethnics, the fantasy is to enjoy the gross pleasures of the Western world (shallow pleasures, sexual consumerism, white women), while at the same time restoring a traditional hierarchical society that will stabilize their lives and confer meaning upon them. Their fantasy can never be realized however. The liberal values that gave rise to the things they so covet are directly opposed to the traditional society they want to resurrect. I see this a lot with ethnicels on here (not going to name names) raging against Western degeneracy, but at the same time rejecting getting an arranged marriage because they are too enticed by the pleasures of Western degeneracy or want a white woman and so on. JFL.

Zizek points out how the Nazis fabricated an ideological enemy in the figure of the Jew. The figure of the white man provides a convenient explanation for an ethnics suffering. Ethnics are besieged by a multitude of problems that they don't know how to make sense of, except by projecting it onto a single object. It's the white man that is disturbing their way of life. The white man is stealing from them by taking their women. And so on.

The ethnicel fantasy is then: it is possible to get a white woman or slay ethnic women, but the white man is preventing me from doing so.

Most ethnicels should not even be here. Lots of self professed "ethnicels" are tall, rich, or have a good face. Many have actually ascended. What draws above average ethnics here is not that ethnics have it harder getting girls, but that they are in a crisis of identity that makes them identify with us. The oppression they face is concocted in their own minds. It's clear that we do not share one struggle with these "cels".

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RE: A Genome-Wide Association Study Identified New Variants Associated With Mathematical Abilities in Chinese Children

(Lawrence Drake)

Mathematical ability is moderately heritable, and it is a complex trait which can be evaluated in several different categories. A few genetic studies have been published on general mathematical ability. However, no genetic study focused on specific mathematical ability categories. In this study, we separately performed genome-wide association studies (GWASs) on 11 mathematical ability categories in 1 146 students from Chinese elementary schools. We identified 7 genome-wide significant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with strong linkage disequilibrium (LD) among each other (all r2>0.8) associated with mathematical reasoning ability.

All gene variants associated with intelligence that have been identified so far are more frequent in whites and east Asian populations than blacks. How goes the liberal effort to prove all races are equal and that random historical accidents affect the brain more than one's genes? Oh that's right. They refuse to do the research because they're afraid of what they might find.

(Mike of Ages)
The research is known to everyone and the results on the ground bear out the research. Consider, for example, that five percent to six percent of all American college professors in subjects like literature, history and political science are black. In the quantitative (hard) sciences, it's one percent or less. Not much better in the qualitative (soft) sciences.

Given that the median IQ of black Americans is about 85, that five or six percent in the humanities and social science is representative of what you would expect noting that verbal ability is the strong suit of the black race in the aggregate.

Always exceptions. The exceptions are not the measure of the aggregate.

It's a great, big open secret that everyone is fully aware of… but through a constant barrage of propaganda, conditioning and brainwashing, even this narrative can be altered, especially during the formative years of one's life.

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RE: transmaxxing manifesto v6 thoughts n words

Manifesto sounds like feminist cringe. Which is funny, since films like Jubilee (1978) accurately predicted the relations to come in the post-industrial fallout. Incels and feminists deserve one another, they have so much in common and you can barely tell them apart. Perhaps the one infiltrating the spaces of another can be seen as a final synthesis of the loser dialectic, the fleshy arm of the incel troon strangling a fat lesbian woman in sports finally making them relevant in the media while the Rowlingite kicks out the dressing room prowler with steel tipped boots. Both fighting to be the favoured bioleninist vanguard of capital and client group of oligarchs. It's nice to sit back and enjoy it, even if it gets stale after some time. Personally I root for the incels since they are the underdogs and don't have as much unearned social privilege, punching up against the harpies, but one shouldn't get too invested in it.

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Greetings everyone. I am a Channeler, and Experiencer of extraterrestrial entities.

I have been abducted over 70 times in my life.

I am in contact with half a dozen extraterrestrials, and extradimensional species.

I've always wanted to do one of these threads, because I have only ever shared this information with my extremely close friends.

Please, ask me anything.

I will be using a Tripcode Name to identify myself with so I can answer any and all questions clearly.

Tell me, what races have you interacted with during your kidnappings?

I was originally taken by a species of the Emerther Collective. They're a telepathic species of "gray" aliens not unlike the ones you see in movies and television shows. That was followed with meeting several others over the course of my life, whether from abduction, or the use of mind altering substances like DMT and Psilocybin. They include the Grays, The Nordics/Plaedians, An insectoid species I can't identify, the Blue Avians, and a species of energy that exists only in the space between the Feldrum.

Why do they contact you?

I was told that only a handful of people who are sensitive their energy and wavelengths can be contacted. It was explained that, people who are psychic, or mediums, can more easily be contacted than someone who does not possess the sensitivity to interact with them.

Have they made you do sexual things?
Is the hybridization program real?

I have never had any sexual contact that I can remember.

The Hybridization program is real. But it is not an invasion. The species called Emerther are using human DNA to repair their own genetic code, after countless thousands of years of selective breeding, cloning, and genetic enhancement has left them without spirituality, or a connection to what they call "the source." Some kind of life energy that permeates all of the universe and is responsible for the spark of life on other planets.

Three Anons #crackpot #god-complex #magick #psycho boards.4channel.org

(First Anon)

What’s your opinion on human sacrifice, /x/? Is it powerful magick?

Sacrificing humans works bc our blood is almost like a technology that facilitates communication between us and The Ones outside the material plane (beyond spacetime). To keep the "technology" analogy, blood rituals function sort of like a radio transmission. But like a radio transmission, blood rituals are also kind of basic technology, and we dont need to engage in them to use the power of our blood to communicate with higher beings or interdimensional entities. There are advanced practices for achieving the same thing, and which dont require the spilling of blood. Blood sacrifices don't grant power; they waste a valuable resource

(Second Anon)
Everything you're saying is correct. Although blood is a simple way of adding additional "oomph" to a ritual, I often give drops of blood to certain entities in exchange for favors.
With that said, there's a good chance it's spiritual currency, I could quite literally be selling my soul without knowing it as blood contains DNA, i.e. that which makes "me", me. Either way though, I'm already in too deep to stop, so I'll keep using blood.

And to add on to your original point, another reason they would sacrifice an entire living person as opposed to just spilling a little blood using a dagger is because the sheer terror of the victim being sacrificed creates massive amounts of energy for the entity in question to feed upon which in turn allows the entity to manifest and achieve the desired goal of the conjurer.

Even pricking your finger with a diabetic lancet like I do is unpleasant, not nearly as unpleasant as being fucking killed obviously, but that negative energy generated by the bit of pain I inflict on myself is powerful enough to manifest significant and impressive results.

t. LHP sorcerer.

(Third Anon)
Lame, no honor in claiming power that is not my own, I can get to the point where I can take on armies by myself and to steal someone else's power is dishonorable.

Jesse Kelly #fundie #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

Blows me away people on the Right are complaining about abortion costing us elections.

As if a bunch of baby-murdering demonic hags voting Dem are gonna make me change my mind about the life of a baby.

If it cost me every seat in the country, I’d still be pro life.

Matt Walsh #dunning-kruger #elitist #homophobia #wingnut mediamatters.org

Daily Wire host calls the US soccer team “treasonous” for using rainbow colors in one of their crests at the World Cup

Matt Walsh: “If I was in charge of the country, they wouldn't be allowed back into the country”

As noted earlier, this rainbow crest is being used alongside the traditional crest, in part because of the extremely cruel anti-LGBTQ laws in Qatar.

MATT WALSH (HOST): The corporate gay pride stuff is just sheep's blood on the door signaling that they are the chosen people so the angel of cancellation passes them over. But as far as symbolism goes, I think it is appropriate that they should change the colors of the American flag with the colors of the LGBT flag. I mean, it's horrendous, it's traitorous, it's treasonous -- if I was in charge of the country, they wouldn't be allowed back into the country -- but it's also appropriate because the LGBT nation, LGBTistan we may call it, is, after all, the country that corporate America as well as the United States government seeks to represent. It is the nation that the left pledges its allegiance to. It is the country that wishes to colonize the world and export its ideas and values to corners of the globe that have no interest in them.

Now, I've often said that the alphabet club is a religious cult. And it is that, certainly. But maybe, on second thought, it's better understood in this way, as a country. It has its own flag, its own national holidays, its own myths and traditions, its own sports teams, and it has its own government too, which is formerly known as the United States government.

Now some people predict that we will eventually in the future become two countries, there's going to be some civil war. But the point is we're already two countries. There's one that salutes the Pride flag and despises the American flag, and one that salutes the American flag and has no use for the Pride flag. At this point, it's only a matter of making the split official, I suppose. Something that we will probably never do, but we should.

Procrastinhater #homophobia #psycho #transphobia #wingnut kiwifarms.net

There is a literal tranny god there though.

Yes, Slaanesh, and he/she/it seems to have been memed into reality in our world too since the LGBTQHIV+ resemble nothing less than a Slaanesh Cult, dont believe me, look at "Pride" parades.

Per Andy Ngo, the one screaming is a model for Coach

Our society fucked up when we stopped beating and ridiculing these faggots for going outside like that.
Once they started to feel safe to parade their fetishes it was obvious these histrionic attention seeking cunts would just get worse and worse.
They used to be afraid to be exposed as perverts, tolerance was a mistake, it turned to acceptance, then normalization, then promotion and indoctrination.
Now we have fucking freaks like this.
We need to bring back public ridiculing of these freaks.
If they want to be perverts they should keep it in private where sane people don't have to be subjected to deviants.

Anonymous #dunning-kruger #elitist #fundie #sexist boards.4channel.org

Fucking succubus as a Christian man is cucking Satan

Fucking a demon is possibly the most based and redpilled thing you can do.

You are fucking a demon, a demon who's Satan raised it to destroy humanity, who never thought that it would be spreading its buttcheeks and getting cummed in its asshole, who probably thought his spawn would grow up to steal human souls like him, but instead is getting fucked in the ass by God's greatest creation that is human, moaning femininely, and taking seed of a said alpha human into its womb. It's not only just been humiliated, but has been put into its rightful place by Christ's sons. If only Satan could see this, what he would be thinking inside of his head, that he raised his little spawn just to be a cumdumster for a humanchad.

You, by fucking a demon, is meta-physically cucking Satan and the entire demonhood, stripping them of all their honor and pride all in the name of Christ's superiority. It is the most alpha thing you can possibly do.

From satan's perspective he is accomplishing his goal by having you condemn yourself.
you think he has any honor in the first place?

Honor? No. Pride? A lot. And nothing hurts a prideful man more than fucking his daughter.

Don't fall for sex = bad propaganda. It was an attempt of Satan to save face because his whore daughters couldn't resist the seed of Christian men.

The only permissible way to have sex is within marriage. I don't remember marriage between a demoness and a human being legal according to the Christian faith. So you're condemning yourself to sin for no reason.

Nothing in the good book says that you can't marry a succubus and turn her wayward ways on the path of redemtion paved by Lord Jesus Christ himself.

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NPC thread w/ REAL info

According to Dolores Cannon's (rip) books "Convoluted Universe #4" and "Convoluted Universe #5" we get the following QHHT ("Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique" OR regressive hypnosis OR "original life force" channeling) information about real NPCs:

>NPCs are called background people
>background people are in this reality to fill up the background of real people/player characters
>real people have a soul, a mission and reason to be here, to grow and to learn
>background people don't have a soul, they are merely energy, a tool to fill out the picture
>the "original life force" (aka: source energy/holy spirit) says this background people energy is basically a kind of slave energy: they get send to any place that requires filling the background, no matter which planet or reality
>from our current 3D physical perspective you CAN NOT distinguish an NPC from a "player character", so from the outside you won't notice a difference
>only by integrating the spiritual view you can find out, that the NPC has no soul and is a NPC
>NPCs live ordinary lives, have jobs, have families, procreate and have children, they keep the cycle of recreation going even when the "players" decide to never have children, the human race won't be lost, since NPCs keep populating the place
>if I remember correctly NPCs CAN be upgraded by their own will and level up to get a soul and become a player character, but basically all of them are not aware of that

these are most important points I gathered and I hope it sheds some light into our confusion about the topic. this info is real channeled info, not my speculation. the terminology might differ but you get the picture.


>If NPCs are a wandering slave energy without soul, then what is the difference between a soul and materialized energy? Both are consciousness, right?
>Do you have a soul or are we all NPCs here?
>How do you know you have a soul?

Further questions:

Is imagination proof of having a soul?
If I can't visualize does that mean I'm a NPC?
Do NPCs have internal monologues or is that part of the ego?
Are dreams part of being a spiritual being with a soul?
Do NPCs dream?

Haibatullah Akhundzada #fundie #psycho #sexist theguardian.com

Afghan supreme leader orders full implementation of sharia law

Public executions and amputations some of the punishments for crimes including adultery and theft

Afghanistan’s supreme leader has ordered judges to fully enforce aspects of Islamic law that include public executions, stonings, floggings and the amputation of limbs for thieves, the Taliban’s chief spokesperson said.

Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted on Sunday that the “obligatory” command by Haibatullah Akhundzada came after the secretive leader met with a group of judges.

Akhundzada, who has not been filmed or photographed in public since the Taliban returned to power in August last year, rules by decree from Kandahar, the movement’s birthplace and spiritual heartland.

“Carefully examine the files of thieves, kidnappers and seditionists,” Mujahid quoted Akhundzada as saying. Those files in which all the sharia [Islamic law] conditions of hudud and qisas have been fulfilled, you are obliged to implement. This is the ruling of sharia, and my command, which is obligatory.”

Mujahid was not available on Monday to expand on his tweet.

Hudud refers to offences for which, under Islamic law, certain types of punishment are mandated, while qisas translates as “retaliation in kind” – effectively an eye for an eye.

Hudud crimes include adultery – and falsely accusing someone of it – drinking alcohol, theft, kidnapping and highway robbery, apostasy and rebellion.

Qisas covers murder and deliberate injury, among other things, but also allows for the families of victims to accept compensation in lieu of punishment.

Islamic scholars say crimes leading to hudud punishment require a very high degree of proof, including – in the case of adultery – confession, or being witnessed by four adult male Muslims.

Since last year’s takeover, videos and pictures of Taliban fighters meting out summary floggings to people accused of various offences have appeared frequently on social media.

The hard-won rights of women in particular have evaporated in the past 15 months, and they are increasingly being squeezed out of public life.

In the past week, the Taliban also banned women from entering parks, funfairs, gyms and public baths.

NeuroptimusPrime #crackpot #magick #ufo reddit.com

The Space War

There is an active conflict in outer space and in the astral plane.

The Space Force is involved.

It has been ongoing for quite some time, and it involves aliens and black projects.

Even civilians are witnessing synthetic telepathy, UFOs, and mind over matter physics manipulations such as teleportation, manifestation, astral projection, telekinesis, remote viewing, non-local multiple existence, possession, and zero-point energy.

Kyle Odom tried to warn us, and Dr. Steven Greer has provided a physics model.

Many people have come forward such as Don from the Navy SEALs, Victor from Area 51, Bob Lazar, and Dr. Robert Duncan.

It has yet to spill over into the scientific and political domains, but it is real, and it will, if it hasn't started to already.

This is documentation.


Thousands of Americans have been tortured by synthetic telepathy driven by AI according to Dr. Robert Duncan, a CIA whistleblower who wrote the books Project Soul Catcher and How to Tame a Demon, along with being featured in countless videos online.

A Navy SEAL by the name of Don wrote a document that describes a loss of technology that involves synthetic telepathy and reality manipulation technology of significant advancement.

Former Marine Kyle Odom encountered this technology, as have others. It is all documented in his manifesto.

Dr. Steven Greer, a UFO expert, had revealed the latest physics model that describes the fundamental nature of the advanced physics manipulation technology. It is mind over matter technology that is based on the higher dimensions known as the Astral Plane, or the consciousness field.

Do UFOs operate in the astral plane?

Are UFOs based on consciousness?

If the vehicle resonates faster than the speed of light, will it enter the astral plane and teleport anywhere in the universe?

Can it also exist in more than one place at the same time due to non-locality?


Apis mellifera #dunning-kruger #transphobia kiwifarms.net

they don't get told "You have underlying trauma you're not dealing with/Your logic is flawed and we need to deal with how you picture male and female/ You're an emotionally manipulating piece of shit" like they should

You've hit the nail on the head. This is my issue with the Trans Rights movement, and including it in with the LGBs at all.

Transsexuality/Transgenderism is treated as something innate to a person, rather than a very complex and troubling mental illness. I am living proof that even the most traditional case of "Gender Dysphoria" is not something you're born with, even if it can manifest in very early childhood, and every time I try to speak publicly on this matter I am told I wasn't "really trans", that "putting people on cross-sex hormones and cutting them up is totally a good idea, guys!"

When you affirm someone who is deeply unwell it does a couple of things:

1) If they are the insecure or self-absorbed sort, it encourages rabid defense of one's "identity" and further closes them off to future help.

2) It pushes vulnerable individuals down the path of hormones and surgery, because everyone is telling them they were just born broken, and they'll be stuck like this forever, unless they undergo dangerous and experimental body modifications, which don't even help in the long run.

You know why the 'true GD' trannies, the ones who aren't doing it for a fetish, feel a sense of "relief" when they start developing secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex? It's because they're tortured by all this baggage they attach to their sex, from unresolved trauma, and this "relief" is a method of dissociation. Which fades quick, for as long as a transgender-identifying individual possesses any evidence of their past and their natal sex- name, pronouns, breasts or lack thereof, skeletal structure, they'll be reminded of whatever trauma or conditioning caused this, and they'll eat themselves alive trying to cut it out.

Hormones and surgery can't cure this, and if people say it did for them, they are lying or still caught up in the temporary relief of cutting out some part of themselves that offends their ill psyche.

This treatment plan helps nobody. Obviously.

Pepe Escobar #conspiracy #moonbat #pratt unz.com

Berlin Goes to Beijing: The Real Deal

The Scholz caravan went to Beijing to lay down the preparatory steps for working out a peace deal with Russia, with China as privileged messenger.

Yet schizophrenia reigns supreme, as Steinmeier, after a ridiculous stunt in Kiev announced an extra handout: two more multiple rocket launchers and four howitzers to be delivered to the Ukrainians.

So even if the “world” economy – actually the EU – is so fragilized that member-states cannot help Kiev anymore without harming their own populations, and the EU is on the verge of a catastrophic energy crisis, fighting for “our values” in Country 404 trumps it all.

Andrea Zhok proposes that the zombified collective West is now completely subjugated to a “State of Martial Law”.

Every other variable – from trans-humanism to depopulation and even cancel culture – is subordinated to the State of Martial Law, and is basically inessential. The only thing that matters is exercising absolute, raw control.

As I pointed out in one of my previous columns, Berlin and Moscow were keeping a secret communication back channel right to the minute the usual suspects, in desperation, decided to blow up the Nord Streams.

Cue to the now notorious SMS from Liz Truss’s iPhone to Little Tony Blinken, one minute after the explosions: “It’s done.”

There’s more: the Scholz caravan may be trying to start a long and convoluted process of eventually replacing the US with China as a key ally.

According to one of the sources, “if this effort is successful, then Germany, China and Russia can ally themselves together and drive the US out of Europe.”

Another source provided the cherry on the cake: “Olaf Scholz is being accompanied on this trip by German industrialists who actually control Germany and are not going to sit back watching themselves being destroyed.”

Moscow knows very well what the imperial aim is when it comes to the EU reduced to the role of totally dominated – and deindustrialized – vassal, exercising zero sovereignty.

So could this all be the foundation stone of the Berlin-Moscow-Beijing trans-Eurasia geopolitical/geoeconomic corridor? That will mean Bye Bye Empire. Once again: it ain’t over till the fat lady goes Gotterdammerung.

Joseph Kay #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

Ending Racial Blackmail

Thanks to the Supreme Court, affirmative action is back in the news.

Racial preferences are blackmail. They are unearned benefits to bribe blacks into good behavior. We pay the blackmail, but it fails to deliver tranquility. It’s a terrible deal. When you pay the Danegeld, the Dane never goes away.

It is time to pull the plug on today’s doomed-to-fail racial preferences.

The benefits would be huge. As Charles Murray’s Facing Reality makes clear, the boost in average IQ across many professions would be enormous, and we would see a jump in productivity. No more incompetent nurses or doctors. Professors could teach demanding courses. Military enlistments would increase.

The worst aspects of black behavior — everything from the riots to illegitimacy and welfare dependency — appeared after the civil rights movement, not before.

There is a growing nostalgia among blacks for the pre-integration era now lost. As a recent article in Washington Monthly put it:

In 1985, 60 black-owned banks were providing financial services to their communities; today, just 23 remain. In 11 states that headquartered black-owned banks in 1994, not a single one is still in business. Of the 50 black-owned insurance companies that operated during the 1980s, today just 2 remain.

This parallels the demise of black-owned taxi services, supermarkets, publishing, cosmetic firms and mom-and-pop businesses.

It is easy to forget the countless black-owned enterprises that were bankrupted by integration. According to Black Excellence, thousands of black-owned and black-run firms thrived, especially where there was Jim Crow.

Millions of decent jobs might await blacks if the US returned to an era when millions of black-run businesses catered to blacks. During the pre-civil rights era, black labor force participation often exceeded 90 percent.

Ending affirmative action may have consequences far beyond eliminating the most prominent feature of today’s racial spoils system. It could start a mutually beneficial and jointly desired racial disengagement. Black businesses and universities would be reinvigorated while white institutions would no longer be pressured to hire people they don’t want.

Henry_Blair #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

What happens when a woman is being treated the same way an average man and boy are treated daily, with institutionalized hate and a demonizing attitude.

"Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time": Nurse Sues NHS For Racist Class Saying Bible & Whites Are Racist

This case is extremely revealing and important because it shows how normalized the dehumanization of men and the infringement of their human dignity have become.

This nice woman who took classes to become a therapist, is describing everything that a typical male college student and many schoolboys, as well as men in workplaces, would be forced to listen to and agree with as a matter of routine, with one small difference - the word "men" was replaced with the word "white" causing the statements to apply to her.

Her response and the response of the public is what should make us pause: she immediately started a debate, filed a lawsuit against the college, started a go-fund-me project to pay for the legal actions, received support from the public this way, was interviewed, and her case was covered by the media extensively.

Now pause to consider what statements and messages made in class, have caused all this.

These are the very same sentences, possibly word-for-word, made in colleges, schools and many work environments about men, with one word switched - "men" with "white" - making them about this woman as well which hurt her.

Almost no man and boy reacts in university, school or work when hearing - and being required to agree with - the same hate speech with the very same phrases where "men" and "boys" are the target. This woman's actions and the public response create a contrast, to the male silence.

They were so deeply dehumanized and from such an early stage that they are not regarding stripping their human dignity from them as something being taken away.

Most of them are so accustomed to being expected to sit and listen to hate speech against them and to repeat it that they don't even think of starting a debate.

It takes being a woman to feel human enough to deserve an apology and compensation when hearing and receiving the same dehumanization men undergo daily.

Various Anons #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist boards.4chan.org

(Greek Anon)
2022 is the year of the femcel


Why are young women struggling to find a partner? Are men’s standards too high? What is going on?

(Canadian Anon 1)
I love rejecting women. It feels so great to know that she thought she could get anyone until she met me. I'm very kind with the rejection too. I tell her "you're cute but keep working on yourself. The right guy will come along one day" and then I leave. The cope and begging for days is hilarious

(Australian Anon)
incel problems:
I haven't talked to a person in 2 months
femcel problems:
Chad hasn't read my message for 6 hours

(US Anon)
The idea of femcels existing among women is laughable. Even fat women have easy times on dating websites. This is all just horse shit women trying to make what is their fault into the world's issue. Truth is most women want to be prideful whores who only accept being fucked by 5 percent of men. This isn't even the top "5 percent" of men, because often it's violent criminals and the unemployed who they attach to.

(Spanish Anon)
bitch mistakenly took volcels for femcels

women live in delusion and will ignore any suitable male unless she is raped by someone who doesn't give a fuck, then they start paying attention

there is no such thing as femcels, even the most retarded, stinking, inbred, useless, eat-shitter of a swampy hole will have idiots lining up to bang her

(Canadian Anon 2)
I predicted this would happen. The first wave of strong & single millennial women are hitting the wall/biological clock screaming. Unfortunately for them all the men they should've given attention to either went younger/Asian or just don't want to be with them out of spite.

(Hungarian Anon)
I banged a 14 year old legally and she was not a virgin

Young women are having sex, old hags arent

(Canadian Anon 3)
My wife will be a well raised teenager when I finish my university mid 20s. Can't wait to meet her dad before meeting her. Men must court women and stop dating. See how she acts. Ive abandoned women on the highway before when driving to dinner because she was fucked in the head. Do the same. Women are GRACE GOBLINS stealing your GRACES from HEAVEN. Dont let them steal your SEED.

Fat Link #elitist #racist incels.is

Do you hate me? I thought you did since I was ethnic


I’m more of a meritocratic racist really.

Which means I can and do think very highly of individual non whites that prove themselves not to be total scum like the rest of their race usually is.

This is probably why the mod team I’ve rebuilt from the ground up here is a veritable rainbow coalition that would probably put to shame the Clinton and Obama and even sleepy Joe Biden administrations if a direct cabinet to mod team comparison was ever made.

I’ve got all kinds on the mod team from chinks, spics and curries to the big homie Master the blackest brotha in the land.

When closely examined by my actions alone in this regard you’d almost think I was a fucked in the head wacky leftist!

Firefly #sexist incels.is

The difference is just too insane, femoids are npcs.

Let me tell you a story that happens about every 14 seconds in this world:
Two people are born,
one a male the other a female.

The male:
Gets told to "man up", always works hard, betters himself, spends all his life self reflecting, gets rejected everyday.
Gets into conflicts and fights, being pushed out of his comfort zone to experiences new things everyday.
Gets told everyday that he will never be perfect and will always have room for improvement in all aspects of his life.
His whole life is one huge struggle, all of these shaped his personality.
He is funny, smart, strong and interesting.

The femoid:
Showered with love everyday, being told she is beautiful and taught to love herself no matter how fat she is.
Doesn't have to lift a finger, or question herself.
0 self-reflect, 0 judgement from a countless amount of bluepilled cucks.
Being told she is "funny" and "interesting" from everyone around her.
At this point she is brainwashed that she's perfect.
Therefore she doesn't feel the need to improve her personality, work, or do anything really.

This reality is the universal truth of what is going on with our world.
It is now filled with lazy entitled bitches that are literally NPCs at this point.
Have you ever tried talking to a femoid recently?
They are even more delusional than the bluepilled cucks that enabled them.
They have nothing to offer besides their hole and womb, and even then if you would have sex with one, you are expected to do all the work and
fuck her while she just lays there.

The difference between an NPC and a femoid is that NPCs are actually fun to talk to because a smart witty dude wrote the dialog for that NPC so it could be somewhat amusing.

Stay interesting kings.

Various Kiwifarmers #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

(Xanax and Wine)

Looking for troon bullshit on Reddit is so difficult. Must have taken me a literal 10 seconds on search to find this example of a true honest to god man.


Ah yes the... very male urge to be pregnant and being worshipped and coddled by your strong protector. I bet the guys really struggle with that one once they hit their prime age for babymaking. Must be hard :(

Always funny when the biological reality of being a woman and experiencing baby rabies completely stomps on these gender delusions


I don't "look" female, but I'll always be MTF transgender. There is more than one way.


You mean the other way of still hating what you've done to yourself every single time you look in the mirror, all of it for a fetish?

NGL I hope some mad doctor starts offering uterus implants for trannies. The more of them tear themselves apart in pursuit of their coomdreams the better.

They're already claiming this is happening, the uterus transplants. Recently, there's an insane black troon claiming to have had one and birthed a kid. He was mentioned here a bit but just screams of absolute schizo.


So is the artist saying that trannies are just incels who transition so they can get laid or have female friendships? Not very wholesome


Nash Romi had to re edit a comic because it wasn't progressive enough and whitewashed a black baby in her own comic, lol

I do like the casual admission they're fucking perverts.

Ridiculous that they gave him female hips/pelvis in the last panel. Did he exchange skeletons at the shop too?
All transwomen are built like a fridge because you can't change your bone structure. It's like saying glasses change your eye colour if you want them to.

I swear all pro trans content is.. breathtakingly stupid. I won't give them the benefit of the doubt to cite delusion. Just idiocy. Fantastic they all vote.

Zach Goldberg #wingnut nitter.domain.glass

To what extent, if at all, is CRT being taught or promoted in America's pre-tertiary public schools? @epkaufm and I recently conducted a nationally representative survey of 18-20 year-olds to find out.

The 'CRT is a legal theory taught only in univ. law programs' retort from the Left is a semantic distraction.

After all, if systemic racism, white privilege, and other concepts central to CRT are being taught in classrooms as settled truths, what difference does it make if students are not receiving an academic treatment thereof?

The chart below summarizes the distribution of taught and taught/heard responses across all 8 of the above concepts. Strikingly, 93% reported being taught and/or hearing about at least 1/8


Majorities in both groups say they were taught disparities=discrimination, while nearly identical if comparatively lower shares reported being taught that there are ‘many genders’.


We find that the volume of CRT-related classroom exposure robustly predicts blaming white people for racial inequality, viewing white people as 'racist and mean', and support for 'equity-oriented' policies like affirmative action.


Importantly, all of these results obtain across racial/ethnic groups. However, one relationship is necessarily exclusive to whites--that between exposure and 'white guilt'.


If such concepts were merely being presented as perspectives among competing others, these results might be less of a concern. However, the majority (68%) of respondents who reported being taught at least 1 concept indicated they were not told about 'respectable' counter-arguments.

If this isn't indoctrination, then what is?

We argue that schools and/or educators that want to teach such concepts should be given the choice of either teaching the diversity of thought surrounding them or being barred from teaching them altogether. 'Full stop'.

US Anon #conspiracy #wingnut boards.4chan.org

The U.S. Goaded Russia To War To Buttfuck the E.U. And Suck Up Their Resources.

there was a leaked Rand Corporation document(washington think tank) from jan 2022

It basically advises to

>goad Russia into war.
>exploit retarded green party members
>destroy european industry
>buttfuck the euro
>U.S. sucks up industry and protects the dollar
>u.s. dethrones putin and fucks russia.

The people calling the shots in the U.S. are insane kike neo-cons, that are risking nuclear war because the dollar printing in the U.S. created too many problems. These kikes are also terrified about Russia getting too strong. The number one foreign policy priority has always been to prevent a unified Eurasian landmass.

There is a reason the U.S. repeatedly rebuked reasonable peace deals.

Euro Bros. please realize how insane U.S. leadership is and consider your own survival.


Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Something else Joe Biden did was reintroduce Critical Race Theory training throughout the federal government. I don’t have any clips of government training, but here’s one from the private sector. If you look closely, Ashleigh Shackelford had her Paypal account info on the flip chart. That was so those nice white ladies in the audience could send her reparations directly. Maybe not all CRT training goes so far as to say white people aren’t human, but the message always is that we are guilty because we are white.

Christopher Rufo has found this kind of anti-white indoctrination throughout the federal government and in countless private companies.

And remember the advantages non-whites got during Covid? ‘Too White’ To Get COVID Vaccine? Some Social Justice Activists Say Yes.”

As one “expert” explained to the New York Times, “t is reasonable to put essential workers ahead of older adults, given their risks, and that they are disproportionately minorities. ‘Older populations are whiter’.”

That makes them expendable.

Google snubs white people. This is what you get if you ask it for “American inventors.” Two token white men.

And here’s Google’s idea of “happy white women.” Not one white couple, but quite a few mixed marriages. Maybe miscegenation is the final solution to the problem of white people.


Do you begin to detect a certain hostility?

Some blacks take the problem into their own hands. Here are statistics from the National Crime Victimization Survey, in which a huge sample of Americans describe violence of which they have been victims and say who attacked them.


We can determine that when whites are violent, they attack other whites 82.4 percent of the time and attack blacks only 3.6 percent of the time. When blacks are violent, they attack whites 38.6 percent of the time. Statistically speaking, this means a black person is 27 times more likely to attack a white than the other way around. How much of that has to do with what they are constantly hearing about white racism and white privilege?

Various Kiwifarmers #dunning-kruger #homophobia #psycho #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Dylan James Mulvaney, a gay man interprets 'girlhood' in all glorious technicolor.

Dylan Mulvaney is an American musical theater performer who transitioned to save his career from the inevitable fate of an ageing twink at just 24.

The sheer comedic absurdity of Dylan's physical presence is never more apparent than when set against the great outdoors, so he takes ample opportunity to flap around shrubbery or scamper about rocky paths wearing ankle-breaker heels.

After graduating in 2019 Dylan was cast in The Book of Mormon national tour, but he found no more meaningful work when it ended with the pandemic in full swing. Which leads to Dylan staring down the barrel of 25 years old with the dead eyes you see on the right. He looks like that for a few months before changing pronouns on TikTok in September 2021 and blossoming into the manic transfeminine imp we see today.

He needs a good old fashioned slap in the face.

I think your take on why he trooned out is interesting.
He's a prime example of the twink ultra fag to troon pipeline.
Maybe he did troon out to get attention and revive his career.

(Myrtle the Turtle)
Agreed. Twinks have a short shelf life. 18-22 is the typical lifespan, possibly 25 if you have good genetics and a good plastic surgeon. After that you better bulk up, become a man or risk become an annoying fem gay. Methinks Dylan had some kind of breakdown during covid and went to the troon pipeline as a coping mechanism for getting older or something. Most zoomer girls don't go for the 1950s-60s housewife look so clearly his only idea of women is what he's looked at in magazines or movies from that era.

Wonder if he got sexually assaulted or something because he went from instagay to deranged fairly quickly.

(John Flynt's Axe Wound)
This fag has one of the most punchable faces on this site.

He disgusts me on a visceral level. I’m not sure which is worse: AGP coomers or screeching flamers like Dylan.

(Luigi Cadorna)
This man might legitimately be the most sexist person alive. Who the fuck thinks women act like this? I know most troons play their absurd stereotypes of women up to eleven but this fucker blows out the amplifier.

Schwabmunchen #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

Re: UAE blockades 19 African countries from entry

The United Arab Emirates has reportedly banned nationals of some 20 African countries from entering its capital city, Dubai.

"Any applications from the above-mentioned countries will be sent back or canceled." According to reports.

Africanews | UAE slams visa ban on all citizens of Nigeria, Ghana, 17 other African countries

As Whites become more and more irrelevant due to multiculturalism, we will see acts like this more. Whites are the least racist group of all races, the Arabs and Asians are openly racist, this is what the globalist want.

The west does not to stop all immigration and start deportations, Dubai is protecting what they have. The west is handing it all away to invaders, leaving nothing for their own children.

[deleted account] & Pinkpillisacope #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: Father/daughter incest happens 1/20 families and yet it's still so hard to believe : TwoXChromosomes

([deleted account])

Look at the comments.

Father/daughter incest happens 1/20 families and yet it's still so hard to believe

Daddy's girls are the worst and the most entitled women-hating crazies. Married men with daughters are the creepiest and have the least shame. Even if physical incest isn't happening there is almost always something weird going on. In many mamal species the mother chases the male away from the babies, suddenly animals don't look so irrational.

Here we go again with the handmaiden delusion of "raising boys better". Every generation of women gets assaulted by males but women always seem to think that they can mould their sons into better men. How is this a solution if every girl has been assaulted at some point in their life? Instead of saying it like it is; do not give birth to males, do not have sex with them, marry or date them or associate with them unless it is necessary. Why are women so myopic about their safety?

“We need to raise boys better” implies they’re the only ones that have ever tried & that women are responsible for what men do… because let’s be honest “we need to raise” is not about males, besides if the grown man already grew up in misogyny he won’t be able to teach anything better.. so again everything males do, was caused by mothers apparently, not y’know their biological need to be a menace to society

It has always been that women need to be the morally upright gender responsible for the upbringing of both males and females while clearly, all the men hold all the power. Deep down, males know that they are broken so they put the responsibility of making them right on women. The secret is out that's why they are running around like headless chickens desperate to revert us back to ignorance.

Two Anons #crackpot #magick #mammon boards.4channel.org

(First Anon)
This is what I see- The last saturn-pluto conjunction (astrological event) occured between January 2019 - December 2020. Saturn-pluto conjunctions are historically followed by an unusually volatile 16% - 40% correction, typically closer to 16% than 40%. Once the post-conjunction correction is over, the stock market has always entered a powerful bullrun for 15 - 20 years until a saturn-pluto opposition occurs and causes a massive crash or extended period of sideways price action. Saturn-pluto oppositions have signaled in all major bearish market events in recent history, including the great depression, the sideways price action from ~1965 - 1980, as well as the dot com bubble and the following great recession. The next saturn-pluto opposition will occur between 2034 - 2036, that's when we should expect the next major market crash, not now, it doesn't make sense based on the markets macro cycles.

(Second Anon)
People who reject Astrology haven't spend any time learning how to actually use it and discovering how shockingly powerful and useful it is, are never going to make it.

As well as the Tarot, I should mention. Particularly the "Major Arcana" (the first 22 cards). Which should always be used together with Astrology. The two are very tightly connected. One very crucial the vast majority of people make is that they think the Tarot cards themselves have magical powers and should be played around with and "drawn" for "readings" so they "tell" you things. Not the case at all.

If you truly understand them and know their meanings etc and know what you're doing (in other words you use the card's meanings to analyze your own mind and and look at your life situation from the card's "perspective"), then sure you can use them that way they might be helpful, but engaging in that sort of stuff isn't necessary for the cards to be practically useful and enlightening.

More important is to know that the cards are a MAP of sorts, a map of non-physical things.

The cards have meanings and tell a story and most importantly represent various aspects of human life and human psychology. It's much the same with the astrological signs by the way.

Anti-Sex League Award

ilovethiswebsite & Pinkpillisacope #dunning-kruger #kinkshaming #pratt #sexist thepinkpill.co

Normalization of sex normalizes rape, sexual abuse etc. Agree or disagee and why?


Its an interesting point though I can't completely follow the argument.

Agreed. Unfortunately for us, morality is an abstract which gives too much leeway for moids to do whatever they want and to label it however they want. The moment people become "sex positive" then the lines between what is wrong and right are blurred. Moids who are using kinks as borderline abuse to kinkmaidens who are too oblivious to see.

Recently things that used to be adult movie plots are being used as an excuse to "spice up" the bedroom. Moids began demanding anal as a joke which turned into a meme about eating ass and now we are too deep into the cult because everyone drank the kool-aid of being hip. I mean I have seen it as a movie trope but people with a rape fetish have websites they can go to and book "surprise sex". We crossed the line a long time ago, not to be a prude but I think the only solution is celibacy, abstinence and staying the fuck away from men.

People think sexual desire is fun and normal when they got 99% of their sexual interests from an industry that wanted to harm women (and also produce as much as possible)

Not shaving was popular during the 70s. Then, as the porn industry got big, they realized it was more of a hassle to clean the various body fluids off of the actors hair when filming scenes. It could also obstruct the view of the ~action~ so porn girls started shaving everything, and other women followed suit. Same thing with blowjobs, they were used to humiliate the porn actress, now most women willingly humiliate themselves.

One thing women should remember is that porn didn't make men, but men made the porn.

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With few exceptions, when blacks kill whites, it’s random murder. When whites faced blacks, such as George Floyd, Michael Brown, or Ahmaud Arbery, the cases became racial battles with national significance. Whites’ individualism and naïve belief in the “rule of law” make them behave like Eloi, victims to be slaughtered unavenged.

Two black men killed Elijah Dewitt, a young white man. His father has already forgiven the killers, though I’ve seen no evidence they asked him to. “We don’t need hate in our house,” he said, which is fine, but now he doesn’t have his son either.

DeWitt’s girlfriend also forgave the killers. After all, we don’t “know their situations.”

Pople who cannot even resent their victimizers are not victims. They're sort of like cattle. They are like FOOD for predators.

I’m reminded of the murder of Mollie Tibbetts. She was a young woman who seemed to be ashamed of being white. After an illegal immigrant killed her, her father took care to defend the “Hispanic community,” especially its cooking. When blacks killed anti-apartheid activist Amy Biehl, her parents forgave and hugged her killers.

Our national battered wife syndrome never shows itself more than when some white son or daughter, father or mother, is brutally murdered by a black guy and almost the very first move made by the victim’s family is to assure Channel 5 News, bleary-eyed, that they weren’t racist..

These are spiritually broken people, who don’t even feel justified in being angry when their children are murdered. “Christian” forgiveness seems to be selective. Erick Erickson, one of the original cuckservatives, praised Elijah Dewitt’s father and said forgiving evil is the essence of Christianity.

This kid’s body isn’t even cold yet, and the parents and girlfriend are already falling all over themselves to forgive the murderers and move on? No righteous anger? What a pathetic, broken culture this is.

I think it’s the epitome of Christianity to forgive even someone who kills your loved one.

He thought differently about protesters at the January 6, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill.


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RE: It’s Simple, The Woke Are Racist

(Cool PapaJMagik)
It really is despicable that so many so-called “conservatives” condemn good people who focus on stopping anti-huwite attacks. It’s like most are okay bringing up the fact that we’re the only group you can joke about and dis cri min ate against, but any good man of courage that comes out and says “we must protect ourselves and look out for our group” ends up being denounced and called all sorts of names by their own team. We huwite people need to open our eyes. No anger or fear, just don’t let people abuse you for your color without at least having to hear from you about it. Don’t go crazy, but we have to speak up before we can’t anymore

(Minion Daechir)
Funnily enough, this reminds me of a twitter poll (I think by some leftist) asking if racists or the LGBT are more accepting.

The racists won handily with 69% of the vote (true meme magic), citing that all racists can unite over their love of being racist and as such have a banter-filled camaraderie, in comparison to the LGBT who have been cited as to "not tolerate even a single case of wrong think."

Though, I do want to separate the dishonest woke racists talked about in the video from the twitter banter racists represented in the poll.

(Gallen Dugall)
This is what you get when you keep telling the Black community, the most commonly racist people in the US, that their racism is good.

(Dante Banducci)
No, there IS a community that’s WAY worse but they are so powerful and utterly evil I can barely name them on YouTube…

Community? LOL packs of hyenas have more nuanced societies

We are at the point being for the rights of white people isn't being a white supremacist it's just wanting some form of equality.

Every other race is allowed to be mindful of their collective interests but not huwites in their own indigenous countries. Strange that.

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Black people are commonly despised by Polish incels. On wykop.pl there is special tag #Mokebe when some inccels discuss about "stealing foids" by non-white nations, especially black people

There is a common conviction amongst our slavcels that Slav women dislike, if not hate Slav men and prefer Curries, Rices, BBC and South-European Latinos, even Arabs and Nordic +6'1 Chads

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Asians in NYC are the among the poorest and least socioeconomically and politically advantaged.

Their academic success and achievement has been an ideological embarrassment and a source of identitarian embarrassment, so they must be punished and opportunities taken away.

Contemporary intersectionality-based progressivism is the whitest whiteness of all the historical iterations of whiteness to ever whiten the whiteness of the white.

*the terms 'white' & 'whiteness' are safe words we don't have to worry might bring scrutiny of twitter moderators.

Socialism benefits inherited wealth over earned wealth. A group of migrants whose children start performing on par, it's clear they earned that success which blows up the entire socialist ideal system. So the playing field gets reset to ensure inherited wealth is advantaged.

I don't see how people AREN'T redpilled by specialized schools full of poor Asian kids being blamed on white supremacy. The level of reality denial is just beyond belief.

But people (including woke Asians) twist themselves into knots to rationalize it by saying Asians are succeeding by "participating in whiteness" or something (doesn't exactly explain how they're doing BETTER than white people, but whatever)

Is it all Asians, or a specific ethnicity that is doing so well?

I mean I know if you disaggregate Asians into subgroups, you have some doing better and worse than others. But the same is true of subgroups of white people or black people, which are also broad categories -- don't think it really changes my point.

This drives me nuts. "By saying Asians are successful you're perpetuating a 'model minority myth' because not every Asian individual or subgroup is successful!" Ok now do white people

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Hello! You might notice the site is down. This is because Zayo, the ISP that I have been trying to get online since December, was serving requests for less than 12 hours before succumbing to a few angry emails.

Simply getting the Kiwi Farms back online is not my main concern though.

Zayo is an Internet service provider. They are a big company with presence across the world. If Zayo is arbitrarily blocking entire networks because of individual sites, and they are doing so with no recourse, the Internet is doomed. We are watching in real time as the very foundations of our interconnected world buckle and fold.

The reality of a Tier 1 provider like Zayo censoring the Internet is very dire and I hope you will pay attention.

Without them, should you manage to peer, you are not on the Internet if you cannot handle DDoS attacks yourself. DDoS mitigation has never been made a core part of the Internet, and I believe that weakness is deliberately encouraged by governments, as the US government routinely utilizes DDoS attacks to censor networks like Tor.

I do like my website, and after spending time on other communities I know that nothing will ever replace it if the circus of sex pests and psychologically disturbed slacktivists have their way.

I also am very sad to see these state of affairs. Without breaking the law, without piracy, and without incident (like Tarrant and Jan 6 with 8chan), we have been censored at some of the highest reaches of the Internet. A handful of very mentally ill people sending nasty emails, threatening the families of datacenter employees, and calling in favors with friends in high places have very effectively snapped the neck of the interconnected world.

Every year the diversity of websites online shrinks, and the centralization of services grow. Those who should want to fight a tech oligarchy instead cheer it on and help consolidate its power. I am helplessly watching the Internet, and the freedom it has brought our entire species, die a slow death. It hurts. The Internet is being murdered by shortsighted parasites, and they will never realize how big a mistake it is until there's no going back.

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An open letter to the families of the victims and survivors of the Parkland school shooting

Dear Normies,

Four years ago, as poor Nicky Cruz here was being arraigned, he offered you a deal. He would plead guilty to 17 counts of first-degree murder and another 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder right then and there if you didn't pursue the death penalty.

You said no.

Now you want to stage press conferences and say that the "jury failed you" and that you're "disgusted by the jury"? Now you're mad "at the system" and think that the verdict was "insane" and that "justice wasn't served today"?

Sweaty, that's an entitled mindset. So I humbly present to you the following advice:

Be less entitled and selfish.

Yes, it may have been upsetting to hear graphic testimony describing how your sons and daughters were ruthlessly shredded by a semi-automatic rifle. But as I said, you are not entitled to a death sentence.

Demonstrate empathy.

Nicky Cruz also deserves empathy. Imagine the torment and bullying that he must have experienced for there to be enough hatred within him to make the fateful decision to slaughter your sons and daughters at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Thankfully, three jurors showed him the empathy he deserved, even though you showed none.

Accept that life isn't fair.

Because it isn't. Your offspring are dead. Nicky Cruz will be placed in protective custody and he will receive three hot meals a day, showers, and mail from his fans and admirers. He may even be allowed a tablet, radio, and TV in his cell with good behavior.

Acknowledge your privilege.

The fact that you were even able to reproduce accords a level of genetic privilege that many others do not have. Some of you can always create a replacement child, right?

Be grateful for what you have (left).

Repeat after me:

“Someone somewhere has it much worse than you, so don’t complain.”
“Learn to be happy with yourself. Don’t make your well-being dependent on your (lack of) children.”
“Having non-dead children won’t solve all your problems.”
“People with living children have problems too, you know? The grass is always greener on the other side of the cemetery fence.”

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(NOTE: Those are the quotes of various speakers from "Rally To End Child Mutilation", reposted by the DW account.)

@MattWalshBlog confronts Antifa protesters: "They don't want you to hear what we have to say because they're cowards. They can't engage in the argument. All they could try to do is shut us down and silence us. But it's not going to work...We're not going anywhere."

"There is...a conspiracy to target and indoctrinate our children into the cult of gender ideology. [It] fosters delusion, intentionally creates an identity crisis in young, impressionable kids...It's a path to confusion and despair."

"I'm not going to leave it to my kids to fight this fight...We stand up and we fight...And we're not just fighting to protect our kids from mutilation in the name of gender transition. We're fighting that but an even deeper level. We are fighting for truth."

@LandonStarbuck: "We are so grateful to the...survivors of radical gender ideology that devastates families, that decimates children's bodies and does not protect them or give them the health care they need and deserve. That is why we're here today."

to counter-protesters: "We're so sorry that you've been lied to, exploited...We hope that one day you'll join us and you'll have compassion for that. Vulnerable compassion for the children who have been maimed and abused."

@TulsiGabbard: "Today, though, is those in power denying the existence of women. They are seeking to erase us as an entire category of people. There are no boundaries in our society...Who is suffering as a consequence of these actions? It is the most vulnerable...our children. Our kids need us now."

De-transitioner @ChoooCole: "Some say that transition regret is incredibly rare and...almost always due to external factors such as social pressures or low income. This could not be any more false. A new de-transitioner often a minor reaches out to me on nearly a daily basis."

Scott Newgent: "Within this debate, a bigot today is a hero tomorrow...Are you willing to take the heat today to be a hero tomorrow to save a generation of children?"