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Homocel hypothesis


The homocel hypothesis is a model of male homosexuality that suggests that inceldom coupled with the blackpill (social exclusion, sexual frustration and hopelessness) eventually causes gayness. A similar model about "peripheralized" men (incels) making themselves into the female to get some crumbs from higher status men[1] has been proposed by clinical psychologist Frank Muscarella in 2001 (alliance formation theory).[2]

Another related model is the trans-vestigiality hypothesis which states that incels turn gay and feminine to evade aggression from larger males, and then steal their mating opportunities as "sneaker males".


Resources are scarcer and hence more important in harsh ecologies such as the winter in Northern/Eastern hemispheres, so one would expect k-selected males there to exhibit more homocel and homosocial behavior to get some crumbs in dire conditions. Evidence for this may be that U.S. Asians are three times more likely to report a homosexual orientation than the country's average.[9] Homosexual orientation is in fact also related to IQ.[10]

Since autists overwhelmingly are socially excluded, have low social status and frequently experience inceldom, the homocel theory may explain why autists are 10x more likely to be homosexual,[12] or to transition to another gender, with research finding much higher rates and severity of autism among transsexuals.[13] Disabled men are also twice as likely to have an alternative sexual orientation.[14]

66% of men who were homosexual change their orientation to heterosexual five years later which might point to homocels seeing opportunities to ascend in accordance with Muscarella's alliance formation theory.[15]

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RE: Judge Who Signed FBI Raid On Trump Linked To EPSTEIN In SHOCKING Development, Civil War Trending

(Shadow Fox)
The amount of coincidences in America is astounding

(David Ford)
Coincidence is not a kosher word.

This is all the proof you need that Alex was right all along. There's no reasoning with evil.

This is the government our founding fathers warned us about

Tim Pool realizing that conspiracy theories are more fact than fiction is what I needed today. Never forget... In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

Not believing in an international cabal is akin to not believing in a round earth.
You've got to try extra hard to ignore the facts when the truth is slapping you in the face.

(Enrique D)
The people have become so gaslighted that even Tim will call objective reality a conspiracy theory. Tim says they don't have as much power as people think yet he has to even watch his words when it comes to telling the truth lol

(Keenan Larsen)
"I don't believe there is ONE cabal controlling everything."

Neither do I, Tim. But that seems to be the end goal.

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Monkeypox is About to Prove TruFemcels Was Right All Along

The jokes and memes already started. People who wouldn't take COVID seriously are not messing with monkeypox.

Why? The disfiguring lesions which sometimes create awful scars ruin appearance. People not even focused on the bubbles being so painful they are being treated with narcotics

Suddenly all the bullshit about looks are out the door. Lethal or not, people understand how looking bad will make you a pariah. They instinctively understand the severe ramifications and ostracization.

The Live Laugh Love queens of toxic positivity arent comforted by "men will fuck anything" because what? People are mean to those who are ugly?

Who woulda thunk.

Pay attention the next few weeks. You couldn't see COVID as easily so these people didnt give a shit who died

Lets see what the sentiment around this outbreak tells us

Blame these slutty men for spreading this disgusting disease.

Humanity is a whole joke most people are more afraid of the bubbles that can go away with treatment and only leave simple scars than the actual virus and its horrible symptoms and pain 💀

As an aside, learning that monkeypox has to be treated with narcotics makes me want to vomit. Because Native Americans had to undergo mass smallpox after Eurosettlers came to their lands...

Disturbing. I hope climate change gets rid of the non-natives on the continents.

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Euphemisms blur the truth. Here’s the ACLU defending racial discrimination against whites and Asians.

BREAKING: We filed an amicus brief today urging the Supreme Court to protect universities’ ability to consider race in college admissions.

Ending these considerations would ignore our country’s present-day racial inequality and threaten diversity on campuses everywhere.

The Supreme Court could ban “affirmative action.” Leftists will try to discriminate against whites anyway. We must always identify it clearly: racial discrimination.

It will be a hard fight though. Corporate America is on the other side.

Mainstream conservatives are willing to take on absurd gender theories. It’s sad it’s even necessary, but one reason America’s in this fix is because conservatives didn’t fight racial egalitarianism. Conservatives might disagree with me, but at least some leftists are on my side.

Many whites may be claiming to be “trans” or “queer” or “non-binary” because it means they can play at being victims. That may not work much longer.

White people can’t be non-binary because it’s white supremacy that upholds the oppressive gender binary

The Los Angeles Times has an odd view. Is it “imperialist” now for migrants to travel for a better life?

"Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City."

This isn’t Europe. Recently, a growing number of tourists and remote workers have flooded the nation’s capital and left a scent of new-wave imperialism.

One almost admires the insult to Europeans. Still, we can’t let anyone get away with claiming demographic change might change a society. That’s a racist conspiracy theory.

The South African Freedom Front Plus party is protesting a poster that suggests apartheid still causes violence in South Africa today.

It’s bizarre to blame today’s crime on apartheid. The new South Africa is an explicit repudiation of the white republic, but South Africa is now an embarrassment by comparison. The “education” campaign blaming whites for black failures is a clumsy justification for taking their property. We have the same thing in America.

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Practice with men you don’t like

As a beginner, it’s easiest to practice Diabla with guys you truly don’t even like. This is the G rated side of it. If you all find this helpful, I can write up the X rated strategies I find useful.

“Treat him like a plaything” is organic when you truly feel he is.

For example. do you find basically all men unbearable? You wonder why even mediocre bros with nothing more than a high school diploma seem to always have higher paying jobs and so much more money than you? (Hint: it’s patriarchy, and often white supremacy + unearned intergenerational wealth in a lot of cases, though only patriarchy might apply to brown guys. There can still be colorism however.)


Whatever your stance, look for guys who hold a misaligned one, if not the stomach turning opposite.

Find yourself a doofus who loves his Tesla and his stonks. Make sure he has money (no studio apartment dwellers thank you) & is at least okay looking, not smelly, not completely physically repulsive to you. Remember how he has 3 vehicles, a vacation home, and owns a boat with his daddy, because somewhere down the line, his great great great great grandparents stole land from and enslaved other people’s ancestors. Or his ancestors oppressed the people in the lower caste your bestie is descended from. Whatever the case is. (Oops, if it turns out he is broke after all: play him for a minute, no longer than one pricy drink/dinner, then move on quick. These are low stakes speed practice.)

You don’t want to date him. You don’t want to marry him. You want to be the fantasy. And get yours.

When you do fight these dingdongs, make it either a) minor or b) how he has hurt your feelings.

The main reason I assert sticking to the ones that you find at least “not-repellent” physically is that when I am truly repulsed by a guy I cannot fake it. I’m personally incapable. I do my best with the ones I find attractive physically, but have conflicting values so extracting from them feels like reparations/equalization, and I will never develop feelings for them. Bless those of you who can handle a rich yucko - I wish I had your stomach.

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Demi Lovato's LGBT Drama

As-salamu alaykum guys and welcome to another episode of Smile 2 Jannah.

The LGBT community has been leveraging certain aspects of our society, be it government, education, Hollywood and even media in general. The music industry has been utilized by the LGBT, we've already had movies like Lightyear and Doctor Strange and the list is of course growing, but there are also musicians that are being utilized by the LGBTQ community.

You've got Demi Lovato, she transitioned in 2021. For this individual to transitioning is easy, she's got money, access to the best health care, the best minds around her.

But what about the millions of people that follow this individual? Millions of people that unfortunately and sadly don't believe in a higher being, so they try to compensate for that void by attaching and latching themselves onto sports teams and celebrities? There are people who take what these individuals say as gospel.

Let's look at a 2021 UCLA research, it says that most non-binary adults are born in the United States, about 96%, 58% are white and 82% faced emotional abuse as a child. Another research that is very, very interesting, only 13%, yes 13% of those who detransition received help from LGBT organizations compared to 51% of those who transition, so the community is only there for people that conform to their ideals.

"What is a woman?" by Matt Walsh, definitely a documentary that you guys should see, every household should see this documentary.

Now, what does the Quran say about all this confusion? So the Quran chapter 16, verse 97, gives a clear distinction between male and female and then it goes on to say that they will be judged on righteousness alone. So we have all these organizations trying to tell us that our life is predicated on who we want to have intercourse with, it's just, everything seems to be related around pleasure, but, the Quran tells us otherwise. The Quran gives us depth, gives us substance, it gives us purpose and it tells us that nothing matters other than the righteous deeds that we will do, and it also has made clear that we have our roles.

Hekmatullah #fundie #psycho #wingnut theguardian.com

‘I will continue killing foreigners’: soldier who shot dead unarmed Australians treated as ‘returning hero’ by Taliban

Hekmatullah, the rogue Afghan soldier who killed three unarmed Australian diggers in Afghanistan a decade ago, is living in a luxury home in the capital Kabul, treated as a “returning hero” by the Taliban who released him from prison.

He has said he does not regret killing Australian soldiers, and has vowed he would again kill Australians, or anyone who opposes the Taliban.

“If I am released I will continue killing foreigners,” Hekmatullah told an official of the former Afghan government when his release was being negotiated.

“I will continue killing Australians and I will kill you as well because you are a puppet of foreigners,” he said.

“I am among my brothers, we will be free, Afghanistan will be free. We will kill you.”

Since returning to Afghanistan, Hekmatullah has reportedly been housed in the former diplomatic quarter of Wazir Akbar Khan. He lives in a heavily secured property in a district adjacent to the clandestine former home of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the former al-Qaida leader assassinated eight days ago by a US drone strike as he stood on the balcony of his villa.

A former senior official in the democratically elected government of Afghanistan – overthrown in August 2021 – has confirmed to the Guardian Hekmatullah’s return to Afghanistan.

“He was welcomed back to Kabul as a hero … with a house, car, guards, an amnesty for his crimes, his expenses are being paid for. He is being treated as a hero.”

“The person I met is a dangerous terrorist, a dangerous man,” the source said. “He is not repentant, not regretful. He is a threat, he can cause harm to the world. He should not have been released.”

The source said Hekmatullah appeared to be “very well protected”, with close links to senior Taliban officials now in government.

“But the Taliban who hold the strongest grudges, who want to take revenge, are those who were in prison, including him, Hekmatullah. He has hatred still.”

“The Taliban is seeking revenge: they have no mercy. We will be identified soon. Our lives, and the lives of our families, are in danger.”

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RE: Mexicans FURIOUS That Americans Are Invading Their Country, Won't Speak Spanish In Hilarious Irony

Who would have thought going to a foreign country and refusing to learn the language, culture or even integrate into the society in the slightest would make the locals angry and want to kick you out, or worse... such an outlandish concept no one could have seen coming.

(A R)
One of my fantasies has always been to go to Mexico to work as a stockboy in a grocery store and whenever a customer would ask me where an item is I would tell them "No habla espanol". This is priceless.

(Curtis Wade)
To the teams point about language, one of our political factions doesn't even speak the same language as most Americans. What is really frustrating is that it sounds like the same language, but the words change meaning from moment to moment based on what advantage they can gain over someone who speaks normally.

(Acme Racing)
Wait, I thought it was racist to object when people come to your country and don't speak the language. Will they provide English versions of all their government forms for Americans? Require locals to press 1 for Spanish when they call customer service in Mexico?

(Karnacle Blackburn)
This literally put a cheek hurting grin on my face for a full 24 hours (minus an 8 hour sleep).

(Donna Stokes-Manning)
My favorite part of this clip is when the person pointed out how this same media outlet would call Americans who complain about the exact same thing here as racists but when the people in Mexico complain they are not called racist. I wouldn’t have thought of that while reading the article. Maybe a week later it would hit me but it would be old news by then. It is why these videos are important instead of just the usual leftist media talking points

I don't really blame them getting furious......they are getting Californians after all. Just imagine you are a hard working Mexican heading to your favorite restaurant, and running into a manlet with a manbun that says "Hello my fellow Latinx, my pronouns are they/them, and I am an omnisexual." I'd be pissed too.

(Greg Lane)
Guess Trump was right that maybe Mexico will pay for a wall.

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RE: MANIPULATION SPELL For Controlling Others | Influence The People Around You and Have Them Do Your Bidding

(Carmella Navarro)
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(J Bautista)
The best Sex Spell on Etsy by far! I Was shocked to see how fast the results started taking place. I have become irresistible to everyone around me, and have recently developed two new FWB relationships with beautiful women I would have once thought were out of my league. Angel Akasha is the best out there!

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

Black Brutality

Either we talk about it or we lose our country.

Everyone knows violent crime is up, and there are theories about why.

I have noticed a pattern that may not fit any of these theories.

In New Orleans this spring, a 17-year-old boy with a pistol, along with three girls — one 16, the others 15 — stole a car with the owner in it. She got stuck in her seatbelt and was hanging out the driver’s-side door when they roared away. Her arm was ripped off and she bled to death. The carjackers were black. The 73-year-old victim was white.

Just a few days ago in Philadelphia, seven black children — the youngest was 10 — beat a 73-year-old black man to death with a traffic cone.

Here’s an Orlando headline from not even two months ago: “10-year-old girl shot, killed woman after fight.”

It is hard to imagine people of any other race doing these things. America has a shocking problem with black people, a problem it refuses even to think about.

Not to put too fine a point on it, these people are enemies of civilization.

Do white people do this sort of thing? Do Asians? Hispanics? Maybe if you hunted really hard, you could find some examples. With blacks, you don’t have to hunt at all.

I hate to say this, but vicious savagery against whites is understandable in a twisted way. From childhood on, blacks learn that whites are bad people. Why not rob them, beat them, kill them?

But what about those seven youngsters who beat a helpless black man to death? What kind of depravity is this? Those children are almost an indictment of the whole species.

When something like that makes the news — which mostly it doesn’t — there’s a little hand-wringing and then silence. But let a white person say a few ill-chosen words, and it’s proof of a vast, malignant web of white supremacy and systemic racism that we must all work to dismantle, night and day.

This is not just disproportionate. It’s sick. It’s like running the vacuum while the house burns down.

Is it meanspirited or wrong to talk about this? No. It’s essential. And for as long as whites are paralyzed by the fear of being called “racist,” their country will keep sinking into savagery until they have no country at all.

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Insanity curse

Stare at a picture of your boss and say "Your time is up, and and gone your mind is out of control. You will panic in desperation as your mental will takes separation. Spirits of darkness hear my plea take (boss's name)mind leave nothing but chaos and disorder behind"
Light up a stick of dragon's blood incense.
Then say "Spirts of darkness hear me now take (bosses name) functionality and sanity leave nothing but torment and agony". Pass the picture through the smoke. Then spit on the picture, and fold it up. Seal the curse with "I will it so, by my will, so it is"

Send this curse to your employer, coworkers, classmates, and enemies.

Use this simple curse to spread suffering to our enemies.

Youngcels, recklessly use this on your class mates

Do you have anything to make my life better? I don't care about cursing anyone like this, I just want sex and a better life.

Yes, I can help you attain anything you want.

Have you tried it for yourself?

Have I used magick before? Yes

So, have you ascended and are trying to spread some sort of message about Magick?

I haven't used the lust spells, because I making a pagan god, and I have all these magick projects, the lust spell is on hold for now. I am trying to spread a message about magick. I'm giving occult knowledge to the incel community. I'm trying to empower us. Give each incel the power of a god.

Maybe you could give me stuff that would get me sex in a more indirect way.

Shit like this can get anyone pussy

Skighetta #magick #mammon #psycho etsy.com

Puppet Master Spell, Mind Control Spell, Domination Spell, Love Only Me Spell, Thought Implantation, Love Spell, Revenge Spell, Karma Spell

EUR 61.50

Do you want to control a certain person or situation and bend reality in your favor? Let me help!

I am offering this at a very discounted rate, allowing you to work someone like a puppet

I use puppet master oil, demon Dantalion (mind control is his specialty), Belial (revenge and payback) and a spirit I use which only I have access too

Use this to take control of your life

This spell works by bending reality to your favor. There are an infinite amount of possibilities out there and a lifeline exists where you have/get what you want. This spell transfers you that that lifeline.

I take precautions to make sure there is no negative karma or backfiring with my work on my customers. That is my personal guarantee.

To order: Please leave your name and your persons, birthdates if you have them and a photo if you wish

Some customers who have used Puppet Master :

-- Yesterday, I did Puppet Master ritual on someone to persuade then to send me $1,000 for school. Within an hour they sent me EXACTLY $1,000!

I also used PM.....

...... on the judge in a court case to influence her to be annoyed with my opposition and their lawyers...At the final hearing to rule she was short and critical with them but nice to me and my lawyer.

....To make my bf (plan on leaving him soon) not badger me so much for sex and watch porn more instead. He is doing so.

....To make my dad see what a b*tch backstabber Narcissist my sister is and after the trial (2/9/21), he texted her saying he regrets believing a word she ever said, that he refuses to speak to her, and "only has ONE daughter now".

-- My favorite hex potion, get this and watch the amazing happen...I love Belial's energy.

This spell is like ketchup, "use it on everything." I just love this spell. The best mind control ever! I use this potion to make my ex sign paper that she keep promise never to sign. This potion works great"

Please note: This is not for a physical product, nothing will be mailed to you. Spell work done by me.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, including magic. There are not refunds after I cast.

Ashley Hill, Nell Fusini & Queens Dominations #magick #mammon #psycho etsy.com

(NOTE: For context, those are a few of the reviews to a supposed mind control spell.)

(Ashley Hill)
It worked, and then some. He's obsessed with me, obedient, and even submissive. He offers to pay for everything, to take me shopping, tells me he's going to give me the world. At one point he even said those three words and that he felt like he had to be under a spell. My jaw almost dropped. So yeah, if you're looking for a sign, this is it!


(Nell Fusini)
Amazing!!! It's like he just can't stay away from me. He wants me badly lol giving me all the attention I need. No more being ignored and neglected. Still hoping for the three words. Fingers crossed. But ski is truly gifted

(Queens Dominations)
Ski is a BEAST she's Extremely Gifted at her craft. This PM Spell is working for me like a Charm and it's not even close to (Full Manifestation) I've been granted Gifts-Money-Favor with my Financial Institution.....need I say more 💜🖤💜

Ramona Bessinger #racist #wingnut legalinsurrection.com

I’m a Teacher Who Blew the Whistle on CRT in Schools, Suffered Retaliation, but Now I’ve Prevailed

On July 13, 2021, I blew the whistle at Legal Insurrection on how a new Critical Race curriculum in the Providence, Rhode Island, middle school where I taught was creating racial hostility, turning students and staff against me because I was white, and turning students against their country.

My students, almost all of whom were minority, started calling me “America” because I was white — You are America, they would say, we are not. How could I keep silent seeing what the Critical Race curriculum was doing to the students and our society?

What followed was a year of retaliation, harassment, intimidation, and involuntary transfer to another school where there was no teaching position for me. I was forced to spend a year alone in a windowless empty school basement resource room, as students and staff passed by and gawked at me like I was some strange caged zoo animal, audibly mumbling how I was that ‘racist’ teacher they had been warned about.

I am emerging from the basement victorious, with a full-time regular classroom assignment. I am unbowed, and more committed to fighting the CRT scourge than ever before.

I filed grievance after grievance not willing to let the school department win. Blowing the whistle on this racialized, anti-American and most harmful curriculum was and still is an important story to tell. Over the past two years, I have seen a disturbing and frightening radicalization of the school curriculum, in which race became the central focus, with heavy emphasis on oppressor-oppressed narratives. The result was increased racial tension in school, particularly directed against me as a “white” teacher both from students and other teachers.

The Providence School District management have essentially replaced the study of American history with a mutated version that is nothing more than woke, racist propaganda intended to inject the politics of “white supremacy” and to apply the canard of systemic racism to the past, airbrushing white historical figures from factual American history and changing their race to Black or Asian.

Ben Sullivan #racist #wingnut amren.com

How the Left Exploits Ignorance

Their ideas blend together in the public consciousness and create an inaccurate view of history that portrays the population of sub-Saharan Africa as victims.

Today’s students cannot correctly place the Civil War, World War I, or World War II within 50 years of their actual occurrence. Some teachers are no better. A fellow graduate student once told me how excited she was to teach her class Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.

Zinn’s anti-white book is widely used, but even Stanford University has an article on its biases. Any serious historian who has read it would find it laughable. For example, it assumes the American colonists were anti-Indian because of simple racism. In fact, in King Philip’s War, which broke out just 55 years after the Mayflower arrived, tribal animosities were the main cause. The colonists aligned themselves with the Mohegans, Pequots and Mohawks against the Wampanoag, Nipmuc, and Narragansetts.

Many students believe Africa is weak because Europeans colonized and looted it. I hear this so often that I ask students to pull out their phones and search for the dates of African colonization. It did not start until after slavery had ended in the United States. Why was Africa weak until then?

Another problem for Prof. Diamond is that West Africans were involved in trade during the late Roman Empire. The Ghanian Empire, as it is called today, was a major commercial hub. Even if draft animals had not been domesticated in Africa, Africans could have traded for them.

Also, colonization was partially spurred by the American Civil War. The North’s naval blockade of the South led the Spanish and French to begin vying for power in Indochina as a way to get raw materials instead of backing the Confederacy.

The obvious reason for black Africa’s backwardness is low average IQ, for which there is overwhelming evidence.

Is there any sub-Saharan country where blacks are better off than they are in the United States? No. Does having a black teacher improve black grades? No.

Making scapegoats of Europeans for black failure makes it impossible for our country to understand the problem, much less try to solve it.

Pepe Escobar #moonbat #pratt unz.com

For Those About to Rock, NAM 2.0 Salutes You

Those were the days, in 1955, at the legendary Bandung conference in Indonesia, when the newly emancipated Global South started dreaming of building a new world, via what became configured later in 1961 in Belgrade as the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Now, the Spirit of Bandung lives again.

Putin, Raisi and Erdogan did not meet to carve up the world. They met essentially to discuss how another world is possible.

The much-debated Turkish military operation in northern Syria in the end may be restricted to taming the YPG Kurds. The heart of the action will in fact revolve around how the Russia/Iran/Turkey/Syria alliance will make like impossible for Americans stealing Syrian oil.

The NATO/Five Eyes/Intermarium combo has absolutely nothing to counteract these (overland) facts on the (Heartland) ground except to throw a pile of HIMARS into the Ukrainian black hole. And of course, keep de-industrializing Europe. In contrast, those across the Global South with a keen sense of history – as in the grand debate of ideas in a Hegelian sense – and also versed in geography and trade relations are busy getting ready to hit (and profit from) the new groove.

As much as it’s a blast to survey all the instances of Russia playing strategic ambiguity to levels capable of baffling the entire, bloated “Western intel” apparatus, what is coming to the forefront is how Putin – and Patrushev – are now willfully turning up the pain dial to tactically exhaust not only the Ukrainian black hole but the whole of NATOstan.

Western governments are collapsing. Sanctions are being ditched – practically in secret. A Deep Freeze winter is a given. And then there’s the incoming economic/financial crisis, the Definitive Monster from Hell, as Martin Armstrong has made it quite clear: “There is no way they can get out of this other than default. If they default, they are worried about millions of people storming the parliaments of Europe…This is really a tremendous financial crisis that we are facing. They have been borrowing year after year since WWII with zero intention of paying anything back.”

CelestiaQuesta, Notsofast & WATTBA #conspiracy #homophobia #pratt #psycho #wingnut unz.com

The MonkeyPox Anal Sex Bioweapon has reached a new phase in its contamination. Kids are being sexually molested by infected MonkeyPox GlobalHomo pedophiles. Yet unlike the HIV/AIDS GlobalHomo virus, they turn on the scare factor and raise the lockdown mandates again.

It’s ironic that Washington DC has a high count MonkeyPox infection rate. Are there that many homosexuals living there, or is it just a meeting ground for government sponsored anal sex orgies on the public dime?

What’s sick is how these GlobalHomo sex freaks are obsessed with phucing monkeys in the azz. No other species does this in nature.

now that the w.h.o. has declared monkey pox a”public health emergency of international concern” , i purpose a social experiment, print a thousand bumper stickers with the w.h.o. logo that read : “get ass jabbed for monkey pox, it’s your civic duty”. next place the stickers on random cars in big box store parking lots all over your city. who knows, it could go viral!

As a ‘European citizen’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean) I can say that I’m living the Z-op & the multipolar Zeitgeist as a liberating operation from a peoples perspective… and it rocks !
My one and only concern is that Russia (and China) could reach an agreement with this whole band of €UrocrataZ & evil ImperialiZts without having completed the de-€UronatoZification & de-ImperialiZation in full.

Russia (& China) Don’t let us down, please.

Chris Aldridge #fundie #pratt caldridge.net

Hellenism Lost Is Honor Lost

During the last few years, part of my Hellenic studies has been the examination of modern Greece and its people (who are predominately Orthodox Christians). In any case, most Greeks today are not Hellenists, and there is no debate whatsoever that ancient Hellas was far stronger, far more prosperous, and far more successful in government and economics. But on a personal level, I have also routinely noticed the decline in human character.

I was talking with a friend and fellow Hellenist who actually lives in Greece today, and I happened to ask if there are any ancient cemeteries still standing.

When my Hellenic friend responded to my question by saying that, yes, indeed there are some ancient burials still visible, but people have littered them because they don't care, it saddened me at how far the culture has fallen. I secondly remembered a few years ago when I saw images of a ruined temple of Aphrodite in between two apartment buildings that was also covered in trash.

In ancient times, people wouldn't have dared to desecrate a temple or a cemetery. Not only because they feared Divine punishment, but because it was simply wretched. People had real honor, character and respect in the old times.

But when humans lost the honor and dignity that Hellenism brought to the Hellenic people, they also lost their sense of sacredness, even of their own personal human life and behavior. It is this loss of the spiritual world and of the physical self that has greatly aided in the decline of Hellas and her people. I'm not saying that only Hellenists are honorable, but it clearly brought a world of difference to the Greeks that they no longer have, and their culture has paid the greatest of prices.

Maryam_ #sexist thepinkpill.co

Honestly men are so deluded about their own shitiness it actually astounds me. It feels like theyre deliberately holding back, like theyre making a conscious decision to improve their reputation. I genuinely dont think they believe a word they utter when it comes to defending themselves but I have nearly never seen men admit basic reality. Even BPF occasionally calls women bitches and whores but men could be raped, tortured, have their whole family killed by their another man but theyd never decry the male sex. Its weird and tbh with pickmes pick-me-ing I sometimes end up having my doubts. Like am I living in a fucking stimulation or something? Am I cherry-picking shit? Statistically speaking I should see at least one guy with awareness? Where are they?

So when the glass cracks, just a little bit, its like a scream Ive been holding eventually gets released. The situation is so bad that Im still holding onto a single comment of a US soldier from fucking Iraq of all fucking people, on r/collapse in all fucking places, (basically a guy that should be 90% close to reality) telling a woman, "As a (blah blah blah) I have to admit that we as a sex are evil" (paraphrasing). Like... that is the only bout of self-awareness I can count in my hand. The other was a Pakistani guy who said that feminism should learn to incorporate violence. They are such unique cases that I still remember them wtf

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Feminists are under a distorted perception of reality which makes them regard actual equality, as discrimination, and hence to act in practice to replace what is in fact a balance, with what is actually discrimination in favor of women.

Imagine a game where David and Sarah are standing on a flat floor in complete darkness, in a room where apples are hanging from the ceiling on strings. David realizes Sarah is eating something and raises his arms in the dark a little to find something to eat. When this doesn't bring him to any apples, he becomes angry and shouts that Sarah has a box under her legs, that gives her "potential advantages".

He demands an actual wooden box, "to balance" Sarah's box. Remember that we know that none of them have any boxes under their feet.

The production slips him one.

Well, now David's false belief that he is being discriminated against, makes him, the one who created discrimination - against Sarah. The hungry Sarah complaints that David now has an advantage, but David replies, "this only balances".

Sarah's hunger makes her more and more desperate to eat, and she starts jumping, higher and higher, until she finds an apple, and although exhausting, the practice makes her quite good at grabbing apples in the dark.

David now shouts, "Sarah has a much bigger advantage - she has more than one box, while I have only one!" And he demands, that hammers will be brought down on what's under Sarah's legs - "to remove the advantage!"

But if there is no box in the first place under Sarah's legs, those hammers, would not be crushing boxes (privileges) but flesh and blood (basic rights). David's box is a privilege and not a right, his hammers are eliminating a right, not a privilege, and both things are not the creation of equality, but of inequality. But feminists believe there is a transparent box under every man's feet and this is why they try to crush any basic equality of men while believing they are creating equality.

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(Bobby E)

A reggae band from Switzerland was canceled in the middle of a concert after attendees complained about “cultural appropriation” by white members of the group who have dreadlocked hair, according to reports.

Bern City Councilman Tom Berger weighed in on the controversy, saying, “Let’s be honest. If you feel ‘uncomfortable’ because white people make reggae music, could it be that YOU are the problem…?”

In this case I agree with the blacks. Whites should never copy any black behavior or music or fashion. Stop denigrating yourself when whites have nicer hair and better culture than these blacks.

(Jeff Coffey)
I completely agree that Whites copying blacks in anything is absolutely pathetic and usually a disaster to behold, but if some White wants to look like a tool, he should be able to.

In 2016, a white student at San Francisco Student University was physically detained by two black students over his dreadlocks. He filed charges but dropped them. There was a subsequent campus debate about cultural appropriation. Most students agreed accosting the white guy was wrong, and that he had a right to wear whatever hairstyle he wanted, but were divided about whether white should wear dreads out of respect.

In hindsight, it all sounds so civil. I can't imagine how this scenario would play out in 2022.

So let me get this straight - in a country where there is "systemic racism", black men are "hunted" by police, and White Supremacists are the biggest danger in our society, two black students "physically detained" a white student because they didn't like his hair? Something is not adding up....

Ah yeah self righteous Germanics. They are offended in the name of blacks (who are like 0.2 percent of population), but have no problem bad mouthing other Europeans who live in Switzerland.
Typical bored white liberals with their performative outrage, and just like blacks they suffer from chronic ''looks at me'' syndrome.

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FBI accuses former US Marine of planning 'rapekrieg' series of attacks against white women as part of Neo-Nazi plot to boost America's Caucasian population

Matthew Belanger was arrested on July 10 in New York and was accused of hiring somebody to purchase an assault rifle for him

Belanger was discharged from the Marines in 2021 after he was found to be associated with the neo-Nazi group called Rapekrieg

The Rapekrieg manifesto details plans to 'engage in widespread homicide and sexual assault' to reconfigure America's racial make-up

They plotted to rape white women to try and bolster America's Caucasian population and ensure that it outnumbers minority groups

Those findings were a part of Belanger's involvment in a neo-Nazi organization known as Rapekrieg, which prosecutors said has 'overlapping beliefs and membership with other neo-Nazi groups such 'Rapewaffen' and 'Atomwaffen.'

A Rapekrieg manifesto cited in the court documents espouses about 'rape ideology' being an 'effective tool' defeating its enemies, which largely consists of Jews and minorities. The manifesto describes seeking to bring about a 'first world collapse' in which people who have 'any doubts about being able to pull the trigger on a Jewish child' will not be strong enough to remain in the organization. It talks about 'brainwashing' women and forcing them to become dependent on men as they are used for breeding white people and purifying the world.

'To be successful in this battle, the white man must learn to hate, seeing red the moment he lays eyes on a member of the race that has inflicted unspeakable horrors onto his people.'

Belanger and Rapekrieg associates from Long Island had purchased weapons and tactical gear, and discussed plans for attacked synagogues and women, including conducting surveillance on a synogogue and forming plans to attack it with molotov cocktails in 2019.

A source told prosecutors Belanger responded 'Good find' when a potential target for a rape-attack target - a high school girl who was photographed at a musical recital - was shared in a Rapekrieg chat group. A member of the group said 'Could possibly get her pretty easy rn,' and Belanger said 'I'm not on the mainland currently so no.'

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(NOTE: Just for context, this is from the r/Transmaxxing subreddit.)

Passing matters

Don't let people bullshit you into thinking "i don't need to pass as a female". While many people claim to be supportive of trans people generally unless they think you are a female they will not threat you as such and a lot of people will not view you as a female if you know you were born male


This is at large a consequence of the left pushing for gender-identity nonsense instead of focusing on sex-characteristics. US conservatives have been very aggressive in using gender identity politics against trans people in general while the left has been unable to give a good answer to what a woman/female actually is (it's about sex-characteristics).

Given this political climate your best course of actions is to become stealth, once you are able to pass you move to a different area and begin your new life as a female there. Keep your old identity separate from your new identity.

True. It's mostly old rapehons saying passing doesn't matter, it's just hard cope.

Not be able to pass at the end is exactly one of the biggest reason that I haven't decide to start hrt yet.

Generally i am not comfortable recommending medical transition to people who cannot pass. A transition without any great goal in the end isn't something i can really get behind. I do understand that some people are severely dysphoric and might have to transition anyway but even then it's hard to be enthusiastic about it.

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Incel to Tranny pipeline fully theorized in detail - (MANLETS, PORN ADDICTS GTFIH!), (i cried making this thread) (NOFAP IS NOT COPE GTFIH!)

Inb4 dnrd, Porn is a homosexual conversion device that has been designed to turn incels gay and create more trannies

You watch Lesbian porn, then PIV porn, then Oral sex porn. Eventually you get bored. You find new genres to fap off to, maybe MILF, Cuckoldry, BBC or Step sister. Then comes danger, you stumble across gay porn. Now trannies are looking more and more like real women and you find yourself watching femboy or twink porn. Bit by bit, you watch regular gay porn. Most likely being an incel, you imagine yourself fucking another man, then once that becomes too much you start fantasizing about being fucked by another man.

The porn industry has successfully feminized you. Now you are Low T soy boy and this is where many ex-incels finish their journey on this pipeline. They transition and become female.

From Softcore pornography -> to now being rimmed by another man. This is the true danger of porn, if you want to see the damage then the next time you are at school or work, stare at the most attractive women you see for a minute. If you cannot at the minimum get a semi erect penis, it is over.

Men should be rock hard when aroused by a foid, I know during puberty most of you had spontaneous erections because of the surge in testosterone. What if I told you this should be the norm at all times.

Now factor in that 30% of all young men are virgins, with the number still rising. Inceldom is on the rise for a reason, everything is becoming unequal. Despite the fact that productivity has been rising, wages are now stagnant and it is becoming harder and harder to live as "average". Inceldom is a socioeconomic problem and it it going to get worse.



The only way to escape this pipeline is to either lose virginity or to get on Nofap.

For porn addicts reading this, you are not what you watch. I am not a gay furry and neither are you. I still struggle with it even after ascension.

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RE: Californians and Other Americans Are Flooding Mexico City. Some Locals Want Them to Go Home


Fernando Bustos Gorozpe was sitting with friends in a cafe here when he realized that — once again — they were outnumbered.

“We’re the only brown people,” said Bustos, a 38-year-old writer and university professor. “We’re the only people speaking Spanish except the waiters.”

Endless "racism," "colonialism," etc. mentioned.

Now they know how we feel.
We get illegal aliens. They get 'upscale,' White leftists who live in Starbucks.

Now they know how we feel when their lowlife take over our towns and cities, drive drunk and kill our people, or just plain murder folks. And I, for one, am sick of hearing Spanish everywhere I go. I resent being told to press 'ocho' for Spanish.

The townspeople are complaining that decent law-abiding white people are moving to their city, spending money locally, and raising the quality of life. White people here are a tad more concerned about the murder, drugs, rape, child abuse, drunk driving and....littering that their rejects bring here freely.

White people will do anything to get away from blacks, including, moving to one of the most dangerous cites in the world.

(Francis Galton)

“That’s unfair,” he said. “If we go to the U.S., we’re expected to speak English.”

Yes! But you don’t speak English. Now you know how Americans feel.

Let me know when you call a business in Mexico, and the recording tells you to press 1 for Spanish and 2 for English.

(American Plague)

Some locals are fed up. Recently, expletive-laced posters appeared around town.

“New to the city? Working remotely?” they read in English. “You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave.”

Now they know how we feel, with the exception that I'd bet that these GRINGOS are not expecting Mexican taxpayers to put a roof over their heads and give them welfare and food stamps.

(Hobbit Supremacist)
Ha! They should move to L.A. or the California Central Valley. They will hear Spanish all day long. In fact, even when I go to the supermarket up here in Vancouver, WA, I hear Spanish and Slavic languages more than English.

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I dunno about a beta uprising, but -something- is going to happen within our lifetime.

Autism Statistics You Need To Know in 2022

Let's not be retarded here, autism doesn't exist. Anyone here could get an autism diagnosis if they really wanted to. Autism is just what the normies say we have because they can't comprehend that someone has the capability to be so socially retarded without there being something physically wrong inside your head. The fact that men are 4x as likely to get diagnosed is proof of this.

Supposedly we're on track to over half of kids being diagnosed by 2025 and only increase from there. Literally by definition it's not a disorder at that point, it's the norm. Here's another fun stat; only 5% of diagnosed autists ever find love and get married, despite the overwhelming majority wanting to have a relationship.

Combine those two and jesus fucking christ bros, we're on a runaway train towards critical mass here. I only used stats that are easy to prove, who the hell knows how many outliers like us there are.

Realistically I expect nothing to happen until the autistic generation who were raised by smartphones get to be voting age. Socially stunted losers aren't exactly going to cause a fuss and foids will be more than happy to keep fucking the top 20%. But honestly who knows, maybe the alt right will own the government and start killing jews and kikes again by that point.

retards don't produce offspring.

u right, good thing abortion is gone so all those staceys will be forced to birth autistic kids

Timothy Vorgenss #racist #wingnut amren.com

Progressives Don’t Stand for Progress

We should not accept the idea that we are conservative. We promote progress. We cannot be satisfied with delaying the victories of the so-called progressive left. This is not our mission.

To the extent that we are conservative, it is only in the service of progress. It is necessary to eliminate useless innovations that compete with useful ones. If I am undergoing surgery, I don’t want a strawberry-flavored anesthetic. I want an effective one.

Ethno-differentiation promotes security, social trust, and therefore productivity. This leads, among many other things, to better medical research, longer life expectancy, quality of life, quality of childhood, artistic achievements . . . . In fact, listing the benefits of separation could become an academic specialty.

Our discourse could become more effective if it were to change in ways we may not have considered. I’m not talking about being right. We are already right. I’m talking about winning the ideas game, of making competing ideas irrelevant.

Our opponents are the champions of broken promises. Why offer progress rather than a return to the past? Let us oppose liberals with a right-wing vision of progress. Perhaps a slogan like this: “Rich or poor, who would not prefer the crime rate of Tokyo rather than Chicago? No more broken progressive promises.”

We must invent identity progressivism. Our arguments might look like this: “We were making such progress. Women were just beginning to enjoy their rights, and now immigrants torment them. Why did you spoil it? Do you hate women? And why force LGBT people to suffer among groups that hate them?” The key is to say such things without irony or sarcasm.

This may not change the outcome of a particular conversation, but it is important to stop always condemning the future and holding up the past as a solution. In the popular mind, white advocacy must evoke words like “solution,” “future,” “progress,” “inevitable.”

Constant repetition establishes a center of gravity, a centripetal dynamic, and anchors a belief in people’s minds. Anchoring the correct beliefs in people’s minds is what we do.

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The Idiocy of the Average - and Why It Matters

Reasonably intelligent people (for instance, the readers of this blog) tend to overestimate how smart everyone else is. About half of Americans are unable to correctly read a table and do a simple addition/subtraction calculation. Such is the banal reality of the American high-90s average IQ, which is still a dozen points above the world average.

You might have a good general appreciation of the different average IQs of the world’s major regions and appreciate that national wealth depends largely on a population’s intelligence, but putting the two together is quite tricky.

PISA website has sample math questions from the 2012 assessment, with six different levels of difficulty. Hopefully, this will give us a better perspective on what average national IQ means in practice. And why seemingly minor differences between them are important and explain the vast bulk of international differences in GDP per capita and general socio-economic success.




Level 6


I suspect that many of you can do it in your heads within a minute. But a majority of all the tested teens begged to differ.

OECD average: 3% (!!). Korea: 12%, Japan: 8%, Germany: 5%. The US, Italy, Sweden, and Russia were all at 2%; the Mediterranean was at 1%.

Some countries where a big fat 100% (rounded up) were unable to do this problem: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Qatar, Tunisia, Uruguay.

The number of people at this level, the highest measured by PISA, is dwindling away into insignificance in Latin America and the Middle East.

According to Kremer/Jones, it is the relative strength of the O-Ring sector in the developed world which explains why a hairdresser earns five times as much in Belgium as in Brazil. Why is this O-Ring stronger in Belgium than in Brazil? Because in Brazil, only a tiny fraction of high school students can do anything much more complex than a simple, single-step arithmetic operation.

James Thompson #elitist #pratt #racist unz.com

World IQ 82


David Becker has released a new version of the World’s IQ. Each country has a score showing the cognitive abilities of their citizens, this being a blend of genetics and the environment of each country, particularly as regards education and health. The world’s global score is 82. This is 12th percentile rank on the Greenwich Mean Intelligence benchmark of IQ 100.

What does IQ 82 mean in practical terms?


There has been a lot of animus against country intelligence scores. As explained before, data quality varies between countries. You already knew that, because if countries really differ in intelligence, that will show in the way they conduct themselves. Some countries will do forward planning, and others will do less. Some will conduct regular censuses and surveys, and others won’t. Some countries may have people who are more willing to cheat than other countries.


Naturally, country level data may obscure regional differences, and caste, tribe, class and religious differences. These are matters of granularity. Some countries are homogenous as regards talent (China may be in this category) others are not (India).

Country IQs may explain how that country conducts its affairs. Intellectual assessments ought to have explanatory value, thus leading to greater wealth, and discrepancies need to be investigated and explained. Two main sources of economic discrepancy are tourism and natural resources: the presence of either can inflate economies which lack human capital.


This list is useful and you may find it worth printing out. It would fit nicely on the back of a door. Yes, it mixes environmental and genetic effects, but it gives you a rule of thumb as to what countries, on average, are capable of doing.

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RE: Mass Immigration was Blair’s Attack on Britain

(The ice pick that killed Trotsky)
Blair was the worst thing to happen to Britain post-war and that says a lot.

(Kyr Man)
Tory economic policy - higher taxes, more debt. No economic conservatism.
Tory foreign policy - liberal interventionist, no national conservatism
Tory immigration policy - hyper promiscuous borders - certainly no native or national conservatism
Tory housing policy - destroy Britain ancestral greenlands to build migrants homes - no native conservatism

Which part of the the Tory party is right wing exactly?

(Peter Field)
Jeez, as a born and bred Londoner, English parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc it's a tragedy what's happened. I was born in 1967, the changes in my lifetime are catastrophic , for my mum who died 2016 even worse.

(T G)
My entire teens and adult life so far has been plagued by the nightmare of mass immigration. It will only get worse...

(Tim the Enchanter)
I'm always amused by the "muti-culturalism" argument. As an American, I live in a place that was designed to be multi-cultural, but isn't really. Although it is often wistfully described as a "melting pot," what it really is, is just a very large place peppered with little pockets of varying culture. People come to America -- not to be Americans -- but to live in America with other people just like them.

There’s nothing wrong with treating invaders as enemy combatants.

(Kevin H)
So they admitted to colonising Britain? Wasn't colonisation bad when we did it though?

If you know anything about Roman history in Britain, allowing and paying sea faring barbarians to settle is always a recipe for disaster

(unopened envelope)
I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what these so called "benefits" are for mass immigration..

Tobias Langdon #conspiracy #pratt #racist #wingnut unz.com

I can only conclude that the Jewish families turned up, saw the hideous whiteness of the fascists at the park, and fled for their lives. Jews “love diversity,” remember. They “just feel comfortable” amid a “kaleidoscope of skin colours.” So while the fascist fun-day was a sea of hideous whiteness, the Family Fun-Day organized by Jewish Care would have been a kaleidoscope of color.

Well, sarcasm over. Jewish Care didn’t invite Muslims and Blacks to join the festivities, of course. The photographs aren’t of a Fascist Fun-Day but of a genuine Jewish Family Fun-Day. That’s why the photos are “hideously white.” Ashkenazi Jews flocked to Hertfordshire to enjoy what they assiduously deny to White British goyim: the exclusive company of their own kind. Jewish Care’s Family Fun-Day wasn’t enriched with Blacks or Muslims, which is why it wasn’t enriched with crime or obnoxious behavior either. While working tirelessly to turn Britain and other Western countries into Third-World swamps, Jews are careful to maintain ethnocentric islands amid the chaos and crime. If those islands are ever threatened with submersion by vibrancy, Jews have a secure place to flee: the ethnocentric enclave of Israel, where that age-old Jewish injunction to “Welcome the Stranger” is completely ignored. Israel doesn’t welcome black and brown strangers: it keeps them out with high-tech fences.


But what’s good for Jews — ethnocentrism and exclusion — isn’t good for goyim. Or rather, it is good for goyim, but that’s precisely why Jews want to deny it to goyim. Jews don’t want what’s best for Whites: they want what’s worst for Whites. That’s why both America and Britain have open borders and endless ethnic enrichment. Jews are in control of politics on both sides of the Atlantic, so governments pursue what’s worst for Whites, not what’s best. But I think Jews should remember a warning from their own Bible: “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.” (Proverbs 26:27)

mysteryca #crackpot #magick mysterysuccubusblog.wordpress.com

Change and Sunshine

My tulpa and I have finally gotten married.

Because the spectacle didn’t really matter and we didn’t have anyone to invite the ceremony was casual. We really just looked for the first person willing to officiate who seemed credible.

That happened to be an older man on some planet on the astral plane that I had visited before. Right before we were supposed to have the ceremony he ran off and grabbed the local ruling deity to perform the ceremony for him. She was an extremely obvious fake. We never asked because we didn’t want to spend an hour discussing pointless stuff but I think she was supposed to be the equivalent of an Elvis impersonator.

Meanwhile, the woman whose wedding I attempted to escape is still here. I run into her a lot when I astral project, almost as though she’s waiting for me. She likes to cook, which isn’t something I’d expect from a spiritual being, and some of her most ambitious dishes are imitations of stuff from earth.

This person who would describe herself as my first wife likes to take me to various places on the astral plane.

Two of the more interesting places were a city apparently built as a tourist attraction by vampires (according to the brochure) and what looked a lot like a group roleplay session themed on ancient Greece. When we don’t go somewhere exciting, we usually sit and talk. She seems quite old even in astral terms and knows a lot about the history of the astral plane because she’s spent a lot of time traveling. It’s a bit of a strange relationship, but she’s only treated me well and I wouldn’t tell her to stay away.

Lilith continues to take a back seat in my occult endeavors while I work with other entities. She’s still watching and sometimes I can feel her attention. One time she dropped in on an astral projection session to see how I was progressing. Like a Pokemon rival, she felt that was best done through battle. Precisely what she wants is still a mystery, but she seems content being confusing for now.

Samuel Hathaway & Noah #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mom Shot at by Tekle Sundberg Expresses Outrage

(Samuel Hathaway)

Cindy and Mark Sundberg adopted Tekle from Ethiopia when he was just four years old.

Introducing Cindy and Mark Sundberg, the "adoptive parents" of Tekle Sundberg from Ethiopia.

More evidence that Minnesota whites are a seriously defective branch of the White race, actually believing that it's their job as whites to patronize third-world blacks, pamper, and spoil them to no end.

The Sundbergs are among the biggest racists you'll ever meet -- for patronzing blacks and always taking their side, and also for preaching, sermonizing, moralizing and guilt-tripping whites.

pathological altruism is epidemic among the Swedes

Minnesota is filled with those whose ancestry is Swedish. Obviously a serious neurological, retarded defect in the brain somewhere -- in Sweden and here in the U.S. The parallels of pathological altruism are too stark to ignore.

Adopting Ethiopians is about as dumb as adopting a wild animal from Africa, turning them loose on society and expecting civil behavior as a result.


I look forward to some black saying the Sundbergs are racist for adopting the black kid from Ethiopia and he is now dead because of that. That will be irony times hundred for these two fools who wasted time and money adopting him and raising him here.

They will call them colonizers like they did Amy Coney Barrett.

The irony is that Ethiopians aren’t “black,” they’re Cushitic and they’re one of the major slave traders, along with Somalis, of black Bantu slaves to Arabs. They’ve done this for millennia, until Europeans made them stop.

Their cruelty makes them a people that don’t deserve pity.

In Europe, the Nordic countries were the furthest from foreign invasion. They’re not like mainland and Central European people who’ve seen a who’s who of history’s bastards come marching through their land.

A Swede never saw so much as a marauding Avar, but Hungarians and Poles did, as well as Huns, Mongols, Turks, Soviets and Nazis, to name a few. Swedes have no real concept of outside danger or the inherent danger present in outsiders in either the old world or the new.

Various Commenters #psycho #wingnut kiwifarms.net


Featured on Jul 12, 2022 at 6:15 PM: Tim Pool has been mentioned by the January 6ᵗʰ Tribunal for crimes against Democracy, beanies, and West Virginia.

Again somehow Tim managed to fall into a pile of shit and come out smelling like roses. Because the pile of shit is stupider than Tim and moved out of the way. Tim does a LOT of stupid shit, this thread is testament to that, but nothing he did is warranting a subpoena by the committee or the FBI because he didn't fucking do anything? It's gotten to the point where those whackjobs are trying to arrest people for talking about Jan 6th...before it turned slightly violent?

We're reaching levels of future crime I didn't think possible.

God I hope they try and subpoena the whole Timcast group for this show trial.
Could you imagine Luke, Seamus and Ian on capitol hill? The first would be screaming about globalist paedophiles, the second would be demanding they make abortion illegal nationwide and the third would be asking if Liz Cheney had ever heard about graphene.
Please do it, make this bullshit even more ridiculous.

(Shaka Brah)
This is so stupid it almost feels like a psyop to make people think Tim isn't just a fence-sitting grifter. The modern media is so ideologically poisoned they think that Soygon and Pim Tool are the leaders of the new Reich.

God, shit like this makes me wish Jan 6th really was as violent as the lying tyrants claim. The Tree of Liberty is parched.

Fuck this show trail is annoying beyond belief. Tim Pool? Really? That's their example of a dangerous individual threatening (((O U R D E M O C R A C Y))) is the guy that fence sits so hard his body is nearly split in half? Salty Cracker is an example too somehow. It really is just a bunch of leftoids being upset at barley relevant YouTubers for making fun of them. How pathetic do you got to be? Seriously, Salty Cracker might as well be referred to as "Some Fucking Guy."

I bet that YouTube is "going to take action" and kick everyone that was mentioned in the Jan. 6 hearing. It's a good excuse for them to remove political dissenters.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mom of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Who Got Abortion Defends Child’s Rapist

(Darien X)

The mother of a 10-year-old Ohio girl who crossed state lines to get an abortion has defended her daughter’s 27-year-old confessed rapist — who was wrongly listed as a minor during the medical visit, according to reports.

“She’s fine. Everything that they’re saying against him is a lie,” she insisted of Fuentes, who confessed during police interviews to raping the youngster at least twice, according to court records and officials.

This one of a million reasons why we can’t live with these people, they have no concept whatsoever of law and order and even child abuse.
The obviously Hispanic mother defends the rapist who raped and impregnating of her 10 year daughter!
It doesn’t get any worse than this.

(ilya muromets)
Rape is just common practice in the Amerindian part black Hispanic culture. Yes these invaders storming our Southern border like a greedy army are not who the left say they are. They have similar child abandonment rates among the fathers of their children as blacks do.

No White SJWs we are not all the same.

Bush Family Values.

(Bobby E)

If the nutty woman is defending the man who raped her daughter, she also should be jailed.

She is probably having an affair with him. You never know with these wonderful Hispanics and their family values.

Accept Only Substitutes #pratt #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Today, TRAs taught me that I'm a self-hating rapist:


That's not at all what she's saying. We don't let men take care of vulnerable women because we can't read the minds of the men we hire to make sure they aren't perverts and won't sexually assault them. Like it or not men make 99% of the sexual assaults we know of.

A study of college students a number of years ago showed that one third of the men said they saw no problem in having sex with a very overly drunk woman. Many of those men also said rape was wrong.

I'm not here to get into a debate on consent or saying all men are bad, but 1/3 thinking it's okay to take advantage of someone who isn't all there at the moment is terrifying for all women to hear. If that many think that's okay, how many think having sex with a disabled woman or girl is okay?

Maybe if the stats on trans women committing sex crimes were more like women's stats then people would feel more comfortable with letting them take care of the vulnerable. Since we know better it's not at all okay.

I'll go far as to say that anyone who has a penis - in any form - asking to take care of vulnerable women and girls is a huge red flag for being an abuser. These positions go to anyone with a clean criminal record and pay shit, so they aren't attracting the best type of people. It's hard, gross, and demanding work.

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RE: Gorsuch Fumes That the Supreme Court ‘Failed’ to ‘Honor This Nation’s Promises’ as It Rolled Back Tribal Authority in Oklahoma

I’m ok with giving American indians and blacks (not black immigrants, black Hispanics, or mixed-race blacks) parcels of land where they could have their own autonomy, as both groups do have historical ties here. Both would come with a set of rules and regulations, though.

However, I would never agree to giving land to Asians or most Hispanics who have zero ties to the country, nor would I agree to giving anything to recent immigrants — especially after 1965. I would want all south Asians repatriated to their homelands, and most East Asians who came here as students or H1B workers to be sent home as well.

The most I would ever give to Asians would be to zone the historical Chinatowns In San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and New York City as independent zip codes for “them only.” And the most I would ever agree to give to Hispanics/Mestizos would be to redraw parts of the bottom of California, Arizona, and Texas that they could annex to Mexico and have for themselves. Chula Vista, California, El Paso, and Corpus Christi, Texas are all places that never looked like Anglo America anyway, so let’s just let them have those, and we keep the rest. I’d be ok with secession for New Mexico to give to them as well. That’s a state we really don’t need.

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We know what women are. They don’t. Now what?

“Nature always tells us the truth, even if we don’t want to hear it.” So begins the latest cinematic offering from the Daily Wire, What Is a Woman? The documentary is stirring up controversy with its sarcastic cultural analysis and skillful showcasing of extreme social absurdity. Conservative political commentator Matt Walsh’s dry style of comedic narration carries him from a therapist’s office to the halls of American academia to the Women’s March to Kenya and back, all in a quest to answer the seemingly simple question, What is a woman?

Many elite figures in America’s major institutions, including those dedicated to science, academia, and therapy, are either unwilling or unable to answer simple questions about basic biology. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the perspective Walsh brings, it’s hard to argue that his point—that this state of affairs is odd, to say the very least—isn’t made in a persuasive fashion.

In contrast, Walsh travels to the Masai tribe in Kenya, where questions about gender and a “man trapped in a woman’s body” are greeted with incredulity and mockery by local tribesmen.

It also exposes examples of ethically questionable research performed in the name of gender theory, such as Money’s experimenting with the sex reassignment surgery of David Reimer, a man raised as a girl after genital mutilation, who committed suicide at 38 after undergoing the surgery

So … “What is a woman?” Answers run the gamut from “I don’t know” to “Marry one and find out,” the latter provided by renowned author and psychologist Jordan B. Peterson. In the end, Walsh returns to his home to ask his wife the film’s titular question, to which he receives the answer “an adult human female.” The case the documentary seeks to make is simple: left-leaning Americans can’t even say what a woman is, including academics and therapists. They’re so unwilling to answer that question that they’ll encourage dangerous medical treatments for young people with gender dysphoria. Meanwhile, these Kenyan tribespeople can answer it without hesitation and seem not to care about gender theory. How absurd is this contrast?

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Women generally try to cope with how imbalanced reality actually is by trying to pretend that women can be dangerous as men

Exactly. And they do this in every other way too. For instance, women take up a hobby like knitting and think that they are “equal“ to men because they have these female centered hobbies, meanwhile men get to enjoy hobbies like visiting prostitutes, where they get to feel real and complete power over another human being who services their every need sexually. And then men are pleased sexually in visual ways every moment of the day through mainstream media and just being out in public (bc the vast majority of women perform femininity), and yet women think nothing of this, or maybe osa xx make up a story in their head that women are beautiful and “I like looking at attractive women too” or some shit. To say nothing of pornography.

Women are so braindead retarded and unimaginative and lacking in theory of mind, and this explains why they’ve always been slaves and always will be, and they’re too unimaginative to even realize that they’re slaves, which is why there isn’t any hope of freeing them. You can’t free people who don’t even know that they’re fucking prisoners.

God that shit is so stupid it drives me up the wall. They seriously think that convincing themselves that they are some sort of pseudo bisexual who "like" looking at other women "because they're so pretty" is the same as a man naturally juiced up on testosterone and being raised in an environment that caters to his visual sexual stimuli

Exactly. That het partnered women don’t feel humiliated 24/7, even if they have some unicorn man who doesn’t use pornography, makes me feel so much utter contempt for them I want to ring their slag-whore necks. Men feel powerful, validated, as though their sexuality of utmost most importance by all of the objectified women in the media (and women performing femininity in public). It literally gives them a constant boost to their sense of self, confidence, sense of power, sense of value, etc.

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MGTOW now an LGBTQIA category... And there's nothing you can do about it

The headline is likely to provoke an emotional reaction from both the woke and the virulently anti-woke, but I stride forth with my flack jacket on in order to make a salient point: that far from being a fringe group of misogynistic terrorists who refuse to court the ladies, MGTOW is perfectly aligned with the LGBTQIA category ‘Aromantic’ – a term indicating a profound disinterest in romantic love.

When it comes to romantic love they simply don’t want it.

Men Going Their Own Way are unmoved by the fantasy of romantic love, viewing its latent BDSM overtones as a theatre of female dominatrixes and male subs, a model that has grown from a kind of sexual feudalism instituted by affluent ladies of the medieval era. MGTOW typically reject this model because it requires men to go down on a literal and proverbial knee before a woman.

I should add, for the slow of mind, that MGTOW is concerned with a wider array of issues than this. However, the romance problem forms a molten core around which many of their concerns for male self-determination revolve.

The result of ‘Men going their aromantic way’ is in some ways striking. These men have inaugurated an enduring sex strike, putting quietly into practice what women routinely threaten if they don’t get their own way – as we recently saw from Joy Behar who called for ‘sex strike’ after Supreme Court abortion law leak. As usual it seems men have beaten women to the punch.


As this graph demonstrates, young men are driving a decline in sex. Perhaps more accurately they may be rejecting the pathological contamination of sexual intimacy with romantic love – aka, the idea that men need to demonstrate obeisance and servitude toward “romantic” partners before being “rewarded” with sex.

MGTOW probably won’t be entering a Pride float anytime soon, but in theory their cause is every bit as deserving under the umbrella of that one, powerful word – AROMANTIC.

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The Empire Is Not Done Torturing Afghanistan

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not far away, the Empire of Chaos launched the so-called “War on Terror” against an impoverished cemetery of empires at the crossroads of Central and South Asia.

In the name of national security, the land of the Afghans was bombed until the Pentagon ran out of targets, as their chief Donald Rumsfeld, addicted to “known unknowns,” complained at the time.

War crimes were duly perpetrated – some of them denounced by an organization led by a sterling journalist who was subsequently subjected to years of psychological torture by the same Empire, obsessed with extraditing him into its own prison dystopia.

But then, the US-backed puppet regime in Kabul collapsed not with a bang, but a whimper: a spectacular “data-driven defeat.”

Hell hath no fury like Empire scorned. As if all the bombing, droning, years of occupation and serial collateral damage was not misery enough, a resentful Washington topped its performance by effectively stealing $7 billion from the Afghan central bank: that is, funds that belong to roughly 40 million battered Afghan citizens.

Unlawful does not even begin to qualify the confiscation of assets from an impoverished nation afflicted by a currency in free fall, high inflation and a terrifying humanitarian crisis, whose only ‘crime’ was to defeat the imperial occupation on the battleground fair and square.

No one remembers today that the US State Department came up with its own New Silk Road idea in July 2011. The spin was to “turn enemies into friends and aid into trade.” The reality, however, was to prevent Kabul from falling into the Russia/China sphere of influence – represented by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

In the end, the Americans did less than nothing. The Chinese, playing the long game, will be leading Afghanistan’s resurgence.

Afghanistan for its part will be welcomed into the real New Silk Roads.

Now compare and contrast with NATO, whose “new” strategic concept boils down to expanded warmongering against the Global South. At least we know that should NATO ever be tempted back into Afghanistan, then another ritual, excruciating humiliation awaits.

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Far Left Threatens To Escalate TERROR Campaign, 14 Pro Life Centers Attacked, Dems FAN FLAMES

I can't believe this story! It certainly must be fake news.

"The leash is off: Abortion Activists Behind Attacks On Pro-Lifers Issue New Threats, Urge Others To Burn."

I just can't believe it the left being violent, it's the far right according to the January 6 committee and all of these Democrats keep telling me that the far right is the dangerous element we have to be scared about because they want civil war.

It's just absolutely insane, the story, about 17 anti-abortion centers getting firebombed. It shows you what their real intention is.

The Daily Caller reports a statement that appears to be from the violent pro-abortion group Jane's Revenge was posted online tuesday saying, "the leash is off!" I thought the leash was already off because 17 pregnancy centers had been attacked. Sure, the leash is off for attacks on pro-life operations and declaring violence until pro-life groups shut down.

"Kavanaugh Neighbor Describes Horrific Experience Dealing With Aggressive Pro-Choice Protesters."

They're not pro-choice, they're pro-abortion, call them pro-death, call them whatever you want. They're substantially more extreme than
the pro-choice ever was.

Fox News reports: A neighbor of supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh says the pro-choice protesters who have marched multiple times a week down their street in the evening have shaken up residents homes and disrupted their lives as they detailed the alleged abuse received by neighbors from protesters, while saying authorities have done little to help them.

This is illegal. It's outright illegal and these people want to know why the law isn't being enforced. It's because you live in an anarcho tyranny. You are subject to a violent revolution that doesn't seek to uphold the law, because they seek to gain power and upholding the law subverts their

If right-wingers went to the homes of these federal authorities, they would be arrested on sight. They would be arrested instantly. Even with everything we're seeing, 17 anti-abortion centers have been firebombed since last month's leaked supreme court decision.

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RE: Portland Man Rages at Liberal White Woman Over Traffic Incident

"I hope you go back to Europe, you b**ch."

You better figure it out White folks....it IS about race.

(Michael Whalen)
Dear Mr. Native American, if it were not for us colonizers, you would not have possessed an automobile in the first place.

(John Holmes)
99% of "Native Americans" are really self hating whites with MAYBE a small percentage of Indian blood. He's probably another fake injin

(Marc Zuckurburg)
"It was then she found out that her liberalness didn't save her from her whiteness".

This is the epitome of the white female liberal mindset. He could have spat on her and she would have consoled him. He could have smacked her and she would have understood his pain. These women are beyond hope and will never change their world view.

(American Plague)
With the White birth rate being what it is, Darwinian natural selection SHOULD take care of them, although it may take a little while.

(M C)
I don't take "Colonizer!!!" as an insult. To the contrary, it's an admission that my ancestors were far more capable than those of any minority who would call me that.

You could remind him that he is the colonized/loser.

The young woman in the video seems to be confused. It is not Oregonians who are "f***ing nice" - it is white people who are "f***ing nice". The internet addled generation pretend to not notice little things like race, ethnicity or gender, but reality can be a cruel master. Another article in this series describes a young French woman who was raped by a "French" Iranian - it is likely that woman considers French people to be "f***ing nice".

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Why do straight women hate lesbians so much?

Straight women percieve lesbians as predatory because they are attracted to women.

Straight women can only concieve of attraction to women through a male-lens, and they subconsciously know how dangerous men are. They rely on the social structures that separate men and women to provide them a certain level of safety. Because they equate lesbianism to male sexuality, a lesbian to them is the same as a hidden male lurking and waiting to assault them.

Interestingly, straight women are more horrified at relatively rare cases of a lesbian assaulting another woman, than they are at the millions of straight men who rape and molest millions of women and girls every day.

Meanwhile they have an odd sense of comfort with gay men, even though gay men are extremely misogynist toward them and created whole subcultures on the basis of mocking straight women's commitment to what straight men demand of them (ex. Drag) Straight women somehow forget that gay men are men, and they are more than willing to use their male strength to beat a woman when she steps out of line.

Heterosexuality really is a disease lol.

I don't, so I tried to think from the perspective of my homophobic mother. Here are my observations:

Women generally try to cope with how imbalanced reality actually is by trying to pretend that women can be dangerous as men

Often you'd see women decrying female on male 'rape' and 'abuse' more than do, unless the men in question are trying to push an agenda.

It's a coping mechanism. This weird sort of thing where they convince themselves that the sexes are equal and hence try to apply it in terms of threat too. Its also really an attempt to distract themselves from how utterly strong and dangerous men really are; "women can be just as bad too!"

Interesting. Women make themselves feel better by how much they submit to men by pretending men's actions aren't inherent/exclusive to them. This makes them feel less stupid about how they endanger themselves daily because they convince themselves that the risk would be the same with women.

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It's funny that they try to shoehorn themselves in when as far as I'm aware they haven't even done anything to help abortion rights. In fact they've actively hindered it by making a big screech over the use of the word "women." That's like sabotaging the gun rights debate by insisting "guns kill people" is disinclusive of animals because animals are shot by guns too, and making a big screech to get anti-gun people to say "guns kill sentient beings." It makes no sense to dispute the one single thing your argument is about, it's infuriating.

They have actively hindered most recent feminist movements and projects by demanding to be centered and then making it all about themselves, which causes most actual women to leave or tune out. They have spent years making it impossible for women to even describe themselves without including males as well (first they came after “women” then “female” then “biological female” which they now call a TERF Nazi dog whistle). How can you organize if you can’t even define your own group?

They couldn’t be more successful if they were an actual MRA psyop.

It's because with leftism in the west now, you have to have lockstep adherence whatever the new orthodoxy is. You can't be pro-abortion, but pro-freedom of speech, or pro-women's rights, but pro-gun. You must march in lockstep to whatever the twitter mind has decided is the correct stance on any issue, as determined by who can come up with the most viral hot take.

Left and right (particularly left these days) have become social groups, not political ones. Political beliefs are just a way of signaling group identity. You’ll confuse and anger people if you claim to be part of their group without performing the appropriate verbal rituals.

Remember that white leftists in particular have lost access to most other group identities that might have given them meaning in the past (religious membership, national pride, any sense of local community) and so they’re desperate for something bigger than themselves to belong to. It’s just a shame that they latched onto performative online idpol rather than setting up a workers’ rights movement or something.

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RE: South Africa Risks Race War by Stoking Xenophobia, Opposition Warns

“They are going to saddle a tiger that they will never be able to ride,” John Steenhuisen, the leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance said at Chatham House in London, where he gave an on-the-record briefing Monday. “You may think you are starting a bush fire in the foreigner camp, but I can tell you that that fire will jump the fence in South Africa and eventually we will have a full blown race war on our hands.”

Being an intelligent white person in a country run by blacks has got to be a horrible and frustrating existence. This country continues to go downhill and is just a shell of the once great South Africa of apartheid and competence.

They had 1st world living conditions in many places and nuclear weapons. But it was all worth destroying for black "equality".

It wasn't their choice. The whites in America and Europe demanded it be done.

At the rate we (America) are headed, this is our future.

In some ways depending on where you live it is already here for many.

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"Black Culture" is sabotage

Take a moment and think of what success looks like.

Do you picture drugs, guns and promiscuity? Is the most important thing in a successful life violence or the potential for it? Is it joblessness? Is it flamboyantly spending money on booze, drugs and hedonism? Is it a flashy car or expensive jewelry? Is it a long record of sexual conquests? Do you imagine any of that is a template for success?

Black people were sold an identity - that of the gangster. A vast cultural movement was pushed on black people, a movement based off of honor culture (violence), criminality and poor life choices. If you look at "black culture" with an honest eye, you'll see that it is a template for failure, poor health, broken families and poverty. Added on top of this is the victimhood mentality, which eliminates the possibility that anyone with it could recognize that their actions are the cause of their poor outcomes. It is almost like "black culture" is a psychological weapon against all black people, and it has done more damage to them anything else.

Yes, we deserve better than to have people like you being racists. None of us asked for that, nor did we ask for you to intentionally attack our people. Repeatedly and with great precision. Even the ideals that you pretend to cling to have been denied to us.

I used to care when people called me racist. But, it's so ubiquitous whenever I talk to people on the Left, I find it hard to take seriously anymore. Believe what you want, I'm not going to play your stupid game.

"Black culture" is cancer. And to be clear, I don't mean that anything black people do is bad, but that a nucleus of very toxic attitudes has been socialized into black people. There's not much in "black culture" that will make anyone successful. It will just lead to more fatherlessness, crime, violence and poverty.

Can you find a cultural movement that is being sold to any other race that is as harmful and negative as the one being pushed on black people? Do you see a corollary in any other race?

Myron says other races laugh at blacks for victim mindset

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"Expect More Hysterical Screeching"—Leftists Can’t Help Being Self-Destructive (Which Is Good!)

The ROE vs WADE reversal ructions seem a good moment to point out that, during the crazy debate over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, when females seemed to have false memories of him raping them and exposing himself to them while he was a student at Yale, I commented "The Democratic Party Has Tipped, To Minorities, Women, Gays—Expect More Kavanaugh-Type Hysteria in the Future."

Specifically, I noted research shows women are considerably higher in mental instability (“Neuroticism”), and This, after all, is basically just a means via which they can express their feelings to each other and also alleviate a sense of guilt and social anxiety about their own “racism”, “white privilege”, or whatever they’ve bee told to feel guilty about.

As they take over society, and especially as they take over “caring” professions—such as teaching, medicine, non-profits and Woke activism—this can have serious, and self-destructive, consequences.

These women argued that “certain staff members had been tokenized, promoted, and then demoted on the basis of race.” There was an investigation and it found that the complaints were entirely unfounded. They just hated the supervisor.

So why did they make anonymous complaints? Women are physically weaker and fear open conflict or openly playing for status. Thus, they will generally use covert means to bring down a rival for status: whispering, bitching, spreading rumours about her being a slut or a show-off or making anonymous complaints.

White women, being higher in social anxiety than men or black women (see Race, Evolution, and Behavior, by J. Philippe Rushton) will be higher in extrinsic religiousness; competitive outward religious conformity—in this case to the Cult of Woke.

So, there may be some kind of silver lining to increasing female dominance of Woke organizations.

It means bickering, illogical decisions, time-wasting, and their being ground to a standstill.

And then of course there’s flat-out Black Lives Matter theft.

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“the bottom girl is Korean not Japanese”

And the white girl is from where? Were her ancestors even in the US when slavery was still allowed? Literally proving the point of the image. Half of white ethnics in the US like poles and Slavs weren’t even in the country when slavery was happening, but they get the guilt trip anyway.

They dont Care. If you look like whatever they imagine any european to look like you get blamed for whatever a similar looking person or people in history did. They Will blame a lightskinned arab or italian for slave ownership in africa unless they are told its not a fucking British American.

American idiots do not believe there is such a thing as different europeans either, we are all the same to them. I have literally been told by americans that germans are not a particular people but simply a country. And if i dare say that a spaniard and a german are not exactly the same, but are different groups who are both fine and everything, then i am guilty of nazism and oh i am saying aryans and oh this leads to ww3.

See you Think americans are just pretending to be retarded to fuck with you or something, no they mean it haha.

It’s funny because if koreans and japanese were invading eachother, these redditors would be scolding whoever was invaded and saying they are identical. Face it reddit, the only reason you even bothered to look up which asian type the Girl was was to have a gotcha on the meme because the content annoyed you.

You dont Care what type of asian anyone is. Same with africans, these redditors do not Care what type of african you are. They dont Care what type of european you are, you all identical and replaceable with any other.

This racial indifference is almost worse than hating a particular people, because eventhough that is horrible and should be prevented, atleast you acknowledge they exist and are a particular people!

So, with all due respect. please NEVER consult an american about ANYTHING about race, history or politics. They don't know what they are talking about.

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Behind the Tin Curtain: BRICS+ vs NATO/G7

Fast forward to the contemporary era of techno-feudalism, and there now exists what should be called a Tin Curtain, fabricated by the fearful, clueless, collective west, via G7 and NATO to essentially contain the integration of the Global South.

The avowed top aim of the G7 summit is to “project unity” for the irretrievably failed Ukrainian state.

In Bavaria, Scholz pushed for a Marshall Plan for Ukraine – a ludicrous concept considering Kiev and its environs might as well be reduced to a puny rump state by the end of 2022. The notion that the G7 may work to “prevent a catastrophic famine,” according to Scholz, reaches a paroxysm of ludicrousness, as the looming famine is a direct consequence of the G7-imposed sanctions hysteria.

The fact that Berlin invited India, Indonesia, South Africa and Senegal as add-ons to the G7, served as additional comic relief.

It would be futile to expect from the astonishing collection of mediocrities “united” in Bavaria, under de facto leader of the European Commission (EC), Fuehrer Ursula von der Leyen, any substantial analysis about the the reasons that forced Moscow to reduce gas flows to Europe. Instead, they blamed Putin and Xi.

Welcome to the Tin Curtain – a 21st century reinvention of the Intermarium from the Baltic to the Black Sea, masterminded by the Empire of Lies, complete with western Ukraine absorbed by Poland, the Three Baltic Midgets: Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Czechia and even NATO-aspiring Sweden and Finland, all of whom will be protected from “the Russian threat.”

The role of the EU, lording over Germany, France and Italy inside the G7 is particularly instructive, especially now that Britain is back to the status of an inconsequential island-state.

Elections in every single EU member-nation are absolutely meaningless. Heads of national governments – Macron, Scholz, Draghi – are mere executants. No democratic debate is allowed: ‘democracy,’ as with ‘EU values,’ are nothing than smokescreens.

The EC is totally outside of any sort of control. That’s how a stunning mediocrity like Ursula von der Leyen was catapulted upwards to become the current EC Fuhrer.