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*Do Pagans eat meat?*

I don’t. As Porphyry, blessed by the Gods, argued, the consumption and sacrifice of meat is immoral. The mystery of Elusis maintained three laws for worshippers: honor your parents/ancestors, offer to the gods from the fruits of the earth, and harm no animals.

These three laws come from Porphyry who quotes Athenian law makers. His claim was that the ancient laws of Athens were only preserved in Elusis and had been abandoned in other places.

*Should we apply or consider the roman mythos when talking about Greek mythology?*

Yes - the Gods inspire the mythological works of the poets and that didn’t stop because the poets spoke a different language (this applies to any modern language too, as the gods are obviously immortal and still present in our world today).

The gods are immortal beings who are present for all people and transcend changing cultural stereotypes.

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American females tried forcing their black man shagging ideals on the world.
Thank God it didn't work.
American females tried forcing their LGBT agenda on the world.
Thank God it failed yet again.
American females are now trying to force anal sex on infants too.
Hopefully that fails as well.
The Muslims are the good people in comparison
The american females are the demons, the communists, the socialists and vampires of all those around them.

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RE: If we were living in a male-dominated world (with links)

If men wanted to oppress women they'd be sent to wars as cannon fodder and make up %99 of the casualties to save the lives of the more precious male sex from such brutality and death.

The entire world would revolve around a "Men and children first" narrative. Humanitarian aids would constantly and only discriminate against women.

Men would create a movement to erase the female sex through eugenics (#theFutureisFemale) regularly call for a gendercide of women and call for it's action (#KillAllMen) and wouldn't be punished in the slightest for spreading those ideas. Men would openly associate with these ideas publicly knowing they won't be punished in the slightest.

Despite things like #KillallWomen, only sexism to men would be banned and punished, misogyny would be mocked, refused and denied to even exist by the men's rights movement.

Men's rights would victim-blame female suicide victims with toxic femininity and be obsessed with slut-shaming women and female virgins. Men's right would create loads of sexist terms like "womanspread, womansplain, bagsplain" to attack women for decades, including incessant sexist generalizations for decades. If any women objected to their insane sexism, they'd be attacked with fragile femininity and fragile egos. Oh yeah, and every single sexism the female gender faces would be gaslighted and victim-blamed onto women by calling it all "toxic femininity"

Be a man, and you're already experiencing every single thing written here and by OP. Yikes.

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China-Russia-Iran Eurasiosphere GDP PPP is 32.67 trillion

Anglosphere GDP PPP is 29.48 Trillion

Eurasian supremacy.

What sort of support has Macron received from EU partners over AUKUS? Deafening silence in Germany.

Remember when Denmark spied on Germany for the USA? nothing Happen.

Remember when China was the first to Help Serbia with Vaccines?

Remember when Germany crushed Greece with Austerity?

European solidarity is a Myth.

"Washington is building a NATO-like alliance in the [Indo-Pacific] region, with AUKUS at the core, and the US-Japan and US-South Korea alliances surrounding it, and the Quad at the outermost level, because India, not an US ally, can't be trusted by the US."—PRC scholar Li Haidong

Stupid statement Australia, Japan, South Korea are US vassals since the cold war , USA is not building or gaining NEW allies its the same group of Asian countries during the cold war. Secondly the India part is right. India will never accept USA full dominance.

The French have thrown their toys out of the pram and withdrawn their Ambassadors from the USA and Australia.

French tech was way out of date and EU States do not suit the 21st century.

The Anglosphere is back and they hate it!

We need a Eurasian sphere now!

One of Chinese policy makers objectives in this decade is the creation of a Eurasian sphere this will be a huge boost for China.

Italy will not send any kind of military asset to the pacific in support of the USA

Italy needs China for trade. USA is getting pathetic , China will dominate the western pacific regardless of these stupid moves, I wonder at what stage the USA will invite Romania, Bulgaria , Albania to stop feeling insecure?????

Waiting for Luxembourg to shows its boats in Asia.


If a war breaks out India will be obliterated by Pakistan and China.

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Dear Menslib- we've been trying to tell you.

I'd like to offer some words for r/menslib. It's in reference to your recent AMA with Chuck Derry from the Duluth Model Organization.. You guys were surprised at what you heard, and how bad it was....but we weren't. We knew this was going to happen, because we've been trying to warn you about political feminism and things like the Duluth Model for years. The groups and figures at the top of the hierarchy of feminism are backwards and sexist and disingenuous. The Duluth Model isn't some 'fringe idea', it's the single most influential social model on police MO for domestic violence in the US.

You guys seem to be on the cusp of realizing that your view on the modern day feminist movement isn't quite how the real world works.

We told you this. We told you this is what feminist literature actually says if you bother to read it. We told their buzzwords such as


"patriarchal structures"

"systemic oppression"

"to those with privilege, equality feels like oppression"

"Inherent misogyny"

It's flat-earth tier. In fact it's worse, because it's actual harmful. This is what we told you, the more political feminist organizations actively support, perpetrate, and lobby for the legalization of domestic violence against men, and automatic exemption for prison for violent female criminals.

I'm going to be honest and blunt- subs like ML are part of the problem of the following comment:

I grew up in a household where my mother was emotionally/verbal abusive to my father (as well as the kids) and it distinctly felt like Chuck discounted that and viewed it as less serious, as it was female-led and received.

Because Chuck follows feminist theory. Not because he is patriarchal, not because he believes in "hetero-normative" beliefs, IT IS BECAUSE HE IS A FEMINIST.

You guys need to wake up and accept how bad things really are.

You have been lied too. What you believe about the MRM is a lie.

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RE: High school classroom decorated with 'f*** the police' poster and other left-wing symbols

It's California. There's little the GOP can do politically there to effect school policy, but parents can. We see their power manifesting itself all over the nation

I understand, but what about red states?? Red policy???

Hell, only in a few red states was CRT "banned" ......as if woke lunatics in the school system just stopped and said "oh well guess that's it!" .

Weak sauce.

There is no fight back, that's why the left is keeps getting it's way.


spoilerPolitics in 2050:

Why yes I'm for mandatory estrogen in the water supply

Why yes heroin is a human right

Why yes I'm for mandatory abortions

Why of course yes I'm for mandatory anal penetration for all males

That's right, I'm a conservative

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My thoughts on the call for a sex strike in Texas to protest the new abortion law.

1. It shows that women believe that the ONLY Power they have or more accurately the most powerful thing they 'possess' is the power of sex, which is something that feminists have been supposedly fighting for decades. Yet, it is their first GO-TO thing to make social change.

2. They believe men have such power that if they aren't getting sex they will just change that law as though MEN have any real power, 'yes, let's hold back sex and all those men will get the law changed at the next patriarchy meeting'


Also you do realize that women themselves largely voted for this. But apparently it’s only men’s fault.

men overwhelming support abortion. pro-lifers are overwhelming women. yet every time women disagree it's somehow "mUh pAtRiArChY" to blame...

Women are the biggest supporters of anti-abortion laws. The reason is because women benefit by forcing other women to have less sex. If women are having less sex then it could encourage men to have long-term relationships and go back to getting married.

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RE: The Moral Panic About Eugenics Poses a Threat to Abortion Rights

"If eugenics truly is a slippery slope, then the Left should join the Right in enforcing bans on abortion."

(Macedonian American)
This is one of those topics that the left absolutely refuses to acknowledge. Literally their only rebuttal is always some form of calling you racist. If Black people didn't get abortions, they would be about 25% of the population right now. And White people would already be the minority. Because of this I have always been wondering what the real DNC plan is for Black and Hispanic people. They know demographics are destiny. They know they would have basically solidified their power for decades to come if they didn't' allow abortions. Or are they just that morally bankrupt that allowing the murder of children is worth the wait of total control?

DNC doesn't want blacks anymore then anyone else does really, they want Hispanics. Oh they will use blacks as they have been for years since Feminism gave the black voting block so much power the last 5 decades but the ultimate goal is Hispanics, socialism and a bit less aggressiveness then blacks bring with them. Watch as the next few years they switch their priorities to Hispanics as they take over key areas.

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Old school. Top clearance. Extremely discreet. Attended secret Deep State meetings on 9-11. Tired of all the lies.

"An emergency phone conference was held in the early afternoon of 9/11 based on the fact that WTC Building Number Seven was still standing. Demolitions were engineered to cause the building, as well as the others, to fall into its own footprint. I attended this call.”

“No plane hit Building Number Seven.”

“The CIA was brought to cover it up. The CIA set up failed asset bin Laden to blame as misdirection, then pulled the plug on Building Number Seven.”

"The CIA doctored tapes to show Arabs entering the planes."

"Our CIA Arabists knew that if we blamed Osama, who was innocent, Mullah Omar would not give him up in violation of the laws of Islamic hospitality. Mullah Omar requested evidence: then he would turn him over. Of course, we did not want that.”

“The Afghanistan heroin war was justified by 9-11. No one in Afghanistan was involved in 9/11. No member of Islam was involved. We invaded Afghanistan for only one purpose, to restart heroin production shut down by a righteous act of Mullah Omar.”

"CIA heroin plantations in Afghanistan funded external, clandestine operations and lined some important people's pockets. That was common practice when the CIA ran the heroin operation in the Golden Triangle."

“It was never in the U.S. strategic interest to lay a curse on Islam in the West."

“9-11 was a kind of Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation justifying a war on Islam and the invasion of Iraq, followed by other invasions of Islamic nations."

“The Taliban loved us as they did not know that we lured Russia into Afghanistan. It was idiotic to think that they wanted to hurt their ally on 9-11.”

"With Iraq invaded over a new falsity, the neocons created a war of hatred against Islam."

"The apex of the U.S. command structure is not the presidency. It’s the Deep State. I use that term even though we did not as it is commonly used."

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In many (most/all?) countries there are more male teenage prostitutes than female teenage prostitutes. No one seems to know this, no one seems to care and no one advocates using resources to help them as opposed to the female teenage prostitutes.

A 2002 report found that 2.1% of school-aged boys and 0.6% of girls in Oslo had performed sexual favours for payment. This study from Sweden found that from a sample of 2,323 girls and 2,016 boys, 1.0% of the girls and 1.8% of the boys had sold sex. An American study done in Saint Louis found that the lifetime prevalency numbers for prostitution were 4% for men and 2% for women.

One finds a lot higher lifetime numbers for men and the other indicates a strong possibility.

As far as I understand boys and young men dominate the lower age groups and women the older age groups. This is supposedly in large part explained by homosexual men being much, much more interested in paying for sex with boys younger than about 23 and straight men not showing as strong a youth preference. However, the lifetime numbers might still come out with more men.

Another aspect is frequency. Often young mens prostitution is framed as being about fewer incidences of sale with fewer costumers. If such cases account for a large percentage of boys prostitution that lowers the impact it has. We know that many women are full time prostitutes that sell sex frequently, often several times a day.

Any thoughts or relevant studies about any of this is highly welcome. I am working on an article about it

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the disturbing and extremely credible allegation that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford

I used to manage a bar, did security. I used to laugh when females in cock dresses, searching for cock, would complain about getting goosed.

This one, and I gave seen a billion just like her, figured out at 14 she has a pussy......letting boys play means you aren't lonely on a Saturday night. For a #7 at 2:30.........just another plain Jane butterface.

A few if them around here, I see!

LoL, that same lady, sits in the same stands at the speedway every year, same black cocktail dress, hoping someone will notice.

Hope is a beautiful thing. However, hope doesn't buy dick on Saturday night.

This communist shrew has no credibility. Her Feminazi enablers have accomplished what?

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RE: Is rural America becoming a new Confederacy?

That article was a good summary of a whingy (whiny + cringey) blog post. Best takeaway:

The point isn't that the American countryside increasingly wants to avenge the honor of Southern slaveowners for their loss in a war that ended over a century and a half ago. Rather, the people who live in these areas share with the historic South an intense distrust of the federal government, veneration of local law enforcement, resentment of city folk, suspicion of minorities and foreigners, hostility to technologically driven change, and a keen sensitivity to cultural slights.

I think it's true, and I'm happy about it. It's been really great to be able to "dogwhistle" in a room full of rural folk and find confederacy from wall-to-wall. Trump made that possible, and I'll always admire him for that.

Even more interesting is how many right-wing Americans seem to be questioning the received narrative about WWII, and even self-identifying with the German Nazis. Realizing what the Nazis really stood for and discovering a parallel between their political ideals and my own was a world-shattering paradigm shift when it happened to me in 2006; required months of trauma, contemplation, and study before it occurred; and was totally alienating - I felt for a long while like I was the only person in the country who had ever experienced it. I never expected to see Rightwing populists all over the internet start to equivocate about any and every subject regarding the Nazis, but Trump (or, rather, the mainstream media's response to Trump) woke people up en masse to the effects of propaganda and gaslighting on the public mind.

Seriously, 2016 forward has been amazing as far as right-wing radicalization goes. Makes me hopeful I'm going to see a judenfrei White Ethnostate in my lifetime.

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Quit trashing Obama's accomplishments. He has done more than any other President before him. He was the first President to:

apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

violate the War Powers Act.

be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.

demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in office.

hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.

win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week

repeat the Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs Arizona).

I feel much better now. I had been under the impression he hadn't been doing ANYTHING... Such an accomplished individual... in the eyes of the ignorant maybe.!.

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Wtaf?! You're worried about the price of meat going up? And not about the negative environmental impact and health benefits, not to mention the suffering and torture of billions of sentient beings that the Animal Industrial Complex is directly responsible for? Try eating a climate, health and animal friendly diet, SugarDaddy1.

Try the real paleo diet: You eat nothing you didn't kill with your bare hands!

And you don't get to use them to eat it!

Ya, that's a hard no. I'm not a specieist and prefer the taste of kindness.

You'll find that just above the left ventricle. Bon appetit!

Got that right it's in my fully functioning heart that's not clogged with saturated fats. I'm also not at risk of high cholesterol which causes heart problems because there is ZERO cholesterol in a plant based diet. All cholesterol comes from meat and meat by products. High cholesterol is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease. So yeah, my fully functioning left ventricle is only one of many reasons for my feelings of compassion and why an earth friendly diet tastes of compassion. And good health. And saving rain forests and lowering green house emissions. You should try being part of the solution and not the precipitate.

sexratiocel #crackpot #dunning-kruger #god-complex #sexist incels.is

RE: Perceived intelligence is attractive, but real intelligence is not. Bones >>>>>> intelligence

Normies getting blackpilled hard

In a series of speed-dating sessions, women rated men who were *perceived* as being more intelligent or funny as more attractive, but rated men who were actually more intelligent as slightly less attractive.

1. Women find men who are perceived as intelligent to be more attractive --->

2. Taller men are perceived as more intelligent than shorter men --->

3. Thus, the heightpill strikes once again, as once again taller men are shown to have it better with women than shorter men.

It just never ends.

Not just women. People over 6'2" are more likely to be CEOs because of their perceived intelligence and "decision-making" due to height, not actual intelligence.


It pisses me off to no end.

Not only is male tallness attractive to foids in and of itself, there is also this "secondary attractiveness amplifier" of being perceived as more intelligence and therefore (once again) more attractive. Another such secondary attractiveness amplifier is that tall men tend to actually be richer and have higher status, and thus once again they are deemed more attractive. It's like femur + tibia literally make or break your success in life in every single field and in all fields combined.

What horrible deed did I do in a previous incarnation to deserve being both actually high IQ and high libido and at the same time so short (5'7") that people dismiss my actually high IQ and my high libido goes unfulfilled?

My theory is that we were Chads and Stacies before and now we atone by going through the opposite experience.

Looks are everything and everything is looks. All else is delusional cope.

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RE: AOC has caved in.


She flat out referred to women as “menstruating people” on television the other day. She did so several times.

She is just another misogynist who hates women so much that she insists on demeaning and erasing us. It’s sad when men buy into the “woke” misogyny, but seeing other women (like AOC) spout this nonsense is really unfortunate.

I just don’t understand why women go along with this crap men loses are practically abysmal while women loses almost everything.

thevenon #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #sexist incels.is

RE: Africans spread aids within China, girls still have sex with them regardless

I shall tell you a secret kept during 600 years, the true reason why Ming treasure voyages have been stopped https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ming_treasure_voyages. Chinese men did not want to see same images 600 years ago.

It is really amusing that nobody understands why Chinese stopped their voyages in the 15th century.

Maybe they wanted to impress their wives by importing exotic BBCs but the boats were overloaded with too much cock

Chinese men were highly intelligent when they stopped contacts with western cultures. The same was true for Japanese men.

These men will die now

Various Commenters #racist #sexist #wingnut stormfront.org

(White gold)
One in four women physicians report infertility

A Medical Career, at a Cost: Infertility - The New York Times

But one achievement eluded her: having a baby. She had postponed getting pregnant until she was solidly established in her career, but when she finally decided to try to have children, at 34, she was surprised to find that she could not, even with fertility drugs. Dr. Marshall attributed it to having worked frequent night shifts, as well as to stress and lack of sleep, which can affect reproductive cycles.

Placing women in traditionally male leadership roles with all the stress and long years to prepare for it takes it’s toll on a woman’s reproductive cycle.

White women seem to forget the single most important job they'll ever have is bearing and raising children.

What do you notice about commercials for contraceptives? Ever see a non-white woman in one?

Just yet another thing that worked out exactly as planned.

(Herr Gruber)
The gymnasiums are full of the women you speak of, trying to fill that empty void in their life. Success comes at a very heavy price..

(White gold)
I totally agree with both of you. Men and women are not interchangeable.

Selfmade_3127 #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

I could just see it all end with an economic collapse that we hardworking men recover from rather well in the long run, on the other hand I do believe that wokeness has the potential to end in male genocide.

feminism is a fascist movement: they justify their horrific actions with the fight against an imaginary made-up world conspiracy called "The Patriarchy" (the Nazis used the same template with their made-up "Jewish World Conspiracy"), they promote their own supremacy aka "the future is female" and pressure the government to push for gender based laws

it drifts towards labor camps and androcide ... but I'm pretty sure they will disguise it better:

they will turn motherhood into a (government) paid job

single mothers will become the norm (fully government funded)

there will be zero selection pressure on women, either they are able to acquire semen the natural way ... or if a woman is genetically unfit, anti-social, violent, mentally-ill or otherwise unpleasant ... she can turn to sperm banks ... evolution will be completely destroyed

ALL of this will be paid for by tax money

practically the only people who will pay tax money will be men, they will leave you only with the bare minimum to survive ... it will practically be slavery.

if you can't pay it or if you revolt against this form of treatment ... you will end up in jail ... which by then will be practically labor camps to exploit your productivity

you will practically pay child support for children you didn't father and alimony for women you have never met

there will be no hope for men to escape or achieve something in life

the only thing I'm wondering about is how long this will last before there will be a huge uprising, a slave revolt ... I leave it to your imagination how this will turn out

Various Commenters #conspiracy #pratt #wingnut youtube.com

RE: Republicans BLOCKED From Voting In Newsom Recall Told They Already Voted, Larry Elder STILL May WIN

(Snuggly Bastard)
They're rigging the elections again. The Democrats can't win otherwise.

(SWFL Fishing)
Soon they’ll tell us Gavin Newsom is the “most popular governor in history”, 80 million votes in a state of 39 million.

Whenever there exists a Democrat in the election.... the likelihood of shenanigans taking place goes up by about 1000%

(Kevin Hoekman)
Tim, they won't let them vote. They, the Dems, already voted for them. Get this through your head, this happened in 2020. Millions of people Tim.

Stop denying voter fraud Tim. We all know its a widespread problem and they hide it.

(Rob K)
Tim, you sound just like the people trying to force vaccines: “just shut up, stop asking questions, and vote.”

(David Guyton)
After the results come out, you won't be allowed to ask questions about it without having your online persona Epsteined.

(System X)
I'm sure it's gonna be the most free and fair election ever if Gavin wins. If he loses it'll be Trump and Russia behind it.

(Phoenix 2020)
"Do your job media..." Says Tim. Silly kid. The Democrat propaganda machine is fully operational and working well. Seems like we've heard this all before somewhere... 🤔

Simon Burnton & Some Wingnuts #pratt #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: According to The Guardian, it is now suspicious to show how almost 100% kids in your country look like...


They do realize politics is often like a pendulum so the more they crank the rhetoric about race one way the more it may swing the other if there is ever countermovememt. And if they know even the slightest thing about Europe they should know that prodding at racial tensions will end in massive bloodshed.

That level of foresight would first require that they pull their heads out of their asses, and since that would subject them to all of those icky opinions of people who are obviously wrong, they won't do it.

But supposing for a moment that they could do that, look ahead and see the prospective consequences of their extreme ideology? They wouldn't care. Because it would mean that all their incessant claims about white supremacy being everywhere would be validated

News-flash, not EVERY nation on the entire planet is a "melting pot". Many countries will have people who all look the same.

Yeah, it's funny how they never seem to complain about Asian countries, or Arab countries having people who look similar.

Yet you won't ever hear them complaining about the shocking lack diversity in Nigeria or Japan or India.

Its like taking a trip to India, and complaining about all the 'foreigners'.

Actually you hear a lot about the lack of diversity in Japan.

You'll never hear them complaining about the shocking lack of diversity and shithole countries but they will always complain about the lack of diversity in nice developed countries with working utilities.


This is the face of the numpty who wrote that.

I find it really sad that some white people are developing self hatred to the point of irrationality. Imagine hating yourself so much you complain about there being too many whites in Poland while you're giving live updates on a soccer game.

Various Commenters #elitist #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

RE: How a More Diverse Population Will Change America


"Ordinary Americans predict a white backlash."

I see no sign of that happening.

They have to blame white people for the increase in crime and destruction of social trust. How else are they going to prevent everyone else from noticing who commits most of the violent crime? Look at the "Stop Asian Hate" campaign. It is usually blacks committing random attacks on Asians yet the movement blames white supremacy for the crime.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)
Patricia Kenny, one of the cherry picked, foolish voices for this WaPo article, opines:

“Diversity is the lifeblood of a healthy nation. “

Diversity is the the lifeblood of nations? Like the Mongolian empire of yore? Or the Austrian-Hungary Empire? Or the USSR? Or the British Empire? Funny how diversity saved none of those super-national entities.

“Diversity of culture brings new ways of thinking and problem solving. It is not a surprise that many of our Nobel winners and inventors are immigrants or the children of immigrants.”

Of the 900 Nobel laureates 20% are Ashkenazi Jews and a huge chunk of others, until more recent times, were of White European descent. Diversity is fairly narrow, when it comes to very high IQs. The immigration status is a moot point, as far as Nobel prizes go, since that characteristic contributes little to such successes.

A real White backlash would mean Whites having large families again and not miscegenating and encouraging more European immigration to our shores. We need MORE White people. Period!

For a young white person it seems to be a social obligation to marry a nonwhite and have half white kids.

Young urban white women, especially. Men.. less so, but they do they are inclined to Asian women for very obvious reasons... young urban white women.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #moonbat #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Twitter racists at it again


Is that why domestic violence is disproportionately high in the black community? The middle aged white guys made them do it!


You say that but these people genuinely believe that.

George Floyd was the patron saint of armed robbers.


To some of these people, it’s genuinely racist and evil to say “all people are equal; no one group is meaningfully any smarter, stronger or more intelligent than the others. Everyone deserves access to relatively equal opportunities, and we need to respect the right for others to live the way they want”.

I believe the quote goes: "If you demanded everyone gets equal treatment, you would've been labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago, and a racist today."

I am scared to be with room with women more, what's your point?

They right though

How are they right? It’s an opinion based off of prejudice. How is anything like that correct or incorrect?

The idea that some people feel scared mainly around white males is just as valid as someone not feeling scared around them. Then we have to ask ourselves, "why are some people afraid of them?"

Emotional intelligence is a real thing

I guess emotional intelligence really hampers your ability to understand ”per capita” crime statistics

White men made up the largest demographic of mass shooters in America as of May 2021

The white person is the less likely to be a violent criminal in comparison to the others mentioned in the post.

So could you tell me why are you so scared of white men?

Because they are angry about their small pp's and what to take that out on people 😎

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #elitist #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Indian vs. Black: Vigilante Killings Upend a South African Town

Racial harmony in the Rainbow Nation.

I would watch this on PPV. Beats most of the recent stuff on PPV.

I have never known anyone who was neither white nor black who liked blacks.

Nobody likes them. Including themselves. They kill more of their own kind than anyone else does.

(Francis Galton)
Indians and blacks kill each other in black-ruled South Africa, and they still try to pin the blame on whitey. The most ridiculous example of that I have ever seen is in Adam Rutherford's book How to Argue with a Racist. He blamed Whites for the Rwandan genocide of one group of blacks by another group of blacks.


As far as I remember, it was already used in 1998 (?) in the campaign against the then Yugoslavia, guilt ridden Bill Clinton who was blamed for overlooking tha massacre in Rwanda decided to right the wrong in Yugoslavia.

Well, the way I heard it went down was like this - the US went into the Balkans to protect and help all the White Europeans, while they left the African blacks to fend for themselves in Rwanda, because they didn’t care about black lives, because at the time black lives DIDN’T matter as the do now in our more enlightened, woke times. They didn’t care about black bodies (Ah! Ah!) but they did about White Bodies. See how it’s capitalized, conveying respect?

(San Francisco Cynic.... )
Indians managed to succeed in a hostile environment DESPITE the restrictions of apartheid, thanks to significantly higher intelligence than Blacks. I visited South Africa while Apartheid was still the law and saw first-hand how Indians successfully seized opportunities and managed to improve their lot within one generation. Blacks -lacking compassion or a talent for self-reflection - lash out at ANYONE who is able to succeed since on a deep level they recognize their own ingrained inadequacy. It's why they HATE the success of Asians in the US.

DavidByron2 #dunning-kruger #sexist #transphobia #wingnut reddit.com

FTM on realizing they're now treated like shit if they interact with children

FTM have a fascinating journey in modern misandry, their lived experience actualizes the latent hypocrisy and double-dealing of modern power structures.

They were raised as little girls with all the female privileges and now they have taken their life back as men, they are realizing that the feminists weren't exactly truthful about a lot of stuff. (quotes from a post on a board I'm not linking to).

Unfortunately, F2M are going to be the biggest help to us in getting the message out just how big the differences between male and female are. This is also why feminism fake sides with them while hating them at the same time. They know they are one of the big keys to show that at least in the west men are treated like shit compared to women.

I agree, but for right now feminism must feel like it's mandatory for these guys, even while it's an abusive relationship. Has anyone even heard of an anti-feminist LGBT+ community / group?

Feminism isn't faking like them. Feminism thinks of them as women. Feminists fake like trans women -- or in the case of TERFs they don't bother. So it's an abusive relationship like codependency. Political support in exchange for emotional abuse. It comes up a LOT on the board how often LGBTQ+ communities put on events and say "women and non-binary only" or something like that and then say to FTM "oh we don't mean you when we say no men allowed". The message is "we accept you - because we think you're women". Kill All Men! Ooops didn't mean you of course! So it's producing dysphoria all the time. Men suck! Not you though! It has to be more or less constant I'd guess.

LesPatterson #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: International Study Finds Sun - Not CO2 - May Be Behind Global Warming

Relax, nothing to see here; a clever use of mathematical derivations, but on the whole nothing worth getting excited about.

The critics of climate change have always had their claims and they come up with new ones everyday, but it's next to impossible to prove any of their claims with physical experiments.

You just twisted the whole thing around.
Alarmist are the ones coming up with useless computer models and fake mathematics to try and make their fake science fit the data. But they are fighting a losing battle. But none of that really matters, because they are in charge of the narrative. They have completely hijacked and closed down the entire debate, the science is settled you know.

The truth does not matter to these people, they tell bare faced lies regarding biology, physics race and history all while keeping a straight face. Then cancel people for pointing out the bleeding obvious. Did you hear one of your hero’s AOC just this week talking about menstruating people, just a tiny example. And she is a climate change hero to everyone, god help us.

So you are certainly in good company...

New ones every day, this is exactly what you have been doing here on Stormfront, posting one ridiculous video after another, flip flopping all over the place. Tilting planets, massive feedbacks, Super gases, all totally totally defying the laws of Physics.

Our claims are very consistent and based on actual data, past and present. While you people hide or completely ignore past climate and the past relationship between CO2 and temperature.
CO2 can’t and has never influenced climate or temperature. Past data clearly shows that. But we have been over all this before. That claim has never changed. Why don’t you fill us in on all these new claims...

Various Commenters #elitist #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Genetic and Environmental Contributions to IQ in Adoptive and Biological Families with 30-Year-Old Offspring

Dismal result for environmentalists.

Environmentally mediated effects of parental IQs, sibling-specific shared environment, and gene-environment covariance accounted for 8% of the IQ variance in adulthood. The heritability was estimated to be 0.42 [95% CI 0.21, 0.64]. Together, these findings provide further evidence for the predominance of genetic influences on adult intelligence over any other systematic source of variation.

This explains why Head Start and No Child Left Behind failed to close the race gap. Nevertheless, liberals continue to pretend that more white dollars will create more black scholars. The fact that they try to suppress the findings and assertions of heriditarians and race realists tells me that they do not believe their propaganda. If they wee really confident that the right environment (controlled of course by them) would improve black academic performance they would welcome a candid and honest debate on this topic.

(Fed Up)
Learning and intelligence depends on the BRAIN and how well a child can actually learn. White children have a genetic advantage based on a better brain and related upbringing. How many black children have parents who actually take an interest in their cognitive abilities and scholastic standing? My parents insisted I learn and learn what teachers taught. That lack of an education is equivalent to the "kiss of death" when as an adult, I'd be looking for a job or a career path.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)
Modern day social engineers will deny this newest study and double down on a myriad of useless, but costly, programs designed to raise the IQs of POCs.

(Gabby Mouse)
If the brain cells simply aren't there, they aren't there.

It's been obvious throughout history that the brain cells aren't there. Just compare the white countries with the black countries. It's SO obvious!

Jared Taylor #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

The evidence that genes influence intelligence and other personality traits is so overwhelming that even a few lefties no longer deny it. But, oh, how they agonize over how to reconcile science with the religion of equality.

As The Genetic Lottery’s cover proclaims, the book will explain “how the science of genetics can help create a more just and equal society.” Since it’s all a matter of luck, the lucky few should be just as devoted as ever to succoring the unlucky many.

This is the sort of fluff with which liberals (and even conservatives) must sugar the pill, and all snideness aside, I’m very glad Prof. Harden wrote a book that could prompt more accusations that she is lending comfort to the alt-right.

Much of the thrill of being on the Left is an intoxicating sense of moral superiority, the joy of inventing endless pathologies — racist, sexist, xenophobe, etc. — with which to diagnose conservatives.

But what if Prof. Harden is right and America is not so much a crime scene as a story of good luck and bad luck?

Let’s imagine explaining to white suburban mothers why there has be Section 8 housing in their neighborhood:

"Yes, these people live in tar-paper shacks because they’re shiftless, but the poor dears were born that way. You live in nice houses because you are smart and hard-working but you were born that way. And they will bring crime, but they can’t help that."

If that’s the best the Left can do, there won’t be any Section 8 housing. Or affirmative action or reparations or critical race theory or immigrant-coddling or diversity boosting or any of the other dead weights progressives hang around our necks.

I wish Prof. Harden every success with her book. And who knows? Maybe The Genetic Lottery will make it a little less likely we get idiotic laws such as No Child Left Behind or that we try to turn Afghans into Hubert Humphrey Democrats. We may still lather Quanisha and Juan Pablo with preferences, but the frenzy to make them into doctors and jet pilots may cool.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #fundie reddit.com

How can it be the case that there is no evidence for the existence of God or gods when atheists often appeal to polytheistic gods to resist apologetic arguments?

If your counter to “God caused the universe” is “What about the Greek Pantheon, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster?”, that’s not saying that the universe isn’t evidence for a deity. That’s saying it doesn’t tell you which deity. It can still be evidence for a deity.

It’s like, you can have evidence that a thief stole something, without it also telling you who the thief is.

There is evidence. God is a spirit, so the evidence is spiritual. I asked Gpd to be born again and His Holy Spirit indwelled me. His amazing love enveloped me and I knew He loved me and had always known me. That was many decades ago. I have doubted many things in my life but I have never doubted that God is with me since then. My spiritual eyes were opened.

Go to God with your question. Ask Him if He is real. He wants a relationship with you.

I absolutely agree OP. This is just a common debate tactic where people move the goalposts to suit their agenda. Whenever it comes to that, I just stop debating because it's futile at that point.

The polytheist gods are the true ones, and atheists are accidentally correct.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #elitist #fundie #pratt youtube.com

RE: Die-Hard Atheist Encounters Jesus While Reading Narnia

Jordan grew up an atheist and would ridicule her Christian friends for their beliefs. But then she encountered the love of Jesus.

(Henrique Ordine)
I've been down that atheist path as well, and it's a path of frustration and hopelessness. Jesus is the truth.

(Crystal Ramdial)
I struggled with self hate , addiction and depression . Experiencing GOD'S love truly brought freedom and peace. Honestly nobody can love you like JESUS. GIVE HIM A CHANCE, HE'LL DO THE SAME FOR YOU.

"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."

That is of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes. And whenever someone asks me to prove there is a God, I'll respond with "Look around you. He's everywhere."

(Gumbi Is A Meatball)
Today I saw an interview with Carl Jung. He was asked, "Do you believe there's a God?" He paused and said, "I don't have to believe, I KNOW." What many don't understand is that, Jesus Christ and God are REAL. Once you have a Personal encounter with Them and begin a Relationship with Them, you DON'T have to believe... you KNOW! Do you "believe" in your best friend, or do you KNOW them?

(Karunya Ronith)
Repent today. God is coming soon

(Agafaith Rilles)
i can't imagine a life that you dont believe in God. That's just hopelessness, darkness and no purpose at all.

(Kathy R.)
Take a look around... it’s a no brainer that God is Almighty and a Genius Creator

(Yeya Music)
I love how creative God is! Such an abstract way to reach someone yet so cool.

Various Incels #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.is

RE: Daily reminder to coping white supremacists on this site


turbocuckcel_7000 is a 31 year old virgin who still has a cope for “white supremacy”. This old geezer actually believes that worshipping whote women and white chads is the best thing for incels lmaooo

BummerDrummer a blonde white incel kid is who is at the bottom of his white social hierarchy worshipping the same whote women who wont fuck him

Realizing that multiculturalism/migration is detrimental due to skewing up the gender ratio, that it is used to disinegrate the unity of the people (thereby making them easier to control with racial infights) and that it benefits only liberals/capitalists that will make our problems worse =/= simping for white women

Migrants vote mostly leftist-liberal, every vote for leftist-liberals is a vote against men and for feminism. Furthermore, they bring crime and I would rather be an incel with my wallet than without. And for their sexual crimes: I don't care and because women voted for this, it's their problem.

I believe that every race has its place on the globe and shouldn't mix, but there's no denying that ethnicities are dumber than whites and they're doing shit in politics, so whites must prevail in the end

daily reminder


(Fat Link)
There’s no such thing as white supremacy.

There is however Jewish supremacy.

Maybe you muds that are sad and pissed off about your rotten lot in life need to begin taking up your problems with the Jews?

Since after all they owned all the slave ships that brought your black asses over here to whiteopia to begin with and it was they who were your primary enslavers NOT whites.

You should all demand reparations from Israel now but you monkeys won’t as you are pussy niggers.

Too fearful to attack or go after the actual people whose organ grinder tune you all dance to.

Jade #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Ban urged on rape suspects ‘claiming they are women’ | Scotland | The Times

I've had my fair share of "kink-positive, it's-his-right-if-he-wants-to-work-in-the-sex-industry, positive-vibes-only, can-we-talk-about-something-else?" libfems derail sorority group meetings created to tackle reports of sexual assault within a specific social group with "but why can't we invite men? Why does it have be us against them? Men get raped too! Women rape men too!"

All we need now is to corroborate this pickme virtue signalling do jour with statistics that "prove them right" because Jayden decided to be called Aimee and rape some "fellow women".

Various Incels #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist incels.is

(Teutonic Knight)
[Slavpill] Watch this video if you think Slavs are white. JFL if you think JBW applies for Slavs


There are slavcels captured in a slavwar. How the hell are these people "white"? Truecel after truecel, and they all look ethnic. If someone said these were captured Syrian rebels, you would believe him. Height is the only thing going for them.


Another one, this time bosniakcels. Only the guy in the end is white, all others look like some Afghans and Arabs

"Slavs are white bro, just be Slav bro"

In the balkans we imagine "white" as in nordic or wasp. We are completely aware that serbs look like turks.

White = Nordic/Germanic/Anglo

White race = Anglo concept for Westerners

Slavs have absolutely zero to do with white race

Who are you working for. Could it perhaps be the George Soros Open Society Foundation?

Why would Soros want slavpillers lol? Soros wants Slavs to think they're white so that they can become good white liberals. He doesn't want anti-Western slavpillers who are aware of the bitter reality of Eastern Europe.

(Deleted member 19971)
Slavs from the Balkans aren't white but most white-passing slavs live in the North ( Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltics, Western Russia. ).

Balkan slavs are more ethnic looking, but other slavs mogs medcels like me in whiteness

I find Mediterraneans to be good looking. They are European after all.

The females always bleach their hair and use massive fake up to appear more white.While males are often swarthy outside of maybe Lombardy and will probably get bald in their 20s because of african genes


nihility thoughts?

russian conscripts captured in ukraine,try to find at least one white guy in this video


When people say slave they are referring to polish, Moscow, so on. Not Arabs or Mongolians.

Reddit_is_for_cucks #dunning-kruger #pedo #sexist incels.is

Giga Suicide fuel - Roastie explains life of a 14 year old chad who has fucked 50 girls in a month. Brutal life experience mog

This is a first hand view into chads life style. You may rope you have been warned. I almost went insane during the call.

This girl I am talking to met this family friend chad in her cottage trip. This might be one of the toughest blackpills to swallow. While I was still thinking about taking my crush to movies and prom, Chad was blowing his nut on her face along with crushes of 50 other dudes! Chad mogs my life experience to a new dimension. These brain dead whores would always pick being part of chads harem then have a relationship with nice man.

Audio: https://gofile.io/?c=X4aw7F

4:00 chad bragging
4:20 chad says girls are lucky to give him Bjs
6:15 Girls will do anything to suck chads dick
7:10 I am not like other girls teehee
8:00 Chads height
8:25 Chad fucks 1 girl per day, takes picture of it and sends to it group
12:45 Roastie thinks it’s funny
24:50 she says she hates when guys make girls cry, then back pedals when I tell her I made girls cry.
26:00 she said she hates guy that insult girl then I said I told her I call girls fat and ugly and she said “that’s different “

Such a foreign thing to me. I can only imagine what that feels like. Kind of like how being a billionaire is so foreign to me. You can think but it's not possible unless you actually experience it.

that's nothing, take this and multiply it by million because this is going on in every highschool. 1 chad is hogging 100 girls while other 99 guys cope by video games/homework/hobbies and shit

None of Reddit_is_for_cucks Megablackpill threads have been featured on IT. THEY KNOW WE'RE RIGHT.

The difference between top 10% males and Incels is like the difference between billionaires and the homeless. The disparity is just not fair.

chad = billionair
Chadlite = millionaire
High tier normie = reaching 7 figures
Normie = 6 figures
Incel = below six figures

Various Incels #pratt #psycho #sexist incels.is

JFL FDS roasties noticed that most of their users are femcels and don't actually want to date

REMINDER: FDS is NOT WGTOW/OVARIT/FEMCEL etc, We're a Dating Strategy....So You Should, Ya'Know, DATE.


(Deleted member 30198)


Women learn through consequence, beating and humiliation. You should get comfortable with beating and ignoring them.

I hope FDS gains millions of subscribers on reddit so that the blackpill about female nature can spread. :)

won't change things the way you think it would. Men are still led by their dicks, it would be a bump in the road for women, but back to smooth streets after a while.

(Deleted member 33893)
A lot of guys are aware of what is going on but because a small % of women is loyal and not slutty they are chasing the 1 in 10.000 or rarer unicorn of a woman. Just that most female unicorns (if they exist) are already in a long relationship.

ETA: I want to be clear that we explicitly recommended multi-dating - that’s in the handbook.

-Date Billy for his shekels, don't have sex with him more than once a month

-Date Chad

NotCis #moonbat #transphobia ovarit.com

Where's the backlash against Texas?

Where are all the businesses lining up to announce that they won't do business with Texas anymore because of the new restrictions on women's rights? Where's the NCAA announcing that it won't host tournaments and events there? If you ever needed proof that trans activism gets more attention and corporate support than women ever did, it's in this silence.

The difference between the response to NC over bathroom bills and the response to abortion rights is what peaked me on the democrats. I don’t know who to vote for anymore.

I won't be voting for Democrats again. The state of California, which is in a Democrat stranglehold and nearly always has been, banned state-funded travel to Texas over the "bathroom bills." Crickets now.

I did vote Dem, always have, but in recent years it's been more because "the other side is even worse." I used to be an enthusiastic Democrat but I can no longer stomach voting for a party that does not recognize women as human. I'm considering emigrating.

Not voting is better than voting for any political party.

Democrat: Pro-"trans" no matter what, misogynistic, and homophobic.

Republican: Pro-"trans" when it's convenient (e.g. "trans the non-conforming and gay away"), misogynistic, and homophobic.

Yeah, I agree. I’m at the point where I can no longer go along with “the Dems are better than the alternative.” The climate change argument was compelling for a while but at this point we’re so fucked I don’t know if it matters as much as I once thought. It does matter, but Dems aren’t exactly ramming through a carbon tax right now.

Britain's not that bad (TERF Island wooo) but good luck emigrating here with the new hostile policy after Brexit. Although it's mostly Eastern Europeans and brown people that they like to bully so maybe it's better if you're American.

Are there immigration limits because of Covid as well?

Various Commenters #crackpot #pratt #transphobia #ableism reddit.com

Anons talk about the transmaxxing manifesto


All funny until some idiots actually do it and then start blaming us when they realise they made a terrible mistake

What makes you think she would regret it?

impossible with 100% success rate

Transmaxxing is incredibly based

Although the transmaxxing manifesto is kinda nutty ngl

well transitioning got me laid so +1 for transmaxxxing ig,, but now i just worry abt everyone being a chaser. such is the life of a passer 😢

not even a passer, just an attractive femboy

incel to tranny pipeline is based but this is retarded

PPEcel #pratt #sexist #wingnut incels.is

FBI releases 2020 Hate Crime Statistics: just 0.7% of U.S. hate crime victims faced gender bias

From the FBI's press release:


Of over 7,500 single-bias* hate crime incidents recorded by local, state, and federal law enforcement in 2020, just 71 were motivated by gender bias. Of those 71 incidents, 49 were motivated by anti-femoid bias (the remaining 22 by anti-male bias). The majority of those 49 incidents involved simple assault or intimidation.

(approx. 300 multiple-bias incidents occurred in 2020)*


Funny. Considering how often Redditcucks say that we're a terrorist group that deserves crackdown and censorship, the numbers don't showcase any need for law enforcement to divert resources to monitoring harmless online trolls here.

There are sociological reasons why certain types of incidents might be under- or over-represented, of course, but if "incel violence" was truly such a massive problem, you'd think that there'd be hundreds if not thousands of recorded gender-motivated hate crimes each year, instead of a few dozen. Femoids' and simps' proclivity for exaggeration simply knows no bounds.

In other news, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed last month that it declined to prosecute 82% of all federal hate crime suspects investigated from 2005 to 2019, though the DOJ won well over 90% of the cases it did pursue.

Jfl at anyone thinking incel violence is a serious issue. Chad violence occurs at a much greater frequency, they are so used to women saying “yes” they get violent when they hear the rare no. This cycle continues because women get wetter if chad is violent.

there are likely less than 50,000 actual neo-nazis in all of north america and europe but the security services can still play them up to get their budgets pumped up, just like they've milked islamist terrorism for the past 20 years.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Media Get Hate Crimes Wrong — Again

Blacks are 2.15 times more likely as whites to commit them.

Hispanics and Asians are less likely than whites to commit hate crimes.

American Indians and Eskimos were twice as likely and Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders were three times as likely as whites to be hate criminals, but these multiples don’t mean much because the numbers of offenders are small.

2020 was not a fluke. An analysis of hate crimes for 1997 found almost exactly the same black multiple: “Blacks were 1.99 times more likely than whites to commit hate crimes in general and 2.24 times more likely to commit violent hate crimes.”

The Post laments a 40 percent increase in anti-black incidents and a 70 percent increase in anti-Asian incidents, but is silent about drops in certain kinds of “hate:” Anti-Arab, down 26 percent, and anti-Muslim, down 42 percent, and anti-mental disability, down a full 54 percent. Shouldn’t we be celebrating?

The Post did reluctantly note that anti-Jew hate is down 30 percent, but hastened to add that the Anti-Defamation League says this is a ludicrous undercount; the ADL, which is no doubt in a position to be objective, says anti-Semitic hate is at “a historic high,” with 2,024 incidents.

Asian activists likewise scoff at the FBI’s figure of 274 anti-Asian incidents. Something called AAPI Hate catalogued no fewer than 6,603 anti-Asian hate crimes during the year ending in March 2021. Expect more anti-Asian hate. In May, huge majorities in both houses passed a new law to dig up more of it. It appointed an Asian-hate czar, and funded a campaign in exotic languages to encourage Asians to complain.

Deep into its story, the Post did note that there were 773 anti-white incidents, saying this was an increase of 16 percent over the previous year. Author David Nakamura bungled the math; it was actually a 20.2 percent increase, but who cares about that?

fizzy #transphobia ovarit.com

The way TRAs treat detransitioners and desisters is actually disgusting. The fact that detransitioners and desisters know how the medical system treats the issue and are open about how fucked up it is threatens their ideology and cult-like indoctrination.

SamuraiGhostCat #moonbat #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

I love being a terf

I love being a woman who sticks up for the rights of other women and girls.

I love knowing biological reality & believing in science.

I love having logic.

I love sticking up to misogynistic men.

I love being speaking the truth!

I love being a part of a community of wonderful, hilarious, intelligent, witty, caring, amazing women who support each other.

I love being a terf.


Anyone else? 🙋‍♀️

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #homophobia #racist #transphobia #wingnut amren.com

RE: The Dip in the US Birthrate Isn’t a Crisis, but the Fall in Immigration May Be

This whole premise is the great replacement as if it is a positive. Why would any American want to increase migration from africa? Or any foreign country at that? If the immigrants are not white there is no need to allow them in. Maybe if there was not unlimited access to abortion the scales would have changed? Or if there was not such a push to make all men think they are better off being girls or gay? The societal norms being pushed for the last few decades have had a terrible impact on the birth of children. Claiming that humans are killing the earth by our mere existence adds to the negative perception of children. The author wants to make America something it isn't and that it should never be if it wants to survive.

(Brent Hollingsworth)
But I thought this is a Systemically Racist and White Supremecist run country. You would think the Africans would think twice and the promoters of this question their motives for advising such..

Bottom line: accelerate the destruction by bringing in more savage troops for the race war, and probably Muslim ones.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)

In the longer term, more immigrants are likely to come from sub-Saharan Africa, and it will be important for America’s demographic future to attract, welcome and retain them.

Huh??? Is he insane? As a statistics guy he probably knows of the IQ dearth in that part of the world. Does he really think the magic soil proposition is for real? This prescription only transplants SSA to other parts of the world.

Jacob Rothschild #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #sexist incels.is

[Demon Pill] Jacob Rothschild has a better sex life than all Chads, and experiences sexual pleasure beyond what Chad and Stacy can ever imagine

Many rich elite families are secret luciferians practicing ancient occult rituals including sex magic and child sacrifice in order to worship lucifier and conjure up demons to partake in these rituals.

In rituals where demons are summoned, it is common for them to have sex with the demons.

Demons have more sexual experience than anyone on this earth having been around for thousands of years and being inside multiple people throughout this time acquiring more and more sexual knowledge and sexual skill with each person they are in.

After knowing that demons have abilities to sexually please you beyond what any woman can do for you due to there superior knowledge and experience in sex, I realized that Occultists like Jacob Rothschild are mogging Chad daily and living a life any Chad or Stacy could only dream of.

While Chad is receiving blowjob from stacy (who say has 5 years experience in doing sex), Jacob Rothschild is mogging Chad into hell having mind blowing orgasms shooting semen everywhere due to the demon who is having sex with him having hundred of years of sexual experience being unleashed upon Jacob Rothschild penis.

It is truly over if you are not Jacob Rothschild or apart of one of these families, you will never experience hundreds of years of sexual experience unleashed upon your penis from a demon.

Jacob Rothschild is daily summoning demons in black magic rituals for booty calls, living in a state of constant orgasm with the demons being able to also shape shift into anything he wants while they unleash thousands of years of sexual experience upon him.

Look into this mans eyes, this is a man who mogs all Chads and Stacies world wide and who lives in a constant state of orgasm.


Various Commenters #crackpot #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Forced Busing Taught Me Race Realism

The court ordered busing of school children was one of the most inhumane acts in human history. The federal judges who devised it were as vile and corrupt as any war criminals. It resulted in the complete destruction of the school system here, one of the largest in the country and worse, countless white lives were destroyed.

(Smart Blonde)
I can only imagine the PTSD our sweet white children suffered while their brains were still developing. It's worse now than it was in the 1970's. No wonder opioid addiction has skyrocketed. Multiracialism is child abuse.

We are biospiritually incompatibile with other races and only truly thrive among our own people. Scientific studies show that all races of people have a small fight or flight response when they see someone of a different race. It's a physical, mental, and emotional stress to be around other races. It's psychological torture for all races involved.

(Scientific Realist)
Marin County is 72.8% white and only 2.8% black, yet they are among the most left-wing counties in the entire country: 85.3% of their voters voted for Biden in 2020, and 15.8% went for Trump.

Marin County residents talk a big game about diversity, but they barely experience any of it themselves. I bet many white California couples who want to start families moved away from diverse cities to a Marin suburb, thinking the schools would be better and safer. Do any of them connect the dots and realize that better schools, safer cities, and higher quality of life correlate with much less diversity?

Forced bussing of blacks into white schools constitutes child abuse against white kids. I fully oppose it. Yet I actually think it’s a good idea if many ghetto youfs were bussed into Marin County schools. Since leftists say they love diversity so much, their children should be required to suffer the consequences of it.

LaQueSabe_ & bighead #elitist #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co

It is better if everyone dies at once

I've seen many women proposing that if all males dropped dead, we would finally have peace. Well, after becoming blackpilled, I beg to differ.

Most women are fundamentally cock addicts. They base their entire worth and purpose on being around and worshipping males, so naturally they'd either sob endlessly for their moids being dead, or make it hell for the rest of us.

They relate so little to each other and to womanhood, they'd become extremely desoriented and unable to move on and at least try to rebuild things. Unlike males who would be just fine if all of us died altogether.

So the only solution to this hellhole is everyone dying at once. Like by a planet collision similar to Melancholia's, or a nuclear bomb vast enough to wipe every continent, or a big ass asteroid collision.

Cut the evil from the root.

Eh I still kind of wish that a well-tailored plague could just come down and eliminate all the males and unrepentant female cock addicts. I would love to taste a speck of freedom from them before I die, even for only an hour.

Me too, timoclea. Me too.

God is a sadist and he knows it. Nature was made to be cruel. It's all just simple really, women are bound by this never-ending cycle of abuse forever. All you can do is just stay celibate, stay ahead financially, possess some weapons, work then die. I think that's the best route. But the need to fornicate always lingers and it's best to ignore it and to not give in. Honestly asexuals have it the best lol.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

The latest census reports that America’s white population declined for the first time in history. Non-whites are replacing whites, but the Great Replacement is a “conspiracy theory” if white advocates mention it. To the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin it is “fabulous news.”

This would be hate speech if it were about anyone else. How would Miss Rubin feel about an emerging Palestinian majority in Israel?

Miss Rubin claims America’s future will be more “diverse” and “inclusive.” However, unless taking power from whites is the goal, what will be better? America has already moved beyond legal equality for non-whites, who enjoy affirmative-action privileges. However, blacks and Hispanics still can’t perform at the same level as whites and Asians. Ditching the false premise of “equality,” the new goal is “equity".

It’s impossible to know whether leftists believe that “white privilege” or another mysterious force is blocking “equity” despite countless laws, decades of effort, and trillions of dollars.

In Oregon, the governor recently ended a requirement for proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic to graduate from high school. A spokesman said this will benefit “Oregon’s black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and students of color,” who don’t do well on the test.

Asians can’t pass it? Note that Hispanics get three separate identifiers, while whites aren’t worth mentioning. Shouldn’t some non-whites resent the suggestion that they can’t be taught to read?

When egalitarians defeat “white supremacy,” they leave behind desolation. The peoples of Europe face the same opponents and tactics we do. If the West succumbs to “equity,” the struggles of countless centuries will be pointless.

We can’t afford to indulge egalitarian fantasies. The West’s back is to the wall. It’s not just a question of protecting our interests. It’s a question of survival. This degeneration has no endpoint but extinction. The decline will end only when we decide it does.

It all fell down #crackpot #god-complex #sexist incels.is

Escortcels are the next step of human evolution

Even if escortcels aren't known as escortcels by the World, the World fear us.

If ER or Jake Davison were escortcels such tragedies would have never happened.

If escortcels are so feared by incels is because incels fear an updated version of them.

If foids support OnlySimps or similar but not classic prostitution(the few ones that do support socialist crap like insurance or so alongside with prostitution) is because foids know(something that many incels do not) that OnlySimps or similars WILL NEVER BE EUAL TO PROSTITUTION.

Escortceldom is the most grounded solution to the West. Foids will be in their place as the whores that they have always been and job oportunities of any kind would be for men.

If some Governments have plans to execute the Nordic Model is because they want to delete the cheat code that will give some peace to the Manosphere.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Parent Files Complaint Against Atlanta Elementary School, Alleges It’s Segregating Classes

Black principal brought back segregation to benefit black students.

There are probably a thousand problems in a school with that many blacks including the fact most of them are poorly behaved and will eventually graduate functionally illiterate. If the complainant was one of those rare black parents serious about education, then I can see why she wants her kid in with white students instead of blacks.

(Sclavius Scotus)
A step in the right direction.

Segregation in American life grows with each passing year as a matter of people's living preferences. Small step to make it locally legally allowable.


"First, it was just disbelief that I was having this conversation in 2020 with a person that looks just like me — a Black woman,”

Is she implying that her (the father is not mentioned as usual) offspring needs a classroom that includes the Whites (and possibly Asians) to study?

On a different note: I'd love to find out the REAL rationale behind that classroom assignment... I have MY rationale however it's too cynical...

(Bill Berens)
You know dang well the black principal and teachers played it like the white kids were a detriment.

"Posey said she insisted her child be placed in a class with white students."

Why? To destroy the learning environment for the white kids?

(Yung Ho)
Is this a bad thing? No this is what blacks and whites unconsciously want!

Living in urban jungles my whole life, even when left to their own decisions, blacks and whites consciously self segregate.

I’m not hateful by any means because often I get along with sistas and bruthas, of course there are hostile racist ones - so I come from a different racial state of mind then most on here. While I have no problem with blacks personally Level, but on a general level / I know they bring down the standards and values of a nation.

Jason D. Hill #dunning-kruger #wingnut thefederalist.com

Critical Race Theory Aims to Murder the Souls of White Children

The teacher, a white woman, asked if they noticed a difference in color between their skin and the brown paper bag. The teacher then asked if the color of the bag looked close to the skin color of some classmates who identify as black.

The teacher then announced: “If your skin color is different from the color of the paper bag, then you are part of an American problem known as ‘systemic racism’ that does irreparable harm to all black and brown people.” The teacher then went on to ask the class if they had ever heard the term “reparations.”

I told him his son was being held hostage by a new national philosophy called critical race theory, a moral eugenics program. His son was being re-socialized to be an enemy of his family, himself, and the state. The murder of his son’s soul was taking place before his eyes.

At age 12, this young man had committed no egregious harm against any black person, yet he was being taught to feel that he was the cause of all harms inflicted on black people. His son, I said, would grow to feel resentment towards blacks and self-hatred.

This child’s curriculum would continue to include a phalanx of progressive nihilists who would call for the annihilation of “whiteness,” which his mind would come to understand as the annihilation of all white people, including himself.

Until people realize that CRT is an extinction doctrine with the sole goal of stripping every white person of every defense they have to protect their self-esteem, agency, and free will, they will be prey for every American hating, Marxist-loving social ballast masquerading as an agent of change for the good.

That child’s self-esteem can be destroyed by telling him that, by a process of chemical predestination, he genetically harbors the seeds of an oppressor. He is the carrier of a genetic pathogen—whiteness.

Middlemarch #moonbat #sexist thepinkpill.co

I was treated like a man so many times I developed male habits

People think just because my face looks like this I’ll be happy to endure any filth, dirt, rudeness, forgive everyone’s disgusting flaws and habits. And also that I’m into cars, video games and trashing other women.

I’m actually very neat and sensitive (at least was) but I developed a habit to behave like a man, cause otherwise I invite a lot of abuse.

For example I’m wearing male teenager clothes (I was getting especially despiteful looks from girls when wearing high heels, males laugh when I wear skirts etc.). I never ask for help cause everyone is highly annoyed when I do and just brushes me off. I never like men to the same amount I like girls cause males never forget to remind me with their behavior or words how they’re disgusted by me. Ofc I don’t talk about girly things or sex/relationships – me expressing my sexuality or whatever horrifies everyone. Some young unstable girls cling on me like leeches, expecting me to be a shepherd and a support in this scary world (till they find a husband instead).

Every time I show weakness or vulnerability as well as sensibility or kindness I get such a storm of contempt, abuse and exploitation I’m starting to doubt this a reality and not some matrix with animals in human forms.

This gender dysphoria has gone so far I can’t imagine myself being feminine; I can only be myself when dissociating, while reading, playing or hiking alone. My daydreams don’t even include people anymore cause I can’t imagine myself as someone who can be protected or treasured/loved. In conclusion - I'm not allowed to be a woman, but I can't exactly be a man either. No matter how good I mimick, when it's inconvenient for males they suddenly remember my sex and discard my opinions/my worth alltogether. Ntm I don't wanna be an aggressive dirty bad-smelling ape.