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The "Asians" are a complex and multi facetted grouping.
But realistic speaking the umbrella term "asians" is totally out dated and in need of modernisation.

For instance, the asians known as the old Indians of Indian.
They are homosapiens.
But the asians of Thailand, the Sians of Thai.
They are denisovans.

Theres a good hundred thousand years of evolution between the two.
The denisovans don't have sweat glads for instance, where as the homosapiens do.
There are hundreds of genetic variations, specialisations and differences between the "Asians"

Using the umbrella term "Asians" is only causing problems in the long term.

I am blunt for a good reason.
I refer to them all as simply coloureds.

Hence this is just another coloured march..
They are as common as muck.

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"Life is unbearably boring, i feel lonely, isolated and undesirable" says a foid who has gone sexless due to lockdowns

Hmmm sweetie, you're not entitled to sex


spoiler'Life's unbearably boing': These young people haven't had sex in a year due to lockdown

'l feel lonely, isolated and undesirable'

Yikes hon! Sex isn't a need. Are you going to die without sex? No? Then just live with it instead of being entitled and pitying yourself

Have you thought about taking a shower and maybe, just maybe, treating men like human beings???

Welcome to my life bitch. Population : Suffering

Realistically she's just larping and exaggerating. Probably only a month without sex. Or sex with non chads

All the people they interviewed about this are women. Probably has to do with how, for the vast majority of men, going a long period of time without casual sex is completely normal and they've grown accustomed to it. this is only a big issue for women because sex is such a basic, essential, routine part of their life.

It's no different that wiping your ass for them Meanwhile tons of bluepilled men can't imagine a life where sex is a daily activity, they think it's normal to do nothing for years and get crumbs. They think it's normal to have a dead bedroom, a wife that has "headaches", that isn't "very sexual" etc

“Being 21 I feel like this is the time to gain sexual experience (and flaunt my body while I’m young). I miss being able to talk to my girls and hear all of their sex stories too, brilliant or awful. And just the excitement, anticipation and butterflies in your tummy kind of feeling from it all.”


HHAHAAH meanwhile i haven't even held hands and im told to stfu die in silence

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Our bluepilled Norman wants to enter the dating world, knowing that despite being 5'4" and balding, his sense of humor and a nice personality developed based on his feminist theory studies will make him a catch.


spoilerWhat do you call guys under 6 ft? Friends.
"This is very unsettling" he utters. Another profile loads up. image
spoiler6'4 and up is dreamy
"Surely I'm just being unlucky" he proclaims, but similar things keep happening. image
spoilerif you're below 6 feet/just want to hook up just do us both a favor and swipe left.

Norman's bluepilled beliefs get challenged. At a bar, Norman notices a woman drinking by herself. He checks his hair, proud of his brand-new $80 haircut, as good haircut is what makes a man attractive, not facial bones. Norman is not one of those incels who think women have sex on the first date. That doesn't happen in real life.

Some guy, much taller than Norman, shoulders wide and jaw huge, approaches them. "I'm Chad", he says. She is very responsive to him and forgets about Norman. Chad asks her whether she wants to come to his home. She agrees, following Chad like a puppy. Normas is left with a mouth wide open. He can't believe what just happened.

On his walk home, a group of young drunk women let out an audible "Eeew!" in his direction. Norman starts raging inside. He's straining his brain and performing mental gymnastics to justify all that happened tonight. There has to be a bluepilled explanation. In the end, he concludes that he just wasn't confident enough. Looks have nothing to do with attraction after all. He is sure that the right one waits for a good guy like him somewhere out there.

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Hypocrisy Young girls upload hypersexual videos to tik tok without coercion and it's always the fault of a third party ...

How ‘supercharged catnip’ TikTok is fuelling the sexualisation of young girls and exploitation of teens

Look how are the same foids doing that by their free will: "There is concern owing to countless videos of underage girls detailing sexual experiences being uploaded to TikTok, as well as explicitly talking about sexual desires for their teachers."

"It’s become a magnet for paedophiles" lol serious? It's obvious that pedos will show up their asses with that type of content CREATED WITHOUT COERCION, BY THE FREE WILL OF THOSE YOUNG FOIDS...

This one is funny and hypocrite: "We've seen kids being groomed on TikTok , while other creeps take advantage of young girls posting sexualised content of themselves on the platform." Lol again, what normies expect? it's obvious that pedos would do that type of things. The easy solution is block that "app"(subversive degenerate comunist china inteligence tactic to undermine the west and rest of the world) BUT NO!!! WE HAVE TO GO AFTER THE CREEPS that want free shit or real shit proposed FIRST by those "angels" (young whores)

JFL as never is the fault of the foids. Never in the article is propposed to say to the parents: Don't allow your kids to use that app . Instead of that they propose to change settings in the app to avoid those situations.

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Inceltears, from what I can tell are just a bunch of whitecels denying JBW, pretending theyre not racist because they have some luck with ethnic foids. Also the foid members of IT are usually noodlewhores or black females, or really fat fugly BBW white foids. Actually, a lot of stormfrontcels have A LOT in common with the folks in IT.

Those groups ignore JBW because they know theyre guilty. Noodles, Curries, some latinas, and black females LOVE white males.

No one denies that the white race mogs the shit out of the other races. But the main difference is that ethnic males don't worship white females anywhere near as much as ETHNIC FEMALES (most especially white females) worship white males.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Why I’m No Longer Changing My Indian Phrases Around My White Friends

Student felt she lost her identity by using English equivalents of Indian words.


Look, you adopt a country, adopt it 100%. If you love Indian culture so much you should go back.

How can you adopt a country when you're not of its founding stock?

Does she have some reason to think that white British people really care how a lot of foreigners "phrase" their speech? It seems that having an exaggerated idea of one's own importance is an essential element of "multiculturalism" among these young invaders.


Please punish us vile racists - by taking the next flight to India and thereby depriving us of your grace, beauty and eloquence.

You should see a picture of her!! Definitely no "beauty"!!!!!!!!

(E. Essington)
Put this young lady behind the counter of one of her uncle's convenient stores, and see if her biggest concern is still 'code-switching' around the melanin-free.

Perfect example that diversity is simply colonization and dispossession of the natives.

(Fed Up)
"I hope that making this active effort to use my Indian phrases will encourage others to do the same. "

This loser would better hope her White friends don't take the logical action - of drop-kicking her and leaving her isolated. I sure as hell would have.

Excellent. I hope all Hindus in White countries behave likewise. Hindus are unassimilable by virtue of their race, so why would we want them to resemble Whites in speech? The more alien they remain, the smoother their eventual repatriation will be.

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RE: Serious Wtf is Slavpill

I honestly don't think Slav men are ugly. Maybe worse styling sure, but genetically uglier I do not buy.

It's always a greycel

Slavic governments are sending agents to post misinformation. They don't want people in Slavlands to know about the slavpill. They want them to be good obedient disposable slaves that go to useless slavwars.

op got banned right after making this thread. Thanks to the mods for keeping this site from the anti-slavpill propaganda

GermaniaIncelia #psycho #sexist incels.co

why are these women in the situation that they are in? for example why are there in germany so many eastern women who get 'exploited' as sex workers? some guy or woman walked up to them and told them all sorts of flowery fantasies about how they could become models in germany. that they would be living the life! basically told them they could have it all without having to lift a finger if only they came with them to the west.

so they enter the vehicle, are transported here, their passports conveniently get lost (oops) and now they are trapped in a country whose language they don't even speak without papers. whose fault is that? don't these women only have themselves to blame for ending up in that situation? they abandoned the boring men and life at home and thought they could make fast money and live luxurious lives that they do not deserve. they just wanted everything handed to them on a silver table. if we are already honest with ourselves then let's be honest here too, it's because THESE WOMEN ARE PREDATORS.

Teutonic Knight #racist #crackpot incels.co

Slavcels, why is the slavpill so brutal to handle?

There are a lot of Slavs posting here and many of them had trouble accepting the slavpill at first, but would later take it and accept their bitter reality. Since then, a lot of posters admitted that taking the slavpill was extremely brutal. What exactly makes slavpill more brutal than the other racepills?

Why is slavpill so brutal to handle?
I used to cope thinking that I'm white and can do JBW game Votes: 13 39.4%
I used to cope thinking that Slavic women are more traditional Votes: 11 33.3%
I look like a stereotypical balding Polish in his late 20s Votes: 6 18.2%
I'm from an especially poor Slavic country Votes: 8 24.2%
I'm a mentalcel in Slavlands and it's absolutely brutal (I get bullied by Vladislavs regularly) Votes: 10 30.3%
Just don't be exotic in Slavlands theory destroyed me Votes: 6 18.2%
I used to think Slavic countries aren't that feminist Votes: 9 27.3%
The abortion, suicide, alcoholism etc. statistics Votes: 17 51.5%
The fact that a guy like Roosh could slay in slavlands simply because he didn't look like a Slav Votes: 11 33.3%
I'm not Slavic but slavpill is brutal even for me Votes: 11 33.3%
Total voters 33

Teutonic Knight #racist #sexist incels.co

Why would a slav who lives in Eastern Europe care about the slavpill?

Eastern Europe became a huge whorehouse after collapse of communism. You're not just competing with other Slavs but also with tourists and rich Western men looking for wives. Also Slavic women are bombarded with Western propaganda how local Slavic men are ugly and low value and how they should go for rich progressive foreign men. Slavic women also have the highest SMV on the planet and are attractive to literally every other race. If you live in an urban area of Slavlands where a lot of tourists and foreign students come it's very over for you.

What I noticed over the years as Slav in Slavland is that Germanic or Mediterranean (or overall western) looking Slavs always out preform Slavic looking Slavic.

Exactly. The Chads in Slavlands are either Germanic looking pretty boys in Western Slavlands and Russia (former Vikinglands) or Oriental-ish Turkish looking high T Chads in Balkans.

A western man 'ascends' because he is assumed by default to be richer then almost anyone in EE.

But they're not betabuxing. Who was Roosh betabuxing? Or other foreign exotic men who just come to EE to pump and dump? Or foreign students who don't even have jobs yet. Just don't be Slavic in Slavlands theory is legit. Roosh literally admitted that he was able to get women because he didn't look like a Slav.

Where are tons of ugly women is slavlands but best looking ones make it out of where in western world more often.

Most of women are unattractive (without make up) everywhere. But Slavic women probably look the best. The best way to confirm this is to look at female athletic teams from each country because that is the best sample of average, healthy (fit) women. Slavic women teams look by far the best.

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.co

(Total Imbecile)

I think you're quite retarded to be quite honest... All Slavs I know are slayers (Yes, an anecdote, same as the gibberish you spout).

Yes and IT knows 4' 11'' indian janitors who get laid more than Brad Pitt, therefore the blackpill is nonsense

Why would a slav who lives in Eastern Europe care about the slavpill? His competition is other slavs, Eastern Europe is almost completely homogeneous. I can understand the slavpill for slavs who live in Western Europe though. Similar to how it doesn't make sense to blame the currypill when you live in India among other currycels.

Thanks to dating apps the entire world is competing with LA and NYC Why would some third world girl settle for you when Jake Paul can fly her to his Beverly Hills house and fuck her

All except “I’m from poor Slavic country”. At least doesn’t have it nearly as bad as rest of Eastern Europe money-wise. But everything else checks out. Slavic genes are simply subhuman. Balding at young age, weird ugly faces (gift from mongol invasion). This combined with the fact that girls are really pretty here is pure suifuel. Oh and any foreigner has it 100x times easier than your average polack, bonus point if his skin is dark.

The slav pill is extremly brutal for me because I am part asian. I use to cope with the fact that I was "white" but slavs can be much whiter than I am yet struggle to get laid so its double over for me.

Pavel #racist amren.com

RE: Putin Slams ‘Caveman Nationalism’ as Detrimental to Russia

“Caveman nationalism, with the slogan ‘Russia is only for Russians,’ only harms Russians, only harms Russia,” he said. “We must make sure that the culture of every nation, its history, and roots of every nation is respected and honored in our country.”

Disappointing remark from a president I thought was a realist regarding nationalism.

You thought wrong. Welcome to reality. Putin was the guy who crushed the Russian ethnic nationalist movements in Russia in early 2000-s and proceeded to encourage mass colored Asiatic Muslim immigration to Russia from the former Soviet "stans". He also bribed Muslim Chechens and others in the Caucasus region into compliance and allowed them to come settle in large Russian cities. Putin is a sworn enemy of our race.

Chechens are White.

Chechens are not white same way Persians, Arabs, and many light skin Mexicans are not white - they are just not, even if in the US stats they supposedly are. Chechens are of Turkish Asiatic ancestry. They mixed with whites after centuries of battling the Russian empire and history of kidnapping and raping Slavic women, so I would argue that despite some of them look almost white, they are not. Obama has more white in him than an average Chechen.

Just how many muslims and African refugees is Putin importing to Russia? NONE.

Hundreds of thousands are settled in Russia. All those Asiatic Muslims from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and a whole lot of Chechens, Dags and others collectively called "Kavkaztsy" (Caucasians) - non-white low impulse control criminality spreading Muslim tribes like Chechens and Dagestanis (Dags).

Unknown 4chan Poster #pratt #racist #transphobia i2.yuki.la

3. If you don't kill yourself, you are going to get old. The older you get, the more you're going to look like an old man in a dress. Have you thought about what life is going to be like as a 60-year-old tranny? You won't be caking on the make-up and heading to nightclubs to fool young men. People will just see you as a weird freak Women at that age are no longer sex objects; they find fulfillment in their families and social groups. You will be ostracized from all social groups. And you'll have no family, of course.

4. Your failure to pass means everyone will look at you with disgust The most social affirmation you will ever get is from cat ladies who use you to status-signal to other cat ladies, but they don't actually like you or see you as a woman. The only men who will ever date you are either fags or total losers. The world around you will react with discomfort and horror whenever you go out to just buy some fucking toothpaste or whatever Humans need to be socially connected; and your failure to achieve that will convinces you that life isn't worth living.

We hate trannies and are disgusted by you here at MPC, but we don't want you to kill yourselves. That means we actually care more about you than the Jewish doctor who charges you 10,000 dollars to cut off your penis and tell you you're a pretty lady. If you're reading this and still have your dick, ITS NOT TOO LATE Sure, your base fetish for playing dress-up can't be "cured”, but the need for any addiction (because that's what this is; you aren't "a woman on the inside") will indeed diminish the longer you deny it fulfillment

You've found hatred; bigotry, and most importantly, help. So go out, buy some jeans that fit you correctly, throw away your make-up, stop hanging out with nerds, and stop being a tranny-

BummerDrummer #conspiracy #racist #wingnut incels.co

I like how you said "and minorities" but didnt mention whites as if whites arent the biggest slaves and puppets of the NWO and havent been for centuries.

Look at who votes who pal. Less than 50% of white men vote progressive, while 85% of black people do, 70% of white women, etc.


Jews want to get rid of whites because whites are currently the only competitor to Jewish domination and the last defence. You surely see the mass migrations Jews are pulling into the US and Europe right? Why do you think that? Surely you’re logical enough to see that and understand why. if whites were NWO slaves the NWO wouldn’t try currently eliminating white people. That’s why your astroturfed secret progressive talking point doesn’t fucking work; “whites are NWO slaves” but the NWO very very obviously hates white people??


I get youre going through a pol phase but ebentually you'll realize how stupid that shit is. You're a nobody incel, not even a part of that society anyway.

It’s not a social shit, it’s a “in 6 months if everyone gets the vaccine I will be forced to and will be such a minority nobody will care” Just because you want to be apolitical doesn’t mean everything being ruined won’t affect you. “you wanna know what’s based and blackpilled bro? Staying out of politics.” *6 months later* “oh wow there’s a current new order going around that requires us to house a 6’4 Congolese nigger that has an Iq of 85...man I wish I helped those guys protesting it 6 months ago!!”.

Various Incels #psycho #sexist incels.co

RE: Blackpill Men Who Get "Scammed" By Women Are Really Just Men Who Are Dishonest With Themselves (YOU NEED TO ADMIT TO YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE A PREDATOR!)

"Exploiting women," "predator" :soy:

"human trafficking"

I can understand using these terms ironically, but unironically? Really nigga?!


"human trafficking"

:lul: no, you're not exploiting her, because you paid the price SHE demanded for the service. if you paid the price and she didnt appeared, she scammed you and theres no mental gymnastics that will convince me otherwise

How is it not exploitation to take advantage of the fact that a woman in that state is fuck you for money?

because you didnt forced her anything. you are not forcing her to do something for you, these circumstances out of her control (poor family and living with gangs and shit) have nothing to do with you.


If you were born into such a household and your father had sexually asaulted you for years"

My father sexually assaulting me would be far more serious than a girl going through the same situation. I'm a heterosexual guy. This is a feminist false equivalency. Being raped as a straight men is FAR worse. Women commonly have rape fetishes and are meant to be fucked.

"Exploitation," is it, when paying a prostitute? Bullshit. No, foids exploit vulnerable, lonely men all the time, that's how it really goes. You are defending whores. You are a simp. I'm not an evil monster because I was born with shit genetics that foids have universally decided I should suffer the fate of sheer loneliness for.

U need to stop shaming us incels. Women exploit men all the fucking time but u wanna blame it on us. Women lead men on, get them set up all the fucking time.

ThoughtfulCel #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

Serious If someone admits to having kissed a woman and/or other minor experiences with women, should this warrant a permaban? [Poll]

Yes Votes: 65 44.5%
No Votes: 81 55.5%

Why would someone admit to kissing a woman if they weren't intent on bragging. Why are you guys so hard pressed on driving this site into chaos? I find it funny that 53 people voted no.

Is that even a question. Jfl and 52 people voted for no

All "incels" btw. The same type of retards to whine about fakecels, chads, and normies, but give them an open platform to brag on. No hope left for here lmfao.

Those are the guys who have the same mentality as personalityinkwell and that other guy who received bj etc. People really show their true colors in these kind of polls tho, at least you know who is fakecel or not.

These people travel in packs. If one is let in, more will follow. This poll shouldn't even be a question, and yet all its going to do is draw more of these people in. This seems way too intentional to just be an oversight. Since this poll obviously is going to end in disaster for actual incels, be prepared for absolute shit over the next few months.

I prefered personalityinkwell's excuse of "they kiss me but won't have sex with me cuz I'm a bad breath cel"

“it could be the kiss was an accident” What's next? Penis inside vagina by accident?

Its always some outlandish situation that barely happens to anyone. Always some bullshit

It's like how foids try to legitimize abortions: what if it's rape?? What if the pregnancy endangers her life??? Meanwhile reality image

.14% :lul:

Clara Lander #racist amren.com

We were the only white people there. Although we didn’t feel threatened, we felt that something was terribly wrong. It made me sad to think that England would one day no longer be England, and Scotland no longer Scotland, and I couldn’t fathom why any country would voluntarily do this to itself. I have come to view multiculturalism not as part of the progression of humanity, but as an ethnic cleansing of the original population. A people without a racial consciousness and a love for their own will simply be overwhelmed and absorbed by the multi-culture.

One day my youngest son came home from primary school and confidently told me that the only difference between people was the amount of melanin in their skin. It was obvious that we were being prepared for a demographic shift. One afternoon I attended a family gathering on my husband’s side. His nephew was engaged and we were all going to meet the bride’s parents. I asked her English father what had brought him to New Zealand. In his Cockney accent, he went into a tirade about how immigrants in the UK were lavished with all manner of benefits and prioritized over the indigenous whites, who were stuck footing the bill. He eventually got so disgusted with the situation that he moved to New Zealand. International white flight.

In the wake of Brenton Tarrant’s rampage, all New Zealanders were urged to take responsibility for their own racism. I don’t believe the outpouring of grief shown from New Zealanders has been paralleled by Muslims in the aftermath of an Islamic attack in Europe. The love that other races have for their own, shown through their open advocacy for their respective “communities,” becomes more obvious the more multicultural our countries become. Today I embrace the natural love I have for my people and no longer struggle with the mental gymnastics that only white people must contort themselves with to conclude that if we prefer to live amongst our own people and put their interests first, we are “racist.”

infinitedarkness #sexist saidit.net

What happens to blackpilled straight women who also don't like their gender role, femininity etc? How to deal with life when most women are dick sucking and taking dick in their asses pickmes? I've been blackpilled since i was like 15 and i feel so isolated

I look at other women and i'm like? Tf are you

why are u this way? Why? Just why? I not only hate men but i also start to hate women and have those horrible thoughs about them, i can't look at the anymore cause i realize how much of a dumb pickmes they are. Everytime any of the girls i know starts dating a man i feel disgusted and imagine all the pickmes shit she does with him and that she suck his dick(i think i have a trauma from hearing those stories girls i know tell me about how they give oral to some random men at parties and shit like that and im like Are you retarded? Why would you do that) and honestly making a man feel good just doesn't feel like a smart thing to do and i know and i'm aware of who men really are and what they really think and that they don't deserve anything. Idk maybe pickmes just are not aware of the things that I'm aware of? Or their brains ignore it like, it's biological but for some reason my brain works differently lol

The fact that most straigh/bi women serve men and get thier mouth close to their opression tool (dick lol most men are rapist and pickmes be putting it in their mouths anyway wtf) is really repulsing i'm repulsed by both men and women tbh

And also pickmes are dating men 20+ older than them LOL why would you do that? how do they even sleep with those men without being left traumatized

[deleted] #psycho #sexist reddit.com

RE: Just VIRTUESIGNALmaxx bro!


spoilerMe seeing my childhood bullies on social media trying to advocate for suicide and mental health awareness.

I was a school bully from the ages of 7-10. It was a weird age where my empathy hadn't developed. The two kids I bullied were vulnerable, one was special needs and the other was a curry that sat alone. It was visceral, I just went and did it.

I never got the "bullies are deeply insecure", I never once felt insecure during my entire time doing it. And after growing out of it, I couldn't help but see the "actually, bullies are secretly insecure :))" lie as cruel.

My best friend was bullied bad from the ages of 10 to 11. I remember him telling me he wanted to kill himself, at 10 years old. The kid bullying him was my neighbor and our families were close, his dad was a psychologist that specialized with children. His dad didn't even give a fuck that his own kid was pinning people down on the playground and shoving bark in their mouth. The fact that a practicing child psychologist didn't even care or do anything about his own kid doing this shit makes me just laugh. He gets paid to bluepill the very kids driven to suicide by kids like his children.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #racist #wingnut twitter.com


SEATTLE: ANTIFA harasses Post Millennial Reporter @KatieDaviscourt last night. “Rot in fucking hell you WHITE fucking bitch! You’re a fucking Colonizer bitch, go fuck yourself!”

Antifa dehumanize their political opponents to the point that they actually feel joy maiming, injuring or killing others.


A little confused as to why a white American would call another white American a coloniser....might be definitive proof of their own self loathing

Google White self-hatred Oslo syndrome.


Anyone identifying as Antifa needs to be branded as a terrorist. They reek havoc and terrorise countless innocent people. This is unacceptable that they can still brazenly identify as Antifa and walk away.


Interestingly high chances that a white woman is yelling this

99% positive it actually was


Funny how this kind of racism gets a pass. Wtf

They redefined 'racism' so they cannot be accused of it. It does no wash away the wrong, but it allows them to conceal it.

as they say, "you can't be racist toward white people"

The next step they will take for whites is internment camps. Note to Antifa: I'd like my camp to be in warm weather.


Sounds like something a public school teacher in CA might yell at one of their student’s parents.

OverBeforeItBegan #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.co

9/10 the only reason a woman is a prostitute is because of circumstances outside of her control, some were even forced into that line of work by gangs, and as a coping mechanism they just continue that life as if to convince themselves "its my choice"

How can you be forced by gangs to do anything in a first world country?

Johns exploit whores in the same way that the rich exploit the poor, and get them to work for cents on the dollar, while they just live off of society and never work a day in their lives

"exploit". You're the one handing over a shitton of money. How are you exploiting anyone here?

JFL how can you ask a question like this?, are you saying gangs have no power in first world countries?

I really don't understand how a gang could have power over a woman in a first world country, especially western Europe or the US. Some shithole in Asia, sure, but explain to me how going to the police wouldn't solve that issue.

Robtical #psycho #sexist incels.co

A woman in this situation is literally only fucking you because she has no choice. Going into it you know full well most of these women come from abusive homes, have been sexually assaulted since childhood, many have been raped as a child or teen (and are still raped to this day), many are working for a pimp out of fear, etc.

I don't feel sorry for those whores. Nothing is worse than inceldom, and they see no problems voting for more cuckesd laws and using our taxes to enslave us, so fuck those whores. Most of them have plenty of choices to not sell their used pussies, but they want the fast and easy money to buy expensive nonsense.

So you can either accept that you are a predator and demand/take what you paid for, or keep coping, keep lying to yourself, and get robbed like a pathetic cuck so you can cling to your ego.

I'll let the whore know that I understand she sees me as a predator, and I'm using my money to get her pussy, and I will knock her out if she tries to take my money. In my view she is the predator using her artificially inflated SMV given to her by soyciety to try and scam incels out the money they worked hard for.

Unknown 4chan Poster #pratt #transphobia i2.yuki.la

Are you a tranny? You need to be told something important.


Okay, like one in a thousand of you do; and that's some guy who's 57", has a slight build, and always had a weak chin and even he doesn't have a 100% pass rate.

You delude yourselves into thinking you might pass some day by sharing photos online, where you spent two hours on make-up, hid your massive man-hands, threw your shoulders back and took about a dozen different shots until the angle masked enough of your masculine features that a decent percentage of people's brains were tricked into thinking "female" due the lipstick, eyeshadow, and hairdo. But here's the reality, and I see it every couple of days where I live.

1. No tranny has fortitude to make himself up like a blow-up doll every single day, because no woman does, either. And even when he does, you know what? He stands out because real women only doll themselves up like that for special occasions. So when I see a dolled-up tranny, I always notice. A real woman can put on jeans and a T-shirt and head to Home Depot to pick up some paint brushes, and nobody will think she's a guy. But when a tranny isn't dolled up, he just looks like a dude with a pony tail and purse. Your average woman doesn't go through that exhausting regimen every day. She can look cute and appealing with 15 minutes of prep and clothes that fit. You can't. You will look like a fucking tranny if you do that

2. Even if you think you fooled some guys with pictures online; guess what, your male skeleton will never move and look like a female skeleton. Men are attracted to secondary sex characteristics, all of them, and you can only mimic a few. We will notice your masculine gait, your broad shoulders, your wide forehead, your flipper-like feet; and your enormous hands. Even if a guy doesn't figure out that you're a tranny; he'll have a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort he can't quite explain and instinctively recoil from you

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut youtube.com

RE: Judge Drops Charges Against White Karen After She Completes Woke Leftist Reeducation Center Session

(Magets Alive)
"Once she had a breakthrough"
Translation: "Once she showed a sufficient quantity of self-hatred for her skin color"

(Martin Huber)

I really wanna get these free helicopter rides going

going to have to disagree with this one... I think the blood eagle is more fitting.

They hate you and want to destroy your people and thusly your culture and will not stop until we stop them.


she lied to police about being assaulted. Do understand how serious that is?

She told the dispatcher he threatened her, as he most certainly did. If I approach a woman alone in the park and tell her “I’m about to do something you’re not gonna like”, while trying to coax her dog to come to me, I have absolutely threatened her.

That isn't a threat to harm her or rob her, but just to troll her.

If my wife or daughter is alone in a park, and some strange man says that to her while trying to coax her dog away from her, it is absolutely to be taken as a threat. The crazy part about this whole thing is how she is the one who has been deemed a “Karen”, instead of the grown ass man who doesn’t even own a dog but carries treats in his pocket for the off chance he sees someone with their dog off the leash. She’s not stable, but that’s straight psycho behavior. What woman wouldn’t feel threatened by some weirdo who would do that?

There's no mocking going on here. This is one of the many reasons why there's such a vast gulf between the Right and the Left; you support anti-caucasian activities and viewpoints, then turn around and refuse to accept that those exist, or refuse to accept that it's just as bad. Hate it all you want, you cannot single out a single race for abuse while letting everyone else have pride and support, and still expect that single race to support your ideals.

John_Engelman #racist amren.com

RE: Foreign Aid Is Having a Reckoning

"Intellectuals" now say the "white savior" complex does more harm than good.

Foreign aid has only been effective with first world countries. It enabled Western Europe and Japan to recover from World War II. It enabled South Korea to recover from the Korean War. It has helped Israel become an oasis of civilization in a vast desert of primitive and horrifying barbarism. In third world countries foreign aid goes into the bank accounts of kleptocrats.

President Biden has issued an executive order mandating that every government agency review policies to identify barriers to racial inequity...

President Biden needs to identify and acknowledge genetic barriers to racial equality. I suggest he read Professor J. Philippe Rushton's Race, Evolution, and Behavior.

Various Incels #sexist incels.co

(NOTE: This is ThoughtfulCel’s parody of the poll from before)

RE: Serious Should black-pilled non incel women be allowed on the forum?



Same tbh. What is this site coming to? A few years ago you would be shit on by every user for even asking this shit.

Allow them if they are ready to fuck an incel

Absolutely not. It maybe could offer valuable insight (but we know everything already), but this place would turn into a lek over some bitches. Eggs should never be introduced into all sperm spaces. They will fuck up the dynamics in every community they enter.

No, there is nothing foids have to say that I want to hear, no thought of any value, nothing to gain by allowing it

What the fuck would that prove? I don't need a foid coming to this forum saying "yeah I wouldn't fuck you ugly males ever. Haha you're never getting pissy cause you're ugly and we don't have to ever settle cause there's a ocean of cocks willing to fuck us no matter what we look like".

(Dr. Dicklet)
Yes I'd like to abuse the fuck out of them, they wouldn't last long. Most of us are in agreement here and it can get a little boring

Honestly one reason it might be worth testing out is to see how many people here are cucks and orbiters, then ban them along with the foids, but besides that fuck no

Yes but only if they're trans

Various Commenters #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Blacks Say No to the Vaccine

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
“We need to make history by saving more of our people.” If only a white person were allowed to say that.

They're safe! Just ask Hank Aaron!

All you will find is stories of how he didn't die of the Covid vaccine. It's lost on my brainwashed liberal relatives that Big Tech and Big Pharma would possibly lie to them.

(Jeff Coffey)

President Joe Biden had a different explanation: “Not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and African-American community, don’t know how to use, know how to get online to determine how to get in-line for that COVID vaccination.” The President took heat for this, but he’s lucky he’s a Democrat.

Biden must be really confused. Leftists preach day and night about how blacks are not capable of obtaining $15 ID cards or finding a local voting place. He tries to say the same thing in regards to the vaccine and he gets lambasted. Just can't win.

(National Conservative)
Remember when the media claimed that blacks were dying at 2-3 times the rate as whites and this was another act of genocide caused by "systemic racism." Well, the rate have even out and now the media has dropped the whole story. Pop goes the narrative. Ohio, Texas, Florida, and Arkansas are all states with big black populations that have higher white death rates than blacks death rates.

Blacks are responsible for their own problems.

Though Americans tend to be very fat, blacks on average are much fatter than the average white person. So you have greater co-morbidities. In the first few months, it was obvious that urban areas were the hardest hit and these tend to be where blacks disproportionately live. It was easy to see that rates would even out over time, but instead the media ran hysterical nonsense headlines about how "systemic racism was killing black people."

robbinsville #psycho #racist stormfront.org

RE: The races other than the Jews are mostly good, some moreso than others.

Based upon your warped, demented, twisted, incoherent logic, you ARE NOT, and you CANNOT BE, a White Nationalist.

My suggestion to you--and it's a very good one--is to immediately remove yourself from Stormfront and dissociate yourself forever more from the White Nationalist Movement.

You clearly have a fraudulent, fallacious, misguided understanding of the concept and meaning of "White Nationalism." Your wholly incorrect beliefs that "other, lesser races" are to somehow align themselves with the vastly superior White / Caucasian race is dangerous, foolhardy, and completely impossible.

ALL OTHER races, species, ethnicities, etc. are the mortal, sworn enemies of our brilliant, far superior White / Caucasian race. All other races, species, ethnicities, etc. HATE the White race with an unbridled hatred that borders on insanity--and that actually IS pathological insanity.

With the erroneous, flawed, unfeasible position you postulate you've thus proven yourself unworthy of the title of nobility of a "White Nationalist."

I strongly suggest you immediately remove yourself from the White Nationalist Movement, as you walk out the exit door with your head hanging down in utter shame. You've betrayed your White race, you are an abhorrent disgrace to all who "fight the good fight" for our amazing White race, and you cannot ever be worthy of the greatness bestowed upon our White race.

I'd say you should be ashamed, but you've proven by your acceptance of our mortal enemies that you are a person who has no shame. Be gone forever, enemy of the White man.

Various Commenters #transphobia lolcow.farm

It's just insane. They're biological men so why exactly do they insist on being a part of feminism. We have a hard enough time passing bills on our own. Wouldn't it make more sense to convince their bros to be more accepting of them?

I know this thread is all fun and games. But I think it's so fucking creepy. Think about it

They copy our every move. They silently read our narrative to understand what periods are like, what labor is like. Yes, anything you've ever posted about your period. About your experience during labor. A trans person has read that and has used that to qualify their experience. They WILL hijack your story to sound more educated on woman's rights.

The thing that bothers me is that these Mtf never advocate for women's rights. Even someone like Blair white who benefits from intersectional feminism will never acknowledge actual women's rights. Lmao. I hate trannies


Breast implants. Neovaginas. Facial feminization surgery. Vocal feminization surgery. They're OBSESSED


I’m seriously struggling to not hate transpeople. I don’t like hating entire groups of people, but every time I have a conversation with/about them I get more offended by their views and more convinced they’re all insane.


Damn anon I feel you. One of my friends is trans and post-op and now I'm supposed to see him as a woman, the funny thing is that I dream pretty often and all my dreams are with him as a man. My unconscious knows kek

BummerDrummer #conspiracy #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.co

Blackpill Once women take the vaccine it’s over.

We all (I hope) know that the vaccine is unsafe at best and straight up malicious at worst, and like most social changes done by the NWO ) it will be the women (and minorities) who will be the foot soldiers of said NWO doctrine.

These 2 groups will follow WHATEVER the new agenda is. If it is dictated to stay in your house while a fake virus is coined up they will stay in their house and shame you for not. If it is dictated to kneel for some fucking monkey that died of an OD and resisted arrest you will kneel or these 2 groups will shame you. The vaccine will soon be the new agenda and because the puppeteers have made it so trendy.

Because of the amount of sway women have in society (being the gatekeepers of intercourse) if they take the vaccines all the soys will follow suit, especially if they start barring those without the vaccine from normie activities like clubs and etc.

55% of Single Americans Say They Won’t Go Out with People Not Willing to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

Like on EVERY SINGLE MAJOR SOCIAL ISSUE, Kikes, papist elites, blacks/minorities, and women are combining to form a huge bloc with the first 2 as heads and the latter 2 as slave foot soldiers not unlike the orcs from LOTR, and of course the Anglo Teutons are LOSING in the face of the great reset (despite our future world being better for everyone than whatever future the semites want)

Lifefuel: this fucking monkey vaccine rap got a whole lot of dislikes which is based

Community Immunity 1: Let's All Get the Vaccine feat. Darryl DMC McDaniels

based_meme & ThoughtfulCel #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

RE: Serious If someone admits to having kissed a woman and/or other minor experiences with women, should this warrant a permaban? [Poll]


It's the 'ol, "whoops, I slipped and my cock fell inside her."

"Im totally an incel just like you guys!" Makes you wonder why these retards waste their time here

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THESE RESULTS? Make this fucking vote publicly visible. We need to see who the fakecels and cucks are. For all we know fakecels are letting their cliques know to create fresh accounts to vote. So that's it then? We're going to open the floodgates and formally welcome the fakecels in? The slippery slope I was worried about back in August/September is actually happening. Unbelievable. Who's next in line to join the forum? The slayer chads? Then who? The homosexuals and the women? Please, just shoot and kill this fucking forum already. Don't let it die from cancer.

Also there's a week on this vote so the results can still swing. If you know people who'd care about this tell them to vote on it.

This is the problem I'm talking about. We don't know who's voting and who their friends are who are voting. There could be a bunch of fresh accounts trying to swing the vote. The forum will then slowly inch towards something it would never approach in one leap.

Notice how he ignored what you said about us not knowing who's voting. Holding a public poll on this site that has fakecels nested inside of it is a retarded idea. Again, is this an oversight? Or am I as smart as Albert fucking Einstein to realize this

NEpalese Ministry Of Immigration #sexist theguardian.com

Nepalis protest 'ridiculous' proposed ban on women travelling abroad

Activists warn new anti-trafficking law requiring permission from families to travel is evidence of ‘deep-rooted patriarchal mindset’

A proposed law in Nepal that would ban women from travelling abroad without permission from their families and local government officials has been called unconstitutional and “ridiculous”. The proposals, introduced by the Department of Immigration last week in an attempt to prevent women being trafficked, would require all women under 40 to seek permission before they visit Africa or the Middle East for the first time.

Following criticism, the department said the law applied only to “vulnerable” women and stressed it had yet to be finalised.

Ila Sharma, a former election commissioner of Nepal, said: “It’s preposterous the way educated bureaucracy seems to be objectifying women. Clearly, they do not see women as fully fledged adults. “Instead of empowering and building the capacity of women, as well as the rest of the emigrant labour workforce, they are being regressive, unconstitutional, not to say ridiculous.”

Nepal’s Human Rights Commission estimated that about 35,000 people, including 15,000 women and 5,000 girls, were victims of trafficking in 2018. Activists pointed out that it is not just women who are trafficked, so immigration lawmakers should consider women and men in any proposed legal changes. There have been several attempts over the past decades to combat exploitation through travel restrictions. The latest was in 2017 when the government banned Nepali citizens from working in the Gulf as domestic workers, a move that targeted women. Activists have long complained that banning women from travelling doesn’t work and infringes their rights.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Silly meme - but might explain why the movement has gained so much traction?



AOC is right there fueling the fire. This shit is going to shred her credibility. She's not going to be a major political force in her 40s and 50s.

If this is the hill the left wants to die on, the left will die. I always considered myself a leftist but this year I'll likely vote conservative for the first time in my entire life, because in my country they're the only ones against the self ID law.

I will be voting conservative in my country for the first time. They’ve done a little trans pandering but it was pretty meaningless and nothing compared to the liberals.

I'm quite lucky that in my country, Germany, the conservatives are not that anti woman in general, it is Merkels party after all.

I’m doing the same. I will not stand for gender indoctrination being forced by the state onto kids, or for sex offender’s rights being enshrined into law, or for women being legally stripped of our boundaries. Fuck any political party who stands for this utter garbage.

Some of the most vehement trans & non-binary TRAs I know are rich kids desperate for a narrative in which they get to be the poor oppressed victim.

I’ll never forget that Harvard freak out from a few years back over Halloween costumes. Literally the most privileged youth on planet earth acting like snivelling toddlers. Its not surprising that the same trust fund brats who cried over Halloween costumes are 100% on board with trans shit


A lot of high profile TIMs are also wealthy, so I'm honestly not thinking this is too far out of bounds for truth.

Jennifer Pritzker, Caitlin Jenner, Martine Rothblatt, the Wachowski 'Sisters'… yep. Plus they've got the backing of lots of drug companies and executives, and some other billionaire philanthropists too

RawSienna #moonbat #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: A brilliant observation on treating prostitution like a career

Those middle/upper-middle class brats are educated enough to be able to criticize the inequality of capitalism and racism within the scope of their little privileged bubble, but they can't see that there are people whose lives are affected by their liberal gender politics, children who will be groomed into prostitution, and young women who don't get to choose their career path.

But who cares about the actual poor people or children? In their minds, they are proletariat heroes who will defend their male friends' rights to enter women's bathrooms, thus saving their lives!

There’s nothing more privileged than wokeness. We know this because it actively makes society worse in the name of making it better. It’s taken race-baiting to an art form and is so misogynistic it’s even making the word ‘woman’ verboten. Above all, it’s all about it’s own narcissism and self-righteousness. ‘Right side of history’, indeed.

tervens #transphobia uploads.ovarit.com

I'm so tired of being ejected from every leftist space for being an evil terf when, in reality, radical feminism is far more leftist than the liberal feminism that these chucklefucks subscribe to out of convenience. Of course they don't want a woman in their midst who might call them out on their porn addictions and remind them that, if all labor is coerced, they are jacking off to rape. They only support women so far as they can us.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

Who Are the Enemies of Western Civilization?

Now he says the entire field if the Classics is hopelessly tangled up with white supremacy. He says the field is “equal parts vampire and cannibal,” and that studying Greece and Rome means justifying slavery, racism, colonialism, and Nazism. A Dominican has the nerve to tell us to stop studying Greece and Rome because that makes us racist.

In “It’s Time to Let Classical Music Die,” Nebal Maysaud wrote, “Western classical music participates in the act of destroying culture and replaces it with its own white supremacist narrative. Its main purpose is to be a cultural anchor for the myth of white supremacy.” Mr. Maysaud says he’s still accepting commissions to compose. In his words, “As long as people of color are making art, culture stays alive.”

And why do these people do this? Maybe they once loved Beethoven or Homer or Beowulf but got caught up in anti-white hysteria. Maybe they just can’t stand it that their people could never have created anything like the Ring Cycle. I don’t know. But that’s their problem.

The real horror is that white people fall for this stuff.

Can you imagine a white man getting a job teaching at the University of Delhi and then saying that the Vedas are racist and sexist so Hinduism needs to die? Or studying Confucianism and then yelling because the field has too many Chinese in it? Or studying Japanese sword fighting and insisting on getting rid of all that racist Japanese terminology?

This is a uniquely white form of insanity. If you think our Classical roots are inherently white supremacist and our highest art forms are racist, it means our very existence is immoral. How did we ever let such fools take charge? They deserve to be laughed out of every position of power and into the nuthouse where they belong.

Various TERFs #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Aussie Male Who Identifies as a Black Lesbian Says "Kill All TERFs" is Equivalent to "Kill All Nazis" | Women Are Human

Is this fucking scumbag pretending to be Aboriginal? Does he also identify as someone who can spell, with his “blak” nonsense? And how many women has he raped so far? Transbian = rapist is usually a safe bet.

“Blak” is a term commonly used by Aboriginal Australians who wish to take the power out of the word “black” that was originally used against them. The article states he is an Aboriginal male so I assume his identifying as 'Blak' is not that much of an issue.

Hmm. I wonder.

(Researcher1536 )

Yea this is him!!! It’s colonization on steroids!!!!

He'll be applauded for his "feminine" bravery and commitment to BIPOC lives. It's insanity. Men truly get away with everything.

"The great thing about being a Black lesbian is that everytime I punch, it's up." Fucking hell, they are the most pathological colonisers I've seen.

I can't understand the delusion. No one outside of woke circles would ever see him or treat him as an actual black lesbian.

It basically reveals their true motivations: get to be violent and maintain a mantle of moral virtue.


It's the heat, it has to be. Woman-face might not be a holy cow, but black-face is. And this guy thinks he can get away with appropriating race and sex? The only logical conclusuon: the Aussie heat melted his brain.

There was a TIM in Canada that made news a little while back for going trans-racial and styling himself as from India. It's fine for him to pretend he's a sex that he's not, apparently, but not to pretend he's an ethnicity he's not.

Various TERFs #sexist #transphobia #wingnut ovarit.com

RE: Mississippi votes to ban transgender athletes from girls' and women's teams | TheHill

...and everyone will be like oh it's Mississippi, so backward! And blue states will double down and write some bizarro woke laws enshrining TIMs in girls sports but with some extra woman-hating flavor that will pass with 100% of the dems voting for it. Even though with everything else dems don't agree on anything and wind up splintering before getting anything passed. emits 10 min long sigh

Who knew it would be the liberals cheering for the swift death of women’s sports. Such feminism.



I know right? How are all the TW soooo naturally gifted? Must be their work ethic because it cannot possibly be anything else!

The headline is so misleading. It bans BOYS from competing on girls' teams, not ALL trans-identifying teens. No, we don't want to "ban transgender students from sports" - we want boys to play on the boys' teams.

It really just goes to show that no one gives a flying fuck about any trans other than XY trans. What does that look like, again? Oh yeah...misogyny!

Exactly. No one fucking cares if natal girls play on boys' teams. Also I hate how it's framed as an issue of "children." We're not talking about 5 year olds or 10 year olds. We're talking about natal male athletes competing in high school sports. Post-puberty. Therein lies the issue. If this was about elementary school, no one would care.

Not true. Prepubescent boys have a notable throwing advantage over prepubescent girls, and even over grown women. It’s biological and innate to the male sex.

Diocel #homophobia #psycho #sexist incels.co

Venting We must not accommodate to other's ideas

Once upon a time conservatives were against homosexuality, and im talking about the people not the men of power, the voters not the parties, they said no to homosexuals, then, whith time they started tolerating them but still stood against same sex marriage, then they gave up, and now what ? "Conservative" applauds their parties talking about LGBFAGS rights, what is wrong people.

We can not let this happen to us, we must not accommodate to the people who wants us out of this game, fuck that, just fucking lol at those bitches who talk shit all day long about hating foids and society but then outside on twitter or whatever they pussy out and say shit like «actually we don’t hate women we are just lonely guys», fuck that, someone asks you if you hate women? «damn right i do» is the only acceptable reply, you hate homosexuals? «throw them from the roofs» is the only acceptable answer.

On his youtube channel when someone called @BummerDrummer a hateful incel the first word that came out of his mouth was yes.

On live with thousands of viewers when asked if he hates women @Master replied by «yeah i do»

That’s some real nigga shit right here,

And this start with us, i know there is some people out there who are more powerful than use but togheter we are stronger, hand in hand.

Various TERFs #pratt #quack #transphobia ovarit.com

Transwomen have female brains 🤡

Okay, so i'm tired of people telling me this bullshit that transwomen think like "cis" women or have female brains. Do you know some articles about that?

Whenever a TRA starts spouting off about the lady brain all I can think of is how some racist whites used to claim that other races had different brain sizes, and therefore were less intelligent.

Even if it is proven by science, so are the eggs in my ovaries. If that doesn't make me a female, neither does your dumb brain scan. You're just trying to change one "arbitrary" sex characteristic for another.

The last thing most trans people actually want is for transitioning to come with brain structure requirements. They know that would really whittle the trans community down quite a bit, and there's power in numbers.

Someone else mentioned Gina Rippon, so I thought this interview in which she mentions how she's asked by trans people to "prove" their brains are of the opposite sex (which is impossible according to her) might interest you: https://time.com/5669513/gina-rippon-interview-gender-and-our-brains/

Of all the TRAs arguments, this one is the craziest imo. A vagina and uterus don't prove you're a woman, and a penis doesn't prove you're a man. So the most visibly telling body parts don't indicate you're your sex. But the brain, which has no distinctive differences based on sex, somehow can? That's just crazytown. And by their own argument, isn't it transphobic to claim a woman's brain only belongs to women? Isn't that transphobic against an AMAB who identifies as a woman but unfortunately was born with a man's brain? And omg wouldn't someone please think of the enbies!

It's all such nonsense. Their arguments turn on themselves.

Various Commenters #crackpot #sexist #transphobia saidit.net

RE: Why do radfems hate trans ppl?

“Transwomen” They're men. We despise men over here. And pedo degenerates that wanna steal our wombs. “Transmen” Too naive or autistic to think they can deny their immutable female reality. That's it.

Go to my blog and read the long list of posts on the trans thing. I collect good resources because female bloggers are being shut down for criticizing this very powerful group of often violent, male supremacist, fake-victim fetishists. My blog has stellar academic articles, lists of trannie crime statistics against women, argument dissections, and plenty of articles outlining all the reasons and ways male trannies hurt women and girls.

In my country Poland there are no creeps males who look like females. There are beta males who can't compete with other males so they think it would be better to be female or women who have been raped so now they want to be a man - it is not transsexualism just mental problem.

Transwomen are mentally ill men who think they're women based on sexist stereotypes, and it's a fetish for most of them. Check out https://www.ovarit.com/o/ItsAFetish/hot to see examples. And now they're taking over female sports, taking women's scholarships, raping female prisoners, and threatening to torture and rape women who question them. Sometimes I can't help but to laugh from how ridiculous this shit is.

The vast majority of them look hideous and creepy as fuck. The fact that doctors and surgeons are enabling them to look like freaks of nature who can't pass as women at all is not just unethical, but evil and cruel as well. All of the transwomen I've met in real life have given me the creepy vibes because they're deranged, unstable men.

Lipton Matthews #racist amren.com

Scrap Black History Month

People celebrate February as Black History Month, but what is its real purpose — other than therapy for elite blacks? Obviously, there are brilliant black intellectuals, but in general, blacks aren’t interested in scholarship. We should stop deluding ourselves; blacks don’t care deeply about learning.

Blacks rarely value knowledge for its own sake. In my experience, many blacks are happy to study something to get a degree and a job, but learning something for its own sake is another story. It is not uncommon for me to have to justify my reading habits to other blacks. The only time I can freely discuss intellectual issues with a black person is if he is exceptionally curious. Many blacks think you can go crazy if you study too much. On several occasions, I have seen blacks caution one another against passionate study because it will induce madness.

Of course, white people tease nerds, too, but they don’t act as if brilliance is antithetical to whiteness. Meanwhile, some blacks still think scientists are arrogant layabouts for investigating the mysteries of life. To them, intelligence is worthy of scorn. Even educated blacks have told me that scientists are weird people.

Unlike whites who celebrate men such as Adam Smith and Milton Friedman every day, the heroes of the black community will always be entertainers, not forgotten intellectuals such as Abram Harris and Alexander Crummell or entrepreneurs such as Elijah McCoy and Milly Pierce. All Black History Month does is stroke the egos of some blacks. We should scrap it to spare blacks the burden of pretending to care about learning.

Gymcelled #crackpot #sexist #wingnut incels.co

RE: HALO EFFECT - Victimized employees are seen as bullies despite exemplary performance, actual bullies get a pass

No different than in school. People will try to rationalize a weak male that gets bullied but doesn't adequately "stand up" to the bullying as deserving of the bullying or accuse the bullied male of putting on a show for sympathy.

Yeah one of the biggest bluepill told to kids and teens is that people "grow up" and that life after school is different. Jfl people are the exact same after high school, the only thing that changes is the setting. And yeah feminists always bitch about "victim blaming" yet they never apply this to bullying

Me and other non NT ugly dudes got treated like shit while Normies soaked up praise despite not doing anything. It's damaging to be young and believe that you're worse than others, when it's usually the other way around.

I've read so many stories over the years. Low status men would do a lot of work yet any small mistake would be blown out of proportion. Meanwhile the popular people at the office can do major fuck ups and get a slap on the wrist.

In this life first impressions are everythinf. Your brain tries to find the shortest routes for assesing people, and something like the face is perfect. It's wo fucking brutal, man. These people take ONE look at you and fucking assume your entire life story jfl. But it's not like they're wrong when they see me and think 'KHHV' though

It was all gaslighting. These people drive ugly low status men crazy. They make them believe that everything they do is wrong, that they have an endless amount of work to do to be on the same level as some lazy normie who does nothing but act impulsively It's sad that some people will never realize that they were subject to gaslighting all their life

Quarantined & ThoughtfulCel #sexist #wingnut incels.co

RageFuel Reminder that bullies get sex and relationships, while the bullied stay virgins

"Our preliminary research shows that they do have more dates but in particular the data is really clear for sex behaviour.

‘Bullies as young adolescents or as university students are getting more sexual partners and are less likely to be virgins than victims or people who are not involved in bullying.’"

The only way a non chad/chadlite can ascend is by bullying everyone, ie dark triad maxxing.

Its just amazing normies could publish these studies proving that the only way to get sex/gf (if your non-chad) is by exhibiting "toxic masculinity:,

yet turn around and make videos like this:

What Is Toxic Masculinity?

Kinda funny how toxic masculinity had no problem existing in a time when war was frequent, and death was just around the door for a lot of people, but now that everything's comfortable and hunky dory, its all of a sudden a bad thing to embody masculine traits.

If you need any proof that the idea of "toxic masculinity" is a farce, then look for its main stream female counterpart.

Oh wait, there is non. Wonder why

This right here is what happens when you give female's rights and embed the idea of "Toxic Masculinity, into the minds of the general population.


Texan1st #racist amren.com

We need a nationalist movement. I’m sick of information, we need solutions

Here's a solution. When they swing the southern border wide open and they come pouring in, we'll colonize the uninhabited continent they leave behind. Once we get there, any stragglers will be offered a free bus ride to the promise land up north so white progressives can enjoy their company.

I choose to look on the bright side of the pending open borders. While the woke in America are being hoisted on their own diversity petard, we will be kicking back in the sun, eating mangos, and enjoying the lack of diversity.

They are not really leaving their countries. These countries use American suicidal idiocy of the de facto open border to simply unload their population excesses who take over American jobs and send money home to support their families in those holes and by that support the holes themselves. That unarmed invasion on the US benefits those countries. Ones who own and run those countries - oh no, they are not going anywhere, they are not leaving.

As this country turns irreversibly blue and congress gets darker, these people will be granted instant citizenship upon entering. With no border security and a promised instant citizenship, they will be coming by the 10's of millions to get in on the gimmedats. Especially when the gimmedats down there are nonexistent. Sure, those in the upper echelons of government will remain but we don't have to colonize the entire continent. Just selected countries down there. Our odds are much better doing that than turning America into a majority white country again.

Can we at least count on every Latin American country charging a passage fee to discourage the more southerly folk from coming up here?

I would hope not. Wouldn't want to discourage them from vacating our future homeland.

lulululululu #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: More GC comments and peak transing on r*ddit over trans issues and men in women's sports.


Is the tide turning? Or is that subreddit just less likely to have woke people on it, since it's about speaking one's mind and not about being politically correct?

My favorite comment on that thread, lol:

“Transphobia isn't a real thing. It was literally made up to make people feel bad for using common sense.”


Nah, I think the comments on that thread are pretty reflective of the opinions of the general population of the US.

I used to have a job that required me to travel all around the US, so I think I got a good sense of what Americans who aren’t extremely online think. Most, especially on the younger end, are willing to respect transgender men or women at least as far as new names and pronouns (maybe not so much non-binary people because everyone can tell it’s ridiculous attention-seeking behavior) but that’s about it. They don’t support men in women’s sports, they don’t support all these ridiculous changes in language and they’re usually pretty angry when they find out about these things happening. All of these things are being pushed without a popular mandate.

It just goes to show how much TRA ideology has overstayed its welcome. If they had just stuck with the basics like asking people to use their new names or pronouns, they probably would’ve succeeded, but they’ve pushed for so much more and for increasingly ridiculous things that the house of cards is going to fall down.

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I think women act this way because most of them have been domesticated through the selective breeding done by males. Women were commonly killed if they stepped out of line. blackpilled women have been slaughtered for thousands of years. this means that our blackpilled genes could not be passed down as much as retard submissive womens genes. I seriously believe that dumb women fill the world because of domestication, selective breeding, and blackpilled woman genocide.

apparently women in the past systemically killed overly aggressive young men to keep peace within their gynocentric tribes. this was before Abrahamic religion took off. I think male religion came out of this so they could radicalize men to start killing the blackpilled women who were killing the violent males.

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Parents across the US demonstrated in front of gender clinics today

A new organization, LGBFightback.org, organized with the Parents of ROGD Kids to hold actions in Philly, Chicago, Hartford, Ontario, DFW and Los Angeles. Check out LGBFB's website or Twitter feed for tons of great pictures. Unfortunately we were met by TRA's including one very angry and confrontational MTF. But we also had some fairly civil conversations with the FTMs. The LGBTQ++++ establishment in our state has gone completely bananas about it, over some moms with signs!

If your message made people uncomfortable, that's a good sign. If more demonstrations like this are planned for the future, I would recommend trying to get some detransitioners publicly involved as well. There are quite a few who were transitioned as minors.

I am sure future actions will involve different groups besides or in addition to parents, thanks for the good idea.

You are the REAL stunning and brave! It takes a LOT of courage to stand up to bullies - especially when they get away with playing the victim.. Seriously — if Trans-activism wasn’t a cult — then why are they so aggressive about anyone raising any questions and so ready to shut down all dialog? Why do they label anyone questioning medical interventions for kids as “transphobic”... I don’t know a single person who is transphobic. But I do know some moms who aren’t keen on their autistic non-conforming daughters being put on puberty blockers and moms or gay kids who are made to feel bad or somehow inferior for being gay or lesbian. This madness just has to stop! I’m over-the-moon happy that this protest happened and I just hope that the powers that be don’t just label this as “transphobic” and actually listen with their ears and their hearts for once!

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That was one of the things that stood out so starkly in the TERF Wars video. All the women looked like normal human beings. The TIMs look like pornified stereotypes. Being a woman = being pretty/hot/sexy to them. They used to claim that they were so performative because of ‘hate keeping’ requirements. Now there is no gate keeping and they’re more pornified than ever. I don’t expect any better from men, but I’m stunned so many women fail to see this and be insulted by it.


It's not just about looking better, it's also about looking female. You could take the most beautiful no make up TIM and you'd still be able to clock him immediately because of his body shape compared to the average woman's bodyshape.

yeah thats what gets me, this idea that a man could ever somehow look more feminine than an actual woman. The butchest butch looks more feminine than the most dolled up TiM because SHE'S ACTUALLY A WOMAN.


I've honestly never seen a TiM I would describe as "beautiful" (or any male, for that matter).

I find men pretending to be women skin-crawlingly awful, whether they’re the usual Yaniv-standard fugly or the uncanny-valley White variety. There’s no beauty in any of them. They’re caricatures, grotesques. They have well and truly earned the label “pigs in wigs” whatever the rules here say about us using it.

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RE: Anyone else tired of all the race focus on the recent economic schemes and in diversity?

My military mom was talking about how they only focused on diversity in race, not gender, and how that was a sharp turn from the metoo movement just a few years ago. When Biden gives away money to minorities on unemployment only, or to their small businesses, he forgets entirely about a large portion of the working class in Appalachia who have been entirely overlooked and demonized, along with a good portion of small businesses. How is not assisting them not considered racism by itself? It should be, but the media wouldn’t frame it as that. It seems as if even they don’t realize that this hurts the left and their coalition in the long run, meaningless victories and time wasting only alienates the majority who could learn to appreciate leftist economics if they weren’t immediately shoved in with wokeness, along with environmentalism which is a big issue too.

Of course I am, having come from the black PMC milieu myself (but as Matt Christman points out, one of the ones to fall through the cracks now that the “dream” of social climbing has been snuffed out) I utterly despise this group of race hustling minorities who try manipulating all this diversity shit and warping all discussions of economics and government policy into a cynical scheme to gain more wealth and power for themselves. And the most disgusting part about them is that they use working class minorities as pawns in their little game to cement themselves as either capitalists in their own right, retainers to the capitalists, or academics. And if you hear how they will often talk about working class minorities they feel disgusted by them, almost as disgusted by them as actual white supremacists are. It’s an entirely self-interested, cynical, and psychopathic mode of politics.