MrLuvaluva #conspiracy

Well obviously FEMA doesn't operate in Scotland, but if they did i'd be asking questions, I haven't noticed any unusual stuff like that here, i'm sure peeps wouldn't be long in condemning it tho. So what you are saying is.. FEMA do not operate any detention centres? These compounds/eary buildings razor wired and with turnstiles are not designed to hold people or are operated by government/military? So it's just a vivid hallucination and we should all put our blinkers on and carry on regardless?

Furthermore, it's not my job to investigate, i am only gathering opinion and trying to gauge peoples perception of this phenomenon, obviously i can only go by what i see, and it's very suspect indeed.. Put it this way, remember when the iraq war was about to kick off and they showed alledged chemical weapons sites, pictures of mobile chemical labs/trucks modified etc, you know to like justify the invasion.. well, if anything like this (swathes of camps) was found in a middle eastern country i know for a fact questions would be asked... But when it's happening on our own doorstep it's ok nobody seems to mind, they are probably all sitting empty as i write this, but what if there ever was martial imposed in USA, do think they would sit empty for long?



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