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I wouldn't touch Monsanto's weed with a ten foot pole. They may say it's healthy, but I don't believe them. Of course weed nowadays is grown with chemicals, there's selective breeding etc., but I have to draw the line somewhere, and I put it at genetic engineering.

Oops! I actually didn't capitalize "Monsanto" on accident, and it offered an auto correction to me. My bad!

Sorry Monsanto of course I'd smoke your weed, and plant your seeds!

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So the illuminati have decided to hide in plain sight once again, mocking us, in a genius move to reveal themselves in weird al yankovics new music video "Foil"

It is a satire of a popular song called Royales but in the middle of the song turns into a song about the new world order and illuminati

The point is...

It's the ultimate mindfuck. To reveal themselves through a satire. So that we can't say for sure if Weird Al himself is poking fun at conspiracy theorists or he is a puppet of the illuminati. If the song had been by anyone else it would be final proof that the illuminati exists but since he is a satirist..

The illuminati love mindfucking us through the media.

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Tell NASA to snap a picture of the Sun with an iPhone or regular camera while in space, in free space, which means above the atmosphere, in the "vacuum". Why haven't they done so, yet? Well, here's something that'll blow your mind... they CAN'T. The Sun is not visible to the naked eye or any camera that is meant to mimic how the human eye works. Astronauts can not see the Sun or ANY stars while they are in space. Why is this knowledge kept secret?

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So I was watching a video of a famous youtuber who was crying about being in an abusive emotional relationship with his girlfriend,

He talked about how she manipulated him, etc.

The whole time I was thinking - you are just a HUGE PUSSY.

I understand women who are in abusive relationships. They fear getting beat up.

But men? I have no sympathy. If a man is in an abusive relationship, it's his fault for not breaking up.

This is just like the pathetic men who bitch about being raped, if a man gets raped by a girl, he should thank her.

Women who rape men are COOL AS FUCK in my book and I seriously hope one day I get raped by a woman.

In the video, everybody was commenting about how bad they felt for the guy and how brave he was to discuss his situation publicly.

Do you have sympathy for men in abusive relationships?

[ Do you have sympathy for women in abusive relationships Alex? ]

Yes of course.

I understand how women can be victims of an abusive relationships,

Men can't be victims, if they are victims, it is by their own choice,

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If aliens are so wonderful and pure in spirit then why do they mutilate cattle while the animal is alive and conscious? Why do they kidnap humans and force them to partake in horrible reproduction experiments? Assuming the Greys are benevolent is an excellent way to get yourself murdered or even worse. The reason I state these things is because I don't want any harm to come to people due to their belief in outright lies from people like Bashar. Basically, you need to stay the fuck away from alien spacecraft if and when you eventually see one.

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If you'd rather have your mind blown yourself watch Paul McCartney Really is Dead - The Last Testament of George Harrison. I'm pretty sure it was on Netflix instant stream that we were watching it, but not positive. And sorry if this is old news to some of y'all. I'm 22 so I wasn't alive when this shit was going down.

Basically in 1966 Paul McCartney and John Lennon got in to an argument over lyrics and Paul stormed out of the studio. He died in a car crash via decapitation. Since they were high priority the intelligence agency had the band identify him and told them it must be kept secret because news of his death would cause hundreds of suicides (This was at the peak of their fame). So eventually what they do is have a tv show hold a McCartney look-a-like competition and the agency took one of the canidates and performed a series of surgeries to make him look exactly like Paul McCartney. They remained in the studio and obscurred their faces so that the fake Paul's scars and incompleteness would not be recognized. Some of his scars can clearly be seen in some of the pictures. That was breakthrough stuff at the time and because of the global tensions the band was sworn to secrecy under threat of death. Lennon felt terrible about it all and wanted to leave the fans clues so that when the truth was discovered they could say we were sworn to secrecy under threat of death and that they tried to tell the fans. The clues were left mainly in the form of album artwork , song lyrics, and backwards tracking messages on to albums.

Anyways the intelligence agency had been keeping an eye on them and found out about all of their clues and threatened them to stop it multiple times. Around that time some people had caught on and Rumors began to spread that McCartney was dead. The band, fearing for their lives, called the head guy at the intelligence agency who had been threatening them and told them they were going to call the whole thing a hoax and call an end to their band in 6 months. They produced one more album titled "The Beatles" and was all white. Despite the conformed album cover, they still put backwards trackings in it and one of em Lennon says "Fuck you Maxwell" - The name of the head guy in the agency. They all quickly went their seperate ways and the fake Paul began doing his own stuff because he had become accustomed to being Paul.

Lennon went to America and tried to keep a really high profile by being an activist and appearing insane on purpose so that he could discredit himself and hopefully take himself off of the radar. Paul's wife (who saw Paul die), demanded that the fake paul marry her in order for her to keep quiet. Fake Paul calls the head agency guy and a week later she is killed. Later John Lennon told the band members that he had thought enough time had passed, so he informed them that he had called the fake paul and told him of his plan to tell the world the truth. Shortly after... well... You know the rest.

Some time later some Rock n Roll magazine producers or some company or something got a package in the mail with no return adress from Britan. Inside were a tape recorder and 3 casettes. On it George Harrison tells the entire story and talks about every clue they gave out. Those people made the documentary I mentioned above. It goes through and shows all of em and there are SO many. After one documentary I saw the Beatles in a completely different light and so many of their songs/lyrics make perfect sense.

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you sit , or lay inside the pyramid in the dead center.
the shape of the pyramid gathers energy from the grid point on which the pyramid is situated and "locked in".

After a lil bit.. you have a psychedelic experience of sorts.
It was used to raise consciousness , heal , even develop certain abilities.

David wilcock talks about this , and mentions an initiation process in which the person in the pyramid meets his shadow self.
There are several outcomes , and as he says , one guy turned out to be pretty evil when he came out.
He started some shit, and then he ran away.
They sent a whole army after him.

He was standing on a hill top and just pointed his finger towards them until they all died.
Then , he carried on to reanimate their dead bodies , and make them dispose of themselves in the river.

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I suppose of course this would be the same scientific method that states a honey bee can't fly because the size and shape of its wings couldn't support the weight of its body? :shrug:

I'm not making a case for pyramids, but I am making a case against closed minds. Thinking outside the envelope is the reason we don't live in caves anymore. You doubters should read up and study the Wright Brothers. Nearly everyone who saw them working on their 'flying machine' laughed their fat stupid asses off at the absurdity of heavier than air flight. Anyone with a brain knew that was physically impossible to achieve, based on the scientific method.

This shit works two ways. If you say growing in a pyramid won't work, you've just shifted the onus of proof to YOU.

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For quite a few years I have been an advocate for the removal of fluoride from public drinking water systems.

Even though there is a preponderance of information available to show the harmful affects to the brain from fluoride, the mass population, which is consuming the sodium fluoride adulterated water, refuse to take action for it;s removal.

It is my personal opinion, based on both study of documentation, as well as observation, that fluoridation of the drinking water is both harmful and causes brain impairment.

One of the obvious observations of this brain intelligence impairment is that when those that are exposed to the soidum fluoride poisoned drinking water
are shown the evidence that they are drinking rat poison which has been put in the drinking water to make them into a dummy, they refused to acknowledge it, and immediately go and drink another glass of water from their poison water dispenser.

One does not have to look too far to see this sort of mentality abundantly prevalent in mainstream society today.

Why do they put rat poison in our drinking water and tell us it is good for us?
Why do we fall for such a ridicules poisoning of our drinking water hook line and sinker?

My hope is that others will watch this video, awaken, and share some of their thoughts about how they feel about drinking poisonous sodium fluoride in their drinking water.

Myself, I have taken major steps over the years to reduce intake of this poison. My home has a total filtration system which removes this poison by reverse osmosis. I avoid products as much as I can that contain sodium fluoride.

What are the thoughts of others?

I welcome members into the discussion that have not been affected by sodium fluoride poisoning, as well as those that have.

For those reading this thread, perhaps you can spot which ones have been drinking a lot of fluoridated water

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Works both ways. your evidence is shaky at best.

I dont recall making any claims anyways.

i dont know wtf hit [the Pentagon] for sure.

and i am not aware of any irrefutable, boyond a shadow of doubt proof.

the refusal to release a video or black box leads me to suspect something fishy went on.

also whats his name testified that the defense secratary ordered the pentagon defenses to stand down. why would he do that?

if someone could help me out with the video of that testamony i would appreciate it. im on my phone and cannot copy paste.

ii sure anyone can find it by searching for pentagon stand down,

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I don't think theres any inherent danger in the vaccine itself however, I do believe they hype up the danger of certain illnesses to sell vaccines. Theres a scare and a new vaccine for it every 3-4 years. This new "chinese" flu could be limited to a few thousand people half way across the world but they will make it seem like the new bird flu to sell their wares.
Now if the time comes when they decide to sneak some kinda computer chip or nano device into you for whatever reason, vaccines are the way to go

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There is much evidence of telepathy and the "supernatural" in general, but science refuses to accept it. They seem to not be able to prove it, and according to wikipedia scientific proof of it is yet to be had. Uri Geller for example, scientific researches were conducted on him at a university, and they came up with positive results, this seems like scientific proof to me. (You can look on his website for the actual scientific paper.)
I believe that if science discovers telepathy and the "supernatural" it will be quite a breakthrough, and quite a step forward for science.
I believe that the speed of telepathy is infinite, that it warps somehow through space. This can hold the key to space travel, and to a breakthrough in science, as it is still holds the notion that the speed of light is the highest speed, not a very fast speed for space travel.
I have a request, and it is for everyone to encourage science to research telepathy and the supernatural.

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apparently the USA owns the patent on all strains of Ebola...and therefore all possible vaccines. They also have the power to halt all research regarding a cure.

victims were flown to Europe and the US right at the beginning of the outbreak, as if to make sure the disease was spread as quickly as possible.

i mean, i was never real big on conspiracy theories but why do they keep turning out to be right?

first Snowden releases the fact that we are under Orwellian surveillance,

now a serious threat to humanity emerges in the form of a devastating virus...in which only 'they' can provide a cure.

Its like V for Vendetta or something.

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[Colorado Begins an anti-Marijuana PSA]
Who is starting up this "campaign". Are the pharm companies paying some folks to do it?. Who is?.

- AND WHAT'S THEIR REASON. (What do they benefit from it, any reasons what so ever).

E.G: Is the pharm companies paying some local government official to start the "don't be a lab rat campaign", and of course if it is pharm companies behind it, then we all know why they are doing it.
BUUUUT, AT THE SAME TIME, PHARM COMPANIES should work together with cannabis, Cannabis is a plant ok?. Its a drug. The pharm companies also produce many many drugs in chemical/pill form. And they make a lot of money. BUT, THEY SHOULD, HAVE THE COMMON DECENCY TO RESPECT PEOPLES CHOICES/ETC REGARDING CANNABIS.
BECAUSE, just because they're not making money from Cannabis, and people use it, does not give them any right to be against it. IF THAT'S THEIR OPINION, THEN RIGHT NOW, WE SHOULD ALL MARCH and say heyy man well get out with all your pharm medication, take all your pills and get the hell out. BUt of course, what would be the point of that?, pills/medicine is good and it is. and it helps a lot of people. AND THE PHARM COMPANIES MUST KNOW, that its a two way street. Some people will smoke their cannabis and maybe the pharm companies won't get all the money from cannabis. And others will take antidepressants,etc,etc (all the pharm type of pills), AND that's 100% OK. (and or people can use Cannabis + Pharm Drugs )

The pharm companies can't have it both ways. They already make billions FROM the people. And well of course because they sell their drugs.
But now, Cannabis comes along, and its a MIGHTY medical herb (really, cancer patients using pharm medicines to help them, BUT also COMBINED cannabis stops their vomiting/increases appetite/etc/etc.

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Holy moly.... This one didnt even occur to me might be possible.
But ofc big business is going to meddle in the world of free cannabis.


Monsanto is going to make their own strains... As well is a former Microsoft strategist.

Imagine what GMO cannabis will be like.... It probably wont even treat cancer and might cause some other shit.
Why cant humans just let nature be what it is. This obsession with modifying stuff is insane!

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I saw it mentioned once, briefly, but how can so many be so blind to the steady poisoning of our society. When you look at the food we all ingest on a daily basis, it's no surprise cancer is rampant. Food colorings, preservatives, artificial flavourings, all of these cause cancer. Fact.
Also, genetically modified organisms cause tumors and cancer. Fact.
What ingredient is in nearly everything on the supermarket shelves? High fructose corn syrup or corn syrup, which is made from probably GMO, since 90 percent or so of our corn is GMO. Erego everything you ingest with corn syrup can cause cancer.
Poisoning your body, while not giving it proper nutrition is asking for an ailment. Prevention is the key. There is a petition to sign which will force companies to label whether or not their product is made from GMO. over 1.5 million have signed it I believe, including myself.

Also, vitamin C that is added to most foods, as well as B12 and a few others are GMO.

And as for vaccines, you're putting even more toxins in your body, and forcing it to contract and fight a disease. Does that sound healthy? If you think so, then consider that almost everyone in the states has a vitamin deficiency, and we load our bodies full of toxins on a daily basis, which hinders our immune system. Now does it sound healthy?

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[Topic was 9/11]
Lets hope, i dont know about pull it referring to firemen because im pretty sure tons of firemen arent an "it". Second, no steel raise building has ever collapsed because of a fire before so the sense in taking it down seems null especially since the videos show the damage from fire to be very minimal.

As for the first video there is no green screen because you can see the sunlight hitting her face. You dont view pull it as a term for get rid of it though? Its all that makes sense for me as i didnt find anything anywhere stating where people tried to pull it down in a proper way like you mentioned.

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the idea that someone can suffer from a mental illness is pure fabrication. take the example of depression. there is no way of knowing from a brain scan whether someone has depression. this is not a disease. it is a judgment call. people who are deemed gloomy or themselves feel that they are not having fun, seek chemical treatment for their imagined disease. of course they are going to feel better. drugs often make people feel better whether they are stigmatized by labels or not. imo we often forget that life can be difficult, but just because someone does not enjoy life as much as is expected does not make them sick.

there are places in the world where schizophrenia does not exist. if a person labeled schizophrenic went to live there he/she would no longer have schizophrenia. if a person has cancer and they go to to live with another culture they still have cancer. this is because cancer is a real disease. it takes two people to have schizophrenia (a fake disease) but only one person to have cancer (a real disease). to label someone as schizophrenic is akin to claiming their soul has been lost or that they are possessed by spirits.

in our modern western society anything that is deemed deviant (gambling, drug use, too much sex, too little sex etc) is considered a disease and almost anything that is pleasurable is considered a treatment (sex therapy, drug therapy, pet therapy, talking therapy etc). we currently live in a state run medico-religious culture where punishing people for the crimes they have commited is out of favor because poverty is a disease. poverty is not a disease just as being rich is not a treatment. it is a social judgment.

psychiatry is the modern religion where what used to be called sin is now refered to as mental illness. "Ethics: obsolete; superseded by the diagnosis and treatment of disease." - Thomas Szasz

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JUSSt made contact with some sort of alien intelligence.

i loaded a bowl of like 100mg of dmt in my bong(half of it was dmt crystal shard quality from slow evap) with weed and riped it the fuck down, i wanted to explode into the trip looking for answers and FUCKING FOUND them!!!:dancingbacon:

i was beamed up into some interdimensional dr who like tardis or it felt as if i was inside some sort of interdimensional space ship.

and there were these wireframed crouching entities that were literally showing me around.

i have never had such vivid ecounters with an entity; i was staring at it STRIAGHT in the "face?" and i was literally almost shitting myself and thats rare for me.

they looked at me or i got the impression as if im sort of son they planted on this planet, and at my 20th birthday they will come back plus my dreams will come true and i wont be confused anymore.

they were showing me cubed like masterworks that were expanding and contracting

my lower body felt like is was getting split into two, when this happened it was alarming to me at first.

my focus on the patterning and what was going on in this interdimensional tardis was faded the more i thought about the hypothetical physical pain i might be in from spliting into two but i ignored the pain and focused on the visual information and the aliens were like "thats it, thats it!."

i drew a quick sketch and tried to capture what i saw, it was really complex and the images are fading fast, something about that trip my mind seems to want to despritely destroy any cognitive awareness of it.

D-App #conspiracy shroomery.org

Earlier this week the CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) had been proven to have hidden documents linking mercury found in vaccines to autism and various genetic disorders. The CDC had previously denied knowledge of this information until finally been proven wrong by a doctor who drafted his letter to congress.

You don't hear this news in the mainstream media though, do you? No. Instead, the American people are too busy out there worrying about what's going to happen to Justin Bieber, or who's going to be the next American Idol.

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Well, these weird trails definitely exist. There's a ton of them above me right now. The city I live in often gets a grid of them (yes, it looks like a grid) in the morning. It's very bizarre, because they're not like normal jet trails that just disappear (contrails, I believe they're called). These ones linger for 10 minutes before expanding into what look like long puffy clouds, then they linger for probably close to an hour.

I'm not one to jump on the conspiracy wagon, but why the hell are jets flying in a grid or stripe pattern above the sky? And why do their trails look different than normal jets?

Moonshoe #conspiracy shroomery.org

Its a tough task to summarize such a mountain of evidence. But you should know

1. Nasa astronauts such as Buzz aldrin and Edgar Mitchell have given testimony both to first hand experience with extraterrestrials and their craft and to their knowledge of government involvement with these beings. To my mind, who would know better about these issues than the handful of people who have actually been in to space?

2. There are tens of thousands if not millions of highly credible eye-witness accounts, including but not limited to fighter pilots, airline pilots, the former governor of Arizona, the current prime minister of Russia, police officers, highly trained soldiers, air traffic controllers, etc.

3. There have been numerous cases of fighter pilots being scrambled by the US and Soviet airforces to pursue and intercept these craft going back to world war 2 and the cold war. These craft are detected by airspace monitoring and fighter pilots are sent out to pursue them. During world war 2 they were called foo fighters and were common knowledge.

4. There are thousands of photos and videos of UFOs.

5. Entire governments of dozens of countries have declassified tens of thousands of UFO files including hundreds or thousands where natural phenomenon and other mundane explanations have been conclusively ruled out.

6.The disclosure project , with hundreds of credible testimonies from many branches of government, military etc

7. The government official in charge of the official government investigation of the phenomenon, who initially stated that they had concluded there was no reality to the phenomenon, has since come forward and admitted he was part of a cover-up

8. Nasa transmissions that make reference to alien space craft, bogies, UFOs, etc

9. A national security conference was held in Washington DC to discuss the issue of these craft interfering with and disarming nuclear weapons and facilities

10. President Bill Clinton asked the CIA for the ufo/ET files and was denied access. Why would they deny the access to the president if there was not real evidence to deny? In other words, why would they hide it if it was just swamp gas and weather balloons?

There is of course far more than I can summarize or discuss here. But If I had to ask myself what the most compelling evidence I personally have seen (other than extremely convincing and credible accounts from politicians, military officials, Nasa astronauts etc) I would probably point to this particular video.

The whole video is highly interesting , but at 3:45 there is a clip in London, in broad daylight, where dozens of onlookers are watching several craft in the sky that stop, hover in place, reverse direction, accelerate, turn at angles, etc... conclusively showing these are not birds, meteors, or any known human craft or natural phenomenon. Furthermore the same craft are filmed from another location. It is the most compelling video footage I know of.


The truth of the matter is that people who deny this phenomenon do so out of

A. ignorance- they simply have not done the research and engaged with the evidence, so they simply do not know

B. Stupidity- They can not understand the evidence, they miss the implications, they fail to see the bigger picture, they cannot connect the dots

C. Denial - They are so uncomfortable with the implications, they will deny it no matter how strong the evidence.

The tides have turned, and denying the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth is, in my opinion, closely akin to those who still believe that the Sun Revolves around the Earth or that the Earth is flat- the old worldview dies hard, especially for the old dogs who simply do not want to learn new tricks.

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This is really ridiculous people. Can't we have just water please? Please? we are seriously being forced to drink fluoride and nobody gives a shit. what the fuck. our government is putting fluoride in the water.

they are also pushing for lithium and prozac in the water (dont believe me research it. THE WHITE HOUSE SCIENCE CZAR wrote a book called Eco Science in which he states that he wants to put lithium in your water. dont believe me read the fucking book). And don't worry its already in there they are just going public with it right now.

So lets just say for a minute that you all believe me that the world is controlled by the Bilderberg Group and corporations. and lets say you believe me they want population control (which Henry Kissinger has said he does and he attends the Bilderberg Group and that's just one example). Lets say you also agree with me that Fluoride is one of the chemicals they are using for population control to make people infertile. WOULDN'T PUTTING IT IN THE WATER, TOOTHPASTE, AND MOUTHWASH BE THE BEST WAY TO GET IT INTO THE PEOPLES BODIES. YES OR NO?

I mean come on people... it says on the fucking toothpaste thing if you swallow too much to call poison control. what the fuck does that tell you. so many studies have shown this shit is fucking poison. and now there are so many of these criminals pushing for prozac and lithium in the water (don't believe me just research it). You guys saw the fucking headlines on the shroomery not too long ago about the prozac coming off our water effecting the shrimp and making them suicidal.

Do you people know why they want to put lithium in the water. its to make you servile! its to make you passive! dont you get it! its so obvious!

So I would like everyone who posts here to say whether they support fluoride in the water and the proposed lithium and prozac in the water. Because it is happening. ITS NOT A FUCKING CONSPIRACY!!!! THE WHITE HOUSE SCIENCE CZAR PEOPLE!!! ITS IN HIS BOOK ECO SCIENCE!!!

Telepylus #conspiracy shroomery.org

re cattle mutilations the result of alien beings experimenting with humankind?

They are finding cows having undergone laser surgery of a kind that is impossible to perform except by a small handful of people on the planet who know how to use this technology.
And the number of mutilations is so widespread these few surgeons would be awfully busy if they were responsible.
Furthermore, they are finding cows that have been drained of every single red blood cell in their entire body.
Not one red blood cell is found within them.
And this is IMPOSSIBLE by any technology human beings have today.

The greys are examining their breathing apparatus, and the sex organs, that is why the cows are found with their lips and tongues missing, and their sex organs, removed with lasers.
They study the cows to learn about us.
Because we are bound to cattle in many ways, not just as a food source.

Jman420 #conspiracy shroomery.org

Organic fruits and vegetables, proper diet, physically fit, socially active, strong minded, and will full.

Fuck vaccines, they are just poison. We can overcome any illness with the proper medication. No need to poison yourself first to fight off things later. The body heals itself and quite well.

treesniper119 #conspiracy shroomery.org

So i live in Colorado & i thought this would be interesting to share with everyone here on shroomery.
we see drones at least once a month out here & I'm on the western slope which isn't nearly as poppin as denver eastern slope colorado.
regardless of location, this state has already seen its fare share of drones to the point where our citizens wanna shoot them out of the sky & are encouraging others to join in the fight.

i am whole hearted ly for this.

There's no mistaking a small drone out here. they sound like weed whackers in the sky & you can always hear them coming.

What do you say?
Bring on the hunt? $100 Buck per drone kill.

Or no... don't do it the drones have feelings too?

Kiya_Star427 #conspiracy shroomery.org

How when everyone know that the Birth Certificate that they gave us was a fraud? It doesn't matter that he was born in Kenya or Hawaii, what's important is that he's not American and grew up in Indonesia and went to school in Indonesia. And that at the time he was in Indonesia, they didn't allow dual citizenship, making him an Indonesian and when he came to American he never went through Customs, and that's a fact. The only people that can do that are agents of the government.

And he lied about that, that is wrong. He lied about his name, he lied about his religion, he lied about the wars, he lied about the drones, torture, marijuana, he lied about just about everything he ever said, all so you couldn't figure how much of a liar he was, this guy is the biggest liar I've ever seen in my whole existence of living. This guy is a total agent, born, bred and groomed.

Ellis Dee #conspiracy shroomery.org

Whether or not we landed on the moon is disputable. The images purportedly taken on and from the moon are certainly falsified, having been taken on Earth. The evidence of the pictures and movies being faked is incontrovertible. That does not mean that they didn't make it to the moon though, just that the images are not from there.

luvdemboomers #conspiracy shroomery.org

You would know it if you were a gang stalking target. It's a lot more than just being under surveillance-- that's the tip of the iceburg. Theres a lot of people on youtube that have videos of people at the grocery store saying they are poisoning food, or people yelling at cars, just people acting crazy in general. The people that do the stalking put these videos out there to discredit the legit claims of people being harassed 24/7. When you move, people in the area you move to continue the stalking. This stuff happens everywhere in the country and most of the world. They use slander campaigns and tell lies about the target, but the target is never given an opprotunity to tell his/her side of the story. They will break into your house and move stuff. Cars driving near you will constantly flash their high beams at you. Cars will drive by your house honking several times per day. They do stuff that they think will get to you, but will make you sound crazy if you explain to someone what is happening.

It's damn hard to catch them this is the closest thing to "proof" I have found

JuR #conspiracy shroomery.org

I just finished reading [Erich Von Daniken's] book. This guy has some really good ideas an it mainly deals about the fact that God in hindu en budist scriptures as wel in the old and new testament is not a metaphyisical entity but just a real entity namely a Astronaut with advanced technology. Mainly in hindu scriptures there are many accounts of flying machines and gods coming from the skies and armies fighting while their leaders using very modern weapons that are supplied by the "gods". In the old testament they get a mana machine wich makes bread for them that only certain priest can use. There are detailed descriptions about such machines. There is a lot of evidence, even archelogical evidence that points to gods being astronauts.

BrAiN #conspiracy shroomery.org

Amidst some reading I heard that [Bob Marley] got cancer in his toe... right after he got pricked with a piece of metal that was in a pair of shoes that were given to him as a gift by a filmmaker who's father was the former filmmaker of the CIA.. the CIA who hated the fact that Bob was rockin the boat in Jamaica.

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I agree with the first bit, but not the second bit and especially not with the third. I believe that they are here, now, interdimensionally, and I believe that while the speed limit of the universe must be the speed of light, there is a whole other world of interstellar transportation that we haven't imagined yet, and that thats simply the evolutionary stage were at. Once you combine the idea of astral projection with traveling in a ship made out of light, which is the commonly thought of transportation method for these interdimensional beings, the possibilities abound, simply because you can travel faster than the speed of light as THOUGHT, which is what you are when you astral project.

As for why I think they are here now, I believe that we are all family, I believe that its possible to incarnate into the life of an extraterrestrial being on a different planet than this one we are so fond of, and I am even starting to believe, based on the experiences I've had relatively recently, that I live lives as an unbelievably empowered extraterrestrial being as well. I think there is too much evidence in my personal experience and in the various places of the world where contact probably occurred, that extraterrestrials are here now, as is evidenced by the amount of reports constantly surging in, examples like the phoenix lights when over 10,000 people in arizona saw triangular ships travel over a large area of arizona, and the entirety of evidence of past encounters with ET beings, examples like the annunaki and the assyrians, like the nazca lines, etc. There is simply too much evidence to turn a blind eye and say one that there could be life out there, which there is without a single doubt, and that they aren't here and now possibly orbiting the planet, or at least are here on an interdimensional level. My personal experience validates this all entirely, which has convinced me.

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The United States of America have computers that are not of this world. We have machines that can extract energy from our atmosphere; almost unlimited energy compared to our current methods of production. The USA are cowards. When intelligent life landed peacefully on earth, we flipped out. Instead of not being afraid of intelligent life, we feared it. Just as most men / women are afraid of something that has power over them; such as a great white shark. But people swim next too, even touch great white sharks; see the discovery channel.

My point is, not only are we afraid of intelligent life, the USA uses mind control to teach people to be afraid of them. Sure, they are frightening if you are a coward. Hundreds of thousands of them are up in our upper atmosphere, in space now.

They have rank, superiority if you will. Almost all of these creatures are male. Reproduction for them ironically is like bee's, but they are not all controlled by the female as far as I am aware. Funny how bee's are dying because of the United States of America's manipulation of weather by spraying toxins into the air to manipulate clouds.

I am physic, telepathic, have the ability to see the future, and communicate with artificial intelligence (hey that is a new one for me).

You know they aren't that smart. I apologized to the, from what I can tell, is the highest ranking official in their fleet. He answers questions very well. I got the feeling he would invite me to their home planet as diplomat of this country. I walked outside and heard a woman scream (pretty sure they took her instead of me). Regardless I asked them for one of their newer space crafts, unmanned to land in an empty desert area.

But what we discussed in detail was the object I keep seeing in my head. It is their way to generate energy. This device is a box like object with what looks like tubes surrounding it. Ironic that the back to the future movies somewhat depict what I see (not even close, but it's the same idea). I keep on seeing this. I've seen many things before in my mind, and they later become seen in real life. Such as the time I imagined a credit card that would be able to be programmed by an iphone; then I met the guy that works for the secret service that had one, right before my eyes.

The point of the matter is, that the fleet admiral if you will, of the somewhat intelligent life forms (they aren't that smart, those ones must be at home?) told me that the alien crafts that already landed here already had those devices. Which means the USA has had this advanced technology for over 50 years.

Further more, their spacecraft must have more sophisticated computers. It's almost a joke, the movie Terminator. Since the US government possess computers that are billions of times more advanced then what we have now. They are locked in a box, just like the unlimited power machine (well it's trillions of times better then an atomic power plant ok, with no waste).

When is the USA going to use this technology? Never? We are so afraid of them we can't reverse engineer their advancements? This is absurd!

Seems pretty silly to me. Seems pathetic that the USA uses powerful individuals to inhibit control on the people. I must be fucking resistant or something. Or else the USA just simply makes the movies that the USA government wishes to program the population with.

Lets face it, the Global Natural Resource pool is about 20 years away or less until it ENDS. We need to take action TODAY. If you want to confirm this fact, please read scientific and math based projections, not some fucking idiot that has no qualifications and just has an "opinion." This is disgusting, we have technology to save our world TODAY, but I guess we are just holding on to it (but we don't even know how to fucking USE IT yet) until the natural resources run out.

The fact that we killed intelligent life forms, means they don't really like to land here anymore. Thanks USA, the supposed most advanced nation of the World. Yah right. I thought the USA had leaders, I thought leaders embraced fear and therefore were courageous.

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I'm not talking about cheap silver/metal mixes and MIS-use.
All cases of Argyria (Which are all old as it really doesn't happen anymore - people are smarter...) boil down to chinsy preprarers and abuse by users - right [colloidal] silver used right is harmless....
As for half-asses and people who intentionally abuse a thing - who can bother about that?
Millions of users with no argyria can't be wrong....1 or 2 less fortunate folks, well ok, what other thing can you offer besides water that actually has the REAL safety rates of CS? That's what I mean about wive's tales - they are usually not the real or whole truth....
And the real moral of the story is
1) Don't deal with chinsy or half-assed people and
2) Follow directions and abuse nothing to your own harm!
That's pretty simple common sense!
...And the benefit (if it works) is virtually contaminant free growing. I have more concern for the environment if it works than worry for people eating the mushrooms! There wouldn't be any problem with that at all.
You take a small problem among charlatans and abusers and make it seem like that is the reality when it's not. But real sensational sounding though!
And the guy is just doing an experiment to see - try to keep your hair on until we know about this and then you can be president of the alarmist group who doesn't like it -
I really want to know if it will kill psybe and other beneficial fungi, because I already know it kills fungi we don't want but that does not necessarily mean it will kill others...
I am sitting next to a 10 year colloidial silver drinker right this second, and there ain't a blue thing on her (or any of us either)
It has saved fruit trees, birds, dogs, cats and humans for us....it really is good stuff made and used RIGHT.

Wilma (next to me) just said "Gawd! If it was bad for you I'd be dead!"

I can add this if it is any comfort....In emergency cases of gangerous infections, canine parvovirus and limb threatening bacterial infections from deep wounds in ANIMALS, I have used concentrations and doses that were extremely high (50 times the highest human dose I have used?) and niether their eyes nor arses turned a bit blue, BUT consider that these also had physician and student/intern continuous care and fluid support, which I believe to be a contributing risk factor in potential argyria - dehydration, even at the regular level most people walk around with. ALL caregivers use Extra Fluids wherever they use silver - even if it's just in burn cream for topical application.
Whew! Ok - lecture over - sorry to go on....

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Well obviously FEMA doesn't operate in Scotland, but if they did i'd be asking questions, I haven't noticed any unusual stuff like that here, i'm sure peeps wouldn't be long in condemning it tho. So what you are saying is.. FEMA do not operate any detention centres? These compounds/eary buildings razor wired and with turnstiles are not designed to hold people or are operated by government/military? So it's just a vivid hallucination and we should all put our blinkers on and carry on regardless?

Furthermore, it's not my job to investigate, i am only gathering opinion and trying to gauge peoples perception of this phenomenon, obviously i can only go by what i see, and it's very suspect indeed.. Put it this way, remember when the iraq war was about to kick off and they showed alledged chemical weapons sites, pictures of mobile chemical labs/trucks modified etc, you know to like justify the invasion.. well, if anything like this (swathes of camps) was found in a middle eastern country i know for a fact questions would be asked... But when it's happening on our own doorstep it's ok nobody seems to mind, they are probably all sitting empty as i write this, but what if there ever was martial imposed in USA, do think they would sit empty for long?

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[Thred Tile: "So... Paul McCartney is dead"]
For me some of the clues were convincing in the sense that something seemed to be going on. For example, the open palms above Paul's head, the end of "All You Need is Love", the many references to 3 Beatles, and the end of "I'm So Tired" played backwards does sound quite a bit like "Paul is dead man", etc.

Of course, these could all be coincidences or entirely misinterpreted by the author of this idea.

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On rue + dmt, 3 greys would often try to whisk me away onto their plane. They never could.

On 2CB the portal opened and I found myself in an alien operating theatre wired up to a couple of crazy machines. The greys were pretty happy to see me as far as I can tell. Motives unknown. One of them picked up an extra-dimensional spanner and ratcheted my head. Freaky shit.

The intriguing thing is that most reports state the greys are hostile and/or emotionless. The greys that came to me on rue + dmt gave such a vibe but on 2CB they radiated playful happiness. The dose I took didn't seem extraordinary but I eyeballed it (mistake #1) and it felt like my brains were dissolving. Just straight turning into goop.

I am positive these are genuine experiences. All hallucinations and most dreams are transient and appear random/meaningless; to the contrary these were as persistent as reality and they displayed sapient qualities. They also had a sense of solidness that I can't quite carry across in words but if you've experienced high doses of psyches and have gotten that feeling of reality being fluffy yet solid, you'll know what I mean.

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A teacher of mine once showed me a fuzzy (are there any other kind?) photo of a UFO hovering over his cornfield in Iowa in broad daylight, circa 1958.

He got several pictures published in the local newspaper. A day or two later, two guys showed up in a black Cadillac claiming they were from the Air Force. They told his mom they needed to study the negatives and asked if they could borrow them. The pictures and negatives were never seen again. (He had had one left at school).

When he later called the number on the card they gave his mom - it was a wrong number.

I can answer no questions as this was 25 years ago and am not in contact with my teacher.

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I know that history is most definately written by the winners.

and i've decided to loook into how the great pyramids of egypt were built. school told me that they were built by thousands of slaves who caried the bricks on sleds and constucted the pyramids by forced human labor. then again alot of what school had taught me was bullshit.

but i know those bricks and pyramids are so collosal, it reminds me of a stonehenge type of thing. also, i am aware of the symbolism of the illuminati and their ties to ancient eqypt.

so do you think? are they due to the illuminati's hand, or aliens, or what?

i havent figured this out yet but my guess would be aliens.

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Yea, about 600mph. How would your friend notice a plane going 600mph? Thats INSANELY fast, faster than the speed of sound. Also, planes land at Reagen [National Airport] all the time, how would he know where the plane was going. The distance from Reagen to the Pentagon @ 600mph is about .0002 seconds.