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Evil is running rampant in America. While the church is content playing small ball (praying simply for individual needs) and sacrificing to get a runner in scoring position (elections), our opponents are swinging for the fences. We “pray” to end abortion (bunt) while our opponents swing for the fences (partial birth abortion). We fight for traditional marriage (bunt) while our opponents go for sexless bathrooms. (home run swing).

Jesus told us “All power is given unto me both in Heaven and on earth.” We have the Greatest Coach in the Universe with the greatest team ever assembled. But we want to play small ball. We want to compromise (bunt) our way to victory. We won’t bring out the heavy hitters. We don’t swing for the fences. In fact, we don’t even want to bat…we want Jesus to miraculously hit the ball out of the park without us ever picking up a bat.

What if our team followed our Coach’s orders? What if we re-criminalized abortion and sodomy? What if we kicked the Devil out of our public schools? What if flexed our muscles and started swinging for the fences? What if God’s people demanded HIS return to HIS rightful position as the head of this government? What if God’s team played with as much commitment as the Devil’s team?

God’s kids are settling for the crumbs off of the Devil’s table. What if we played like the game was tied, the bases were loaded, and our clean-up hitter was walking to the plate?

Small ball isn’t working. We need Mickey Mantle. Instead we get Mickey Mouse.



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