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Jim Grunseth #fundie barbwire.com

Jim Grunseth: Hi Aidan,
What objection do you have against the existence of the God of the Bible and His Son, The Lord Jesus? Do you believe Jesus lived, was crucified, and then rose again from the grave?

Aidan Sansom
No, I don't Jim. Not any more.
There are currently a whole host of objections I have to the God of the Bible. Chief among them being his perceived condemnation of the homosexual people he creates. The game would appear rigged.
Please, for one moment, address the points I am presenting you with, Jim. I worry that you are just trying to preach at people rather than to listen as well.
But the bottom line is this: If you really, truly think in your heart of hearts that Ms Beeching is born straight and has somehow convinced herself she is gay, then I'm afraid we're going to have to leave this discussion here. And please - answer it with your personal feelings, not with a Bible verse.

Jim Grunseth: I just found your comment here...
We put way too much emphasis on what we think and feel and not nearly enough on what God thinks and feels. I know, in print, that sounds cold...I do not mean it to, Aidan...
Since about 1700, man has developed a lower view of and reverence for God and has placed a higher view of "man". You know this from your studies, I am sure...Renaissance age to age of reason (I might have my dates a bit off )...but we are now clearly in the age of reason, the age of self, and the age of man. (God, whatever he is, must revolve around us...not the other way around.) If man experiences it, God must approve it. If it feels right, then it must be right and God, regardless of what is said in a holy book, must either agree or find himself or herself (not my thoughts) irrelevant.
I have love and want kindness for my Transgender family member. But if I love him, I want to warn him of the danger of him continuing in his God-dishonoring conduct. You see, I actually possess a high view of God...hopefully, thru much failure, I high reverence for Him. God does not revolve around me. I revolve around Him, His hopes, His plans, His dreams, His desires, His Word. If He commands it, I am to obey. Remember: He who has the keys to Hell should not be trifled with. God is good...but He is not tame.
Romans 1:18-to the end and 1Corinthians 6 are very clear. For me to trifle with or ignore this is to my peril. This is what I believe. I share all this because I care.. I am not warning the LGBTQ community, Rather, I am warning them in love. (Ezekiel 33:1-6) Thoughts?

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James Bell #fundie barbwire.com

Normal people are not defined by sexuality but "the homosexual" is defined by homosexuality. Its important to understand the difference between a human being and a homosexual, they are two completely different things.

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Linda Harvey #racist barbwire.com

[On the kneeling football players]

Trump rightly rebukes these selfish athletes. Representing the father figures many of them never had, he’s telling them to go to their rooms until they can act better.

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Daniel Greenfield #conspiracy barbwire.com

Obama officials had spied on Americans to protect Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s more than a mere crime. It’s treason. Imagine if Watergate had been about the White House spying on Democrats for the KGB. That is the sheer full scope of what we appear to be dealing with here.

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Don Boys #fundie barbwire.com

It is an unpleasant truth that homosexuals don’t exist, only heterosexuals that reject common sense, refuse biblical truth, and repeat the horrific sins of Sodom resulting in His judgment.

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Dr. Sonny Hernandez #fundie barbwire.com

Christians in the Armed Forces will have their faith tested on many occasions. This is important—since Christians are commanded to examine themselves (cf. 2 Cor. 13:5) to see if their professing Christianity is true, or false and vitiated.

True Christianity produces a love for God, a hunger for His Word, fervent prayer, devotion to a local, Bible-believing church, and not a military chapel. The imputed righteousness of Christ that is credited to those who come to Him by faith alone, will enable believers to hate the things that God hates, and love the things that God loves. This does not happen because merit and favor can be earned with God, but only because of the active and passive obedience of Christ.

Counterfeit Christians in the Armed forces will appeal to the Constitution, and not Christ, and they have no local church home—which means they have no accountability for their souls (Heb. 13:17). This is why so many professing Christian service members will say: “We ‘support everyone’s right’ to practice their faith regardless if they worship a god different from ours because the Constitution protects this right.”

Christian service members who openly profess and support the rights of Muslims, Buddhists, and all other anti-Christian worldviews to practice their religions—because the language in the Constitution permits—are grossly in error, and deceived. This article will explain a few reasons why:

First, where in the Bible do the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, or Christ Himself, support or accommodate anti-Christians to give adulation to their false gods or to yield and obey anyone except the One true and living God? There is no exegetical support, and no moral justification for any Christian service member to openly profess or support the alleged rights of anti-Christians. Christian service members must share the Gospel with unbelievers so they can be saved, not support unbelievers to worship their false gods that will lead them to hell.

Second, professing Christian service members must answer this important question: “Do you appeal to the Holy Scripture, or the US Constitution as an ultimate standard to measure your conduct?”

The answer to this question will determine how the service member will conduct themselves, and what is truly the authority for their faith and practice.

If a professing Christian service member appeals to the Bible, all their thoughts, words, and deeds are to be examined and resolved with the Holy Scripture that points to Christ—not the Constitution. Why is it wrong for a professing “Christian” service member to appeal to the Constitution for their faith and practice? If the professing Christian service member appeals to the Constitution and not the Holy Scripture as their ultimate standard—they have no business calling themselves a Christian—since they would have nothing to measure their Christianity upon without the Bible.

Also, appealing to anything except the Bible as an ultimate authority would not only be anti-Christian, it would also nullify their previous argument of professing to be a Christian—since an ultimate authority does not appeal to anything except itself. It is impossible to submit to both the Bible and the Constitution as an ultimate authority—because the Laws of Logic would prohibit this—since two propositions cannot both be right and wrong at the same time. Christ made this clear in Matthew 12:30.

Third, the First Amendment of the US Constitution states that the free-exercise of religion is for all Americans to practice their faith, but does that mean a Christian service member should accommodate or support things that are contrary to their faith? Absolutely not!

Also, is it wrong for a professing Christian service member to say, “I support the rights of all Americans to practice their faith since the Constitution protects their rights?” Absolutely!

Consider this theoretical question: If a young-woman in the military said that she was pregnant and wanted to abort (murder) her child, because she alleges that her faith would necessitate this right, would you accommodate or support that young woman to murder her child since you allege that the Constitution protects her right to have an abortion?

The answer to this question will determine who belongs to the Savior, and those who serve Satan. This is the logic that comes from supporting or accommodating everyone’s alleged rights because of the Constitution.

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Sonny Hernandez #fundie barbwire.com

Christian service members who openly profess and support the rights of Muslims, Buddhists, and all other anti-Christian worldviews to practice their religions—because the language in the Constitution permits—are grossly in error, and deceived.

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Julio Severo #fundie barbwire.com

Let us pray that the homosexual sin may be seen and felt in U.S. society in its offensive reality. Let us pray prophesying the defeat of the multi-billion-dollar homosexual industry’s greed in the U.S.

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Robert Oscar Lopez #fundie barbwire.com

[On no longer being friends with liberals]

I’ll take your white supremacists and misogynists. I can deal with them. They are nicer to me. They listen. They don’t do one tenth of the harm you and your camp have done to me.

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Don Boys #racist barbwire.com

Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression against the genteel southland was not to free the slaves as Lincoln admitted, but he used it later as a ‘sales job’ to prosecute the war. Taxes, tariffs, and states’ rights to nullification were the original reasons brother fought brother with over 600,000 dead.

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Laurie Higgins #fundie barbwire.com

Unfortunately for the countless children and teens who attend public schools, the 2017/2018 school year is just around the corner, and like dirty old men in trench coats lying in wait to expose children to sordid things, so too await public school administrators and teachers to do likewise. Unlike perverts who lurk in darkness, however, these government employees have no shame. They do their dirty work of exposing children to wickedness openly and call it ‘love.'

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Benham Brothers #conspiracy barbwire.com

Although we don’t face a despot leader today, we do face a despot agenda – an anti-American, anti-God, sexual revolution, which is just as formidable an enemy to freedom as any despot the world has ever known.

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Don Boys #racist barbwire.com

Islam is determined to take over America and put us under sharia. They are working on that plan as I speak via sperm, speech, and sword. They are multiplying like rabbits while our growth rate is static. They are using free speech to deceive, defile, and destroy us.

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Barbwire Books #fundie barbwire.com

Homosexual Agenda and the US Military is a field manual for US service members and military chaplains. This Gospel-Centered, polemical book exposes the homosexual agenda that adversely affects Religious Liberty for Christians.

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Don Feder #conspiracy barbwire.com

Man-made global warming isn’t true. It’s an ideology-driven scam whose goals are to transfer wealth from America to the Third World, and power from the individual to the state. Its more radical proponents seek to repeal the industrial revolution.

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Cliff Kincaid #fundie barbwire.com

The most glaring omission in Tucker Carlson’s interview of the human oddity known as Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner was the failure to seek comment on the transgender traitor by the name of Bradley/Chelsea Manning.

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Julio Severo #fundie barbwire.com

[On Pence taking his shoes off while visit a mosque]

You can take off your shoes where God is. But to take off your shoes in a place where God is offended is an insult to God. A Christian should never take off his shoes in a place where Islam is worshiped.

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Laurie Higgins #fundie barbwire.com

If a small group of delusional people and their disciples are able to force society to pretend that men can become women and mothers or vice versa, if they are able to force citizens to participate in this fiction by forcing them to use opposite-sex pronouns when referring to gender-dysphoric persons, we will no longer live in a free society but under tyranny.

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Robert Oscar Lopez #fundie barbwire.com

Only male-female intercourse produces children through love, and such intercourse occasions a connectedness and spiritual union between the halves of humanity, which dwarfs whatever momentary awkward pleasures one can get from having sex with someone of the same sex, whose body parts make full and pleasant intercourse unattainable.

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Dave Daubenmire #fundie barbwire.com

A conservatism not based on the foundations of the Bible is a Christ-less conservatism. Jesus is the standard by which all moral law is based. Remove Him and His Name from your political ideology and you find yourself in bed with the Log-Cabin conservatives.

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Cliff Kincaid #fundie barbwire.com

[On intelligence agencies criticizing Trump]

If this traitorous conduct within the intelligence community continues, and Congress spends its time on other matters, the only alternative Trump might have is to drastically cut the intelligence community’s $50 billion budget. Perhaps that would get their attention.

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David Whitney #fundie barbwire.com

Barronelle Stutzman the owner of Arlene’s Flowers Shop in Richland, Washington was ruled against by the Washington State Supreme Court. In 2013, a multi-year repeat customer asked her to provide the floral arrangements for his upcoming homosexual un-wedding ceremony. Mrs. Stutzman politely refused, explaining it would violate her religious beliefs on marriage. The homosexual “couple” responded by firing off a lawsuit against her with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union. The Benton County Court and the Washington State Supreme Court, have both ruled in favor of the homosexual pair, violating Stutzman’s right to freedom of religious exercise. The State Attorney General has also filed a lawsuit against Stutzman! These elected officials have put 72-year-old Stutzman at risk of not only losing her business but also her life savings and personal retirement assets.

What do American’s think about the persecution of Baronelle Stuzman as well as the persecution of many other Christian owners of wedding venues, bakers, photographers?

A survey done by Public Religion Research Institute – finding 58% of Americans support Homosexual Unmarraige “Weddings” and 42% of white Evangelical Protestants would force Christian business and ministries to provide services to these un-wedding events. So 58% of Americans are on board with the Washington Supreme Court and an astonishingly 42% of white Evangelical Protestants are all united in the commitment to force Christians to do things against their conscience especially when it comes to accommodations of homosexuals. This is a seismic shift away from the seventh and eighth commandment. So 42% of Evangelical Protestants want to persecute their fellow Christians who stand on the unchanging standard of God’s Law Word regarding marriage and sexual morality. So those who claim they are in the household of God, 42% of them are a huge problem in America! They want to come after their own brothers and sisters in Christ and cause them to be persecuted by the State for staying true to the Word of God.

So that is what a large swath of America thinks.

What does God think about those so called Christians? We don’t have to wonder for it is spelled out in the letter from Jesus to the Church of Thyatira. After commending them, “I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first. Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.”

So to put it mildly Jesus is not pleased. He is not pleased that there is a Jezebel in the church of America who is advocating for sexual immorality and which wants to persecute Christians who are faithful to their Lord and Savior. What has gone wrong with the spiritual harvest in American is akin to what was happening on the island of Crete. Turn to Titus 1:10 where Paul writing to his disciple tells him how to deal with the heresies of his day on Crete.

The Works Salvation Heresy – Titus 1:10-11 “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.”

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Fay Voshell #fundie barbwire.com

To look at the bloc of white garbed Democrat women was to look at oracles of Delphi who have mystically discerned the most sacred right of women is the right to sacrifice their own offspring. To look at the high priestesses dedicated to the religion of radical feminism is to see leaders of a cult, the chief sacrament of which is abortion.

For nearly all leftist feminists, abortion is a holy rite, a religious ritual to be conducted in the cathedrals of Planned Parenthood and to be blessed by “faith leaders.”

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Dennis Prager #fundie barbwire.com

I’m a non-Christian. I’m a Jew. Christmas is not a religious holy day for me. But I’m an American, and Christmas is a national holiday in my country. It is, therefore, my holiday — though not my holy day — as much as it is for my fellow Americans who are Christian. That’s why it’s not surprising that it was an American Jew, Irving Berlin, who wrote “White Christmas,” one of America’s most popular Christmas songs. In fact, according to a Jewish musician writing in the New York Times, “Almost all the most popular Christmas songs were written by Jews.” Apparently all these American Jews felt quite included by Christmas!

By not wishing me a Merry Christmas, you are not being inclusive. You are excluding me from one of my nation’s national holidays.

. . .

The vast majority of Americans who celebrate Christmas, and who treat non-Christians so well, deserve better.

So, please say ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Christmas party’ and ‘Christmas vacation.’ If you don’t, you’re not ‘inclusive.’ You’re hurtful.

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Jake Macaulay #fundie barbwire.com

Now the church and the state are separate entities and they have separate functions, and separate jurisdictions. For example, Hillary Clinton has no authority to administer the Sacraments; and a pastor has no authority to raise a federal army and declare war. But since God institutes both of these entities, neither is separate from Him.
So, you see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a State official acknowledging the authority and the Word of God in the civil affairs of men.

Actually, quite the opposite is true. No State action or law is valid unless it conforms to God’s law and His Will. This is precisely why the primary document of America’s political view begins with the acknowledgment of God’s authority as expressed in the phrase, “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”.

God is the authority over both the jurisdiction of the Church and the jurisdiction of the State. They are therefore, separate from each other, in terms of their function, but they are NOT separate from Him, for He is their Source of Authority.
Therefore, prayer, Bible reading, and biblical influence in civil government are entirely American and perfectly legal. As a matter of fact, our Founders encouraged it!

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

On the US Supreme Court's recent ruling vis-a-vis a Texas abortion law:

'Today’s ruling is horrible on every conceivable level, not the least of which is that it turns every abortion clinic into a runaway abattoir for infant sacrifices to the ancient god Molech.'

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Dave Daubenmire #fundie barbwire.com

Evil is running rampant in America. While the church is content playing small ball (praying simply for individual needs) and sacrificing to get a runner in scoring position (elections), our opponents are swinging for the fences. We “pray” to end abortion (bunt) while our opponents swing for the fences (partial birth abortion). We fight for traditional marriage (bunt) while our opponents go for sexless bathrooms. (home run swing).

Jesus told us “All power is given unto me both in Heaven and on earth.” We have the Greatest Coach in the Universe with the greatest team ever assembled. But we want to play small ball. We want to compromise (bunt) our way to victory. We won’t bring out the heavy hitters. We don’t swing for the fences. In fact, we don’t even want to bat…we want Jesus to miraculously hit the ball out of the park without us ever picking up a bat.

What if our team followed our Coach’s orders? What if we re-criminalized abortion and sodomy? What if we kicked the Devil out of our public schools? What if flexed our muscles and started swinging for the fences? What if God’s people demanded HIS return to HIS rightful position as the head of this government? What if God’s team played with as much commitment as the Devil’s team?

God’s kids are settling for the crumbs off of the Devil’s table. What if we played like the game was tied, the bases were loaded, and our clean-up hitter was walking to the plate?

Small ball isn’t working. We need Mickey Mantle. Instead we get Mickey Mouse.

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

[On President Obama's order for public schools to accommodate transgender students in their preferred restrooms:]

John King, the secretary of the Department of Education, said, "No student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus." That is, unless they are sexually normal, in which case they can be made to feel as unwelcome and uncomfortable as any sexually confused fellow student wants them to be.


This is no time for the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot. The forces of homofascism are on the march, with our own president as their commander-in-chief. It's time for every state and every school district in America to defy this tyrannical overreach of our new Overlord of Sexual Deviancy. Before it's too late.

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Pastor David Whitney #fundie barbwire.com

In short this along with many other universities in our land are nothing short of synagogues of Satan, blatantly teaching and promoting the Satanic agenda for the lives of their students and advancing the Satanic agenda of a radical transformation of our land into the kingdom of Satan. I would not recommend my Alma Mater to any student looking for a institution of higher education.

In fact one should be very cautious about any so called institution of higher education including many that call themselves Christian. Many of these have succumbed at this point to the sodomite agenda. I read of a very well known “Christian” university that hired a staff member in their drama department. Later it was revealed he was a sodomite. When asked about it by a Christian broadcaster the school official responded, when we hire someone, we are not concerned about their personal life, just their credentials and job performance.

So they are not concerned that such a staff member will have a corrupting effect on the student body!

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Bob G #fundie barbwire.com

These liberal, Democrat, judges, lawyers, politicians, and activists need to learn that if they continue on their path of destruction there will be physical consequences. Yes, you read that correctly. I am all for vigilante justice. Destroy my country, destroy my culture, destroy my history and heritage, destroy my religion and my beliefs, force me and my family to participate in that which I believe to be vulgar and perverse, endanger my children and you will find me to be a formidable adversary.

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Thisoldspouse #fundie barbwire.com

Leftists ignore the fact the God himself hates and expects his people to hate as well. We are to hate: self, sin, the flesh, the Devil, the world, parents (relatively), our lives. How they get around these admonitions is beyond me.

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RCQ #fundie barbwire.com

This is an all-out war. Maybe not a war we wanted, but the other side declared war a long time ago, and hostilities have been going on for years. And we have not yet even begun assembling our troops.

We all know this war is against the spirit world. We all know homosexual activists are animated by demonic spirits bent on utter destruction of both the host body they control and all they can get to using their host. Demonic spirits will never, ever be quenched. This is a war to the end.

But the outcome is already known. All we need do is put on all the armor of God and trust in Him for the battle. About time we start doing so.
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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

How do we de-Islamize America? While it's not easy (because of politically correct hysteria) it's simple. It must include three steps.

1. Immediately suspend Islamic immigration


Can this be done constitutionally? Of course it can. The Constitution gives to Congress unilateral authority over “the Migration or Importation of such Persons” it thinks are “proper to admit” (Article 1, Sec. 9). If Congress wishes to suspend Islamic immigration, it can do so tomorrow.

2. No more mosques

Mosques are the incubators of jihadist ideology. The Center for Security Policy determined some time ago that 95% of all American Muslims who attend mosque on a weekly basis attend a mosque which either distributes literature or features imams who advocate the use of violence in spreading Islam.

Can stopping the building of mosques be done constitutionally? Of course it can, if we use the Constitution given to us by the Founders and not the one mangled by the courts. Under the Founders’ Constitution, the States have unilateral authority to regulate religious expression within their borders.

Joseph Story, in his Commentaries on the Constitution, put it this way: “Thus, the whole power over the subject of religion is left exclusively to the state governments, to be acted upon according to their own sense of justice, and the state constitutions.” If states want to ban the building of any more mosques, they certainly can.

And the First Amendment protects the right “of the people peaceably to assemble.” If any mosque assembles for anything other than peaceful purposes, it has no First Amendment right to meet at all.

3. No more Muslims in the military

Serving the United States military is a privilege, not a right. Congress has complete authority “to make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces” (Article 1, Section 8). If Congress believes it’s a mistake to allow individuals who have a sacred duty to kill American infidels to serve in our military, they certainly can prevent it. The massacre at Ft. Hood is all the evidence we need that such a restriction is timely and necessary.

Islam, as Brussels, Paris, and 9/11 demonstrate, is the Ebola virus of culture. Everywhere it has been allowed to take root since 630 AD it has brought with it violence and oppression.

Preventing carriers of this cultural virus from entering America is simply common sense, as well as the essence of compassion for American citizens who should not have to live in a society that must live in constant fear of Islamic violence.

The problem, or course, is that we cannot identify carriers of this virus until it’s too late. This simply means we must be careful with them all.

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Matt Barber #fundie barbwire.com

[On a report issued by the American College of Pediatricians, a conservative organization founded in protest against the American Association of Pediatrics' support for adoption by same-sex couples:]

[N]otwithstanding the politically driven "LGBT" agenda that pretends otherwise, those who suffer with "gender dysphoria" disorder will stay, as born, either male or female, whether or not they play dress up, sterilize themselves and destroy healthy reproductive organs.

Hence, it's of little surprise that, tragically, of those who put themselves through this imaginary "transition," 41 percent will subsequently attempt suicide.

Still, this "progressive" socio-political scheme moves quickly from merely pitiable and delusional to ghastly and abusive when children are the targets - when selfish adults exploit sexually confused young people by feeding their "gender" delusion and pumping them full of dangerous hormones, or otherwise surgically mutilating and sterilizing them for life via so-called "gender reassignment surgery."

In order to address the growing momentum of this harmful, gender-bending, pseudo-scientific quackery, a number of America's leading medical experts on the subject have finally weighed in. "The American College of Pediatrics (ACPeds) urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts - not ideology, determine reality," they warn.


Let's take it a step further. The "gender" phenomenon is, in the larger sense, an artificial and anti-theist-tainted social construct. It's an overt act of fist-shaking rebellion against the laws of nature and nature's God. [...] [T]he ACPeds report goes on to identify this so-called "gender ideology" for exactly what it is: "Child abuse."


There you have it. "Gender ideology" is child abuse - empirically and irrefutably. Isn't it high time, at least where minors are concerned and as a matter of public policy, that we begin treating it as such?

If such abuse were associated with anything other than the "LGBQT" political special interests, we already would have."

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Jennifer LeClaire #fundie barbwire.com

Is this another sign of the Great Falling Away? A "Christian" university in Arizona is acknowledging gay marriage. Grand Canyon University is now extending benefits to same-sex marriage partners.


Unfortunately, giving a nod to same-sex marriage by extending these benefits cracks the foundation. Although GCU maintains that marriage is a "sacred union between a man and a woman, which will continue to be espoused throughout the university's curriculum and classrooms," they have nonetheless to give a nod to gay marriage by extending benefits so as to respect and honor its neighbors and the law.


Is GCU really saying that Christians should not engage in the spiritual war that's trying to make darkness the norm in our society? Do the leaders of this institution really believe that disengaging from a culture war in which anti-Christ agendas are working overtime to silence the gospel is wisdom?

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Julio Severo #fundie barbwire.com

[Julio Severo tries to explain the high violence rate in Latin American cities.]

In Catholic Latin America, witchcraft and Liberation Theology have helped promote violence, because their nature and spirit are demonic.

The Catholic Church in Latin America should seriously consider why she is less open to the transformational power of the Holy Spirit, why her members are more open to witchcraft and why her members and leaders are more open to Marxism.

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Steve Deace #fundie barbwire.com

When Government Replaces God

The faith of our land often seems to lie in a heap of ashes.

Believers have their businesses shut down for not paying the jizya to the Rainbow Jihad. The Little Sisters of the Poor are legally prosecuted for not paying Sandra Fluke's abortifacient bill. Babies are ripped apart limb-by-limb and sold for profit.

The pagan progressivism rotting at the soul of this declining culture applauds it all. Its dark power grows stronger with each passing day.


[L]iberals cannot abide rules that can come from anywhere but their own inner child, and they know that a praying culture is an almost certain inoculation against the lies of the times. In short, they know they are no match for God. Ironically, these God haters know they are no match for God more deeply than many lukewarm believers are willing to trust in their own faith these days. And so the must mock and kill the praying impulse at every turn.

Our response should be clear. We would like to introduce you to the church militant. Yes, indeed, we are crazy for Jesus.

And you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

[On the 2015 San Bernardino shooting:]

President Obama, of course, was quick to blame guns (all of which in this case were legally purchased) and to say the solution is to do something about guns. No, Mr. President, the problem is not guns. The problem is Islam, and the solution is to do something about Islam. The key is not getting control of guns, it's getting control of Islam. That's not Islamophobia, it's Islamorealism.


If the problem is Islam, then we are wasting our time and our breath if proposed solutions do not deal directly with limiting and reversing the spread of Islamic ideology in the United States. Suspending Islamic immigration altogether must be on the table, as well as aggressive surveillance of mosques and the Muslim community. The wisdom of granting permits to build even one more mosque in America must be part of the discussion.

The Center for Security Policy has determined that 80% of all the mosques in America promote jihad, either through literature or invited speakers. And since these are the most popular mosques, 95% of all Muslims who attend mosques on a weekly basis attend one of these jihadist-promoting houses of worship.


The point here is that there is no way to tell when the next Muslim will develop sudden jihad syndrome. It is perfectly irrelevant to the families of the 14 dead that only a small minority of Muslims are capable of such murderous violence.

President Obama is determined to bring 10,000 additional Syrian refugees to America, despite the widespread support among the Syrian people for ISIS. We have no way of knowing how many of such refugees - or any other Muslim immigrants, for that matter - will be infected with the jihadist virus.

Imagine for the sake of argument that someone offered to send you and your family 10,000 M&M's. But, by the way, they tell you, ten of them contain a lethal poison that will kill you, and we can't tell you which ten they are. In fact, the chemical composition of these M&M's is such that some of them might even turn poisonous after they get to your house. And I'm sorry, but we have no foolproof way of identifying which M&M's you have to worry about and which ones you don't. Now would you accept the shipment? Of course not.


God has already answered our prayers for protection. He's given us his Word, which indicates that Islam is a religion from hell and should not be embraced by any rational society. But we spurn his gift. We don't read his Word and we certainly don't heed it.

He's given us a Constitution which permits our government to seal our borders from carriers of the Islamic virus. But we are so blinded by political correctness that we don't do it.

And, according to Romans 13, he's given us a government with his delegated authority to use lethal force to protect our citizens from the Islamic threat. And yet our political leaders are so paralyzed by political correctness they won't even use the term "radical Islamic terrorism" let alone use the God-ordained power of civil government to do something about it.

If we don't use the resources God had given us in response to our prayers, we can hardly blame him when we get cut down at our Christmas parties.

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Matt Barber #fundie barbwire.com

[From an article titled, "Myth of the 'Moderate Muslim'":]

When it comes to the global scourge of orthodox Islam, the Western world, which Islamists expressly seek to "destroy from within," is an upside-down realm wherein objective facts, logic and reason must yield to multiculturalist make-believe, "progressive" propaganda and political correctness run amok. Faithful Muslims want to kill you, and faithless progressives seem all too happy to help them along. Look at the ongoing Muslim invasion of Europe. This progressive paradise, a burgeoning multicultural dystopia, is beginning to look an awful lot like hell on earth.

Fact: Islam is about control. The word itself means "submission." It is a socio-political pseudo-religion based upon the incoherent scribblings of one man - the "prophet" Muhammad, a warring tyrant who, as even the Quran concedes, was a murderous misogynist and pedophile. This unholy book is loosely plagiarized from the Bible's Old and New Testaments - Scriptures that, by contrast, were transcribed over centuries by roughly 40 men under the direct and divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


To be sure, "moderate Muslim" is a contradiction in terms. It is intrinsically oxymoronic. Whereas "moderate" (read: liberal) "Christians," such as those belonging to the PCUSA, embrace certain apostasies that run directly counter to the biblical teachings of Christianity (e.g., the pagan embrace of homosexual sin and child sacrifice by way of abortion), "moderate Muslims" likewise embrace an apostate version of Islam that runs directly counter to the clear teachings of the Quran.

While devout followers of Jesus Christ, who is Life - God incarnate - are, like He, characteristically peaceful; devout followers of Muhammad, the dead, child-raping, woman-beheading founder of Islam - demon incarnate - are, like he, characteristically violent. Whereas "Muslim extremists," that is, faithful Muslims, kill people extremely; "Christian extremists," that is, faithful Christians, love people, including their enemies, extremely,

Islam explicitly requires a worldwide caliphate (global domination and the violent imposition of Islamic Shariah law). This fact is not open for serious debate and is available for all to read, hear, see and, tragically, experience. Islam, therefore, is inherently at odds with freedom, democracy and the United States Constitution. While devout followers of Muhammad readily admit this reality, the suicidal left yet remains hell-bent, head in the sand, on "tolerating" itself, and the rest of us, to death.

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Lee Duigon #fundie barbwire.com

Please don't ask me to explain the American Left's infatuation with radical Islam. It's insane.

Our entire ruling class needs to be replaced as soon as possible, before they finish destroying our country.

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RCQ_92130 #conspiracy barbwire.com

1. The "Russian invasion of Ukraine" is a SOROS-caused conflict, not a Putin effort. Russia is defending their interest, that Soros sought to eliminate as part of his nation toppling fetish.

2. Same in Syria. Soros orchestrated the entire Arab summer, toppling the governments in Egypt, Lybia, Tunisia, Yemen, and ... Ukraine. All these have turned out wonderfully for the US and for freedom. /sarc

The attempts in Israel and Lebanon failed, thank God.

3. Putin may be an evil man - as one who has spent a ton of time in Russia and the former USSR, I am not convinced - but he long ago, way before Russia gained power due to Obama's stupidity, urged the US and others to work together as a unified front to oppose Muslim caliphate satanical evil. Obama was stupid to refuse, as that is exactly what all non-barbaric countries SHOULD be doing. But Obama was embarrassed by Putin in Northern Ireland (2013) and cared more about his narcissistic image than about international governance.

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RCQ_92130 #fundie barbwire.com

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that sodomites are demonic, possessed individuals. No alternate cause exists to explain the depth of perversity, and the boundless rage, the current generation of sodomites has.

Demons have zero concern for the well-being of their host. To the contrary, demons both seek to exploit the host and destroy it. If the anger and animus builds up sufficiently in normal people to start a "civil war", I do not expect the demonic influence to suddenly disappear.

For this reason I foresee an horrific and bloody conflict.

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Don Feder #fundie barbwire.com

On January 6, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore issued an administrative order instructing probate judges not to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Unlike those who worship or grovel at the feet of Obergefell, Moore notes that such licenses violate an amendment to the Alabama Constitution, adopted by 81% of the state’s voters in a 2006 referendum, and SCOTUS can’t change the order of the universe on a whim.

Moore can’t do that, sputters Rep. Patricia Todd, state director of the Human Rights Campaign. Gay marriage is “settled law.” When leftists say something is settled law (or “the law of the land”), it means the courts have given them exactly what they want, and now the process is over – permanently and for all time. Dred Scott was settled law in 1857. Plessy v. Ferguson was settled law in 1896. Thankfully, neither is now.

In its 1971 decision (Baker v. Nelson), by dismissing an appeal, SCOTUS upheld a decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court that the state’s law restricting marriage to a man and a woman was constitutional. (Was Baker settled law?) In Obergefell v. Hodges, decided last June, the court’s cultural Jacobins held that same-sex marriage was a right under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. Other than the ideology that guides the judiciary, what changed in the intervening years? Does judicial mumbo-jumbo transform the intent of those who ratified it 135 years ago?


We could get the Constitution back one day. Electing someone like Ted Cruz would be a start. But even that is no assurance. We’ll need to raise up a generation — like the one that produced the Constitution — to rise to rebellion and overthrow a judicial tyranny supported by the political elite.

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Ethan Ellingson #fundie barbwire.com

[On "getting the Constitution back"]

Why would we want it "back"? So our progeny can have the same messy quagmire of secular human "laws" and "rights" to clean up 200 years from now?

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Matt Barber #fundie barbwire.com

[From an article titled, "Jesus Joins the NRA":]

In response to the explosive global threat of Islamic terrorism, Wayne Lapierre, president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), recently observed, "When evil knocks on our doors, Americans have a power no other people on the planet share: the full-throated right to defend our families and ourselves with the Second Amendment."

But it's not just a Second Amendment right.

It's a God-given right.

Or so says Jesus.

He told His disciples, for instance, "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe" (Luke 11:21).

Additionally, as he was preparing to selflessly surrender Himself for imminent crucifixion, He likewise encouraged His followers to arm themselves for imminent self-defense, saying, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one" (Luke 22:36).

Contrary to "progressive" wishful thinking, that sword wasn't for opening letters.

And the modern equivalent of the sword is the gun.

But what, you ask, of the verses that say, "Turn the other cheek" (see Matthew 5:39), "Live by the sword, die by the sword," (see Matthew 26:51), and "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord" (see Romans 12:19)?

Those who exploit these and other scriptures to suggest that Christ forbade self-defense, up to and including the use of justifiable deadly force, are taking these passages out of context. Christ's "turn the other cheek" comment referred specifically to forgoing revenge and to being persecuted for His name's sake by those who hate Christianity. It does not suggest that we parents must passively hand over our children to demonic Islamists so they can rape and behead them in our presence.


Moreover, Christ's "Live by the sword, die by the sword" reproach of Peter, when taken in context, clearly refers, explicitly, to instances, or a lifestyle, wherein one affirmatively acts from an offensive rather than a defensive posture. When God says that vengeance is His, he means that we "shall not murder" or otherwise take revenge for some perceived wrong. Vengeance falls within God's purview alone.

So, again, it's biblically unfounded to suggest that, when the shooting starts, and if there is no escape, Christians must line up like sheep to the slaughter.


No, the Bible is clear. Christians may - indeed we should - arm and defend ourselves against evildoers.


Jesus did say, "Blessed are the peacemakers."

So I'll be keeping my Peacemaker within reach.

Just in case.

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David Benham and Jason Benham #fundie barbwire.com

Recent headlines declared, "God isn't fixing it." He's not fixing all the bloodshed and violence plaguing America and the world today. But let's just pause for a minute and think through what that statement really means.

We're blaming God - who's not supposed to exist - for our troubles? That's like refusing to believe doctors and mechanics are real, and then blaming them for not fixing our cars and kids.

We blame God for His absence in the presence of evil, all while systematically seeking to remove any vestige of Him from society (Bible reading, prayer, the Ten Commandments, Christmas trees, you name it). Yet when paganism overtakes principle, we presumptuously mock the platitudes of prayer. (That was a lot of Ps.)


While our leaders refuse to accept God's diagnosis in America - humans have a sin problem that, if left unchecked by God's standards, evil will prevail - mortality is on the decline and ISIS is on the rise.


We can expect that if we remove God from our nation by rejecting His existence, refusing His justice, and repealing His moral laws, violence will replace victory. And if we continue in our rebellion, He will not hear our prayers.


God isn't fixing our problems because we've asked Him to leave, rejected His standards, and filled our streets with the innocent blood of the unborn.

If we as a nation will turn back to God by repenting of our national sins (evil practices that have been institutionalized through the courts or legislation), and if we as a people will repent of our personal sins, He will hear our prayers!

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

If we want police officers in America to be able to wear their police uniforms in their own cars without fear, we'd best do something about unrestrained and un-vetted Islamic immigration.


If we want to see where we in America are headed, we need only to look at Europe. First it was in France, now it's in England. It doesn't take blinding insight to realize we're next.

Hamtramck, Michigan now has a city council that is majority Muslim. The call to Muslim prayer is broadcast five times a day over the entire city, with the first blast launching at 6 am every day whether Christian residents are offended by it or not.

Am I saying Hamtramck is a no-go zone? Of course not. Am I saying that if something isn't done, it will become one? If there is anything to learn from Europe, the answer to that question is an unequivocal yes.

Concern over untrammelled Muslim immigration is not bigotry, it's common sense. Anyone who loves America and is thinking clearly and objectively has reason to worry. This is not Islamophobia, for there is nothing irrational about our fear of Islamic fundamentalism.

No, it is Islamorealism. And whether you agree with Mr. Trump or not, it's time to bleed the mindless hysteria out of this debate. Name-calling is not debate, disagreement is not hatred, and the truth is not hate speech.

Bottom line: it already looks like England is not just a gun-free zone but on its way to becoming a brain-free zone to boot. Let's not follow them there.

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Cliff Kincaid #fundie barbwire.com

It is all right to have "no-go-zones" or Muslim enclaves in European countries, which are already suffering from Muslim terrorism and desperately trying to prevent more massacres there.

But when Trump proposed a no-go-zone for Muslims in America, while authorities figure out how big the threat is and how to stop it, the media engage in their knee-jerk forms of political correctness.

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

[On Donald Trump's call for a total ban on Muslim immigration to the United States:]

Two questions must be asked. Are such bans constitutional? And more importantly, are such bans biblical?


There is no constitutional right, of course, to immigrate to the United States. It is a privilege, not a right. And we the people have given to Congress authority to set parameters for immigration for our protection, our cultural unity, and our national security.

So while it may not be politically correct or politically feasible to implement Trump's proposed ban, it is not unconstitutional. It is a political and cultural question, not a constitutional one.

For those of us who are evangelicals, there is a second question, which is of greater importance than the first. We not only want to know if an immigration ban is constitutional, we want to know if it is biblical. Did God himself ever impose such an immigration ban?

The answer is yes. With the fledgling nation on the edge of the promised land, God instituted a permanent ban ("forever") on immigration into Israel from two nations, Ammon and Moab.


Ammonites and Edomites were not allowed to immigrate because of their historic animosity toward the people of God and their commitment to weaken them and defeat them. Where such conditions exist today, a similar ban on foreign immigration would have biblical precedent.

Now obviously exceptions could be made and were made on a limited basis. Ruth, for instance, was allowed to immigrate into Israel from Moab. Ruth rejected the ancient hostility of her people toward Israel and embraced its culture and its God. “Your people shall be my people, and your God my God” (Ruth 1:17). In other words, she happily assimilated in every way, included in religious matters, to her newly adopted nation.

She was not only welcomed, but found a place in the line of descent that led to the birth of the Savior of the world.

The bottom line: a ban on immigration from nations which have demonstrated abiding hostility toward the United States is both constitutionally permissible and biblically permissible.

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Matt Barber and Brigitte Gabriel #fundie barbwire.com

[From an article titled "'Christian Terrorists' Don't Exist":]

It's said that not all Muslims are terrorists, but that most terrorists are Muslims. Bleeding heart "religion of peace" Jihad-deniers may explain away the global scourge of Islamic terrorism as "workplace violence," the "result of climate change" or a "gun control issue" (California has the strictest gun laws in all 50 states, and Paris France has banned guns altogether), but the facts, common sense and our own observations reveal the truth. It's world-class stupid to insist that, when demon-possessed Muslim terrorists mow down a room full of law-abiding citizens, the "progressive" panacea is to disarm the law-abiding citizens. "Enough is enough," all right. Sit down, liberals. The adults are talking. We don't need more gun control, we need more Islam control.

Brigitte Gabriel is a world-renown national security expert. Her concentration is on the - ahem - explosive rise in Islamic terrorism. She notes that there are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. Of them, intelligence agencies estimate that 15-25 percent are orthodox Muslims, meaning they actually follow the teachings of the Quran.

"That leaves 75 percent of [Muslims being] peaceful people," observes Gabriel. "But when you look at 15-25 percent of the world's Muslim population, you're looking at 180 million to 300 people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization. That is as big as the United States," she concludes.

Indeed, with these harrowing numbers in mind it's no surprise that there have been nearly 27,500 terrorist attacks worldwide committed by faithful Muslims since 9/11.

There have been zero committed by faithful Christians.


Terrorism is in direct disobedience to Christ.

It's in direct obedience to Muhammad.

Whereas "Muslim extremists," that is, faithful Muslims, kill people extremely, "Christian extremists," that is, faithful Christians, love people, including their enemies, extremely.


Which brings us to last week's mass shooting near an abortion slaughterhouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Even as the secular left was gleefully screaming, "Christian terrorism!" Garrett Swasey, a pro-life, Christian pastor and police officer, was laying down his life for those inside the very Planned Parenthood he abhorred.

It's what Christians do.

(For the record, this marks the first time in history that any liberal has been concerned for human life at a Planned Parenthood.)


No, Robert Dear is no "Christian terrorist." He may be a terrorist, but he's not a Christian terrorist. He can't be. He doesn't follow Christ. If anything, Robert Dear's actions are more like those of Planned Parenthood, orthodox Islam and Syed Farook [one of the San Bernardino shooters].

Bloody bosom buddies.

Yes, there have been terrorists who call themselves Christian.

But there has never been a Christian terrorist.

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Laurie Higgins #fundie barbwire.com

These children will suffer when mothers and fathers in normal relationships prohibit their children from spending time in homes in which perversion is embraced and affirmed. Homosexual activists will try to blame conservatives for the sadness children raised by homosexuals will feel when their friends cannot play at their homes. But the ultimate cause for their sadness will rest with the selfish decisions of homosexual adults who insist not only on embracing perversion as identity but also on acquiring children. No responsible parent ought to allow their young children to spend time in a home in which homoeroticism is affirmed. Prohibiting young children from being exposed to such wickedness is not hateful even though, tragically, other young children will feel sad. Homosexuals intuitively know that young children and even teens have a limited capacity for moral reasoning. Homosexuals know that if children perceive someone as kind, they are predisposed to think of everything they do as good. Through their relationships with other people’s children (including in public schools), homosexuals seek to transform their moral views of homoerotic relationships.

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Tami Jackson #fundie barbwire.com

American Christians have massive amounts of thundering power and evil Obama knows it. He can punish, call names and target all he wants but millions of believing prayers of Christians, standing on God’s promises and Psalm 91 protection are flying to heaven daily. No EMT or Nuclear attack can stop prayer. No police force, Internment camp, Tax or health trap can stop prayer. No contrived Global Warming tax can dent our prayer armour. Keep bringing it Obama and be very afraid. God is in complete control and you are not.

You well meaning people who think you are all spiritual and enlightened who worship symptoms, bad people’s resumes, and historical ‘common sense’ had better get out of the way because you are about to see the real glory and power of the living Lord of the Holy Bible. God has a huge believing remnant in America and will protect us, empower us and use us in mighty ways. We believe in His promises and praise Him in advance for what is coming. Mock us….talk dirt about us but get ready folks.

Remember, when Moses (Exodus 34: 6) was approached by God. God didn’t say his best attributes were, Holiness, brilliance, power or perfection. God said his shining achievements were mercy, love, slowness to anger, graciousness and faithfulness. Pay attention to God’s own words you people who daily plan our demise or give more power to Obama than God himself. God thinks that mercy and love are His big guns.

Join me daily in praying for the protection of our country at the hands of Obama and his agenda. Pray that our Lord in His love, brilliance and organizational skills sets up core leaders in the House, Senate and all 50 states to bring America to where it should be morally, economically and as a real light on a hill. Pray that God delivers His appointed person to the White House in 2016, one who believes and serves Him, who loves this country, has ability, real ideas and guts. Someone who will put their hand in God’s and crush evil and sell out at every turn.

You can believe what ever you want to, but I believe that God is going to deliver America in a big way. This will be in response to His bold plan and answer to millions of prayers. I believe He will put in a rogue, wild card President, unlike anything America has seen before and that this will set in stage our restoration. Trump has experienced plenty of grace and forgiveness in his life along with mountains of achievement. He is the first to say that God has gotten a hold of him and he has changed. Political talk – political manipulation….I don’t think so. He is also proud of America, very talented with truckloads of great ideas for jobs and the economy. The beautiful part is he is not for sale.

I may be wrong, but I think Trump is God’s outside the box answer for a time such as this to take on the forces of hell and win. Pray and believe for America. We aren’t over yet.

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

There is no question but that we are long past the time when many mosques in America should be shut down. They foment hatred and violence against the United States on a weekly basis and many have become recruiting and training centers for the most radical elements of Islam.

We likewise should ban Islamic chaplains in our prisons, which have become little more than recruiting centers for jihad. Couple angry, bitter, violent inmates with a religion that legitimizes violence against the country that put them behind bars? What could possibly go wrong?

Any discussion about restricting the practice of Islam immediately counters First Amendment objections. Why, we are told, "Muslims have freedom of religion in America under the Constitution just like Christians do! You can't shut down a mosque! That would be unconstitutional!"

Whether it is unconstitutional or not all depends on whether we are using the Constitution as crafted by the Founders or the one mangled beyond recognition by the courts.

As I have written before, everything hinges on what the Founders meant by the term "religion" in the First Amendment. If by it they meant "any supernatural system of belief," as activist judges contend, there may not be much we can do to close mosques or keep giant statues of Satan off government property.

But if we understand "religion" as the Founders did, to refer specifically to Christianity, then there is a perfectly constitutional way to shut down mosques starting today.


So while Congress is flatly prohibited by the First Amendment form interfering with the free exercise of the Christian religion, the Constitution is silent regarding Islam. This means that Islam has no fundamental religious liberty claims under the First Amendment. In America, while Muslims may enjoy the privilege of religious exercise until they misuse it, they have no fundamental constitutional right to it.

Since the Founders' Constitution is silent with regard to Islam, this means, according to the 10th Amendment, dealing with Islam is an issue that is reserved to the States.

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Pastor Chris Ashley #fundie barbwire.com

[On putting the statement "Jesus is God, Allah is Satan Joshua 24:15" on his church's marquee]

“God laid a message (sermon) on my heart for last Sunday the 22nd. That message was for the church to stop hiding the truth inside the walls of the church (not just this truth of Allah, but ALL truth). The body of Christ has succumbed to political correctness and fear of offending anyone, to the point we talk about the truth ONLY in the confines of the walls of the church.

“God laid it on my heart less than 30 minutes before the beginning of that service to proclaim that Allah of the Quran is Satan, and that Jesus is the true God. I did. Finishing the sign just minutes before the service. No malice. No judging (except for Allah and Satan). No hatred. Just obedience.

“I have NO idea why God has put me (of all people) to be in this, but my prayer is to be obedient until the end. I humbly ask for your prayers as well.

“On a different note, I believe God has shown me over the last several days that my part of this message may not be for the Muslim people as much as it is for Christians. I am AMAZED at the number of self-proclaimed believers who think the God of the Bible and the god of the Quran are the same. May God bless you all.”

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Barbara J. Stock #fundie barbwire.com

I've heard it said that Americans are sick of war. That's way many have turned a blind eye to the crimes of Islam, just sort of hoping it will all go away. It won't. Americans and indeed the world, must understand that Islam has been at war since the Crusades, we in the West just didn't realize it. So America, get over it. Buck up guys, we are at war, have been at war and will continue to be at war until we deal with the enemy and treat them as what they are: The Enemy. They are not "misguided" youth. It doesn't matter if they are a minority within Islam. The Nazi's were a minority in Germany and look what they were able to do. Those who sit in silence are just as guilty as those who blow themselves up in a children's ice cream shop or execute people at a rock concert in Paris.

Since the Crusades, we made advances in science and math, medicine and space travel. Islam grew, spread, multiplied, occupied and re-armed. Islam invaded the political aspects of some countries and just rampaged and murdered to take over others. In London the most popular boys name is Mohammed. For a hundred years, Hamtramck, Michigan was a Polish-Christian community. Then the Muslims started moving in. Now, instead of church bells on Sunday morning, you hear the call to prayer being blasted from the mosques all over the city. The political structure of the town is now majority Muslim. Hello Sharia law as soon as they figure out a way to get away with it. This is how they win in countries they can't beat by using their preferred method of butchery and force.


What to do about them? Actually, it's quite easy. We tell our Arab "friends" like the Saudi's or the Jordanians or the Turks to take them out, NOW. Give Islamic leaders a brief time to get their terrorist friends under control or to eliminate them. If they do not, if they cannot control their own, the carpet bombing will begin of any and all places we feel ISIS or any other Islamic terror group is hiding out. There is much to be said for carpet bombing. It has won wars for us in the past and can again. [...] Once all the terrorists are dead, the refugees can all go home and take back their country.

In WWII, the Germans bombed London nightly and the Brits survived. We bombed Berlin and just about every other German city to the ground and the Germans survived. The Middle East will survive, there will just be a lot fewer terrorists living there. And if they want to start up again, we can just repeat the lesson. We have a lot of bombs and bombers to drop them.

If that doesn't stop them, there are other targets that can be considered that just might get some Muslims nervous enough to send in troops to stop the madness. Perhaps the Imams will stop preaching terrorism at daily prayer and start preaching a little tolerance for non-Muslims. Mecca could be a justifiable target if Islam doesn't take steps to stop this killing being done in the name of Islam that they seem willing and happy to allow to continue and even quietly encourage.


As for Obama, don't expect him to do anything to stop an attack on America. He will do nothing. When it happens, if it happens on his watch, he will make excuses, blame America, Republicans, the "radical right" and do nothing. It seems to be what he does best. We are on our own until we have a real president in office. So America, my advice to you is do what WE THE PEOPLE do best: Lock and Load.

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Lee Duigon #fundie barbwire.com

The Secular Humanist Afterlife

Secular humanism comes up short as a religion because its beginning is unconvincing and its ending unappealing.

"In the beginning was the Bib Bang, and for no reason at all everything just started up, and by pure chance, non-living dust and chemicals came alive and finally evolved into Hillary Clinton..." That's somewhat less inspiring, and falls far short of St. John's "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God..."

But the end of humanist theology is worse than the beginning: you just die, fizzle out, kaput, that's it. So if you had a hard life, too bad. There's no God to give you justice, no God to show you mercy, no Heavenly Father to bind up your wounds and wipe away your tears.

In between the iffy beginning and the worms'-meat ending, humanists have worked hard to fill up their religion's middle.

They have their holy scriptures, written by Marx and Darwin and Freud et al, which may not be disbelieved. They have several orders of priesthood-scientists, academics, public school teachers, feminists, homosexuals, and progressive politicians, whose word is law. They have an awesome idol - the ever-expanding, all-devouring, freedom-eating, wealth-consuming State, whose destiny it is to rule the world. And in Global Warming they have their own End Times scenario.

They have their own sacraments, including human sacrifice. Abortion: "I now consider abortion to be a major blessing, and to be a sacrament in the hands of women," as one feminist put it. You can even have Native American flute music with your abortion - how cool is that?

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Michex #fundie barbwire.com

It's mainly the Left and the homosexuals who are intolerant, angry, and uncivil.

Leftists and liberals teach their children to be angry and unhappy about everything.

As a result, a lot of them are obnoxious, know-it-all brats.
Nothing is ever good enough for them.
Basically, they hate themselves and America.

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Kingdom Ambassador #fundie barbwire.com

Eliminate the genesis for Muslims here in America and deport all practicing Muslims back to their home countries.

CLUE: There were no practicing Muslims, no Mosques, no Sharia, and no Islamic terrorism in 17th-century America whose governments of, by, and for God were established upon His unchanging moral law, beginning with the First Commandment.

Biblical immigration and border policy begins with the First Commandment, which, in turn, demands all immigrants leave their gods, their culture, and their laws at the border or suffer the consequences. No Muslim would ever agree to such law.

QUESTION: So, WHAT was it that changed America from what it was in the 17th-century to what it is now--arguably the most polytheistic nation to exist, including Islam?
ANSWER: The First Commandment was replaced with the First Amendment's First Commandment-violating Free Exercise Clause.

It's one thing to allow for individual freedom of conscience and private choice of gods (something impossible to legislate to begin with). It's another matter altogether for government to enable any and all religions to proliferate through the land evangelizing our posterity to their false gods.

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JG Smoothy #fundie barbwire.com

Holy Savagery

One of the objections to Atheism is its inability to account for the morality of our conscience. If God doesn’t exist, why not steal, why not murder, why not rape and pillage. Some of the most dastardly deeds are done by seemingly conscienceless individuals. Their ends usually win them the best seat in the execution chamber: the ever-coveted high-voltage chair, or else an extended furlough in a ten-by-eight cell.

They have overridden the morality in their conscience and convinced themselves that God doesn’t exist, leaving them free to follow depravity’s path.

Unlike the community criminal, the Jihadist has a deified blessing to carry out evil against the non-Muslim. It’s an excuse for the Muslim to let their baser instincts (a result of man being born into sin) take over with a wink from Albert, (bless-his-name-forever-more) sorry, I mean Allah.

Society’s Split Brain Syndrome

On our end, we want freedom from God to lust, to abort, to steal, to cheat, to hallucinate, to trade natural affections for unnatural affections, to fill our minds with trash or to ignore the poor. We want God to go stand in the corner till we need Him to prosper, to grow, to protect or to heal.

“Come close God…ok now go away”.

The “Obamination Ad-menstruation” getting in for a second term is the result of our schizophrenic relationship with The Almighty. Like I have written before, we now have our modern day ‘Saul-ibaba’.

Two Enemies in the West

What we have seen in Paris is not unfathomable, but totally predictable. I mean you’d have to be in a coma to not have seen this coming. The western world has allowed two demonic enterprises to join forces and attack the spiritual backbone of what are now just cadavers of nations.

On one hand we have invited the most barbaric political ideology possible, Islam, to come find some nice fertile soil in our own backyards. Putting up with their Halal this, cover that; “We’re offended by this institution”; offended by that cross over there; “Take down that nativity for Allah’s sake!”

We ignore the fact that they are taking over entire towns and recruiting for Islamic guerilla camps within our own borders.
Bring this up at the next cocktail party you attend (total “elephant in the room” scenario).

On the other hand we have the disgruntled atheist who demands that not even the resting places of dead soldiers are sacred ground (and we joke in disgust about the Westboro Baptist cult!).

“Get rid of the nativity!”

“Remove those three most repugnant letters (G-o-d) from society.”

Really the only difference between the far-lefty and the Jihadist is that one of them will put bacon in their Caesar salad. In reality they both hate America and desire to reshape it into something we totally abhor.

You just can’t let subcultures have this kind of power.

It’s easy to be a terrorist in Europe.

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RCQ_92130 #fundie barbwire.com

would think first and foremost the gay pedophiles who invaded the Priesthood - all for unfettered access to underage boys - should first be prosecuted, given THEY, not the church, are the rapists. I know - you disagree, claiming the little boys were recipients of man-boy love, not rape.

The church should be prosecuted for COMPLICITY, given it knew of the gay pedophile Priests and did nothing, or, worse yet, took steps to preserve it's own reputation at the expense of the child victims.

BTW - the "gay" community is doing the exact same thing. Pedophilia is rampant in your sub-culture ... occurring at rates many times higher than among normal people. And the reaction of the "gay" community? "Oh, still more pedophiles are straight!", or, "Pedophilia is different than homosexuality", or "there is no problem with pedophilia in the "gay" subculture!". All these lies, distortions and diversions are designed for one thing only ~~ to protect the 'image' of the "gay" community, the welfare of the child victims be damned.

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RCQ_92130 #fundie barbwire.com

No one in the civil rights movement, apart from Black panthers and that ilk, were devoted to evil and destruction as is GayGestapo. Blacks simply wanted an end to racial discrimination and to be left alone to live their lives in peace. The same can hardly be said about GayGestapo. Your fellow travelers, being demonic, rage filled haters, will NEVER be satisfied. With each new conquest the thirst for destruction simply grows.

I used to believe the pendulum would right itself, but no longer. I now believe sodomites are INCAPABLE of controlling themselves and their rage. As a result, they will continue to attack and destroy until open warfare finally results. Of course, that will not bode well for the 1.6% of the population side ... and even a smidgen of sanity would cause your side to moderate it's behavior and avoid annihilation. But, as I said, I think GayGestapo is fully demonic and unable to do so, even to save it's own existence.

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Fay Voshell #fundie barbwire.com

Under the cover of darkness, construction workers removed from the grounds of Oklahoma’s state capitol a granite slab on which the Ten Commandments were engraved. The furtive undertaking, which had the appearance of a mini apocalypse, complete with an eerie darkness and billowing stone dust clouds occurred within a state in which only 5.7% of the population declares itself “non-religious.”

Why were the construction workers toiling away at night? According to the appropriately bureaucratically named Office of Management and Enterprise Services spokesman John Estus, “We wanted it to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, and doing it at night gave us the best opportunity to do that. The Highway Patrol was also very concerned that having it in the middle of the day could lead to having demonstrations of some kind.”

Yes, God forbid Christians might actually demonstrate in protest against the desecration of the law they regard as holy — given by God to Moses on Mt. Sinai. God forbid Christians might be as outraged as Muslims would be if the State decided to burn a Koran on the capitol lawn.

What is really going on when incidents like the above are almost daily occurrences? What is the underlying significance of this and other attempts by modern-day iconoclasts of the Left to eliminate Christian symbols and Christian influence from the public domain?

What is going on is the forced conversion of American Christians to the religion of the State.


It’s well to point out to the do-gooders who wish to, oh so kindly but forcibly rescue believers from their religious delusions that there is no such thing as freedom from religion — not even for them. As theologian Paul Tillich pointed out, everyone has something or someone they worship; that is, everyone is religious –and none more deeply religious than radical secular progressive fundamentalists who are as impassioned about converting Christians as ISIS is about killing them.

Actually, the attempts to radically reduce the very large Christian footprint of this nation as well as the very foundation for the Judeo-Christian ethic represented by the Ten Commandments merely mean another religion is being substituted in the place of Christianity — a religion whose gods Christians are increasingly being forced to bow down and worship.

Apparently, we are all to be forced to become progressives.

Yes, mandatory capitulation to another belief system, in this case, the religion of the progressive State, is actually forced conversion from Christianity to progressive secularism. If Christians must bow down to, sacrifice and worship the gods of the State, Christians are no longer Christians. They are converts.

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Thisoldspouse #fundie barbwire.com

Are you talking about Canada with the 10+ years of "gay marriage?" If so, you are woefully ignorant about how absolutely fascist and totalitarian that country has become, not to mention Massachusetts.

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Matt Barber #fundie barbwire.com

Islam is about control. The word itself means "submission." It is a socio-cultural pseudo-religion based upon the incoherent scribblings of one man - the "prophet" Muhammad, a warring tyrant who, as even the Quran concedes, was a murderous misogynist and pedophile. This unholy book is loosely plagiarized from the Bible's Old and New Testaments - scriptures that, by contrast, were seamlessly transcribed over centuries by roughly 40 men under the direct and divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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RCQ_92130 #fundie barbwire.com

Homoz all seem so cognitively impaired, incapable of gleaning even the simplest of things. Fifi, there was a little word in my comment that seemed to fly right over your vacant little head: the word "HARM". Churches HELP - by providing a bulwark against people like YOU who wish them HARM.

If this is too complicated, perhaps you can ask a gay pedophile who invaded the Priesthood. I'm sure you are V E R Y acquainted with one.

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Mark Creech #fundie barbwire.com

Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who loved her grandmother supremely. The grandmother had given to her a little cap of red velvet, which suited her so well she would never wear anything else. Thus, everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood.

One day her father and mother said to her, “Come Little Red Riding Hood, here is a basket of cookies, assorted nuts, fruit and other goodies. Take them to your grandmother and enjoy them with her.”

Grandmother lived far out in the woods and Little Red Riding Hood had never thought much about the dangers she might encounter as she entered the forest. Soon she would meet a wolf, a wicked creature indeed.

“Good day, Little Red Riding Hood. Where are you headed so early in the day?” the wolf said.

“Good morning to you, Mr. Wolf,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “I’m on my way to my grandmother’s house.”

“What is it that you have in the basket?” he asked.

“A basket of many blessings,” she replied. “I plan to enjoy all of them with my wonderful grandmother.”

“Where does your grandmother live?” asked the wolf.

“Her house, picturesque, stands under the shade of a beautiful grove of strong oak trees, where refreshing waters pass in a brook, flowers grow, and the birds sing. Surely you’ve seen it before,” Little Red Riding Hood replied with innocent charm.

The wolf thought to himself, “What a tender, impressionable and naive child. What a nice mouthful she will be when I eat her. She will be a much better meal than the old woman. But if I am to have her, I must work craftily, so I might consume them both.”

For a little while longer the wolf spoke with Little Red Riding Hood, mostly telling her about the way wolves are wrongly perceived by people. “Wolves are nothing to be feared, they just want to be treated like everybody else,” he told her.

While on her way, Little Red Riding Hood pondered, “Yes, I think I can understand how the wolf must feel. Perhaps he is a victim, as he says, and his way is not decadent.”

Meanwhile, the wolf slipped away and made straight for grandmother’s house ahead of Little Red Riding Hood.

When he reached grandmother’s house, he knocked on the door.

Grandmother called out, “Who is it, and what do you wish?”

“It is Little Red Riding Hood,” replied the wolf. “I am bringing a basket of goodies to brighten your day – to bring about a whole new day for you, grandmother,” said the wolf convincingly.

When grandmother lifted the latch to the door, the wolf devoured her. Then he put on her clothes, dressed in her nightgown and cap and lay in the bed as if he were grandmother.

When Little Red Riding Hood arrived at grandmother’s house she was surprised to find the door ajar. There was something strange and uncomfortable about this situation, even unnatural, she thought to herself.

As she made her way through the house, she came upon grandmother’s bedroom, and there laid her grandmother in her bedclothes with her cap pulled over her face, with the shades down, and looking inexplicably unfamiliar.

“Oh grandmother,” she said, “What big ears, eyes, hands, and mouth you have.”

“Certainly you can appreciate diversity,” replied the wolf. And just when he thought the time was right, he sprang from the bed to eat Little Red Riding Hood.

A woodcutter nearby heard her screams and rushed to save her.

He overcame the wolf with his trusty axe. The townspeople hurried to the scene, cheered and supported the woodcutter, except for five foolish judges.

The five foolish judges declared the woodcutter prejudiced, bigoted, and intolerant. They said he had no right to defend either the grandmother or Little Red Riding Hood. They said the axe must be cast away.

Standing with the five foolish judges were also some clever foxes, relatives of the wolf, who argued the wolf’s proclivity for carnage was completely normal. In fact, to suppress the wolf’s appetites, something which was inherent to his nature, would be wrong, they said. Besides, it was claimed that grandmothers are like old traditions that need to give way to the new anyhow.

And so, on the basis of these considerations, not only did the mindset of many of the townspeople start to change, but the wolf was lauded and praised. Many townspeople would fly the wolf flag from atop their village cottages and buildings. An advocacy group called WUVS, standing for “Wolves, Underfed, Voracious, and Famished,” fought to give wolves special protections in law. And no one dared challenge the true nature of the wolf for fear his house, his livelihood, and even his freedom might be taken away.

So the years passed, grandmother was dead and Little Red Riding Hood would live her life in confusion, always in danger of many wolves and never to enjoy the basket of goodies with her grandmother, whom she had known and loved for so long.


I would not do all the work for the reader here, but if it helps, in this fable of Little Red Riding Hood, the Grandmother is traditional marriage. The wolf is homosexual activism. Little Red Riding Hood is an unsuspecting public, and, in another way, children and their future. The basket of assorted goodies signifies the many blessings and joys of real marriage. The woodcutter is true religion’s opposition to so-called gay rights. His axe is state constitutional amendments to define marriage as one man and one woman. The five foolish judges are the U.S. Supreme Court justices who ruled to redefine marriage for the nation. The clever foxes are professionals who argue homosexuality is inherent, fixed, unalterable, and normal. The townspeople represent ever-changing public opinion.

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Matt Barber #fundie barbwire.com

[Matt Barber posts a satirical "interview with the progressive mind."]

I recently caught up with Progressy, iPhone in hand and sipping a Cinnamon Dolce Latte at a packed SoHo Starbucks between angry and aimlessly incoherent protests against the evil corporatocracy. He/she/ze/it graciously agreed to sit down and give me a brief, though refreshingly unguarded, interview.


MB: Some say that the main goal of progressives was never "marriage equality," but, rather, to undermine the very institutions of marriage and family. How do you respond to them?

Progressy: Well, duh. The very idea of marriage and family is offensive and obsolete. The whole point of marriage equality is to faze them out - to attack the patriarchy. You mentioned studies. Well, studies have shown that traditional marriage and the nuclear family structure have the harmful effect of both challenging and diminishing government authority. If anything and everything, any combination of people or peoples, young, old, male, female, related, unrelated, two to 100, can constitute marriage and family, then what need will there be for marriage and family at all? Since original marriage, "traditional marriage," so clearly undermines progressive state authority, it stands to follow that the family must be rendered meaningless.

The idea has always been for progressive government to replace family outright. Redefining the family into oblivion is just one means to establish widespread dependency on the government. We never gave two flips about "marriage equality." It was never about having the white picket fence, it's always been about burning down the white picket fence. Why honor one's "father and mother," after all, when one has the government? What need is there? Government merits both honor and respect. Not only does the traditional family provide little utility for the collective, it affirmatively undercuts respect for state authority. The government provides security. The government provides emotional stability. The government provides for each and every conceivable need. Therefore, the government is, effectively, both "father and mother." The government is family. "Honor thy father and mother?" Ha! Forget it. One day soon the progressive slogan, "Children, honor thy government" will be found posted throughout the halls of every public school. We've already done a bang up job removing prayer and any reference to God. Now it's time to replace them. Progressive government is god.

MB: OK, Progressy, thanks for your time today. It's been illuminating. Looking forward to the anarchy. Happy world domination.

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Dr. Don Boys #fundie barbwire.com

What would it do to every secular university science faculty if creationism were accepted and evolution proved a fraud? Evolutionists would finally be recognized as unscholarly, unwanted, and unnecessary. And maybe they would become unemployed! They would fall into the same category as flat-earthers, phrenologists, astrologers and snake handlers! (That is exactly my attitude toward the soothsayers of science.)

The museums of the world would have to make some major changes in their displays and propaganda. Their pitchmen would have to memorize new "facts" for their canned speeches.

Public schools would have to retrain their science teachers, and most of their science films and textbooks would have to be destroyed.

Bigoted judges who have ruled in favor of the myth-tellers would feel the sting of public embarrassment and join the ranks of the unemployed. Most likely, they would simply open up shop as attorneys and that's what we really need - more attorneys!

With evolution in disfavor, scientists would no longer seek to confirm the theory of evolution (now presumed to be a fact before beginning an investigation!), and they could get on with the business of true science. Scientists would no longer see only what is "respectable and acceptable," and would look at the evidence, making judgments based on that evidence even if it contradicted popular theory. They would decide that truth is more important than denigrating, denying, and denouncing Creationists.

Clergymen and theologians would sheepishly have to apologize to their followers for leading them into the swamps of theistic evolution, day-age theory, gap theory, and other unscriptural nonsense. Such religious leaders might once again preach that the Bible is reliable in toto as Creationists have been saying for many years.

Publishers of evolutionary tripe would, well, go out of business or start publishing New Age ranting, oriental religious musings, or the sexual fantasies of the latest pop star. Or, better yet, Barack Obama's Things I Did to Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize qualifying as the shortest book in literary history.

I can see an assortment of prestigious scientists, clergymen, professors, publishers, film makers, media personalities, and others holding a televised news conference where they apologize profusely to the youth of the world for teaching fraud, falsehood, fakery, and foolishness while calling it fact. Many of the mainline media would have to apologizze to [Ben] Carson and other Christians who declare that "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

Now, a word of advice: Don't hold your breath for that news conference to take place. It won't, because many evolutionists are vain, venal, and venomous people. They are especially venomous when dealing with or discussing Creationists.


Principle would also require atheists to refuse any further book royalties and that they will not do. When evolution is dead the gravy train stops and evolutionists will have to look for work!

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

[On the Southern Poverty Law Center classifying the Family Research Council and American Family Association as hate groups:]

The plain truth is that we at the FRC and AFA don't hate a living soul. We love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about the physical and spiritual dangers of the homosexual lifestyle. We want something better for them than the darkness and disease associated with homosexual behavior. We want them to come out of the darkness into the light of the gospel of Christ. We are for the homosexual and so must be against the normalization and promotion of homosexuality.

Note the SPLC is no longer accusing FRC and AFA of hate or violence based on some objective standard. They have simply made a purely subjective assessment that our beliefs about human sexuality and our defense of natural marriage are so offensive to them that we must become the target of the unlimited resources of the federal government.

Do we disagree with the homosexual lobby about homosexuality? Of course. Do we hate them? Absolutely not. Do we advocate violence against them? Never have, never will. We are simply determined to tell the moral, spiritual and physical truth about nonnormative sexual behavior.

Bottom line: disagreement is not hatred, and the truth is not hate speech.

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Shawn Meyer #fundie barbwire.com

Richard Mitchell declared, “The castigation of fools is an ancient and honorable task of writers.” It is a sacred duty at which I gladly toil. But we are moving beyond that point. How I long for mere fools! A couple million of them would make for an improvement. The straggler fool might be found at least to resist his own destruction. Fools are not zombies marching off a cliff.

But, fools are so yesterday. We blinked and they were gone.

We looked up to see in their place zombies goose stepping and only but a few brave souls to wade against the stiff horde amidst their monotone cries of hope and change. They celebrated in unison when President Obama promised a fundamental transformation of America. Many of us off to the side knew with those words he was hell bent on the very destruction of our republic. But if we are honest, we will admit we were unprepared for the degree of success he would enjoy. That success is measured in largely undetected ironies.

Where to begin?

The millenia-standing institution of marriage is shattered to satisfy the whimsical demands of those who put their body parts in strange and unnatural places. After gaining the “crown jewel” of the so-called gay agenda, most of them dismissively cast it aside. There’s one.

AR-15s for Mexican drug lords. Nukes for Iranian sponsors of terrorism as they chant, “Death to America!” and call our closest allies “apes and pigs,” and openly relish the prospects of their final extermination, and we will reward you with advanced F-16 fighter jets. But John Smith in Jonesboro? He should be able to get by with a Louisville Slugger. It takes a zombie to miss it.

In the past year, the Department of Homeland (in)Security made our homeland more secure by giving residency to 1,500 Muslim terrorists and known terrorist sympathizers. Where is a fool when we need one?

The president boasts that Islam richly contributed to the founding of our nation- a naked lie. Meanwhile, this week in Oklahoma, monuments which recognize the true biblical foundation of our nation’s laws are torn down in the middle of the night. Ironic, wouldn’t you say?

The 9th Circuit rules that public schools can prohibit students from displaying the U.S. flag. (And, yes, they have been repeatedly informed that the students and the schools are actually in the United States.) Constitutional freedoms can’t be permitted to offend those nostalgic for old Mexico. Only here! Imagine the Chinese taking up the irony of prohibiting the display of their own flag on their own soil so as not to offend the Japanese. How do you say “hope” and “change” in Mandarin?

The Bill of Rights is routinely mocked by those who crossed their fingers and swore to uphold the entire Constitution. In the deepest of ironies, if you hate the Constitution and wish it to be replaced by Sharia law, lucky you, the First Amendment applies to you. If you love the Constitution, you are a dangerous person and your speech needs to be moderated (or else!).

Those who had a dream, took a risk with their capital, beat the rising sun for years on end to build a business, and poured their very selves into its success are ordered by a rogue judge to turn over all their profits to a pair of sexual deviants who had their precious feelings hurt because not everyone in the world would smile approvingly on their freakish bedroom stunts and enter into their fairy tale. Those who did nothing except play make believe get to sink their thieving hands into others’ pockets and extract $135,000 for themselves and their lawyers at the expense of those who lived in the real world and busted their tails to earn it.

If Congress sends a budget to the President and the President sends it through the shredder then– you guessed it–those bad Republicans in Congress shut down the government. Kind of like when you were a child and your mom put a plate of food in front of you at dinner time. You didn’t see any Tootsie Rolls so you shoved the plate onto the floor and defiantly crossed your arms. And every news station in town ran the story: “Mother Starves Child.”

A woman has a “right to privacy” when it comes to killing her living, growing son or daughter. But she has no such right when it comes to the NSA dropping in on her personal phone calls and e-mails. Those she hires to butcher the baby and sell his/her body parts have defenders who give public lectures on morality.

The ironies. The endless ironies. Where to stop?

You might say that a single inexplicable irony is the stuff of politics. Explicability emerges, however, from a countless collection of inexplicabilities.

But Zombies take little notice or care of ironies and coups d’état. Oh, to trade them for fools.

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AJ Castellitto #fundie barbwire.com

On the heels of the most recent (and conveniently-timed) gun-related tragedy, a liberal proudly declares, ?“I’m not against people owning a gun…just crazy people owning guns.”

There is a real practical, even dangerous, problem with this otherwise reasonable sentiment, however. The problem lies directly in the radical ideology of big government progressives, as even the most justified acts of self-defense have come under great scrutiny.

We must see the underlying agenda and realize that if the act of self-defense is vilified, that’s one more excuse (albeit a highly flawed and downright sinister justification) for the government to attempt to take away our guns. Tragically, even our brave and faithful vets are on notice. In our day of confusion and uncertainty, may we humbly and responsibly maintain our right to self-defense.

A nation without God needs special restrictions and policing. The godless need to be monitored and it is the godless who want to do the monitoring. The solution is simple. More God equals more freedom and accountability. When the conscience grows dark both the slaves and the masters pose a great threat to humanity.

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Howard Bell #fundie barbwire.com

Christians who engage in a conversation with homosexuals are being deceived by the devil.
There is nothing to discuss, and the reason homosexuals cannot be cured or converted, is because for all intents and purposes, they are everyday sex offenders.
The only way to cure a male homosexual is by castration.

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Don Boys #fundie barbwire.com

I would like to see more guns in the hands of honest citizens! When good guys are armed the bad guys will be a little slower to act out their hostility. When a shooting took place in a Mississippi school a few years ago, the assistant principle ran to his car, grabbed his gun (good thing the gun-grabbers didn’t get there first) and stopped a massacre. He should be commended, not criticized!

Now, a question for the gun-grabbers: Would it not have been desirable for one of the teachers in Oregon to pull his or her gun and drop the killer before so many innocent victims were killed? I wait for an answer.

All sane, sensible people would agree that fewer deaths would be preferable, but no one says the gun-grabbers are sane, sensible people. At least, I don’t. They are fallacious, frivolous, fruity, foggy, fluttery, flimflamming, feverish, frightful, frenzied, fraudulent, foolish fascists. For those educated in public schools, I am saying that gun-grabbers are irresponsible, dishonest fanatics.

If common sense is ever resuscitated, guns will be prevalent in the schools and those determined to do harm to innocent ones will be blown away before they blow away helpless people. Start awarding gun permits to teachers and school officials before more innocent kids are killed! We need more guns in schools and society, not fewer!

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

On the immigration issue, many Christians are rightly fond of quoting the scriptural passages that urge us to be compassionate and kind to aliens. [...] But what these same Christians fail to do is take note of what God said was to happen to immigrants after they arrived in their host country. It is clear that his spiritual standard was assimilation, and that assimilation was not just cultural but spiritual as well.


What this would mean in America's case is quite simple. We would communicate to the world that strangers are welcome here on one condition: that they be willing to adopt our God, our Judeo-Christian heritage, our Christian holidays, our Christian moral values, our Christian heroes and our Christian history.

Can this be done? Of course it can. The Constitution gives unilateral authority to Congress to establish whatever rules for immigration and naturalization it chooses. Certainly these biblically-based ideas will be considered controversial, but given the fact that three billion Muslims have immigrated to the United States over the past decade and have shown no interest in fully assimilating themselves to our culture, now is the time for the conversation to begin in earnest.

Speaking only for myself, I suggest it's time, both from a biblical as well as a practical and national security standpoint, to reconsider Islamic immigration into the United States. [...] Bottom line: it's time not only for America to embrace immigrants but for immigrants to embrace America.

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Thisoldspouse #fundie barbwire.com

[On the Pope's address to Congress]

Just an observation: Where are the piercing screeches from the Godless left about "separation of church and state" over this decidedly religious individual addressing a state body, with religious content?

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Janet Porter #fundie barbwire.com

Several years ago when visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., I saw a video presentation of the laws that were passed in pre–World War II Germany.

One after another, law after law appeared on the screen along with the dates they were passed. A book entitled The World Must Know, described the first of these laws:

“On April 7, 1933, it dismissed all non-Aryans from civil service, including notaries and teachers in state schools. It was the first of 400 separate pieces of legislation … that defined, isolated, excluded, segregated, and impoverished German Jews.”

Today it’s Christians who are being dismissed from civil service, public office, and private business.

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FlyEagleVA #fundie barbwire.com

A recent article published on Fox News reports that an athiest legal group has demanded that a "God bless our troops..." sign be removed from a Hawaiian Marine base. Am I the only one who's noticed that we haven't won a war since 1945?

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Julio Severo #fundie barbwire.com

Eric Fanning, a longtime Pentagon official who is an open homosexual, has been nominated by U.S. President Barack Obama to lead the U.S. Army.

“Eric brings many years of proven experience and exceptional leadership to this new role,” Obama said in a statement, the Washington Post reported Friday. “I look forward to working with Eric to keep our Army the very best in the world.”

His words and actions are radically opposed to the words and actions of the Father of America.

As recorded in “The Writings of George Washington” (March 10, 1778, 11:83-84, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1934), George Washington ordered: “At a General Court Marshall … Lieutt. Enslin of Colo. Malcom’s Regiment tried for attempting to commit sodomy, with John Monhort a soldier … and do sentence him to be dismiss’d the service with Infamy. His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief approves the sentence and with Abhorrence and Detestation of such Infamous Crimes orders Liett. Enslin to be drummed out of Camp tomorrow morning by all the Drummers and Fifers in the Army never to return.”

Washington, the Father of America, had a soldier expelled just for attempting to commit sodomy. In Fanning’s case, there was not just attempt. He did it.

Do you want the bare truth? I am sure that in Obama’s and Fanning’s case, the Father of America would approve sentence on them and he would treat, with abhorrence and detestation, their sodomy and sodomy advocacy as an infamous crime.


The Father of America never intended his Army to shelter homosexual advocates. It would be abhorrent and detestable for him.

He never intended his Army to favor Islamic oppressors at the expense of Christian blood. It would be utterly abhorrent and detestable for him.

He intended the U.S. Army only to be a protector of America, not a global police force to impose a pro-Islam, pro-sodomy, pro-abortion and anti-Christian “democracy” around the world.

I have read a lot about Americans who are proud of defending their gun rights by arguing that guns are important for protecting themselves and their families. I fully agree. But their argument also says that guns are necessary against a tyrannical government.

Would not a government treating, with abhorrence and detestation, Washington’s anti-sodomy stance be tyrannical?

Would not a government favoring Islamic oppressors at the expense of Christian blood be tyrannical?

A bare truth to gun advocates: if you are not able to move now, what are your gun rights good for?

Washington would have been utterly ashamed of a U.S. Army led by an open homosexual.

He would have been utterly ashamed of a U.S. Army favoring Islamic oppressors at the expense of Christian blood.

And would he be honored by gun advocates who sit by while the U.S. Army favors Islamic oppressors at the expense of Christian blood?

A truly patriot American would make a revolution.

For much less, Washington did it.

This is the bare truth.

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Jennifer Leclaire #fundie barbwire.com

If you type “is Obama a Muslim” into Google, you get over 126 million results. If you type “proof Obama is a Muslim” into Google, you get 45.7 million results—that’s a lot of “proof.” There is plenty to cause one to question his profession of Christ. I don’t have room to recount them all here, but here are a few:


Obama in prepared remarks said, “The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans. Many other Americans have Muslims in their families or have lived in a Muslim-majority country—I know, because I am one of them.”

In prepared remarks in April 2012, Obama referred to Christ as “a” Son of God rather than as “the” only begotten Son of God: “And for me, and I’m sure for some of you, it’s also a chance to remember the tremendous sacrifice that led up to that day, and all that Christ endured—not just as a Son of God, but as a human being.”

The list of these types of statements—not to mention bowing to a Saudi king, the fact that his wife does not travel with him to Muslim nations because Sharia law demands Muslim women cover their heads, his love for the Muslim call to prayer and so on—seems to contradict the Christian faith. And that’s putting it mildly.


So is President Obama a Christian or not? I cannot judge someone’s heart but I can judge fruit. There is no fruit of a life surrendered to Christ and far more evidence that he subscribes to the Prophet Mohammed’s teachings. But even then, there are contradictions.

Think about it for a minute. Good Muslims don’t smoke and drink, like Obama does. And Islam not only stands against homosexuality—Sharia law calls for gays to be stoned—yet Obama celebrated the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling by shining a rainbow on the White House.

So is Obama the antichrist? Is our Commander-in-Chief a Christian? Is he the first Muslim president? The debate continues.

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Dave Daubenmire #fundie barbwire.com

[This Christian Conservative decides to play 20 questions.]

. Perhaps it is time for me to encourage YOU to think. So here are 20 questions for you.

If an unborn baby is not alive, why are its body parts of value?

If there is a “separation between the church and state”, why has the government spent so much money on a religious leader’s visit?

If Tea Party folks are so racist why do they like Ben Carson?

If the U.S. Supreme Court were to rule that it is “legal” for men to have sex with young boys, would it be legal?


Is there any country in the world where LGBT, blacks, Hispanics, women, Muslims, or other minorities have more rights than they do in the U.S.?

Are societal standards determined by a vote of unelected judges?

If Muslims are so peaceful, why is our government killing so many of them overseas?

If homosexuals are “born that way”, how about pedophiles, bi-sexuals, and bigots?

If it is “hateful” for a Christian to speak out against homosexuality, why is it not “hateful” for a homosexual to speak out against Christianity?


Is being a Christian and being a Conservative the same thing?

If President Obama is a Christian, why do so many people think he’s a Muslim?

If Planned Parenthood is so concerned about women, and since they receive $500 million in government aid, why aren’t the abortions free?

If the US Government is a corporation wouldn’t Donald Trump be the most qualified candidate to run it?

If homosexuality and cigarette smoking are both behaviors why do our schools approve of one and disapprove of the other?

Why do the names Common Core and Communism sound so much alike?

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Allan Erickson #fundie barbwire.com

Obama's Ultimate Deception

Obama said he hopes his good works will get him to heaven someday. He said this in 2006. That is Islamic theology. It is not Christian theology.


Obama consistently sides with Islam, as he consistently stands against Christians. As David Barton has documented, Obama is the most biblically hostile President in history.


Those possessing discernment understand this manufactured controversy about Obama's faith orientation is another Leftist attempt to cast Christians in a poor light, accusing us of Islamophobia and bigotry for simply examining facts and arriving at reasonable conclusions.

Given Obama's track record telling outright lies, why should anyone trust him when he claims to be a Christian, especially when his policies and behaviors and statements all contradict the claim?

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Linda Harvey #fundie barbwire.com

The notion that our minor children should become comfortable with the opposite sex boldly entering sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms and showers is not only ridiculous, but dangerous.

The bathroom door is a healthy boundary, one we should preserve for lots of reasons.

With school now in session, parents are already watching administrators respond to one or two students' confused identity crises by upending sex segregation throughout the system. Children and their parents must overcome "fearful" thinking, some school officials believe, and shock is one of the tactics being used.

The idea is, the only way to get this revolution started is to push the boundaries and see if parents push back. But your tax dollars pay for the deliberate degradation of vulnerable children.

Why? Because the most effective tool for revolution is sexual confusion and corruption.

By late middle school, the insurrection in the hearts of our precious children is pretty much completed. It happens incrementally with signs along the way for alert parents.

Little Ashley won't come home tomorrow from fifth grade and say, "Today, Dad, I lost 20% of my respect for your authority, our nation, the reliability of Scripture and sound moral values." The good news is that many families support honest instruction plus responsible boundaries.


We have no moral, ethical or educational obligation to honor the delusions in a child's mind, nor in an adult's mind, for that matter. On the contrary we have every moral obligation to guide that child to a place where he or she becomes comfortable with reality, not with mental illness.


Drawing honorable boundaries and keeping them there is a no-brainer, regardless of the corrupt psychologists, homosexual activists, Democrat lawyers or administrators who push the opposite.

What about privacy rights and modesty concerns for the other students, both boys and girls?

Gender-confused kids are being encouraged to pursue a false identity they can never achieve. They are also being enabled in an entitlement mentality, one that believes they "deserve" what they want, justified or not.


It would be interesting to track the lives of some of these kids at the center of school gender controversies. As they age, the number of times they pitch a fit and demand to get their way is likely to be higher than average. Is entitlement a healthy lesson to teach any teen?

No responsible school should allow the gender anarchists to manipulate them, but school conflicts are happening on a weekly basis now.

Far from a "grass roots" movement, this is a top-down, agenda-driven scheme with local kids as useful, temporary tools. Significant financial and career rewards await those "professionals" who defend "LGBT" rights in schools by normalizing mental illness and child corruption.


The lieutenants in this revolution are now firmly ensconced in government schools, because we the people have let them gain entry and remain. But make no mistake: their goal is not the preservation of American ideals of family and freedom. Their goals are what they have been indoctrinated to see as nobler principles: global citizenship, multiculturalism, leftwing "justice," and sexual sin empowerment.

The most compassionate thing any parent can do is to remove your kids from the public schools as soon as you can. But if you stay, don't sit on the sidelines.

Get in the game and stay there.

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FlyEagleVA #fundie barbwire.com

[on the new rainbow Doritos]

Ironic how the homosexual community has argued that their "plight" for "equality" was oh so similar to the black civil rights movement where "separate but equal" was deemed unconstitutional. But, somehow, it's okay to have common food items and other products homosexualized, so that there are gay and straight versions.

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RCQ_92130 #fundie barbwire.com

Head directly to the local hospital and spend a few moments at the big glass window of the maternity ward. you will instantly see there are no "gay" (not meaning what 'gay' really means) babies. ALL humans are born normal. Same with animals.

So, now - when the gay pedophile who 'recruited' you when you were a child indoctrinated you into sodomy - did he tell you, "You don't need to be sold on being homosexual, son."?

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RCQ_92130 #fundie barbwire.com

The scene:
Bath house. Pair of homosexuals being sodomized by strangers next to each other. "Fluffy", face down on the left, wide eyed, spittle running from corners of mouth, breathlessly croaks to Fifi, also face down, on the right:

"Fifi! I just found out there is a CHRISTIAN ... oops, sorry, an "xtian" ... who is Clerk in charge of marriage licenses. Now, it's 100 miles away, and in another state ... but if we drive THERE we can ~~ hopefully ~~~ DESTROY is an "xtian"! Would that be the best EVER??? Getting marriage and DESTROYING an Xtian, all at the same time??? Let's do it!!!"

Fifi, grunting and hoarse, croaks back:

"Yeah! Let's get us an "xtian". Arggg - that was deep one. I wonder if he has AIDS. Oh well ..."

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

Kim Davis is Rosa Parks

Judicial tyrants in black robes have been stripping civil liberties from Christians for decades. But what was once a gentle and almost imperceptible erosion has turned now into a full-scale avalanche. The latest victim to be buried under a pile of legalistic debris is Kim Davis.

She is the county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, who has refused, for reasons of conscience and Christian principle, to issue licenses for sodomy-based marriages. She is not only morally right, she is legally and constitutionally right, since there is no law that compels her or even authorizes her to issue such licenses. (There is a Supreme Court ruling, to be sure, but that ruling is nothing more than a sheer, naked exercise of raw judicial power which ignores the Constitution altogether.)

So as I write, Kim Davis is in jail. She has been imprisoned in America for the crime of being a Christian.


Kim Davis is our Rosa Parks. Now it must be noted that Mrs. Davis, is not, like Mrs. Parks, being punished for civil disobedience, but rather for an act of brazen and bold civil obedience. In Mrs. Davis' favor is the simple and manifest truth that she is fulfilling the oath she took to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of Kentucky.

The Constitution of the United States is utterly silent on the subject of marriage and homosexuality, which means under the 10th Amendment of the Founders' Constitution the issue is left for the states to decide. And the state of Kentucky decided the issue by elevating protection for man-woman marriage to its state constitution in 2004 with 75% of the vote. Mrs. Davis is just doing the job she took an oath to do, by refusing to issue licenses which, under Kentucky law and the federal constitution, she has no legal authority to grant.

So Kim Davis languishes in jail in our day as Rosa Parks did in hers.

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Matt Barber #fundie barbwire.com

Needed: A Million More Like Kim Davis

For the first time in American history a woman has been imprisoned by the government for merely exercising her Christian faith. War has been declared on Christ and His followers.

And there's no turning back.

Anti-Christian persecution is the civil rights cause of our time. The cultural Marxists in power have seceded from our constitutional republican form of government, with its Judeo-Christian moorings, and have supplanted, in its place, a secular-socialist oligarchy. Like Union troops hunkered at Fort Sumter, faithful Christians are now exiles in our own land. Anti-Christian "progressives" have demanded unconditional surrender, and federal Judge David Bunning has fired the first mortar.


[M]any scoffed at our warnings that Christians will someday be forced to either endorse "gay marriage" or go to jail. Well, scoff no more. That day has arrived. In just two months since the high court's disgraceful Obergefell v. Hodges opinion, the full-on criminalization of Christianity has begun. You must either bow a knee before the false gods of same-sex "marriage" and "gay rights," or face the fiery "contempt of court" furnace. We have moved from anecdotal instances of anti-Christian discrimination to systemic religious persecution.

Here's the formula: 1) Force affirmation of homosexual behavior, abortion or some other institutionalized sin via judicial fiat; 2) Christian objects, refuses to disobey God and requests a reasonable religious accommodation; 3) Accommodation is denied and Christian is jailed for "contempt of court."

You're going to hear that term a lot in coming days, weeks, months and years - "contempt of court." It's the straw man charge that will be utilized to imprison not just Christian public officials, but others as well. Christian business owners, lawyers, private sector employees, parents of school-age children who don't want their children indoctrinated by sexual anarchist propaganda and many others will be held in contempt of court, denied due process and incarcerated indefinitely.

The persecution isn't coming.

The persecution has arrived.

And that's what it means to be a Christ follower.

So pray for a million more like Kim Davis.

Become like Kim Davis.

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Cliff Kincaid #fundie barbwire.com

Obama's Muslim Identity

An ordinary citizen who identified President Barack Obama as a Muslim at a Donald Trump town hall meeting in New Hampshire showed that media brainwashing on the subject has been futile. The people understand that Obama asserts he is a Christian, but they just aren't buying it. Obama has done too many things to benefit Muslims to convince people that he is not one of them.

The latest example was extending an invitation to a Muslim student [Ahmed Mohamed] to come to the White House after he was detained for possessing what appeared to be a bomb. It turned out to be a clock that looked like a bomb.

Naturally, the Obama White House treated this as a case of so-called Islamophobia, when pictures of the device demonstrated that the care should have been taken and law enforcement should have been called. Obama refuses to identify Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism, but is quick to jump to conclusions about the supposedly anti-Islamic nature of the American people. This is the mark of someone who is either strongly sympathetic to Islam, or a Muslim himself.

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Matt Barber #fundie barbwire.com

What is it about Kentucky's Kim Davis that really has secularists, even some misguided and ill-informed church-goers, yanking their hair out in clumps? It seems many don't merely dislike this accidental civil-rights stalwart; they hate her with a white-hot hatred reminiscent of that levied against blacks during another civil-rights struggle.

It was Rosa Parks then.

It's Kim Davis now.


As it was with the national sin of systemic racism, there can be few things more "out of harmony with the moral law" than the inherently immoral action of sodomy-based "marriage."

We are at an impasse.

Something has to give.

And something will.

A revolution of passive resistance is at hand - another great awakening.

Christians will, once again, be "free at last."

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Bethany Blankley #fundie barbwire.com

Doritos states its company:

“supports the bold lives our fans lead—all of them. Each bag brings rainbow-colored chips inside and an inspiring quote on the outside.”

Ironically, Doritos has taken feces and anal sex to a whole new level– making it taste good. Left out in nearly all discussions about homosexuality is the reality that anal sex often infects people with E. coli bacterial infections, spreads sexually transmitted diseases, and can cause anal cavity bleeding and rupturing. Homosexual acts in part, involve one man inserting his sexual organ into another man’s rectum, which contains and emits human excrement.

What is bold and inspiring about having sex with excrement?

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Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

And you will notice the Founders compounded the problem for Christophobes by identifying the year not just as the year of “the Lord,” but the year of “our Lord,” meaning that all 55 Framers went on record to declare collectively that Jesus Christ was their Lord and Master.

Proof that this dating formula was not just an afterthought but a conscious, deliberate decision comes from the fact that the Founders not only dated the Constitution from the year of Christ’s birth but also from the date on which we declared our independence. We declared our independence in July of 1776 AD, and the Constitution was approved by Congress in September of 1787.

The complete formula for dating the Constitution reads this way: “…done in Convention…in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth.”

Thus the Founders dated the Constitution, the supreme legal document in American history, from two moments of vast historical significance: the birth of Jesus Christ and the Declaration of Independence. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that, in the eyes of the Founders, these two dates were the most important dates in American history.

I’ve had some secular fundamentalists tell me that this doesn’t make the document or the nation Christian in any sense since the dating formula was simply customary. It’s what everybody did.

I respond by saying this makes the case even worse for them, since they are admitting that it was so common for the Founders to think of Jesus as Lord and his life as the turning point of all history that they had not a moment’s hesitation in putting his name in our foundational document, expressing their personal allegiance to him, and dating it from the year of his birth.

Every time you date a check, or pick up a newspaper, or check the calendar on your smartphone, you are bearing silent witness to the Christian origins of our country, as well as to the enormous impact of Jesus Christ on world history. The history of the world, in the eyes of the Founders, is literally divided into two eras: the era before the birth of Christ and the era after his light came into the world.

Bottom line: America is a Christian nation. every calendar in the world proves it.

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Thisoldspouse #fundie barbwire.com

Don't ever let a leftist get away with telling you that they are opposed to sex with children. They fight to hand out condoms, no questions asked, no parental consent, to children as young as Kindergarten!

Alfred Kinsey was indeed a good teacher, or at least a good propagandist.

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Michex #fundie barbwire.com

Rev. Scott Lively has also written about homosexuality as being anti-ecology and harmful to the environment in that it disrupts the natural order.

He says that that message resonates with younger generations.

By the way, he is being sued by homosexuals in a ridiculous lawsuit. I wish that pro-family media would cover the news about that and support him.

He is as courageous as Kim Davis.