Odin Awakens #racist stormfront.org

Weak men will lose their women and be conquered, that's how nature works.

It's the weaker women who go with blacks. Just as it is usually weaker white men who go with asians. One cannot override biology very easily.

The places that were overrun with race-mixing (India, Egypt, and South America) had specific characteristics--in the case of the first two, the alien population was right next door. In the case of the third, the native population was already compromised or not on the higher end of intelligence.
Not that the recent immigration waves are indicative of intelligence, but much of the population has little say in the matter. It takes strong leadership and perhaps a smaller population base to prevent such things. Plato said a society in which you can stand in the center of town and not be heard at its gates is too big a society.

This simply isn't true, just look into Americas public school system.

The best girls in school will always go for the biggest, strongest most high testosterone men regardless of race.

In the 1950's when all the baseball, basketball and football players were white they got all the top girls.

If you give women access to athletic men with high testosterone they will breed with them.

White boys need to have porn, alcohol, video games, drugs and fast food taken away from them.

You can't go to a town center in America without seeing quality white girls with mulatto kids.

Saying that only the weaker girls race mix is cope posting and not dealing with the reality of the situation.



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