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(geboren Weiss)
Remember when colored people claimed that white people aren't targeted for their race? Sure it's not. Colored people tell us not to speak on their behalf, but speak about us and tell us what we should do to "better" ourselves. I'm always under the impression that black people in particular are nationalists and/or supremacists. They hate us so much, but they want to live around us. Segregation needs to happen.

The first phase was WW2 and European White Race Extermination.
Millions died and they are still finding mass graves of White Europeans, but mostly young white European males in mass graves in Poland and Old Russia.

Second phase is Genocide.
Genocide is African Civil Right laws forced on the all White Kids.
You have to live with Africans, you have to work with Africans and other Nationalist that have more rights to take your job if your white, do and say things white people can not, get paid to live next door to you, better education, better health care, more tax payer money rights, rape, steal, tell non truths, do hate crimes and not be charged with a hate crime, intimidate some one with threats to cause great bodily injury or death, riot, burn down and loot businesses with out race grouping to be listed as destructive.
After everything Africans got by riots. how will any one be able to take any thing away from monsters.
I lived this phase two, all my life.

PS... Most Africans I see to day, Are the offspring of a raped White European Body.

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Blacks are the only category of human that have invented nothing, never developed any society, buildings, technology, moral code, or anything that fundamentally separates humans from animals. Add to this the simian shelf, skeleton proportions, skull shape, teeth shape, and other body features only found in gorillas and chimpanzees, and no other human race - and it makes you question whether blacks are even really human.

I have never seen a subsaharan african who was civilized. Any bit of intelligence always coincides with some other race polluting their animal-like bloodline. It is easy to conclude that pure, subsaharan africans have no traits that make them distinctly human.

I have done my research. What I did find led me to the conclusion that there is a very high certainty that blacks are indeed human-gorilla or human-chimpanzee hybrids, and not fully human. It seems that the closer a black is to its pure unadulterated racial form, the less human it looks and behaves.

At some point, I will write an article to compile my new research into the topic.

If researchers were to compare blacks as a species not already "assuming" them human, it would not be taxonomically possible to conclude that blacks are of the same race or specials as other humans, in the same way that it is not possible to conclude that chimpanzees or gorillas are human.

From a rational standpoint, there is a phrase, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck". Likewise if it looks like an ape, walks like an ape, and acts like an ape - it's an ape.

From a moral standpoint, blacks are the least human on every level of all the races, as defined in my first paragraph above.

So, are blacks human? You decide.

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Re: "White women shouldn’t report rape by black men"

In Sweden leftist politicians slightly ''accuses'' us (Swedish girls) by saying that we'll report about rapes done by non-Swedes much easier (and more often) than rapes done by Swedes. And politicians are blaiming that it is one of the reasons why statistics looks like as they do.

How do the Cowardly Degenerate GREEDY Politico Swine, Explain away the FACT BEFORE mass Third World turd Immigration, RAPE was near NON-ESISTENT in Sweden ? VIOLENT Crime as well. These GREEDY SCUM Politicos are Willing to SACRIFICE They're Daughters Well Being & Safety to Fulfill the jew-Marxist Agenda.AT NO TIME IN THE HISTORY has Taken place Before that an White Ethnic Group Voluntarily Financed other Ethnic SAVAGE TURD not Whites Conglomerations the Furtherance of their SAVAGE FOREIGN Culture on White Territory to the Disadvantage, Harm and Damage of our own People. Americans & Native Europeans are Paying people who Openly Proclaim to be our Enemies to Eradicate our RACE & Civilization & Telling us to Celebrate this as Tolerance. They are not even Hiding They're FIENDISH Genocidal Plans any Longer! As Another Commentators Stated I am at a LOSS of Words. We White Women When we go out Without our Husband's Should Always be Accompanied with Mister's Smith Wesson or Sam Colt! Along with Mister Situational Awareness! NOBODY Is going to Assist us but, we Ourselves, our Families. The Anti-White Whites Pushing this DESERVE Execution for TREASON to People & Culture.

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StormChild88, this thread is not useless, because it provides evidence for the reasons why race-mixing is an abomination against nature, especially if blacks are not even human.

Lupa02, there is no such thing as evolution. If blacks are a different species, then they were created as a different species at the very beginning. Or, if they are a human-animal hybrid, then they are an abomination of nature.

I'm sorry to disgust you, but the people who think that blacks are just another human may never have seen Australian aborigines

I was surprised because it actually looks like a Native American. But also a gorilla or some sort of monkey.

If you saw those in the wild, would you conclude, "there are some humans, let me go ask if they want to hang out"? No, you would wonder what those scary animals were doing in the forest and hope you don't get mauled.

I saw some videos some time ago about Australian Aborigines and how they get honey. What they do is they push over a dead tree, grab a stick, shove the stick in, ignore the bees flying around, and then lick off the honey off the stick, eating some of the bees with the honey.

Then I looked at what monkeys do when they get honey. It was shocking that they do the same thing. Knock over the tree, and then shove in a stick and lick the honey and bees off the stick.

How do humans get honey? The humans who actually farm the honey build elaborate bee hives, cultivate the bees, wear elaborate protective suits, and farm the honey properly. They do not go in the wild and knock over trees and lick off the sticks. Moreover, most humans simply buy honey, because we have a culture and civilization.

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Re: White man deliberately runs over family of 5 Muslims, killing 4, in London, Ontario

The details are very sketchy. However, if by some chance this White man DID intentionally mow down five (5) filthy, disgusting, fly-infested sand negroes / rag-heads / camel jockeys, then good for him.

Eventually, the pressures brought to bear on the White race by rampant, out-of-control multiculturalism and race-mixing are going to cause otherwise sane, rational, law-abiding White people to snap.

If this White man DID make asphalt out of five (5) filthy, disgusting, fly-infested sand negroes / rag-heads / camel jockeys then I hereby award him the prestigious honor of "Upstanding White Human Being for the Month of June 2021."

I do hope that there is a White man or White woman somewhere in the world that can better this great, outstanding accomplishment. The prestigious award for the month of July 2021 awaits.

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Warning: If We Start To Win They’ll Use Bioweapons On Us

Even if election fraud is thwarted, Whites win elections, Trump’s immigration policies are reinstated and Whites begin to increase their percentage of the population, the Oligarchs will resort to violence to complete their final solution.

They’ll use bioweapons against us like they did to get Trump out of office so they could reopen the borders and continue to try to outnumber Whites, and eventually exterminate them. By now most people can see that the Oligarchs are willing to do anything, willing to kill millions, to complete their sacred mission. In connection with that, Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., just reported in American Free Press that 300 U.S. military personnel were in Wuhan in October 2019 for military exercises. Recall that some Chinese officials had said that the U.S. military was responsible for Covid 19.

So, by now everyone can see that the Oligarchs’ real motive is pure hate for Whites. It’s the most powerful motive of all. Accusations of “for power” and “for control” are naive.

They’ll have pre-prepared vaccines for themselves so they’ll indiscriminately kill everyone else to disguise their real target. They didn’t come this far and get this close to the end to let a few silly elections get in their way.

They’ve shown us what they have. So, how do you defend against their bioweapons when the enemy is your fellow citizen?

These tasks would require that a segment of the military be dedicated to them.

This is another of those pointless hypothetical posts.

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RE: Blacks - Human or Animal?

I actually reckon that Asians look much more simian than African Negroes. Asians don't look human at all to me, more like monkeys, and Japs just look like E.T! Whenever I see S.E Asians and Curry Negroes walking about on a street with their long skinny limbs, puny frames and small round heads it always feels more like I'm wandering about in a zoo. Negroes have low intelligence, but from what I've carefully observed for a long time now, most whites are just dumb degenerate race-traitor race-mixing libtards anyway. And at least physically speaking, African Negroes are WAY superior to Asians. As with all Germanic races, African Negroes are generally taller, bigger, athletic and stronger than Asians, which quite frankly are just effete gay-looking creatures to me (as well as many other WNs I know who say the same thing). Lots of African negroes hate Jews too, unlike what I've ever heard coming from Asians, who for the most part usually sycophantically grovel to Jews rather than reject them. Not that I'm trying to defend negroes, not at all, but rather that I have an even bigger dislike of some other non-white hominin species than negroes. I really can't stand gooks the most, if not for their Asiatic behaviour, just their physical look alone is enough to feel averse to them being anywhere around me at all. And those scrawny gay-lady-boy-breeding Asian females are by far the BIGGEST threat to white existence, and are in reality the greatest contributors to white genocide, given degenerate white rice kings are chasing after them in droves. So looking at the bigger picture, in terms of our destruction, female Asiatics are in effect acting as our real exterminator, more so than Negroes.

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Re: No mass protests after Honolulu police shoot, kill man (negro married to white woman)

I don't wish to turn anyone's stomach but I'm continually baffled by why a natural-blonde white woman would want to get naked with a gorilla beast and breed offspring. None of us may ever know, but maybe some of us can gain insight from this collection of photos.

All she ever wanted to do was forever end racism by filling herself with the hot seed of a proud black man.

I am guessing a lot of these women are filled with so much hatred of their men that they date and reproduce with negros out of revenge. IT is sick.

(All white is all right)
Self-loathing slut and whore rolls around in the gutter for kicks.

Come on feminists on this site and try to shame me for calling her that.

I have no answer as to why a white woman would go with a black man but then I have no answer as to why white men would go with Asian or black women either.

The only reason there are no protests at the killing of that black man is because there was no white involved, nonwhite on nonwhite crime gets a free pass after all it's normal for them.

(White gold)
Beautiful white women like her feel like saints when they breed with blacks. Look how she virtue signals. The fact he was killed by police must be a dream come true to her as now she can play a saint to her “martyred” pet/husband.
I pray she takes her kids back to Africa. There they don’t seem as taken with white attention whores like her as unfortunately in the states she will be given plenty of coverage, scholarships for her kids, and maybe even a sympathy phone call from Biden.

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What you're talking about is known as polygenesis (which I agree with). The different races (really different species) emerged all over the globe independently of each other. Whites didn't "evolve" or "speciate" from any npn white hominin species. We are independent and have always existed in Europe, not Africa or India or some other sweltering stinking cesspool.

There would be many more than 3 separate species of humans too. Bundling all Asians (and presumably Australasians and Latinos too) together as one species, and all Africans together as another species and all Europeans together as another species is just too ridiculously crude and doesn't actually make much logical sense.

Up there with nonsensical leftist expressions such as "The International Community" there is hardly a more annoying phrase than "The Human Race". it's a completely absurd expression because obviously there are MORE than one singular race! Likewise, there's the ridiculous classification bundling ALL humans into "one species" what the deceivers. Jews and liberals are the culprits behind this criminal pseudoscientific mass fraud which is of course driven by plans for white genocide and other diabolical globalist political agendas. How convenient for Jews and liberals that there would only be "one" species of human!

As a Germanic I always take offense every time some liberal claims "we separated off from this or that race X - thousand years ago". Let some deluded white liberal believe what they want, whether it be "Out of India" or "Out of Africa" or some other nonsense. I never separated from ANY other race. My race emerged independently of any non-Germanic race, and i won't have any race mixing libtard try and tell me otherwise!

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Behavior guidelines for the modern White Woman

1. Be White before all else.
Remember that despite having our own wants and needs as women, we also have a duty to the white race first and foremost.

2. Be a mother and a teacher.
The number one thing we can do as women is to produce offsprimg for the next generation of white people to fight against the armies of jews and colored attackers. We need to teach white kids in schools to be proud of their heritage OVER those of the lesser children and make sure the other spawn KNOW where their place in thebworld is and more importantly, ISN'T.

3. Let men lead the way.
I know this may trigger the "feminists" in the group, but know that being a wife and mother and not crowding male spaces doesn't devalue us as humans. Our men don't try to get pregnant and carry babies they can't deliever, that is what the tranny freaks do. Just the same, we need to do our best in support roles and stay out of things like politics and management whenever possible.

4. Be appealing
We represent the most beautiful creatures on the planet. The white woman is the prettiest sex of the prettiest race, of the most dominant species. We are chosen by GOD to be the ideal object of our husband's desires. If he wants to enhance you with surgery, are you REALLY going to turn down the chance to look your hottest for a man willing to pay?

5. Be a "Karen!"
If there are a bunch of thugs moving into your neighborhood, you are well within your rights to inform the police and demand action be taken, yell at those bratty kids down the street, call the cops on the black guy hanging on the corner watching you like a horny dog, and absolutely demand to see the damn manager when some lazy liberal arts brat ****s up your order!

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Asians peoples are mostly under 5 feet tall.

I saw a document that claimed the Asians were slaves and any Asian Slave that was taller then the marked height was killed. Makes them people mostly physically harmless, like little kids, but good in home slaves to cook and clean.

Also seems the South American population that was breed with African 4000 BC, was subject to the same height restrictions.

Egyptians have a rich history of breeding animals, like cats and dogs, I be sure it expanded to human traits also.

Like in the bible, they talk about giants, A king thought the bigger the human the better a warrior.

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PROOF 20th-Century European Imperialism BENEFITED Africa (No More White Guilt)

It's often told to students to promote white guilt that "evil european imperialism" was the result of all the world's ills, or something to that extent. Let's look at how those countries fared over the following decades, by looking at their GDP in 1950.

South Africa, had a GDP per capita of more than double any other developed country in Africa, $2.251 trillion.

Meanwhile, out of the developed countries, the GDP of Ethiopia was dead last, significantly below every other formerly "occupied" nation, at $227 billion in 1950. By 1973, it was still only $400 billion, still dead last by far.

As far as Liberia, it is one of the most crime-ridden and dangerous countries in the world even today, not to mention impoverished. In case you are curious, Liberia is the former slave colony, where freed slaves from America were sent.

Everywhere Europeans expanded, they raised the income and quality of life in the host nation.

Worse, since it is evident from the data that western imperialism raised the standard of life, then the Jewish idealism that demonizes imperialization / colonization actually LOWERED the standard of living in poor countries dramatically, by denying them the benefits of western civilization.

Potentially hundreds of millions of people have died, then, of starvation and conflict in Africa and other poor countries, because Europeans pulled out of those countries after colonization was demonized and abolished.

Yet, even in the aftermath of the withdrawal of Europeans, the countries formerly colonized by Europeans still enjoy a dramatic benefit over those countries that were never colonized by Europeans.

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(Northern lights)

Eastern Europe is simply poorer than Western Europe. Their style of government doesn't have much to do with it. There's less wealth to hand around. Whether inequality is higher there or not I can't say.

I compare those to Scandinavia and there is not question that inequality is higher Eastern Europe. And that is part of culture, not via political system or how poor those are. As no matter what the political system will be called, the system will always be mold to correspondence to local people and their cultures by those local humans. That is why corruption is bigger problem in some areas vs some another areas.

(Britannic Nationalist)
There is certainly a difference between European ethnic groups that manifests in behavioural and cultural differences. Slavs seem the least suited to 'democracy'.

We're seeing how hollow these 'protections' in the West really are. Looks at how many of these constitutional protections, rights and checks were breached against Trump, for example. How Snowden or Assange were treated. How the Capital Hill January 6th people have been treated in the US - some of them are still in solitary confinement for minor chargers like 'trespassing'.

The West was under autocracy for 2500 years and we built the best (and fairest) society ever. Yet we've had democracy for the last century and we've been declining ever since.

A few months ago Lukashenko was confirmed to be the Grand son of Stalin.

His policies worked whereas Ukraine is a cesspole of jewish Oligarchs who want to restore the old jewish possessions at the Black sea.

Jews destroyed the Russian Empire. Putin rebuilt id, basically from scrap.

I think both of them did an admirable job.

disciple4life #dunning-kruger #racist stormfront.org

Idea on how to stop race mixing in part

1. Create a website celebrating every race. Detail their unique traits and history. Use science , like Klassen did in his book Nature’s Eternal Religion, to show sub-species do not mix.

2. Create a dating website for each race. Also create Twitter and Facebook accounts for each site.

3. Create 100 Twitter account that agree with and promote the above websites.

4. Create a listing on each site to hire people to make videos. Use these actors to make videos pushing for race separation in breeding.

5. The dating websites will link to the website on the science of racial separation.

6. The owner’s name must be hidden.

“Why hide your name”

Well if they see a white guy, especially a white nationalist, owning all these sites they’ll figure out the motivations.

I don’t have the money to do this. The sites would need a professional web designer.

There are ppl here who do.

Whoever owns the sites will profit in off of them.

I could write then content about the uniqueness of each race. Also the history.

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RE: Kamala Harris Humiliated During Her First Trip Abroad To Guatemala And Mexico – She Was Greeted With "Go Home" and "Trump Won" Signs That Were Ignored By The MSM

Why should we celebrate this?

Will these filthy Mestizos tell their damned fellow Orcs to stay in Guatemala and Mexico and NOT travel to the U.S?

another told the vice president that “Guatemala is pro life”

Yes the ban on Birth control has caused their population to explode. This has contributed to the economic and social conditions - along with the corruption of their drug trafficking Conservative government - that has pushed their people to flee to / invade America for Lebensraum.

American Conservatives really are stupid.

I've written about this topic before and the fools on the American political Right who fund all these groups in central America opposed to 3rd world non-white Birth control.....

"Cum-Swalla" Harris is a two-bit slutty whore who slept her way to the pinnacle of "success" in the sleazy, low-rent word of politics.

Anybody who sells her very soul to the Devil to achieve success in the dirty world of politics is the utter epitome of scum and filth, and the very lowest of the low.

The whole world knows the election was stolen except CNN, MSNBC, Youtube and Twitter.


I feel like I'm missing something here. Why would Mexicans support Trump? Trump called them murderers and rapists, and wanted to build a wall to keep them out of the US. This must be a very small group. I wouldn't expect it to be the general sentiment in Mexico.

Because Trump made it possible for the mexicans to keep their laborers...their laborers are not fleeing to the US...duh...lol...lmao...

Phoenix #crackpot #psycho #racist stormfront.org

RE: Watch: Israel's Iron Dome destroys Palestinian rocket barrage

Keep arming both sides until they kill every last man, woman and child, joo and muzzie both.

Never had any interest in the semitic squabble, never will.

Those who defend muzzies have no sense of history. There was a time when they were a far greater threat to us than the jews are today, long before there was an Israel or a USA for that matter.

Some of us will never forget. We know the atrocities islam has committed in the name of their "prophet" (Piss Be Upon Him).

these were Turks and Moors not Palestinians! Are you autistic or just a Hollywood-nazi? Should a swedish paganist hate polish christians because his ancestors were slaughtered by christians?

The people living in Palestine today are NOT THE ORIGINAL INHABITANTS OF THE AREA. They are the mongrelized descendants of turk and arab INVADERS with traces of the ancestral peoples of the Levant.

They have no more claim to the land than the jews. A squatter squabble of no interest to WHITES.

Quit worrying about people who have no concern for us, aside from what they can steal from this country.

Rambetter #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

Why Mexicans are so severely mentally retarded.

Have you ever wondered why Mexican pupils lag behind in subjects where language barriers cannot be used as an excuse? Why 30% of inmates are illegal immigrants? Living in Mexico for the past 2.5 years I have been studying the pathetically retarded creature known to us as the Mexican.

The answer has to do with how the Mexican brain works. Mexicans hold in high esteem their ability to take advantage of others. Mexicans are parasites and they’re proud of it.

In Mexico, the first thing needed when building an expensive home or a business is a wall around the property. Would it not be better if people just stopped stealing? Mexicans are too stupidly retarded to understand this.

For every theft, society loses more than the robber gains. Mexicans are too idiotically self-centered to care about that. On the contrary, retarded Mexicans have told me that they need to steal because Mexico is such a poor country. What these retards fail to realize is that their poverty is caused by theft and not the other way around.

Mexicans spend a significant percentage of their brain cycles thinking of ways to take advantage of others or thinking of ways to defend against such practices. In Northern Europe, the atmosphere allows an individual to think creatively.

It is no wonder then that no noteworthy inventions have come from Mexico. All of the technology in Mexico today has been invented and mostly imported from elsewhere.

The Mexican has no values because it cannot think beyond taking advantage of others. To the Jew, the Mexican is the perfect slave. This is precisely why the Jew is allowing the Mexican scum to enter the USA.

And unfortunately Mexicans are too stupid to understand these theories.

whitehouse90310 & Ruthless #conspiracy #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Biden's restaurant bailout limited to only Black and Hispanic businesses

What restaurant businesses do U.S.A Negroes / non-immigrant Blacks / descendants of antebellum slavery own?

The only 'Black' food businesses I have ever seen in the States were owned by Haitians and Jamaicans in south Florida. I know there are African and Caribbean immigrant businesses in Washington DC too. So is it these Black immigrant restaurants that are the bailout beneficiaries?

Restaurants are mostly owned by Asians (south Asians such as Bangladeshis / Bengalis, Indians, as well as East Asians from China, Vietnam etc), and Mestizos from Mexico, Central America etc. There are also many Turkish, Arab, central Asian etc restaurant businesses.

The argument here should focus on the fact Whites are excluded from receiving our own Tax money back as a business 'bailout'.

Proof the scamdemic was planned. jews brought the entire planet to a screeching halt just to screw over whitey. Lockdowns didn't effect jew owned corporations or non-whites on welfare. It screwed over the White working class while making jews and generational welfare recipients richer. The bailouts are all backdoor reparations to put out of business whatever Whites were still able to hold onto and give negroes a lift up. It's like the Holodomor and Zimbabwe tactics combined.

SFR #crackpot #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Georgia: Mudshark gets beat up by her boyfriend's baby mama in a pizzeria. Caught on video.

Its very common to see black women attacking White women because of this.

As is often the case.

And those husky sheboons are built for combat; strong, broad shouldered, aggressive, cunning, deceptive, quick to anger, with vile dispositions, akin to a not-so-gentle version of the endangered mountain gorilla.

Now you know why those poor mountain gorillas are truly endangered, because their neighbors in the wild are African NEGROES.

I’ve been in my fair amount of fist fights, and never was one to beat a person that severely. That must be the primal monkey coming out in them. Have really no sympathy for the race traitor.

Blacks do seem to emulate chimpanzees when they attack. They are extremely vicious and give no quarter. This is why it is wise for Whites to avoid being in close proximity to these horrible, unpredictably violent beasts. And they should always maintain a high degree of SA when this sage advice isn't possible.

And if there is no alternative then Whites need to grow a spine and fight back, harder, smarter, and more viciously till victorious, or the threat subsides, or they can safely exit. Sometimes you just have to fight so when you do, inflict more damage than you take.

Some whites are just feeble and pitiful. Not even loyal to her own men and gets her ass whooped by a black woman. No wonder blacks see whites as weak.

Hence the saying, 'when the shoe fits, wear it'. Some Whites are disgusting, have made stupid choices, and now win stupid prizes. These Whites should be sterilized.

Winterheart #racist #sexist stormfront.org

RE: Olivia Rodrigo reveals details about the letter Taylor Swift sent regarding debut of her single Drivers License

Taylor Swift endorses more white genocide. The lyrics and video of Driver's License are about a young woman heartbroken because the negro she loves is dating a young blonde woman.

Does this song endorse White Genocide? The song seems to view the negroid dating that blonde girl as a bad thing. The idea seems to be that negroes should be loyal to negresses like this Olivia Rodrigo creature. White people would never be allowed to make such a song about our own, of course. I didn't listen to it. I just read the summary. Am I missing something?

Taylor Swift is a whore and a traitor but this doesn't seem to be an example.

Thanks for posting. Those are good points.

If a blonde woman is around a negro that's an abomination.

That wouldn't happen in a moral, segregated society.

You're right. In a decent society, the situation wouldn't even arise.

Iceage #psycho #racist stormfront.org

RE: Mass shooting leaves 8 dead at Valley Transportation Authority rail yard in San Jose

Looks like he shot some Mexicans judging from the photos of the workers there, all Mexican, not a white person or groid in sight. Joe won't get his wish that some groids were shot by a white man.

Was this white guy the "diversity" hire in the all Mexican VTA, or was the VTA previously white and the whites wrongly treated, quit, and replaced with Mexicans?

This one may fall under Affirmative Action for past injustices.

This crime was committed with a handgun, but like clockwork the Democrats are calling for a ban on AR-15's - as if even confiscating every single AR-15 in the country would have had any effect whatsoever on this crime.

Is there a requirement in the Democrat party that you have to have an IQ of under 100 in order to join?

Joe better get on the VTA, no groid employees, some job openings for some negroes now, all those "disenfranchised and workplace discriminated folk, Joe better get on VTA and get some negroes in there, they"ll straighten out the Mexicans, ADL, NAACP, negroes will steamroll over the Mexicans, Joe needs to get on it.

Dems squawk gun control to cover for their negroes. City negroes are completely out of control. Negroes don't want Western Civilization, they need to be "Re-tribalized" and sent to Somalia, which is the culture they desire, and is the only way to solve it, send them to where they desire, is the humanitarian thing to do, is wrong to keep them in the States, they desire their tribal ways; therefore, sending them to Somalia is correct.

Every weekend in Chicago is Mogadishu, no further proof needed, re-tribalize them to Somalia.

CadyshackJack #racist #sexist stormfront.org

Re: So called "comedy" show, 'A Little Late with Lilly Singh', trashes white people

She hates whites. No one should ever donate to any cause she is a part of. Her attitude sucks. No wonder the Chinese can't stand these people.

Thanks for sharing these links, LoveTheWhites. The reasons her show failed are twofold: 1) Women simply can't cut it as comediennes. They just aren't funny. Never have been; and, 2) Immigrant and coloured women are even less funny than their White counterparts. I'm glad her show failed. Looks good on her anti-White azz.

richie #conspiracy #fundie #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

Re: CNN director: Trying To Help' Black Lives Matter By Protecting Group's Narrative On Race

(((They))) are only trying to ban Project Veritas because they are exposing the truth to the public. Maybe the Zionist media should stop trying to meddle with society. At least someone knows how to spill the beans and not keep their mouth shut.

That will never happen, meddling is in their DNA. The best we can hope for is to expose their nefarious ways.

(((They))) have been herding goyim since the days of the pharaoh. It was (((they))) who whispered in the ear of Pontius Pilate.

Yet, another reason why we need to support Stormfront as it ventures to go where Fox News would never dare.

Stormfront is a White Lives Matter group.

It's great the Project veritas goes undercover to identify their agenda.

Weren't they the group that exposed the Planned Parenthood sale of aborted baby parts?

We need more undercover work done in the Synagogues and Jewish Think Tanks to get a better overview of their nefarious ways.

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RE: Antifa Is Removing People From Cars At Gunpoint In Portland

The powers that be really are pushing for a race war, you can feel it. Question is, when will the people reach their boiling point. Television shows, and gimmicks will only last for so long as a deterrent...

It be fine if they were pushing a race war on both sides, but they are not. They are just giving Blacks and other minoritysthe righr to commit violent crimes while under police protection and supervision.

If a White person fights back, there is a white cop supervising ready to arrest the white guy defending himself.

How has Portland not fallen yet? I know the national guard has been called there, but even before Trump lost the election, I dont understand why he didn't invade

I think the middle class and upper middle class there have more money then people in other states.

They seems to tolerate vandalism on their homes and cars better than people on the east coast.

Winterheart #conspiracy #psycho #quack #racist #sexist stormfront.org

Selena Gomez to Host Global Citizen's Vax Live to Promote Vaccine

Why is this entitled, talentless mestiza famous in a White country and telling White people what to do? Why are these unproven vaccines being pushed so heavily even as restrictions refuse to loosen? All stuffed discussed elsewhere but this is an especially revolting example.

A mind-controled slave from Disney. Nothing to see there.

The point is not that she or any of the other "people" in the article have anything to say. The point is that they promote sexual degeneracy and miscegenation to young Whites. The point is that they are pushing these untested vaccines harder and harder. None of which is new, of course, but it's rage fuel. Ultimately, it's just an animal, no better or worse than millions of indistinguishable beasts the Jews flood our country with. They really want White nations to worship these things.

I’m not interested in opinions of wealthy celebrities.

They owe all of that wealth to the Whites whose countries they infest like parasites and yet their vapid "opinions" consist entirely of hating us, despising us, wanting to destroy us, even as they demand our acceptance.

I doubt whether she actually got the mRNA experimental potion herself.

A lot of drinking and sunbathing for someone with lupus and a kidney transplant. It looks like the little cucaracha is as appreciative for its friends kidney as it is for all the privileges of living in a White nation and having becoming a millionaire performing for White girls. Only grateful for degeneracy. Not much capacity for empathy, gratitude, loyalty, impulse control, delayed gratification, etc.

Father Land Descendant #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

I'd suggest to anyone who is having trouble separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the various spins on NS and Hitler to do what I am doing research it themselves. To many people with to many opinions on NS especially and they don't really know anything about that aspect of this movement. Instead of listening to the multifarious keyboard commentators on sites that do not necessarily focus on that particular ideology I'm going straight to the source the NSist. Just like I came here to check out what SF was about instead of taking the ADLs or the SPLCs take on it.

Sure your going to get slightly different flavors out there, but as long as the core ideology is the same one can build a decent understanding of what's what and who's who. I don't take as fact the opinions of persons who FEEL so strongly about their opinion, regardless of their sources, that they are affected when people don't take what THEY have to say as the be all end all on any subject. In the treatment field we call that Compromised Objectivity.

As to Hitler.... Well he WAS right about one thing, The jew! As for the rest... History is written by the victor, and the reality is he was not the victor, so another wrote the history the way they wrote it. Another biased opinion that surely DID NOT include ALL the facts and nuances that could lead to a more complete understanding of the whole truth.

People with half ass information make half ass decisions, and that is how it is most often when emotions become involved.

So I don't know how to answer your poll question at this time, because I only half ass understand the decision it requires me to make

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RE: The races other than the Jews are mostly good, some moreso than others.

Based upon your warped, demented, twisted, incoherent logic, you ARE NOT, and you CANNOT BE, a White Nationalist.

My suggestion to you--and it's a very good one--is to immediately remove yourself from Stormfront and dissociate yourself forever more from the White Nationalist Movement.

You clearly have a fraudulent, fallacious, misguided understanding of the concept and meaning of "White Nationalism." Your wholly incorrect beliefs that "other, lesser races" are to somehow align themselves with the vastly superior White / Caucasian race is dangerous, foolhardy, and completely impossible.

ALL OTHER races, species, ethnicities, etc. are the mortal, sworn enemies of our brilliant, far superior White / Caucasian race. All other races, species, ethnicities, etc. HATE the White race with an unbridled hatred that borders on insanity--and that actually IS pathological insanity.

With the erroneous, flawed, unfeasible position you postulate you've thus proven yourself unworthy of the title of nobility of a "White Nationalist."

I strongly suggest you immediately remove yourself from the White Nationalist Movement, as you walk out the exit door with your head hanging down in utter shame. You've betrayed your White race, you are an abhorrent disgrace to all who "fight the good fight" for our amazing White race, and you cannot ever be worthy of the greatness bestowed upon our White race.

I'd say you should be ashamed, but you've proven by your acceptance of our mortal enemies that you are a person who has no shame. Be gone forever, enemy of the White man.

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Jews are (yet again) enraged that BBC allows debate on whether Jews are an ethnic group

The Jews are an ethnic group whenever a situation demands it, or a religious group whenever a situation demands it. They are shifty chameleons always.

BBC debate on whether Jews are an ethnic minority group sparks outrage - The Jerusalem Post


““Imagine if I was Black and four white people were asked to judge if I was a member of an ethnic minority. It would be as offensive,” Benjamin Cohen, the Jewish guest, tweeted. Cohen is the 38-year-old CEO of an online newspaper for the LGBT community.”

Well, if you chose to live as a minority in a foreign country, then yes, you should expect to be judged by them. Mostly if you’re a parasite with a history of subversion against the people.

Funny how Cohen tries to compare his Jewish ethnicity to blacks.

Oh , it's always funny. What's not funny is how blacks can't see how they're being used as little good destructive soldiers and wake up to this fact.

Though some have started to take notice, far too many still associate Whitey and the Jew just the same as one .

(All white is all right)
Judaism is an ethnicity. Ethiopian jews are the same ethnic group as ashkenazi, right? No? Uh, I mean, judaism is a religion. Atheist jews and jews whose ancestors converted to Christianity are the same religion as practicing jews, right? Wrong again?

Oy vey! God is laughing at us again!

MiracleChild #racist stormfront.org

Re: (((NY Times))): Whiteness is a 'Suicide Cult,' Blackness is a 'Superpower'

If blackness is a superpower, why are black-populated and black-governed countries the most poverty-ridden, corrupt, incompetent and lawless places on earth? Does the article offer an answer to that question?

And before they blame white imperialism, they should take note of Ethiopia - it was only ruled by Europeans for 5 of its 3,000 years of existence, and is the biggest hellhole of them all.

2southernerz #racist stormfront.org

Please help me, I am so upset, my beautiful daughter, 4.0, great attendance, well liked daughter was shunned by the cheerleading ( one white, one black team of best friends ) coaches and not chosen for the cheerleading team. THREE BLACK GIRLS WHERE CHOSEN, NO WHITE GIRLS THIS YEAR. Now honestly ladies, it is not my first pick for a sport for my daughter, my husband and I tried to DISCOURAGE her, but she insisted, and was good , so we let her try out. I should have known, when i went to the "camp" one day,and discovered the head coach acted black and had a black assistant coach and they are best friends, that it would be trouble for my daughter. She could not be more Aryan, blond , blue eyed, just like me. They seemed to dislike us from day one.. I don't know what to do. My daughter is embarrassed,and all of the school is confused. The boys even had bets with my daughter being a shoe in. One of the "chosen" girls has a dad that is the football coach.. The year as begun of course,and tryouts for next year will be at the end of the year. She wants to try again, and I just don't know... Opinions please needed.

Thanks to all my lovely Aryan ladies for having my back, I need your advice girls!

A..... in the "secret city" in the south

Icepinkgirl #racist stormfront.org

I am not feeling scared around blacks but I feel a total repulsion towards them. I cannot stand their typical voice, gestures and manners AND SPECIALLY I CANNOT STAND THE PROPAGANDA TOWARDS THEM.

I cannot understand how they are now very well accepted in the "western world" like if they were another white person when they are practically the most opposite to our race.

Some decades ago there was some good common sense towards them.

I do not wish anything bad on them though. I see them like another animal that needs some space to live and be happy in the way they like the most (In Africa of course).

famavita #homophobia stormfront.org

What's the deal with "Bi" women?

It's part of the new sexual/gender confusion indoctrination program that the Jews are trying. And, it seems to be working well. There are very few people that one meets nowadays who doesn't believe that "everyone is gay to a percent", meaning there is no one who is completely heterosexual. That's what they are being indoctrinated w/ from a VERY early age.

It doesn't help that so many men promote women being lipstick, weekend lesbians or bisexual. It's promoted in SO many movies geared toward young people that the weak minded (i.e. conventional modern humans) hardly stand a chance, especially w/ the breakdown of the family program decades in its running. These two tactics work hand in glove to attempt finishing off any hope the white race has for a real future.

The more these corrosive strategies are aimed at our people the less likely it is for them to resist ANYTHING that would have been in the past something to be ashamed of. They are chipping away at our moral foundation and there is really no other way to head this off then to raise white children on an at home basis (i.e. homeschool) and to promote a traditional lifestyle, one in which children are encouraged to skip college and instead build a family.

SFR #transphobia stormfront.org

Alright, now I've got it. I get the picture. "Caitlyn" Jenner is actually the 1970s US Olympic-great guy "Bruce the goose" who decades later decided he wanted to go dickless and become a woman. I really can not keep up with all the fruits and flakes calling CA home anymore. I had thought Caitlyn must be his daughter? I sure got that wrong. Wish they'd call him CBJ in the press so I could connect the dots.

Did Bruce ever get a dong lop? A rebuild? I've heard of an addadictomy, but not sure of its opposite. Yet I know it can be done, sort of.

If Cali is the future of America we are really royally hosed.

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RE: Black Americans in Africa: Why we left America to live in Africa

They are not Americans, Americans are White. They are citizens of the United States, they were granted citizenship in 1863, but they are not us. They are not ethnic Americans. They are ethnically west African, so they call themselves "African Americans", but they are not Americans.

Amerigo Vespucci was a White man. The Founding Fathers who created this country and named it after him were White men. This country was established by and for "free white men of good character" and it was built by White men. Not everybody can come here and call themselves "American", you have to be White/European. Only Europeans come without ideas of changing it and making it more like where they came from and constantly fighting other Europeans over old tribal differences and grievances. Only Europeans can come here and be brothers to each other and to us. Thats why only Europeans can be Americans if they want to.

The people in this article are not Americans and never have been. They know it, thats why they always hated America and want to go back to "Mommy Africa". No American calls Europe, "Mother Europe", even if it really is, because we are Americans and we know we belong in America. America is our home.

Various Commenters #racist stormfront.org

RE: Negros upset with Candace Owens for saying blacks have "separate categories"


I can't stand these dumb grifting GOP Negroes. They only push integration. Candace Owens has a white husband. Take the flared nostril low-IQ Uncle Tom (seen below with his white wife) for instance that President Trump wisely passed over for a White House job. The uppity SOB performed like a paid monkey on Fox News insulting Racial separatist Minister Farrakhan.


On some issues I do agree With Candice . But in the end , they want a society free of racial identity. That is everything We are against . No matter how right wing these negros are, multi racial societies just don’t work. That is the simple reality and what it all comes down to.

(Dwight Schrute)
Candace Owens to me is making a lot of money being a token black conservative Republican. Whether it is real or just an act, this is her schtick and she is running with it. The Republicans use her to say that they are “inclusive” and yes, the Republicans are also multicultural.

AOC also has a white boyfriend, which is interesting. Hypocritical more like it.

(geboren Weiss)
She's not wrong. After what happened to George Floyd, I saw a lot of black people wanting to segregate from white people, which I'm fine with. When these types of black people were called out on this, they said they weren't segregating, but separating. Segregation is separation. Let them segregate from us, because I'm getting sick of them already. Also, I find it ironic that when white people want to keep their own from becoming a minority, these "anti-hate" groups will say we're using a guise to segregate. People are so focused on us that they don't even realize that the BLM is just another New Black Panther Party.

crymouse #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: The USA's South Africa moment has arrived


Blacks will be irrelevant in 20 years time. The Multicultural mess will swallow the half decent ones, while the rest will stagnant at the bottom; becoming far more poor than they are now; with no hope of ever getting out in a million years because the Colorist-Strata will stigmatize Negroid race and 'Afro hair' so heavily.

So that's one thing to look forward too, we will never have to see Black people on every commercial, back-to-back, EVER AGAIN. Blacks don't get it because they are too stupid to get it. Guess that shows how you how to defeat another race in a race-war: just outsmart them.

If you hate Democrats, Progressives, Multi-Culti or whatever think about yourselves and your families. It is impossible to "Own the Libs". We are too diverse, agile and visionary for your ilk to catch us.

Oh, I get it. You think of yourself as a "progressive" Democrat. You think those Progressive-Critical-Race-Theorist Democrats are going to "Liberate" you; make you a rich woman. I still dont see why any NGO would give AF about poor Black People.

The Wage Gap in the USA has increase 300% since the 1980s - according to Afrocentrists and Critical Race theorists - with African-Americans sinking the fastest of all; along with all those imported browns. America is turning into South America by the same powers who've destroyed & raped South American countries; and do you know where Black are in South American society? AT THE BOTTOM.

80% of the poor in South America are Black to United Nations Study.

Enjoy your future in America. Browns dont have White Guilt.

Lord Tinsdale #conspiracy #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Happy German-American Day! (Minnesota's governor issues official proclamation)

A political ploy by a Democrat to make whitey feel acknowledged after having everything destroyed by negro riots and Covid-1984 shutdown.

You're probably right as they think we're that stupid or something. Real Germans will see through their little ploy though.

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White thin genes vs ethnic superobesity

I am a white woman, 25 and I am a dance instructor and fitness trainer with Fembody Fitness. I have never had too much trouble with my weight so long as I kept active but I have noticed that non-white women, especially black and mexican seem to be constantly, grotesquely out of control of their weight. No black woman I have worked with has ever succeeded in slimming down even the tiniest bit while all the white girls stay thin, trim, and pretty. When I found myself acting as a personal trainer (house visits and stuff) for a particular black woman, I found MYSELF gaining weight with her instead of losing anything.

I brought this up to a guy I thought was hot but also...kiiinda racist...and he told me that society is being Blackified and the longer I was around her, the more it would work on me. So, after a couple sessions, I dropped her, and soon after, all the weight I gained and 5 more.
I really feel like she was trying to Blackify me and push me to be fat like every darky I see.

Now as time goes on I find myself hating them for real. Like I seriously only want white women in my groups and classes and white women who share my ideals. I can't stand that society seems to be flooded with cries to get fat lile a black girl. Get a big ass like a "ghetto bitch." Get "thick." I genuinely believe that whites have superior genes while others are predisposed to bloat into flabby cellulite monsters with families who encourage it. But if I speak out, I am racist. I'm starting to think I actually am and that it's really not that terrible. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or shared experiences of blacks and other races being sludgy fat blobs and obesity advocates?

S Sinistrari #crackpot #racist stormfront.org

Nature has been trying to kill off negros for a long time, but they are resilient thanks to modern man unfortunately slowing the progress.

Negros, like other wild animals, grow quick to adapt to their wild world to survive. They ‘grow up’ quicker than whites, along with sex drive, then cap out in their teens. And that is where they mentally stay for life.

That is why younger Whites just think older blacks are cool because they act kinda like them, not knowing it is simply they have reached their limit.

White parents that let their children run around with negros like that White girl should have their children taken from them. All that girl will be now is some crack ho with mongrel retarded mixed children.

Young White brains develop slower, and keep on growing. But in their young years it is the responsibility of the Parents and other Whites to show these young minds the dangers of life!

For me, I would cut off all ties to retarded Whites. I don’t look to save them or their one and done brood, I look to save the smart ones.

FemmeBlanche #conspiracy #racist stormfront.org

Robin Williams - Called himself an honorary Jew, looked Jewish and made Nazi jokes all the time.

Meryl Streep - Looks Jewish, is worshipped by Hollywood.

Anthony Fauci - Looks Jewish, not Italian. Many Jews pretend to be Italian.

Joy Behar - Looks Jewish but says she's Italian. Very Jewish humour and way of speaking. Pushes the anti-white agenda.

Bill Gates - Looks Jewish. Has a tech company that rules the world just like Jewish Mark Zuckerberg.

Steve Jobs - Same as Bill Gates.

Donald Trump - I'm not sure about him but I suspect the Trump family is Jewish. On the filthy, childish animated series Drawn Together which aired from 2004 to 2007, the man refered to as "Jew Producer" is a robotic version of Donald Trump.

John Kerry - Apparently, his original family name was Cohen but was changed to the Irish name Kerry.

Any other celebs or politicians you think are secretly Jewish? How about the Bush family? Paris Hilton?

Archangel #conspiracy #racist stormfront.org

Re: Study: Jewish Population in Europe Shrinking, Lowest Share of Population in 900 Years

Jews have really cracked down on antisemitism in Europe, letting their truly repressive nature be made known. I worked on Rabbi Melchoir's ending antisemitism project at the beginning of this century, advising that repression leads to hatred. In the end he ignored our best advice and chose increasing repression of anti Jewish feelings over doing something about the hatred of non Jews endemic in the Jewish faith.

We said if repression was increased, anti Jewish feelings would increase as well. Sure enough it happened to the point the Chief Rabbi of Europe told Jews not to wear kippa's in public lest they put themselves in harms way.

So Jews started clearing out of Europe, preparing Europe to be nuked with far less harm to Jews when war is waged on Russia, in accord with Jewish plans that put war with Russia on the agenda in 2000 thru the design of the Project for the New American Century document, 'Rebuilding America's Defenses.

That's the same neo con/Jew created agenda that put war with China on the agenda, which we can see we're well marching toward currently.

12thSSpanzer8 #psycho #racist stormfront.org

Im a proud white guy and i dont Want to communicate with subhumans if a subhuman wants to talk with me i will turn my back and goi dont care if some subhumans killed in War thats not my problem thats their problem i dont Want refugees if they Want peace they can go back and fight

So, some liberals ask me that what if a War started in my country and what should i do?

Remember what germans did in ww2? They didnt escape their countries and became refugees, even kids fought for the reich i would do the same thing!

I dont want to be a member of this cursed degenerate society i dont Want to live in harmony with other cultures im right because this is my land not theirs my ancestors fought for europe so i can be intolerant humanism, human rights and emphaty are invented by jews to make white people weak

I can be bullied in school because of my ideas even the girl i loved hates me because of being racist and yes im racist and nobody can stop me for being racist

im just waiting holy race War or apocalypse because in apocalypse there will be no laws no policeman and no jail so i can do anything to subhumans and race traitors

Sieg Heil!!!!

So do you guys have any thoughts About me please write

(Sorry for my bad english)

Various Commenters #racist stormfront.org

RE: Selena Gomez Urged Facebook and Instagram to Take Down Neo-Nazi Pages

I bet she is OK with LaRaza accounts!

Never heard of her. But for some mestizo who says she is "speechless" - she is sure running her wetback mouth a lot.....

(S Sinistrari)
In this age of ‘one click away to safe space reading’ you’d think a dirty Mexican like Gomez could easily navigate her surfing. I suppose it never occurred to the dirty Mexican that some would rather not be around her and others, and that is what she doesn’t like, isn’t it. “You can’t exclude us! You must accept us! And accept us on our terms!” Whites will eventually learn the hard way that to be alone it has to be done by force. The rest will never leave us to ourselves. Bust all the Jew sites up. It’s time Whites have our own version of Facebook. Owned and run by Whites. Gomez? She can hang out on a La Raza Facebook.

She needs to quit running around town in her Mitsubishi, manufactured by the Jap War Criminals. She is just a Hollywood Comfort Woman, Hollywood Moguls control her.

Confused, self-hating mixed race woman. What else is new? Selena Gomez' parents:image

MS-13, Latin Kings and other cholo gangs are 100 times more of a criminal problem, both in the USA, Mexico, Central and South America. Kidnapping is very common in the USA by latinos, who make a run for the border with abducted females. You know that singer Shakira? She is not safe from kidnapping in Colombia, and yet, she lectures the USA on taking in more criminal gang scum.

Chernabog #conspiracy #racist stormfront.org

Talking to my friend and his brother outside his house yesterday and we see two kids skipping by holding hands, one black boy and one white girl with blonde hair and light eyes, who was noticeably taller than the black. They couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 and the black boy was aggressively leading the white girl. My friend chuckled, "They're starting earlier and earlier." We had a conversation about it and my friend was of the typical cuckservative point of view that "color doesn't matter/it's the character/democrats are the real racists" programmed response. His brother was like basically "fk ni--gers/can't stand them."

When I left, I turned the corner to the front of the house, and there they were, the black boy and blonde girl doing 'something' by the small tree in my friend's front yard. When they noticed me they suddenly stopped and looked at me like deer frozen in headlights. Then they quickly left and headed back up the block where they came from.

I don't watch any children's programming or see what they look at these days but found it odd that two very little kids of different races were sneaking off together and playing kissy behind the tree or whatever, with the black boy being so aggressive.

I don't remember much about being 6 years old but I think trying to smooch all the girls was the last thing on my mind. I know blacks are typically regarded as more aggressive and higher testosterone, etc. Personally I believe they just have smaller brains that don't suggest the possibility of consequences for promiscuous behavior, probably why their race are a petri dish of diseases and disorders related to promiscuity. They simply can't think about actions and consequences since their brains did not evolve to plan, unlike Western man's.

Obviously (((someone))) is telling little black boys to go around and kiss on all the little blonde white girls. Just another warning in case you already didn't know.

Klarn #racist stormfront.org

RE: Did any Blacks during Reconstruction support Segregation?

Did any blacks during Reconstruction support Segregation? I ask this because I read and heard James Eastland say that during Reconstruction that there were Black Politicians during that voted for Segregation poll taxes and separate but equal laws.

The thing most dumb white sheep seem to forget is, most southern states legislatures were filled with loyal black puppets and liberal white trash. Most returning Confederate Vets could not vote. All rights could have been restored to blacks during this reign of Terror. They were not. Why? During this reign, black legislatures voted to fill there pockets instead of helping there own race.

Blacks overwhelmingly wanted segregation, there own schools, communities and as the linked essay points out, the Negros began pulling out of white churches not long after Appomattox to build there own churches. They just wanted to do it with whitey's tax money. They wanted segregation because they wanted " black power" free from the guiding hand of wisdom they use to enjoy under the watchful eye of the white race. Just look at the results of that decision today. These once magnificent city's were turned into ghettos almost overnight. In short you can lead the Niggra race to water, but you can't make them drink.

Chernabog & soyer5 #conspiracy #racist stormfront.org



Biden orders his “zoomers” what they are gonna have to start doing as he yells ‘this country will be minority white European’ in one breathe and ‘you’re gonna have to start working with hispanics’ in another.

Working with the Hispanics to do what? Finally fix their potholes? Keep their electricity on? Majority of a country means nothing if most of your country is like El Salvador or Venezuela. The power will always be in the Aryan genes. Don't pay attention to current news or politics. Just repopulate the Earth with white people and watch our enemies scream in burning pain

This also shows how stupid blacks, and other lefties are. He is explaining how black people are in for dark times, whether they realize it or not. Hispanics will never pamper blacks the way whites have pampered them. They will never give young black hood rats that don't even belong in a classroom period preference over young Hispanics in college or Scholarships. They won't give two craps if a Hispanic cop shoots a black especially is the cop is clearly defending themselves. Blacks simply don't understand that the race card will not work with Hispanics.

It won't be Hispanics and blacks against whites. It will be whites, and Hispanics against blacks, like it often is in prison according to things I've heard. Black behavior is just too intolerable even for most non whites. I think before this possible future happens though, certain areas of the U.S may well balkanize, or secede. We all know this election was rigged. If Biden actually becomes the new president for the next four years then we may as well have never fought the American Revolution, and we would in fact be much better off under something like what the British monarchy was back then.

Ariosophist #racist stormfront.org

RE: A lost IQ study of transracially adopted Korean

5 points should be deducted from the full-scale IQ of 122 (!!) to account for 16 years of norm inflation. This leaves us with a not much less intimidating average IQ of 117 for 43 transracially adopted Korean children.

Quite phenomenal results for the adopted Koreans. I am a big proponent of IQ as a way to educate others on the fact of different races having different intellects and that not every race is the "same" and that the difference is only "the amount of melanin in their skin" (disgusting lib-tard trash talk). That is, if they will even accept that "race" is real and not a "social construct" as many like to say, not even understanding what that means. The base IQ for African-Americans is around 85 and African blacks 70 (which is labeled then, truly, retarded), so even the intelligent above them at 1 std-dev above are scoring but 100 (European average) and 85, respectively, and at a true 'genius' 2 std-dev above them are 115 and 100. Holy cow, this explains a lot, right?

Of course, when speaking with blacks and liberal whites about IQ tests, they'll say that the IQ tests are inherently "racist" as it was designed by the all-evil white man. Once again they are not grasping the concept of what the I.Q. test actually measures. I then ask, "If the IQ tests are 'racist' and designed by the always-evil white man to prove him superior to all others, why do Asians and especially Koreans consistently score higher? Wouldn't we make it so whites score the highest consistently?". At this point many aren't sure what to say. This is usually the end of my conversation as the point has been made.

Ocean12 #elitist #racist stormfront.org

I am white (dark hair, dark eyes) but would never consider going with a black man. Nor would I want that for my kids. It's just you see them in the news every night charged with crime after crime. Then there was one the other day who had 17 kids and he was only 26 and he got killed. That is gross. Maybe that is African "culture" but that is not for me. It's disgusting is what it is.