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Russell James & Little Ice Age #sexist #racist stormfront.org

Re: US Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) justifies banning abortion by suggesting that world was populated by "rape or incest"

(Russell James)

Isn't this what feminists have been saying for years? How come they're never condemned in pubic for it?

They claim that men are naturally rapists and can't be changed. So, if men are "born that way" shouldn't we celebrate the diversity it brings?

(Little Ice Age )

The rape victim is the only one who should have a choice in this matter. She's the one who will have the lifetime reminder of what happened, not some lawmaker who will never have the personal experience of gestating a rape bastard.

Personally, I view rape pregnancies as abominations and wholeheartedly support ending them with abortions. Rapists should be imprisoned and neutered, or executed, to prevent the spread of their defective genes.

I agree. That's your business and nobody else's.
One the oldest tricks of invaders is to forcibly mix the blood of the populations they invade, so they can divide their loyalties. It always works: look at Obama. White mother but whom does he side with? The non-White side. They all do, without exception, all mixed-race people become enemies of the White race. Religitards are pushing the forced mongrelization of White societies because they, along with a lot of alleged WNs here, hate White women 100 times more than they love their race, their countries or White civilization in general. They're completely transparent but are too stupid to understand that.

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Odin Awakens & Machelson #racist stormfront.org

Re: Xi 'smells weakness' as China vows 'countermeasures' in US trade war

(Odin Awakens)

If you want to know who will win the trade war go to Walmart and just look at the people.

The USA is a multiracial country of 350 million with an average IQ under 100 where white kids are already minorities.

In comparison to China which is a racially homogeneous country with well over a billion people with an average IQ probably around 115.

Hopefully Trump will be out of office in 2020 with his silly charlatan MAGA nonsense.


If China's IQ is so high why do they have contaminated water?
Why are their building standards so bad?
I know someone who went to China (he was Chinese but born in the West). He said windows in skyscrapers aren't secured-they fall to the street---railings on apartments are dangerous to lean against.
The excuse we hear is that China is going through its Wild West phase--but China is an ancient society-not a colony--for it to have this kind of retardation is not a good sign.
I think what is more true is that China is being propped up by the kosher finance interests as a communist ally and has been exploiting Western weaknesses.
Trump knows this (whether he has the power to do anything long term about it is another matter).

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White Ginger Pride #homophobia #racist stormfront.org

He looks a right f..k..g Nancy boy! Mind you,once of a day to be a copper you had to be tall,well built,have perfect vision and be heterosexual. Now non of those are required. All they ask is that you believe in the degeneration of society by supporting 'multiculturalism' homosexuality and promiscuity.

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Matematik #racist stormfront.org

Re: 12 Israeli jews get arrested in Cyprus on Suspicion of Gang Raping White Tourist

A British rape victim will never get justice in Europe, especially Southern Europe. Meds despise British women, they see them as easy, as sluts not like their "honourable" women. British people are hated more than Jews in Europe, that's the reality. I even see that in many of the comments on Stormfront to a certain extent, people are more inclined to side with the Jews than a British woman. British are just hated.

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Russell James #transphobia stormfront.org

The Queering of the West: The "Transgender" Agenda

Say it loud and say it proud: "transgender" is a scam.

There's no such thing as a transgender person because gender doesn't apply to people, it applies to language. Words have gender -- masculine, feminine, or neutral -- humans have sex -- male or female. And sex is a very simple issue, either you have a Y chromosome or you don't. Science has settled the matter.

OK. It's not quite that simple, sex is determined by the gene, SRY, which is a testis-determining factor. This gene is almost always carried by the Y chromosome (more on that below).

The promoters of the "transgender" agenda will sometimes refer to exceedingly rare birth defects like Klinefelter or XX male syndrome to buttress their case. But this argument is based on the wrong assumption that sex is determined by genitalia. As noted above, it is not, it's determined by genes.

Those who suffer from Klinefelter syndrome are born with two X chromosomes and one Y (XXY). This makes them technically male (sterile) but with some feminine manifestations.

XX male syndrome is a little different. Because of unequal crossing over between X and Y chromosomes during meiosis in the father, the X chromosome, passed on by the father, contains the SRY gene. As with Klinefelter sufferers they are technically male (and sterile), with feminine manifestations.

Both of the cases above represent exceedingly rare birth defects. In the case of Klinefelter syndrome about 0.03 percent of people will have the condition. XX male syndrome is even rarer -- less than 0.005 percent of population are afflicted.

As you can see, being male or female isn't about how you "feel", it's determined by genetic reality. If you "feel" like you're a woman inside a man's body (or the reverse) that doesn't mean that you are some heretofore undiscovered "gender", it means you suffer from a mental disorder.

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Perfectibilist #racist #magick stormfront.org

8 reasons Scandinavians are the chosen people of science.

What is an Aryan?

Have you ever seen an ancient aryan? I know ONE family in all of Norway whose blonde hair is still Targaryen white well into adult age: Silvery-white blonde. (I am not talking about myself.) They have red cheeks, and an angelic heart of utmost purity. They cry, and hate evil, I tell you: These are simply not from this world. But this is perhaps the last we will see of pure angels. Yes. They are extinct. And the world will forget that such incredible purity of heart, and beauty ever existed. Entering into an age of wolves. But there once was hope. Aryans. Hitler believed the true Aryans could only be distinguished by their blonde hair, and blue eyes. A mother who birthed 10 blonde, blue-eyed children in would be rewarded with a medal from Der Fuhrer. It`s time for family planning and breeding! Perhaps we need a rabbit-god like Ashtar?

The chosen people… Have you ever seen a supreme-blonde, tall, broadshouldered Swede with a tiny, upright, foxy nose (swedes have the most beautiful noses on Earth) , and a noble forehead? Their faces are geometrically perfect. Of course they are the chosen people. At least of science.

With Aryan, I mean firstly the aryan race which I term Scandinavian, Germanic, and East-Russian. Preferably blondes. Secondly; an aryan is a person of heroic hearts, yet a peaceful nature filled with joy. You can be as blonde as you like, but if you listen to hateful music like rap/hip-hop, and carry yourself in an uncivilized manner: You are not an aryan.

9 reasons Aryans (like blonde Swedes) are the (God`s) ¨chosen people.¨

So let`s get to it!

1 Because Aryans are the most beautiful, slender people. Aryans are the most beautiful people on Earth, and their beautiful pink skin represents the love-gods which is white.

2 Because Aryans have the greatest variety. Whites have green eyes, blue eyes, red hair, brown hair, blonde hair, and white hair. The latter is dying out. They have curls, some have afro-tendencies, and other have straight hair. Aryans have by FAR the greatest variety of appearance. Aryans come in all varieties while all other races on the planet look similar to their own kin. This is distinct from all other races who only have black hair. Their blonde hair is sacred to the sun, and their blue eyes represents intellect: Peace, wisdom, and high spiritual awareness. They are thus God`s chosen people. Why? Because the scientific creator is the sun. And the sun is blonde.

3 Because of their great historical accomplishments. Aryans built the greatest architecture for two millennia, and preached Christianity (the true religion) , created humanism (human rights), philosophy, the civilized world, politics (Rome), revolution and the school-system (France Germany), the judicial system and the military institutions (Greece) etc, with some credit to the Jews who for the latter centuries have advanced in all science. But seriously; they`re all EUROPEAN Jews.

4 Because they are the most civilized people. Aryans have shaped a humanistic, peaceful civilization of equality, freedom, and civil rights unlike any other. The entire world owes the humanistic codes to the roman-christian Europe.
Scandinavians are the kindest, most empathic, peaceful, civilized people as statistics show; yet they are thus also EXTREMELY naiive, gullible, and cowardly. They simply cannot believe there is evil out to get them, or that evil exists at all! All statistics show whites, and especially native Scandinavians have extremely low crime statistics. In the case of rape, we are ten times better than immigrants throughout all Scandinavia. Ten times! In all Nordic countries. And still: We are so civilized we actually love our open borders. <3 Aryans are among the most peaceful, naive, non-aggressive people on Earth statistically.

5 Because Aryans among the most intelligent races. Native Scandinavians whom are the most beautiful and peaceful humans statistically on Earth has historically had the highest iq of Europeans back in the days; even as intelligent as the Chinese, and Japanese who are the most intelligent people today after Askenazi Jews. (the latter which aren`t a nation-bound race, but a mix)

6 Because are the most spiritually gifted. Both positively and negatively. (Alas.) Whites have dominated the realm of Magick, and the royal houses from Egypt to the druidic orders of England. There is a lot of demonic blood in the white race. But not in the blondes.
Blonde angelic aryans are more spiritually aware because of their loving, peaceful nature, and have a high aura-field-conscience than any other race as they are alien, and part interdimensional. As I am. This is the most pivotal point on my list. They can connect with higher realms of angelic purity, which the other races can`t. They connect to the higher heavens which are populated by blonde angels. To be able to venture forth in dreams, and see these dimensions; you return, and realize you are an angel with wings; a totally different species, as you have seen that your blonde race originate from universes far beyond earthly beauty and purity. I am of course talking about Alvarheim. The spiritual dimension above Norway/Scandinavia.
Only pure blondes can connect to these angelic degrees of purity and conscienceness. Some are very holy, but many have fallen into carnalism of the 21st century, and forgotten about their spiritual origin from the Heavenlies. The blonde remnants are fading, and the glory of Hyperborea, Thule, Greece, Rome, and Atlantis is fading. I would compare myself to a eagle who can look directly into the sun, while other races are terrestrial, and can only experience Earethern life and conscience. After all: It the aryans who created the Hindu mystery schools.

7 Because the original aryans were aliens. If an alien came to Earth to examine all races, he would certainly pick out the tall, peaceful, orderly, non-hairy, blonde or red-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful, intelligent broad-shouldered aryan with milky-smooth skin. Just like myself. �� He would come from the Pleiades looking for his long lost family. An angelic brother with peaceful divine conscience.

8 Because Most aryans have way above world-average penis size. Iceland has f.i a WHOPPING 16.51 cm as average: only 1.5 cm shorter than the world nr.1, Congo in Africa. Today: Iceland in nr 9 on the list of the world`s most intelligent countries; even after taking in immigrants for 30+ years, and is a major competitor in sports in spite of its tiny population.

9 Because we are the best physical athletes, or at least the most tenacious. Norway, a tiny nation of only 6 million hardy Vikings - statistically wins the most medals in athletic (curling not counted) winter sports out of all nations for about 50 years. And in the last 2018 winter Olympics: Norway got the most golds, AND the most medals in general out of ALL nations in ALL disciplines, not only athletic disciplines. (!!!) We have the world record of getting the most medals, and most golds in winter Olympics through history!!! Even while Norway only has a population of 6 million. And that makes tiny Norway`s Vikings the best country at sports in the world_by_quite a lot really. An very credible insider in the shadow military also told me Norway has the world`s nr.1 special-force troop in the world. And THAT is incredible, because that competition is tougher than sports. There are statistics to this as well. But this troop was very unofficial. Why are they the best? They are wolves I tell you. Survival of the fittest through thousands of years in the harsh snow-covered lands produced a strong breed.

Spiritually, physically, behavior-wise, and quite arguably intellectually as well: True aryan Scandinavians are the best.

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Therealredpill #racist stormfront.org

Yup, invasion on YET another front!

It is invasion, yet we are not allowed to fight, we have to sit here and watch to become a minority in our own lands, meanwhile like in the UK, they are actively stopping white men joining the mil and police and going for muslims etc There's even a mil ad that shows a muslim praying in the middle of battle and there's three white men stops fight so they respect his religion FFS! How insane is this, islam has always wanted to get Europa, now they have it with the permmision of the jews runningg the show in the ZOGs.. the UK is doomed, like France, Germany, Sweden etc! Gone have the days you can sort things out on a battle field, know the other culture is bad for your socitey that you have bulit... We are like babies in a cot to everyone now.

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bench300@55 #racist stormfront.org

Re: Scientist find violence gene in negro DNA!

Scientists have been aware that there's a genetic link between color and aggressive behavior for decades. I took an introduction to psychology course back in the 70s and one of the experiments touched upon in the text was the results of a rat breeding program. White lab rats were bred backwards until a pure black rat was achieved. The black rats were so agessive and antisocial that they had to be caged separately or they'd tear each other apart. The factors that determine the color in rats and humans may be different but the end results are the same.

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reynoldsg #racist stormfront.org

[OF of thread "The KKK Was Formed Because Of Negro Rape, Assault & Murder"]

Look up why the Klan was formed, or just mention the name, and you get many undocumented (not based on fact) reasons why the Klan was formed. Reasons such as former Confederate soldiers formed the Klan to resist the Reconstruction period, or resist northern occupation and the anti-South republican party.

That it was a fraternal organization to reestablish White rule, or to stop emancipated slaves from exercising their rights. ALL RUBBISH! And besides no-one cares what the negro does in their own domain! So what would prompt 5 million people (most no doubt never having attended a Klan function) to join the Klan? No other reason than sheer bigotry the Jew and liberal might say.

The fact is (and based on documented cases of increasing negro crime), the Klan was formed as a defense and deterrence to negro crime. And that is a fact. Enough of the lies that Whites are always the aggressor. The MANY CASES here on Stormfront of negro violence, murder and rapes is documented with links. In addition are the government's and FBI's own crime statistics. Remember that negroes make up just 13% of the population.

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Duitsebloed #racist stormfront.org

Re: Alabama passes near total abortion ban

i for one am not happy about this. This means white women raped by negroes in Alabama will not be allowed to abort. Fact is, the majority of aborted babies are black. The correct law is one that restricts white women with white fathered babies from getting abortions and requires mixed race babies to be aborted. Also, there should be a total ban on non pure white babies being born under any circumstance.

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Lukewarm #fundie stormfront.org

This is a sad, sickening, embarrassing story for me! Oh, so MUSLIMS are standing against fagotry, huh? Used to be a day...a GLORIOUS day, in THIS country when Christians would have been the ones tarring and feathering the queers, sending them down the road (we don't kill as quickly as Muslims) Let me put it another way: See, I have the love of Jesus...and a whole lot a hate for the Devil...and Jesus took up a whip!

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dmonie318, whitehouse90310 & Wulfrick stormfront.org

Re: Dalai lama repeats 'Europe is for Europeans', should not turn into Africa or an Islamic state


There's something inherently wrong with Sub Saharan Africans. The majority of them want to invade Europe and ethnically cleanse all Europeans. There's no other race where the majority think things so evil.

I don't see Hispanics, Middle Easterners, South Asians, or Asians wishing that on us, only Sub Saharan Africans.


I don't see Hispanics, Middle Easterners, South Asians, or Asians wishing that on us, only Sub Saharan Africans.

Utter nonsense.


She was a provocative little bint wasn't she.
We are like Tibet.
The EU is like China.
We don't want to run around in Mao Suits and listen to Verhofstadt.

Why do we have to train them in Europe and then send them home?
We used to train them in their own lands... but they burned everything down.
Now they want to burn everything down in Europe.
They are not very intelligent people.
Most are now around IQ 90 and lower. Not like the smart ones who came first, to start businesses. Now we get the untouchables and the coolies.
Illiterates and unemployables.

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MattwhiteAmerica #racist stormfront.org

Re: The mass dumbing down of humanity is now confirmed by scientists

Hey leftist...Look what you done with your aid programs to africa! Idiots.


A chart showing world mean iq of the world falling from roughly 92 in 1950 to 86 in 2050 as world population explodes from 2 billion to 10 in the same period.

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Ruthless #racist #sexist stormfront.org

Re: All-girls robotics team from Ghana wins World Robofest Championship in the U.S.

Some more digging around into this. Appatently these negresses didn't design a robot and don't know crap about robotics. The competition is done completely with LEGO Mindstorm "robots." LEGO Mindstorms are basically a super fancy remote controlled car. These stupid bitches won a contest where several of the 10 overall categories are judging the "robot" for looks like you do for boyscouts toy derby cars. One of the categories is actually how well the "robot" looks in the robot parade. They let all the retards take their robots out for a spin to show off to all the mommies and daddies. Lol

Homes - Mindstorms LEGO.com

These retarded blacks didn't even purchase the LEGO Mindstorm themselves. Texas A&M University donated it to them AND taught them how to use it because they were too stupid to figure it out for themselves.

Bringing Robotics To Girls In Ghana - Texas A&M Today

And everyone received a medal for participating in this retarded "robotics" competition.


All registered participants received medals and personalized certificates while winners of qualifying and championship rounds received trophies.
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denki #fundie #homophobia stormfront.org

The gay lifestyle is that of sexual indulgence and impulsive, animalistic behavior. A being that acts primarily in accordance with its insatiable lust and desire is akin to an animal; not a human being, which is imbued with the ability to discern and control oneself. Their entire lifestyle and LGBTQWXYZ+ movement is centered around a perverse fetish and nothing more. "Love is love" cannot and must not be applied to these creatures. The defamation of objective Love has been popularized by morally decaying liberal insects; lust has gained the upper hand. Lust and fetishism are the guiding ideologies of the LGBT community, which aims to unite the degenerated masses around its rainbow flag. LGBT apologists pretend not to notice the obvious: they defend a culture that has developed around parties, bars, clubs, and other venues that emanate promiscuity.

The movement requires hypersexuality to exist, as that is its defining feature. They parade the streets sporting sex toys, dressed in revealing clothes, fishnet stockings, pink tutus, heavy makeup, wigs, high heels, flashy colors, etc. etc. Men cease to be men. They no longer talk, walk, act, or dress like men. Lesbians tend to remain more-or-less feminine. Unless they're butch, they tend to keep their hair long, they typically continue to dress like women, and they do not alter their voices to sound deep. Gays, on the other hand, adopt an entirely different persona and actually try to resemble male-female hybrid prostitutes. They adopt the worst traits that generally only manifest in women.

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denki #homophobia stormfront.org

Many White Nationalists are Pagans or Atheists and believe gays should have rights. You don't have to be a Christian or anti-gay to be against multiculturalism.

The number of gay people is too small to affect the birth rate. Whites are declining because heterosexuals are not having enough children. Don't blame this on the gay minority.

The gay lifestyle is that of sexual indulgence and impulsive, animalistic behavior. A being that acts primarily in accordance with its insatiable lust and desire is akin to an animal; not a human being, which is imbued with the ability to discern and control oneself. Their entire lifestyle and LGBTQWXYZ+ movement is centered around a perverse fetish and nothing more. "Love is love" cannot and must not be applied to these creatures. The defamation of objective Love has been popularized by morally decaying liberal insects; lust has gained the upper hand. Lust and fetishism are the guiding ideologies of the LGBT community, which aims to unite the degenerated masses around its rainbow flag. LGBT apologists pretend not to notice the obvious: they defend a culture that has developed around parties, bars, clubs, and other venues that emanate promiscuity. The movement requires hypersexuality to exist, as that is its defining feature. They parade the streets sporting sex toys, dressed in revealing clothes, fishnet stockings, pink tutus, heavy makeup, wigs, high heels, flashy colors, etc. etc. Men cease to be men. They no longer talk, walk, act, or dress like men. Lesbians tend to remain more-or-less feminine. Unless they're butch, they tend to keep their hair long, they typically continue to dress like women, and they do not alter their voices to sound deep. Gays, on the other hand, adopt an entirely different persona and actually try to resemble male-female hybrid prostitutes. They adopt the worst traits that generally only manifest in women.

We have all seen them and to deny the sexualized nature of this subculture is idiotic and insincere. They appear on stations like NPR for "Pride month" and introduce themselves as former male prostitutes advertising their "trailblazing" new TV show appropriately titled "Hoes." They refer to themselves as hoes; black slang for whores. They are male whores, they actively advertise themselves as such, and yet naive whites try to present gays in a "positive light," explaining how family-oriented they are and how they "just want to marry and love." Whores are the last people for whom marriage remains a sacrament. Whores have sex for money or pleasure and indulge in it incessantly; to consider whores fit for fidelity and loyalty is laughable and ridiculous. There is a reason gays tend to be associated with HIV; in 2010, they were a whopping 200x more likely to have it than anyone else. Furthermore, they account for over 60% of syphilis cases in America while they only make up 1.6% of the US population. And it makes sense, as they have sex with literally hundreds of men, nearly 80% of whom are strangers. I can't think of anything worse for gays than marriage, as it would only limit their extraordinary desire for anal rupture.

Male sexuality, whether oriented toward females or other males, craves variety. But whereas almost all heterosexual men, perhaps after “sowing wild oats,” settle down with one woman, homosexual men do not settle down. Ever. A classic, large-scale study by Bell and Weinberg conducted during the 1970s and published by the Kinsey Institute found that forty-three percent (43%) of white male homosexuals had had sex with 500 or more partners, and twenty-eight percent (28%) had had sex with 1,000 or more partners. Seventy-nine percent (79%) said that more than half of their sexual partners had been strangers. In 1985, Pollack found that gay men averaged “several dozen partners a year” and “some hundreds in a lifetime” with “tremendous promiscuity.”[ii] In their 1997 study of the sexual profiles of 2,583 older homosexuals published in the Journal of Sex Research, Paul Van de Ven, et al., found that “the modal range for number of sexual partners was 101-500.” In addition, 10.2 percent to 15.7 percent had between 501 and 1,000 partners. A further 10.2 percent to 15.7 percent reported having had more than one thousand lifetime sexual partners.[iii]

Taken from:
The myth of male homosexual monogamy — ADvindicate

If you are unhappy with the religious overtones of the site, the materials that the author draws information from are books, articles, and academic sources you can find in the citations.

Gays are not associated with classical music, they are not associated with religion, nor a structured, traditional lifestyle. They are associated with disorder, drugs, and loud, flashy, repetitive electronic beeps and boops with abrupt, meaningless lyrics and convulsive movements that obstruct one's mental state, dull one's aching conscience, and force one's mind into a trance-like state in a futile attempt to escape the thought of future consequences. They are mentally ill escapists seeking to alleviate their troubled consciences through parties, sex, and mind-altering substances. Their hedonism ends prematurely with HIV, suicide, or overdose. It's not surprising that they're more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol (meth 12x, heroin 10x, alcohol 2-3x more likely than straight men).

They have a high suicide rate because they are mentally ill and experience childhood trauma. I do not think that a sexual orientation that typically results from rape or molestation is worthy of being mainstreamed and normalized. If it is a "fad," then it is a very dangerous one that begins with a broken childhood, continues into adolescence accompanied by sex and drugs, and finally ends at young adulthood with a stupid, tragic death. Denmark legalized same-sex marriage in the 1930's. It has been the norm for almost 90 years, and these weak, drug-addled individuals still uphold a suicide rate three times higher than that of the general populace.

Their subculture is nothing but a tragedy.

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James Gregory #racist stormfront.org

Re: Game of Thrones: Decoded

95% plus of characters are white

That's the main idea. Game of Thrones is designed to smear and slander white people as the most evil people in the world. And we are being humiliated as a race on that show with all of the nudity and sexual deviance, sadism, homosexuality, you name it. If it's evil, it's found in that show.

The Jews have a lot to answer for. Their crimes against the white race will bring down upon them hellfire -- and that's even before they go to hell.

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Iceage #racist stormfront.org

Kuwait not happy with migrant population at 70%

Kuwait, whose population is 70% migrant workers says their citizens should not be a minority in their own country, sound familiar? :
Although, they aren't flooding them in as "refugees," but to do all the work while Kuwaits probably sit on their arses drawing oil revenue checks.
Omar needs to address this "Raghead Muslim Supremacy."


I heard South Asian Indians were making a lot of the Arab countries minorities in their own country. I believe the Indians did this to UAE and Bahrain too, probably others. South Asian and Sub Saharan African migration should be banned in the United States and Europe. Every country should not have to destroy themselves by accepting these filthy brainless mass breeding Negroes and Curry Negroes just to be nice.

They bring them in basically as slaves, to do their dirty work. They don't bring in scum migrants to scam benefits, rape, rob, and pillage like the EU and States does. They stay in line there, if not, off with their head. In the EU and States, those that speak against the migrant scum crimes are called "neo- nazi wanna kill 6 million jews." Why isn't the Pope in the area pressing for "migrants " to be received, because he knows only foolish libs in the EU and States will fall for the non-sense. Why didn't Omar go to Kuwait for free money and housing? Instead, the Muslim slut comes here to criticize Americans. She needs to address the "Raghead Muslim Superiority" problem, but after she is deported back to Somalia where the Al Shabbab muslim slut belongs.

Current stats for Indians in area:

Indian workers decrease by 35% in Kuwait, increase in Qatar by 31% - ARAB TIMES - KUWAIT NEWS

All migrants should be completly banned in EU and States, Kuwait isn't the only place people who made the Country should'nt be reduced to a minority.

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Whitey28 #racist stormfront.org

Re: 7th American tourist to have died in the Dominican Republic

Can't be surprised. People shouldn't travel to nonwhite countries.

obviously -- sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person in the world that has a bunch of B.S. problems from nonwhites --- I see people going about life like there's no problem with them --- like supporting their businesses & traveling to their countries ----- am I missing something

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PrometheusRises #god-complex stormfront.org

Don't play these Mind games with me Derek. I look forward to you banning me. But good luck with your PhD program. It looks promising and I'm not being sarcastic here. You are probably one of the few people on this entire board who has an IQ above 2 digits.

Yes Ban me cause I'm a Greek God a Prometheus Rising calling Europa to battle. I could have taken this Board to 10 million members with my incomparable Genius. As Smart as you are Derek you aren't going to bring this board to 10 million members. Or do you not even want that do you just want Tyrannical control over a small amount of members?

Why not have Tyrannical control over 10 no 100 Million members?

I am the only True Universal Genius left in this World and I can fulfill all the deepest desires of your heart, do you want money, power, good looks, ever lasting fame, even the Kingship of The United States?

The fact you are threatened by a guy who has been told that He is a Lunatic and "completely and utterly mad" and a Man fit only for an Insane asylum shows how fragile your little Ego really is, it is paper thin it is egg thin. Now use that Gigantic brain of yours and make the right decision.

Keep me around for the Publicity people want to see something Amazing not staid tired and stale. Either that or I go back on View only mode.

What do you want me to do Get on my knees and bow before you all? I shall not. I guess if it bothers you so much I will stop posting on my own accord. As I know most of my posts have a Meglo-Maniac other Wordly quality about them that seems to come as if from another Realm hence the common man says "thou art insane".

But what are you going to do when I become King of California then King of the United States of America...you are going to have big big problems...though I wouldn't do anything more than let you become the Professor of Harvard University. The only White Aryan man to be placed in that position.

You aren't on my level my friend. I am a Genius that would put even the Greatest Minds of the Renaissance Italy, Golden Age Greece, and Rome to shame. Even Hitler in my sight is nothing more than a Corporal, common, ugly, short, and a bumbling idiot who hath not the intelligence to command Europa's Armies.

He is not a Godlike Genius like me. For I am Prometheus Rising from the Ashes of a Dying Western Civilization calling Europa to Battle with her Blood enemies!

Now sing with me now. For I can't believe it myself that I am so Super naturally intelligent Handsome Tall, Rich and Perfect. You talk about banning me this banning me that and how I am crazy insane a "raving mad Lunatic" will I am going to be running the Asylum we call the United States very soon so then what? I am way taller better looking and am a Natural Born King. You would be Honored simply to be in my presence like my 12 Apostles who I have gathered and who will Rule the United States of America Under My Kingship For I shall be Holy Roman Emperor of the United States for it is Willed by GOD HIMSELF!

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dirtydog #conspiracy #racist stormfront.org

Not even just 'jihadists'; Muslims full stop. Islam is more akin to a nationality and not just a 'religion', so having Muslims join the British military makes as much sense as letting (say) Russians join.

It's funny that the same British top brass who would be horrified to let Russians join think it's wonderful when our military becomes more 'diverse' and apparently 'stronger' by letting Muslims, women, trannies etc. join. Either they're dense (possibly) or deliberately undermining it.

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I'm noticing a trend in Facebook military rooms - Black girlfriends

Now I think it's because I attract a certain kind of customer / opponent in debate. This is deliberate. I'm trying to break through the trance and wake people up . . but quite often a particularly angry "patriot" in our own military picks at details and talks IN ALL CAPS to prove his point and so I browse his profile . . and he has a Black girlfriend or wife. It seems to be a pattern. That's the micro scale - and also they are still calling it stolen valor to state that my Uncle Bill . . who was exposed to agent orange . . should maybe be on the Vietnam Wall. They also call it stolen valor when I suggest that we're kind of a gold star family now that my uncle recently passed away (Vietnam is claiming the last of its victims). Mostly that's just funny imagining the pasty sunken chested types claiming I'm a stolen valor guy. In the macro scale - I know our military has a serious problem and these people not wanting to acknowledge heroism or make a donation to their local militia (passing around the hat here, lad) are just small symptoms of the disease. The biggest symptom is the fact that these young people are not going shoulder-to-shoulder and they are not marching on Washington to engage in a Second Revolutionary War. The fact that they are not doing this . . indicates a very big problem. As the United States gets ridiculously Socialist keep in mind that the roughly two million individuals currently in our military . . could donate about 1650 (sixteen hundred fifty bucks) .. and they could raise over three billion dollars . . almost three and a half. Instead we're standing at zero - not even a penny. Keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that failure (in this case to raise funds) can be a victory if it is illustrating a point.

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Buzz Aldrin says he was evacuated from the South Pole last week because he became short of breath and began showing signs of altitude sickness.

The 86-year-old adventurer, who was the second man to walk on the moon, released details on Sunday of his dramatic medical evacuation from Antarctica. He is continuing to recuperate in a hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Aldrin said in a statement on Sunday he still has some congestion in his lungs and so has been advised to rest in New Zealand until it clears up and to avoid the long flight back to the US for now.

Buzz Aldrin evacuated from Antarctica after showing signs of altitude sickness

The key evidence in what happened in Antarctica was Buzz Aldrin being rushed to New Zealand for treatment of "altitude sickness".

We know he wasn't climbing a mountain, and he wasn't by himself, but no one else got altitude sickness.

The original story was that world leaders (including Trump) other powerful politicians, top religious leaders, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin were all brought to a location below the ice in a large ice cavern to see ruins of a city there built by aliens, thousands of years ago.

But is that true, and how did Buzz Aldrin get a case of altitude sickness visiting alien ruins?

There are elements in the story that are verified by the old history, so yes, that is true.

A whistleblower stated that besides being shown the ruins and alien artifacts, the VIP's were also put on a craft (of the secret space program) and flown to the moon.

And that is where "altitude sickness" comes in!

The Secret Space Program has 3 large bases on the Moon, and the VIP's would have been brought to one of them and possibly shown additional alien artifacts there.

The Moon has an atmosphere which at ground level is about equivalent to Earth's atmosphere at 20,000 feet.

I expect that the old astronaut took his space suit helmet off and breathed the Moon's atmosphere, just because he wanted to do that, this time around. Doing so gave him altitude sickness. It was dangerous but he did not die, and it is just the sort of thing that he would have done.

If you look into the UFO story at all, you will begin hearing a "Peace & Love" message from everyone in the UFO investigation field.

Peace & Love

What has that got to do with White Survival?

There are alien species that have always been at war. From the first time that one of their kind encountered one of the other kind, they have been at war. That has gone on for millions of years!

The Nordic aliens have had huge and terrible wars against their own kind (just like European wars). They have fought wars with the intention of genocide against an ideology (such as communism) and claim to have annihilated the population of an entire planet in such a war.

Peace & Love?

What we need is better, more powerful, advanced weapons!

Peace & Love is what you have when all of your enemies are too afraid of you to attack!

Better living through a massive display of power.

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Scarhand #racist stormfront.org

Short story: Reflections on the New Year 2078, A Cautionary Tale

Well, it would be the year 2078 if Christianity still existed. But it was driven into extinction long ago, along with the White Race. In fact, nobody really knows what year it is, since only a handful of Jews can still read.

What do we see in the remains of America? Well, the first thing to notice is the burned out hulks of the cities. In 2078, all American cities look like Detroit did in 2018. After the purge of the Whites, the Negroes and Hispanics turned on each other, then after the Hispanics fled the Negroes killed the Asians, then the Negroes killed each other. The few Negroes who remained found out that it's awfully hard to grow food in a desert, so they fled.

What about the Jews, the ones who had encouraged the purging of the Whites? Well, the first Whites out of the cities attacked the Jew shtetls (homogenous Jew cities set up to preserve the Jew's racial and religious purity), inflicting a number of casualties before being defeated. When the Hispanics started showing up, the Jews realized that they were outnumbered, and fled to the highest mountains, where they built walled fortresses. By the time the Asians showed up, they had blocked off the gates, so as to block the weaknesses in the walls. The Jews are still there, in their fortresses, albeit far fewer of them than there were originally. In the old America, Jews had been bankers and businessmen, growing rich off the labor of the goyim. Walled off from the world in their "masadim", as they call the forts, they had to grow their own food. Most did not know how, and eventually died. The few that remain spend most of their time trying to fend off starvation. Despite the Torah's call for learning, most cannot read even their holy books. They rely on the rebbim, the religious leaders, to tell them what is in the books.

What of the rest of America? Well, the waves of city refugees eventually overwhelmed the farmers and destroyed the farms. Nothing is farmed in America now. There are wandering tribes of Negroes and Negro-Mulattoes, who live off the land. The last guns ceased to function a long time ago; the tribes use bows/arrows and spears to kill their prey, and are lucky to find edible plants here and there. They don't live much better than the Jews, actually.

As for the rest of the world, the sudden collapse of the American Empire caused the human race to turn on each other in a vicious wave of settling scores. The Americans stationed overseas by the US military were quickly done away with, then the locals fought each other. Israel was quickly overrun and destroyed. Russia and China broke up into a zillion little warring fiefdoms. Europe followed the same path as America, only the land there turned out to be so exhausted that no humans live there now. Africa returned to it's natural state. In fact, the Africans are probably the best off people on earth, since they were not that far from their hunter gatherer roots, and simply returned to them.

Nobody really knows, or cares, how many humans exist in 2078. 100 million, maybe. Few can read; the great libraries of Western Civilization were destroyed or fell into ruin long ago. Most of the great technologies invented by Whites have been forgotten too; without Whites to maintain them, they were abandoned. The Jews in their masadim have a few scraps of the old technologies; a solar panel, a wind turbine, that occasionally power an electric LED lightbulb or a two way radio that is occasionally used by the Jews to communicate between the masadim. The Jews also have a little medical knowledge; little things like putting alcohol on a cut to prevent infection. The rest of White Civilization has been utterly forgotten. Trucks and farm machinery are chunks of rust, the structures built by White Civilization are ruins. The wandering tribes of Negroes occasionally find shelter in a ruin of a farmhouse or barn. They lack the mental capacity to do anything as simple as wondering how the structure came to be. Gods built them, is how they describe it.

It took 70 years for Rome to go from empire to ruin, but at least more of Roman Civilization survived than of Western Civilization, and the smart Romans were able to flee beyond the chaos. With Western Civilization, there was nowhere to run, it was the first-and probably the last-true global collapse. By the time that Whites realized that the fate of humanity was in their hands, it was too late, and they were slaughtered to the last man. Without White People, the capacity of humans to build a new civilization sometime in the distant future is likely gone for good.

Sometimes the Jews ask each other, isn't this what the forefathers wanted, the men who lived so long ago and who wished for the final Jewish victory? Is this victory, huddled in brick huts behind thick walls on mountaintops, desperately trying to scratch food out of the rocks? Where is this "Israel" they spoke of, the Third Temple that would be built by the Moshiach? Where is Moshiach, the deity who would vanquish the Goyim? There is no answer, of course, and whenever a young boy asks, he is told to tend to the corn. Even the Jews have given up hope.

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It's very simple, they know that we are a feeble do nothing group. Say nothing ever about anything, just accept any bucket of schtick that gets tipped over us, and only ever mutter about it quietly in the pub, or at the bus stop for a minute, at work, in case we are overheard and accused of racism.

Never occurs to us to go on the attack, eg..."maybe white English people are upset at being ethnically cleansed from south London, east London, central London, Birmingham, Bradford and dozens of other white English locations. Sick of being ignored and targeted for masses of crimes that CAUSE ethnic cleansing/white flight."

Speak up England.....Britain....white people. Carry on paying the BBC persecution tax though, well they might bring the police around. The same police that didn't turn up in Rotherham for 25 years.

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(He's referring to Louis Farrakhan when he's talking about the "Islamic preacher in NY")

Yeah that's my point. And you would be surprised how many serial killers or priests, who get charged with kiddie fiddling, turn out to be recent Jew "converts". Yes that's right, men born in Jewish families, raised to be Jews, then "converted" soon either become serial killers or kiddie fiddlers. Seems like they "convert" to perpetrate the crime as a "white guy". Seems to outlandish to be real, but this is actually a lot more common than you might think, with characters like Manson allegedly being Jewish or with Jewish roots.

Remember the Islamic preacher in NY preaching for the death of America? That guy was born in Israel, to a Jewish family and raised as a Jew. Funny, he moves to America, converts and then becomes a ring leader, preaching the destruction of the West. (Within months of converting/moving. That's a documented fact. Funny how he didn't do that back in Israel against his own people isn't it?

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Phoenix1933 #racist stormfront.org

In that case, I think it's now looking like the jews did both. Notice how stealthily the fire was set at Notre Dame, and I assume also at al aqsa. That's how jews do things. Muslims go all guns blazing or bombs exploding. I don't remember muslims ever destroying anything without letting everyone know it was them. Also, it's the jews who want to destroy everyone's cultures because they think it'll make it easier to put everyone under a one world government. I'm thinking maybe the al aqsa mosque was the real target because the jews want to build a new temple and maybe Notre Dame was a big distraction as well as a bonus opportunity to strike at the christians that they hate.

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Weak men will lose their women and be conquered, that's how nature works.

It's the weaker women who go with blacks. Just as it is usually weaker white men who go with asians. One cannot override biology very easily.

The places that were overrun with race-mixing (India, Egypt, and South America) had specific characteristics--in the case of the first two, the alien population was right next door. In the case of the third, the native population was already compromised or not on the higher end of intelligence.
Not that the recent immigration waves are indicative of intelligence, but much of the population has little say in the matter. It takes strong leadership and perhaps a smaller population base to prevent such things. Plato said a society in which you can stand in the center of town and not be heard at its gates is too big a society.

This simply isn't true, just look into Americas public school system.

The best girls in school will always go for the biggest, strongest most high testosterone men regardless of race.

In the 1950's when all the baseball, basketball and football players were white they got all the top girls.

If you give women access to athletic men with high testosterone they will breed with them.

White boys need to have porn, alcohol, video games, drugs and fast food taken away from them.

You can't go to a town center in America without seeing quality white girls with mulatto kids.

Saying that only the weaker girls race mix is cope posting and not dealing with the reality of the situation.

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Russia's taking white SAs because they are charging the families a minimum of $100,000 to lease farmland from Russia. They have to pay and work the land to benefit Russia. Russians aren't opening their doors to everyone. Just the ones with lots of money. Essentially the SAs are being forced to pay a state sanctioned bribe.

It is not a bribe. Wtf is wrong with you!?!? They are not entitled to land in Russia!

I agree they are not entitled to land in Russia. They are not entitled to immigrate either. Which is why they are being charged for entry and have to agree to work the land for Russia's benefit.

If you had read my comment in full you would realize I was pointing out that Russia isn't letting SAs in out of the goodness of their hearts. People keep pointing out that Russia is "taking in" SAs and the USA isn't. Russia is exploiting people in a desperate situation. No different than a cop saying he will let someone go if they pay him to look the other way. Given that white farmers are being brutally slaughtered in SA, it comes off as very crude to not treat them as refugees. Russia is treating this as a standard immigration situation. They are essentially paying $100,000 for the right to live.

WTF is wrong with you that you think white refugees should have to pay for refuge? WTF is wrong with you that only white refugees with skills and money to exploit should be allowed refuge? A refugee is in immediate need of basic shelter for a temporary period of time, because the other option is death. WTF is wrong with Russia that they can't spare a spot on the floor of a shelter for a certain number of white refugees until a permanent solution can be worked out? White countries (and Russia) take in turdskin refugees all the time, no questions asked, no monetary requirements. WTF is wrong with you that you want to screw over your fellow white man when they need help?

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PestyWorlock #racist stormfront.org

I'm from 4chan, something important to say about Stormfront

I don't usually browse this site at all, but all I know is this site is where all nationalists/right-wingers from /pol/ originally came from. /pol/ and this site has becoming a massive influence on 4chan and imageboard culture in general. Not only that, /pol/ and Stromfront also influenced the mainstream social media site as well too. White nationalism became mainstream all thanks to /pol/ and Stormfront.

Now all you see on 4chan, the majority of users from all boards on 4chan claim themselves to be the "saviour of the western culture". Funny thing is /pol/ is a hated board from the rest of other boards from 4chan even though there's already dozens of nationalists on this site. White nationalism/rightism literally influenced 4chan, Reddit, YouTube, hell even teens/young alduts from Facebook, Youtube comment section, Instragam claim themselves to be nationalists all thanks to /pol/ and you guys.

Well 4chan is a center of internet sub-cultures so it makes sense how white nationalism became popular on the mainstream internet. At this point I though you guys were kind of freaks, but I realise that you were right all along, you spoke truth about the mainstream media and the government all along. You guys were actually right, the jews are ruling the world and they're trying to destroy us, Holocaust is actually a hoax, Hitler actually protected Europe against the zionist bankers.

At this point several months later after I started browisng and lurking /pol/, I realize that the you right-wingers/nationalists actually spoke the truth all along. Yes of course there's mass immigration and cultural marxism in all western countries, you guys were right all along. You people were the good guys all along and I already know it. White nationalism became a popular sub-culture on the mainstream internet and more and more people became open-minded. I mean look at the majority of videos promoting liberalism on YouTube, read the comment section and you see teens/young alduts become one of you started to understanding the world.

How does it make you feel that nationalism became popular on the internet and influenced 4chan and other mainstream websites. /pol/ has been flooding by shills and became a crappy board. I'm not really considered myself as a white nationalist, but I wanted to say to all the nationalists here, keep the good work and keep spread the truth.

Thank you /pol/

Sincerly fellow anon from 4chan

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Kpt Tightpants #racist stormfront.org

Re: Ideal world

As a CI believer, I wouldn't want any contact with other races, as this almost always led to the white Israelites being punished. Since I've stated that I'm a CI believer, this should say a lot about what my ideal world would look like - no gays, no other races, no 'jews', etc. However, I don't believe that the best solution is to kill all other races - I just want to be left to my own devices.

I also wouldn't define my preferred type of segregation to be of the 1960's, where blacks lived among whites, but couldn't take advantage of everything the whites had. I would rather have separate communities with strict borders where everyone else could have whatever rights they wanted and the same for us, and just kind of let time go forward and see who prospers and who doesn't (my money is on the whites).

I believe whites would be far ahead by now, had we not dragged all of this other luggage (Jews jewing us, blacks taking our tax dollars, mexicans working for the dime, etc.) with us. I can't wait for the breaking point where a new post-America world starts to cherish white heritage again, instead of insisting that it just fade away. As far as timelines, though, I guess I'd like to see it in my lifetime (so, the next 50 or so years), but I'm afraid that most first world countries don't just rise up and forcefully change for the better like they use to. So, being realistic, I'd like to think this would all take place in the next 100 years, but even more realistically, whites would have to be backed into a corner (be made into a minority and mistreated because of it) before we took things into our own hands and forced this separation. Might be too late by then, as even now most whites sympathize with the other races. So, even though whites aren't the minority yet, the ones that care about the white race and have pride in it are most certainly a minority.

The Jews used their magic to get whites on the mongrel race's side, and left us hard pressed to get them on our side (pro-separation, that is).

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cosmicgirl #racist stormfront.org

Re: Ideal world

i suppose i will start ?

I would consider an optimal world to be one where each race has its place, insofar as geography is concerned, and positive eugenics is practiced by all species-races. Trade and commerce may still happen between the species-races, but there would not be excessive migrations between the races. As such, there would not be a significant african-american or latino presence in america, and Europe would not be besieged by afro-arab muslim 'refugee warriors' who are hell-bent on geneseed warfare.

Thusly, America would be unswervingly majority white, the black slaves would have gone back to Africa during the jim crow era, native americans would have alot more reservations, in atleast afew more states, Europeans would stay firmly European, and Mexico wouldn't be so damn sore about losing the spanish-american war (and the american southwest states).

Also, in Africa, there would optimally be no Boer population, and no need for apartheid. The Africanoid species-race would either build its intelligence base, and thus develop some semblance of civilization which doesn't fall apart, or remain tribal.

European Gypsies would pull their heads out of their hind-ends, and either go back to India, and/or adopt an east-indian identity-culture, and stop being such back-birthed brigandts who are apparently driven to make endless trouble.

The Semitic species-races would optimally Not Exist to begin with, and therefore Judaism and Islam would never be developed. Paganisms of various sorts would be definitively more prominent. Perhaps Christianity would instead stem from Buddhism ?

Most to all of the sand of the Sahara desert, being that it is actually silt material, would likely be either slowly dumped back into the ocean, and allowed to fill out alot more beaches around the world. or would be put to being made glass, and therefore we would see alot more glass goods being produced.

In culture, there would be no (((Constant Leftist Push))), and so cultural mores would not really degenerate. As such, history would likely be vastly different. I suspect that Rome would not fall to Islamic blockades and jihad, so much as morph and transfer to one area or another, and change with the eras. As such, there would be no feudalist dark ages to have to re-develop from, and Mediterranean ethnicities would probably be alot less swarthy in genetic composition.

Architecture would still be largely dominated by beautiful and wholesome buildings, and i suspect that various forms of classical greco-roman, gothic, Art-Deco, semi-Modernist, and neo-futurist architecture (and everything in between ?) would compose the city landscapes. Postmodernism, Brutalist, and dada-ist architecture, without jewish factions to push them, would likewise not exist.

Technologically, Nikola Tesla (and/or inventors like him) would have been readily funded and not blacklisted and cast into poverty, bumped off, and all materials stolen by the military. Thusly, we might / would have had alot more technological progress, alot earlier.

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vikingcelt #racist stormfront.org

Re: Ideal world

Well, i was mentioning the current problem of black africans killing off white south africans, which on the one hand is vehemently despicable, but on the other hand, i see it as atleast abit of a case of 'They kinda had it coming'.

In my opinion, Africa is undeniably for Africans, sociologically and genetically, and therefore, the Boers and other non-black colonists, really should not have settled there for the longer term, because they are a minority, in a continent that developed a species-race (or perhaps several ?) which is/are unabashedly psychotic, and repeatedly takes to hunting and killing minorities of any and all sorts.

Thusly, im not sure why the SA whites in the 90's, or even 2000's, did not take even a passing glance at the history and current events of black africans, decide to cut their losses however they could, and go ahead and literally get the FFFF out of Africa, while they still could, because it's unfortunately now very much come to the 'or die trying' part.

May I suggest you study some South African history. Visit Stormfront South Africa subfroum and read the threads there.

Whites lived in South Africa for 350+ years. When Whites first arrived in Suid Afrika, the land was barren and relatively unpopulated. Once Whites created civilization, it attracted non-whites from the north like moths are attracted to light at night.

For many White South Africans, it IS their home, and has been for over 350 years.

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Coldstar #racist stormfront.org

Re: The Black population of the world will double in the next 23 years

I always believed that and was worried about it. Now it is coming true. I have always had some kind of futuristic vision about things which turned into reality.

I am thinking that perhaps many black baby girls were aborted and only the males were kept alive, this along with the agenda of homosexuality and black on white rape is only too convenient.

Sinister minds surely have pulled the strings.

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SnowWhiteQueen #racist stormfront.org

Re: Black female university journalist writes that it's racist for White males to exclusively date White females

Where are all of these white men who only date or prefer white women? I seriously doubt any white man ever told her that he only dates white women.

I see white men with black women all the time where I live. It's the latest trendy interracial couple and has been on the rise for about 10 years in my town.

As for this idiot and her whining.

At the root of your exclusion of women of color from your dating pool

All white men should exclude 'women of color' form their dating pool.

Further, straying from white women as your partners of choice could have dastardly consequences that result in the dilution of your family and your own perceived whiteness.

Yes, racemixing will kill off white people. White people need to see that the only thing dating or marrying interracial will do is result in the death of European people. Any white person who doesn't see this or doesn't care is an idiot.

And perceived whiteness? No you fool. European people exist genetically like any other race.

and white privilege is as valuable as gold in a country overflowing with Trump apologists and white resentment.

There you go again getting hung up on this fictional non-existent white privilege and blaming it for why white men choose to date white women. In your stupid ignorant mind the only reason any white man would ever prefer white women is because of white privilege.

Many women of color are encouraged from a young age to use skin-lightening creams, use apps to make their eyes wider and conform to white societal standards of beauty. The entire world is tied into this white privilege.

Boohoo cry me a damn river. Black women are the ones who choose to adhere to these beauty standards. No one forced them to. You black women only whine about white beauty standards because you know that 'black is beautiful' is a bunch of bull**** and an attempt to make black women feel better. There is a very good reason that a whole entire industry exist around making the hair of black women look nothing like real black African hair. And that's because black women know that that black peoples hair is complete crap and they have to change it to look nothing like their natural hair. Don't blame white people for the beauty standards you choose to copy.

Saying that you prefer certain women to others not only reinforces stereotypes about women of color, but white women too. Arguing that you prefer white women based on the presuppositions that white women are inherently more beautiful, passive, kind or financially-stable is — you guessed it — racist!

And not only is it racist, but it’s insincere.

Who cares what black women think is racist? They think everything they don't like or agree with is racist.

It's not a stereotype to say that white women are more beautiful, kind and passive than black women. It's the truth most of the time.

And black women are the last people on earth who should be complaining about stereotyping people or being insincere.

So she's trying to nag and White-Guilt some poor sucker into dating and/or marrying her. Yeah right.

And it'll probably work. I have no doubt some wimpy white male loser will date her. I see it all the time where I live. I can't go anywhere now without seeing some loser white male wimp out with his hideously ugly black girlfriend.

Black females have like a triple race card they play. They get mad when White men won’t date them. They get mad when Black men pretend to like them and then bang them but then leave immediately and turn them into single mothers. They get mad when Black men date White women. But when a Black woman is somehow able to date a White man, they oooohh and aaahhh over it like it is the most amazing thing on earth, because they know that the best a person can get for themselves is a White. Black women (and men too, but mostly women) were the most hysterical about Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry. It was all they talked about on Twitter for months. They think that just because we have now broken some kind of magical race barrier because a sheboon married a White prince, that somehow this fantasy can possibly happen for them too. They believe that maybe White men may be more open to dating them now because of Prince Harry. But that was a one time fluke, and Harry most likely has undetected tumors or cysts in his brain that caused a severe lapse in judgement. Either way. They are already having marital problems, even the lying Jew press admits it here and there. I don’t expect them to last more than five years, even though they are now unfortunately having a kid together. Blacks are even saying on Twitter that they hope the kid comes out really dark skinned, just to rub some more crap into the Royal family’s face. They really can’t get over this psychotic love and hate thing they feel for us.

Black females are a bunch of hypocrites. When it's white women dating black men they whine about how white women are stealing black men from black women. As if black men can't decide who they want to date and have to be manipulated into dating white women. But when it's black women dating white men that's ok, not a problem at all.

They see black women dating and marrying white men as a way to get back at white women who they can't stand, as a way to push black women as being better, more attractive and more desirable than white women and as a way to get their filthy hands on the white man's bank account. For black women dating or marrying white men is about revenge and money.

Some white men will go along with this and date or marry black women, if only because it makes white men look progressive and anti racist. Throwing their genetics into a pile of dung all so they can be seen as progressive and get liberal and multicultural brownie points.

It’s already being said that if a man doesn’t date a “transgender woman” he’s a bigot and transphobic.
When You Say “I Would Never Date A Trans Person,” It’s Transphobic. Here’s Why.

I would never date a guy who dated anyone transgender. Eww! That's just nasty. But if white men are stupid enough to date black women then dating trannys is just right around the corner. That will be the next dating trend. Men dating girly dudes instead of real women.

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NY Nationalist #sexist stormfront.org

Re: Biological male is top-ranked NCAA women’s track star

It is significant to note that this is indeed only happening to women's sports.Women's rights were/are a myth meant to disrupt the family and keep women in a hysterical state by telling them they could do certain things (most) women aren't able to do.Jews are the ones with the patriarchal agenda-they never intended for women to obtain actual rights.You'll see many more transgenders taking women's titles and if you take a good look at current/past 'women' in sports you'll see they've been doing this for awhile.I don't think women's sports ever actually existed.

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HollyDolly #racist stormfront.org

Re: Black female university journalist writes that it's racist for White males to exclusively date White females

Just another black that wants a white man but can't get one so she's playing the race card.....whitey must be racist for not wanting the most disgusting excuse for a human being.

She is the one that is racist for not wanting a black fella or rather even the black fella's don't want her...racist

Black females have like a triple race card they play. They get mad when White men won’t date them. They get mad when Black men pretend to like them and then bang them but then leave immediately and turn them into single mothers. They get mad when Black men date White women. But when a Black woman is somehow able to date a White man, they oooohh and aaahhh over it like it is the most amazing thing on earth, because they know that the best a person can get for themselves is a White. Black women (and men too, but mostly women) were the most hysterical about Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry. It was all they talked about on Twitter for months. They think that just because we have now broken some kind of magical race barrier because a sheboon married a White prince, that somehow this fantasy can possibly happen for them too. They believe that maybe White men may be more open to dating them now because of Prince Harry. But that was a one time fluke, and Harry most likely has undetected tumors or cysts in his brain that caused a severe lapse in judgement. Either way. They are already having marital problems, even the lying Jew press admits it here and there. I don’t expect them to last more than five years, even though they are now unfortunately having a kid together. Blacks are even saying on Twitter that they hope the kid comes out really dark skinned, just to rub some more crap into the Royal family’s face. They really can’t get over this psychotic love and hate thing they feel for us.

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There is something wrong with african languages

We all know that some languages are ''weird'' to us. In my opinion English is a strange language. One of the reasons why I think this is because of the way English people use ''do''. You may say, ''don't do that.'' But you just said ''do'' twice. Why could you not just say ''do not that'', or ''don't that''? Other than that English is fine. Conclusion: other people's languages are weird to us because we didn't grow up with it.

But now look at African languages. When compared with the rest of the world they are uniform and possess a ''sameness'' which strikes me as robotic and stagnant. Let me demonstrate by showing you what Non-African looks like compared to African:

We will start with Asian languages. They are highly phonetically diverse. Some have CV syllable type only (Japanese), which means that for the most part they only allow syllables to end in a vowel, no consonant clusters. Others like Tibetan have lots and lots of consonants clusters and endings. See here:

Tibetan chants:





Notice ''DOR'', ''ZHAB'', ''TSHÄL'', ''CHIG'', and ''TSÖL''.

Tibetan words/phrases: Khedrand ming Gangyin? (What is your name), khye-rang yin-ji-kay gyab thub gi yo pe? (Can you speak English?), gyur-tog (change), thug-je (compassion), tson-pa (diligence), dru (boat), khor-sum (tricycle).

As you can see, Tibetan allows many types of syllables, just like English. It has many vowels, 8 to be exact (Standard Tibetan - Wikipedia).

Now let's take a look at the Mongolian language:

Modern Khalkha mongolian has 14 vowels. Here are a few mongolian sentences-

'bid-nij uulz-san ter sajhan zaluu-gaas c'

'Dorž bagš maan'

'ter hel-eh-güj-geer üün-ijg bic-sen šüü'

Mongolian allows words to end in the r sound and is syllabically diverse, like Tibetan. Korean, Khmer, and Cantonese are all the same way-


'mnoussa teangoasa kaetamk mean seripheap ning pheap smae knea knong setthi ning sechakdeithlaithnaur. mnoussa krobroub sotthote mean vichearonanhnhean ning satesambochonhnh haey trauv br pru td champoh knea towvinhtowmk knong smartei reaban knea chea bangobaaun.'

Korean (read Korean phonology - Wikipedia

'Modeun Ingan-eun Tae-eonal ttaebuteo Jayuroumyeo Geu Jon-eomgwa Gwonrie Iss-eo Dongdeunghada. Ingan-eun Cheonbujeog-euro Iseong-gwa Yangsim-eul Bu-yeobad-ass-eumyeo Seoro Hyungje-ae-ui Jeongsin-euro Haengdongha-yeo-yahanda.'


'Yan6yan6 saang1cheut1 lai4 jau6hai6 ji6yau4 ge3, hai2 joon1yim4 toong4 koon4lei5 seuhng6 yat1leuht6 ping4dang2. Keuhi5dei6 geuhi6yau5 lei5sing3 toong4 leuhng4sam1, yi4che3 ying1goi1 yoong6 hing1dai6gaan1 ge3 gwaan1hai6 lai6 woo6seuhng1 deuhi3doi6.'

Now finally we can move on to African languages-

Virtually EVERY SINGLE african language has a 5-7 ''Italian'' vowel system of i, e, u, o, and a, with generally no consonant clusters allowed, and no closed syllables. Here is Zulu:

''Thina, bantu baseNingizimu Afrika,''
''Siyakukhumbula ukucekelwa phansi kwamalungelo okwenzeka eminyakeni eyadlula; ''
''Sibungaza labo abahluphekela ubulungiswa nenkululeko kulo mhlaba wethu; ''
''Sihlonipha labo abasebenzela ukwakha nokuthuthukisa izwe lethu; futhi ''
''Sikholelwa ekutheni iNingizimu Afrika ingeyabo bonke abahlala kuyo, sibumbene nakuba singafani.''

Notes: dl is not a consonant cluster, and nt is not considered one.


'Watu wote wamezaliwa huru, hadhi na haki zao ni sawa. Wote wamejaliwa akili na dhamiri, hivyo yapasa watendeane kindugu.'


'Nkosi, sikelel' iAfrika;'
'Maluphakamis' uphondo lwayo;'
'Yiva imithandazo yethu'
'Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo.'


Lord, bless Africa;
May her horn rise high up;
Hear Thou our prayers
Lord, bless us, your family.


'Bantu nyonso, na mbutukulu kevwandaka na kimpwanza ya bawu, ngenda mpe baluve ya mutindu mosi. Mayela na mbanzulu je na bawu, ni yawu yina bafwana kusalasana na bumpangi.'


'Vanhu hinkwavo va tswariwa va tshunxekile naswona va ringanile eka tifanelo na xindzhuti. Va havaxerile miehleketo na tshiriti kumbe ku tiva xo biha ni xta kahle nakambe va fanele va kombana moya wa vukwavo.'


'Batho botlhe ba tsetswe ba gololosegile le go lekalekana ka seriti le ditshwanelo. Ba abetswe go akanya le maikutlo, mme ba tshwanetse go direlana ka mowa wa bokaulengwe.'


'Bato nyonso na mbotama bazali nzomi pe bakokani na limemya pe makoki. Bazali na mayele pe base, geli kofanda na bondeko okati na bango.'


'Vhathu vho?he vha bebwa vhe na mbofholowo nahone vha tshi lingana siani ?a tshirunzi na pfanelo. Vhathu vho?he vho ?ewa mihumbulo na mvalo ngauralo vha tea u konou farana sa vhathu vhathihi.'


'Bantu bonsu badi baledibwa badikadile ne badi ne makokeshi amwe. Badi ne lungenyi lwa bumuntu ne kondo ka moyo, badi ne bwa kwenzelangana malu mu buwetu.'

The few African languages that diverge from this annoying pattern are Fang, Wolof, and Ewe. Wolof considering its contact with European languages may not count.

Why couldn't African languages evolve beyond this pattern? And slang is even MORE primitive than this, if that's possible. I bet even Khoisan languages have more to offer than this. What do you think?

To find more things that make African languages weird, read one of the comments in this article, Differences Between Negroids and Other Races | Lumine Boreali

I know that some of you may look at Tibetan or Cantonese and scoff, because to you it's all "chig chog". But the fact is that there is greater diversity of phonotactics amoungst Sino-Tibetan languages and Mongloid languages in general than in the Niger-Congo family.

Compare Japanese to Mandarin and you will see. Does this look like "ching chong"?

"Subete no ningen wa, umarenagara ni ****e jiyu de ari, katsu, songen to kenri to ni tsuite byodo de aru. Ningen wa, risei to ryoshin to o sazukerarete ori, tagai ni doho no seishinn o motte kodo shinakereba naranai."

And you may say, "But Japanese looks like African language." That's where your wrong, many vowels are actually silent in Japanese.

African languages rarely have mute or lax vowels.

And what boggles my mind is that there is more diversity in the Sinitic family alone than in all Niger-Congo families combined.

The real prize however belongs to Ameridian families, who have so much differences even in closley related specimens. Look at Arapaho, Nuxalk, Kwatiutl, Blackfoot, Hopi, Quechua, Yucatec, Nahuatl etc. It's beautiful.

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I still don't understand why you racists hate jews so much when jews are the ones that try to propagate white anglo-saxon culture while putting down all other non-white races.

The jew always adbicates towards the one who has the power, in this case the white man who is ruler of North America, the jew tries to assimilate and mutate with white man as "one entity" and in their struggle to do this they screw and sellout other minority races such as themselves, namely us Hispanics and blacks. The jew hates latin culture and will cooperate with anglo-saxons in ridiculing my latin race and culture, the jew only turns against white anglos when whites see THEM as parasites and as another minority race. This is when the jew becomes anti-white, otherwise he will always be pro-white and pro-western.


That link provides bright insights into the jew conspiracies against my latin people, they are worse than white racists themselves. A Hispanic Republic will emerge in the SouthWestern U.S.A. and nobody can stop it, jews and whites are trying to stop this, whites because they are doomed as a race and jews because they don't want their host/cow (the USA) to perish, no parasite wants their host dead. A Hispanic Republic composed of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas cannot survive while the treacherous jew tries to undermine us.

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Signs that a person is no real racist

A) He lives in a big city
B) He is a lawyer or other typically social profession
C) He measures his life success in money
D) Money/career is the main consideration for his life decisions
E) He indulges in pleasures even though they betray racial loyalties
F) He travels a lot, in particular internationally
G) He has nonwhite friends
H) He consumes unnecessary nonwhite products

All of the above have in common that contact with nonwhites is not a real problem for the person, which automatically disqualifies him as racist in my book. If you are not bothered by nonwhite DNA or nonwhites, you are not a racist to me.

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Re: Super-viruses could be engineered to exterminate certain ethnic groups, expert warns

I’m not joking .

I am well aware of the threat of this being used on us which is why I want us to strike first . Technology has made the world a smaller place . To small in fact .

It may no longer be adequately possible to seperate different and incompatible species of humans on the same planet . Even Darwin predicted that advanced races would hunt the more primitive humans to the point of extinction .

Darwin essentially advocated a Turner Diaries solution a century plus before Dr. Pierce even started writing .

Other races do not share our compassion . Some may aspire to and attempt to emulate us but when the chips are down they invariably reveal their true nature . That true nature is a product of their DNA .

I would prefer such weapons never be contemplated much less developed but that is not up to me .

Others have already explored the idea . There are internet postings about Chinese officials debating the possibility of biological attacks to depopulate North America . And there were rumors of experiments on captured American soldiers in Korea / Vietnam wars to develop such weapons and of course articles about Israel developing them as the final solution for the Palestinian problem .

All of these should be taken with a grain of salt . Even if they were true those in position to actually do anything aren’t going to be broadcasting their intentions all over the internet .

But eventually the power to do so will likely become a reality . Right now there are no Pro-White goverments so we are at a disadvantage in a biological arms race . But most people smart enough to do this are White . They could sabotage or steal the formula or release it on their own .

If I had the power to kill our enemies and biological competition I would act unilaterally to do so . Without a White Goverment , and with most Whites conditioned from birth not to be on the side of their own species , something no race but ours has to cope with and with a impending genocide loooming .

If I could kill them all , I would and hope for the best . Any viruses developed would be living things and living things evolve . So a weapon designed to kill one group may well evolve and once it evolves there is no telling what it may do ? Once it runs out of hosts it will die and it may not take its impending extinction any better then I do . It may look for a new host ? but at some point that may be a risk we have to take .

But with the deck stacked against us so bad . And with so many people unwilling to lift even a finger to help us . At this point , something like this may well need to happen for us to survive .

Sorry . My .02 .

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Re: Racist China calls Western models who work there "white monkeys", wants them all out

Although they call us white monkeys, many of these people prefer to marry white monkeys to their own tribespeople.

It has to be the case that they are giving themselves an artificial psychological boost when they use derogatory terms on us. People often try to overcome their feelings of inferiority with being bullies, name callers, and by otherwise unpleasant reactions.

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You're a race traitor if you don't lift weights

This is my opinion of white men who don't lift weights. I'll give you a pass if you have a job where you do HEAVY labor like construction or roofing, but otherwise you're just presenting yourself as a cuck to society at large. There's no excuse anymore to not be a muscle beast. Weight lifting equipment is plentiful and can be had for next to nothing on Craigslist. If you have a computer and an internet connection you have a personal trainer in the form of a million youtube videos devoted to strength training. If someone had to give a physical description of you and they left out the words "muscular" or "athletic" then you're basically a poser. If you want to be part of the master race then start looking the part.

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SPOON! #racist stormfront.org

People change those kinds of signs all the time. What is it with the N word, anyway?!? It's illegal for whites to use a word that blacks use dozens of times a day?!? Maybe we do need a race war!

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Re: Rap video clip in which Dutch women are murdered by Africans with machine guns tops the charts in Netherlands

As an aside: it's hard to tell but at least one of the women in that video didn't look white to me, at least not what I'd expect a Dutch woman to look like. But it's hard to judge just from skin tone and hair colour without seeing their faces.


As for the main subject - I imagine this new 'genre' of 'music' involving assorted non-whites raping/attacking/murdering white women will become increasingly popular in the coming years. It's a form of celebration of the non-white conquest of Europe.

In terms of 'resistance' - we will hear some low-level bleating by the feminist groups. They'll afford it a few minutes of anger in between their central #MeToo and #PayGap campaigns but that won't get very far.
Also the civic nationalists will bleat how the migrants aren't 'assimilating' and 'integrating' into Western 'culture' and won't adopt Western 'values'. But they'll still be called racists and fascists by the mainstream and Left.

All the while, very slowly but surely, the masses are edged little by little more towards our direction. Controlled opposition is the biggest obstacle.

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Trent Callaghan #racist stormfront.org

It took almost two millennium for one man--Hitler--to codify a life programme for, not a single people, even race, but for all humanity... I would say this was ahead of his time, and even today, My Struggle remains a guide for all of us who search for sobriety in a world diseased with Judaism.

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Re: Mizzou Official Claims Tall Men Asking Out Short Women Could Constitute Sexual Misconduct

What utter nonsense. For a start Tall men rarely if ever have to make the first move with women. A tall man wouldn't need to express interest in a short woman because in almost all instances she would move first.

If you take a sample of single men in any community on this Earth you will see the vast majority are short, hardly any tall males would be in the sample unless they were homosexual.

Size matters in online dating: Short men get less interest than taller counterparts | Daily Mail Online

Spare us all the Leftist SJW BS that defies science, nature and logic!

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Re: Sweden: Female left-wing politician sentenced for having sex with a refugee Afghan teen

Something like that would have been some unthinkable 30 years ago

However, isn't the age of consent in Sweden 15? So wasn't that idiot within the law?

It doesn't matter if she's within the law. It matters that she's a disgusting race traitor who deserves a very slow painful execution.

Because I'm sure that's the reason she got sentenced

I'm just glad she's being sentenced. Although she obviously wont get the punishment she deserves.

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Re: In Search of a High IQ African Population--Scientific Approach

Throwing money at the problem has not worked.

For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an interesting experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class whites.

The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?

The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a majestic civilization. The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no written language and virtually no intellectual achievements. Acting on a policy that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled with racial discord ever since.

Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the experiment would work, and concocted program after program to get the result they wanted. They created the Freedman’s Bureau, passed civil rights laws, tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight basketball.

Their new laws intruded into people’s lives in ways that would have been otherwise unthinkable. They called in National Guard troops to enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black schools and vice versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed standards, and endless handwringing to close the “achievement gap.” To keep white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to “Celebrate Diversity!” and “Say No to Racism.” Nothing was off limits if it might salvage the experiment.

Some thought that what W.E.B. Du Bois called the Talented Tenth would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of. There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists. But ten percent is not enough. For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability. That is what is missing.

Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them. Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and the vast majority of black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment.

Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and now Ferguson, rioting and looting are just one racial incident away. The white elite would tell us that this doesn't mean the experiment has failed. We just have to try harder. We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, and more opportunities.

But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president. Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.”

But since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India–people who are not white, not rich, and not “connected”–have quietly succeeded. While the children of these people are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime–crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it that has nothing to do with poverty.

The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social incompatibility.

Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren't out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, and the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity.

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Re: Two young Scandinavian girls from Denmark and Norway found eith thtoats cut in Morocco; suspect arrested

This is the consequence of FEMINISM.

How many times does this have to happen before Feminism is considered a threat to public safety?

Girl after girl, woman after woman, murdered travelling in Third World countries by Third Worlders because they believed themselves to be indestructible after swallowing the Feminist lie of female independence.

There is NO SUCH THING AS FEMALE INDEPENDENCE. Women need men for protection and appreciation and children for happiness and health.

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Re: German women are bushmeat to coloured migrants, according to the migrants themselves: Breeding out of existence

We weep because the savages rape the German volk, yet when the Allies...their own people almost removed them from the face of the Earth....where were their white brothers then ?
If we are to really clean house...who will sweep the traitors of our own folk who race mix with impunity ?
We disappear because our own women bare foreigners children from their wombs. Who will deny this ?
As white men we should be ashamed for how we have failed our women folk. Yet , here we are on the edge of extinction...nothing has changed.

Can this all really be blamed on the tribes and goat herders ? What about the traitors who wanted this to happen ?

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After many years of studying the jewish problem, I am convinced that the only way to get rid of jewish influence in our society is to apply the so-called Final Solution. This must be done from both a physical and a mental standpoint. It will take many generations, because the jewish disease is ingrained so deeply in our culture.

Jews are behind every problem and war that trouble the world today, and they have caused much misery and poverty for gentiles since they slithered out of the oriental desert. Jews care only for themselves, but they also have a deep and abiding hatred for White Christians, and they are actively working for our destruction. Therefore any things that Whites do to protect themselves from jewish aggression is simply self-defense.

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SFR #racist stormfront.org

Oh but you can, at least once per customer. Chau looks to be a half-breed. Typically Chinese are not so silly as to try to convert savages to anything. Western countries are full of half-breeds in his age range. It's trendy you know. "Savages kill missionary". This is a headline you won't see today but would once have been the norm. Young, foolish, naive Bubble people are what Western society is churning out en masse. They were programmed to be "nice" by kiddie-TV shows growing up and believe in reciprocity, which other cultures reject.

"If I'm nice to you, you'll be nice to me! And we will all live in harmony!" Well, that assumption is self-righteous ignorance and vanity assuming all people want to be just like us. Clearly some do, but many others do not. You see this same type of demise when foolish White couples vacation in the third world, Muslim dung heaps and Africa. They waste money buying round trip tickets when one-way would help save coin for their funerals. Universalist religions suck anyway. This is just another glaring example. We are all different. Get used to it.

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Jess Lennon #racist stormfront.org

Well said. As a WN youth in Australia the libtard, Jew conspiracy hellbent on implementing radical cultural Marxism resulted in faggots denigrating the sanctity of marriage through changes in legislation. It sickens me to know these sodomites have manoeuvred their way into public discourse to the extent that heterosexuals and Aryans act against their own interests by advocating for laws that undermine the might of White men and women. These whorish acts will be punished when the lord brings forth the reckoning.

The decline of White civilization throughout Australia has manifested itself through cultural Marxist propaganda masquerading as education being thrust upon children in public schools. I was horrified at the falsehoods taught at my public school advocating for sodomite-like behaviour and notions of 'gender fluidity'. The führer was right in advocating for the extermination of mentally retarded individuals who delude themselves with Jewish lies that boys are anything other than boys. Gender is solely determined by the sexual organ of which you are born. To go against this infallible truth is to condemn oneself to an eternity of damnation.

To see these lies and other fallacies go unchallenged by feminist blood traitors is infuriating. The Jewish conspiracy has summoned the darkness of lucifer in propagating the holohaux to the degree that anyone who dare speak the truth about it is branded as a pariah. White power is essential. I long for a return to a world where faggots are brutalized for their transgression.

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T3 #racist stormfront.org

I don't think he claims that they're not White, just that black hair always mean sohttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VSj96ztC-6cme, even if very little, non-White heritage. I think he also annoyed some of the darker Italians with claims that they're indistinguishable from Arabs. Got to love Varg but he's certainly not interesting in pleasing everyone/anyone :-p

Considering that he's a blonde Norwegian, I wouldn't blame him if he wouldn't want to date someone with black hair. I wonder if there are black haired Whites who think in a similar way.

Couldn't find a specific video by him about this but I guess this shows some of his general attitude and may or may not have influenced the comments re black hair.

Hairmixing and eyemixing??? All whites already have below replacement birthrates. The average person already has a long list of expectations for a future spouse. This sounds like a great way to further prevent white babies from being born.


So you think a blonde Scandinavian pairing up with a brown eyed and black and curly haired, brown eyed, darker skinned Italian (possibly with a hook nose :-p), is a good idea? Because there are too many blondes with blue eyes in the world?

No offence to all the Italians who don't look like that. My Italian ex was dark blonde. I did go to school with a Sicilian though who looked as described above. Nice guy but wouldn't have been my first choice for my sister, to be frank. It wouldn't be the end of the world either, of course, though some of these types can be hard to tell apart from a certain kind of Jew.

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goodman2 #racist stormfront.org

Re: Whites with black hair

Here we go again. „Tall dark and handsome“
The saying should go like this: „Tall dark and narcisstic“.
Women dont like narcists no matter what your online-„pick-up-artist“ might say.
As I said I am darkhaired myself. I have nothing against my own darkwhite race and I love my opposite! BUT my darkhaired brethren I despise a little. Alpha male? More like clowns we are. There is nothing alpha about our look. Women dominate as soon as you pass a certain melanin threshold.
But you all can go by your fantasyworld, your pseudoscience (I know the its crapscience) AND remember „We wuz kangz“

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goodman2 #racist stormfront.org

its not that I hate myself for that, ALSO I wouldnt wanna change it its somehow engraved in my soul...but your kids will definately not so much appreciate it that theyre the priduct of any kind of mixing!!

Come on guys, this is a WN forum and youd expect people here to be more open to the truth but apparently hair-mixing, the number one issue, is a nonissue...yall seen brainwashed!

Perhaps we simply do not understand.

What do you mean by hair mixing?

I think you might mean mixing between distinct groups of White Europeans, such as the English, French, German etc..

Do you consider black hair to be exclusive to a certain White European ethnic group?

Black hair is historically present in each of these populations, so I'm still not sure where you might be trying to go with that either though.

to me two things are important: race and common sense.
To some people on here nationality is all that matters, which I dont understand, they seem stuck in some kind of nationalism-mode. Race is more important. So just go ahead and group people by their looks (-> race) and notice how unnatural it is if you mix these people.
Do you think God approves („would approve“ if your atheist) of hairmixing? I dont think so.

And if God disapproved, well, we've mixed enough hair by now to go straight to the salons of Hell, haven't we?

and youre proud of that? yes you are 100% correct. People who argue like that (your not a tiny bit better than the musharks) WILL go to hell. True words.

Seriously, a White couple where one has black hair and one has blonde hair is as bad as race-mixing in your eyes?

This isn't the first silly post I've seen from you. I'm reasonably certain that you're a troll.

There is no leveling in racemixing. I have a blind eye for all kinds of racemixing and that includes the ones I outlined. For me racemixers, no matter what, are all the same. Its not „as bad“ its even WORSE -> since it happens on a larger scale. You claim I am a troll but you people shoe NO sense of compassion, philosophy, theology or real race-ideology (that is focusing on racial hygiene). I stand by my words and will keep repeating them as long as people arent aware of this. Many here claim to be „woke“, well apparently you‘re not woke enough to grasp the situation.

Why would God be against hair mixing?

He created these many different shades and told us to be fruitful and multiply.
He also created Adam and Eve.
That's only two people.
Even if they each had a different hair color, there are at least three distinct hair and eye colors.
I know! Brunettes must be aliens because we are out of this world.

Sorry, I dont want to get too personal but you‘re God seems to be Satan himself. My God charishes purity of the soul above everything elsr

You can keep repeating yourself all you'd like but that will not make the words become true, logical or meaningful. You’ll actually do the opposite.

‘‘Tis best to keep ones mouth shut and let others think you’re stupid, than to speak and remove all doubt”

Oh really? I think this topic gets ignored too often. Its time someone starts paving the way for lost souls. I dont really understand? You mean I am being to „raycis“?

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Eugenicus #racist stormfront.org

I've been around 2 hood blacks who seem to know a great deal about mathematics/ sociology/ science/ etc. They seem to realize well when I am being insincere.

A ton of blacks seem very well learned about many of the issues of human nature.

Being in the hood/ thug life may have given them an edge that makes them beyond manipulation and honestly, with my plans, it scares me.

They're the kind of people who make you think that ANYTHING they do can be ****ed up/ out of this world. Out of the world you know.

It's better to act on behalf of suspicion to empower yourself than to live in security.

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Roo #racist stormfront.org

Re: Is feminism aimed mainly at White women?

It seems that the vast majority of feminists are white women. That's not to say women of other races are never feminists but it seems a lot rarer.

Feminism is a lot more popular among black women and Jewish women than white women. Israel has a much higher concentration of Jewish men in prison on false charges of domestic abuse, etc., than any country in the West. It gets reported in Israeli publications every so often.

With black women, I believe their natural social structure (tribal societies throughout western Africa), has it so that marriage isn't a common occurrence, and even when it is, men have more than one wife, and/or they tend to avoid family domestic living arrangements. So African women are more independent from men on an emotional level. If you combine this characteristic with gibs from the government (welfar and social programs), you get an entire population of women who "don't need no man."

I grew up in a heavily black area, I've seen this phenomenon with my own two eyes. Black women are terrible feminists. If you think white feminists are bad (and they are bad, don't get me wrong)... trust me, just check out some Hotep channels on YouTube if you don't believe me. Black women will eventually take feminism to levels never seen before. I'm not being funny, either.

The whole agenda of feminism is to make white women believe that they have more in common with say black women or Indian women than they have with white men.

Yes, that is very true.

However, only white women think like this, no black or Indian woman would seriously believe they had more in common with a white woman than men of their own race.

Yes, and that is why feminism is such a joke on white women, ultimately.

Linda Sarsour makes a big issue about the oppression of women, or whatever her shtick is, but she would NEVER come out against the sexual assaults on white women by Muslim men in Cologne - ever, ever, ever. She will never do that. But she'll tell white women how awful their men are all the live-long day. And it's not even true, white men top the list of fellas who are GOOD to their women! Western civilization was not built by men born of anguished mothers!

Feminism is a cruel joke on all women, but it's cruelest on white women (and our men).

It seems to me that for the most part only white women buy into this raceless feminist agenda, non-white women may claim to be feminist when it suits them (usually for the purposes of getting preferential treatment over whites) but most of them don't believe it like white women do.

Yes, but that's because we've been systematically deracinated - men, too. White people are deracinated. White feminists are behaving the way deracinated feminists behave, that's all. It's nothing inherent in white women. If you deracinated black women, they'd align themselves with other women before they aligned themselves with their men, too.

This, among many other reasons, is why I've spent a couple of years trying to convince white people that they are a race. We need our identity. I'm pretty confident that once we find that again, most of our problems will get solved in due time.

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Poison #racist stormfront.org

Just look at Syria and you might know what I mean...

Syria is a brown cesspool of nonwhites that, in and of itself, has no relevance to the White world. If it wasn't for rapeugees, I wouldn't give a rat's "tail" about what happens to it. I personally find rooting for or aiding one faction of nonwhite browns there as retarded as rooting for the other. Just because Putin is spending White lives and White resources on aiding one faction of the brown riffraff in a brown cesspool doesn't make him better than the Western libs who would like to spend lives and resources in favor of another faction. In fact, the Western WNs can't stop whining and carping about how their countries should stop meddling in the nonwhite world or trying to "help" it at the cost of Whites, and yet they often cheer Putin doing something that is fundamentally the same. Go figure. I mean, when you start lauding support for one group of non-whites there, might as well laud support and/or intervention for Somali, Israel or Bangladesh's benefit - as far as I am concerned, same thing.

Since Putin got involved in Syria, the war didn't end, nor did the stream of rapeugees into Europe (shouldn't be interpreted that I am blaming the entirety of the mess on them two, I am just saying there was/is no change). On the contrary, Assad and Putin have intensified the war there and leveled a few major urban centers, pushing out yet more population. I fail to see what exactly I am supposed to be impressed with. The country itself (Syria) is a nonsensical chimera left in the aftermath of colonialism, where a small ethnic-religious minority (Assad's Alawites) rules over a much larger Sunni majority that's culturally and ethnically distinct. In the ideal world, Whites would self-insulate from that mess and then let it fall apart and sort itself out. In the end, if the natural way of things was allowed to prevail, it would probably fracture into several more homogenous and "natural" states that make more sense - like, a Sunni piece that is aligned with Saudi Arabia and/or Turkey, an Alawite-stan, perhaps some Kurdish statelet etc. Putin's intervention there appears to be playing a losing (in the long term) game of preventing and delaying this natural process and trying to prolong the unnatural life of a non-viable Franken-State, instead of embracing the natural course of events (if, perhaps, shaping it a little for a less destructive path). It's similar to the Soviet strategy in the Afghanistan, when they tried for years to keep a non-viable government on life support. It was "winning" in the short term, but eventually collapsed overnight as soon as Soviets ran out of funds and willingness to dump resources into a brown cesspool. If ever Putin gets tired or loses the Russian public backing for spending Slav lives and resources there, similar fate could await Assad's government and the no longer viable Franken-State concept of "big old Syria under Assad" that they are trying to sustain past it's natural lifespan.

That is what I see when I look at Syria.

POISON it might be all true what you said but still I take PUTIN any day over the 100% kosher Zionist sock-puppets running the West

Talk is cheap. If you really believed that you would be posting it from Putin's wonderful "non Kosher" "White paradise" and not from the "Zionist West". But I bet you aren't, while moving around the globe today is no problem at all. For example, a non-white from Africa, one of those rapeugees, might say something like "I take the comfortable West with all these wonderful free handouts and accessible women over my African sh.ithole homeland any day" and if one of them said it he would really mean it, because they are flooding into the West by all means available, crossing seas and what not, despite that they barely have money. In contrast to that, you say "I take Putin any day" but, at the end of the day, it's just rhetoric without much substance. IF you want to enjoy Putin's so called "nationalistic White paradise" (which actually only exists in fantasies) you easily try it, see where it gets you. Like, for starters, sites like Stormfront are all hosted in the "evil West" - usually in the U.S. A Russian version of Stormfront would have been raided by SWAT years/decades ago and its ownders and/or prominent members would very likely go to prison, as it "incites racial hatred and feelings of racial exclusivity" and much other such "extremist" and "illegal" (in Putin's police state) things.

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Heidlerr #racist stormfront.org

Re: When Asian Women Are Harassed for Marrying Non-Asian Men

One interesting thing she said in the article is that she was never attracted to Asian men because, growing up, the only Asians she knew were her relatives. That makes sense in a way but shows what can happen in multiracial societies and why we shouldn't have them.

That's an excuse for self hate. Asian women literally Worship White men like we are Gods. This Asian girl straight up stalked me in High School it was scary, I actually asked her why she wouldn't date her own kind and she made this motion with her fingers and said small cock.

East Asian women are the most self hating women in the World and the men are the most Beta men in the World. 99% of East Asian men don't know how to communicate in a normal way because their T levels are so low they always think about how to be "non confrontational , non offensive they can't even communicate."

Only new one Asian guy who wasn't a Nerd short, weak looking. He was a tall Chinese guy over 6' and lifted weights. He did fairly well with girls and he ended up in Finance.

Most Asian men can't get dates and live alone if they haven't brought wife from the home country or aren't part of a tight knight Ethnic community. I know of several Asian guys that are past 30 and still Single. I check their facebook to see if they are no longer single. Asians must be the group with highest sexless men in America hands down easily.

Her mudshark race traitor race mixing of s husband should be shunned by any sane white person

Mitch is a CUck married to an Ugly Asian woman. Didn't even have children with her. Just a Status seeking 3rd World Whore. There everywhere where I live.

All Ethnic women even Black, want to be with a White guy where I'm from. We are like Gods here. As long as you're over White, 5'10 and not deformed Ethnic women will literally throw themselves at your feet all day.

So I understand why White men sometimes marry Asian. I've seen many White men here married to East Asians or Curries. Not so much Latinas or Blacks because they generally don't go to College and do low status jobs even if they do. East Asians Worship Money and Status so they go well with some White guys.

Where I live the Best looking girls are Jewish because their Father's are Jewish Laywers, Doctors, Politicians, CEOs ect and they get the best looking White women.

I don't find East Asian women very attractive most have flat faces, slits for eyes, and no body. My friend says it's tighter and better and that looks don't matter that much as long as they aren't fat.

Some Jewish, Latinas and Persian girls can be very attractive. I'd prefer a White looking Persian or Latina to a Regular White American girl. Most White AMerican girls are fat and aren't attractive unless they are from the country. But those country folk just have a different culture than me.

Where I live the best looking girls are Jewish. Because their Fathers are Doctors, Laywers, CEOs, Politicians and get the best looking White women who want to marry up for Status.

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Ocko #racist stormfront.org

Re: Russia prepares UN resolution recognizing victory over Nazism world heritage

Your lies and smear tactic falls back on you like the Kavanaugh smear on the democrats.

Germans didn't rape or mass kill Russian civilians. That is a blatant lie and exposes you as an agent for anti white's, aka Jews.

If there were anything like you said in your smear attack we would have heard about it in the Nuremberg fake court. They actually had a hard time to find anything to turn into war crimes. There were none. We know today that that infamous propaganda smear on Germans was done by your brothers.

Stalin had an order to have German speaking Russians/Jews to take on German uniforms and go into the German controlled areas and kill Russians to break the ties Russian people (who saw Germans as a liberating force) had with the German army.

The massive killing and raping happened in Germany (and Poland, just asked one of the polish members here) by Russian soldiers who got stirred up by Jewish communist ilk like Ilya Ehrenburg. This scum called the Russian dumbass soldiers to rape, kill and torture Germans, especially the women.

The allies esp. Americans did similar things but on a much lower scale and there it was foremost the negro soldiers. The French did the same with their African troops, for ex. They declared Freiburg in Germany as a lawless town were their savages killed, raped, looted and tortured without any retribution.

You basically made clear to me who you are.

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Braveheart #racist stormfront.org

It's a Wonderful Race, After All

by James Bronson (part 2)

"I don't understand. According to my recollections from Geography class, the great pyramids should be near this very spot. We ought to be able to see them from miles away," said George.

"Well, George, I'm sure your professors at the college never told you this, but the ancient Egyptians were not black or brown. They were Caucasians. The anthropologists who examined the Egyptian mummies confirmed this fact. There are no pyramids and no Sphinx either. And the Carthaginians were white too."

George became depressed, but he was determined to prove his beliefs. "What's in Europe?" he asked.

"Europe became populated by Huns and other Asiatic tribes. They've settled down a bit but life is much the same as it is in North America. A nomadic existence based on hunting and food gathering. No great cities, no science, no buildings, no culture, no fine art – just a hard daily struggle against life and the elements of nature. In a Europe without evil Whites, the Roman Empire never existed nor did the Greeks. There was no Renaissance either."

"Take me to Asia then. Surely the great civilizations of Persia, India, China, and Japan will suit me" George said. "Clarence, to the Taj Mahal please."

"The Taj Mahal?" replied the angel. "Don't you know that the ancient Persian and Indian civilizations were established by ancient Indo-European tribes who crossed the Himalayas? They are the ones who civilized India and built the Taj Mahal. Those are the great civilizations that Marco Polo, Columbus, and others were searching for. Did you know that Iran is Persian for "land of the Aryan?"

George said: "Don't tell me that the Indians were White men! That can't be. In the world I came from, I knew many Indians and they were not White!"

Clarence explained: "As the centuries passed, the Indo-Europeans who created Indian civilization intermarried with the native majorities who populated the Indian subcontinent. Gradually there were less and less evil White people until they faded out completely, along with the advanced civilization they had built. You will notice that there are still a few white-skinned and fair-haired Indians and Pakistanis around today -- in the world you came from that is.

George became worried. He knew he could never fit into the harsh primitive world he had been thrust into. Suddenly he thought of Japan. "Japan! I'll show you now Clarence. Take me to Japan. If the Japanese can make TVs and cameras then I'm sure I'll find a decent civilization that I can live in."

Clarence transported George to Japan. George observed that Japanese society was the most orderly, advanced and civil that he had seen, but it seemed as if almost everyone was a rice farmer, a fisherman, or a soldier. There were no cars, no skyscapers, no lights, no stereos, no sciences, no technologies, and no universities. It was a stagnant agricultural society that seemed to have reached its high water mark and was incapable of moving forward. George knew he could not live here either.

Clarence explained to George: "Even the industrious Japanese and Chinese peoples had to rely on the evil Europeans to build the modern Asia that you had in mind. In this world, Japan exists exactly as it did before Commodore Perry's American naval ships arrived in Japan in the 1850s. There's no industry, no technology, no Fuji film, no Sony, no Hitachi, no Panasonic, no Toyota, no Sushi bars, no baseball...none of the trappings or comforts of modern life. These things don't exist in Japan or anywhere else because Europeans weren't there to create them and share them with the rest of the world. Would you care for a bowl of rice George?"

George began to feel sick in both his body and his mind. Not only was he depressed, but exposure to the harsh elements of nature had left him physically ill. "Clarence, I seem to have contracted some type of sickness. I must have some anti-biotics."

"Anti-biotics? There's no...

"Oh shut up already! Then just take me back to the world as it was!"

"Sorry George. I'm not authorized to do that. Only my boss can make that call."

Clarence said to him: "You see George. Your father was right. You really had a wonderful race. Don't you see what a foolish mistake it is to be ashamed and guilty about your own people, and to let them die out? This is what the world would be like without the creative spark of Edison and Ford and Pasteur and Marconi. No great scientists, or mathematicians, or inventors or fine artists. No Archimedes, no Aristotle, no Socrates, no Alexander, no Renaissance, no Newton, no Kepler, no Goddard, no Mendel, no Tesla, no Faraday, no Guttenberg, no Shakespeare, no Dickens, no Twain, no Mozart, no Beethoven, no Davinci, no Michelangelo, no Galileo, no Copernicus. No Venice, no Paris, no Lisbon, no Madrid, no Zurich, no Berlin, no St. Petersburg, no Budapest, no Rome, no Milan, no Vienna, no London, no New York, no Rio, no Sydney. No orchestras, no museums, no universities, no hospitals, no libraries, no theaters, no radio, no books, no television, no electricity, no refrigeration, no heating, no plumbing, no houses, no steel, no stadiums, no vaccines, no cars, no planes, no trains, no ships, no dentists, no surgeons, no computers, no telephones, and most important - there's no creative genius to be found that could create and sustain such a high level of civilization. There's nothing for the people of this world to build upon. It's just a daily struggle for subsistence. It’s a brutal planet where the few people who aren't mired in eternal ignorance and darkness have reached their peak of civilization and are advancing no further."

Clarence went on to lecture the broken and depressed young man for seven days straight. He covered everything. History, science, economics, philosophy, art, literature, fine music, architecture, medicine, politics, agriculture, religion, and all the creations and contributions that the European peoples had made in every conceivable field of human endeavor. George listened closely to every word. He felt like a man who had been reborn.

After his lecture, Clarence the Angel floated away towards heaven. "I hope you have found all this to be educational, and I hope you have learned an important lesson. Enjoy your world, George!" mocked the departing angel.

George began to sob like a baby. It was the year 2003 and he was alone and hungry in a backwards world where Europeans had never existed. He cried out to the stars: "Please God. I see what a fool I've been. I understand now what my father was trying to tell me. I want to go back to the world that I came from. A world where Europeans not only existed, but blessed the rest of humanity world with their unique creative ability. I want to live in a civilized world. Please God!...take me back!...take me back!...Oh God....please."

Suddenly George was transported back to his college dormitory. Drunk with joy, George jumped into the showers before he could even take his clothes off!

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Braveheart #racist stormfront.org

It's a Wonderful Race, After All

by James Bronson (part 1)

There once was a college freshman named George who thought he knew it all. One night over dinner, George got into an argument with his father. The argument began when the young student tried to explain to his father that as White people, they should be held accountable for all the evils that they had inflicted upon non-Whites throughout history. George explained: "Because of European racism, we stole the Indians' land, we held blacks in slavery, we persecuted the Jews, and we plundered the environment. We've been oppressive racists for thousands of years so it's only fair that we pay economic reparations for all the harm we've done to the world. I'm pleased to see that we are ending our political and economic domination of the oppressed peoples."

George's dad was shocked to hear such talk. "Who put such commie-pinko nonsense into your head, boy? Did one of your sandal-wearing hippie college professors teach you that?" the father asked.

To which the son replied: "That's the truth dad. My anthropology professor, Dr. Irving Silverstein, says so. He ought to know. Dr. Silverstein is a well-respected Ph.D. People of your generation just don't understand because you were raised in a White supremacist, racist society. That's why I've come to admire Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King as the greatest man in American history. He stood up to the racists of your generation. Because of him, my generation of White kids is completely color blind."

The father angrily replied: "That's bull****! I've always been fair-minded and tolerant of people from all backgrounds and races. I haven't 'oppressed' anybody, and furthermore there's nothing wrong with being proud of one's own people, including the European race of people. Your race is in your blood. It's like an extension of your biological family and you ought to be proud of your European heritage and identity, just like every other racial group in America is proud of its. Why is it OK for them to have a strong sense of racial
identity but it's evil for us Europeans to feel that way?"

The young "intellectual" laughed at his father. "Come on dad, that's the kind of crap Hitler tried to peddle. Those racist attitudes were discredited years ago. There's only one race and that's the human race. Diversity is our greatest strength. Differences in so-called "race" are as insignificant as differences in belly buttons. And besides, UN statistics now show that low White birth rates, along with the fact that we live in an multicultural society, will mean that Europeans and their ethnocentrist and racist culture will have died out by the end of the century," young George said.

Turning red with anger, the father yelled: "You are a walking cliché, you know that, boy? And you think it's a good thing that the European peoples of the world will have faded out and ceased to exist?" Young George replied; "I think it's great! It will mean the end of racism and the end of hate. The oppressed peoples of the world would have been better off if us racist Europeans had never existed to begin with."

Suddenly there was a blast of cold wind, an explosion, and a huge smoke cloud. When the smoke had settled, George found himself alone and lost in a cold open field.

An angel named Clarence then appeared to him and said "Well George, you've got your wish."

George asked: "Where am I? What's going on here? And who are you?"

The angel answered, "George, I'm Clarence the Angel. I was sent here to show you what the world would have been like if Europeans, or Whites, had never existed. You now live in a world where Europeans never existed."

"Oh. That's cool. I'll have no problem adapting because there's not a racist bone in my body. And when I get back to my world, I'll be able to tell my professor and my friends how great this non-racist world was. Say, I'm freezing my ass off out here. Where's the nearest motel?"

"Motel?" replied the angel. "There are no motels here in what was once called North America. But there are some caves up in those mountains where you can find shelter."

"Caves? No way, man. I want a nice warm bed to sleep in."

"I don't think you understand George. There are no buildings here in non-white America because the evil Europeans never came here to build them. Whites never existed, remember? The natives live in tents. Would you like to go meet some local Indians? Perhaps they'll let you stay in a tent."

"A tent? But it's 10 degrees outside?...Oh well. It's better than a cave I suppose. Let's go talk to these Indians...... Wait a second, are these Indians friendly or hostile?"

"Why, George, that's a racist question to ask. Just because some Indians were brutal savages who scalped their victims alive, it doesn't mean they all were", said the angel sarcastically.

"I know that Clarence. And I'm not a racist. I hate racism. Nonetheless, I'd feel safer if I could have a gun to defend myself if they turn out to be violent."

"Gun?" replied the angel. "There are no guns for you to defend yourself with. Firearms were invented by evil Europeans. Though, we could make a spear with those twigs over there…"

"That's too much work. Give me a telephone then. I'll call the Indians to ask if it's OK."

"Telephone"? replied the angel. There are no telephones here. Alexander Graham Bell was another evil white man, so he never existed. No Europeans remember?" "Forget it then," replied George. "I'll sleep in the damn cave."

Upon arriving at the cave, a shivering George asked the angel for a lighter so that he could light a fire. "A lighter?" replied Clarence. "There are no lighters here, and no matches. Those are European gadgets and evil Europeans never existed remember? If you want to get warm, you need to do like the locals do and start rubbing twigs together."

"Oh come on man! You mean to tell me these people still rub sticks together for fire?"

"That's right George. The Indians live exactly as they did before the evil pilgrims arrived from Europe just a few centuries ago." said the angel sarcastically.

"I refuse to stay in this cold cave and I damn sure ain't gonna light a fire with twigs, and I refuse to sleep in a teepee. I'll go to South America. I can make it in a warmer climate and I'll adapt quickly to the great Incan civilization I learned about at college. Since European racists like Columbus, Cortez and Pizzaro never existed, the Incans will still be there... I need a car"

"Car?" replied the angel. "There are no cars here. Daimler and Benz, the evil German inventors of the internal combustion engine, were never born...nor was Henry Ford. There are no paved roads either. This is a world without evil Europeans remember?"

"No cars! Oh. I'll just have to take a train."

"There are no trains in this world either George. Evil Europeans weren't here to build locomotive engines or to discover the many uses of coal, oil and gas, or to build trains or lay tracks. But I'll allow you to cheat just a bit. Grab hold of my magic robe and we'll fly

George touched the angel's robe and they flew south until they arrived in an abandoned mud hut in the midst of Incan territory. George was grateful for the warm weather but it wasn't long until he began to complain about the heat and humidity.

"Clarence, this hut is a little ****hole and I'm sweating up a storm here. Get me an air-conditioner…please!"

"Air-conditioner?" replied the angel. "There are no air-conditioners here. Air conditioning and refrigeration were inventions created by evil White men."

"What?!! You mean to tell me that in the year 2003 these people still haven't figured out a way to keep themselves or their food cool?” a frustrated George asked.

"No George, they haven't. And they never will."

"This is ridiculous. Let's go to the main city to see the Emperor. I can't live like this. Where's a car...oh I forget...no cars! Dammit I'll walk. Let's go."

After walking through the jungle for about an hour or so, it began to get dark. George then asked Clarence to give him a flashlight so that he could see. "Flashlight? Sorry George, but Thomas Edison was an evil White man too...and he was never born. There are some branches over there if you want to make a torch."

"Never mind that!" George shouted back.

By morning time, Clarence and George had arrived at the temple of the Incans. A bloody human sacrifice was in progress. George turned to Clarence and cried, "They're going to butcher that poor soul! Somebody has got to stop this. What horrible murdering beasts! Can't anyone stop them?"

The angel replied "I'm afraid not. Ritual killings are common place here.” Those evil European racists like Columbus, Cortez and Pizzaro never existed so the Incans just continued their brutal ways. In fact, it was the oppressed peoples themselves who made up the bulk of the Spanish armed forces. The people saw the Spaniards as liberators who would rid them of the oppressive Incan and Mayan rulers and give them a better life."

"I can't blame them for helping the Spaniards then. This is a horrible place. Get me out of this ****hole now!" said George.

'Where would you like to go?" Clarence replied.

George said: "Take me to Africa, maybe there's a more advanced and humane civilization there that I can fit into. Where’s the nearest airport?"

"Oh, I forgot...no Wright Brothers." George said. "How about a boat?"

"Boats?" replied the angel. "I'm afraid the most seaworthy rafts available to you won't be of much help in crossing the vast Atlantic Ocean. The great Viking sailors and European navigators never existed. No Phoenicians, no Leif Eriksson, no Henry the Navigator, no Columbus, no Magellan, no Hudson and no Robert Fulton. Even if you could build your own ship, there would be no compass for you to navigate with and no sextant either. I'm afraid you're stuck here George."

"Can I touch your robe and fly to Africa then" asked George.

"You're cheating again George, but all right. Touch my robe and we'll fly to Africa."

When they arrived in Africa, George saw thousands of half-naked African tribesmen being herded along a dirt path. They were guarded by other Africans with spears. "What are they doing to those poor men?" George asked Clarence.

"They are being enslaved by another tribe. Slavery was common in Africa long before the whites arrived," Clarence said. "In fact, most of the slaves who were shipped to the Americas were sold to the slave traders by African tribal leaders."

"That's so sad,” George said. "I want to meet Martin Luther King. Since his White assassin never existed, this great man should still be alive. He's probably a great tribal chief somewhere and leader of an advanced civilization. He will free these slaves from their African masters. Take me to him, Clarence."

Clarence led George to a little hut deep in the heart of Africa. The naked women and children looked at George in wonder. The young men were out on a hunt but the older men stayed behind. George was led to the dingy little hut of the tribal witchdoctor and spiritual leader. There he saw a wild-looking man with a necklace of teeth around his neck and a huge ring pierced through his nose. "What the hell is that?” George asked.

"Meet Witch-doctor Matunbo Lutamba Kinga" Clarence said. He never became Reverend Martin Luther King because there were no universities or seminaries built to educate him. Europeans weren't there to create such opportunities. But he did become the tribe's spiritual leader. He specializes in casting evil spells. Perhaps he can help you?"

The witch doctor gazed in wonder at George. Then he motioned to his henchmen to seize young George. The tribesmen grabbed hold of George and tied him to a nearby tree.

"Stop it! Let me go. What are they going to do to me?" cried George hysterically.

"They're going to perform a ritual killing on you, George. The good doctor King...I mean Kinga -- believes that by cutting your heart out while you are still alive, it will bring good fortune and fertility to his tribe," laughed Clarence.

"Clarence! Clarence! Help me Clarence! Help me!

"But George, you told me that you wanted to go to Africa and to meet your hero Reverend King."

George said: "This part of Africa has not developed yet. I can see that now. Take me to North Africa where Egypt and Carthage established great civilizations. Just get me out of here, please."

Just as the witch doctor's spear was about to carve out George's heart, George vanished into thin air. He then found himself on the banks of the river Nile in Egypt.

"Thank you Clarence. Thank you," George said. "I don't understand it Clarence. Why does so much of the world remain so brutal and primitive? I learned during Black History Month about many talented black inventors and scientists. Garrett Morgan, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, Granville Woods. Then there's Dr. Carson, the preeminent brain surgeon in all of America. Where are these men?"

Clarence replied: "Don't you understand yet? America, and Africa, exist exactly as they did before the Europeans discovered them. Civilization as you had known it had only been introduced to these people just a few centuries ago by the Europeans. There are no universities, no hospitals, no means of transportation other than animals, no science, no medicine, no machines. In fact, the wheel hasn't even been discovered in Sub-Saharan Africa! Those black scientists, inventors, doctors, athletes, and entertainers you speak of were never given the opportunity to realize their full human potential because Europeans weren't around to introduce higher civilization and learning to them. There are no George Washington Carvers in this non-European world, no Dr. Carsons, no Booker T. Washingtons, no Benjamin Bannekers, no Michael Jordans, no Oprah Winfreys, no Bill Cosbys, no..."

"Stop it! That can't be!" cried George. "Let's walk over to the great pyramids of Egypt right now and I'll show you one of the great wonders of the world ...built by non-Whites"

They walked a few miles before George stopped and asked where the nearest toilet was. "Toilets?" replied the angel. There are no toilets or urinals in this world. Plumbing was developed by evil Europeans. The people in this non-White world still relieve themselves in open fields."

Clarence turned around so George could do his business. "I need some toilet paper." George said.

"Toilet paper?" replied the angel. "There..."

"I know. I know. Toilet paper hasn't been invented yet. Just hand me a rag then".

Clarence obliged and the two of them went on their way.

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Nikola Bijeliti #racist stormfront.org

I was going to let it slide, since I was criticized the last time I pointed this out. But, since others are bringing it up, let me join in. We must not use our (((enemy's)) terminology.

Racist and nazi are anti-White slur words. "Feminizi" is a particularly vile term because feminists are the antithesis of National Socialists. We unwittingly promote the (((enemy's))) plan when we use (((their))) terminology.

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Aube Blanche #racist stormfront.org

The jews are behind the majority of our problems : christianity, socialism, immigration, collectivism, islam ... We simply can not trust them. When they pretend to be on our side against islam or something like that, it is simply an other lie.

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three in one #racist stormfront.org

I also hate jews, and any White person who is an enemy of the jews is automatically my friend. I can't stand muslims, but since they are the only ones fighting against the jews at the moment, I'll put up with them. I can't say the muslims are my friends, but I do applaud their anti-jewish activities.

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Survivalist866 #fundie stormfront.org

Protecting the children from degenerate influences

You can minimise the chances of them being affected by this by raising them in a disciplined and refined environment while nurturing maximum logical and critical thinking skills. Condemn stupid and disorderly behaviour at every opportunity. Exposing them to the brutal realities of the world (e.g dark world events, threats to child well-being) helps too. Be careful not to excessively expose them, as you do not want to emotionally scar them.

Disable all television channels (modern television is almost entirely manipulative and/or degenerate poison) and restrict their internet activity (especially sites with user-generated content such as YouTube, as many of the contributors on there are degenerates and/or simple-minded).
Try and get them interested in certain video games instead. Particularly ones that focus on survival and/or resistance against aggressors. Anything that helps engender an 'us and them' mentality is desirable. It is not recommended to allow them access to violent video games until they are around eight or nine years old, as they may not yet understand the difference between moral right and wrongs or fantasy from reality, and this could cause serious problems.

What do you think of this method?

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NobleWolf14 #racist stormfront.org

THIS fact has made me very disgusted since I first learned of it. This demonstrates the logical fallacy of even those who are open to right wing orientation! Why are they laying flowers for a non-White?! How about we mourn for the real Germans being killed. Our women and children suffer every day and as we slowly sink into the abyss we continue to empathize with those who are not one of us. It's that ancient trap that has rooted our feet and slowed our hands. It's like a prison, the double edged sword of something meant for so much more.

One of the key components in the downfall of our race has been the unholy extension of our inherent altruism to those outside of our racial group. Handed out under the false, fatal and impossible conception that the other races share our special internal characteristics. Our goodness and strength of heart is a gift passed to us from above and we are the only people on this planet who bear it. The other races are empty vessels, they are as different inside as they are without.

The mistake has repeated itself over and over. Now it's happening again. As a consequence of our ignorance the non-Whites are once again turning and rending against the hands of those who foolishly feed them. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and if our forefathers bore the necessary countenance they would have prescribed a purge. Hitler would gag if he saw that this is what it took for German resistance. This is a warning that as things get worse, that internal trap of altruism being extended to those undeserving remains gnawing and gnashing. It can't be overlooked. It is fatal. It is wrong. And if it remains an oversight, it can destroy us in time.

A solid example of why political victory is impossible and physical revolution is strained. Success is only possible through a serious change of heart and collective reflection. A turning back to things that are good and true and a determined "no!" to everything evil and unnatural. A turning back to God. But even though it sometimes can feel like all hope is lost, we have a promise of being saved.

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Heidlerr #fundie stormfront.org

Re: China declares Islam an "incurable tumour" and a "poisonous medicine"

With enough brute force you can eliminate religion. By physically eliminating all Adult adherents you assure that Religion doesn't spread. Religion is a thing of the past. Science is the future, Islam like Judaism and Islam will one day be seen as a laughable myth.

Darwinism is superior to religion and the Chinese are Darwinists who believe in force, and not an outside undefinable "Spiritual agency".

In Totalitarian societies "The Cult of the Leader" replaces "God". The need for "God" or "Gods" is a Primitive need hard wired into human beings. At some point in our Evolutionary past it was advantageous.

Christianity is a religion for the weak and dying. As soon as Europe became Christian it sealed it's fate. Christianity worships weakness and degeneracy, taken to it's logical conclusion it is a death cult.

Religion is for Primitive people who operate on instinct not people of average intelligence who operate on logic. Sadly, most of White America is still Christian and willing donate to their corrupt Pastors and the Zionist cause of White Racial Genocide.

I was raised a Christian and became a free thinker in High School. However it took me years to break free of the accursed Death Cult which excels at Brain washing and exploiting human psychology weaknesses. The Chief of which is Death. Christianity is like a Pacifier is to a Baby, it gives us comfort it let's us free ourselves from an all consuming neurotic fear of Death. Death is nothing to fear nor is creating an alternative reality of an afterlife change one's Ultimate fate. It's hard to believe that once the physical mind and body is destroyed their is a Spirit that remains. Experience teaches us otherwise yet many stubbornly hold on to this antiquated ideas out of Fear.

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White GeNOcide #racist stormfront.org

The issue is White Genocide, not IQ and crime statistics.

I agree with #1 (but I'm too obsessed to stop quite yet), but as for Don, judging from yesterday's radio program he's doing okay.

It blows my mind that Derek apparently based both his pro-whitism and his more recent anti-whitism on crime statistics, IQ studies, and other concerns that are completely irrelevant to the white struggle against being blended out of existence with other races.

The issue is White Genocide. When are pro-whites going to get that straight and give up slogging through one irrelevant swamp after another?

If out of the flood of non-whites let into your country, with whom you've been forced by law and propaganda to integrate and assimilate to be blended out of existence, you pick a non-white mate who is as smart as you or smarter, and who has no criminal record, will that make your baby come out white?

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Kitty0812 #racist stormfront.org

I have been single for over two years now. The reason I have done so is I won't give up my views so I am not alone. I do wish to find a man who accepts me for me and that includes accepting my pro-White views. Believe me, I wish I could find someone who I can spend my life with and we fulfill those desires of love and respect toward one another. But I will NOT give up who I am for a man who does not at LEAST believes in only dating other Whites.

Some men have "ran to the hills" bc they have felt I am abit extreme in my views. I don't hide who I am or what I believe. For instance, I began speaking with this man who is an attorney via text. He wanted to see other photos of me and I told him until we get to know one another better, I am limited in what we talk...he was taken back when I said, "how do I know in reality you are not a black guy, you are who you are in your photo?" I figured he has my profile photo, but I was not going to send him anything that reveals where I live and other photos...I am cautious. He said, "it is fine if you don't date black men, but that comment was a abit racist". He then said, "I was not calling you a racist, just that comment was". I was fired up by then bc he was persistent about me sending a photo, not responding to his messages "fast enough". I finally said, "I know you weren't calling me that, but I AM". He didn't get it, so I told him, "I AM a racist by what society labels me as, but in reality, I am a WN. A racist is a term given to those who are proud of their race and associating and identifying with your own race, You, as an attorney should be smart enough to know how manipulative individuals can be. But I am not trying to manipulate you by letting you know up front I am a WN and you or not anyone else is going to change me".

I have lost opportunities in YEARS because I am pro-White and I don't hide it. Some may say I should "first rope them in" THEN telling them. I DISAGREE. If someone is shocked to learn what I believe, then he obviously does NOT have pro-White beliefs. I have met men whom I tell them up front what I believe and they tell me what a breath of fresh air it is to hear a woman who does not date blacks and is not a liberal.

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Bulldog789 #racist stormfront.org

The Jews made up that 5h1t about the world being controlled by a bloke who lives somewhere up in the sky and them being that bloke's chosen people (magical thinking + narcissism). The Jews made that ridiculous decision to completely ignore the fact that human beings are one of the most highly territorial species on the planet, spread themselves across an alien continent (Europe) infiltrating other peoples' territories in their millions without a by your leave, and when the inevitable backlash occurred (which they refer to as the 'holocaust'), instead of admitting they'd made a mistake, explained it by inventing a fictitious illness called 'antisemitism'.

Habitually making things up and refusing to accept responsibility for the consequences of one's own mistakes are traits that are usually associated with psychopaths. Jews mutilate their baby sons' penises. They have an irrational fear of eating pork. It's blatantly obvious that the Jews are a tribe of mentally ill people. It's so F'ing obvious, I can't believe it isn't more widely acknowledged.

The existence in the world of a tribe of mentally ill people doesn't have to be a problem. It's only a problem if you allow them to infiltrate your civilisation, take it over then set about destroying it. That's exactly what we've allowed them to do. I'll never understand why. Pandering to mentally ill people isn't an act of kindness, it's an act of cruelty. When Jews first started trying to infiltrate European countries, kind and compassionate European leaders would have said 'No, we're not letting you infiltrate our territory. If we do that, it's guaranteed to end badly for you'.

Of course, that isn't what happened. That tribe of mentally ill people were given enough rope to hang themselves. They made good use of it. Anyone agree/disagree with this analysis? I welcome feedback on my posts, in agreement or otherwise.

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cosmicgirl #racist stormfront.org

Conversely, females of the brown and black species-races can't stop putting out and crapping litters of goblins. Anyway, i think that Jewish population hovers at 2 percent per region, is because this helps to keep the jew network in place, and helps to keep them 'obscure' and seen as 'merely harmless little jew oddkins', while also ensuring that their reach of influence is as global as possible. If jews completely hemmed themselves into one ethnostate, then it could easily be surrounded, and another 'loller cost' would inevitably happen (allegedly). Also, if they remain spread out (and/or also stealth about who is and isn't a jew) then it is likely that, in the event that we whites wake up and defend ourselves as a species-race, then there is less chance of them being entirely rooted out and done away with, both in terms of species-race, and in terms of reach of power and influence.

After all, if one is not able to be readily pegged as a jew by anyone else, but one knows that oneself is a jew anyway, then once the pieces stop falling, the process of infiltration and long-spanning shenanigans can begin, all over again. This allows them to (to a degree) hide out in white or mildly arabic nations, and foist the consequences of their actions onto the host populace (usually whites) within the region. White inborn ideology and nobility is also exploited, and words are arranged to distract and imp-lie what the jew wishes to misconstrue or make happen. The Jew in modern times is a big fan of things like political discourse, psycho-ology, and ed-jew-cation, because with these arcane things, the jew now knows that they can speak spells of implication, and make white people do their bidding, take their blame, and even become geno-suicidal. This now frees up alot of effort on the part of jews, and allows them to think up, and enact even greater vile actions of ruination upon their hated blood enemy, we Whites.

Imagine it from the jewish perspective (viciously disgusting, i know, but, just for a minute ?); you have no morality, no higher purpose other than wanton revenge, and to rule the world right back into the ground it was built on, and suddenly, circa ww1 and ww2, after thousands of years of getting (inexplicably and repeatedly) one-upped, you discover that your enemies Big Magic, also works on him, even more so than you or the brown and black races. Suddenly, with your enemies grimoires of education and development, he is at your complete mercy; make him dance funny, sing your race's songs and poems, and yes, even make him throw himself on his own sword. All it takes, is the right sorts of words, to cast his own spells upon him. What sort of devilish fun would jew-you have, now that your most intractably hated foe, has become your most entertainingly useful newest minion ?

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WhiteCSA #racist stormfront.org

The Jews only care about money. Literally. The Jews had Jesus Christ crucified by the Romans. The Jews had no interest in following Jesus Christ. Jesus wasn't interested in money. He was only interested in souls. Getting people saved. The Jews had no interest in being saved.

The Jews love money. The Jews focus 100% on money and power. Just look at the central and international banking system. Now many White People act like money loving Jews. We change that by focusing on the collective. The whole individual liberty, social liberal, and libertarian thing did nothing but turn our race into a bunch of greedy capitalist pigs. We should realize that Christianity is morality and it will help save the White Race. Deo Vindice !

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Nikola Bijeliti #racist stormfront.org

Who cares. Superman was never White to begin with. His ancestors came from Krypton, not Europe. He is an illegal alien, quite literally. The whole point of Superman is that White people can't solve their own problems, that they need an alien to come and solve their problems for them. Besides, superman was created by Jews Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Superman was specifically created to corrupt White thinking by getting young, impressionable children to worship a superhero of an alien race.

In addition, the idea of a hero with a dual identity, one heroic and one mild mannered, was stolen from Johnston McCulley's character Zorro. Zorro is a true White heroic character. He is also a true Hispanic heroic character (albeit created by an Irishman), as Hispanics were originally White, and some still are.

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dirtydog #racist stormfront.org

Most people tend to only notice what is pointed and spelled out to them.

When the media is leading people by the nose to believe that Corbyn is this hate-filled racist anti-semite threat to the very existence of Jews... that is what most people will believe. Most people pay little attention to politics until the media thrusts it in front of them and says 'look at this, and think this'.

Nonetheless, I think this still represents the best opportunity to red pill people about how the Jews operate. I don't have much idea about how to reach the masses to spell it out though. Newspaper comments sections are usually moderated pretty tightly on this issue, unsurprisingly.

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Heidlerr #racist stormfront.org

Serena Williams and Tiger Woods are proof the masses of people will watch any Ape the Jews turn into a Sports prodigy.

When will Whites wake up and boycott this sort of degeneracy?

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Britannic Nationalist #racist stormfront.org

Once the standard parliamentary and party procedures failed to oust Corbyn, they are now upping it a gear.

I firmly believe this is a coordinated attempt by wealthy and influential Jewish figures to topple Corbyn. Unfortunately they seem to be winning. Corbyn hasn't completely caved into them but hasn't been a rock of resistance either.

Corbyn has the party membership behind him. Providing he surrounds himself with loyal people he could purge the party without too much trouble.

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Tenniel #racist stormfront.org


Given that all White nations are now infested with subhuman apes and many of us live among them -- what LESSONS can we take away from this event.

1. Don't live among subhuman apes. Location - Location - Location. While predominantly White areas in your country exist, live there. That means, if you aren't there now, MOVE THERE -- and take your loved ones (if you love them) with you. Location is more important than your job or your loved ones' job -- or just about anything else.

2. Unless you are prepared (and able) to fight for your life, DON'T GET INTO ARGUMENTS WITH SUBHUMAN APES.

3. The boyfriend (and all White men of all ages) had better toughen up -- get stronger and learn how to fight -- so that you are capable of protecting your woman and yourself against the apes. A WAR is being waged against the White Race. White men had better become again what they once were -- WARRIORS.

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millner #racist stormfront.org

For a people widely regarded as natural enemies of the jews, these muslims with their innate idiocy are the greatest gift to jews everywhere.

Just to think , ISIS, a joint CIA/Mossad backed operation, disguised as an Islamic state armed forces, has never been exposed by muslims for the fraud that it is. The muslims were instead fixated on how Obama would address the ISIS organization, would it be ISIL or Daesh .....& would be ever say Muslim Extermists ?. Can just imagine the muslims around their televisions taking in every last word, at the same time the IDF is training some ISIS units in the next house over.

The jews have their poor hapless muslim cousins around their little fingers.

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Matematik #conspiracy stormfront.org

I see the concept of Britishness as an artificial identity created to dillute and eventually replace English identity. The concept of Britishness was created to benefit the royals and the elite, it works against the native English. It also significantly furthers the mass immigration agenda as anyone can be "British", whereas only native English people can really be English.

In fact, for the most part it's only English people who even identify as British. Most Scottish, Welsh and NI people do not, some may claim to when it suits them, but generally they will always identify first and foremost as Scottish, Welsh or Ulster/Irish. Most of them do not feel strongly British at all, and if a foreigner claimed they were "British" I have no doubt that most of them would quickly correct them.

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SkullCracker #racist stormfront.org

I'll give the Jew credit. If you wanted to make white people extinct, they're doing a good job. The Jew twisted the role of men and women into something perverse. A lot of white men and women don't even want relationships anymore due to this twisted brainwashing. But there's still a biological need for sex.

The Jew with their insidious propaganda tries to make non whites more desirable to whites. And of course, this is working to a certain extent. But the Jew really wants to hit the nail on the head and eliminate white people totally. So they're making sex dolls mainstream. With sex dolls you can enjoy all the artificial sex you want without the possibility of creating life. This is a big win for the Jew. Even with non whites our DNA will survive to a certain extent. With sex dolls we will fade into oblivion.

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Reich Force #racist stormfront.org

It was the typically perverted Japanese who introduced these life-like sex dolls to the world. This fact has been discussed repeatedly on Stormfront over the years. In Japan, they also sell used underwear in vending machines and kiddie-porn comics and cartoons are extremely popular.

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TheAxis #racist stormfront.org

You are 100% correct. They are too ignorant to understand that ALL public utilities, and the entire infrastructure needs to be maintained. Once whites leave, the maintenance does not happen and everything that is worth a cent will be removed and sold as scrap. Every time the peace corps build a public well, or latrines in Africa (to benefit the local indigenous species) the minute the peace corps leaves everything is dismantled and sold as scrap. 'Future' is not a word the negro understands, thus whites should not have to provide a 'future' for them.

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Bergvagabunden #racist stormfront.org

Ah well now, since the McPherson report (which said that the British police were "institutionally racist" ) the Old Bill, the Met especially, have been trying to recruit pakis and coons and fat birds, to aid its diversity.

Headed by a childless lesbian hag, it has become a willing tool of the great replacement.

It is no longer the job of the filth to pursue vibrant Dindus on their stolen mopeds, black hands grasping mobile phones, wallets, carving knives etc.

No, the pigs now spend their time investigating 'hate crimes', and trawling the internet for 'the threat of the far right'......

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LoveTheWhites #fundie stormfront.org

Agree with the homosexuality thing. Perverts are placed in all positions and it hinders cultural development. Who wants to be in programs if there is always going to be some creepy molester there? For example, do you want a child to do scouts or the arts or the clergy knowing that there is going to be some potential homosexual pedophile there that the institution is going to cover for? It makes people not want to participate in activities. Think of all the talented people we never got to see because they would not get on the zio casting couch.

Also, I would say it is not healthy when every overpaid sports and entertainment figure hates the country, hates the anthem, hates the flag, is foul-mouthed and vulgar and in a perpetual state of protesting the very country and people that made the location what it is. It's actually a buzzkill. It's become shameful and embarrassing to see most media and entertainment in the country. It is not something anyone can really be proud of. Especially, having to know that so many positions are just given away based on quotas for psyop purposes.

One could say the very same thing for the schools. If students are showing up just to hear their people being called racist, misogynistic, anti-semitic, you know, the whole Hillary list= a “basket of deplorables” made up of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” people, then why bother even having a school if you hate the American people so much? In fact, instead of "progress," it seems the list of things to hate Americans for has only grown longer from the left.

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WhiteMansBurden82 #racist stormfront.org

To each his own. To me, Mahmoud looks like a filthy, fecal-hued, smelly little Muzrat midget( probably because he is in fact a filthy, fecal-hued, smelly little Muzrat midget).

I don't buy into the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" fallacy that so many here unfortunately do. And I'm not gonna give a White hating, fecal hued Muzrat/dune coon a free pass, simply because he hates Israel.

Are you aware that when that smelly sand-nog Mahmoud was "president" of Iran( which is a joke in and of itself, as the Ayatollah of Iran has to power to override anything the Iranian "president" does...), he gave a vehemently hypocritical, anti-White speech to the UN - condemning Western Civilization for our history of slavery and alleged genocide?

Yeah, because we all know Muslim countries have never had anything to do with slavery and genocide. Oh wait, that's right - Islamic countries have actually had a HUGE history of slavery and mass genocide, and many Islamic countries still continue their legacy of slavery and genocide into the present period of time.

But according to good old Muzrat Midget Mahmoud, ONLY Whites need to feel guilty about slavery and alleged genocide from hundreds of years ago. Yet for some reason, Muslims don't need to feel guilty for the huge amount of slavery and genocide they were responsible for in the past, that many of them still perpetuate to this very day.

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ADAMANT #racist stormfront.org

ALL of them do, because these days you just don't reach the national stage without being "jew approved"! This time the zioscum won...last time with OBAMAGOD, cultural marxiscum won.

We have a ways to go but remember, just sixty or so years ago many real men called out jews for their perfidious nature right on the floor of Congress!

It will happen again.

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Defend our Homeland #racist stormfront.org

Even if the Negro anti-gun forces don't succeed this time they are still on the war path towards doing everything they can to make things miserable for Whites. I really think that White people in South Africa have no choice but to get the heck out of there while they still can given the animal behavior of those Black Apes.

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diane1 #racist stormfront.org

Exactly. But most of what’s going on now days is unbelievably insulting to the white race. We have filthy, obnoxious negroes not only taking over our white neighborhoods but either destroying white history or approrpriating it for themselves.

Mindless baboons without a shred of inteligence or refinement trying to make themselves more important than white people. The negro thinks that the more white ‘stuff’ he can appropriate for himself the more important that makes him.

In itself a negro is without intelligence, without refinement and genetically a completely unevolved animal with average IQ of 76. He needs white stuff to make him feel like he’s the superior one. Ah yes, everything white now belongs to negroes, now that they’re engaged in doing what they do best and that is STEAL FROM WHITIE.

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Huginn ok Muninn #racist stormfront.org

To anti-white communists, the death of European peoples and their cultures is "progress." This is why they call themselves "progressives."

Saying "it's time" is "progressive-speak" for "we have made enough PROGRESS in eliminating whiteys that we can now destroy this little piece of their culture."

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Tenniel #racist stormfront.org

Re: New movement: Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women

The first goal of the jew is to exterminate the Blond Aryan Race. And that is exactly what they are doing. There's probably only one more generation of significant blondism left in the world.

Message to naturally blonde White women. If you don't want the blond race to die out and if you want beautiful blond children, marry blond men and have their babies.

The article encourages blonde men to impregnate Arabs and Turks

Whose the retard pushing this

This "movement" -- as described in the article -- will quicken the extinction of blonds. Probably the article was intended to be Anti-White. It is no accident of nature that this White female preference for dark haired men has been happening. Black haired jews control the media. ALL of their movies and advertising and every other possible means of promotion under their control place the blonde woman with the dark haired man. Jews know EXACTLY what they are doing. Women are completely suggestible and easy to manipulate through such subtle emotional tactics.

It's no accident. Nor is it natural.

Had Hitler won Jew War II, the world would be filled with blonds -- and women would be specifically seeking blond men (as was the case in Hitler's Germany) -- because blond men and blondness would be publicized as favored by those in power.

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richie #racist stormfront.org

The NYT never, ever saw a war for Israel they didn't like.

Judith Miller, one of their star reporters lied thru her Jewish teeth, in order to get America to invade Iraq.

For that crime, alone, the NYT deserves to die a slow painful death.

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RXSSR #fundie stormfront.org

I notice that many liberals tend to come in large numbers. They tend to be highly connected. Having lots of connections increases stress, which increases conditions such as high blood pressure, stress issues, anxiety, depression, and other conditions which can result in a heart attack or stroke. And these things would make one want to do drugs to cope with these social struggles. Hence, most of these connected liberals do a lot of drugs. They want to legalize harmful drugs such as heroin, LSD, ecstasy, or marijuana.

Liberals tend to have lots of friends in grade school. They tend to have more followers, friends, likes, and subscribers on social media. Even on political websites such as NationStates, the liberals on there come in large numbers. Isn't being highly connected like that ruling your life? Like if a lot of people knew a lot of stuff about my personal life, I would freak out and not sleep due to always worrying about what all of these people would think of me. I don't understand why (or how - Probably drugs) liberals would come in large numbers.

Hippies have lots of sexual partners. Hippies are all about friends and family. Hippies have a lot of gaining on social media nowadays. Yet, hippies are all drugged up, they're probably doing drugs to cope with this. Liberals complain about slavery, yet they all follow each other through peer pressure, and enforcing capitalist values onto each other. If one doesn't do what the crowd does under peer pressure, then they are kicked out of the crowd. One liberal can't sit at a table with potheads if they're not a pothead. Liberals following each other like this is a form of slavery, except there is no official ruler, and that it is "equal."

I'm not a really connected person. I like my social privacy, my quietness, my own space, my own personal social freedom, and not worrying about what others think of me. Liberals are not like this, yet they are all drugged up to cope with this liberal struggle they put themselves into because they are degenerate sheep.

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dirtydog #racist stormfront.org

I would probably vote Labour right now. I know this will be heresy to some here. But it would be for a few reasons. One, it would wind up the whining Jews, and of course we'd soon see that actually, Corbyn isn't going to round them up into concentration camps, make them wear yellow stars, and smash up their businesses after all. So everyone would see that the Jews had cried wolf. He'd also recognise Palestine which would piss off the Zionists and Israel, and he'd be a major thorn in the side of the ZOG establishment. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing that?

Also, as another member said recently - Britannic Nationalist, I believe - it is arguably better if things get worse economically and in society, to wake more of our people up. Many of our people are too comfortable and focused on their 'career' while society falls apart around them, which they are oblivious to in their bubble. If Labour mess things up with the likes of Diane Abbott in power, maybe that's a good thing in the long run.

And it isn't like the Tories are better is it? Nor is there any nationalist party to vote for (not with any chance of even electing a single MP anyway). So yep... Tories out, Corbyn in. Oh and he supports old Labour / national socialist type policies of nationalising our utilities and public services, and buying British first - which is heresy to the capitalists in the Tory party. Bring it on!