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[Background: Woden's Folk is a racist cult based on an "ancient prophecy" that is actually a piece of dialogue from Robin of Sherwood, a 1980s TV series]

It's funny how the central core of wyrd of our folkish faith is understood by us and never understood by the oh-so moral lefty arses.
Wyrd had me doing a random chain of searches via google and the ensuing linked topics last night.

The linked topic took me to the WF page on theRational Wankie site for the critique of all and sundry that the left don't like.
One thing they got all moist about on Rationalwiki was the usage the Hooded Man prophecy from the 80s Robin Hood.
Well all fair in a world that does not have a Northern Germanic faith that, as mentioned above, has wyrd at its core.

The left may well see nothing wrong with the pope getting revelation from the White Christ and then transmitting it to the faithful, so why is Wulf of WF picked out for seeing a revelation in the works of a person, priest or not, who just happens to write for a program.
As it is said, Wyrd goes where it must and if it needed to find an outlet via the pen of another then so be it.

Let's be honest here, putting diluted animal shite on the field you grow food crops on sounds disgusting if you don't understand the mechanism involved in the crop, so if you don't understand the web of wyrd then how can you judge the harvest of revelation and the field from which it came forth.



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