JaSon #fundie forum.myspace.com

(in response to a thread about a gay teen attempting suicide)

So what?

A pervert tried to kill himself.

Am I supposed to get all weepy eyed when millions of children are being murdered?

What dose this prove other then he was mentally unstable and to weak-minded to take the insults that he himself was responsible for.

While I think those people taunting him went way overboard I feel that there behavior was better then excepting his perversion and then teasing those who know it is wrong.

And I would not have resorted to such behavior unless the pervert was around little children and I thought he was trying to recruit.

Even then I wouldn’t resort to petty name calling I would use brute force to stop him from spreading his perversion and ruining another life.

By the way a fag is literally a bundle of hot and fast burning sticks.



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