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I am talking about the anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-man, pro-gay, pro-immigrant mentality that we are seeing today. Lately I have seen young people talk (aged like 17-20 years old), and they scare me to death. These kids were heavily brainwashed by liberal propaganda since a young age, and they really seem to believe this crap. Not only that, but they are extremely intolerant and they have a propensity for violence. If you say anything they consider not acceptable by their cultural marxist standards, they will call their 200 friends and intimidate you. Also, they constantly make protests and harass people. Luckily, these people have not real power, but it might be coming soon. They are able to restrict freedom of speech more and more every day, by making protests and complaining each time someone in the medias say something they don't like, and everyone is bending over to their demands. It's ridiculous now.

This is getting out of control. Personal attacks, bullying, intimidation from cultural marxists is a daily occurrence. I can see how these people will try to gain power and make a bunch of restrictive laws to restrict speech and opinions. Are we going to soon live into some sort of cultural marxist dictatorship?

What do you think?



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