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RE: Tom Perez: We’ve Given ‘Too Much’ to Republicans in Negotiations – Trump ‘Does Not Like Latinos’

Tom Perez and the Democrats don’t like white people.

(Schrödinger's cat)
Democrats hate Americans !!!


They hate White Americans.

And blacks are only votes for them.

(James R Johnson)
What the dims done for the black community??????? A BIG NOTHING BURGER, 8 years of obumler and NOTHING but more crime, death, more unemployment and misery.

Perez doesn't seem to realize the Democratic party doesn't like legal residents (whether citizens, green card or work permit holders), which is why the Dems want an unlimited number of illegals entering the country and depressing wages. This country used to pay significantly higher wages than most top tier Western European countries. This is no longer the case. Ever wonder why? One clue might be that the US labor force has expanded greatly during the past 30+ years, thanks to millions of illegal aliens, while Western Europe's has remained mostly stagnant.

For now, but that's changing! Blacks are smart enough to figure a huge Latino tidal wave won't bode well for them!

(Pleiades R)
and the Middle East crowd… Not much better

it’s the problem with people who think tribally, and one of the arguments I’ve made for reducing immigration… People who can’t get along with someone who isn’t just like them, and I know Mexicans who hate San Salvadorians (etc) and American northern blacks who hate American Southern blacks… Things are not improved by adding a very large population of people who will set all the other minorities off
The conflicts between them all already increasing in poor neighborhoods

and all of this in blue counties, where liberal leadership already had no control and no intention of taking control over street crime

as far as I’m concerned, I’d love to see the National Guard on the streets in Los Angeles
between the drive-by shootings, violent assault, and the street racing deaths… Crime is out of control in Los Angeles and the only people who seem unconcerned are our liberal leaders

They hate black Americans as well. They are going to kick the blacks off the plantation as well to make room for there new voters. Blacks will still continue to vote for Dems in droves even with rising crime and failing schools.

(Pleiades R)
The funny thing about American politicians with Hispanic surnames… It’s like African-American politicians who want a lot of immigration from Africa… They are so freaking dumb they don’t realize that the tribalism that powers the warfare, the genocide, the violent gang crime in those nations… Means… That when they get those populations from other nations, these new arrivals are not going to vote for American blacks or American Hispanics

you see ot already in the inner cities, when enough people arrive from one region… They despise their neighbors who are from another region… Another tribe… Another city… Inner-city mentality, they kill people who live on another street

and then they call whites “racist“



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