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Ukraine is backed up by USA/NATO/Vatican... With this war and the effect on economy, food, etc, Vatican will become the supreme leader of the world and the whole world will worship Vatican. That is Revelation 13. Communism-Atheism-Secularism hate religion therefore this systems has to collapse.

… America will become a union of church and state when she soon legislates Sunday, thereby bringing back the Blue Law, which is now a popular demand by the public.

Blue Law is the mark of the beast, it honors Vatican. Jesus is coming soon. But first there will be wars, "climate change", food shortage, calamities that will shake the earth.

Get out of the cities and grow your own food! There will be great hardship. Antidote to this is Revelation 14. Become that group. And be loyal to Exodus 20:8-11. Come out of the apostate churches of Babylon (Vatican and apostate Protestant churches Revelation 17) before God pours out the 7 last plagues (Revelation 18:4).

…Demons will masquerade as people who have been deceased, even as prophets. Satan will present himself as Christ. To many, seeing is believing.

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‘Child Abuse:’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Trans Kids Agenda After Twitter Censors Her

Twitter has censored the official congressional account of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after she criticized transgender Biden administration official “Rachel” Levine for supporting what he calls “gender affirmation treatment” for youths. Greene told Breitbart News that, “Corporate communism is destroying America. Who’s going to suffer in the end? Right now, corporations are shoving their political ideas and policies down their employees’ and their customers’ throats, and people are getting sick and tired of it. That is what Big Tech has led the charge on. They have been the leaders in corporate communism, and Twitter has been one the biggest abusers.”

“We must do everything we can to prevent Dr. Dick Levine’s pre-tween #WeenieChop” said Rep. Greene on Twitter, in a tweet that was later censored by the far-left platform.

In a follow-up tweet, Rep. Greene said “Now that I think about it. As Dr. Dick Levine advocates for ‘gender affirming care’ for minors, has he undergone the #WeenieChop himself? Or is he just pushing this on children?”

Users who wish to access either tweet must now click past a warning message saying it violated the platform’s rules on “hateful conduct.”

In a comment to Breitbart News, Rep. Greene said she would continue to defend kids from the genital mutilation involved in what Dr. Levine calls “gender-affirming care.”

“That is not me being hateful,” said Greene. “I am a mom. I’m going to defend kids. If that’s the hill I have to die on, fine, I will die on that hill.”

“These kids are being brainwashed. It is grooming. They don’t like that word, but it is grooming, and it is child abuse.”

“Surgery that removes a preteen boy’s penis is not ‘gender-affirming care,’ it is genital mutilation, it is child abuse. Most of these kids are having an identity crisis and they will change their mind later in life if they’re left alone.”

“It’s going to be too late for these kids. They’re going to realize what happened to them, they’re going to regret it so much, and they are going to be devastated and changed forever — physically mutilated and changed forever.”


THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D. #transphobia breitbart.com

One clear scientific indicator of the principally cultural rather than biological roots of gender disorders is their uneven distribution among the population. If gender-identity disorder were truly a biological fact, it would be equally distributed throughout the population, whereas we find that it isn’t.

Unsurprisingly, data from the Williams Institute reveals that the highest percentage of transgender-identified adults live in Washington, DC. In fact, the district of Columbia has nearly double the number of transgender individuals as the next highest state (Hawaii).

The percentage of individuals living in the Washington, DC, who identify as transgender is 2.8 percent—“more than triple the percentage of those living in the next highest states of Hawaii or California,” Hendershott observes.

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RE: Anti-Brexit Ex-Speaker John Bercow Finally Joins the Labour Party

When the Soviet Union collapsed back in 91, the Western Worlds revolutionary leftists morphed into identity politics and infiltrated every single institution in their respective countries. It was a long game but planned and with strategy behind it. Bercow was one of them, 100% guaranteed. If this Tory abomination of a government was even remotely of the right and righteous, it would make sure Bercow had an unfortunate accident. Sally the Alley and their runt family as well. The lot of them are parasites and wouldn't be missed.

leftists morphed into the environmental brigade

Identity politics came later

No it didn't, the politics of race were being implemented bit by bit from the 60's. After Bush (senior) NWO speech in 1990 and the fall of Bolshevism, the left and their globalist masters actively pushed mass immigration upon Western and Northern Europe, North America and Oceania. The green agenda was just another tool to batter us over the head with.

The leftwing doctrine battered their white populations with endless stories of race. When I was at school through the 80's, the green agenda was hardly mentioned. It was race drip fed into everything and the evils of Empire.

The race question has been ongoing for nearly 400 years in the main. People were fighting race, when the industrial revolution was still an infant. The green agenda was jumped on by the left in the 90's, when the class war was over. That was real Labour being taken over by a bunch of druggie university "liberal" types. Old Labour wouldn't answer the door to mobs like Greenpeace and co. Old Labour was industry, New Labour is anti-industry.

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Re: Selena Gomez Producing Netflix Series Following Lives of Illegal Aliens


To keep a "R" rating their going to have to edit out the graphic rapes.

(Tom Davis)

Why don't they both take their "pets" back home with them?

If we are so horrible, why do they want to live in our country / be-around us?

Oh, that's right, their culture / people can only produce s-holes, so they have to invade ours to steal the wealth we built.


No doubt nothing but brown-eyed angles drifting towards America. Will Selma have the guts to examine the macho Hispanic culture that made Central America and Mexico such hellholes? After all, the truth is they are not fleeing from an invading army but their own relatives.

She probably won’t be explaining how old she was and the circumstances under which she lost her virginity.

I am guessing 14 and a close relative


She only gives a crap about them because they are Hispanic like she is. I guarantee if they were Asian or white or anything else she would all of a sudden be against illegal immigration. She sucks.

(Justin Crowe)

Why doesn't she go to Mexico and Central America and explore why the countries are still so dysfunctional in 2019 when the blueprints for successful and well run societies exist in so many other places. Those areas have abundant natural resources. Why does the US have to be the world's safety net?

especially stupid, violent, promiscuous, illiterate, angry brown peoples' safety net?

(MediaMatters FondlesBerniesBal)

A. I'm glad I canceled Netflix when they hired Susan Rice and that c8cksucking Kenyan.
B. This should make it easier for ICE to find them. WIN.

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Nolte: Investigators Say Blunt Force Trauma Did Not Kill Officer Sicknick at Capitol Riot

Once again, we are being taught the lesson that everything the establishment media report eventually ends up being exposed as a big fat lie.

Remember that horrible and harrowing story about U.S. Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher during the Capitol Hill riot last month…? Well, guess what…?

…it didn’t happen.

In fact, according to far-left CNNLOL, the medical examiner found no evidence of any blunt force trauma of any kind during Sicknick’s autopsy.

In fact, there is apparently so little evidence Sicknick was physically injured in any serious or notable way during the incident, the following is being considered…

One possibility being considered by investigators is that Sicknick became ill after interacting with a chemical irritant like pepper spray or bear spray that was deployed in the crowd.

Are you surprised? Because I’m not. My default position when it comes to media reports for years has been, “Yeah, that’s a lie.”

And I’m always correct, especially when the story in question perfectly fits whatever left-wing narrative the fake media are promoting.

This is, after all, the same corporate media and D.C. establishment that lies about everything, that tells us President Trump colluded with the Russians, called Nazis “very fine people,” told people to inject bleach; that tells us there was no vote fraud in 2020, men can magically transform into women and women can magically transform into men; that protected and is still protecting the perverts at Project Lincoln, that a year of left-wing riots and deaths and billions of dollars in property damage were “mostly peaceful protests,” that Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is doing a stellar job handling the coronavirus, and Global Warming is real.

It’s all lies.

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(On a story about a federal judge declaring Pennsylvania’s lockdown order to be unconstitutional)

Take that, you Demonrat tyrants! Now if we can just have a judge cancel our own dicktator's edicts here in Texas, Covidiot Masskhole Gov. Gwreck A-Butt.

On another note, my wife and I are strongly considering an October vacation to South Dakota, the freest state in the country right now, thanks to Gov. Noem's brave stand against the New World Order Normal.


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The board members met on Thursday night only after being informed the night before that the discipline change would be considered. No opposing voices were allowed to be heard, parents were relegated to shouting opposition from the seats and some were ejected from the meeting.

The Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is issued to each student every year. Students are required to sign, along with their parents. Violations of the handbook are treated as discipline violations that can result in either suspension or expulsion from school.

The new regulation reads:

"No student in FCPS shall … on the basis of gender identity … be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity."

This “discrimination” language means that a student who speaks out against the “gender identity” ideology can be disciplined, and presumably suspended and even expelled, according to board member Elizabeth Schultz, who opposed the change.

Schultz says the school district — which is one of the largest in the country, with 187,000 students — “punishes students all the time for what they say on social media, even outside of the school year. Without a doubt, students will be punished for saying negative things on Facebook and Twitter about transgenderism.”

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(John Truman)

California’s state panel on “reparations” for slavery postponed a decision on who should qualify for compensation — whether only the descendants of slaves, or all people of color, based on the idea that the United States suffers from “systemic racism.”

Would they accept reparations with Full Accounting?

Full accounting means subtracting these from the total:

Cost of Civil War and death benefit calculation for Union losses

The cost of Liberia. An entire country we bought for them.

Taxpayer-funded housing, education, healthcare, etc.

All black wealth including tv stars, musicians, and athletes.

Royalty deduction for basketball, tennis, and football.

Royalty deduction for use of the English language.

Bill for property damage to places like Baltimore and Chicago, 2020 rioting, looting, and vandalism.

Restitution for other violent crime, rape, theft, etc.

As for "white privilege", I used to be a hiring manager at a Fortune 100 company, so I know better and I also know for a fact there is "black privilege", "gay privilege" and "female privilege".

I refuse to hire women. No way will I give them the opportunity to falsely accuse me with zero accountability.

yup. Can't argue with that. I once got accused for merely asking if she recovered from her sickness. Nothing came of it, of course, but the mark was made. She was a fat ugly hog too, have no idea where she came up with the notion someone was hitting on her.

We are all walking on egg shells as white males. It's not as bad as in the 1990s in that we have more process, investigation & occasional pushback.

In much of the 1990s, accused meant they just walked you out the door.

Of course now, we are learning to keep communications very formal, unemotional & as minimal as possible. Generally require witnesses in dealing with opposite sex/minorities

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Following the release of figures which reveal almost four in ten children under five have foreign roots, Michael Paulwitz says the demographic change will be the death of Germany’s welfare state.
The journalist and historian predicts that “hard struggles” over resources will take place when ethnic Germans are a minority, and that native Germans “will inevitably lose out”.

Mr Paulwitz’ article follows the release on Friday of official figures from the Federal Statistics Office. While they show 21 per cent of the total population currently have a migrant background he notes that such people are disproportionately represented in the younger age cohorts.

This, he ominously points out, “allows one to appreciate where [Germany] is headed”. Mr Paulwitz points to the demographics of Berlin, where people with a migration background comprise 30 per cent of residents.

Mr Paulwitz also mentions that ethnic Germans are already minority in the district centre and many of the surrounding central districts.

With these trends in mind, he observes: “First in the cities, later throughout the country, ethnic Germans are to become a minority in their own city and in their own country.

“Will Germany still be, in the coming years and decades, the land of the Germans when immigration of people from non-European cultures continues at a high level?” Mr Paulwitz asks.

The historian writes that “one does not need much imagination to imagine how profoundly the population picture will change within the next two decades”.

He calls attention to the fact that in this timeframe many current pensioners will die and that the, mainly German lineage, cohort of 45 to 65 year olds — those “at the peak of their working lives” with regards to paying taxes — will have withdrawn from the workforce.

The demographic statistics for this year also show that people with foreign roots are twice as likely to be unemployed than Germans and are significantly more likely to have been educated to only a lower secondary school level, or have no education background at all.

Mr Paulwitz writes: “The social and redistributive state as we know it will no longer be affordable at its present level when the population is no longer dominated by ethnic Germans, and is a multicultural population mix.”

Collected in mid 2015, the Federal Statistics Office data fails to reflect the more than 1.6 million migrants who arrived in 2015 and the first half of 2016, or the huge number of estimated illegal immigrants living in Germany.

Mr Paulwitz points out that while Angela Merkel’s open door policy was a “dramatic escalation” of previous policies, even before she “opened the lock” a quarter of people aged between 15 and 45 had foreign roots in 2014.

He contends that these demographic trends can only increase as, “through family reunification, this number [1.6 million] is expected to at least double if not multiply”.

Furthermore he observes there is an “inexhaustible supply” of Arabs and Africans who want to move to Germany. The historian typifies them as “second, third and fourth sons” of families, who are “demanding” but “lack the education or drive to create their own wealth”.

Taking all of this into account, Mr Paulwitz diagnoses a grim future for Germany and its native population. He forecasts “hard struggles over resources will be the result” and contends that ethnic Germans are “pacified” and “ageing”.

Considering the huge number of people with foreign roots already present, their far higher fertility rate and no sign of an end to the country’s policy of importing hundreds of thousands of migrants a year, Mr Paulwitz says indigenous Germans “will inevitably lose out”. He also foresees that “the sexual assaults, a result of the surplus men imported, will increase”.

Mr Paulwitz concludes: “A government that decides to change the ethnic and cultural structure of the country without asking its people violates the principle of popular sovereignty, constitutional lawyer Dietrich Murswiek has said … It’s surprising that citizens have begun to fight it at the ballot, but more surprising is that so few are doing so.”

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French populist National Rally (RN) leader Marine Le Pen has launched a campaign against the new European Union migration and asylum pact, stating it will lead to the “suicide” of Europe.

The new proposal by the European Commission to radically reform the bloc’s asylum policies away from the previous Dublin agreement was put forward at the end of last month and, according to Le Pen, could see as many as 60 to 70 million migrants settling in the EU in the coming years.

“It is an organized plan for the submersion of Europe and the nations that make it up,” Le Pen said Friday at the RN headquarters in the city of Nanterre, broadcaster TV5Monde reports.

Le Pen went on to state that the new pact “will cause the ruin of our social systems, an increase in unemployment, a housing crisis, an increase in delinquency and communitarian conflicts, the advance of Islamism and terrorist risks and the questioning of the values of our civilization.”

She slammed the European Union, stating that it had “entrusted the keys to the Middle East gate to Turkey, which is now blackmailing us in submersion. Today, it is about to open the doors of the House Europe on the Third World. Let’s take back the keys to Europe and France!”

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Superman steps in to save a group of illegal immigrants from a white supremacist upset about losing his job in the latest Man of Steel comic from DC Comics, due out in stores this week.

The newest issue of Action Comics #987, entitled “The Oz Effect,” features Superman putting himself between a gun-toting white man wearing an American flag bandana and a group of helpless illegal immigrants. The Kryptonian intervenes to stop the man from shooting the illegals for taking his job, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Superman blocks the bullets from the evil white man’s gun and commands him to “Stop this!”

“They ruined me! Stole from me!” the man exclaims.

“The only person responsible for the blackness smothering your soul is — you!” Superman replies.

In an act of Super socialism, once police arrive, our Social Justice Supes orders them to protect the illegal aliens to make sure they are “safe and cared for.”

This latest episode should not surprise anyone.

DC Comics long ago declared that Superman is no longer American. Where once the hero touted the ideals of “truth, justice, and the American way,” like a good leftist, Superman is now a “citizen of the world.”

In a story from 2011, Superman proclaimed that he could no longer be an American citizen because “the world’s too small, too connected” to work just with the U.S.A.

In Action Comics #900, Superman became enraged when a U.S. official scolded him for flying to Tehran, Iran, to stand in silent support of a bunch of democracy protesters who were opposing the oppressive Mullah government.

Curiously, the supremely powerful Superman didn’t lift a finger to help the oppressed Iranians, yet when he went back to the U.S.A., a mere question about his loyalties was enough to make him decide to renounce his American citizenship.

So, instead of doing anything to stand up against the murderous, terror-exporting Iranian regime, Superman acted against the United States.

It became the end of “truth, justice, and the American way,” for DC Comics.

Ralph Ghadban #racist breitbart.com

Researcher Blames Multiculturalism for Rise of Arab Clan Gangs in Germany

German Islamic and migration researcher Ralph Ghadban has blamed multicultural ideology for the rise in power of Arab clan gangs, saying there are now no-go zones in Berlin.

The Lebanese-born researcher claimed that there are now several “no-go areas” in the German capital, listing the areas of Cottbusser Tor, the Tiergarten, and Neukölln, saying they were “dangerous areas, so-called no-go areas, in which Arab clans have the upper hand,” Augsburger Allgemeine reports.

“No-go areas are a law-free area. Policemen are persecuted, besieged, and harassed. Policewomen are groped. They receive threats from clan members such as ‘we know where you live’ or ‘we know where your children go to school’, but they are usually empty threats,” Ghadban said.

Arab clans have been accused of spreading sexual rumours about police officers as well in an effort to intimidate or take revenge on them.

Ghadban noted that while Arab clan groups have been around in Germany for decades, it has been the multicultural ideology that has allowed them to flourish and rise to the power they enjoy today.

“When we talk about clans, we refer in most cases to Mhallamiye Kurds, who came during the mid-seventies as civil war refugees from Lebanon to Germany,” he said, and noted that these clans were different from other organised crime groups.

“In organised crime, criminals come together voluntarily to jointly plan and carry out crimes. There is a possibility of leaving; in addition, the group can be infiltrated by police.

“But you are born into the clan, you have no choice. The kinship creates a clan solidarity, the members cover each other. Everyone keeps silent in court,” he explained.

When asked if he thought his statements were supportive of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Ghadban said, “I have made these statements for over 20 years; at that time there was no AfD.”

“This criticism is dangerous, it corresponds to the attitude of political correctness, which suppresses free opinions, prevents a factual confrontation with topics, and leaves it to the radicals,” he added.

Several days ago, the head of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Holger Münch, warned that newly arrived North African migrants could also form their own clans if police did not focus on them.

Ghadban echoed these remarks, saying that clan structures also exist “among the Chechens, the Albanians, and the Kosovars. These are family structures that have been brought from home and have demonstrated their efficiency in the criminal sector using the Mhallamiye [clan] as an example. The danger of imitation is thus a given.”

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Time for black Africans and Hispanics who have destroyed everyplace on Earth that they inhabit to face facts. Whites built our 1st-world country. Whites invented nearly all modern-day technologies... planes, trains, cars, modern medicine, space travel, sky scrapers, electricity, telephones, TVs, computers, sneakers... the list is endless.
Black Africans and Hispanics gave us rap, tacos, and poverty. Pitifully sad. Sure, black Africans picked a little cotton 150 years ago, but are just dead-weight now.
If a boatload of black Africans or Hispanics landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, would the U.S. be a 1st-world country today? Black Africans and Hispanics will destroy the U.S. as they have done all around our world. Fact. Get smart, America!
Remember, realism is not racism. :)

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Re: Far-Left Voters More Likely to Share Their Wives, Right Wingers More Sexually Dominant, Claims Study

Is this "liberal men are cucks" supposed to be a revelation? "Cuck" is the most common adjective on Breitbart. Liberal men
passing their wives around is as much a "stop the presses" lightning
bolt as:

-- Government wastes money
-- Democrats are bat-schiddt wacky in California
-- Susan Rice has stretched the truth
-- The Trump campaign was spied on by the Hussein Administration
-- The DNC was in the bag for Hillary Clinton
-- The MSM shill for Democrats
-- The New York Times, WaPo, and CNN generate fake news
-- The Earth revolves about the Sun
-- Humans like to breathe oxygen
-- Plants like to breath carbon dioxide

These liberal gals should be wondering WHY does my liberal man want me running around? The fact that there are other men WILLING to take them on is confirmation of another obvious fact ...

People with a really strong, permanent marriage put the power of Jesus Christ as the third individual involved. Sex outside the marriage is adultery, and God gave us the order, not to punish us, but to protect us. Sex outside the marriage might seem exciting and satisfying in the heat of the moment, but deep inside the minds of the participants, distance and distrust grows over time. Follow God's laws, people. He knows what He's doing. P.S. The same atheist, liberal, weak, passive men who would allow Sweden, Germany, and France to be invaded by Muslim rapists are the same godless men who would allow others to violate their wives. Pretty disgusting and dangerous.

Eric Swalwell #fundie breitbart.com

Democrat Eric Swalwell: If Gun Owners Defy ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, ‘The Government Has Nukes’

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) defended a potential "assault weapons" buyback Friday afternoon, saying that if gun owners defy a legislative ban, "the government has nukes."

The exchange began with conservative Twitter commentator Joe Biggs responding to a story on Swalwell's Thursday op-ed in USA Today, titled "Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters." "@RepSwalwell wants a war," Biggs wrote. "Because that's what you would get."

@Rambobiggs: So basically @RepSwalwell wants a war. Because that’s what you would get. You’re outta your fucking mind if you think I’ll give up my rights and give the gov all the power.

Swalwell responded by noting the government’s nuclear arsenal, writing: "And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I'm sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities."

@RepSwalwell: And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.

Biggs responded by asking, "So our government would nuke its own country in order to take guns? Wow."

Swalwell countered by asking Biggs to quit being "dramatic" about the casual reference to weapons of mass destruction:

@RepSwalwell: Don’t be so dramatic. You claiming you need a gun to protect yourself against the government is ludicrous. But you seem like a reasonable person. If an assault weapons ban happens, I’m sure you’ll follow law.

@RepSwalwell: Don’t be so dramatic. No one is nuking anyone or threatening that. I’m telling you this is not the 18th Century. The argument that you would go to war with your government if an assault weapons ban was in place is ludicrous and inflames the gun debate. Which is what you want.

On May 21, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Swalwell pushed an "assault weapons" ban that would be based on buybacks with criminal charges for those who did not comply. A similar buyback was used by the Australia government.

Geri Balistreri #fundie breitbart.com

This is the wrath of God at work. California is full of illegals, dope addicts, homosexuals, atheists, communists, Hollywood perverts and other sinners that earned the fate of being cast into God's lake of fire. If those people had spent more time in church worshiping Jesus Christ instead of doing their sick perverted sinning none of that would be happening now.

Peter Watson #fundie breitbart.com

Maria - This is rather off subject but may be of use to you if you try and explain why the conservatives are progressive globalist marxists -
Greetings from God's country - the State of Texas
No escape from the Tories’ LGBT school agenda

If anyone doubts that the Conservative-In-Name-Only government is not conservative, just look at the latest guidance issued by the Department for Education. Compulsory Relationships and Sex Education will be introduced into all secondary schools, and Relationships Education in all primary schools, from September 2020.

Despite the vast majority of parents being opposed, the new curriculum will be pickled in politically correct ideology. Section 26 of the guidance requires schools to ensure that their policy on Relationships and Sex Education is in line with the Equality Act 2010, which demands that particular regard is shown to groups or individuals with protected characteristics, and allows positive action to support such groups.

In the brave new world of equality, diversity and inclusion, some protected characteristics are more equal than others. In schools, conservative Christian and Jewish teachers have lost out to LGBT activists, even though religious belief is a protected characteristic. To foster good relations with ‘gender reassigned persons’ and pay particular regard to their needs, teachers must accept and affirm the statements of children who say they are the sex that they aren’t. Since the inception of the Equality Act 2010, a number of teachers have been fired for refusing to accept the Orwellian worldview that they must obey and affirm children who are speaking nonsense.

Ultimately, children are to be brought up as gender neutral. They will be taught that they are not boys or girls but choose their gender when they are ready. This could be at age five, but it could be never. They can be genderfluid – a quasi-schizophrenic condition where one chooses one’s gender from 70 or so different options on a moment-by-moment basis.

LGBT activists also want to bring up children to accept the ideology of the ‘modern family’, which views the traditional family as just one of dozens of different lifestyle choices: thus, mother and father, two mothers, two fathers, single mother, single father, polygamous, polyandrous, etc are all equivalent and no one is allowed to view one family model as being superior or inferior, or more or less natural than any other.

Peter Watson #fundie breitbart.com

(=Billy Joel Uses the Holocaust to Attack Trump=)

Never liked his songs, never bought his music, never will. Never bought a New York Times, never will. Go away liberals you lost and you shall continue to lose until your heads all explode like M80s.

Politically Accurate #conspiracy breitbart.com

This is a decision I applaud, especially with respect to Jamal Brennan, the America-hating, communist who converted to the totalitarian Islamonazi ideology and psychotic death cult while serving as CIA Station Chief in Saudi Barbaria, and who was the premier fart catcher for his co-religionist, the Marxist, Kenyan-Indonesian turd pile who defiled the White House for eight years.

It’s equally deserved for Samira Rice, another one of the many fart catchers and rectum cleaners for the Kenyan-Indonesian who notoriously peddled the falsehood that an obscure anti-Islamonazi video viewed by dozens of people on YouTube was responsible for the well planned attack carried out by North African jihadi Koranimals on 9/11/12 against the US Consulate General in Benghazi that resulted in the assassination of Amb. Chris Stevens and three of his American bodyguards. Rice is also the unindicted future felon who unmasked the identities of Trump campaign officials that the treasonous Kenyan illegally used intelligence resources (including Islamonazi POS Jamal Brennan) to spy upon.

various commenters #racist breitbart.com

Re: Steven Mosher: China Refuses Refugees Due to Belief in ‘Ethnic Superiority’

The Chinese are proud of their racism.

Loving one's own people and having pride in their long history is not racist. White people are not allowed to tout their own successes, their accomplishments, their culture, their faith or their incredible history. To do so is to court the left's disdain and outright hatred for white people and the highly technological modern civilization they have built that encompasses all the peoples and nations of the world. We are not allowed to have pride in the great accomplishments of our ancestors. We are not allowed to even talk about our history or our great achievements. Why? To do so could make people of other races and cultures feel bad about their lack of achievement, their history that pales in comparison to our own. Yes, yes, I know, this comment will be called racist and that just proves my point, doesn't it?

(Sterns Peanus)
I believe a country has a right to protect its ethnic and cultural identity. How are we "diverse" if we are all forced to live together? Lets celebrate what makes us different and protect that...the only thing a melting pot produces is cheese wiz...

I love being pragmatic in the face of political correctness, so here
goes. How is a nation with an average of 105 IQ not superior to refugees
from countries with average 80 IQs? Seriously, I'd like to get an

I know when I was in high school, they said the average I.Q. in the U.S.A. was 120, today it is 98....and falling.....

Integration dumbed down the country. I am sorry to say but it is just a fact. They had to dumb down all the schools for the blacks. Whites and Asians are infact more intelligent on average and as a whole than other races and it is a scientific fact that can be proven objectively

(Water is wet)
Testosterone and sperm count way down.
Nature doesn't want the weak to procreate.

The only reason the civilized world want these people is for the cheap slave type labor...China already has a billion of those

(jon doe)
Its more than that. There are sick ideologues that want nothing short of ethnic replacement of white people. Out of pure racial hatred. And the muslims have their own agenda of course. And its always advancing islam.

That is nonsense. The reason china does not want immigrants from poor nations is that the immigrants bring with them behavior and attitude that is in conflict with chinese standards. The same with america, when you allow immigration from areas that do not value law and order, you create division. With billions in population china does not need foreign instigators bent on perverting the chinese. Imagine antifada groups starting clashes with billions of people. Treat china with respect it has been a civilization for 1000s of years. The arrogance of those who believe that they know whats best for china when they dont even live there.

(Hami Shearlie)
Funny how the Chinese are not shamed for shunning "diversity" - Japan aren't either. So why are European leaders telling their people that THEY MUST have diversity in their countries, and that the best way to do that, is to import millions of people who are violent, low IQ and follow the ravings of a 6th century mass murderer and who will drain the resources of the country and never work? Why is it that only white people are condemned for wanting to protect their families from invading people who do not want to assimilate and many who would do them harm?

Frank Phenix #fundie breitbart.com

the globalists house of cards is starting to crumble !
All leftists agendas , from men peeing in same bathrooms as little girls and having barely clad transvestites reading and teaching to 4 years old kids about being a girl in a man's body and all their perverted viewpoints , to our government being behind untold counts of using false flags to keep us in wars since forever , including the biggest one "9:11" , and all the murders they committed from before JFK to all the Clinton's bodies count , to Soros funding racial , political and moral divides through organizations from BLM to ....
And the on purpose agenda driven sterilization and poisoning of the world to dumb us down , cull us by the billions eventually .... And shadowing and deleting anyone on the internet that dares tell the truth .
It is written that all the lies would come to light and it is ! From satanic agendas and all its darkness .
forgot to mention the "lets use the CIA to bring in drugs and lets make for profit jails and lets keep anything that could help so criminal that from cancer cures to free energy is being kept from us .
I am neither shameful nor proud to be an American(legal Canadian immigrant) , we generally are not guilty for these crimes and if you are shame on you , but what I am is sad , just sad .
Let the world end if that is what it takes to fix it ...How that plays out has been written about also . It is a little late to think we can clean the pollution that is killing our oceans , air , land and rivers , huh , radioactivity is .... But we sure could try anyway , it is said that God helps those that try ....Hope , but please don't hold your breath , sorry .
I am not of this world though I love this world to an extent , where killing baby deer or a wolf killing a baby deer has never been a world I love , so yes I am not of this world .

I fully intend to be shadowed for this post , i'm not big enough to delete bit small enough to hide , is what they do now , so if you like this post please share it however you can , it will be relinquished to the dust bin of social media . Noticed that the popular posts don't say much compared to the big picture , so I did what I could .....
AND shame on you you zuck piece ....

Bannaghar #fundie breitbart.com

I didn't say the US Constitution was based on a religious belief. I said the Declaration of Independence recognizes the existence of self evident truth and Almighty God and that the US Constitution is the body of law enacted to defend that position.
That is not one particular religion's belief. It is a statement of fact.
Acknowledging that Almighty God exists is not making a RELIGIOUS STATEMENT unless of course one is an IRRATIONAL RELIGIOUS FANATIC SECULAR HUMANIST--like you.

ROAED #fundie breitbart.com

Atheism, how stupid. God gives you life and a Universe to live it in. Instead of thank you, the atheist says I will keep what you gave me but I refuse to recognize You or Your laws. By God's mercy atheists are permitted to live out their lives to their natural ends. Meanwhile, the offer of Eternal Life is tossed in the trash. The end of the age is coming, after which all such idiocy will no longer be tolerated. The window is closing. It is still not too late to smarten up before the offer is recinded.

various commenters #fundie breitbart.com

RE:No Birthright Citizenship: Pakistan Reportedly Deporting Afghan Refugees Born in Country

(Youthful Tucker Carlson)
Funny how all non-White nations are free to have immigration/nationalization laws that protect their ethnic makeup (including Israel), but White nations... demonized for even suggesting that demography does matter.

We should stop giving citizenship to babies born here in the US to foreign parents. Thousands of Chinese come here every year just to give birth. Its called birth tourism. Many people from other countries do the same thing its just the Chinese are the largest group that does this. This is not counting the ones that come here on work visas or illegally.

So when a sihthole enforces this rule it's ok, but when America wants to do it it's racism. Fascinating.

(Joe Smith)
hy should americans accept the s-hole migrants from s-hole countries?


no, we only starting accepting large numbers of s-hole migrants from s-hole countries after 1965, and now we are paying the price with nothing but constant race-baiting and cities and states in open revolt because they want to appease their new migrant majority. welcome to the multi-culti cesspool that is the new america.

(Deplorable Bob Hornswoggler)
Even Pakistan, that sh*thole country, knows better than the USA - when it comes to understanding that 'birthright citizenship' is horse or maybe goat pucky.

(Jenna María Domínguez)
Pakis don't let Communist Scum take over their country the way White Americans and Western Europeans have.

If you let the enemy run your nation and then act shocked when they destroy it.......

(Sexual Emergency)
People that can't make their own countries great are not worth having in ours. They are burdens looking for handouts off the backs of the workers, American workers, who can't afford to pop out seven babies like they do. I'm tired of paying for your babies. Stay home.

If only we could do the same for the Pakistanis here - maybe we should change our immigration to one of reciprocity,

(Viking son)
And tomorrow's headlines in Canadian media outlets will read, "Trudeau welcomes Afghan refugees".
Election is coming. Talk to your neighbours. Andrew Scheer folks.

the US does not have birthright citizenship
a sitting US senator specifically put in the clause 'under the jurisdiction of the US'
so if you are a freed slave, and thus under our jurisdiction, your child will be a US
IF you are a mexican/german/etc, and come here and have a baby, we now
have 2 mexicans/germans, and they need to then go back to their homeland.

(Muhammad Was A Pedophile)
Pakistan is very serious about it's quality of extreme inbreeding.

iAppsSteve #racist breitbart.com

Do you care one bit that your country and culture are being diluted with people from the 3rd world? If you have a daughter or granddaughter, what if she drags home a 5'1" Guatemalan with a 2 digit IQ? You'll be proud of the resulting grandchildren?

various commenters #fundie breitbart.com

RE:New York Human Rights Commission Investigating Women’s Only Workplaces

NORMALLY, I wouldn't care.. If someone wants to plunk down capital and hire only left handed, transgendered, midgets.. I don't care.

BUT, since progressives have attacked Christian bakers, photographers, pizza shop owners, owners of hobby chains, etc, etc, etc, and basically waved their behinds in everyone faces for years now.. Now I do care.


I'm Austrian but also in other countries here in the "refugees welcome" countries like Germany and France we seem to be way more conservative and logical than the USA regarding these topics. Just a year ago i thought Amerika is the most sane country in the western world.
in Austria and Germany f.e. if you are gay and want a wedding cake from a christian baker, the baker has protection of deciding who he works for an who not. Common sense!
Same goes for Diversity quota and representation politics you have in Amerika. Over here we don't have any laws nor political nor media pressure that this and that much women should be in this and that position at a company, same goes for ethnic minorities. Our universities don't have "Affirmative Action" because it would be considered racist to have that, you need to be succesful and hard-working to get somewhere in life, no matter your ethnic background.
Now before i get "Yeah well, you Germans/Austrians have this and that ridiculous law!" - Yes we do! We have countless of silly laws, especially when it comes to migration and the lack of freedom of speech!
But i'm glad we don't have our silly laws AND these american "affirmative action" and other super PC laws. I hope Amerika gets better and rid of these things!

(Christian Hagen)
As long as it isn't male-only, or White-only, or conservative-only, or pro-life-only, or anything that isn't following the multiCULTural indoctrination

(John Magee)
No lectures from Europeans please. From Sweden to Italy Europe is committing national, cultural, and ethnic suicide on a scale that is breathtaking. I believe Vienna now has entire districts where Muslim children now outnumber Catholic children. Austria will not be the Austria it was before 1970 ever again.

(Bike Helmet Ride)
I demand more midget Eskimos in the NBA. It's WAY too unbalanced in favor of tall athletic black males.

Practicing sexism reinforces sexism. If women want respect, they absolutely must give it. Without equal responsibilities like this, true equality is impossible. It is juvenile and victim-minded to consider otherwise.

Women. Grow up! You said you wanted equality. Then do not turn into sniveling children. Equality-speaking, it's not becoming.

That's the thing most of us don't care what business and people do, but once a side (like the liberals) starts attacking (Republicans) for the right to refuse service we can no longer sit on the sidelines. We are going to have to start getting into the mud and dealing with these fascist Liberals. The liberals for too long have ignored the rules they want everyone to follow. You run into a problem with a liberal record it if you can and or take them to court.

(Michael Redford)
Fantastic! I am a 6'3" 240 lb woman with a penis. Can't wait to join the private club! They might get away with keeping men out but let's see how they do keeping trannies out.

That's transvestite until you cut it off.

After that it's just a mutilated man.

“human rights included empowering women.” Human Rights mean all humans are treated equally. It has nothing to do with empowering only one group. That wouldn’t be equal.

(Bike Helmet Ride)
Human rights is a codeword for "We want to rob whitey".

Another installment in "it's ok when we do it".

Hypocrisy is a tell of demonic feminism

That is, by definition, sexism, you disgusting sexist pigs.

(NJ Guy2)
So we can have men's clubs again?

How about White Men's Clubs ?

(NJ Guy2)
They seem to want segregation again, so........

but that goes too far...nevermind the congressional black caucus

(Chris King)
wow, they're discriminating against like 67 genders or something... hate crime.

various commenters #fundie breitbart.com

RE: Oklahoma Mother Who Married Son, then Daughter, Sentenced to Prison for Incest

An Oklahoma mother who married her son and then her daughter is headed for prison after she pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony incest.

what do you want to bet it's one of Hillary's Moving Forward families.

California will marry them.

(jason callio)
If they can make an argument that doing so will further chip away at fundamental American cultural values.. Yes. They will.

(Jack Bannerman)
Her lawyers suck. They simply had to make an argument that she identifies as a complete stranger.

This must be the new generation of social justice warriors.

So anti-social, they have to marry one another.

Take a good look at that picture folks, that's what Soro's trolls look like. If you happen to see 'em oozing around in here, step on 'em.

(Kalambong Kalambong)
Are they Democrats?

(Real Show Low)
My God Son, do you have any doubt?

And Frau Hitlery says all the worst kinds voted for Trump. Uh...no.

(Mad Conservative)
We shouldn't judge! *sarcasm* In the days of multiple genders this was bound to happen. I mean, if a woman can marry a woman or a man can marry a man, why not be able to marry your pet? Your son? Your daughter? Three women? Where does sanity actually start to push back?!

I don't have a problem with a civil union between two same-sex adults, but the term 'marriage' is actually a religious union....two men cannot marry in the religious sense....THAT is when the evangelicals go absolutely nuts. The term marriage indicates a union of two people in the eyes of God which we find blasphemous. Again, we don't CARE what two (or more) consenting adults do, as long as we are left out of it. Call it 'marriage' and you just drug religion in (whether you meant to or not!)

(Freewheeling Frank)
Just another day in liberal America!

(Herring Bone)
So does all these mass shootings. I am more concerned that so many psychotics are wandering around, doped up on psychotropic drugs than I am about guns. The only thing all these shooters share are they were most all prescribed drugs to treat some mental issue, and they are all armed Democrats. Democrats all share some mass psychosis, some mental disorder, that is contagious and dangerous.
The only actual resolution to this problem is to identify threatening Democrats who harbor feelings of rage at society and quarantine them in insane asylums for the safety and health of the country.

JOHN NOLTE #fundie breitbart.com

Nolte: Trump’s Super-Early 2020 Announcement Kills Another Dumb Norm — It’s Also Smart

Donald Trump has already announced his intent to run for re-election in 2020, which has mercifully killed off one of the most obnoxious conceits ever — the asinine spectacle of watching a first-term president pretend to play Hamlet over the decision of whether or not to run for re-election.

The “permanent campaign” is already a quarter-century old. Naturally, it was brought to life by the grasping Clintons. The whole idea of Americans being allowed to exhale in-between presidential elections was shattered forever the moment Bill Clinton took the oath in early 1993. Then, in 2000, after he was constitutionally blocked from running again, Hillary began her 16 year quest.

And so, along with vanquishing forever the hideous Clintons (unless you count Bankrupt Terry), Trump is being brazenly upfront about his desire to win a second term and his intent to mercilessly campaign for that goal starting right now. This announcement is not only refreshingly honest, it is strategically smart.

To begin with, Trump can start raising money immediately and openly, instead of through some dumb exploratory committee, and he will need it. Trump will not only be fighting feverish Democrats and their stable of plutocrat billionaires, but untold billions of corporate dollars spent to destroy him by a mainstream media still smarting over the humiliation of 2016, and eager for payback.

Moreover, by removing the conceit of not campaigning for president, Trump does not have to stand around and take it as his opponents come after him (not that he would, anyway). For example, there is no question that even after the Evan McMuffin debacle, the sell-out crybabies in the increasingly left-wing NeverTrump will attempt to run another spoiler. Trump now has free reign to suck up all that money and to define these pathetic chumps, to get in their head, before they even step in the batter’s box.

He will also have free reign to go after the growing pile of Democrats who will seek to unseat him. Whether it is McAuliffe, Kamala Harris, Pocahontas, or whomever, Trump can work his genius in locating and mercilessly poking at their weak spot, i.e., “Low Energy Jeb,” “Crooked Hillary,” “Little Marco.”

During the raucous 2016 election, while the super-geniuses in the media were laughing at Trump’s “childish” name calling, it was that alpha male name-calling (real Americans call it “ball breaking”) that was devastating his opponents, grinding them into betas– and in this era of TV, betas do not win presidential elections.

Of course, what will be happening behind the scenes is just as vital. Trump has already chosen tech-genius Brad Parscale to run his campaign. Parscale, along with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, were the two responsible for Trump’s brilliant online 2016 strategy, a stealth campaign that made Hillary’s digital effort’s (inherited from Obama) look like something out of the Flintstone’s.

While our clueless and lazy media were writing story after story, smugly snarking over Trump’s lack of a campaign infrastructure, Parscale and Kushner micro-targeted voters in ways previously thought impossible.

All of this, of course, adds up to Trump’s true sweet spot, his uncanny ability to psyche out his opponents, to unnerve them, to emasculate them, to make them look weak, to live under their skin. Knowing that Trump is already this far ahead of the 2020 game is intimidating enough. Knowing that whatever he is planning will be targeted against you is all part of the psy-ops strategy Trump has used for decades to stay on top.

Finally, there is Trump’s primary opposition — the corrupt mainstream media. Trump’s early announcement accomplishes one small thing and one Big Thing. The small thing is killing off all the fake news the media intended to publish (using phony sources) about Trump not running for re-election. This is an end-run around the media’s intent to make him look weak, indecisive, and beleaguered with lies.

The Big Thing is burning out the media. Trump’s seemingly inexhaustible energy and relish for a fight is one of his most potent political weapons. By announcing his intent to run for a second term, the media are automatically put on the defensive. But they are also facing three more years of lost weekends and holidays, bitter battles, and the endless fatigue and burn-out that comes with it.

When the media are tired, they become nasty and desperate, they reveal their biases and insufferable elitism, they flail with fake news. All of this serves to hasten a credibility death spiral that has already tanked the media’s approval ratings into the low twenties.

Trump’s smartest move in 2016 was to define his opponents in the media as the left-wing liars they truly are. By running his permanent 2020 campaign openly, he keeps them guessing, running, chasing, worrying, stressing — and he keeps his boot squarely on their squirming pencil necks.

various commenters #fundie breitbart.com

Re: Fact Check: Video Games Do *Not* Cause Violence

What about the feminized culture that drives the use of these drugs because it regards being a boy as a disease?

I think you hit the nail on the head. The leftist culture that exists in orgs like the APA, taking its cues from the gender theory and third-wave feminist movements, treats masculinity as toxic. Boys who act like boys are diagnosed with AD&D, EDD, or ODD, and are psychologically neutered with anti-psychotic drugs while their minds are still developing.

If you are a parent, and you give in to pressure from your public school district to put your son on psych-drugs, you deserve to be hung upside down over a pit of lava.

The inability to read the non-verbal social cues that have been the halmark of human society is approaching crisis level. It's not just that it shows up in these kinds of violent break-downs, but it's also a huge part of the "sexual harassment" crisis that has been steadily making its rounds through every sport and every sector of our society.

Disintegration of the nuclear family, family values, discipline, and morality are all the banners of liberals. So to sum it up, liberals are the problem with our society.

And God help the white boy. He's the politically approved target for all things vile.

Not if he claims gayness. He will then be exonerated from all white guilt.

Not if he is conservative, gay and white. Milo is the example.

(Pleiades R)
by the liberal media and a few followers...

do you actually think it is a national movement?

LOL and you make the "weakness" issue seem correct when you fear a liberal media facade... like, "hillary is going to win" "declare war on white guys"

I have an idea, act like ideal men... intelligent, strong, respectful, defenders of family and neighborhood....
be the role model decent people admire....
and ignore the sour grapes of liberal self haters....

don't let the turkeys make you act like the whiners they want everyone to be, just like them

and I notice, you miss the fact.... .. white women are being treated poorly too..... heroic guy....
you know, a lot of strong women, become so because there are no longer the caring men....

(The reality bites...you)
Look for disabled parking permits for all penis owners...coming soon.

What about transgender penis owners. Have you heard they like to complain in the military the drills are too hard. So they play both sides. Just like gays. They are behaving only part way the other gender. The point is that it is not a true full blown transgender in the mentally ill minds. Gays the same. They only take on part of other gender behavior. The point is that these are mental illnesses that the left is trying to justify as normal.

The problem with your argument is that the academic, post-modernist feminists are "feminists", and the colloquial use of "feminist" is incorrect. Actual feminism began in universities, and "feminism" is used to describe a particular gender theory that derives its central themes from Marxist conflict theory. Somehow, perhaps deliberately, folk vernacular conflated "feminism" with "women's rights" to denote any collective action women took to achieve equal rights.

Equal pay for equal work has been the law for decades. If they can't compete it's because they are no good and shouldn't be allowed to jeopardize the quality of work or the pocketbooks of their employer. They generally pay too much attention to relationships at work while men and non feminist women are able to focus on the task alone. We know this because we see it time and time again.
Feminists manipulated young women into believing their only value was as a careerist. Pushing women into the workplace doubled the work force and halved the wage and now women who understand how important it is to raise their own children can't unless they marry a wealthy man and that's an unrealistic goal. Women will never be as important as the children they once raised. Day care and preschool made them redundant, not just men.
The fact is that domestic women had all the real power. Western civilization was built to provide for and protect the children they raised. The social mores and rules of living were set by and for women. The hand that rocked the cradle really did rule the rule. Thst's why poll after poll could never come up with more than 25% of women calling themselves feminist, but feminists do not care whst women want, just what they alone want.

Feminists always throw in this specious crap "or the kind of gal who allows herself to be beaten when her "big strong man" is drunk... is that what you had in mind?" The vast majority of men live their entire lives without ever once hitting a woman, even when they're hit by abusive women. That's the kind of demonizing of men that is so perverse.

(Cahal the Mad™)
"Too many kids running around that can't distinguish fantasy and reality."

And THAT is the direct result of indoctrination, propaganda, and lies by left-wing public schools, the left-wing media, left-wing "parents", left-wing Hollywood, and left-wing politicians.

And the parents that allow it. If one won't stand up for themselves at least stand up and fight for your own child. If enough people stood up to this nonsense we could start beating it back, but too many lemmings out there content to do what the idiot box tells them to do while sending their kids off to the local indoctrination camp for the free daycare.

EeeYepBlowing Whistles #fundie breitbart.com

If as a politician you can speak to the truth publicly then do so with ability. Trump & Farage have it. Trump & Farage can handle every dirty fake newsdog going. Trump is highly articulate and highly intelligent on so many subjects the likes of which Merkel and May could never last a minute under free-for-all-questioning. Farage also is as articulate as Trump - no wonder the UK elite hate him. In the UK our Labour & Tory politicians are a first world embarrassment for their controlled and contrived utterances in public.

Go Brexit and Go Trump - the European pro-EU politicals have made some very grave mistakes in not keeping up with the information age the times and the people and what has gone on in America.

Keep up the 'correction' that has been a long time coming Donald.

(later comment from him)
The British people already have clocked and gotten the Trump message - the shame and disgracefulness of it all is that the politicians and the media (all of them to use an Americanism are all caught way behind the curve) in the Uk are still mentally disturbed, spitting bile and still squaking around over a year after Brexit. Wake up you stoopid UK politicians you lost - Brexit won - now get with the people or you will find yourselves locked up.

various commenters #fundie breitbart.com

(Reactions to James Delingpole's article)

This illustrates one of the core problems with liberals of all stripes. They have no limits on their unhinged desire to control everybody and everything around them.

(aka Randy Yonkers)
The left is driven by toxic emotions.
They thrive on the control they get from making themselves and everyone around them miserable. They label destruction and misery "Progress". They manufacture pain and rage and sell it for profit, by taxing a guilted public and forcing them to pay for the "cure".

(Eskel Gorov)
The entire concept of "AGW" is preposterous. Even if there were an AGW "consensus" (which there categorically is not), it's irrelevant. Consensus is not now, nor has it ever been, a part of scientific process. Relying on those more educated than you are is just fine until science becomes corrupted by politics and the politician's eternal quest for more tax dollars from the uninformed. AGW is indeed about politics, wealth redistribution, and crowd control. We can and should be better stewards of our planet; but, we don't need to abandon all scientific process and commit suicide in order to do so. This stewardship has little or nothing to do with CO2. Regardless, a consensus of people from NOAA, NASA,and the IPCC who have all been caught red-handed altering data to meet their failed modeling assumptions is worthless on its face. Failed models, failed theory, end of story.

CO2 is plant food. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas too and the earth is covered by a bunch of it. Imagine if they went after water like they do the energy industry. We need politics to stay out of science. This all fell apart when they got caught falsifying data. Follow the money.
Leftists are the science deniers! LOL! Too funny!

Those liberals who are concerned about CO2 should hold their breaths until they turn blue. Don't exhale. No CO2. No liberals. Problem solved.

(Trump Train aka Honey Badger)
These liberals idiots would have rather breathed nuclear fallout by voting for HRC... end of the planet for sure!
There is no greater contaminant then of one’s mind, you can thank the liberal ideology for that!
Our youths minds are being poisoned all across the campuses in America by these liberal professors.
President Trump already saved the planet by defeating the nuclear holocaust know as HRC, ending the Paris Accord, slashing the EPA and ending big bureaucratic regulations!

these people are seriously mental defects and delusional,, they dont stop to think who is going to fund these places without republican support,, liberals arent going to part with weed money to keep the lights on

Allow me to crystalize your comment a bit more. I think it has a core that is a real insight. You said: "these people...dont stop to think".

Liberals are too p*ssed off at everybody else for not complying with their manias to think about anything other than enforcing their will.

(Pleiades R)
"bite the hand that feeds them" comes to mind

both comments so valid, so many liberals I know think work is beneath them, they spend money on the latest cell/computer/clothing/shoes/entertainment/restaurants... then complain insurance, utilities, necessities are too expensive.... some are on assistance, but they own a "vape", a big screen tv and cable...

they make fun of me for having an old phone and not dressing expensively... I don't have cable or a tv.... but, I pay my own way...

amusingly they support open borders... if only they were destroying their own world, not the world we share...

I often tell them they advocate their own destruction. By destroying the family and abusing the legal system, we have today's society. That is advocating for the leftists grand utopia. Leftists advocate their own destruction. Everybody must suffer as they do.
I usually say it just like that. They accuse me of making threats on the leftist sites. All I do is predict their futures.

These climate nuts are out of control.

Please support our Vets and Police! Boycott the Superbowl this weekend! #Boycottsuperbowl #PleaseStand

(Eric Simpson)
It's a consensus of ideology, not of science. Notice that nearly every conservative scientist does not believe the leftist scam.

Not, "conservative" scientists but many REAL scientists who study cause and effect, are knowledgeable about history, and are not trying to impose their own views on outcomes or results.
There is a current complaint in the scientific community that too many "experiments" are not repeatable, as they should be if the same processes are followed, and I think the problem with replicating in today's science is because too many choose a pre-determined outcome and then force their "experiment" into the desired result. No wonder, one scientist has trouble producing the same conclusion, again.

The problem in science is that they fell for a different god than the the Creator (Jesus Christ), and have been wandering in the darkness ever since.

(Reno Rivera)
Doesn't matter. The left lost on this one.

I don't feel sorry for the fickle, Rebekah Mercer. She's getting some payback here for betraying Bannon.

Also, she is not behind BB and never one who made BB popular.

I guess she is now since Bannon left and BB becoming effeminate with increased People Magazine type and news stories.

Sadly, most of our youth are taught the doctrines of Evolution as "scientific fact", when actually, even Richard Dawkins admits: "Evolution hasn't been observed while it's happening".

(Mash Draggin)
Science is being subverted and swallowed up by politics, and the fact that there are so many marxists at our universities is a big reason why. The left wants to use science as a political weapon. It's actually slowing down real scientific advancement too.

JAMES DELINGPOLE #fundie breitbart.com

Delingpole: Climate Bully Mob Tries to Oust Trump Supporter from Natural History Museum

If, like me, you love the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York, here is a question I can guarantee you’ve never asked.

Never once — as you’ve circumnavigated the blue whale or gawped at those marvelous Teddy Roosevelt-style dioramas in the mammal halls or admired the T-Rex’s jagged 6-inch gnashers — have you paused in deep thought and mused to yourself: “Gee. I wonder if the guys who pay for all this stuff are Democrats or Republicans?”

The reason you’ve never had this thought is because you’re not stupid. Or at least, not that stupid.

You understand — because it’s so obvious that even one of the stuffed primates in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals could grasp this basic point — that the collections in the American Museum of Natural History have nothing whatsoever to do with politics. They have to do with science, which is something completely different.

Science is about studying what is. Politics is about what ought to be or what might be. Science is about objectivity. Politics is about subjectivity.

They really don’t mix and when people try to make them mix it’s a disaster. To believe otherwise, you’d have to deny all the evidence of history, know nothing about the scientific method and be really, really thick.

Thicker than a pickled cuttlefish in a jar of surgical spirit; dumber than a lobotomized mollusk; more basic than an amoeba with severe learning difficulties.

o bearing all this mind, what should we feel towards the bunch of 182 self-proclaimed “scientists” who have written an open letter to the AMNH demanding that it cut its links with trustees and donors whose politics they find objectionable?

My suggestion would be: a mix of pity, embarrassment, and disgust.

Plus, maybe, a judicious soupçon of horror that such imbeciles could have been given tenure at any academic institution where the teaching of impressionable young adults is involved even at all, let alone where it’s financed by hard-working U.S. taxpayers.

So that means you, Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science and director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University; and you, Naomi Oreskes, Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University; and you, Kerry Emmanuel, Cecil & Ida Green Professor of Atmospheric Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and you, many of you others among the 182 signatories of this bizarre, outrageous, and embarrassing letter.

You have these ritzy sounding titles which seem to confer on you an aura of gravitas and scientific distinction. But by putting your names to this spectacularly dumb letter — of which more in a moment — you have relinquished all claim to be taken seriously as voices of scientific authority. You are all, basically, frauds.

Why? Because what you are engaging in here patently isn’t about science. Nor is it, as you profess, about the well-being and credibility of the American Museum of Natural History. No, this is about low-down, dirty political activism. It’s Antifa with a PhD.

Let’s examine in more detail what these fake-science terrorists are demanding in their letter.

Headed “Open Letter from Scientists to the American Museum of Natural History,” it begins with a paragraph wreathed in apparent high-mindedness and dispassionate concern.

The American Museum of Natural History in New York (AMNH) is a treasured and influential institution. Museums must be protected as sites that build understanding, help the public make meaning, and serve the common good. We are concerned that the vital role of science education institutions will be eroded by a loss of public trust if museums are associated with individuals and organizations known for rejecting climate science, opposing environmental regulation and clean energy initiatives, and blocking efforts to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Pretty soon, though, it shows its true colors:

Rebekah Mercer and the Mercer Family Foundation, political kingmakers and the financiers behind Breitbart News, are major funders of climate science denial projects such as the Heartland Institute, where they have donated nearly $6 million since 2008. The Mercer Family Foundation is also a top donor to the C02 Coalition and the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, institutions that assert that an increase in C02 emissions from fossil fuels will be a great benefit to plant and animal life on Earth.

Yup. Like I said this has nothing to do with science, let alone with concern for the integrity of the AMNH. This is a political hit job co-ordinated by a bunch of malicious, embittered second-raters. They’ve been losing the scientific argument on climate change for years, so instead they’re fighting back in the only way they know how: using dirty, underhand guerrilla tactics.

To give you an example of how desperately feeble their case is, here’s the Twitter thread that supposedly prompted the letter:


This is so obviously a put up job it’s embarrassing. Read the label for yourself. In vain will you find anything “shocking” or “saddening.” It’s restrained, sensible, factually accurate: a model, in fact, of what the displays at the American Museum of Natural History should look like.

But Busch — an environmental economist, by the way, not a palaeoclimatologist or a geologist: so it’s not like he’s bringing any special expertise to the party — pretends to have been triggered by that stuff about warm cycles and ice ages.

Talk about nitpicking. Talk about chutzpah! Talk about cry-bullying! What is this guy’s problem?

First, we are indeed living in an “interglacial period” — it’s called the Holocene — which is what you call the warm bits between ice ages.

Second, these interglacials do indeed move in roughly 10,000 year cycles.

Third, given that we’re around 11,700 years into this particular interglacial, it is indeed quite possible that — as the label very sensibly concedes — we could be due for another ice age.

Yet even though all the stuff on the label is unexceptionable and factually accurate, Busch claims to be so appalled that he has been forced to throw his toys out of the pram on social media and demand a retraction.

On what basis?

Here — in his follow up tweet — is his attempt at a justification:


Oh great. A single paper, published in Nature — an organ notorious for disseminating parti-pris studies pal-reviewed by climate alarmists on the scaremongering global warming gravy train. A paper, furthermore, which is dependent on the kind of computer models — “our simulations” — which have been repeatedly and comprehensively falsified by real world observations.

So, to recap: a climate activist on Twitter cooks up a #fakenews story in which he claims, on no evidence, that the American Museum of Natural History’s scientific integrity is being corrupted by right-wing donors; though the story is factually inaccurate in almost every conceivable way, this #fakenews incident is then used as the pretext for an open letter to the museum by 182 other climate activists demanding that it take action to deal with this non-problem.

Their letter claims:

Last week thousands of people shared a Twitter comment by environmental economist Jonah Busch, PhD, who pointed out misleading information on climate science in an Exxon-funded exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. To its credit, the AMNH’s response was swift: it committed to updating the outdated information to reflect the best available science. But the initial online public anger showed that trust in the museum is undermined by the museum’s association with climate science opponents.

It concludes by demanding:

We ask the American Museum of Natural History, and all public science museums, to end ties to anti-science propagandists and funders of climate science misinformation, and to have Rebekah Mercer leave the American Museum of Natural History Board of Trustees.

This is outrageous. Allow me to spell out why.

The signatories of that letter make a big deal of the fact that their primary concern is the museum’s credibility.

But what could be more damaging to a museum’s credibility than if it were to fire some of its most generous, committed trustees, to cut off part of its income stream, and to change the factually accurate labelling on its exhibits purely to accommodate the petulant demands of a shrill bully mob of left-leaning academics who have rejected science in favour of political activism?

As Homewood notes:

This attempt by a gang of self appointed, second rate scientists to exclude people from jobs with public bodies, or indeed any sort of association at all, simply because of their politics, is extremely dangerous.

It is the sort of behaviour one would normally associate with communist and fascist juntas, and needs to be fought tooth and nail.

Yes, indeed.

various commenters #fundie breitbart.com

(Marilyn & James Dean)
From High Above The Beautiful, Milky Way,
In 1861, a few months before the start of the Civil War, there were 4,000,000 slaves in the United States.
Not one of these slaves was owned by a Republican. They were ALL owned by Democrats.
A few years of the most horrible war in American history, and the Republican President who put an end to this horrible evil, was murdered by a pro slavery, actor, John Wilkes Booth.
Fast forward, 153 years later to the cycle of evil, that pervades this country.
Democrats openly advocate, promote, and participate in the daily and ongoing, mass murder of innocent, unborn, children.
Nothing in the history of all humanity, was, is, or ever will be, worse than that.
It is the absolute epitome of pure, evil.

And over 1/2 of those slaves were owned by black slave owners.!!

Indentured servants, which was another form of slavery, vastly outnumbered slave.

Thank you for bringing this up, in many cases they were treated far worse than slaves because of the low investment their holders had.

Slavery was illegal until e slave owner positioned to have it made legal he wanted to keep his slave the rest of his life. that slave owner was a black man.!!

various commenters #racist breitbart.com

RE: VIDEO: 14-Year-Old Florida Girl (black) Allegedly Beats Up Classmate (white) While Students Snapchat Incident

(Cletus Servetus)
Well, those darn Amish are misbehaving again! You can tell that the attacker and most of those watching are all of the same ethnicity. Behaving the way they so often do. Hate crime prosecution, anyone? If the roles were reversed this would be BIG news!

During the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites.

Like you said if these kind of numbers were reversed there would be riots in the streets but since white people are the victims in most cases it is perfectly acceptable.

(The Order)
They train their dogs (children) to isolate and attack and hurt our children.
We train our children to be apologists and be kind and fair and submit

(Chuck McKeon)
I think you mean we train our children to be civilized. Whereas blacks are encouraged to act like crazed animals to prove they're the 'alpha'.

Its what happens when you unleash animals into society.

You can't really blame the nee grow, they're just doing what is in their nature.

It’s actually about race to some degree. Lower IQpeople are far more prone to violence. Blacks have considerably lower IQ’s on average. Mix that with single motherhood and the culture of crap they grow up in, and you get what you see in this video.
An ape chimping out for no reason other than it feels good to bash the white girl.

Not sure that is enough. If one simian is losing a fight, that just means the whole pack joins in. Best to avoid congregations of the lesser primates.