Atonement #fundie

"Give up.. I don't give up on anything, specially when it's the truth. You know something Blunt this is the 2nd time I'm telling you that Science is playing catch up. You asked me what my opinion was, I gave it. I read your site, I've seen that site a few times, Do you have any of your own thoughts, or are you gonna cut and paste from other sites? But thank you for the resource at least, that was cool. But it proves nothing invalid about the Science in the Bible. Should I quote links to you as well? No, I perfer to just use the Word of God and have you try and prove the Science wrong in it. I would start by researching the book of Job, so you can kinda get a hint on the date of this book, then maybe you would understand how this book has things that men just could have not known back then.. Because to you it was not until the 1600's that men starting using scientific methods under Francis Bacon."



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