Calypsis4 #fundie

So live in denial. The fact is that Criss Angel made a blood pact with the devil in order to gain the power to do such things. It's in his own autobiography & when I can locate that quote in my files I will bring it out. As far as O'Neal and what happened to him: he was hypnotized before going over the house. You missed that. But he saw the recording.Furthermore, you did not explain in the slightest as to how Criss Angel managed to pull this off in any physical or illusionary matter. That's because you can't. It was supernatural and we have personally seen it before more than once. I counseled a seriously demonized woman who levitated all of her body off the floor(at a 35 degree angle) except the tips of her toes after being knocked out cold by a force we could not see. Don't even try to tell me such things don't exist. The woman was only two feet in front of me when this happened to her and I have witnesses that saw it with me. These things exist in line with what the Bible says about the supernatural and it is all related to what God told us in His Word.



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