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You can all join hands and insist that Joan Rivers is in heaven, and it won’t change the fact that she’s in hell!

She sinned willfully, openly and proudly, all the days of her life, and taught others to sin in the same manner. She spent out her days on this earth mocking God with her vile words! She mocked every righteous standard of God! She mocked God’s people who humbly warned her! On Thursday, she learned first hand that God is not mocked! You will indeed reap what you sow!

Are you hearing me, Melissa? Are you hearing me, Connor? Don’t follow Joan to hell! You are in mourning at this hour, but be sure that you are mourning for the right thing! It’s time for godly sorrow! Mourn for your sin, repent, and kiss the son of God!

Repent, or you will likewise eternally perish, America! The Lord Jesus Christ is coming in flaming fire – The kingdom of heaven is indeed at hand!



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