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RE: Davos: Indian Prime Minister Says Attacks on Globalism Must Be Stopped

(info beam)
Why isn't India allowing muslims to invade their country in the name of globalism? Ah ok. Just white countries that need this ''globalism''. 10/4.

What is happening is our enemies are queuing up in order to destroy us. Globalism = the end of the west. Nothing else too it.

One other thing is that the globalists all have one thing in common- all left wing.
I have to assume that islam is currently being ran by left wingers. It would explain the ease in which the western leftists are so compatible.

Bingo!!! 2nd largest demilitarized zone on the planet between India and Pakistan. Globalism is great for the 3rd world, just sucks for the West. Outside of getting cheap Wal-Mart tee shirts, all your left with is wage stagnation, federal tax increases, trade deficit, and unfunded liabilities (owed by your grandchildren). But it fine as long as that is all soaked up by white countries and white people... to the point where they can no longer reproduce and are exterminated from the Earth

“All of us, we are linked together as one family." --Oh Really?
(1) Will Modi allow a million caucasians to immigrate into India annually? ---And spend Indian taxpayer's money on them?
(2) Will India stop banning stores like Tesco, 7-11 and Walmart? --Modi decries protectionism but bans such multinationals from entering his own country!
(3) Will he allow US chicken and beef into his own country? No but he preaches "globalization" !
* * * This Clown is a World Class Hypocrite, Nothing More * * *

(Brother Antony)
And in the meantime his own people live, sleep, beg and die in the gutters of Mumbai. Been there, seen it.

(Charles McRae)
They down not allow Christian NGO's in India unless things have drastically changed. India is determined to stay a Fourth World country. The culture that made the Western world boom or as the race hustler say the white world great, will work any where on any race.

I think Ganesh the elephant god is Modi's animal worship of choice.
He also turns a blind eye to millions of women (including white tourist women) raped every year in India, countless brides burnt to death by unhappy husbands, rich Indians who play "master and servants" with their poor fellow citizens, the open air shiiting of people in the streets (even when they have toilets) --does his best to make India a real model Shiithole.

(Brother Antony)
He may be another of those Indian freaks that orally recycles his own urine in the morning, so that may go a long way to explaining sacred cow worship.

Similar in a way to the Saudis' imbibing camel pee and worshiping a big black rock.

All much of a muchness in those so enriching excrement apertures (to paraphrase Trump).

We are only linked together if whitey is footing the bill and donating Billions of $ to them.

(jason callio)
Working hand in hand with the worlds other greatest threat. Islam. Both united in their goal of defeating western civilization.

(Schrödinger's cat )
Apart from driving the entire West Bank during an uprising, complete with burning tyres and hurled boulders, the most dangerous road journey I must have ever undertaken was between New Delhi and Jaipur. The truck drivers are all on a suicide mission, and a number I saw succeeded in this regard, but the main obstacle was cows on the road, every 100 yards. Since they are holy, they may not be run down. Eating them is death sentence territory.

I like black peppers on mine.

If leaders of shi*thole Countries think something is good then it's the opposite for the rest of us. All of these non white sub humans keep trying to eliminate whitey. We must put a stop to it.



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