Psychic Child #conspiracy

I know of two delibrate approaches to pryo. One is to focus on the point where you want the fire to start. Picture a small group of molecules spinning faster and faster than the ones they are next to. The combustion through friction will result is a flame. The other is to focus and picture flames happening at the place you designate. Either one works. When camping we never had a problem starting a fire.

Oh, and let me add, much of the old myths (and some of the fantasy) concerning manifesting through mental control of our reality are real; and is possible through acceptance and practice. But don't mention this in your classes! In secret look at But don't let anyone know. check out vid's #1 & #6 & #12. At the bottom of the page there is an Abilities download. It covers The abilities and the matching video's that contain the story of their use.
Be in harmony,
walk in beauty



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