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Aids, and Hiv maybe something thought up to cover up a much bigger problem.

Example: The drug-medical industry has become the largest money making industry in the world. Now when you control that much money making, what will you do to cover up mistakes that can cost millions, or even billions of dollars? You will pay people to come up with ideas to cover up those mistakes.

So what do I believe happened? How many drugs on the market right now cause a desease? Several correct? Like some can give you several types of liver diseases. Heart disease. I heard there is even some out there that can give you TB.

So what if they came out with a drug that gave several people hiv, and aids? Problem was, they could not stop it. And it was something that could be passed from one person to another.

So the delima is this:
1) You tell the public what happened, and no one will ever trust the medical community again.
2) You come up with a feasible excuse, and everyone looks the other way.

So many drugs affect our immune system, who is to say they did not came out with one that totally destroys it? And by accident. After all, what does aids stand for?



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