PhenomSkillz #sexist

Why do normalfaggots overreact to rape?

Rape is literally when some used up foid experiences forced sex from a sub8 male. She wouldn’t give him the sex consensually, so he forces himself onto her. Nothing really weird; it’s not like the woman wasn’t going to get fucked by some Chads later in the day. The only way in which rape could actually cause any real traumatic experiences for the woman is if she’s a virgin or barely rode the carousel. Most of these foids are so used up and get dick thrusts in all of their holes by Chads all the time, yet they dare complain about some thirsty sub8 male fucking them once without their will? It’s ridiculous.

It all has to do with looks. Most of these “creepy” rapists almost always happen to be ugly men whom women don’t wanna be intimate with. Chad can’t rape.


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