Kent Hovind #fundie

My "childish misunderstanding"? Uh, Mr. Nelson, I think I understand very well that frogs produce frogs and cows produce cows, and there are no exceptions. And I understand and make real clear to people, no fossil counts. No fossil counts for anything in a court of law, in an honest court of law. When you find a fossil in the ground, all you can prove is it died. None of the fossils I have seen (and we've got a huge collection of them here), none of them have a date stamped on them, none of them talk. You put interpretation on them, but your interpretation is not part of the fact. The fact is, this comes from a critter that died. That's the fact. Now if you want to add more to that, you're welcome to of course, but that's no longer science. So there are no fossils that would count in an honest court of law; every fossil would be thrown out. You can't say, "this is intermediate between these two"; you don't know that! You don't know if that fossil had any children at all. How could you possibly prove that? This is where you guys run off on imagination like Spongebob.



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