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God has proven Himself in so many different ways yet liberals refuse to admit evolution is a hoax that Darwin made up to justify engaging in bestality with monkeys. Homo relations simply bear no fruit and kids raised without a mother AND father are more likely to have a sad childhood and will be confused about God's natural laws. A man and a woman being in union with one another in holy matrimony is as simply understood as gravity. Yet liberals seem deeply confused about how this works because they lack the moral clarity the Bible provides. Taylor Swift is an evil succubus and I am confused as to why obscenity laws aren't being enforced. They're used to keep porn off the channel next to Cartoon Network so kids don't watch porn, and therefore because obscenity isn't protected speech the blatant sexual nature of Taylor Swift is unprotected obscenity that no one in the right mind should enjoy. The moaning and the breasts and all of the twerking and blowing of kisses and everything. --Elvis is King (talk) 04:31, 18 December 2016 (



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