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1. The "Russian invasion of Ukraine" is a SOROS-caused conflict, not a Putin effort. Russia is defending their interest, that Soros sought to eliminate as part of his nation toppling fetish.

2. Same in Syria. Soros orchestrated the entire Arab summer, toppling the governments in Egypt, Lybia, Tunisia, Yemen, and ... Ukraine. All these have turned out wonderfully for the US and for freedom. /sarc

The attempts in Israel and Lebanon failed, thank God.

3. Putin may be an evil man - as one who has spent a ton of time in Russia and the former USSR, I am not convinced - but he long ago, way before Russia gained power due to Obama's stupidity, urged the US and others to work together as a unified front to oppose Muslim caliphate satanical evil. Obama was stupid to refuse, as that is exactly what all non-barbaric countries SHOULD be doing. But Obama was embarrassed by Putin in Northern Ireland (2013) and cared more about his narcissistic image than about international governance.



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