usachinanukewar #fundie

you know what? When I’m in Heaven, in my off-duty, leisure time, I’m gotta do some mapping. For what? I wanna map out all the possible in and out exits and entrances of those banking cartels’ lovely bunkers. And then, I’m gotta transmit all the details into my immortally brilliant brain and fully grasp the whereabouts of the exits and entrances. This is a must, because once I get the divine order from Lord Jesus Christ, the first thing I must do to successfully achieve my “scheme” is to collapse all the possible exits and entrances. This is a must. I wanna cage all of them, bosses and servants, in their lovely deep underground bunkers, NO WAY OUT, and in panic.

And, I must be very fast. I wanna make it less than 30 minutes, finishing collapsing all the exits and entrances, the shorter the better, before they figure out what’s going on. And, I must learn how to slash and strike with my own heavenly sword at a lightning speed. And, I must master how to use my sword with my own immortal force, fully grasping how to use my sword at combat. And, of course, with my immortally brilliant brain and mind, I believe I can learn how to use my sword and achieve mastery. Oh, yes. And, of course, I must get the divine order from Lord Jesus Christ, and that’s my honor to do this execution for Lord Jesus Christ and my own kind, both Chinese and Taiwanese, completely obliterated at the most despicable nuclear racial war genocide at WW3, imminent in days, and so does the Church Rapture, set before WW3. At the end of the End Times, I will fly back to the earth with my Emperor, Lord Jesus Christ. The End Times is just a 7-year-long period of time. Not very long, but I will already have very much sufficient time for my own preparations, mapping and mastering using sword and slashing at a lightning speed. So lovey.



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