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I'm walking away from certain ideas.

As a biologist (major: physiology and genetics) and a person who still has to face the insanity of college students of today, I have to disagree. The theory of more than two genders is in itself a marxist idiology and was used to divide us.

They are using the issue of gender dysphoria and transgenderism to push absolute garbage out there. Gender dysphoria was delt with in a pretty good way in the west. It was understood the people suffering from it, needed proper help and reasignment was part of the helping process.

Now a bunch ideologues are pushing for it to be removed as a mental illness and to turn it into a fashion statement, which means no serious mental help for these people who are at risk for their all life.

There are two genders The other "genders" are not real. This is the biggest fairy tale ever pushed on our youth under the guise of understanding and acceptance.

The more false ideas you inject in a young mind the harder it is for it to emerge as a conscious entity.

I want this ideology taken out of public school. That's what I'm walking away from, specifically



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