Fiberal #conspiracy

I wouldn’t argue that there isn’t a correlation btw better educated and less likely to be right wing. However, those kinds of studies are most likely done by sociology/psychology academicians with vested interests (what serious scientist would waste their time?); and because institutions of “higher learning” have become propaganda mills for liberalism.

Colleges and universities have waged an all-out war on conservative viewpoints.

You can verify this by turning on your correlation machine and seeing the association between faculties and liberalism. Not to mention that campuses are rife with special interest groups that find their relevancy in victimization and intimidation.

Academicians have been pushing and publishing the fallacy that conservatives have low IQs for years. That’s a liberal agenda and totally false.

I could (easily) find a correlation between ugly women and liberalism. I could also find a correlation between fires and fire-engines but I wouldn’t make a lot out of it. (you apparently would..but nevertheless, you might want to resist the temptation to conclude that fire engines cause fires).

You may also want to turn your razor-sharp correlation mind onto the R between those groups that make their living off of producers and are yet allowed to vote – criminals have low IQs; single mothers have low IQs; the chronically unemployed have low IQs. It goes on.

And I don’t need to remind you (or do I?) of their likely party affiliations.

Moreover, OWS# has provided a nasty view of some of the lowest IQs ever amassed. Villages of Village Idiots.

And this is something liberal democrats identify with and appear to be proud of.

BO himself seems to be suffering from a mild form of Fragile X syndrome- a common form of mental retardation; yet this is the liberal Messiah (let’s see his school transcripts).



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