usachinanukewar #fundie

A great bonus to grasp English for me is to be so capable of grasping the meanings of words spitted and articulated out of those brazen, racist banking cartels’ mouths. So, I can fully enjoy submerging myself into their ultimate horror and fear that I’m gotta set up and create for those racist, brazen banking cartels at the end of the End Times. Oh, baby, I’m gotta be so loving their horrified screaming over and over again, echoing around me and around the entire deep underground bunkers. I know English and I speak American English very fluently. Oh, baby, here I am. The Hottest Ever, Immortal Boy. And, I’m the director, and those people hiding in their deep underground bunkers, bosses and servants, are all my lovely actors and actresses. Oh, baby, wait for me. I’ll be coming very soon. I’m gotta give all of you a very striking reality horror show, lasting only 6 days.

And, you know what? my expertise is the American English listening comprehension and ESL grammar comprehension. So, I can fully enjoy grasping what words and expressions being articulated and spitted out of their mouths, the brazen banking cartels’ mouths, during the “6-Days” slaughtering campaign set up by me, the hottest immortal boy with wide-open grinning and crescent-like smiling eyes. All of those brazen racists speak American English. And, American English is my major and expertise, especially the American English listening comprehension. So, I can fully grasp the meanings of words those racist banking cartels’ earthly mouths spit out.



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