FrailPaleStaleMale #sexist

As some of you know from one of my recent threads, I've come up with a way to make ascending a very possible outcome. I've figured out roughly where i'll be going to, to try and find some foids that I can get loaded. The final step really was to cook up the crack that i'm going to be using to get the foids and the men this time round completely fucked up. Picture below as requested by @FiveFourManlet

It's early here so i've some time to wait, I will go out later tonight and hopefully by the time I get back, i'll no longer be a cel. If this fails then it's pure proof that i'm destined to be an incel for my life. I assume i'll end up losing my fucking shit too, not only would it be a punch in the face but I'm handing out a decent amount of drugs for FREE in the hopes that it will work out. Praying that drugging the foids and the chads will allow me to have the foid pick me over a chad who cant do shit. Reminder that normies do this same thing all the time but with alcohol instead of crack. IT won't feature this because they know they all do the same thing i'm doing to get laid. If they do however, they're just outing themselves to themselves. Or are in denial

in the picture below, going from the left you can see: a small bag of coke, this is all I have left after making the crack... 2 balls of crack wrapped up... a large rock wrapped up... A line of coke that i've just taken as a sort of "celebration"... a crack rock that isn't wrapped up, i'll likely cut this into a few smaller rocks.



Nope. Didn't work. As always, my efforts never work. I'm fucking done. Fucking ridiculous

The ones I remotely would have had a chance with, instead didn't go to another guy, and instead just left because all the other guys were to drugged up to function... They actually fucking left.... there were a couple of other people who reacted extremely badly to the crack and alcohol mix, passed out, threw up, but they still ended up leaving when they woke up freaking out and staggering home by themselves dazed and unaware of anything. I didn't even account for them just leaving... Blackpill constantly blocks me no matter what.


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