Aggreshunn #fundie

Just because you've accepted that nothing matters doesn't mean it's time for everyone to accept it too.

Nothing matters though, that's a truth.

Yes, but this truth has to be found, not forced on you. Otherwise you'll reject it.

I can agree with that, but others who hold truth should reveal it and hasten the process up for others.

Nihilism is a subset of the blackpill, if everyone gets blackpilled quicker, we can then see results (like UBI).

we shouldn't force anyone who isn't ready to join us

The problem is if I talk to anyone who is not blackpilled, they assume my thinking is flawed and force me to join them. If I hold the ultimate truth (in this case we actually do hold it, as much as we exaggerate at times), then I don't see why I shouldn't let people know and try to force them to change.

The problem is people are too stupid to realize these things because a lot of them are content with their below average lives.



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